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July 31, 2006

Merkava tanks prove their mettle

Aug. 1, 2006 2:42 | Updated Aug. 1, 2006 5:12
Merkava tanks prove their mettle

"It was a small hit; we thought they were only mortar shells," recalled Sec.-Lt. Yotam. His Merkava 4 tank had been directly hit by two anti-tank missiles. The four crew members evacuated to another tank, unscathed.

Their tank was dragged back to the Israeli side of the border, south of Metulla, and technical crews clambered over it, astonished at the way it had withstood the attack. Among them were members of the Defense Ministry's Merkava Project Directorate, some with a 20-year record in the development of Israel's main indigenous weapon system. The look of satisfaction on the face of Lt.-Col. Baruch Mazliah, head of the armor department in the Merkava Project, said it all.
"It did the job it was supposed to do," he said, patting the tank's side.

But the success of the latest version of the Merkava did little to hide the frustration of the soldiers at the fact that despite their efforts, Hizbullah anti-tank teams were still acting, hidden in positions so near the border, within mortar range of Israel's northernmost town.

The tank crews of Brigade 401 spent 36 hours in Lebanon over the weekend, cooped up in their tanks, taking "Stopit" tablets to control their bodily functions, and hunting for Hizbullah fighters in the villages of Kilah, Adisah and A-Taibe. Despite the success of the tanks and soldiers of the Nahal infantry brigade in killing about 20 Hizbullah members in and around the villages, they were still unable to eradicate their presence, as was proved by the anti-tank missile firings at the tanks returning on Monday morning.

"We saw a missile flying over the border road behind us," said a tank commander. Two tanks that were hit and an engineering corps Puma AFV that had overturned just within the fences had to be dragged out by other tanks, while the artillery supplied covering fire on the hills opposite Metulla. Smoke bombs were also fired to hide the force from Hizbullah gun-sights. Altogether nine soldiers were lightly wounded in the fighting.

The consensus was that with less well-armored tanks, the toll would have been much higher.
"Actually most of the time it was a bit boring," complained Yotam. "My tank barely did any shooting. It was very hard to see them from inside the tank."

The company commander said that he had done quite a bit of shooting. "Now we're waiting to go back in again. It wasn't easy sitting in the tank for 36 hours, but that's what we're trained to do and what the tanks are built for. We'll go back in for as long as it takes," he said.

The continuing presence of Hizbullah around the border villages caused the IDF to spread a wide security perimeter around Metulla. Squads of reserve soldiers, called up 10 days ago, were stationed next to the border. This is one of the first operational tasks to be carried out by the reserve units, who haven't yet taken part in battles across the border.

The fighting around Metulla hasn't allowed the local farmers to pick the apples, most still hanging ripe on the trees, some already rotting on the ground. Only the reservists have been enjoying them.

On Monday night, the government was expected to authorize the use of these soldiers in wider ground operations planned to take place over the next few days within Lebanese villages.

IAF resumes air strikes in Bekaa Valley

Aug. 1, 2006 6:29 | Updated Aug. 1, 2006 6:30
IAF resumes air strikes in Bekaa Valley

Although Israel suspended most air strikes on south Lebanon for 48 hours, its warplanes struck deep inside the country early Tuesday. They hit an area that is a stronghold of Hizbullah guerrillas, witnesses said. Warplanes also hit Hizbullah fighters battling with soldiers near the border as the guerrillas fired mortars into Israel.

The Security Cabinet early Tuesday approved widening the ground offensive, a participant said, and rejected a cease-fire until an international force is in place in southern Lebanon.

Jet fighters reportedly struck Hermel, 75 miles (120 kilometers) north of the Israeli border in the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon. Warplanes fired at least five air-to-surface missiles on the town, the witnesses said. It was not clear what was hit and whether there were any casualties.

Another strike targeted an area near the Syrian border, about 6 miles (10 kilometers) north of Hermel.

Let’s hope the government really gets going and that we hit targets far and wide. Time is running out it is time for 30,000 troops and 500 tanks to stream north and end Hizballah. This needs to be combined with an amphibian assault just south of the Litani and then this force moves inland before moving south. Let's catch Hizballah and then kill Hizballah


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Assad smuggling weapons to Hizbullah

Assad smuggling weapons to Hizbullah

Yaakov Katz, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 1, 2006

Three weeks into the war with Hizbullah, the IDF's intelligence picture is growing clearer, although at the same time darker. According to new intelligence obtained by the defense establishment, Syrian President Bashar Assad, alongside senior military officials, is directly involved in the attempts to smuggle weapons and rockets to Hizbullah in Lebanon.

In addition, the extent of Iran's intimate involvement in Hizbullah attacks is also starting to emerge. According to the defense establishment, the reason Hizbullah has not fired long-range Iranian-made Fajr missiles at Israel is due to Teheran's opposition. Israel now understands that without direct orders from the ayatollahs, Hizbullah is not allowed to use Iranian missiles in attacks against Israel.

The IDF also believes that it seriously damaged the long-range rocket array in the first night of air strikes almost three weeks ago and impaired Hizbullah's ability to fire the rockets.

Nevertheless, Hizbullah is still believed to have 10,000 short-range Katyusha rockets, after 1,500 were fired at Israel and another 1,500 were destroyed by the air force.

The longer-range Zelzal missiles, manufactured by Iran and capable of reaching Tel Aviv, have also not been fired at Israel, and the IDF believes this is because it destroyed almost two-thirds of these in the Hizbullah arsenal.

In addition, Israel has identified the bodies of 200 Hizbullah operatives killed in fighting, out of the organization's total number of fighters estimated to stand at 1,000. Hizbullah fighters were also found to be using special thermal suits that retained their body heat and curtailed IDF attempts to discover them at night.

Alongside the regular Hizbullah fighters, the defense establishment has identified two senior officials in the organization who were killed in IAF missile strikes: Jihad Atayeh, head logistic officer for Hizbullah in southern Lebanon and one of the planners of the cross-border attack in 2000 during which three IDF soldiers were kidnapped; and Nur Shilhav, responsible for coordinating the smuggling of weapons from Syria into Lebanon.

Iran is also believed to have a strong presence in Lebanon, including dozens of members of the Revolutionary Guard that are instructing the Hizbullah how to use advanced weaponry similar to the Iranian-supplied C-802 missile which hit a navy missile ship two weeks ago.

A special Military Intelligence unit, consisting of six professional profilers, has been established to profile Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. According to the unit, Nasrallah is scared of a massive ground incursion, which he understands could destroy his infrastructure in southern Lebanon.

The bottom line is that in contrast to public perception that Hizbullah was winning the war, the defense establishment believes that the group has been dealt a fatal blow and while it still had the ability to shoot Katyushas at Israel, firing a record 150 Sunday, the fact that on Monday the group only fired two rockets demonstrated Nasrallah's interest in reaching a cease-fire with Israel.

I don't see any reason not to go after Syria at this point in time, their military is old and next to worthless. The exception to this is their WMD's and missiles.

But if we could take out Hizballah and Syria this would free Israel up to really go after the Palestinians.

We need to end this for years to come if not decades, hit them hard enough and we could have a generation of our children grow up without knowing the feeling of being targets day in and day out.

Nasrallah, Tzhal is Coming

It can be released the IDF is currently in or fighting in 7-8 villages or towns in Lebanon.

Update: IDF Kills Lebanese Soldier; 3 IDF Troops Injured

12:40 Jul 31, '06 / 6 Av 5766

( The IDF fired on a Lebanese army post near Tyre Monday morning, killing one soldier and wounding three others, according to Reuters News Agency. There has been no confirmation from Israeli sources, and it is not clear whether the firing came from airplanes or from a Navy ship.

In a separate incident, Hizbullah terrorists fired an anti-tank shell on IDF positions near Kfar Kila, near the Israeli border, and lightly injured three soldiers. They were wounded when they moved the tank in order to rescue soldiers whose armored personnel carrier had been hit by enemy fire.

Ground War Update

Their are ground troops fighting it could be easy to forget this in light of the lack of rocket activity on this day.

In an operation involving Israeli special ops troops a IAF helicopter was fired on by the Lebanon Army when it was coming in for a landing in the Bekaa valley. This is a good indication of the potential that we will have an expanded ground operation in Lebanon.

Lastly a land mine was exploded on the Syrian side of the Syrian- Israel border. It was not from any action by Israel. One of my contacts has speculated maybe Hizballah is once again trying to manufacture an incident this one to bring Syria into the war.

Islam against the world

Islam against the world

We shall not win this war because it is an isolated battle; just another promotional campaign leading to the real war whose signs are already on the horizon: The third world war – Islam's war against the free world
Prof. Oz Almog

This war will end sometime. It will take another day or two, perhaps a week or two, but it will end. We shall persevere, then lick our wounds, gird our loins and go back to the TV commercials, holidays and song festivals. Hizbullah will indeed suffer a severe military blow, and perhaps we'll earn some artificial calm under the patronage of some international scarecrow army wearing shorts and holding a pair of binoculars. Perhaps we'll even manage to get our abducted soldiers back under some dubious prisoner exchange agreement that would enable the two sides to swallow their pride. Whatever the consequences, we shall not emerge triumphant from the war in Lebanon which happened to be forced upon us.

We shall not win this war because the Hizbullah cannot be uprooted from Lebanon just as it is impossible to uproot the Moslem fundamentalism prevalent throughout Arab countries. We shall not win, because on the other side there is a group of anti-democratic people (not marginal in the Moslem world) who have legitimized lying and falsehood. It is a group that creates a reality by mere words and imagination and not by empirical methodology, free speech and self criticism. Even if Israeli tanks stand at Beirut's door, Nasrallah will present himself as Sallah al-Din, and even if all his fighters fall in battle – he will declare victory over the Zionists. And most of his admirers (and they are many) will accept his lies. But above all, we shall not win this war because it is a single battle, just one more promotional campaign leading to the real war whose signs are already on the horizon. The third world war – Islam's war against the free world.

In the name of a set religious platform

It’s amazing how closely 1933 resembles 2006. The world was then taken aback by a dictator who took power over Germany, a peculiar character almost comical (The Great Dictator by Charley Chaplin, Remember?). He developed a satanic ideology whose goal was to wipe the free world off the face of the earth. Even the President of Iran Ahmadinejad is depicted in the eyes of many as no more than a violent thug who cannot control his words. But he, as Hitler, is not marginal and he is not alone. He is being followed by masses of fanatics, who have replaced the Zig Heil with the call Allahu Akbar.

That world war began with deep feelings of inferiority and sick nationalist chauvinism, similar to that currently standing at our door. (There is no society that tramples on its women or is imbued with an inferiority complex more than Islam). Its inferiority complex and satanic culture have led to a well oiled mechanism of brainwashing that operates out of homes, mosques, educational institutes and communication networks.

Nasrallah abducted Israeli soldiers and shelled settlements not on in the Lebanese or Palestinian interest, but in the name of a set religious platform, aimed entirely at destroying the Jews and the State of Israel. Now, as then, the focus of hatred, the spiritual generator motivating and uniting the mob against the free world, is the Jewish stereotype. In those days it was the stereotype of the ugly, conniving merchant from the Protocols of Zion that plotted to take over the world, or alternatively the communist Jew who plotted to destroy the European Aryan culture. Today, it is the Jewish "settler" who has joined forces with the "great satan" in the aim of conquering Palestinian land, desecrating holy sites and drinking the blood of Palestinian children.

Can we stop the clock?

The rhetoric is almost the same. Just listen to what they are saying there, from Iran to Gaza and Lebanon to Syria, Saudia Arabia and Egypt. In a speech delivered recently by the chairman of the Iranian parliament, he describes Nasrallah having Khomeni's blood running through his veins. Indeed it does. This blood is boiling in the veins of thousands of religious ministers and Moslem preachers and is pounding in the temples of masses of potential suicide bombers ready to commit suicide in order to perform the mitzvah of spilling the blood of a satanic Jew. And all those politicians and western thinkers (its no coincidence that Spain's prime minister donned a kafiyeh and the French foreign minister lashed out at Israel from Beirut) led by the media are adjusting their eyes and camera lenses at the destruction perpetrated by our tanks (as if we started this war and as if we are killing innocent civilians, driven by a loss of senses and moral imperviousness). They talk in double standards about the "extent" - they are all European descendents who rolled their eyes during that terrible war.

They are directly or indirectly assisting to update the image of Satan from the ghetto-like Jew to the "new Jew", namely the Israeli. They are not doing much to prevent the fundamentalist finger from pushing the button that will, God forbid, send 6 million "new Jews" up to heaven in the smoldering smoke of the global era's nuclear furnace. And we the Jews? Then as now, we are burying our heads in the sand, repressing the new Nazism – the Islamic fundamentalism.

Can we stop the clock of the new anti-Semitism directed at the state of Israel? Perhaps this war will awaken those in slumber. However this time, the western world will awaken in time.

IDF hack Hizballah TV

One of the unknown facts is that Israel has a computer hacking unit. A number of years ago a young Israeli hacked into the most secure computer files of the FBI. When he tried out for the computer warfare unit he didn't make the cut. Instead he became a soldier in Golani.

Today this unit of the IDF hacked into al-Manar TV the TV of Hizballah.

Shown on the screen was the face of Nasrallah with the following three messages, Nasrallah your time is up, soon you will not be with us any more. Your days are numbered.

Maybe just maybe the political leadership is starting to turn of parts of the IDF loose to work.

Good For President Bush

Jul. 31, 2006 18:27 | Updated Jul. 31, 2006 18:51
Bush to Iran, Syria: Stop terror support

"Iran must end its financial support and supply of weapons to terrorist groups like Hizbullah. Syria must end its support for terror and respect the sovereignty of Lebanon," US President George W. Bush said in a speech at the Port of Miami on Monday.

Bush insisted that any Mideast cease-fire be dependant on a wider agreement and said he would look to the United Nations to act to establish "a long-lasting peace, one that is sustainable."

Bush spelled out a series of what he called "clear objectives" to accompany the halt in the fighting between the IDF and Hizbullah.

Other conditions for a cease-fire included that a multi-national force be sent quickly to southern Lebanon, that Lebanon's government be "empowered to exercise sole authority over its territory," and that two Israeli soldiers kidnapped by Hizbullah be returned.

"As we work with friends and allies, it's important to remember this crisis began with Hezbollah's unprovoked attacks against Israel. Israel is exercising its right to defend itself," Bush said, resisting mounting international pressure for an immediate cease-fire.

"We mourn the loss of innocent life, both in Lebanon and Israel," Bush said.

Bush planned to meet later Monday in Washington with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, was returning from the Middle East after cutting her diplomatic mission there short.

I have watched over the years a pattern emerge when it comes to Israel fighting back.
The pattern starts when Israel is attacked.

Depending on the severity of the attack Israel may or may not respond in a limited way.
If the attack on Israel is severe enough like the invasion of Israel and the murder of six soldiers and the kidnapping of two others combined with a wide scale rocket barrage on the north of Israel.

Israel responds in the correct way with a large amount of force that goes on for a number of days.

Then in the middle of Israel fighting back there is an incident, such as Qana, at which point in time the world starts to scream about the human toll of the fighting, never mind the world is silent for years about Jewish suffering at the hands of terrorist.

The pressure in the UN starts to boil over and the American administration and it historically has not mattered Democratic or Republican sends an envoy the higher ranked the more the Israeli governments knees start to knock together.

At this point in time in this historical pattern, Israel backs down and the larger scale fight against terror is over and we are back to the daily grind fight against terror.

When Secretary of State Rice and Prime Minister Olmert , met after the incident at Qana and out of that meeting Olmert announced a stoppage of the air campaign for 48 hours.

Who could blame me for writing the post All Is Lost, for it seemed like it was deja vue all over again.

But time has passed and two things that don’t fit the pattern have occurred, President Bush has gone on the record for not pushing for a cease fire. This combined with the Defense Minister Peretz stating that the ground war may be expanded and this statement is being followed up with the inner Security Cabinet meeting now as I write this to discuss the expanding of the ground war.

So the pattern may be broken and America and Israel may just may write the most important chapter in world history in the next few days and weeks.

Rice labeled 'black spinster'

Rice labeled 'black spinster'

Palestinian media use racist terms including 'colored dark skin lady'
Aaron Klein, WND

While US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has been in the Middle East meeting regional alongside Israel's military campaign in Lebanon, media outlets controlled by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party the past few days have been using racist rhetoric in their reports, referring to the American representative as the "black woman," "raven," "colored dark skinned black lady" and "black spinster."

The Palestinian media coverage follows an article last week in which WND reported senior Fatah members staged an anti-American protest outside the main government building in Ramallah while Abbas met with Rice. Most media coverage of last Wednesday's Ramallah protests claimed ralliers were affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

According to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch, the PA daily Al Hayat detailed Wednesday's Ramallah protests in which Rice was described as a "raven" who "brings only destruction."

Al Hayat featured pictures of ralliers brandishing anti-Rice placards, some reading, "Murderer Rice go to Hell" and "Get out." One placard had Rice drinking the blood of dead babies and stating, "I need more blood."

A cartoon last week in the PA controlled Al Quds depicted Rice pregnant with a monkey. A caption read, "Rice speaks about birth of new Middle East."

In a previous article by Al Hayat, Rice is described three times as the "black woman," and her father, who was an ordained Presbyterian minister, was called the "black clergyman (who filled Rice's head with Bible stories)." The article warned, "Beware of this 'black spinster,' we don't want to say 'the black widow' out of respect for her femininity and her intelligence."

A report this weekend by Palestinian Media Watch stated, "In addition to the offending news articles, the PA society is orchestrating demonstrations, children's activities, and hateful visual displays all personally attacking Condoleezza Rice."

WND reported from the scene in Ramallah last week as hundreds of protesters gathered outside a meeting between Abbas and Rice, many chanting, "Down with America," "(Hizbullah leader Hassan) Nasrallah hit America," "Fire rockets into Tel Aviv," and "We don't need American money."

Palestinian police clashed with some protesters who tried to shove their way into the government building.

A group of ralliers who said they were affiliated with Fatah told WND they would try to charge Rice when she emerged.

The main protest organizer, who was outside leading the crowd, was Zyad Abu Ein, a senior Fatah official and general manager of the PA's Ministry of Prisoners. Ein is well known to be a close Abbas confidante and is considered one of the most important members in Ramallah of Fatah's Revolutionary Council.

Ein told WND aside from last week's street protests near the Abbas-Rice meeting, he asked Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails to stage what he called a "day of rage" against Rice's visit by not cooperating with prison wardens.

Reprinted with permission of WorldNetDaily

Peretz: IDF will expand ground offensive

Peretz: IDF will expand ground offensive
Sheera Claire Frenkel, Yaakov Katz and ap, THE JERUSALEM POST Jul. 30, 2006

Israel must not agree to an immediate cease-fire, but rather expand and strengthen its attacks on Hizbullah, Defense Minister Amir Peretz told an emergency session of the Knesset on Monday.

"We must not agree to a ceasefire that would be implemented immediately," Peretz said at the start of the heated session.

Peretz's speech was frequently interrupted by Arab MKs, many of whom called the Defense Minister a "child killer" and "scoundrel." Three Arab MKs were eventually ejected from the session, as Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik said she was giving them the "gift" of an ejection from the Knesset.

Aside from the Arab Party members, however, Peretz's speech was widely echoed by MKs across the spectrum including Opposition Leader Binyamin Netanyahu who added that Hizbullah posed a strategic threat, and therefore required a strategic victory.

"The journey of war is like any other journey. It starts easily but midway there's a difficult junction where we must decide whether we continue to climb the mountain or stop," said Netanyahu. "I call on the government: Don't stop midway. Complete the job."

Netanyahu began his speech by thanking the IDF for their work in the name "of all the MKs" but was quickly forced to reword his statement to "in the name of most of the MKs," as Arab MKs frequently interrupted his speech.
Most of the interruptions occurred when Peretz discussed the incident Sunday in the Lebanese village of Kana which killed more than 60 civilians.

"There was no and there will be no Israeli commander who will issue an order to hurt uninvolved civilians," said Peretz.

Netanyahu recounted that during World War II, Britain's Royal Air Force intended to bomb the Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen, but missed and hit a children's hospital nearby, killing 83 Danish children.

"This is a tragedy of war, but it happens," said Netanyahu. "Unlike the other side, which rejoices when our children are killed, we are truly sorry when it happens, and we really and truly try to reduce casualties on the other side."

Also on Monday, various ministers announced aid programs that they were developing for residents of the north. Minister of Education Yuli Tamir announced that she had begun work on a student aid fund for residents of the North. In addition, the Finance Ministry announced that it had initiated a program to compensate the Tourism and Agriculture sectors north of the country.

Justice Minister Haim Ramon said that despite the decision to suspend the air campaign, the war in Lebanon has not ended. "If the war ends today, it would be a victory for Hizbullah and global terrorism and would have far reaching consequences," he told Army Radio.

"I'm convinced that we won't finish this war until it's clear that Hizbullah has no more abilities to attack Israel from south Lebanon. This is what we are striving for," he said.

Despite the suspension, IAF jets reportedly carried out two raids at approximately 1:30 a.m. near the village of Yanta, about five kilometers (three miles) from the Syrian border.

The IDF confirmed the earlier highway attack that came before the halt in aerial attacks. The cessation went into effect at 2 a.m. on Monday morning.

The suspension of over-flights was announced by US State Department spokesman Adam Ereli. He said Israel has reserved the right to attack targets if it learned that attacks were being prepared against them.

But the officials left open the possibility that Israel might hit targets to stop imminent attacks on Israel, and that the suspension could end sooner if the military completed its inquiry into the Kafr Kana tragedy in less than 48 hours.

Ereli also said Israel would allow a 24-hour period where all residents of southern Lebanon who wanted to flee northward would be able to do so, in coordination with the UN.

GOOD now lets see what these words become on the ground in Lebanon. The war should have always been a ground war supported by air power not the other way around like Israel has been doing.

9 IDF troops wounded in ground ops

Jul. 31, 2006 14:16 | Updated Jul. 31, 2006 15:32
9 IDF troops wounded in ground ops

As air strikes came to a temporary halt overnight Sunday, ground operations continued in southern Lebanon, with a total of nine IDF soldiers wounded during operations in the villages of Ataybeh and Al-Adisa, north of Metulla.

The IDF reported six soldiers wounded by Hizbullah fire in Ataybeh on Sunday night. The troops returned fire and killed three guerrillas.

One soldier was said to be moderately wounded, while the others were listed as lightly wounded. All six soldiers were taken to Israeli hospitals for treatment.

On Monday, three other IDF soldiers were lightly wounded when an IDF vehicle flipped over near the Kila village in southern Lebanon, west of Metullah.

While the three soldiers were being evacuated to Israel for medical treatment, anti-tank missiles were fired at the tank that came to remove them. There were no further injuries, but the tank was damaged. Both vehicles were transferred back to Israel.

Troops from the Nahal Brigade surrounded Ataybeh and Al-Adisa on Sunday, while tanks belonging to Brigade 401 were parked alongside Metulla's main road preparing to enter the heart of the villages in an effort to destroy the Hizbullah terror infrastructure there, the IDF said.

The army said that at least 10 guerrillas were killed during the clashes in these villages, adding that troops had discovered large weapons caches there, including a Katyusha rocket launcher, 14 rockets, 10 RPGs, an artillery cannon, and 18 shells. Explosives, IDF uniforms, and an instruction manual for anti-tank missiles were also discovered.

A high-ranking IDF officer told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that Wednesday would be a decisive day for the IDF's campaign against Hizbullah, since that would be when tens of thousands of reservists would be ready for combat and could be sent to push Hizbullah north of the Litani River.

"Every village is a Hizbullah stronghold," the officer said. "There are many more strongholds and we will continue operating against them until they are clear of Hizbullah."

July 30, 2006

156 Is The Total

Today 156 rockets fell on Israel today the highest number since the start of the war.

Maybe this should be a clue that what Olmert and Halutz the Chief of Staff are doing is just not working.

With all respect for the Air Force, it can not take and hold ground and prevent Hizballah from shooting off rockets.

Iran Hardening Stance on Nuclear Program

Iran Hardening Stance on Nuclear Program
02:48 Jul 31, '06 / 6 Av 5766

( Israeli retaliation against Hamas and Hizbullah terrorists is causing Iran to be less flexible on development of its nuclear program, the country's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday.

"We are examining the package, considering our interests and definitive legitimate rights and will announce our views at the appointed date," he said.

The United Nations Security Council has demanded a freeze on Iranian efforts to enrich uranium. An Iranian minister has warned that Tehran would cut off access to U.N. inspectors if countries continue to pressure it. The United States has threatened sanctions against Iran.

Keep your eye on the target Iran.

On July 12th Iran ordered this war to begin to provide an escape for the pressure that Iran was coming under for its nuclear weapons program.

On the same day that civilians were killed in Qana by I think Hizballah, Iran tells the world they will move ahead with their nuke program.

When are we going to learn how low the enemy can go and how bad they want to destroy first Israel and then America? For twenty years they have said first the little Satan, Israel and then the big Satan USA.

Churchill was wise enough to let a British town get bombed resulting in many civilian deaths. Churchill knew the town was going to be bombed due to the fact that the German codes had been broken.

Rather than taking a chance that the Germans might hear that the town had been evacuated and wonder why and maybe change their codes. Churchill allowed the town to be bombed resulting in many British deaths.

Today the USA and Israel blink in light of Lebanese civilians being killed. I have no doubt that Hizballah blew up the building 7 1/2 hours after the air raid by the IAF. The building or the area near it was hit between 12:30 am and 1:00 am the building fell at 8:00 am. Why were their people still in the building 7 1/2 hours after the raid?

Because Hizballah forced them to be in that building, we need to become as great a leader as Churchill and keep our eye on the target, Iran and their nukes.

If we don’t, Iran will finish Israel and then America.

Weakest Link

We have all heard the old saying a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A wonderful saying to challenge kids playing sports to push themselves as hard as they can and then some more to push to new levels in their individual performance.

But what can a people do when this old saying comes to visit a nation at war and the weakest link is the very people we have elected to represent us in government?

Between phone calls to friends that are wearing the uniform and still in the fight to the latest “war” song making the rounds in the IDF, I see an army that is stronger than it has ever been.

The IDF, if turned loose can win this war in short order, and save the world.

Save the world?

Yes save the world, this war started on July 12th after head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Ali Larijani on the way back from Europe stopped in Syria to turn his junk yard dog Nasrallah loose on Israel.

The mission of the attack at the order of Iran and the backing of Syria by Hizballah was four fold.

First was to see if Israel would just take the kidnapping of our soldiers and maybe a day or two of rocket fire, when Israel passed this test and struck back the goals changed due to Israel’s response. In other words Israel has not totally lost the will to fight back, so now the mission becomes more long term and more dangerous to the well being of Israel and the west.

Second in the short term the purpose is to take the worlds attention away from the nuclear weapons program of Iran.

Third is to get a clear reading on the courage and wisdom of both the leadership in Israel and the western world. To gauge if the west has the courage needed to wage a long bloody war against Islamic terror and Iran. In this both Israel and the west after the event in Qana will fail. Israel failed from the start by trying to solve the problem with an air war.

Fourth is to allow Hizballah to position itself after many civilian casualties in Lebanon to gain even more power after the next election. Watch in three years for Hizballah to at least double in size in the Parliament of Lebanon.

With weak leadership in Israel, to have the best army in the world is to no avail, for it the army is only as strong as the weakest link in this case the civilian government.

This fact will result in a new wave of recruits for not just Hizballah but all the terror groups in the Islamic terror fold. But even more important it will strengthen Iran’s resolve to push for nuclear weapons.

Hundreds of anti-war protestors in Haifa and TA

Hundreds demonstrate in Haifa against IDF operations: Wave Palestinian flags, call Olmert murderer. Thousands protest in similar rally in Um al-Fahem. Gush Shalom and Hadash activists in TA protest Qana incident; labor party youth movement rallies in support of government
Attila Somflavi

More than a hundred leftists, Jewish and Arab, demonstrated in Haifa against IDF operations in Lebanon and Gaza. The protestors, who participated in a number of anti-war rallies in recent weeks, called for an immediate ceasefire, release of kidnapped soldiers, and negotiations with Hizbullah and Hamas.

The recent killings in Qana intensified the reactions of the protestors, who referred to PM Ehud Olmert as a murderer, and blamed the IDF for the targeted killing of Lebanese civilians. Protestors carried signs expressing harsh disapproval of the government and yelled anti-government slogans.

Originally, there were only a few dozen demonstrators in Haifa, but they were later joined by Arab residents of Haifa. These residents carried Palestinian flags and also censured the government, particular the prime minister and defense minister.

Rally organizers said that they intended to continue protesting until the war ends, and appealed to other Israeli to join them. They conceded that, up until now, few Israelis had joined them in their efforts.

Thousands of Um al-Fahem residents participated in a demonstration that took place in the village, carrying signs against Israeli occupation and against Israeli policy. The mayor of the village spoke at the conclusion of the rally, pointing an accusing finger at leaders of Arab countries for not condemning Israel's 'massacre' in Lebanon. He also accused Israeli leaders of "also harming Muslims in Israel".

In Tel Aviv, some 300 people demonstrated outside the ministry of defense building, in three separate protests: On one side of the street stood Meretz members, including former MKs Yael Dayan and Naomi Hazan. Next to them, members of the Arab 'Hadash' party and the Gush Shalom movement protested against the deaths in Qana and demanded a cessation of the fighting. On the opposite side of the street, the Labor party's youth movement held a counter-protest in support of the government.

Gush Shalom representative, Uri Avneri, regretted that the voice of the left was not heard in the media and claimed that "the public is being brainwashed." Former MK Tamar Gozanski, who was also present, responded to the claim that the former unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000 led to the current situation: "We, who don't want even one day of war, are responsible for war? Both sides have armed themselves in the past five years. We can't acquire missiles and demand for them not to."

Despite demonstrating on the same sidewalk, Meretz members made sure to distinguish between themselves and the other ralliers. "We're a Zionist party, that's the difference," explained Yael Dayan. "I would never in my life voice some of the statements that the Gush Shalom members are yelling. We're looking out for the good of Israeli residents in the north and think that there is an opportunity to use negotiation."

The protest drew responses from passing vehicles, some who honked in support, some who yelled in dissent. One stone was even thrown, ironically, at the less radical Meretz crowd. At a certain point, police arrived to protect the protestors.

Likud supporter Roee Sasa quarreled with the Gush Shalom-Hadash protestors, in an argument that almost came to blows. "What they're doing undermines the IDF and the residents of the north. When hospitals were hit, I didn't hear the radical left. This is collusion with then enemy; Nasrallah is rejoicing." Sasa declared.

Just in case you were to see on the MSM reports of anti war demonstrations in Israel.

You must understand two things, first the anti war demonstrations are the hard core left Jews which number less than 100 people in the whole country and Arabs.

Second and even more important their was a counter demonstration by the Labor youth, so the "normal" left still supports the war.

First refusenik in current war: Armored Corps officer

Captain Amir Pastar, called up by army in recent days to join fighting in Lebanon, declares Sunday he refuses to take part in war, sentenced to 28 days in military jail. 'He thinks Israel's operation hurts civilians on both sides,' his girlfriend explains
Hanan Greenberg

Captain Amir Pastar, 32, a reserve Armored Corps officer, was sentenced to 28 days in military prison Sunday for refusing to take part in IDF operations in the framework of the fighting in Lebanon. Pastar, who has been called up in the recent reserve mobilization, stated that "participating in the war contradicts the values I was brought up upon."

The officer was sentenced by his regimental commander after stating he prefers to serve jail time rather then act against his conscious. Pastar's girlfriend, Nitzan, told Ynet that "even before he received the induction order he was contemplating how he would respond. He has no problem in principle to serve anywhere else, as long as it's not inside Lebanon."

He should have been given 28 years and not 28 days in jail. This type of refusing dut5y must be stamped out before it spreads.

6 troops injured in southern Lebanon

6 troops injured in southern Lebanon

While an aerial ceasefire has been declared Sunday, the IDF continues its ground operations in Lebanon. Six soldiers injured in action in southeast sector, three Hizbullah gunmen killed
Hanan Greenberg

Six IDF soldiers were wounded Sunday night during military operations in the southeast Lebanese village of al-Tayyiba. One of the troops sustained moderate injuries and the others were lightly wounded. The incident occurred when Hizbullah terrorists who were waiting for
the force at the entrance to the village opened fire at the soldiers. The troops responded with fire, killing three of the gunmen.

Let’s not forget that their are still troops fighting on the ground in Lebanon. Even with the air war suspended troops are still in harms way.


It is now over. We have failed due to weak leadership and Israel once again caves to the world.

Israel is going to stop the air war for 48 hours, the knees are weak and the back of the government is bending.

Rockets still fall on Israel and we are going to stop using our airpower. If we replace the air power with 30,000 troops and 400 tanks then maybe all is not lost. But a suspension of the air war while rockets still fall shows how weak we are.

The fact that Olmert came to this decision in a meeting with Sec. State Condi Rice show that America has said enough.

This shows how weak America and Israel really are. Iran Syria and Hizballah have played the west for fools.

I now fear for the future of the west and the long term ramifications of Qana on the war on Islamic terror.

140 Rockets Fall

140 Rockets fell on Israel today resulting in around 30 wounded.

It is tragic that civilians were killed in Qana but let's not loose sight of the fact as to why their ia a war that cost civilians their lives on both side of the border.

IDF: Qana building fell hours after strike

"The attack on the structure in the Qana village took place between midnight and one in the morning. The gap between the timing of the collapse of the building and the time of the strike on it is unclear," Brigadier General Amir Eshel, Head of the Air Force Headquarters told journalists at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, following the incidents at Qana.

Eshel and the head of the IDF's Operational Branch, Major General Gadi Eisnkot said the structure was not being attacked when it collapsed, at around 8:00 in the morning.

The IDF believes that Hizbullah explosives in the building were behind the explosion that caused the collapse.

Another possibility is that the rickety building remained standing for a few hours, but eventually collapsed. "It could be that inside the building, things that could eventually cause an explosion were being housed, things that we could not blow up in the attack, and maybe remained there, Brigadier General Eshel said.

"I'm saying this very carefully, because at this time I don't have a clue as to what the explanation could be for this gap," he added.

Meanwhile in Lebanon it is being reported that the number of those killed in the collapse of the structure climbed to 60.

Eshel said that an additional attack took place at 7:30 in the morning, but added that other buildings were targeted. "This was an attack on three buildings 460 meters away from the structure we are talking about. Four bombs were dropped and all of them are documented by the planes' cameras. They all struck their targets. In addition, we carried out a filming sortie that photographed the village during the afternoon showing that the three targeted buildings we struck. We have verification of strikes on the building and that the bombs reached their targets," Eshel said.

"An attack that took place at two in the morning struck two targets, both of them 400 meters away from the building (that collapsed). They were also destroyed. The attack between 12 and 1 a.m. struck the area of the affected house, and there were accurate strikes on the target. We are asking the question – what happened between 1 in the morning and 8 in the morning… we understand this building was attacked between 12 and 1 in the morning, seven hours before it was seriously damaged," he said.

Brigadier General Eshel explained that "since the start of fighting in Lebanon 150 rockets from a very high number of rocket launchers have been fired from the village and its surrounding areas, at a number of sites in the State of Israel. Within the village itself we have located a diverse range of activities connected to firing of rockets, beginning from forces commanding this operation – because such an operation needs ongoing command to direct it – and logistical sites that serve this end."

"From this village rockets are fired almost every day across Israel. The operation carried out overnight is an extension of operations that didn't start last night but before, and during this night we struck a number of targets in the village. All of the targets are being meticulously sifted," Eshel added.

I really think their is a chance that Nizballah has set Israel up to bring international pressure against the war.

Biting The Hand That Feeds Them

Gaza: Palestinians storm UN compound

Palestinians storm a UN compound during protest against Israeli airstrikes that killed civilians in Qana, Lebanon; security officials fire into the air to disperse them. (AP)

The Palestinians are turning against the UN, this is a great thing. If their is a split between the allies of the Palestinians and the UN this would be a great thing.

Lebanese army open fire on Israeli helicopters

Lebanese army open fire on Israeli helicopters

The Lebanese army opened fire on Israeli helicopters trying to land near a town in the Bekaa

valley, preventing them from setting down, Lebanese security sources and witnesses said.

The four helicopters appeared to be trying to land Israeli soldiers near the town of Yammouni, they said.

The helicopters flew away before Israeli warplanes launched air raids on the area, the sources said. (Reuters)

I think that we are right on the edge of this war blowing up into a war against Hizballah, Lebanon and Syria.

Which if this were to happen then Israel will be forced to fight this war the way it should have been from the start.

The exorcism of the ghosts of Qana

The exorcism of the ghosts of Qana
Anshel Pfeffer, THE JERUSALEM POST Jul. 30, 2006

"Of course I realize that one mistake by me can change the entire course of this war," said Col. A, an pilot at Ramat David IAF base, when asked whether he was worried that a badly aimed bomb from his F-16 might cause a repetition of the mistaken bombing of a refugee area at Qana in April 1996 that left 102 civilians killed and forced the government of Shimon Peres to end Operation "Grapes of Wrath." But this time around, ten years later, same place and ostensibly same circumstances, Ehud Olmert's government is set on changing the precedent.

Unlike the hapless Peres a decade ago, worried about the effect the bombing would have on Israeli Arabs on the elections only two months away (and who ironically this time was on his way to present Israel's case in the US as the incident took place) Ehud Olmert is determined not to allow Sunday morning's bombing of a building packed with refugees in Qana, causing about 50 deaths, to reaffirm the last Qana precedent. Olmert and the rest of Israel's leadership were prepared this time around to ward of the ghosts of Qana, the assumption was that a disaster of similar proportions was probably just a matter of time and as a result his reaction was swift. There was no mistake here, Olmert emphasized at the weekly cabinet meeting, the building had been targeted as a shelter of Hizbullah Katyusha launchers and civilians had been warned to leave days ago, and there was no question of agreeing to a premature ceasefire and ending the military offensive earlier because of the incident.

But Olmert's determination might not be enough now. The bottom line that had seemed to emerge from his meeting with Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, the previous night, was that Israel had another week or so to attack Hizbullah while the details of the ceasefire and multinational force supposed to implement were cobbled together at the United Nations in New York. Meanwhile the US and also Britain was to have continued shielding Israel from international pressure to end the fighting. The Qana bombing might change all that now. Rice's first reaction while still in Jerusalem was to cancel what would have probably been a pointless visit to Beirut, under the present circumstances and say that "we want a cease-fire as soon as possible."

I hate to say this when their are dead children. How it possible is that Qana was the site in 1996 and now in 2006 that such a thing could happen.

I am willing to bet that Israel was set up.

Hizballah packs the building with women and children and then fires a whole bunch of rockets from the location.

Israel responds and in the blink of an eye here we are in the same situation as we were in 1996.

Again I now have a worry that the west due to our over powering goodness and the power of the modern media has lost the ability to fight a war.

This is while the horde is at the gates.

120 Rockets Fall on Sunday

As the world shifts into high gear to condem Israel for the deaths at Qana. 120 rockets fall on Israel on Sunday, we must not forget why Israel has been forced to fight.

This is going to be the second most important war in Israels history, because it is setting the stage for the future of the whole war on Islamic terror.

Israel has video that shows rockets being fired from the apartment building that the IAF bombed.

IDF arrests four Palestinians for murder of Israeli doctor

IDF arrests four Palestinians for murder of Israeli doctor
By Amos Harel, Nadav Shragai and Jonathan Lis, Haaretz Correspndents, and AP

A special unit of undercover IDF troops arrested four Palestinians in Qalqilyah overnight for the murder of Israeli doctor Daniel Yaakovi last week.

One of the four detainees is a member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement, and the other three are his assistants.

The militant group said Saturday that it had killed the 59-year-old doctor, a resident of the Yikar settlement.

"He was killed because Israel has spared no Palestinian," Al-Aqsa said in a statement. "This is a message of fire - a burning message to the occupation. Killing, burning and fire."

Troops found a handgun in their possession, which was apparently used to kill Yaakovi.

Five Suicide Bombing Attempts in 10 Days

Five Suicide Bombing Attempts in 10 Days
16:52 Jul 30, '06 / 5 Av 5766

( Security and military officers have thwarted five suicide bombing attempts in the last 10 days, sources reported Sunday. Most of the planned attacks were intended to escalate a third front in addition to the Hamas terrorist war in the south and the Hizbullah war in the north.

The would-be bombers came from Judea and Samaria and planned to explode their charges in urban centers. Soldiers arrested Sunday two terrorists in Shechem who were caught with suicide belts. Sappers neutralized the explosives.

Olmert: We need 10 more days of military operations

Olmert: We need 10 more days of military operations

Israeli PM tells US Secretary of State Rice country needs 10 days to two weeks to finish Lebanon offensive. Defense Minister Peretz warns of 'final strike' by Hizbullah in retaliation for Qana attack
Ronny Sofer

We need ten to fourteen days of continued military operations – This was said by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a meeting between the two Saturday.

Israeli Air Strike
Lebanon: Dozens killed in IDF strike / Ali Waked
Lebanese media report at least 55 people killed, including 21 children, after three-story building struck by IAF collapses in southern Lebanon village of Qana. Building used as shelter for southern Lebanon refugees. Senior IAF officer says many Katyusha rockets were fired from village where terrorists are hiding, residents were warned to leave. Defense minister instructs IDF to launch immediate inquiry into incident
Full Story

Pursuant to the incident in Qana, Olmert told government ministers of his meeting with Rice during a cabinet meeting Sunday. He is scheduled to meet Rice again later Sunday afternoon in Jerusalem. "We intend to continue military operations until we achieve our objectives," Olmert told the ministers.

Defense Minister, Amir Peretz, warned of a potential 'final strike' by Hizbullah in the form of a large barrage of short-range rockets or the launching of long-range rockets. "I instructed the IDF and homefront command to be prepared for such an eventuality," he said.

The air strike in Qana constitutes an uncomfortable affair for the Israeli government. Early Sunday afternoon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tzipi Livni, who was scheduled to meet the Italian foreign minister, Massimo D'Alema, to issue a statement about recent event. She decided not to address, at this time, the incident in which 57 Lebanese civilians, half of them children, were killed.

Olmert met with Rice on Saturday night to discuss the 19-day-old Israeli offensive in southern Lebanon. Their meeting came before the Israeli strike in Qana. Pursuant to the event, Olmert and Rice scheduled a new meeting on Sunday evening.

Israeli deeply regrets civilian deaths

"I express my deep regret, which is shared by the entire State of Israel and the IDF, over the death of civilians in the village of Qana. There is nothing far away from our thoughts and interests than hurting civilians, and everyone understands this," Olmert said.

IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz also expressed his regret over the fact that civilians were hurt. "We are operating in a place from where Katyushas are being launched and we conveyed messages to the citizens, asking them to leave the area. Unfortunately, people who gathered in the place, while we were unaware of their presence, were hurt," he said.

Sources in the Israel Defense Forces noted that with all the deep regret over the incident, Israeli cannot halts its operation while Hizbullah terrorists are directing their Katyusha rockets at Israeli cities, including at hospitals. A senior IAF officer emphasized that that dozens of Katyusha rockets were launched from the village and its surrounding areas.

Explosives belt apprehended in Samaria weighed 5 kilograms

Explosives belt apprehended in Samaria weighed 5 kilograms

Border Police sappers blew up an explosives belt found at a Samaria checkpoint. The explosives weighed four kilograms.

A second device was found in a Palestinian taxi, belonging to a suicide bomber who planned to blow up the explosives on his body. The interception prevented a terror attack in central Israel.

Hizbullah: We won't ignore massacre

Hizbullah: We won't ignore massacre

Terror groups threaten to avenge what they refer to as 'Qana village massacre.' Iranian president says, 'US and Britain must pay the bill for the Zionist regime's crimes'
Ali Waked

The Hizbullah organization threatened revenge following the Israel Defense Forces' air strike in the southern Lebanese village of Qana. According to sources in Lebanon, more than 50 people were killed in the bombing, including more than 20 children.

"We will not ignore the shocking massacre," the organization said in a statement.

Hamas also released a statement, according to which all possibilities are open for a Palestinian and Lebanese resistance following what was dubbed "the Qana village massacre."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also joined the threats, saying that "the United States and Britain must pay the bill for the crimes of the Zionist regime, because they are partners in these crimes," the Fars news agency reported.

The Iranian president added that "this is a disgrace that will remain forever on the forehead of the Security Council, which did not agree to declare a ceasefire."

Ahmadinejad spoke at a ceremony honoring Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, who is visiting Tehran.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi referred to the IDF's strike in the village of Qana, saying that "the only accomplishment of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's visit in the area is the Qana village massacre."

The Iranian news agency reported that according to Asefi, some of the senior Americans should be tried for the crimes committed in Lebanon.

Olmert, Halutz and Peretz apologize for Qana deaths

Olmert, Halutz and Peretz apologize for Qana deaths
yaakov katz, Jpost staff, and AP, THE JERUSALEM POST Jul. 30, 2006

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that he needed 10 days to two weeks to finish the offensive in Lebanon, a senior Israeli government official reported Sunday.

Olmert met with Rice on Saturday night to discuss the 19-day-old offensive in southern Lebanon. Their meeting came before the IAF strike in Qana early Sunday.

Following the strike, Olmert and Rice scheduled a new meeting on Sunday evening.

Earlier, Olmert expressed deep regret for the harm inflicted on the civilians in Qana Sunday morning when at least 57 civilians - 37 of whom were children - were killed as the IAF fired missiles at a building in the southern Lebanese town.

"I express deep regret, along with all of Israel and the IDF, for the civilian deaths in Qana," said Olmert. "Nothing could be further from our intentions and our interests than harming civilians - everyone understands that. When we do harm civilians, the whole world recognizes that it is an exceptional case that does not characterize us."

"In contrast," Olmert said, "Hizbullah has launched rockets with the aim of murdering innocent civilians in northern Israel."

The prime minister vowed that the fight against Hizbullah would continue despite the Qana tragedy.

"Hizbullah, like other Islamic terror movements, threatens all civilization. When we decided to respond, we knew that we would need to be strong in the face of difficult situations," said Olmert.

Olmert said that the area was a focal point for the firing of Katyusha rockets on Kiryat Shmona and Afula. He said that from the outset of the conflict, "hundreds of rockets have been fired from the Qana area."

Defense Minister Amir Peretz was also profoundly repentant for the fatal strike, saying, "this is a tragic incident that is a result of war. Hizbullah operates in the heart of populated centers with the full knowledge of endangering the lives of innocent civilians."

The defense minister ordered the IDF to conduct a full investigation into the incident

IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz also expressed sorrow over the loss of innocent life. "We were operating in a place from where Katyushas are being fired and we distributed notices to residents. Unfortunately, people who assembled in the area, whom we were unaware of, were harmed," said Halutz.

Nevertheless, the chief of staff said that the IDF would continue to fight in order to defend northern residents and to bring calm to the region, adding, "the terrorist organizations are taking cover among populated areas. We will continue to operate, causing the minimum harm to civilians."

Some 35 bodies have been recovered from a building that collapsed, but more were still stuck under the rubble, Lebanon's official news agency reported.

Ten years ago, Israel was forced to suspend Operation Grapes of Wrath against Hizbullah after artillery shells accidentally killed over 100 Lebanese refugees in the same village.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora demanded an immediate and unconditional ceasefire and insisted on an investigation into the Qana attack.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she called Saniora to say she would postpone a visit to Beirut on Sunday, and that she had work to do in Jerusalem to end the fighting. "We are also pushing for an urgent end to the current hostilities, but the views of the parties on how to achieve this are different," she said.

A high-ranking IAF officer said that the IDF warned the residents of Qana to evacuate the village in anticipation of the airstrikes on Katyusha launchers.

In a statement released on Sunday, the IDF said that as a result of Katyusha rocket attacks, 18 Israelis had been killed and hundreds of others wounded.

"The responsibility for the harm to Lebanese civilians falls on Hizbullah, which uses civilians has human shields," the statement read.

The officer said that the air force had been targeting the village for the past three days and on Saturday night struck ten different targets inside the village. He said the building hit Sunday was picked since intelligence indicated that Hizbullah guerillas were hiding inside together with Katyusha rockets and launchers.

"We have been attacking in Qana for three days," the high-ranking IAF officer said. "They have fired dozens of rockets from there over the past week at Kiryat Shmona, Afula and Ma'alot."

The officer said that the guerillas fire rockets and then flee into nearby buildings.

"We warned the residents that we would be attacking there," he said. "We work under the assumption that the villages are empty and that whoever is there is affiliated with the Hizbullah."

The officer estimated that Qana was being used by the Hizbullah to fire rockets at Israel due to the symbolism in the village. In 1996, Israel was forced to suspend Operation Grapes of Wrath against the Hizbullah after artillery shells killed over 100 Lebanese refugees seeking refuge in a UN building in the village.

Since Saturday morning, the IAF said it struck over 60 Hizbullah targets throughout Lebanon including more than 10 rocket launchers, dozens of buildings and weapons warehouses, and several Hizbullah bases.

Missiles fired by IAF jets on Friday destroyed three buildings in the village of Kfar Jouz near Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon. Three people were killed and nine were wounded, including four children, Lebanese security officials said. The raid apparently targeted an apartment belonging to a Hizbullah operative.

I question if western civilization can survive the goodness that is the central characteristic of these societies. . In the history of the world their has never been a greater protector of the individual than western civilization. With America and Israel being at the pinnacle of this moral development.

On the other hand we have the Islamic Fascistic that put rocket launchers in civilian apartment house.
What is the west to do? If we fight we take the risk of killing civilians if we don't we are finished.

Israel has been not only dropping leaflets to warn the civilians but has been making phone calls and telling civilians to leave the area.

How many leaflets has Hizballah and Hamas given the civilians of Israel?

2 would-be bombers caught near Nablus

Jul. 30, 2006 14:05 | Updated Jul. 30, 2006 16:55
2 would-be bombers caught near Nablus

The Haruv Battalion together with Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) operatives caught two Palestinian terrorists in the Nablus area on Sunday, who were armed with an explosives belt and apparently on their way to perpetrate a suicide attack inside Israel.

The men were taken for questioning and the belt was detonated.

The would-be bombers were caught inside a Palestinian cab just outside of Nablus in the area of the Shavei Shomron settlement.

The IDF estimated that the terrorists were affiliated with Fatah and the PFLP movements.

The IDF said that Palestinian terrorist groups in the West Bank were working in conjunction with Hizbullah in an effort to carry out attacks in Israel while the IDF was fighting in Lebanon.

The terror attack was foiled following a heightened state of alert in the central area after a warning was received that the terrorists had infiltrated from the West Bank.

Elsewhere, an elite undercover IDF unit arrested two suspects in Kalkilya on Sunday in connection with the murder of 60-year-old Yakir resident Dr. Daniel Ya'akovi.

Ya'akovi's body was found completely burned in the trunk of a car east of Kalkilya on Thursday.

The IDF caught the suspected murderer and the operator of the Aksa terror cell that claimed responsibility for the attack. The two men were caught in possession of a gun and a cartridge.

In other violence-related news on the Palestinian front, a woman was moderately wounded when a Kassam rocket landed near Sderot on Sunday afternoon.

A Magen David Adom team evacuated her to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba, and two people suffering from shock were treated at the scene.

Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin told the cabinet in Sunday's meeting that efforts to rescue kidnapped Cpl. Gilad Shalit were not succeeding.

However, Diskin said, it was "extremely likely that Shalit is alive and well in the Gaza Strip."

July 28, 2006

Denver Rally

Rally at the
Colorado State Capitol
Sunday night
August 6th, 2006
6:30 p.m.
Next organizing meeting:
Tuesday August 1st 7:30 p.m.
at EDOS 198 S. Holly Street Denver
Info: 303-722-8864
Organized by:
Americans Against Terrorism

Here is the info I am not computer savy enough to get it to do what I want to do in the little time I have left before Shabbat. ,So here is the info in a basic form. In the post below this one you can click on the link and see the wonderful poster my friend has made up for this event. Please go and show your support.

Denver Rally

Download file

Shabbat Shalom

As of this point in time their is nothing new on the Seattle shootings.

As the Jewish Sabbath approaches, after an afternoon where in Israel and now Seattle Jews have once again been targeted and murdered and injured for the crime of being Jewish. It only reinforces the need for the need for all of us in the west Christian and Jewish to stand strong.

We must fight back together against this evil so that our children and grandchildren can live together in a better world.

It strikes me as odd that one of my goals is to build a strong Israel so that we can once and for all put this behind us; I want to do this not just for the Jewish children but the Arab children that live in Israel as well.

Shabbat Shalom


Updates on Victims in Seattle

Three of the wounded are in critical condition.
One of the victims was 20 weeks pregnat, mother and baby will be fine.

SPD to monitor Jewish targets

SPD to cover Jewish targets after the attack today.

seattle Victims

Victims from Seattle 1 dead and 5 wounded. No names have been released.

Seattle Suspect connects attack to Israel

The suspect yelled before the shooting according to the Seattle times "Iam a Muslim America and I am angry with Israel" he then opened fire.

Seattle Update

According to King 5 news the suspect placed a call to the police to report that he had been shooting people at the Jewish Federation and that he was holding people hostage.

Their is a report that the police have found the suspects vehicle in a parking garage about a block away. People who had cars in the garage and their cars were close to the exit were told to exit the area for their own safety.

Update Seattle terror

Here is the update.

One suspect is in custody he is a Pakistani with a criminal background.

At 1741 hours this may not be over the police just brought the SWAT team back together and has gone into a new location near the Jewish Federation.

It appears that the regional SWAT team has responded to give back up to SPD.
The Seattle Police Bomb Squad has responded as has according to the news the Alchol Tabaco and Fire Arms Bomb Squad has also responded.

Their is current;y one dead victim


Their is a shooting at the Jewish Federation in Seattle.

UpDate on Yesterdays Shooting Attack In Jerusalem

Yesterday in Jerusalem their was a terrorist attack. It happened at one of the checkpoint set up on one of the entrances to the Holy City. The check point is manned by Border Police Officers the para military anti terror police of Israel.

An Arab man approached the check point holding an infant in one hand, when he came to the Police Officers that were checking peoples identification this “gentleman” that was holding an infant in his one arm pulled a handgun out from it’s position of concealment and opened fire hitting two Police Officers.

The Police returned fire killing the man without hurting the infant.

One of the Police Officer was critically wounded and the other was hit in the shoulder.

World Fiddles While Middle East Burns

Security Council receives latest Iran resolution

The five permanent members of the UN Security Council reached a deal Friday on a resolution that would give Iran until the end of August to suspend uranium enrichment or face the threat of economic and diplomatic sanctions.

The latest draft is weaker than an initial proposal from Britain, France and Germany, with US backing. While the earlier version would have made the sanctions threat immediate if Iran did not comply, the latest draft would essentially give Iran another chance later on to come around. (AP)

IDF not Fajr-5 but Syrian Rocket

The latest from the IDF the rocket fired on Afula today was not a Fajr-5 which is made in Iran.

This rocket was manufactured in Syria and falls in-between the Fajr-5 and the Zel Zal, which means it has a range some where between 50 miles and 100 miles.

Picture of Fajr 5


This is a picture of the new Fajr 5 rocket. This falls into something not good to have fall on your head. Can you see the size of this thing.

MDA needs help

I have been asked to re post the contact info for Magan David Adom. They really need help I only wish we could figure out how to also send them blood.

Rockets on Friday

On Friday afternoon as people were getting ready for Shabbat, once again rockets fell at least 90 of them, which resulted in around 40 people being wounded.

But the big rocket news for Friday is not the number of rockets that fell, but rather the new type of rocket that fell on Afula. Israeli security sources have identified this new rocket as the Fajr-5 missiles which carry a 440 pound war head and can travel up to 50 miles. This rocket was designed in 2006 by Iran and it 333 mm sized rocket and when it hits and explodes it has a burst radius of 100 meters.

The IAF destroyed the rocket launchers. The rockets when they launch leaves a plum of smoke in the air and thus allowed the IAF to know where the missile was fired from.

As noted above the size of the rocket is 333m mm while until now the largest rocket has been 220 mm. The launchers are not dual purpose and the launcher of the Fajr 5 takes time to become mobile after it has fired. As show today enough time for Israel to kill it.

26 Hizbullah Dead in New Fighting

Fighting today broke out again in the area of Bnit Jbeil with the results being no IDF casualties and 26 dead Hizbullah.

Congress forms Israel Allies Caucus

ul. 27, 2006 21:31 | Updated Jul. 28, 2006 14:41
Congress forms Israel Allies Caucus

The United States Congress on Thursday announced the establishment of an Israel Allies Caucus, meant to mobilize Christian support for Israel around the world.

The American congressional lobby, which is modeled on the Knesset's Christian Allies Caucus created two and half years ago, will debut with a membership of four Congressmen - two Republicans, Dave Weldon of Florida and Trent Franks of Arizona, and two Democrats, Eliot Engel of New York and Gene Green of Texas.

The new caucus plans to advocate Israel's right to live in peace within safe and secure borders, on the basis of shared Judeo-Christian values.

"During the current crisis, Israel and the world need to know that the US Congress stands firm in its commitment to Israel's protection and right to defend itself against terrorism and state-sponsored terrorists," Weldon told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

He said the formation of the caucus reflected an unwavering Congressional commitment to the state of Israel, and would serve as another means to communicate with an important ally.

"Israel's fight against terrorism is the US's fight against terrorism," Engel said in a telephone interview from Washington.

Engel, who is the only Jewish member of the caucus, said it was important to garner support for Israel on a bipartisan basis among its many Christian friends in the US.

Weldon and Engel will co-chair the lobby.

"I think that our basic appeal of reuniting people and especially politicians around Israel, not on a temporary cost-benefit approach, built on the most fundamental values of our civilization emanating from the Bible has proven itself," said Knesset Christian Allies Caucus founder MK Yuri Stern (Israel Beiteinu).

Just one more sign of the level of support for not only Israel but Israel's war on terrorism. I think the only way to achieve victory in the war on Islamic terror is to force the issue. America and Israel must stand together and make it clear that their are sides to choose in this war.

This move would bring it to black and white with the Muslim countries around the world. Does Israel have the right to exist? It also forces the question of should America be attacked, as part of Islamic Fascistic war against the west?

Let’s draw a line in the sand so we know really where we stand.

Halutz released from Ichilov Hospital

Jul. 28, 2006 21:22 | Updated Jul. 28, 2006 21:26
Halutz released from Ichilov Hospital

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz was released from Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv on Friday after he arrived at the hospital's emergency room earlier Friday evening suffering from abdominal pain.

As soon as the chief of staff arrived at the emergency room, the premises were placed under heavy security.

Doctors pronounced Halutz in good health, and he was released.

IDF spokeswoman Brig.-Gen. Miri Regev assured Channel 2 that Halutz was "completely fine," and was returning to his duties.

I may not like all of what he does but may G-D give him relief from his pain.

Iran denies giving aid to Hizbullah

Iran denies giving aid to Hizbullah
Associated Press, THE JERUSALEM POST Jul. 28, 2006

Iran's foreign ministry on Friday denied allegations that Teheran has provided military support to Hizbullah in its fight against Israel, a day after US President George W. Bush sharply criticized Iran's role in the bloody fighting.

"Our support has been spiritual. If we had military support, we would announce it. We are working very open, and we don't have any hidden business," ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi told a talk show on state-run television.

Bush said Thursday that Iran is connected to Hizbullah, and now was the "time for the world to confront this danger."

Bush was responding to statements from top Israeli officials that the fighting could continue for several weeks. The Israeli offensive, which began after Hizbullah crossed the border, captured two Israeli soldiers and killed eight others, continued into its 17th day Friday.

John Bolton, US ambassador to the United Nations, also has alleged that Iranians are Hizbullah's "paymasters, and they're calling the tune." He estimated that Iran contributes US$100 million annually to the Shi'ite Islamic terror organization, which has supplanted Lebanon's central government as the effective political and military force in the southern region bordering Israel.

Iran has repeatedly denied claims that it gives military and financial support to Hizbullah. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday that Washington, Israel's closest ally, wants to "recarve the map" of the region with Israel's help.

"They don't have any right to tell us why Iran supports Hizbullah at all. The question is why do they support Israel?" Asefi said.

I find it of interest that Iran is not willing at this time to come clean about their support of Hizbullah. I take this as a sign of the state of affrirs with Hizbullah and how Iran must be viewing Israel's fight with Hizbullah that Isral has Hizbullah on the ropes and the knock out punch is coming soon.

Police clash with Arab youths trying to access Temple Mount

Last update - 14:26 28/07/2006
Police clash with Arab youths trying to access Temple Mount
By Avi Issacharoff and Jonathan Lis, Haaretz Correspondents, and agencies

Israeli police used stun grenades to disperse hundreds of Arab youths who were trying to gain access to the Temple Mount for Friday prayers, police said. No injuries were reported.

Police on Thursday restricted entry to Jerusalem's Temple Mount to Palestinians under the age of 40 after it received information that a protest was scheduled to take place on its premises after Friday prayers.

Demonstrators were said to have planned an event including 70 wedding ceremonies and a rally against Israel's offensive in Lebanon.

Police sources said after deciding to limit entry to the shrine that the Temple Mount is a place of worship and not a stage on which to mount political protests.

Security forces have taken up positions around the Temple Mount and inside Jerusalem's Old City ahead of prayers scheduled for Friday in order to disperse crowds.

The Temple Mount is the holiest site in Judaism and the third holiest in Islam.

Qassam hits kindergarten; 2 children lightly wounded

Qassam hits kindergarten; 2 children lightly wounded

Rocket lands next to kindergarten in town south of Ashkelon; 2 children hurt, 8 suffer shock. Earlier a number of rockets hit central Sderot; no wounded. Residents demand army operations on southern front be boosted to level of northern offensive
Shmulik Hadad

Qassam attacks continue: A Qassam rocket landed next to a kindergarten in a community south of Ashkelon at 10:45 a.m. Friday. Two children were lightly wounded and eight more people suffered shock. Additionally, the kindergarten building was damaged.

Magen David Adom emergency crews arrived at the scene and began treating the children and took some to the Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon.

Against Qassams
IDF sets up 'security zone' in northern Gaza / Hanan Greenberg
In bid to curb Palestinian attempts to dig tunnels from Gaza into Israel, army decides to set up security zone 'clean' of structures that can be used to cover digging
Full Story

"We were right before the end of the class and then the Red Alert siren was heard, and the children simply began running in all directions. Some of them ran in the direction of where the Qassam fell," said Ronny Basin, a youth leader who with the children during the rocket attack.

"I called them over to stand underneath the tree, but it was a matter of seconds and two children were injured by shrapnel," he said.

"The children were very frightened, some of them cried and some of them were in shock. I tried to calm them down and within a few minutes the security forces arrived. The situation is very stressful, but what can we do? To our great luck, until now there were no injuries," Basin said.

The mother of one of the injured children recounted: "They were playing outside in the kibbutz, and they suddenly heard the Red Dawn alert. They ran to search for cover It was apparently too late because the rocket already landed and exploded – my son was injured by shrapnel in the back and his friend was injured by shrapnel in the leg. To our great luck we had a guest who was trained in first aid and quickly treated him. Very quickly, soldiers also came from the nearby base and they helped us treat the two children."

Lachish District Police sent sappers to the area who examining rocket remains. Kibbutz Zikim has absorbed many rocket attacks – a large portion of the rockets fired at Ashkelon land in the kibbutz, and recently residents have begun reinforcing their homes.

Local residents have already said they have no intention of leaving their community.

"I have no doubt that this is a very difficult reality for us – we had a serene kibbutz, quiet, with an incredible beach. But we have turned into a kibbutz that is shelled again and again by Qassam rockets – and the children can't play outside anymore. We very much hope this won't cause a serious crisis in the kibbutz," one resident said.

Earlier, Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip fired Qassam rocket towards Sderot at 7:00 a.m. Friday. The rockets landed on streets in the center of town. No one was wounded and no damage was caused.

Thursday night five Qassams were fired towards Sderot and the Shaar Hanegev region. No one was wounded.

Southern front neglected?

Many residents of the south are concerned that since the opening of the critical northern front, the southern front is being forgotten, as are the non-stop rocket barrages on Gaza border communities.

Most activists in the area prefers to suppress their criticism due to the war in the north, but it appears that they are gradually becoming fed up with the situation.

Southern residents who had set up a protest tent in the south and declared a hunger strike demanding increased military action against the Qassams called a meeting to consider ways of dealing with the continued rocket attacks.

Meanwhile another protest tent was set up across from the Sderot municipality, led by Aryeh Cohen and his colleagues. This week there was even a wedding ceremony held in the tent of a couple who had met during their shared struggle at the site.

Frustrated felt in south

Southern residents are frustrated by the fact that the offensive in the north is, to their claims, so much different than the restrained response to rockets attacks on the south. The IDF however continues to reiterate that extensive military operations are being carried out against Qassam fire in Gaza, and many terror operatives have been hit.

One protestor said: “They’re always talking about the northern fron and the southern front, but there is no southern front. There are pinpointed operations, as chirurgical as with tweezers. The Qassam fire isn’t stopping, it’s only getting worse, but the army’s response (in Gaza) isn’t even comparable to what they are doing up north.”

“The army has no problem operating on two fronts, as long as the political echelons don’t tie its hands behind its back. They simply need to operate in Gaza against terrorists the same as they are in the north. Rocket fire is rocket fire anywhere it is,” he added.

Late Canadian UN Observer: ‘Hizbullah Using UN as Human Shields’

Late Canadian UN Observer: ‘Hizbullah Using UN as Human Shields’
10:30 Jul 28, '06 / 3 Av 5766

( A Canadian officer serving as a military observer in the UN post struck by an Israeli strike overnight Tuesday emailed his former commander that Hizbullah was using his post as a human shield. Major Paeta Hess von Kruedener was also clear that the IAF was not targeting the observers.

The commander, Major General Louis Mackenzie said in an interview with a Canadian radio station that his former soldier had written to him six days before his death about the recent developments in Lebanon.

According to a report in The Jerusalem Post, Kruedener wrote that the IAF strikes near the post were “necessary”. He also noted that the IDF fire was not aimed specifically at the UN post, but rather at the terrorists.

Israeli Truck Driver Beaten In Arab Village Near Kalkilya

Israeli Truck Driver Beaten In Arab Village Near Kalkilya
12:30 Jul 28, '06 / 3 Av 5766

( An Israeli truck driver was severely beaten after entering the village of Akaf, east of Kalkilya, Friday morning.

The IDF has repeatedly warned Israeli citizens not to enter Arab villages in Judea and Samaria, in the interest of keeping everyone safe – both the citizens and the security forces who protect them.

Hizbullah launches five missiles of new type at Afula

Hizbullah launches five missiles of new type at Afula Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Jul. 28, 2006

After a number of Katyusha barrages hit northern Israel over the course of the morning, five missiles of a new and as yet unidentified type landed in and around Afula shortly after 3:30 p.m. Friday.

No one was wounded in the attack, and the Home Front Command instructed residents of the city to remain indoors. The attack caused a fire, and a helicopter was scrambled to help firefighters contain the blaze.

Police experts were examining the missiles, which were described as larger and more powerful than Katyusha rockets, Channel 10 reported.

Rockets fired at the same time also landed in Kiryat Shmona, Rosh Pina, Tiberias, and Safed. While no one was reported wounded, a high-tension wire was damaged, causing power failures in some areas. The electric company was working to restore electricity.

Earlier Friday, one person was moderately wounded and several others lightly wounded when rockets fell on northern towns on Friday afternoon.

At least 11 rockets fell in Kiryat Shmona, Rosh Pina and Karmiel. Other rocket falls were sighted near Safed and Tiberias, while alert sirens sounded in those cities and in Haifa and Afula.

In Kiryat Shmona, a parked car was directly hit by a Katyusha rocket, destroying the vehicle but hurting no one.

Near Safed, rockets destroyed a local Magen David Adom building, the organization said. No one was hurt in the attack.

Residents in several of the towns that experienced rocket falls on Friday were taken to hospital for shock.

If this doesn't wake up the political leadership, then I don't know what will. Hizballah is going to slowly march south with their rocket attacks. Afula is 10 miles south east of Haifa.

July 27, 2006

New Home

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We wanted to get it up and running, this is not the final look but it is working and I can blog, so that is a good thing.
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