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August 31, 2006

Atomic Agency Report In Vienna: Iran Not Halting Program

International Atomic Energy Agency reports that despite ultimatum imposed on it, Teheran not showing any signs of halting uranium enrichment program

Associated Press
Published: 08.31.06, 23:34

The UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, said in a report obtained by The Associated Press that Iran shows no signs of freezing enrichment, adding that Tehran started work on a new batch August 24.

The confidential IAEA report will be given to its 35-nation board. That is expected to trigger UN Security Council members — by mid-September — to begin considering economic or political sanctions.

Key European nations will meet with Iran in September in a last-ditch effort to seek a negotiated solution to the standoff over Tehran's refusal to freeze uranium enrichment, a senior UN diplomat said Thursday.

President Bush said "there must be consequences" for Iran, adding that the war between Tehran-backed Hizbullah and Israel demonstrated that "the world now faces a grave threat from the radical regime in Iran."

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a crowd of thousands in the northwestern city of Orumiyeh that "the Iranian nation will not accept for one moment any bullying, invasion and violation of its rights."

Israel is going to have to hit Iran and hit them hard and soon. One of my contacts has told me that some intelligence sources in Israel feel that Iran is 6 months away from getting nuclear weapons.

Halevy: We Must Prepare for Iranian Conflict

Halevy: We Must Prepare for Iranian Conflict
19:03 Aug 31, '06 / 7 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Former Mossad Intelligence Agency Director Ephraim Halevy warned that Israel must now focus on the next threat -- that of Iran, stating with absolute certainty that the Iranian threat is one that we dare not take lightly.

Halevy stated that Iran continues to ignore the international community’s calls to halt uranium enrichment efforts, apparently not too concerned regarding threatened sanctions. Therefore he concluded Israel must prepare for the possibility of a major conflict.

Special Police Unit take Palestinian in British embassy into custody

Published: 08.31.06, 22:44

At the end of negotiations which lasted for over eight hours, Special Police Unit member took a Palestinian who threatened to commit suicide with a gun into custody at the British embassy in Tel Aviv.

Police said the man will be taken into custody at the Yarkon District police. There were no injuries in the incident. (Avi Cohen)

Kassam Rocket Attacks in Southern Israel

10:06 Aug 31, '06 / 7 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Four Kassam rockets launched from northern PA (Palestine Authority) controlled Gaza landed in the Sderot and Ashkelon areas a short time ago.

A number of people are being treated for hysteria after one of the rockets slammed into a yard of a home on Moshe Rabbeinu Street in Sderot.

Terrorist Commander Killed in Gaza

08:47 Aug 31, '06 / 7 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) PA (Palestine Authority) sources reported on Thursday morning that the commander of the Salah a-Din faction of the Popular Resistance Front organization, Rahad Nahel, was shot dead by anonymous gunmen in Gaza.

The Popular Resistance Front is one of the terror organizations responsible for the abduction of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit on June 25.

Sources Confirm Israel Backing Down from Unconditional Release of IDF Hostages

17:51 Aug 31, '06 / 7 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Political sources have confirmed rumors that Israel has backed down from its demand for an unconditional release of two IDF soldiers kidnapped by Hizbullah terrorists and is prepared to free Lebanese prisoners in return, according to the Reuters News Agency.

The report added that Israel has insisted the two soldiers, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, be handed over to the Lebanese government before they are returned to Israel. They were abducted at the outset of the Hizbullah terrorist war July 12, after which, both Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice vowed that the soldiers would be returned without any conditions and before a ceasefire.

UK embassy: Man threatens suicide

Large police and Magen David Adom teams were dispatched to the British Embassy in Tel Aviv Thursday noon. Police reported that Nadim Injahz, a 28-year-old Palestinian collaborator from Ramallah, has entered the embassy's complex carrying a gun and threatening to hurt himself if he is not granted political asylum in Britain.

Nadim Injahz has been homeless for eight years. In Ramallah, Tanzim are after him, and he is illegal resident in Israel. He just wants to go home, but his compatriots have not forgiven him for collaborating with Israel. ‘They told me that murdering settlers is the only way I can restore my honor – and the truth is at this point I have nothing to lose’

Injahz demanded to be provided with a plane that will fly him from the Sdeh Dov airport in town to Europe.

An embassy employee told Ynet that Injahz was detected immediately upon entering the compound, and described him as a short and thin man. He added that the embassy's security guards have asked their superiors whether they should try and subdue the man themselves, but were ordered to leave the handling of the matter to the Israeli police.

Special elite units and dozens of policemen arrived at the place. A police helicopter is circling over the area.

August 30, 2006

Terrorism In America

Yesterday a Muslim named Omeed A. Popal aged 29 used his SUV as a weapon to kill one man and injure 14 more people in an incident that spanned more than an hour in time and covered many miles.

His attack started in the East Bay area, he then drove into what is identified as a Jewish neighborhood and ran over 14 more people.

I spent some time this morning in an attempt to find the identity of the man that was murdered and I can find no mention of his name or anything identifying him.

But we do know that the suspect targeted two people in front of the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco located on California Street.

We also know that Popal had just returned from a trip to Afghanistan, where he had met his bride to be as part of an arranged marriage. We also know that Popal was born in America according to what I have read.

Popal at the time of his arrest declared himself to be a terrorist.

This is the second major terror attack against targets identified as Jewish in America in about a month’s time.

Both attacks were carried out by Muslims.

But both the authorities and the Jewish community want to deny the truth of what these attacks are terrorism.

Terrorism against Jews for the crime of being Jewish.

I have the sad duty to inform my fellow Jews that you as a whole, have learned nothing from our history and that we are following in the same pattern of the Jews of Europe 70 years ago.

We want to pretend that everything is normal and the only problem is that a few people have had some incidents of mental instability that has caused them to engage in criminal behavior.

Or as one of the victim’s of the Seattle attacks has identified the real root of the Seattle attack it was the lack of gun control. She is just one more stupid liberal that wants to ignore the past history of the Jewish people. Jews without guns die like sheep led to the slaughter.

This is not a Jewish value; it is 100% against the Torah.

But what can one really want from self hating Jews that have cast away the finest gift ever given to man, the Torah and exchange it for a value system that will make these idiots feel good as they watch more incidents of Jews being murdered.

The Jewish leadership in America is letting both the press and elected officials white wash these attacks and it goes back even beyond these two attacks. The El Al attack in LA a few years ago, and before that a former member of Israel’s Knesset was murdered in the USA and of course you guessed it the attacker had mental problems.

Wake Up, and tell it like it is.

Demand from the press and the authorities the truth that any attack on Jew or Jewish institutions is not the act of a mad man but the act of an Anti Semitic Jew hating terrorist.

These attacks are no different in their motive, than Kristallnacht was. Plain and simple hatred of Jews.

There are a number of things in this world that I hate. First is terrorism.
Second is Jews being murdered and I hate even more when Jews dying stupid.

The time has come to grow up and first thank G-D that you were born in America a country that is free and has a Second Amendment which allows you to own guns.

Yes I said it, own guns.

I know that for many of you owning a gun ranks up there with the idea of eating pork.

But if you were on island and the only source of food were wild swine the Torah demands of you to hold your nose and survive by eating.

The same holds true today with owning a firearm.

Hold your nose and go buy a gun and then go to a gun range and learn to use it.

If not for you, then for your children.

Major Hamas Authority Tunnel-Terror Attack Thwarted

Major Hamas Authority Tunnel-Terror Attack Thwarted 15:26 Aug 30, '06 / 6 Elul 5766 by Hillel Fendel

A Gaza Strip tunnel intended for a large-scale terror attack has been uncovered near the Karni Crossing, and the IDF is working to collapse it. The threat is still extant.

The IDF reports that in the wake of intricate and ongoing intelligence-gathering activity by both the IDF and General Security Service, security forces succeeded earlier this week in finding a long tunnel dug from within Gaza towards the Karni crossing. Terrorists were apparently planning to carry out a major attack against Israeli personnel at the crossing itself.

The tunnel is a large one, with a 13-meter-deep shaft (42.5 feet) and a 150-meter-long corridor (165 yards). Its entrance to the tunnel was found inside a house in the residential area of Saja'iye, though it is likely to have other tunnels leading to it as well. IDF forces are preparing to collapse the tunnel, probably later today (Wednesday).

The IDF forces have been operating in the Saja'iye area for several days, having killed 13 terrorists and wounding another ten.

Targeting Their Own Lifeline
Though the Karni Crossing is one of the main lifelines of the Gaza populace, by which merchandise and medical supplies are brought into the area, terrorists continually target it. For this reason, and due to the many security warnings regarding terrorists' intentions to attack there, the army has repeatedly closed and re-opened it over the past months.


Israel's Poor Hit 1.6 Million

Mid-year report on poverty by National Insurance Institute of Israel points to continuous rise in number of poor Israelis, yet shows improvement in living conditions of elderly in light of more generous allowances

In the shadow of economic and political disputes about cut backs to ministerial budgets – in light of war damages and the need to rearm the IDF ahead of the next round – the mid-year report on poverty was released by the National Insurance Institute (NII) on Wednesday as a reminder of the deep social problems in the country.

Over the last half of 2005, 1,631,000 Israelis lived in poverty, making up 26.2 percent of all families. In 2004 the percentage stood at 24.5 percent of all families and 21.8 percent in 2002.

Not only has the Knesset let the IDF rot but it is also allowing the Jewish rot in Israel.

Why would any body want to move to Israel where over 1/4 of the Jews are allowed in live in poverty and there is a government of socialist bureaucracy.


Hizbullah: We're Arming For Second Round

Dudi Cohen
Published: 08.30.06, 18:31

Hizbullah representative in Iran Muhammad Abdullah Sif al-Din, said Wednesday that Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah has a new strategic plan to rearm ahead of the "next round against Israel ."

In an interview with the Iranian news agency Fars, al-Din said: "No one can promise us that Israel won't attack again. Whoever lives as a neighbor to the Zionist regime is in danger and must not save any effort to obtain all of the means to defend himself. We are convinced that there still danger and the situation has not yet been solved. We must, all the time, prepare ourselves for self-defense and to plan for the next stage."

During an interview, al-Din was asked about Hizbullah's military situation after the war.

"Our situation is very good, the Israelis didn't manage to strike Hizbullah's military command and our ability to launch missiles. In the first days we launched 100 missiles and in recent days we fired 350 missiles a day. So we have no problem from a military perspective," he replied.

Unlike Nasrallah, the Hizbullah representative in Iran expressed no regret for kidnapping soldier, the operation which caused the outbreak of the war. "In retrospect, if Israel would have attacked again and we had to defend ourselves, we could have done it again and with great vigor," he said.

Regarding UN Resolutions 1559 and 1701, calling for, among others, the disarmament of Hizbullah, Sif Al-Din said that his organization had no intention of disarming, as the issue was an internal Lebanese one.

"From the perspective of the parliament and government in Lebanon , Hizbullah is not a military militia, but a resistance force. Therefore, the clause in resolution 1559 (calling on the disarmament of armed militias – D.C.) can't include Hizbullah. The Lebanese agreed among themselves that Hizbullah's disbanding is an internal issue and should be solved among one another," he said.

He added that pressure from the West on Hizbullah would not be effective.

"After the murder of the Lebanese prime minister, Rafik al-Hariri, and resolution 1559, heavy pressure was placed on Hizbullah in order to disarm. We all understood that no one can disband Hizbullah, even Israel's foreign minister admitted this," said al-Din.

The Hizbullah representative to Iran added that Lebanon had one problem and that was "a possible attack by the Zionist regime on Lebanon. We have to discuss the way to defend ourselves. Our main problem is how to use force to defend Lebanon," he said.

Despite his remarks on the arming of Hizbullah for a second round with Israel, al-Din said that he was not interested in war.

"We are not interested in war, because we have families. We want to live. But so long as there is a danger called the Zionist regime we'll continue to protect ourselves. The current way is best way to remove the danger from the direction of the Zionist regime," he added
Addressing the deployment of the Lebanese army in south Lebanon, al-Din said that his organization had no opposition to the move so long as it would not be asked to disarm. He added that there was no possibility that Hizbullah would join the Lebanese army.

"One of the reasons we didn't agree in advance to the deployment of the army in south Lebanon is that we are worried for the army, because it doesn't have the capability of dealing with Israel. If the Lebanese agree that the army deploys in the south, we have no problem. But the entrance of the army to this area is dangerous for it and we are worried from this perspective," he said.


Rocket Launch In Gaza

Rocket launched at Karni crossing; landed in Palestinian territory

The IDF identified that a Qassam rocket was launched at the Karni crossing in the Gaza Strip. According to the estimates, the rocket landed in Palestinian territory.

Annan Speaks


ug. 30, 2006 10:28 | Updated Aug. 30, 2006 18:19
Annan slams treatment of Palestinians

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan slammed Israel on Wednesday for harming Palestinian civilians and for its continuing closure of the Gaza Strip. "More than 200 Palestinians have been killed since the end of June. That has to stop immediately," said Annan.

"The closure on Gaza has to be lifted and passages need to be reopened, not only for commercial activity but also to enable Palestinians to leave," continued the UN secretary-general following his meeting with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Annan called for the establishment of a Palestinian state which he called "the only solution to the problems on the region and added that although much attention has been turned to the recent war in Lebanon "the suffering of the Palestinian people should not be forgotten."

The Chief anti Semite at the UN has once again called for Israel to open the borders of Gaza to allow suicide bombers into Israel.

Why does Israel owe these modern days Nazi's the Palestinian people any thing?

The vast majority of Palestinians support kidnapping of Israeli's, suicide bombers and the destruction of the State of the Israel.

Until the Palestinians leave behind their desire to murder to Jews, we owe them nothing.

They can stay locked in Gaza for ever rotting in their filth.

New Kidnap Threat

Aug. 30, 2006 15:32 | Updated Aug. 30, 2006 15:54 Syrian group threatens to kidnap troops By ASSOCIATED PRESS

A previously unknown group threatened Wednesday to abduct Israeli soldiers to swap them for Syrian prisoners in Israel.

In a statement faxed to foreign news agencies in Damascus, a group calling itself the Men of the National Syrian Resistance threatened to "take the necessary measures" to secure the release of 16 Syrians jailed in Israel.

It listed the names of four men it said have been detained in Israel for 22 years. The group said the men had been charged with "resisting Israeli occupation in the Golan."

"The continuing detention of our comrades makes us exert all-out efforts to secure their release," the statement said. The group called theirs a "humanitarian and just demand."

Once again we see the evidence that when Israel is weak, our enemies grow in both numbers and become embolden.

The time has come to show first our enemies close to home that Israel is still strong and through this to show all the enemies of the Jewish people that we are still strong.

August 29, 2006

Possible Terror Attack in San Fransico

It appears that there is a major incident in San Fransico that involves Jews being murdered and killed in an attack involving a multiple hit and run situation. The suspect is named Omeed A. Popal and their were multiple locations, along the California Street corridor between Polk Street and Laurel Heights:

Sutter and Webster
Polk and Sacramento
Bush and Divisadero
Sutter and Steiner
California and Laurel
California and Fillmore
Divisadero and Pine
Bush and Pierce
Fillmore and Bush
Spruce and California
1850 Fillmore
3350 California

From what we know this is a Jewish area.

As a foot note Israel has suffered many such attacks in the past few years.

Update: All Entrances to Jerusalem Under Heavy Protection

Update: All Entrances to Jerusalem Under Heavy Protection 16:01 Aug 29, '06 / 5 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) In the wake of a specific terror alert, which placed Binyamin and Jerusalem area security forces on high alert, the police have slowed traffic to a crawl at all entrances to the capital. Each car entering Jerusalem is being examined by security and police officers, causing traffic jams hundreds of vehicles long in some cases.

The information available at this time indicates that the terrorist may be making his or her way from Samaria to the Binyamin region, near Jerusalem.

Gaza And Samaria Retreat

Aug. 29, 2006 13:25 | Updated Aug. 29, 2006 17:48 Diskin: Gaza smuggling skyrocketing By SHEERA CLAIRE FRENKEL AND JPOST.COM STAFF

Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin reiterated on Tuesday at a meeting of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Palestinian terrorist organizations were studying the Lebanese-Israeli war to learn how to play on Israel's weaker points.

Diskin said the West Bank has become increasingly violent, especially in the area of Samaria. Following last summer's withdrawal from the four communities in northern Samaria, the intelligence community has found it difficult to control the area and gather information.

"Samaria has become the land of Islamic Jihad following the disengagement," he said.

Weapons smuggling through the Rafah crossing has gone up exponentially since the pullout, Diskin warned, adding that "Rafah will soon be the garden of Eden of weapons smuggling."

He estimated that approximately 15,000 guns, 4 million bullets, 2,300 pistols, 38 rockets, dozens of anti-tank missiles, 15 tons of TNT, 400 RPGs, and 10-15 Katyushas like those used in Lebanon had been smuggled into Gaza from Egypt so far - and, he said, those are just the ones we know about.

After three to five years of this kind of weapons transfer, he warned, Israel will face a situation similar to south Lebanon.

"At this point, anybody who wants to smuggle something through the Philadelphi route can apparently do so," Diskin said. "You can smuggle anything through Philadelphi except maybe a tank or plane."

Diskin also told the committee that during the course of the war, the Shin Bet had offered its investigative services to the IDF in order to help interrogate the captives taken during the war.

He said the Shin Bet has more professional, proven methods of interrogation, which is why they offered to help the army. The IDF, however, declined the offer.

The evidence is clear where the IDF retreats their is violence against Jews.

The courage for our leaders to tell the world we will never give up land again is lacking and the evidence is just as cvlear that our leades will fold to world demands for future reteats.

Ahmadinejad Update

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad voiced defiance on Tuesday as a deadline neared for Iran to halt work the West fears is a step toward building nuclear bombs, and challenged US President George W. Bush to televized debate.

In a press conference, Ahmadinejad condemned the US and British role in the world since World War II but made no direct mention of the international nuclear confrontation.

“I suggest holding a live TV debate with Mr. George W. Bush to talk about world affairs and the ways to solve those issues,” he said.

August 28, 2006

Lebanon Is The Problem

ron arad.jpg

Last update - 23:05 28/08/2006
Lebanese television channel airs new pictures of Ron Arad
By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent

Lebanese television channel LBC displayed new footage and photographs Monday of missing Israel Air Force navigator Ron Arad, who disappeared in 1986 when his plane was shot down over Lebanon.

The previously unseen still photographs and video footage of Arad appeared in an trailer promoting a program that will air on the station in the coming days.

The promo did not mention when the photographs were taken and how they reached the television station.

In the pictures and footage, Arad has a beard, which indicates that the photographs were not taken immediately after he was taken captive.

According to LBC, the pictures of Arad are exclusive.

In addition to Arad's photograph, the promo includes images from Hezbollah's abduction of three Israel Defense Forces troops in October 2000.

The promo does not state when the program will air in its entirety.

LBC is Saudi-owned and is considered to be highly credible.

So let's cut to the chase, it isn't Hizbullah that is the only problem.

Lebanon like any Arab State is part of the problem. Lebanon has been at a state of war with Israel since 1948. They have shown a TV program based on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion a Czarist document written by the secret police to turn the mob against the Jews.

Last week we all saw the video of Lebanese desecrating captured body parts of Israeli soldiers and now this.

Lebanon is going to show video of a man that was captured in Lebanon almost 20 years ago.

Israel has every reason to go to war with Lebanon and as part of it clean southern Lebanon of terrorist.

Phone Call From Moshe

I was speaking with my former commander Moshe who had in fact voted for Olmert and Kadima in the last election because he was so desperate for change in the Knesset.

He told me "Yoni I wanted change but this is not what I had in mind. Besides Olmert being so corrupt and stupid that he thinks we will keep taking this".

I asked him so who do you see leading us out of this mess.

He answered who do we have besides Bibi and Ya'alon.

So I asked him how he expected these two men that have shown weak leadership in the past to solve our problems. Bibi caved under international pressure and gave up Hevron and went and sat at the negotiation table with the USA and Palestinians to give up even more land and only G-D saved us by having the Palestinians shoot themselv3es in the foot once again. I continued and asked Moshe who was the Chief of Staff of the IDF that allowed the highest degree of rot with the reserves and also used the IDF in a way that it should never have been used in Judea and Samaria and Gaza.

Moshe continued "Yoni you have to understand that Ya'alon says his hands were tied by budget cuts and other problems so you can't really blame him"

I interrupted him and replied,” Moshe tell me this is leadership a general who will not resign and go to the papers to tell the people of Israel that the Knesset is killing the major part of the combat arm of the IDF due to budget cuts. So when the State of Israel is killed along with 6,000,000 Jews because we no longer have an army that can fight the last Jew yells it wasn't the Chief of Staffs fault he didn't have the money to train the army. A real leader, a real man would have resigned and gone to the press and the people of Israel. If he had done this then he would be the man to lead Israel, instead he is just one more self serving politician in uniform that cares for his job and not his soldiers or the country"

Moshe replied, "We are in trouble because Hizbullah is rearming, Syria is getting ready for war and Iran will launch missiles at Israel the second someone acts against their nuclear program. Iran has submarines that will park of the coast and hit our cities. What are we going to do; I don't want to live like this with this feeling of weakness"

"Moshe we need to pray and work hard"

Olmert's White Wash

Olmert has set up two commissions of inquiry will investigate second Lebanon war: One will focus on military's performance and the other on the role that the politicail leadership played in the war.

Nothing will come out of these commissions as they are made up of hand picked Olmert cronies that will point the finger at every one but Olmert, Peretz might fall and Halutz will go.

But Olmert will come through clean.

This shows the decay of the state of the Knesset, it is rotten top to bottom.

There are 120 members of Knesset and for a better future for the Jews of Israel at least 61 of these people must be sent home for ever along with the political parties that they are members of.

It is time for a change.

Possible Terror In Turkey

Israelis Among Injured in Antalya Blast 18:26 Aug 28, '06 / 4 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Three people were reportedly killed and about 20 injured in a blast in the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya on Monday. Four Israelis, all members of one family, are reported among the injured, all in light condition.

The cause of the blast is still under investigation

Hizbullah Fund Raising



Documents captured during the Lebanon war reveal how Hizbullah raises funds. Through a non-profit association, the terror group collects donations from Lebanese in Lebanon, the U.S. and elsewhere.

The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at Tel Aviv's Center for Special Studies translated and analyzed leaflets and other documents related to Hizbullah's fund-raising efforts that were captured from Hizbullah terrorists in the villages of Aita al-Sha'ab and Aita'run earlier in August. The leaflets and other documents captured were issued by a Hizbullah institution called the Islamic Resistance Support Association.

The Islamic Resistance Support Association was established in 1989 to regularize the terrorist organization's fund-raising campaigns. Headed by Al-Hajj Hussein al-Shami, it works through Beit al-Mal , the Hizbullah bank, many branches of which were attacked during the recent war. Israel's intelligence community surmises that most of the money collected go towards the purchase of weapons for Hizbullah terrorist operations. Funds are raised in Lebanon and Muslim communities – especially Shi'ite – around the world, mainly in the Gulf States and western countries.

An Islamic Resistance Support Association leaflet emphasizing that contributions will be used to buy weapons to destroy Israel . (Taken from the village of ‘Aita al-Sha'ab). The picture on the front (left) shows a collection box in the form of the Dome o
The association collects considerable sums of money in Lebanon from both the private and public sectors, including businesses, mosques, educational institutions, gas stations, shopping centers, and road blocks. In addition to national fund-raising campaigns, the Islamic Resistance Support Association has scattered thousands of collection boxes in places where people (especially Shi'ites) congregate. Some of its activities are coordinated with other Hizbullah socio-economic institutions, such as the building fund (jihad al-bina'), and the fund for the wounded and the martyrs' fund (muasasat al-shaheed).

The logo of the Islamic Resistance Support Association contains the Arabic word daam (“support”) in red, its first letter fashioned as a hand holding a pen which ends in a rifle. The upper part shows a half-circle symbolizing the globe, which also appears

HIzbullah's efforts to raise funds extend to Lebanese Shi'ite communities around the world . The Islamic Resistance Support Association was involved in raising funds in Detroit , Michigan, where there is a large Shi'ite Muslim population of Lebanese extraction. The money was collected in the same sort of collection box used in south Lebanon, placed in restaurants frequented by Detroit 's Shi'ite population.

The Islamic Resistance Support Association had a website, which recently became non-accessible, through which contributions to Hizbullah could be made. The website also called for financial support of the Arabs of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza to strengthen their terrorist campaign (intifada) against Israel.

During the recent combat, Hizbullah fund-raising leaflets were found in the possession of Hizbullah terrorists in the village of Aita al Sha'ab. They had been distributed to the local population at home, in schools and in stores to encourage contributions. The leaflet's illustration makes it clear that the contributions will be used to buy weapons to destroy Israel. They were produced by the Islamic Resistance Support Association for a fund-raising campaign nicknamed “savings account.” To that end thousands of collections boxes like those shown on the leaflet [see top of article] were distributed, especially to children.

The other side of the leaflet states: “Your support is a mark of honor, and your participation is pride. Together we will defend the homeland.” [ Hizbullah customarily represents itself as “the shield of the homeland,” justifying the fact that it does not disarm]. It also states: “The resistance collection box is small and placed inside the house so that all members of the family will sense the importance of participating in supporting the resistance by contributing. The contributions will be collected monthly by male and female volunteer representatives of the Association …” Under that it states: “Help support the ‘resistance,' request [a collection box] for your house by filling out the attached form and giving it to Association representatives who can be reached by calling the following numbers…” (followed by a list of phone numbers in Beirut and north and south Lebanon ).

At the bottom of the leaflet is a coupon asking for name, address and phone number. On the back is written: “Help us distribute ‘resistance boxes' to the homes of your friends and neighbors.”

Children wearing military camouflage uniforms and carrying Hezbollah flags in a parade. The educational institutions are raising the younger generation on the principles of violence and hatred for Israel.

The Islamic Resistance Support Association also plays an important role in the battle for hearts and minds, especially of the younger generation, as is well-illustrated by the captured documents. The intention is to instill the youth with the principles of Hizbullah's radical Islamic ideology and the concept of the jihad against Israel and the struggle against the United States and the west according to the Shi'ite Islamic ideology exported by Iran to Lebanon .

An Islamic Resistance Support Association banner captured in the village of ‘Ait'arun, produced for “Resistance and Liberation Day,” celebrated by Hizbullah every May 25 to commemorate the IDF's withdrawal from the security zone on May 24, 2000 . On the background of a Lebanese flag, imprisoning the lower red stripe and almost obliterating the cedar tree, is an arm holding an upraised rifle, which appears on the Hizbullah emblem as well. It symbolizes its activism determination to continue its campaign to destroy Israel .

Hizbullah has turned the anniversary of the IDF withdrawal into a holiday glorifying its own role as “Lebanon's shield.” The day is celebrated with conferences, rallies and speeches by Hassan Nasrallah and other senior Hizbullah terrorists to indoctrinate the population with its radical Shi'ite brand of Islam.

12,000 Buildings Damaged By Rocket Fire

rocket damage.jpg

Some 12,000 buildings, including 4,000 public structures, were damaged by rocket attacks waged by Hizbullah from Lebanon during 35 days of confrontation with the Israel Defense Forces, a report by the Ministry for the Environment showed.

The Ministry for the Environment is drafting plans to get rid of tons of rubble from destroyed buildings, as the Prime Minister's Office estimates that 2,000 buildings and apartments were destroyed during the war.

Grinding and disposing of the rubble in an environmental friendly manner will cost the government between NIS 80-115 (about USD 18-26) per ton of rubble.

The report estimated that 85 percent of the rubble could be buried underground at the cost of NIS 4.25 million (USD 974,770) and 15 percent could be grinded at the cost of NIS 900,000 (USD 200,000).

The report said 400 bush fires were started by Katuysha rockets during the war, burning up to 12,000 dunams of bush and forestry.

The cost of extinguishing bush fires and preventing from covering larger areas stood at NIS 20 million (USD 4.6 million), the ministry said.

The report warned that 25 buildings made from asbestos were hit in the war, releasing the dangerous substance and creating a great public health hazard.

But of course the new spin is not so much that Israel won but rather that Hizbullah didn't win.

August 27, 2006

IDF Wants Out

Report: IDF Wants Out Of Lebanon In Wake of New Hizbullah Weapons 21:26 Aug 27, '06 / 3 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The IDF has told government leaders it wants to leave Lebanon "as soon as possible," according to Channel One television's Mabatnews program Sunday night.

It said that army officers have charged that diplomatic efforts have failed to prevent Hizbullah from re-arming with weapons smuggled into Lebanon from Syria. The IDF fears that its soldiers in southern Lebanon are endangered by the new weapons.

The IDF of old would be wanting to stay in Lebanon and be given the go ahead to do the job right, if now with the IDF still in Lebanon this is happening.

What will happen when the IDF leaves?

Defense Requests Are Scary

Finance Ministry Says Defense Requests Are 'Scary' 22:51 Aug 27, '06 / 3 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Finance Ministry officials said Sunday that demands from the military establishment for defense spending of more than $6.8 billion to cover the cost of the war against Hizbullah and plans for defending against Iran are "scary."

Finance Minister Avraham Hirchson spoke with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz and said that the IDF must scale down its requests to more realistic levels.

So let me get this straight this idiot is scared by the amount of money the IDF needs, but I would like to ask him what is more scary Israel loosing a war where we are over run and wiped out. Or how about this you tiny little petty bureaucrat, Israel getting nuked by Iran is that not scary?

IDF Still At Work In Lebanon

bunker 1.jpg

Aug. 27, 2006 22:13 | Updated Aug. 27, 2006 22:33 IDF uncovers Hizbullah bunker By JPOST.COM STAFF

IDF forces from the Golani Brigade blasted open a Hizbullah bunker overnight Saturday some 400 meters from the security fence near Rosh Hanikra, it was reported on Sunday. The bunker was discovered a mere stone's throw from a UN post.

According to Lt.-Col. Jassem Elian, a senior officer in the Golani Brigade, "Hizbullah dug a 40-meter by two-kilometer pit, in which they built dozens of outposts."

Elian added that the bunker had "shooting positions of poured concrete," and that the combat posts inside were equipped with phone lines, showers, toilets, air ducts, and emergency exits, as well as logistical paraphernalia for Hizbullah.

A Golani officer told the Jerusalem Post that among the force's findings was a Katyusha rocket launcher, most likely used in rocket attacks against northern Israel during the war.

Olmert's Games

Government Ignores Calls, Delays Public Inquiry Decision 17:45 Aug 27, '06 / 3 Elul 5766 by Hillel Fendel

As calls mount for a public inquiry into the government's mishandling of the war, the government refuses to discuss the issue - and PM Olmert brags to the Cabinet of the war's achievements.

While dozens of demonstrators from around the country stood outside the government complex this morning (Sunday) to demand a public inquiry, the Cabinet did not even deal with the issue.

One of the reservists leading the protest campaign that the government's refusal to discuss the issue shows "once again that Olmert and Peretz are detached from reality and cannot take responsibility for their failures."

Instead, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert took advantage of today's meeting to tell the ministers how much better Israel's position is now than before the war:
"If someone were to say, a month and a half ago, that there would be a multi-national force, that the UN Secretary-General [Kofi Annan] would say that it could disarm Hizbullah, that the Lebanese Army would deploy in the south, that there would be an arms embargo on Lebanon and supervision of the crossings - and all this with the IDF in Lebanon without us being dragged into clashes - and that there would be an maritime and aerial closure on Lebanon - they would say he was fantasizing."

A total of 119 soldiers have been killed in Lebanon or war-related incidents over the past seven weeks, and 41 civilians were killed by Katyusha rockets.

How long will the Knesset allow Olmert to play games and avoid doing the right thing. It is bad enough that during the war the Knesset let Olmert fiddle while Israel burned. But the time has come to push for answers and to make Olmert pay.
Where is Bibi?
Why is Bibi silent?
It is time for leadership.

Iran Push On

Aug. 27, 2006 15:01 | Updated Aug. 27, 2006 17:50 Iran test-fires sub-to-surface missile By ASSOCIATED PRESS TEHERAN

A day after Ahmadinejad inaugurated a heavy-water plant that could be used to produce plutonium, Iran test-fired a sub-to-surface missile in the Persian Gulf. The missile was fired on Sunday during large-scale military exercises, state-run television reported.

"The army successfully test-fired a top speed long-range sub-to-surface missile off the Persian Gulf," the Army's Navy commander, Gen. Sajjad Kouchaki, said on television.

A brief video clip showed the missile, fired from a submarine, exiting the water and hitting a target on the surface of the water within a kilometer.

The test came as part of large-scale military exercises under way throughout the country that began on August 19. Iran has routinely held war games over the past two decades to improve its combat readiness and to test equipment including missiles, tanks and armored personnel carriers.

Can there be any doubt about the need to go to war with Iran?

August 26, 2006

Hizballah on Resolution 1701 And The War

Hizbullah: We were surprised by Israel's response to kidnapping

Deputy secretary general of Hizbullah, Sheikh Naim Kassem, says that organization surprised by strength and duration of Israeli response to kidnapping of two soldiers on July 12. Kassem also says organization does not intend to disarm, but to maintain weapons clandestinely
Roee Nahmias

Deputy secretary general of Hizbullah, Sheikh Naim Kassem admitted that Hizbullah was surprised by Israel's response to the kidnapping of the two IDF soldiers. In an interview with the Lebanese newspaper an-Nahar, Kassem said that Hizbullah expected a much shorter, more inferior response.

"We expected Israel's response to the taking hostage of the two soldiers to be at most a day or two of shelling or a few limited attacks of specific places, and that the response wouldn't last more than three days and would cause only limited damage," said Kassem.

"I don't hide it that we estimated that Israel would one day want to attack Lebanon and that it would be in the framework of an American-Israeli plan, but we didn't expect such a thing to happen at this time. From information we received two days after the start of the Israeli offensive, it became clear that Israel planned with the US to open an offensive this upcoming September of October, and this information was leaked to a number of American media outlets," said Kassem.

Similar statements were heard from the secretary general of Hizbullah, Hassan Nasrallah, who claimed in one of his speeches during the fighting that Israel planned with the US a comprehensive offensive for either September or October in any case. Therefore, he claims, responsibility for the outbreak of fighting does not fall on Hizbullah.

'We didn't expect aggression that would lead to such destruction'
Kassem added that after the war started, it became clear to the enemy that it was not ready for a war of such scope despite American pressure to continue the offensive: "We didn't estimate that this is how it would be at this time, and in this scope, and when the aggression started, we didn't expect it to be carried out in such an abominable manner of hysterical destruction. In the last days, the enemy went into a military hysteria that we didn't expect."

In another context, Kassem said that his organization does not intend to disarm in southern Lebanon in accordance with UN Resolution 1701, but only to avoid openly displaying its weapons in the southern region.

"In regards to everything surrounding the issue of weapons, we have concluded with the government and the world powers that this is an internal issue that will be discussed in the appropriate place. Resolution 1701 has nothing to do with the weapons issue. It only deals with one issue – that the weapons won't be openly displayed in the region in which foreign forces are deployed to help the Lebanese army, namely south of the Litani. This is what we have committed to and we are coordinating the details with the government and the army."

Understand that Hizballah is in violation of U.N. 1701 and as such Israel should restart the war, only this time do it the way it should be fought.

Iran, Syria Coordinate Positions On Lebanon

Iranian president sends letter to Syrian counterpart concerning developments in Lebanon, region. Iranian envoy says both countries wish to bring stability to region

Dudi Cohen and AP
Published: 08.26.06, 19:17

Syrian President Bashar Assad received a letter Saturday from his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad concerning the latest developments in Lebanon and the region, Syria's official news agency reported.

Iran's deputy foreign minister, Mahammad Rida Baqeri, was visiting Syria and delivered the letter, SANA reported. Its contents were not disclosed.

Baqeri also held talks with Syrian Vice President Farouk al-Sharaa about the "repercussions of the latest Israeli aggression in Lebanon," SANA said. "The (two politicians') views were identical over the importance of maintaining coordination and consultation between Syria and Iran to bring about stability in the region," it reported

Iran Moves Towards Nukes

Satellite Iran nukes.jpg

Defiant Iran unveils heavy-water plant By HERB KEINON AND AP KHONDAB, Iran

Iran on Saturday inaugurated a plant that could be used to produce plutonium, expanding its nuclear program only days before a UN deadline threatening sanctions unless Teheran halts efforts to build nuclear weapons.

The official opening of the heavy-water plant at Khondab marked a new show of defiance. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad shrugged off the possibility of sanctions, insisting his country would not slow its nuclear ambitions.

"We tell the Western countries not to cause trouble for themselves, because Iranian people are determined to make progress and acquire technology," he said after inaugurating the site, underlining that Iran's nuclear program was peaceful.

"There is no discussion of nuclear weapons," he said. "We are not a threat to anybody, even the Zionist regime, which is a definite enemy to the people of the region.

Is the west going to stop Iran, or is Israel going to be forced to save the world once more like it did with Iraq's attempt to obtain nuclear weapons?

August 25, 2006

Shabbat Shalom

I will post again Saturday night

No Embassy in Israel's Capital

El Salvador announced on Friday that it would relocate its embassy in Israel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

The Central American country became the only country in the world with an embassy in Israel's capital on August 16, when Costa Rica announced it was moving its embassy to Tel Aviv.

El Salvador's foreign ministry issued a statement saying that the decision was made in light of the present situation in the Middle East.

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Until this time you can still send funds via Pay Pal for the support of the blog.


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Let’s see if we can get to 500,000 in the next two weeks, so please spread the word about the blog. It will be a challenge since the war is on hold but what is life without a challenge?

Asheri Murder Suspects Charged in Terror Killing

Asheri Murder Suspects Charged in Terror Killing 08:32 Aug 25, '06 / 1 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Members of the Al Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades terror organization were indicted on Thursday for the murder of an Itamar resident June 27th.

Bassam Ktia, Hamze Taktouk and Hisham Kamangji were indicted on charges of manslaughter in Judea Military court.

Eliyahu Asheri was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists two days after the Hamas abduction of IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit in a fatal terrorist attack near the Kerem Shalom crossing between Israel, Egypt and the Gaza Strip. The kidnappers said they were forced to tie him up after he fought back fiercly.

But since the death penalty is not an option and these terrorist will more than likely be released as part of a prisoner exchange what does it mean to charge them. Since this is the second child kidnapped and murdered that touches my family, I guess I am a little jaded by the whole process.

Two meters of rope and a light pole just might be a better answer for these terrorist.


Peretz Orders IDF Back to State of Alert

Peretz Orders IDF Back to State of Alert 20:35 Aug 24, '06 / 30 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Defense Minister Amir Peretz placed the IDF on a state of alert on Thursday. The alert status is the same as that which was in place just before the start of the Re-engagement War.

Each alert level determines operational plans, logistics and steps taken with regard to reservists.


Poll: Majority wants Olmert out

Yedioth Ahronoth poll shows majority of Israeli public believes government failed in handling Lebanon war, Olmert, Peretz, Halutz should go home; Likud gained from war deficiencies

Latest Update: 08.25.06, 10:45

Political earthquake: A poll published on Friday in the Yedioth Ahrnonoth daily shows that 63 percent of Israelis feel that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert failed in managing the war in Lebanon and should resign.

Only 29 percent believe the prime minister is fit to continue leading the country.

About 74 percent of those polled said Defense Minister Amir Peretz mishandled the war and should resign his post. A mere 20 percent said Peretz should keep his post.

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Dan Halutz faired slightly better than his superiors with 54 percent saying he should resign over the army's failure to knockout Hizbullah, while 38 percent said he should keep his post.

Some 25 percent of respondents said former defense minister Shaul Mofaz is most fit to lead the defense establishment.

Labor MK and former Shin Bet chief Ami Ayalon was the second most popular figure for the post with 20 percent of support, followed by former IDF chief Moshe Ayalon with 10 percent and Israel Our Home leader Avigdor Lieberman with 8 percent.

Only 3 percent of respondents said Peretz is suitable for the job. Only 5 percent of those polled said Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu should fill the defense post.

Twenty-seven percent of those polled said they support early elections as opposed to 20 percent who said Olmert should form a national unit government. Only 19 percent said the government should stay in its current formation.

Sixteen percent of respondents said Labor should be ousted of the government to make way for a right-leaning party, while 14 percent said Labor should stay but the coalition should be broadened to include right-wing coalition partners.

The poll showed that should elections be held today Likud would gain 20 parliament seats, a significant improvement from the 12 seats it currently holds.

Kadima on the other hand would drop from 29 to 17 seats.

Labor didn't fare much better than Kadima with the poll showing a huge drop in support for the party. The poll showed the left-wing party dropping from 19 to 11 Knesset seats if elections were held today.

Support for right-wing rivals Israel Our Home increased with projecte

d results showing the party would gain 17 seats in elections. The party currently holds 11 seats in parliament.


Retired general: IDF needs rehab


Retired general: IDF needs rehab

In speech delivered at Thoughts after the War conference, former head of military intelligence criticizes army, political echelon
Merav Crystal

Israel should seek to deal with Iran and Syria , "Hizbullah 's parents," instead of chasing "the child who's throwing stones," a former Israel Defense Forces general said on Friday.

Speaking at a conference about the war in Lebanon entitled Thoughts after the War, former head of military intelligence Uri Sagi criticized the lack of a broader vision among Israeli leaders in handling the war and said that failures in the army's organizational and operational capacities need to be addressed urgently.

Sagi said the initial stages of the IDF offensive against Hizbullah were helpful but the ground offensive that ensued was not executed properly.

He particularly slammed the government's orders to the army to capture the territory south of the Litani River 48 hours ahead of the ceasefire as useless and costly in terms of the heavy casualties sustained by the forces.

He said more achievements were needed in order to knockout Hizbullah. While the air force did a great job in destroying long-range missiles and military targets, the ground offensive came too late.

Despite the deficiencies in the war however, he said that the war could open the door for talks with Syria.

He also linked the IDF's deficiencies to the fact that it for the last six years it has been "busy with other things," namely the fight against Palestinian terror groups in Gaza and the West Bank.

For all those people that have emailed me excited about the fact that former Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon is returning from Washington D.C. to hold talks with the Likud about his joining the party, please note the last sentence in the article.

For the last six years the IDF has been used to fight an internal security matter rather than train for what is the job of the IDF fighting external enemies. Second though it has gone on longer than the last six years it for sure didn't get solved during the last six years is the state of lack of training and equipment for the reserve element of the IDF.

In the IDF the reserves make up the majority of our fighting force and when they are allowed to rot from lack of training, this affects the security of the State of Israel.

Who was Chief of Staff of the IDF for most of these six years?

Moshe Ya'alon.

So how can we keep looking for an answer to the problem from the people who have caused the problem or have done nothing to solve it?

Is the Likud with Moshe Ya'alon as Defense Minister better than what we have now?


Is it going to be the answer to the real problems of Israel lack of leadership?



Palestinian Culture


Aug. 25, 2006 14:46 | Updated Aug. 25, 2006 15:38 Pro-Nasrallah song popular in W. Bank By ASSOCIATED PRESS

They were struggling in a boy band, working the West Bank wedding circuit and dreaming of stardom.

Now the five singers who make up the Northern Band have come a little closer to their goal, with help from an unwitting ally - Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah.

At the height of the Israel-Hizbullah war, the band wrote new lyrics, in praise of Nasrallah, for an old tune. The "Hawk of Lebanon" song tapped into Nasrallah's huge popularity among Palestinians and became an instant hit.

The song is being played on Arab TV networks, used as a ring tone for cell phones, passed around on e-mail and distributed on pirate CDs and tapes. Music stores have trouble keeping up with demand, in part because IDF soldiers have confiscated some Nasrallah tapes and CDs at checkpoints.

Basking in its newfound success, the band has doubled its fee per performance to NIS 1,000 (US$230). At a recent wedding in the town of Ramallah, the band was asked to play the Nasrallah song six times.

Lead singer and manager Alaa Abu al-Haija, 28, said he gives the audiences what they want to hear. "I see people turning toward Islam, so I have to sing to that," said Alaa, sitting in the living room of his family's two-story house in the northern West Bank village of Yamoun.

The lyrics consist of constant repetition of a few simple rhymes: "Hey, you, hawk of Lebanon. Hey, you, Nasrallah. Your men are from Hizbullah and victory is yours with God's help."

Right after 9-11 the hot item in Palestinian "culture" was Bin Laden T shirts and lighters, now it is a song about Hizballah and Nasrallah, but yet President Bush and the American government want to create a new terrorist state in the world called Palestine.

America goes to war to defeat two safe havens for terrorist and at the same time America in spite of the evidence of what Gaza has become with out the IDF keeping the lid on the place, still seeks to create a new terror base.


August 24, 2006

Olmert Reveals His Future Intent


Backlash Against Administrative Orders as Mother-of-6 Arrested 19:06 Aug 24, '06 / 30 Av 5766 by Ezra HaLevi

The issue of administrative detention – the imprisonment or restriction of citizens’ movement without trial – is the subject of a new campaign by Knesset and extra-parliamentary efforts.

Administrative detention, a legal remnant from the British Mandate period, allows security forces to hold citizens in prison without allowing them to meet with a lawyer, stand before a judge or even be informed of the allegations against them. At this time, at least fifteen Jewish activists are being held by the government in such a manner.

The Shas Party will raise the issue of the use of administrative detention against Land of Israel activists at Sunday’s cabinet meeting, according to MK Yaakov Margi. “This is a tool that must not be used so readily, and certainly not against Jews,” Margi told Arutz-7. He says he will discuss the matter personally with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Amir Peretz and Public Security Minister Avi Dichter.

One of those being held without trial is Ariel Groener, who works for the Honenu Legal Aid organization, which has been a leading proponent of doing away with administrative detention. Groener has been imprisoned for a month and a half and is due to be released on August 31st. Honenu officials suspect that a pretext will be created to keep him imprisoned even longer, however.

The Mattot Arim Land of Israel activist movement embarked Thursday on what they say will be a prolonged campaign combating the use of administrative orders against residents of Judea and Samaria. The movement terms the policy, “political oppression of the settlers by way of the legal system.”

Mattot Arim spokeswoman Suzy Dym says the result of the administrative orders – not just imprisonment, but often restraining orders and house arrests far from activists’ homes – create an intolerable situation, which is implemented without a trial. She points out that it is now turning into the tool of choice for pushing through the forced expulsion of Jews from places in Judea and Samaria. The campaign, she says, will focus on the fact that, “the settlers are not the enemy and are not terrorists.”

Dym says the campaign includes calling upon MKs and government ministers to ensure that a resident of Judea and Samaria, like any other resident of the State of Israel, if suspected of any crime, would be treated by the police and prosecution in a reasonable manner, without the use of administrative orders and other extra-judicial loopholes. “We are asking for adherence to equal enforcement,” Dym says. “The law must be enforced equally for an Arab and a city-dweller suspected of similar crimes.”

Referring to police excuses for lack of enforcement in other areas of Israel, such as illegal building by Negev Bedouins, Dym said: “If, to our great embarrassment, ‘there is not the capability’ or ‘there is insufficient budget’ to enforce the law in an effective manner in Holon and Ramle, in [the Bedouin Negev village of] Rahat and in [the Galilee Arab village of] Taibeh – and of course within the police force itself – then the law must be applied equally for all. It is not possible that at the same time the law should be applied specifically in [the Samaria communities of] Tapuah and Yitzhar.”

”They Send Enough Police to Arrest a Mafia Crime Boss”
Dozens of police entered the community of Tel Menashe Thursday afternoon to arrest Miriam Adler, a mother-of-six who was forcibly expelled from her home in Sa-Nur last summer – a month before the rest of the community was evicted.

Adler, a vocal leader of the struggle against the destruction of four communities in northern Samaria, was placed in administrative detention together with her husband shortly before the implementation of the Disengagement. Police used much force in apprehending the couple while they were visiting family in Gush Etzion. Their six children were left alone to face the riot police who arrived at their home to force them to leave. Adler filed a police complaint against the arresting officers, but she says the case was closed without any investigation of the matter.

Adler was forcibly arrested Thursday following a court order dealing with that very incident. The reason for the arrest, however, was her refusal to appear before a Jerusalem court on charges that she attacked the four arresting police officers. “I refused to dignify the indictment with any response and so they sent enough officers to arrest a mafia crime-boss to bring me to court by force,” she said.

I have posted the whole article for educational reasons because the usual response that I get when I tell Americans about Administrative Detention is a blank look on their face as it is beyond their ability to understand.

Not that Americans aren't smart, but Administrative Detention doesn't fit what is the image of Israel for most Americans. Most Americans view Israel as America with a Hebrew accent.

Olmert had to have known that this was going to happen, which signals his intent for the future of Israel.

He must go.

Israel feels US will not attack Iran

Israel feels US will not attack Iran YAAKOV KATZ, HERB KEINON and NATHAN GUTTMAN, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 24, 2006

There is growing consensus within the defense establishment that the United States will not attack Iran, and that Israel might be forced to act independently to stop the Islamic republic from obtaining nuclear weapons, a high-ranking defense official told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

According to sources within the defense establishment, the Bush administration does not have political support for launching a strike against Iran's nuclear sites. "America is stuck in Iraq and cannot go after Iran militarily right now," the official said.

The defense official blasted the US for "not doing enough" to stop Teheran's race to the bomb. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, he said, was leading the State Department in the direction of "appeasement."

"The only way, besides military action, to stop Iran is through tough economic sanctions," the official said. "But the only way to do that is for the US to overcome Russian opposition in the Security Council and to pass a resolution calling for sanctions against Iran."

Israel, meanwhile, was carefully watching international reaction to Iran's failure earlier this week to react positively to the incentives offered to discontinue uranium enrichment. In recent days, sources in Jerusalem have said Israel "could not abide" a nuclear Iran and might have to act to disrupt Teheran's nuclear program if the international community did not act.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, on a visit to Nahariya, said Israel "must be prepared for every scenario." It was not clear whether the reference was to another round of fighting with Hizbullah or to some future confrontation with Iran.

There is no consensus among policymakers on whether the US will act militarily against Teheran, with some ruling out the possibility, and others saying that US President George W. Bush doesn't want to leave the world stage in 2009 with the legacy of a nuclear Iran.

According to sources in Jerusalem, among the key lessons the country needs to learn from the war against Hizbullah was how to better prepare the home front to deal with rocket attacks.

One senior source, asked whether he thought the IDF could take on Iran alone, said it was not necessarily a matter of choice. A nuclear Iran represented an existential threat, he warned, and Israel might have no choice but to prepare for long-range missile attacks from Iran.

Another official warned of the consequences of a nuclear Iran even if Israel was not bombed. "We would have our hands tied," the official said. "They would constantly be threatening us with their nuclear weapons and we would not be able to initiate military operations against Hamas in Gaza or Hizbullah in Lebanon."

Military analysts say the US, whose military is finding it more and more difficult to assemble the forces needed in Iraq, would prefer to avoid a military confrontation with Iran. At the same time, a new report suggests that the US lacks sufficient intelligence on Iran's intentions and nuclear abilities.

This week, the US decided to call 2,500 Marines back to active service, to fill the troop shortfall in Iraq. "It is no secret that we are very busy," said US Gen. Michael Barbero, referring to the move.

The US has not formally ruled out military action against Iran if negotiations fail to put an end to Teheran's nuclear program, but senior administration officials have been stressing for months the need to focus on diplomacy and the US is putting all its effort into building an international coalition that would act diplomatically against Iran.

A report compiled by the US House of Representatives' Intelligence Committee and made public Wednesday stresses that if Iran is allowed to arm itself with nuclear weapons, Israel might decide to take on Iran militarily. "A nuclear armed Iran would likely exacerbate regional tensions. Israel would find it hard to live with a nuclear armed Iran and could take military action against Iranian nuclear facilities," the report states.

It also says that "a deliberate or miscalculated attack by one state on the other could result in retaliation, regional unrest and an increase in terrorist attacks."

The report pointed to "significant gaps" in the information the US has on Iran and its nuclear ambitions and called on the American intelligence community to improve the quality of the information about Iran it provides to policy makers.

"The United States lacks critical information needed for analysts to make many of their judgments with confidence about Iran and there are many significant information gaps," the report reads. It pointed to weapons of mass destruction and Iran's support for terrorism as issues on which the US should have better intelligence.

"American intelligence agencies do not know nearly enough about Iran's nuclear weapons program," the report concluded. It calls on US intelligence agencies to acquire more information from sources in Iran and to recruit more Farsi speakers to try and decipher Iran's intentions and capabilities.

The scathing report draws conclusions similar to those US committees have reached regarding the Iraq war - a lack of reliable intelligence and over-reliance on electronic information gathering instead of human intelligence.

Such criticism, especially in light of America's intelligence failures in Iraq, may further dissuade US policymakers from taking military action against Iran if the diplomatic track proves unfruitful.

Fatah Holds Fox News Crew


ug. 24, 2006 23:58 | Updated Aug. 25, 2006 0:33
'Fox newsmen held by Rogue Fatah men'

The two Fox News employees kidnapped in the Gaza Strip recently are being held by one of Fatah's militias, Palestinian Authority security sources and Hamas activists told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

On Wednesday, a hitherto unknown group calling itself the Holy Jihad Brigades claimed responsibility for the abduction and demanded that Muslim prisoners in US jails be freed within 72 hours.

The kidnappers released a video showing correspondent Steve Centannin of Washington DC and cameraman Olaf Wiig of New Zealand dressed in training suits and sitting cross-legged on the floor inside a dark apartment.

The two were kidnapped as they were waiting outside one of the offices of the PA security forces in Gaza City. Until Wednesday, no group had claimed responsibility, prompting many Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to speculate that the kidnapping was not politically-motivated.

However, the announcement by the Holy Jihad Brigades surprised most Palestinian factions, especially the Hamas government, which has strongly denied any connection to the abduction.

Fatah leaders in the Gaza Strip have also denied responsibility, saying they did not believe that their followers were holding the two journalists.

But some Hamas activists in Gaza City said they were convinced that one of Fatah's armed groups was holding the two.

"Fatah has many armed groups in the Gaza Strip," said a senior Hamas activist. "Some of these groups operate independently and are not in touch with their political leaders. Our sources have told us that the two foreign journalists are in their hands."

Americans remember Fatah, is the group of terrorist that President Bush wants to give a Palestinian State as in Abbas is Fatah as in the terrorist holding the Fox news guys are Fatah.

Get it Fatah is Hamas and Hamas is Fatah and they are together and all want Israel destroyed and 6,000,000 dead Jews in Israel.

Phone Call Update

According to one of my sources, former members of the Likud that bolted from the Likud to help form Kadima are now in talks with the Likud party to return back to the party.

If this should happen in enough numbers this would give the Likud the ability to join with other parties and over throw Olmert and assume power without an election.

If Bibi has learned his lesson from the first time he was Prime Minister this would not be a great or even a good thing but it would be an improvement.

Peretz calls for anti-missile system

Aug. 24, 2006 21:15 | Updated Aug. 24, 2006 21:48
Peretz calls for anti-missile system

After Hizbullah fired close to 4,000 rockets and missiles at northern Israel over the past month, Defense Minister Amir Peretz ordered the defense establishment on Thursday to begin developing an anti-missile defense system.

"This is the key to enable the IDF to face its challenges on all of the different fronts," Peretz told defense officials during a security assessment meeting on Thursday at the ministry in Tel Aviv.

Peretz also ordered IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz to ensure that emergency warehouses were refilled with suitable and adequate equipment and that reservists began to receive proper training to prepare them for the next war.

Military Intelligence was said to be split on the question of when Israel's next war against Hizbullah will erupt, with some officials claiming that it is a matter of months and others predicting that it would not start for at least two years.

Israel has in the past invested in an anti-rocket defense system that would also be effective against the Kassam rockets fired by Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip. One such project was the Nautilus - known today as the Skyguard - which was developed in the US and was successful in intercepting and destroying incoming short-range rockets.

Israel Slams Lack of Response to Growing Iranian Threat

Israel Slams Lack of Response to Growing Iranian Threat
12:15 Aug 24, '06 / 30 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Israeli officials are becoming increasing concerned about the lack of a concrete international response to Iran’s refusal to suspend – let alone end – its uranium enrichment program.

“The Iranians know the world will do nothing,” said one senior government source quoted by the Jerusalem Post. “This is similar to the world’s attempts to appease Hitler in the 1930’s – they are trying to feed the beast.”

The source added that Israel may have to be prepared to “go it alone” to “slow down” the growing nuclear threat from Iran.

Military Intelligence head: Syria goading Hezbollah to keep arms

Last update - 18:20 24/08/2006 Military Intelligence head: Syria goading Hezbollah to keep arms By Gideon Alon, Haaretz Correspondent

Syria is satisfied by Hezbollah's policies in southern Lebanon, encouraging the Shi'a militia to remain steadfast in its opposition to decommissioning its weapons, Israel Defense Forces' head of Military Intelligence, Major General Amos Yadlin, told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Thursday.

"The Lebanese army has deployed alongside Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, but is not replacing it," Yadlin said. "Hezbollah does not intend to leave southern Lebanon and to disarm itself. At most, it will be willing to stash away its arms along [the southern Lebanese] sector."

The military intelligence chief said Syria is attempting to draw operative conclusions from the way in which Hezbollah managed its military campaign against Israel.

"A number of days after the cease-fire was declared, Syria began gradually lowering its level of alertness and today the Syrian army is at standard alert," Yadlin said.

"Syria and Hezbollah were surprised by the determined stand made by the Israeli homefront during the course of the war," Yadlin said. "They expected Israel to sustain more casualties after they fired close to 4,000 missiles and [also] expected greater chaos in Israeli society."

Online guide: Killing 'infidels'

Islamic website offers tips on killing foreigners in Saudi Arabia, tells potential attackers murdering foreigners easier than they think

Published: 08.24.06, 12:51

The Islamic al-Khasba website has published on August 4 a document titled "How to Kill a Crusader on the Arabian Peninsula," The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported.

The document details several possible ways to kill western victims and provides tips on selecting them, following them, and finally murdering them.

The Islamic guide urges the potential attacker to pray before embarking on his mission so that God leads him in the right path. Assailants are also instructed to change their appearance as much as possible in order to ensure they do not appear to be religious – this includes a recommendation for a clean shave.

Similarly, the guide recommends that the Jihad attacker get rid of any items in his car that could point to his religious beliefs, such
as Jihad tapes.

"The most important thing is that the car has nothing that points to its owner being a religious person," the document says, "…so that if the dogs of the interrogation or emergency (apparatuses) or others arrest you in a suspicious place and search your car, they will not find anything that proves you're a religious person and release you immediately."

Another important tip: "In order to carry out the mission when the time comes you must possess a weapon (a handgun or a submachine gun), or a good knife, if you're interested in butchering the infidel, or this (Saudi) dog…"

The online guide also offers tips on surveillance and recommends that attackers observe non-Muslim communities early in the morning, while making sure to only pass through once to avoid raising the suspicions of the "army dogs at the gates."

The document notes that foreigners these days feel safer because of the minimal number of attacks in recent time, but warns: "The Jihadist wave is approaching and Allah will hide this from them."

When it comes to killing "infidels," the guides recommends that attackers first forge an ID card in order to rent a vehicle. It also advises attackers to kill foreigners far away from work in case the assailant works in the same company, in order to avoid becoming a suspect.

Later, attackers are instructed to plan an escape route in advance and be careful not to tell anyone about the murder. The guide also encourages killers to record their act so it can be presented in the media and enjoy wider resonance.

"After the mission succeeds you'll realize this is very simple and there's no need for a whole cell (to do it,) one, two, or three people are enough," the guide concludes.

August 23, 2006

Palestinians: IDF soldiers captured Hamas leader in Gaza, killed his brother

Palestinians: IDF soldiers captured Hamas leader in Gaza, killed his brother
Published: 08.24.06, 06:57
Israeli soldiers crossed into the Gaza Strip early Thursday in a raid that captured a local Hamas militant leader and left his brother dead near the southern Gaza border town of Abasan, Palestinians witnesses and officials said.

As the soldiers - backed by tanks and helicopter gunships - moved into the area and took up positions on rooftops, gunmen began firing at them, sparking gun battles that wounded two gunmen, Palestinian officials said. (AP)


Would the person who had emailed me about writing a book please email me again.

Shabak Head Diskin Slams Government

Yuval Diskin blasts government over its conduct during Lebanon war, says government systems completely collapsed, northern Israel abandoned by officials

Published: 08.23.06, 22:23

Shin Bet Director Yuval Diskin has issued a scathing attack over the government's conduct during the recent war in Lebanon, charging that "during the war, government systems collapsed completely."

"We have to acknowledge it, there were plenty of failures and the public sees them and understands it," Diskin said during a Shin Bet ceremony Tuesday. His harsh remarks were reported by Channel 2 news during Wednesday's evening newscast.

Diskin, who joined others who in recent days voiced their criticism over the government's conduct during the war, said that he thinks people like him, who are part of the government, should be speaking up.

"This is not the time to cover up and we need to tell the truth," he said. "No doubt, the north was abandoned and someone should provide explanations and take responsibility."

Finally, a person from the establishment tells the truth. This follows his warning last week that Gaza is becoming southern Lebanon and we need to act now to crush the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.

Battalion Commander's Anger

A battalion commander's anger YEHUDA AVNER, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 22, 2006

I have known Danny (a pseudonym) for many years but never have I seen him as angry as now. He is a commander of a reserve battalion in the armored corps and a moshav farmer in civilian life. His epaulets rank him as major. Tall, muscular, bulky, in his late forties, he cuts a dashing figure speeding in his armored jeep through a curtain of diesel fumes and whirling dust alongside his clanking, snorting column of Merkava tanks returning to base from Lebanon.

Danny is angry at the last three chiefs of staff - Ehud Barak, Shaul Mofaz, and Moshe Ya'alon - for having neglected the land forces in favor of the air force, for sacrificing ground mobility on the altar of high-tech wizardry, and for squandering tank specialists in the nooks and crannies of the intifada.

Danny is angry at them for slashing the army budget by 13 percent, and for downgrading the reserves by a whopping 25 percent. To be in top form, a tank reservist needs a five-day refresher exercise each year. Most hardly got that in the course of three years, others in the space of five, and yet others none at all.

Danny is angry at the rushed fashion his reservists were mobilized, with depleted provisions, outdated equipment, and insufficient supplies. Their transition from family normality to a place of hazard and death was too abrupt to allow for battle conditioning. His reservists, living by a bond that is impossible to describe and impossible to break, had too little time to pound themselves into front-line discipline through tough exercise, ruthless discipline, and absolute obedience. Some were so out-of-shape they caved in under the grueling stress.

DANNY IS angry at the lack of aptitude of the younger enlisted recruits. Tankists by designation but drafted into the intifada as foot soldiers by necessity, their stance was not that of tank crews but of crack commandos. Full of drive and guts, they know more about tracking down terrorists in the labyrinths of the refugee camps in Jenin and Nablus than a tank's maneuverability, technology, and self-protection mechanisms in Lebanon.

Inevitably, the first such crews to cross the blue line had little notion of how to function in the forbidding and grim terrain of the fractured Lebanese battlefields, with their steep hills, dry stream beds, twisting roads, deep ravines, and Hizbollah's formidable anti-tank arsenal.

Danny is angry at the armchair pundits for disparaging the formidability of Israel's main battle-tank, the Merkava. Its latest version, the Merkava 4, is perhaps the finest in the world. Born of necessity in the seventies when countries refused to sell Israel their main-line tanks, a brilliant armor tactician named General Israel Tal conceived the Merkava whose latest innovative design combines maximum fire power and maneuverability with paramount crew safety. There is no such thing as an impregnable tank, but the Merkava 4 is the closest thing to one.

NOW IN its fourth generation, the Merkava 4 proved its mettle in the harshest tank battle of the war, fought in a precipitous gorge west of the crook of the Litani River in the central sector - the battle of Wadi Saluki.

Two of the eight Merkava 4s were knocked out of commission and their commander was mortally wounded, caught in the sights of long-range, Russian-made, Syrian-supplied, laser-beamed, self-propelled Kornet anti-tank missiles, with their lethal dual warheads that penetrate the armor and then detonate incendiary blasts within. But the reserve commander saved the day, rushing to the rescue of the other six by leading their climb up sheer slopes to the top of the gorge, an ascent few other tanks in the world could navigate. In all, four crewmen died in the battle of Saluki, a battle which was an unqualified triumph of the Merkava 4. Had those tanks been of an earlier generation, not equipped with state-of-the-art technology and active self-protection mechanisms, 50 crewmen might well have perished.

DANNY IS angry at being caught off-guard by a highly sophisticated, well-armed guerrilla force, shielded by civilians in villages now laying coated with brown dust from the shattered walls of houses and pockmarked with the debris of battles which time and again one of our generals declared to have been won - places where our wounded were slow to be rescued, where the smell of unbathed, dehydrated men lingered long for lack of logistics, mingling with the stench of blood and medicine and dead bodies.

Danny is angry at the initial reports claiming the enemy was decisively beaten and that Hizbullah's retreat was a rout and a flight. He was suspicious at the lack of the signs of disorganized retreat: why so few prisoners? Where were the jettisoned boots, the dumped weapons and ammunition along the roadsides? Who in Military Intelligence knew of the fight-to-the death doctrine of the fanatical foe, or of the ten-meter deep bunkers and tunnels, impervious to the greasy black puffs of the 130,000 bursting shells which rained down on them through the hot summer sky of this futile campaign?

DANNY IS angry at the strutting Napoleonic pomposity of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz at the war's start, and at their unrealistic war goals, not least the return of our two kidnapped soldiers.

Standing now amid the tumbled shambles of Israel's hopes, they remain magically unperturbed with a marvelous incapacity to admit error. All is laid at the door of the generals: had but the prime minister been told this, retreat would have been an advance; had but the defense minister been told that, defeat a victory.

Danny is angry at a government whose conduct of the war was marked by sluggishness, negligence, divided counsel, and fatal misjudgments. Lax management at home translated into lax management in the field causing contrary and confusing orders. Once divinity of doctrine was questioned by the troops, there could be no return to perfect faith. And thus it was that on the very eve of the cease-fire, the cabinet squirmed uncomfortably through a long summer morning and afternoon, unready and unwilling to grasp the nettle until it was too late, until there was hardly any point any more to what they said and did, until more young men had to die.

Like a fated creature blown by the winds of Homeric gods, they did not change direction. Cutting losses, removing blunder, altering course - these are repugnant to this government, to any government. Admitting error is out of the question. Everyone has an alibi.

Danny is angry most of all at the shirkers of Shenkin Street - a metaphor for the bon ton, chattering, elitist draft dodgers who mock and scoff and sneer and leer at every symbol of Jewish patriotism which he and his fellow reservists cherish.

A wise prince aught always be a good asker, said Machiavelli. What Israel needs now are great askers. Danny and his angry men are the greatest askers of all.

The writer is a veteran diplomat.


I receive emails from many people asking me which of the Israeli politicians should be the next Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi, former Chief of Staff Ya'alon, and Shaul Mofaz. How can I say any of these men or any other person in the Knesset or the leadership of the IDF when they all have helped the IDF reach the state where it is now?

I spend more time on Israeli issues than 99.999% of the people in Israel and no one has made the IDF an issue in the last 15 years plus.

Our leaders have failed the IDF and as a result the Jewish people.

Repost By Request

We have gone from highs to lows over the last month as together we have watched Israel suffer.

The people in the north of Israel have suffered deaths and injuries as well as losses of income and production in the billions of dollars, due to the rain of thousands of rockets that have fallen on their homes.

All of Israel and those that love Israel around the world, have suffered through a month of the worse leadership in Israel’s history.

This failure of leadership is not only on the part of the ruling government but extends to the total of the Knesset.

The government’s on again and off again fighting of this war, has caused wide spread suffering in Israel and Lebanon without the destruction of Hizballah.

Who can forget Arab members of Knesset leading anti Israel demonstrations at a time when Hizballah rockets were killing Arabs and Jews a like? Whose only crime was to live in Israel.

Historically the opposition has remained silent during the times of Israeli wars, and I applauded this behavior in the wars of our history.

However this war has made history due to the criminal mismanagement of this war. What should have been an easy victory for the IDF instead has become a loss for Israel.
Never has been Israel been forced to evacuate a town under fire like we did with Kiryat Shmona in this war.

The ramifications for this war, should have been clear to all.
Iran and its proxy Hizballah have exposed the weakness that is the civilian leadership of Israel.

This war has exposed the weakness of all Knesset members. Members of Knesset are part of the same elite club that has lost touch with reality in the Middle East and the Israeli people.

No leader has come to the front during this war to speak the truth about the failure of Olmert. The opposition has shown once again that it places sitting in the Knesset over the well fare of the Israeli people.

This failure will not only bring terror and war to Israel in an even greater scale than we have seen in the past, but I fear for the west as well.

A month ago the number one topic in the world was Iran’s nuclear program and Ahmadinejad’s threats to wipe out Israel.

Today Ahmadinejad knows the weakness of both Israel and the west.

This war must be the start of a new direction for Israel.

The time has come for the people of Israel to rise up and seize the power, that is theirs.

The problem has been that the system in Israel stacks the deck in favor of the established parties. Their have been single issue protest parties, that have risen and fallen through Israel’s history, but they have not be able to stay the course.

Join us in establishing a new political party that will be more than a single issue party.

Many Israeli’s seek a choice. The time has come for them to get that choice.

What is needed is a party that will be made up of non Knesset members. Rather its membership will be made up of Israeli’s from every walk of life, that all have one issue in common a better future for Israel.

Since security is front and center this party will take Israel back to its glory days.
Where Israel defended itself in a series of bold dynamic actions and wars. That showed the world that Jews were no longer going to be victims.

But there is more than security issues that face Israel. The economy must continue to move forward towards a totally free economy, leaving behind the socialism that was needed in the start of the country.

Whole segments of the Israeli population have been left behind, forced to watch their fellow Israeli’s prosper while they waste away on welfare or in low income jobs. Israel must engage in new educational programs to break this cycle.

Israel must take all steps need to become a place for the world to invest due to favorable taxation and an environment that will make Israel the Research and Development center for the world.

Israel must bring to an end the American aid that we receive every year. By a combination of performance audits for all government agencies and reform Israel can cut enough waste to more than make up for the loss of these monies.

Israel must inform the world that the Oslo Peace Process is dead and as a result Israel must eliminate the Palestinian Authority which exists only because of the Oslo Process.

Israel must make an offer to the Palestinian people to join us in building a peaceful and productive future for all children Israeli and Palestinians.

At the same time it must be made clear to the Palestinians that terrorism will bring a price for supporting the murder of Jews.
Lastly it must be made clear that Israel will never give up any of G-D’s Land that He gave to the Jewish people.

All member of Knesset from the new party will be required to donate 50% of their salary to charity either to feed hungry children in Israel or to assist victims of terrorism. The current level of salary for Knesset members is obscene. There are families that exist for a year on what a member of Knesset makes in 1 ½ months.

We will be example of servants to the people and not their masters.

I am asking the loyal readers of the blog which now number about 12,500 a day during the work week to commit to helping us for a year with a minimum of $5 to 10 a month.

These funds will go toward building the infrastructure needed to get a political party off the ground in Israel.

With Israel being a Parliamentary system of government we don’t really know when the next election will be. Since in this type of system the government in effect, can be voted out of office by the other member of the Knesset. Which will result in new elections, in around 90 days?

We need you to join the team by helping us with the funds necessary to start such a journey.

I am asking Christian, Jews and even Muslims that want to never live through such a month like we just have to join us.

I pray that G-D will bless this effort and may it be part of the steps needed to bring the final redemption.

You can send your funds by check to Yoni Tidi
P.O. Box 18052
Seattle, WA 98118

Soldier killed in IDF minefield

Several troops hurt after IDF forces walk into minefield in southern Lebanon; company commander seriously wounded in incident, battalion commander moderately hurt. Troops who rushed to help injured also hurt
Hanan Greenberg

Difficult morning in southern Lebanon: A Givati Brigade soldier was killed after IDF forces walked into a minefield in southern Lebanon Wednesday morning.

The commander of the company involved in the incident, a captain, and another soldier sustained serious wounds, while the battalion commander, a lieutenant general, was moderately injured. Several other troops sustained light injuries.

The three troops hurt in the incident were taken to Haifa's Rambam Hospital in helicopters. Hospital officials said the two were hospitalized in the intensive care unit while the third one was taken in for surgery.

The Givati force was engaged in route activity about two kilometers (roughly 1.2 miles) of the northern border, west of Kibbutz Yiftah. At around 5 a.m., the troops walked into an old IDF minefield.

Troops who rushed in to assist their comrades were also hurt, including the battalion commander.

Later, an IDF engineering vehicle was brought in to the area and assisted in evacuating the forces from the minefield.

An initial IDF investigation appeared to suggest that the mines were swept away from the area where they were placed originally due to weather and ground conditions. As a result, the troops were unaware they were surrounded by mines.

However, the investigation will also look into the possibility that the force made a navigational error, or alternately, that the minefield was not clearly marked on maps given to the troops.

Notably, reserve soldiers who fought in Lebanon have already complained that maps they were using during fighting were not up-to-date, with some structures not marked at all, a fact that led to great confusion and in some case resulted in friendly fire incidents.

Pilot caught with cocaine demoted to rank of private and discharged from army

Pilot caught with cocaine demoted to rank of private and discharged from army


hed: 08.23.06, 15:54

A pilot in the Air Force with the rank of major was caught with .39 grams of cocaine. His rank was demoted to private and he was sentenced to 30 days imprisonment, after which he will be discharged from the army. This was decided by the Air Force military court.

The soldier was caught with the drugs three weeks ago while driving a military vehicle. (Hanan Greenberg)

Just more bad news after weeks of bad news about the IDF. The whole house of cards is starting to fall down, as the old saying goes the fish rots from the head.

Report: Terrorists holding Fox reporters demand prisoners’ release


port: Terrorists holding Fox reporters demand prisoners’ release

Published: 08.23.06, 16:59

A Palestinian news agency said Gaza terrorists holding Fox journalists set 72-hour deadline for release of Palestinian prisoners. (AP)

First let me say, I pray for the release of the two kidnapped men. Having had two children close to our family kidnapped and murdered by Palestinians this situation strikes home with me.

Having said that, I must ask what should we expect to get out a sick evil people like the Palestinians.

A people that show their version of Sesame Street with cute little kids saying they want to cut the throats of Jews or to become suicide bombers.

A people whose only contribution to the world has been the suicide bomber, air plane hijackings and the perfection of liquid explosives that now are the main terrorist threat to air travel.

For how long must the world suffer these people?

Soldiers shoot Hezbollah men near border

Soldiers shoot Hezbollah men near border By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent, and Agencies

Israel Defense Forces paratroopers shot three Hezbollah fighters in southern Lebanon yesterday evening. It was not clear as of press time whether they had been wounded or killed.

A paratroopers' force noticed a group of three armed gunmen at the village of Shama, some four kilometers north of the border. The soldiers opened fire and reported three hits.

Since the cease-fire was declared last Monday, several such incidents have occurred. Altogether 12 Hezbollah men have been killed. Soldiers have been instructed to open fire at armed Hezbollah units moving in areas controlled by the IDF if they believe the units are endangering them.

August 22, 2006

IDF Reservists, Protestors: 'Olmert, Peretz, Livni – Resign!'

idf reservists protest sm.jpg

IDF Reservists, Protestors: 'Olmert, Peretz, Livni – Resign!' 23:56 Aug 22, '06 / 28 Av 5766 by Hana Levi Julian

A group of 500 reservists and supporters called for the top three officials in the government to resign during a protest held outside Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s Jerusalem office Tuesday night.

With reservists protesting outside the Knesset and politicians in the opposition and even many from Olmert’s coalition calling for a comprehensive investigation into the management of the war, the continuing special session of the Knesset began to address the issues faced by reservists both during the war and after

This is the issue that can snow ball to bring Olmert down.

The problem with bringing Olmert down is who is going to replace him?

The problems in the IDF go back to a starting point of about 10-12 years ago.

Yoni Doesn't Understand

It is becoming more clear that the so called leadership in Israel are not just cowards, scum and traitors as I have been posting for some time, they are also just plain stupid.

First they have given Israel our first loss in war.

Second Olmert has said he wants to go ahead with his immoral and stupid policy of throwing Jews from their homes, not learning the lesson of Gaza and Lebanon that when Jews give up land, Jews die.

Now we learn that a senior diplomat out of the Foreign Minister Yaacov Dayan has been appoint by Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni as the person that will head negotiations with Syria.

If Israel wants to survive there is only one type of negotiations that needs to be carried out, that is if the representative of Syria wants to sign the document of surrender with a blue ink pen or if they would prefer a black ink pen.

So once again we see Israeli leaders are cowards, for they do not have the courage to stand for a strong Israel.

They are scum for two reasons, first they are destroying Israel and second they are corrupt.

Lastly they are traitors. They have turned their backs on 2,000 years of collective hopes, dream and prayers of the Jewish people.

I just don't understand how all the leaders in Israel can be so bad?

Qatari Emir Praised Hizbullah for "First Arab Victory"

20:17 Aug 22, '06 / 28 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The regent of Qatar, Emir Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, yesterday praised the Hizbullah for what he called a "victory" against Israel. The Qatari emir made his comments on Monday at a joint press conference with Lebanese President Emil Lahoud.

"The Lebanese people and their resistance have achieved the first Arab victory, something we had longed for," Emir Hamad declared, adding: "Following the war... between Lebanon and Israel, the chance to achieve peace is greater than any other period in the past. The Israelis used to be able to dominate Arabs with military might but this is no longer possible after what happened in southern Lebanon."

Regarding Syria, the Qatari king claimed: "Syria is for peace...." He had previously met with Syrian President Bashar Al Assad in Damascus.

These are the same people that were going to be running the ports in America. Want to bet on where the really stand when it comes to the war on Islamic terror.

Reserve Soldiers Verse IDF

Deputy army chief admits army made mistakes in way it sent reserve troops into battle

Ilan Marciano
Published: 08.22.06, 21:03

Errors were made in the way the Israel Defense Forces sent reserve troops into battle, Deputy Chief of Staff Moshe Kaplinsky admitted Tuesday during a discussion by the reservists' lobby at the Knesset.

"There were errors and flaws in equipment and at emergency warehouses," he said.

Kaplinsky vowed to ensure reserve soldiers are better prepared for active duty and noted that a training program will be introduced to that end.

Infantry petition: We won't do reserve duty anymore

Reservists' protest steps it up: Soldiers in Galilee division of reserve company write to their brigade commander with 'shaking hands': 'Following difficult sense of deprivation and lack of consideration by our senior commanders – we are announcing that we don't intend to continue serving as reserve soldiers and request that we not be called up for active reserve duty'

Hanan Greenberg
Published: 08.22.06, 08:39

A petition written by soldiers of the 300th brigade of the Galilee division of reserve soldiers was submitted Monday to the brigade commander, Colonel Chen Livni. In the petition it was written: "At the completion of the fighting, a difficult sense of deprivation and lack of consideration on the part of our senior officers have accumulated among us. The source of these feelings is the disregard of our company commander who has yet to see it fit to talk with the soldier or to interview some of them in order to draw conclusions on the management of the fighting, equipping of the soldier, and their manner of release. Therefore, we are announcing that we don't intend to continue serving as reserve soldiers in the IDF and are requesting that we not be called up for active reserve duty."

Until now, the reservists' protest hadn't come to a situation of declarations that they don't intend to serve. Yet, according to the soldiers in the Orev company, who are about to be released from reserve duty Tuesday, the difficult decision was made in the face of great frustration and bitterness from their last reserve service in Lebanon. They signed the petition with "shaking hands."

One of the soldiers told Ynet, "We have been active since the end of July in the western zone. We carried out operations deep in the field, we destroyed launcher and damaged terror infrastructure. We received degrading treatment, the equipment was unsound, and there were supply problems on top of it all. But we kept quiet and drove on."

The soldiers are complaining about the fact that they received fewer days to prepare for service than other soldiers who received an emergency call-up. "Until now, soldiers from our company were stationed in Lebanon. Leading up to our release, we checked if we receive similar conditions as other reserve soldiers, in other words, five to seven days to recover. At first, they didn't answer our questions. Afterwards, they told us that we will receive only two days because we weren't operating deep in Lebanon," said the same soldier.

Company soldiers say that they feel hurt. "We are running after the company commander and the deputy company commander in order to talk to them, but no one is listening. They're at the end of their rope," the soldier explained.

Tuesday evening the company soldiers and their friends formulated a petition declaring that in light of the lack of consideration and the sense of inequality between them and other reserve soldiers who received more recovery days, they don't intend to report for reserve duty.

"We gave our all – and this is what we get? We can't do it anymore," the soldiers say. The petition has been signed by 40 company soldiers. The officers, it was agreed, won't sign, but expressed that they support the petition in principle. "The officers preferred not to sign, but we sense that they are no less hurt than we are," said one of the soldiers.

According to the reservists, they would have been happy not to get to such a situation. "We are part of the IDF and want to continue being a part of it. If only we could prevent this, but one must also think about the soldiers. There are soldiers here that have never missed reserve duty, that report every time they are called. In this year alone we served 24 days in operational activity and another four days in brigade exercises. The feeling is so terrible that we can't keep quiet anymore," they said.

Soldiers of the reconnaissance company in the brigade have not signed the petition at this point. "We feel the same, as if we have been used. But on the other hand, it's hard for us to sign on such a thing – that we will never do reserve duty again. In any case, we won't let this treatment become part of the agenda and we are thinking how to act. If they don't listen to us, we also will sign on this document," said one of the reconnaissance soldiers.

IDF sources noted that they are looking into the reservists' claims outlined in the petition.

Olmert not only has failed as a leader during the war but now post war he has also failed. The problems with the Reserve soldiers of the IDF are real.

Olmert should have by this point in time at the very least fired the Chief of Staff Halutz.

But by following his pattern that he established during the war of doing nothing Olmert has now brought Reserve units in the IDF to a point of rebellion.

Assad rejects forces on Syrian border

Aug. 22, 2006 20:54 | Updated Aug. 22, 2006 23:01 Assad rejects forces on Syrian border By AP AND JPOST.COM STAFF

Syrian President Bashar Assad rejected on Tuesday Israel's demands to deploy the international peacekeeping force in Lebanon along the Syrian border as well.

Speaking to a Dubai-based television station, he warned that such a presence would "harm Lebanon's autonomy" and would be considered an act of hostility.

The Syrian president also rejected talks with Israel over an agreed-upon border between the two States until Israel would relinquish the Shaba Farms on the Israeli-Syrian-Lebanese border.

So let me get this straight if there are international forces on the Syrian Lebanese border to prevent Syria from sending weapons this is a bad thing. Also if Israel wants to hold talks with Syria on solving the issue of the border and talking about peace Israel must first give up land to Syria.

What is even more stupid than Assad demanding all of this is that Israel more than likely will give in to Assad’s demands.

Suicide Bombing Planner Captured in Jericho

Suicide Bombing Planner Captured in Jericho 17:49 Aug 22, '06 / 28 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) In a night of counter-terrorism activity on Monday, three Palestinian Authority Arabs have been killed and ten wanted terrorists were arrested. One of those arrested in Jericho has been identified as having been involved in planning an attempted suicide bombing in an Israeli population center.

The three casualties among the enemy forces, as confirmed by PA reports to the Associated Press, had been sent to carry out an attack against Israeli targets. They were killed during house-to-house searches following an IDF tank incursion into central Gaza on Monday.

All part of the never ending war against Palestinian terrorism.

Of those PA residents arrested yesterday, five, apprehended near Shechem and Ramallah, are Fatah members. A Hamas terrorist was arrested near Jenin and two other individuals were apprehended in Jericho.Suicide Bombing Planner Captured in Jericho

Lebanon may attempt to break blockade

Aug. 22, 2006 13:47 | Updated Aug. 22, 2006 16:46

Lebanon may attempt to break blockade

A Hizbullah Cabinet minister on Tuesday said the government may attempt to break the Israeli naval and air blockade of Lebanon by calling on ships and aircraft to travel to Lebanese ports without prior Israeli approval.

The government has condemned the blockade, saying it violates the UN cease-fire resolution, and the foreign minister Tuesday called on the international community to force Israel to end the blockade. The Cabinet met late Monday but did not publicly challenge to the blockade, although it called the siege one of Israel's "terrorist practices."

"Entry to Lebanon by sea and from air is a matter of sovereignty," Tarrad Hamadeh, minister of Labor said on Hizbullah television. Hamadeh, one of two Hizbullah Cabinet ministers, said the Lebanese "must have be free to enter their country at will. We cannot accept the siege and blackmail."

If Lebanon attempts to run the blockage Israel must sink any ship or shoot down any aircraft that trys.

Eitan: Ready shelters for Iran attack

Aug. 22, 2006 10:57 | Updated Aug. 22, 2006 15:08 Eitan: Ready shelters for Iran attack By JPOST.COM STAFF

Pensioners Minister Rafi Eitan called for the readying of bomb shelters and reinforced rooms countrywide on Tuesday, in advance of a possible conflict with Iran.

The comments were made on the eve of an Iranian announcement regarding the country's nuclear program. The UN has given Iran until August 31 to comply with a Security Council resolution to cease nuclear development. Iran has indicated that on Tuesday they will reject such calls.

During a tour of the North on Monday night, Eitan, who is a former senior Mossad official, said that if there was an escalation between the US and Iran, Israel would be the first to be attacked by Iranian missiles.

"We are liable to face an Iranian missile attack," Eitan told Israel Radio. "The Iranians have said very clearly that if they come under attack, their primary target would be Israel."

Police investigators raid president's home

Police investigators raid president's home

Efrat Weiss
Published: 08.22.06, 13:56

The episode involving President Moshe Katsav and the clerk is approaching the moment of truth, as police investigators entered the bureau of the president with questions over the nature of his personal relations.

On Wednesday Katsav is expected to be questioned by police in the extortion episode which he himself informed the attorney general of.

It has now become clear that on Monday, an 'escalation' took place in the complex case.

The International Investigation Unit of the National Police Squad sent investigators to the president's home in Jerusalem and took away documents and computers, as part of an ongoing investigation.

August 21, 2006

I Hope He Gets His Wish

Nasrallah’s deputy says son was badly wounded in fighting 08.22.06, 07:06

The deputy leader of the militant group Hizbullah said in a television interview aired Monday that one of his sons was badly wounded during fighting against Israeli troops in southern Lebanon.

Sheik Naim Kassem also rejected international calls for Hizbullah to disarm and said he wished one day to be "A martyr" in the fight against Israel. (AP)

I hope that Sheik Naim Kassem gets his wish to be a martyr and soon I would hate for him to have to gain a virtue on his way to his virgins.

Committee examining state of IDF suspended its activity 08.21.06, 21:22

The committee appointed by Defense Minister Amir Peretz to inquire upon the state of the IDF before and during the war in Lebanon suspended its operations.

The operations were suspended due to the plans to establish another committee that can invalidate the committee of inquiry led by former Chief of Staff Amnon Lipkin-Shahak. Another reason is related to the nature of the discussions and whether they will be closed to the media.

The loss of this committee is no loss as it was just going to white wash any mistakes of the Defense Minister Amir Peretz.

We really don't need a committee to talk the problem to death, it very simple to solve the problem.
Give the IDF a mandate to call up the reserves to train, and then once the training is done we need to go to war on three fronts.

Gaza, Lebanon and Syria. If we don't do this in the next 45-60 days which is the quickest that we could do it then we are just giving them more time to build.

The construction in Gaza has already started; the goal is to make Gaza like southern Lebanon.

August 22

This is an update on August 22 from a phone call.

Just a reminder that Iran has said that it will give its answer to the world on its nuclear program on August 22.

Their is now intelligence that is beyond chatter an Iranian general has told a top Iranian politician that the answer would come in a big flash like lighting. There is also intelligence to suggest that the answer will be delivered in Jerusalem.

According to my source the current intelligence puts Iran holding nukes in 3-6 months.

Israel is taking steps to counter the threat.

Update From Ynet On Lebanon Shooting

3 Hizbullah gunmen killed by IDF

08.21.06, 20:23

Three Hizbullah gunmen were killed in fire exchanges with IDF troops near the village of Shama in southwest Lebanon.

None of the soldiers has been injured.

From Phone call

Update their has been a gun fight in Lebanon between IDF and Hizballah details to follow.

Report: Israel returns five men taken in commando raid on Baalbek

Israreli commando.jpg

Last update - 17:47 21/08/2006 Report: Israel returns five men taken in commando raid on Baalbek By The Associated Press

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Israel on Monday handed over to UN peacekeepers five Lebanese men who were captured during an Israel Defense Forces commando raid late on August 1 on the Hezbollah stronghold of Baalbek, according to a peacekeeping official.

At least 16 Lebanese were killed in the commando operation against what authorities in the Bekaa Valley city said was in Iranian-built hospital.

Israel said the building was a Hezbollah base and claimed it captured five Hezbollah fighters and killed 10 guerrillas.

The UN peacekeeping official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to release the information, said the prisoners were returned to the UNIFIL headquarters in Naqoura, just north of the Israeli

If this report is true, it raises two questions in my mind.

First why are we returning these five captured Lebanese, with out getting our soldiers and the remains of our dead in return?

Second is the return of these men at this time a signal that they were not as Israel claimed Hizballah terrorist but rather Lebanese civilians and that is why thy are being

Open Letter To Defense Minister And Chief Of Staff

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m Last update - 02:13 21/08/2006 'A radical and fundamental change is needed'

Open letter from soldiers and commanders of Brigade 551 of Division 98 to the defense minister and chief of staff:

We, the soldiers and commanders of the Hod Hehanit Brigade, were called up by emergency order on July 30, 2006. All companies reported in full.

When we signed for our equipment we knew we were signing for much more. We left wives and children, friends and family. We put aside our work and our livelihoods, ready to carry out our missions even under difficult conditions of heat, thirst and hunger. Deep down each of us knew that we were jeopardizing our lives for the just cause of Israel's citizenry.

But there was one thing for which we were not and will never be ready: indecisiveness. A war whose goal was never clearly defined and which changed during the fighting. An indecision reflected in inaction, in not carrying out operational plans and canceling missions in mid-battle. This led to prolonged stays in hostile territory with no operational goals and for unprofessional reasons, with no attempts at engagement. All around were signs of "cold feet" on the decision-making level.

Indecision reflected a deep disrespect for our willingness to fight and made us feel as if someone was spitting in our face, in contrast to the principles and values to which we were trained in the IDF. The sense that the echelons above us were unprepared, not serious, lacking momentum and incapable of making intelligent decision leads us to ask whether we were called up in vain.

In order to be prepared for the next war, which appears to be imminent, a radical and fundamental change is needed. The crisis of confidence between us as fighters and the senior leadership will not be solved without a thorough, proper state investigation that leads to conclusions on the strategic, national-security and personal levels.

We paid a dear price to fight and to win, and we feel we were prevented from doing so. We will all report for duty the next time we are called, but we want to know that the objectives are clear, aimed at engagement and winnable.

As soldiers and citizens we expect a prompt response.


Soldiers and officers of the Hod Hehanit Brigade.

Reservists to Halutz: You Kept Us From Winning´

Reservists to Halutz: You Kept Us From Winning´ 10:27 Aug 21, '06 / 27 Av 5766 by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Hundreds of reservists told Chief of Staff Dan Halutz Sunday of colossal failures in planning, intelligence, equipment and rescue efforts. A senior officer said, "We were guilty of arrogance."

The reservists who met with Lt.-Gen. Halutz complained that the war resulted in a crisis of faith in commanding officers. They spoke of lack of food and water, poor equipment and lack of responsibility. "You prevented us from winning," they told him.

The Chief of Staff and senior commanders have been praising the armed forces for operations in the war, in which nearly 120 soldiers were killed and hundreds were wounded.

One officer said last week that food and water supplies were adequate and were lacking only in rare instances or when fighting prevented supply trucks from arriving.

But reservists in the field told a different story to Lt.-Gen. Halutz. One soldier said they were without food for more than 24 hours. Another said his company had to wait until 6 p.m. Saturday evening to eat their first Sabbath meal. Others said they drank from local wells, and some soldiers admitted they had to break into local Lebanese stores in order to overcome hunger between battles with Hizbullah terrorist guerillas.

Halutz should thank G-D he is Chief of Staff of the IDF in the Soviet Red Army he would have already been given a bullet to the head.

Dichter: Golan Heights for peace

Internal Security Minister, former head of Shin Bet says, 'Any political process is preferable to military-fighting process, be it with Syria or with Lebanon'; Adds: Israel willing to withdraw from Golan Heights in exchange for full peace, water arrangements with Syria Ynet

Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter said Monday that "In exchange for peace with Syria, Israel can leave the Golan Heights."

In an interview with Israel Army Radio, Dichter brought up: “We have paid similar territorial prices for peace with Jordan and Egypt." He added that the water question and the Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is "an issue that I wouldn't give up on easily."

"Any political process is preferable to a military-fighting process, be it with Syria or with Lebanon, " Dichter continued. He estimated that "in regards to Lebanon, the conditions will be determined in discussions of this sort, even before Syria. Lebanon is capable today to enter into such a process with Israel even without a parallel process with Syria."

"Syria is a very significant country for us in regards to the texture of life in the region," the minister said. "I think that a process of discussions with Syria is legitimate. If it turns out that there is someone to talk to, I think that the idea is very suitable. Israel can initiate it. Ultimately, initiatives of this kind are of a third party – and there is an abundance of third parties in the world. If a third party approaches us, we must reply in the positive."

On this point, Dichter is asked about the cost. He responded: "We know the costs. We are experienced in setting prices. We have gone before two countries, Jordan and Egypt, and arranged the issues. We attempted with the Palestinian Authority, but unfortunately it didn't succeed.

I am forced to ask the question that must be asked, is the reason Israel has never broken the back of our enemies because we have had men like Dichter leading Israel. These cowards scum and traitors to the Zionist dream are going to destroy Israel.

What would happen if the Israeli Prime Minister told the generals and head of the security agencies, do what ever it takes to insure that there are no more dead Jews and that we keep every centimeter of land we now hold.

Do you think the situation would be better, the same or worse than it is today?

August 20, 2006

IDF Captures Hizballah Terrorist

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Officer: IDF conceptually failed in the last six years

Officer: IDF conceptually failed in the last six years

IDF getting ready to have officials testify before committee of inquiry. Naval forces examine how missile boat was hit off Lebanese shores, where four soldiers died. 'It was a conceptual failure of all senior officials in force in last six years,' says a senior official
Hanan Greenberg

In the upcoming days, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will decide on the nature of the committee that will inquire on the actions of senior officials in the second war on Lebanon. Until it is established, and in light of the work already done by the committee of inquiry led by Lieutenant General (res.) Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, IDF units are preparing for the tough questions.

The Navay commanders, among other officials, will be asked to offer explanations. The force played a central role in the war when it imposed a closure on the beach of Lebanon, and at the same time attacked Katyusha rocket launchers and long-range missile launchers. However, the force made headlines on July 14 in light of more tragic events. On that same evening, the Navy's missile boat was hit from a missile that was fired from the beach and killed four crewmembers. This event will be remembered not only for the death of the soldiers but also for the many questions that were raised, and the change in the navy's perception.

Threat that became reality thought for years to be impossible
The attack of the missile boat put the naval forces into high gear, and in an interview with ynet, a senior officer described that evening as "a turning point." Other sources in the force did not hide the fact that a C-802 missile hitting the ship located at 16 kilometers from the beach took them by surprise. That surprise could have been avoided had there been a prior thorough investigation, as was requested for a long time before the war broke out – and not just in the naval forces.

"Its' inconceivable," the senior officer said. "The failure is not of one officer or another on board the ship, but goes far beyond. We're talking about a conceptual failure on the part of all the officers during the last six years. We never imagined that such a threat was even possible, this was impossible in our eyes," he stated.

One of the direct results of the missile boat incident was a change in the Navy's basic assumption, according to which – from now on – any weapon that the Iranians posses is likely to also be in the hands of Hizbullah.

"Anything that used to be considered illogical became logical. This needs to be understood – a terror organization came into possession of a 700 kilogram missile, 80 meter long and that carries 50 kilograms of explosives. How do you even smuggle something like this?," he explained.

The Navy is not the only IDF branch where talks of last years' failures have begun to surface. On Saturday, outgoing infantry and paratroopers officer, Colonel Yossi Hayman, surprised his audience when he said in a ceremony on the occasion of his retirement: "Part of the time we were guilty of the sin of hubris, and I'm a part of this… some of us speak with pathos and use confusing terms, which cover up for military ignorance and a lack of professional understanding… this while our enemies improve, get stronger and more professional."

Colonel Hayman did not hesitate to claim personal responsibility for those failures. "I feel the heavy responsibility on my shoulders. I failed in better preparing the infantry for the current war, the compulsory and reserve units. I failed to prevent the erosion of the various companies."

The failure goes back more than six years and it as I have posted is first a failure of the Knesset for cutting the budget of the IDF and second for selecting generals that were not warriors.

Gov't Planning Outpost Demolitions 21:11 Aug 20, '06 / 26 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The government is reviving plans to demolish several hilltop communities, often called outposts, according to Mideast Newsline. The demolitions were postponed because of the Hamas and Hizbullah terrorist attacks on Israel.

Kadima officials have said the party's election platform to destroy dozens of towns in Judea and Samaria is no longer a high priority item, but the hilltop communities still are on the chopping block.

Sources quoted by Mideast Newsline said demolition orders could force the deployment of thousands of policemen and soldiers to encounter expected resistance.

As during last summer's expulsion of thousands of Jewish residents of Gaza area and northern Samarian communities, the security establishment is divided over who will carry out the orders. It also "is not clear whether there are sufficient police or soldiers right now for any major operation," one military official said.

Here is proof positive that Olmert is beyond just plain stupid. Instead of training the IDF for the next war he is going to turn it against Jewish homes.

This is beyond criminal it is immoral and must be resisted.

Hizbullah: Zionist regime will be destroyed

Hizbullah: Zionist regime will be destroyed

Hizbullah representative in Tehran conference: We think that this war has one significance and it is the destruction of the Zionist entity
Dudi Cohen

In the course of the last month a war waged between the IDF and Hizbullah on Lebanese territory, but Iran is also busy with evaluations of the situation and summaries, following the ceasefire.

A conference was held on Sunday in Tehran under the banner "Clarifying the results of the Lebanon war and the future of the Middle East". During the conference, Hizbullah's representative in Iran, Muhammad Abdullah Sif al-Din said: "We think this war has one significance and it is the destruction of the Zionist regime."

"The Zionist regime is a not a real regime," said the envoy, who was quoted by an Iranian news agency.

"The state (Israel ) did not rise in a natural way but in a way different from all of the countries: First an army was set up and only
after people from various nations were assembled and formed a country," said al-Din.

Al-Din said that following the Hizbullah victory, Israel does not have a right to exist: "There's no reason to leave the Zionist regime on its base. For the United States this regime is the police officer of the area that must always win, but the minute it loses – there's no reason for it to exist."

This is why Israel must prepare to go to war, declare a national emergency and start training the reserve elements of the IDF.

As soon as the training is completed, Israel should go back to war.

Attacking Hizbullah and Syria at the same time, with such over whelming power that they both are crushed in a matter of days. Thus establishing one again in everyone’s mind that Israel is strong and not weak.

Syria: 'Half men' not Arab leaders

Aug. 20, 2006 18:37 | Updated Aug. 20, 2006 18:43
Syria: 'Half men' not Arab leaders

Syria's President Bashar Assad was not referring to Arab leaders when he said that those who did not support the guerrilla group Hizbullah were "half men," his foreign minister said in an interview with a Kuwaiti newspaper.

"What President Assad meant by this phrase was those individuals inside Syria and maybe outside it who threw doubts on the ability of the resistance to achieve victory," Foreign Minister Walid Moallem told the Al-Anba daily, which provided excerpts of the interview to The Associated Press. The full interview is to be published Monday.

Assad said in a televised speech Tuesday that the Lebanon war had "unveiled half men" - a reference to the opposition of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan to Hizbullah's abduction of two IDF soldiers and killing of eight others on July 12 that triggered the fighting between Israel and the group.

This historically is the style of rhetoric that was used prior to Arab nations going to war. I think Assad has been emboldened by Israel’s defeat and thinks Syria has the power to do the same thing

U.S. Stopped Iranian Weapons En Route to Hizbullah

U.S. Stopped Iranian Weapons En Route to Hizbullah 11:51 Aug 20, '06 / 26 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The United States stopped an Iranian cargo plane from flying to Syria with missiles destined for Hizbullah terrorists, according to a report in USA Today. The incident occurred on the eighth day of the Hizbullah terrorist war and underlined the Bush Administration's support for Israel.

American officials persuaded Iraq and Turkey not to allow the plane to cross their air space on the way to Syria without inspections, and the cargo plane eventually returned to Tehran. The report was based on information provided by two intelligence agents. Among the weapons meant to be used against Israel were Chinese-designed Noor missiles.

American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice refused to comment on the incident but added, "We work on these kinds of things all the time."

Gaza could become Lebanon

Diskin: Gaza could become Lebanon

Shin Bet Chief Yuval Diskin warned during a government meeting Sunday that "the intensification of terror sources in Gaza is a strategic problem which, if not treated properly, will result in a reality like in Lebanon. We don't have to wait three years and then launch investigations."

Diskin said that the "Philadelphi Route is breached, and recently a number of tons of explosives and hundreds of weapons have entered. Recently, USD 1.5 million has been smuggled in through Rafah by the Hamas Agriculture Ministry, and terror experts have also entered."
The Shin Bet chief recommended reviewing all agreements on the passages, which he said "are ineffective in actuality under Egyptian monitoring."

"In Judea and Samaria Hizbullah is smuggling in money in large sums and encouraging terrorist attacks against Israel. Nasrallah is perceived as a national hero among terror organizations, and they are attempting to learn from him. They understand the power of the antitank missile and guerilla fighting, as using underground bunkers," said Diskin.

Which is why anyone who really understood the Middle East was against the retreat from Gaza. It was a mistake that will cost Israel in the long run more than s we had stayed.

August 19, 2006

Soldier killed in Jordan Valley attack

Aug. 19, 2006 14:33 | Updated Aug. 20, 2006 4:33
Soldier killed in Jordan Valley attack

An IDF soldier, St.-Sgt. Ro'i Farjun, 21, from Yehud was killed on Saturday after a Palestinian opened fire at the Bekaot checkpoint in the Jordan Valley. Troops returned fire, killing the gunman.

IDF officer killed in commando raid

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
Last update - 01:10 20/08/2006
IDF officer killed in commando raid in east Lebanon; operation aimed to prevent arms deliveries to Hebzollah
By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent, and News Agencies

An Israel Defense Forces officer was killed and two other officers were wounded - one seriously - during a commando raid near the Hezbollah stronghold of Baalbek in eastern Lebanon early Saturday.

Following the raid, the Defense Ministry on Saturday said the operation will probably not bring the cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah to and end.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz authorized the operation despite the UN-brokered cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah.

The raid was authorized in a meeting Olmert and Peretz held with the IDF senior command on Wednesday.

Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV said the unit was transported by helicopter before dawn, and was being driven in two vehicles to raid the office of senior Hezbollah official Sheikh Mohammed Yazbek in the village of Bodai before being discovered by Hezbollah militants. A battle gunbattle erupted and the troops were forced to retreat, Hezbollah TV said.

Lebanese sources said the troops were carried in two Lebanese army vehicles and were wearing Lebanese army uniforms.

Lebanese security officials later said that three Hezbollah guerrillas were killed in the fighting, but Hezbollah sources claim their operatives emerged from the battle unharmed. IDF officials voiced skepticism at Hezbollah's claim.

Channel 10 TV and Israel Radio reported that several Hezbollah operatives were taken as prisoners in the raid, though the army declined to confirm or deny this report.

Army sources said the vehicles came under heavy fire, and that "we had great luck that the operation didn't result in 10 fatalities from the force." They said that it was thanks only to the troops' resourcefulness and courage that the unit did not suffer a far greater tragedy.

Earlier Saturday, Israeli aircraft fired several rockets at a target in a Hezbollah stronghold in eastern Lebanon, a Lebanese security source said.

The IDF said the assault aimed to disrupt arms smuggling to Hezbollah from Iran and Syria and that such operations would continue until "an effective monitoring unit" was in place to prevent Hezbollah from rebuilding its arsenal.

"Special forces carried out an operation to disrupt terror actions against Israel with an emphasis on the transfer of munitions from Syria and Iran to Hezbollah," the IDF said, adding that the operation had achieved all its aims.

"If the Syrians and Iran continue to arm Hezbollah in violation of the (UN cease-fire) resolution, Israel is entitled to act to defend the principle of the arms embargo," Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said. "Once the Lebanese army and the international forces are active... then such Israeli activity will become superfluous."

The provincial government official, Bekaa Valley Governor Antoine Suleiman, confirmed the troop landing.

Following the battle, Israel Air Force helicopters fired missiles as the commandos withdrew, leaving the area within an hour.

Witnesses at the site saw a destroyed bridge about 500 meters from the area where the landing took place. The witnesses said they believed it was destroyed by Israeli missiles.

IAF warplanes crisscrossed the skies above Lebanon's eastern Bekaa Valley early Saturday near Baalbek, security officials said.

The IAF has not attacked Lebanon since the UN cease-fire was implemented August 14.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to release information to reporters, could not confirm whether there were any airstrikes.

Similar overflights were reported in the area Friday night.

August 18, 2006

Shabbat Shalom

Reserve Troops Are Angry

At 2:00 PM on August 16, 2006, a brigade commander talked with his troops from the reconnaissance unit that had just returned from Lebanon when the troops complained about poor equipment and even lack of food during the fighting in Lebanon. The Colonel replied to these reserve solders that they were the problem, that they lacked motivation.

The soldiers as tempers flared, there was a total loss of military discipline the soldiers got up and surrounded the Colonel who had to retreat before violence was done.

The IDF has serious problems that must be fixed and soon.

Blessing Or Curse

With the defeat of Israel in Lebanon, comes a blessing.

We have found with very little cost that the IDF is not prepared for the battlefield of today.

This situation came about as the result of two things, first that the threat to the existence of the Jewish state was over. That the battle was only going to be a terrorist threat primarily focused on the Palestinians and maybe an attack or two on Israeli targets outside of Israel such as the attacks in Argentina carried out by Hizballah in the recent past.

Today we face an enemy that is better prepared and armed than ever before. We have Egypt armed with American F16 fighter aircraft and The M1Abrams tanks. With additional regional pressure, combined with the rise in Egypt of support for the Islamic Brotherhood can the Camp David Accords hold?

I would think it would be foolish to hope so. So we must plan on a potential war on our western front.

On the east we have Syria, who post the victory of Hizballah is going to start its own campaign of guerilla warfare in an effort to force the return of the Golan Heights. One must also facture in that Syria has over 10,000 rockets and missiles that can hit any city in Israel.

Iran the current grand master at directing the actions in the region to destroy Israel has missiles that can hit Israel today if Iran wanted to. But Iran, I think is waiting until these missiles can carry nuclear warheads.

With the peace process front and center since the 1990’s Israeli politicians have deluded themselves into thinking that Israel was no longer located in the Middle East, where the vast majority of Arabs wants to see 6,000,000 dead Jews and the end of Israel.

But rather Israeli politicians have allowed themselves to think that due to International pressure as part of the peace process that Israel would never again have to fight in regional wars. These so called leaders have let the lust of Israeli’s for peace; blind themselves to the sad fact that Ishmael and his sons still want us dead.

This has resulted in budget cuts on the IDF and a cut in training for our reserve soldiers. The fact that reserve soldiers that have not been given training for 5-6 years were given rifles and after firing two magazines from their M16 rifles were told to go to Lebanon and fight is criminal.

Second, Israel has made a mistake in how we have used the IDF over the last decade; the IDF does not belong in Judea and Samaria battling the Palestinians. This has taken the IDF away from their mission which should be limited to fighting external threats.

This does not mean that the threat from Palestinians to Israeli’s on a daily basis doesn’t exist. Of course it exists in the form of suicide bombers, shootings and kidnappings.

Using the IDF in Judea and Samaria has kept the IDF from training for a regional war and it has given the IDF a false sense of superiority.

Since Israel has retreated from Gaza, this area of conflict including the rockets that are shot out of Gaza as a daily fact of life should be the responsibility of the IDF and it should be fought as a real war, think World War Two.

The threat from the Palestinians living in Judea and Samaria, should be left to two organizations to fight, Shabak and Magav.

Shabak known in the USA as the Shin Bet, is the internal intelligence and investigation agency of Israel. They are as good as it gets.

The face of Israel in Judea and Samaria (west bank ) should be Magav, the Israeli Border Police, which is a paramilitary police force. Israel should focus their recruitment from the following three groups to build up Magav in order to meet the challenge, Druze citizens of Israel, American and Russian immigrants. All three groups have the stomach needed to do what needs to be done.

As part of the post Lebanon disaster a state of emergency must be declared and the problem must be fixed.

First for the IDF equipment must be purchased so that reserve soldiers have the best equipment possible. Second the IDF must stop paying attention to the cry babies in the Israeli society and reserve duty must not be cut. All combat reserve soldiers must count on 40 days minimum of service each year, which will be spent in training.

Second the security forces responsible for the war on Palestinian terror must be told it is a war and not a law enforcement action and the rules of engagement must reflect this.

No more games.

Israel must hunt down the terrorist and kill them. Foreign citizens that come to assist the Palestinians in either terrorism or demonstrations must start paying a heavy price.

The Palestinian Authority must be told that it no longer has a mandate since that mandate came from Israel in Israelis fantasy to obtain peace and since war and terror were delivered, it is time for the PA to go away.

Israel must make it clear, first ourselves that the Israel of old is back.

Second we must show the world that we are back and we will never loose an other war or allow a Jew to be murdered without a payback that will be biblical in nature.

IAF Video

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Even though the story is in Hebrew it is worth watching not all warriors pull a trigger, some load the weapon so the trigger pullers have something to go bang with.

Reserve Soldiers Speak Out


Last update - 07:51 18/08/2006
Reservists: Officers stopped us from attending anti-war protest
By Nir Hasson, Haaretz Correspondent

Some 160 infantry reserve soldiers are accusing their commanders of preventing them from participating in a demonstration against the war in Lebanon, which they called a "debacle." The soldiers said they had been used as "sitting ducks."

"I've been in the army and reserves for 26 years and what happened this time was not merely a fiasco, it was a complete debacle. We felt like tin soldiers in a game of Olmert and Peretz's assistants and spin masters," said Avi, a soldier in the brigade.

At noon Thursday 160 brigade soldiers signed a request to take part in the demonstration that would call on the resignation of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz. However, their release was put off until Friday, preventing them from reaching the protest.

The only hope that Israel has at this time is that the reserve soldiers that were called into this stupid war are going to keep the feet of the politicians and their lap dog in the IDF Halutz under fire so that the cowards in the opposition in the Knesset will be forced to do something to bring Olmert down.

But just causing the fall of Olmert is not enough for the very leaders in the Knesset that sit in opposition have sat in former ruling governments that have allowed the IDF to fall into such a state of neglect.

Reserve soldiers that have not received training for 5-6 years are suddenly called up and forced into combat after only firing one or two magazines of ammo, though their rifles less than 60 bullets.

By contrast the unit where I was in charge of the training used to fire hundreds of rounds of ammo each week in training.

Time For A Change

Ramon to resign on Sunday, will face trial on indecent assault By Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz Correspondent

Justice Minister Haim Ramon announced on Friday to Attorney General Menachem Mazuz that he waives his parliamentary immunity and his right to a special hearing, and plans to resign from his post on Sunday.

This announcement follows Mazuz's decision on Thursday to charge Ramon with indecent assault for allegedly having forcibly kissed an 18-year-old female soldier in a government office.


Last update - 13:06 18/08/2006
Police may charge Katsav with rape in light of woman's claims
By Jonathan Lis and Roni Singer-Heruti, Haaretz Correspondents

Officials investigating an alleged extortion attempt aimed at President Moshe Katsav are expected to question him following claims by a female former employee that she was coerced into engaging in sexual relations with the president.

Police said Thursday that Katsav will be questioned in the coming days. Investigators have yet to determine which specific charges will be brought against the president on the basis of the woman's accusations.

Law enforcement officials said Thursday that if the former employee's claims that she was powerless in turning away Katsav's advances are deemed credible, the investigation would then focus on possible rape charges against the president.


In the ruling class in Israel there exists an arrogance that is a symptom of the gap between this ruling class and the common people. I have long maintained that Israel is ruled by an oligarchic elite that has lost its way a long time ago. The time is well past for the government to become a government of the people for the people and by the people

Four Jenin Arabs Arrested in Tel Aviv With Weapons and Stolen Goods

Four Jenin Arabs Arrested in Tel Aviv With Weapons and Stolen Goods 13:50 Aug 18, '06 / 24 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Tel Aviv police apprehended two Arab residents of Jenin suspected of possessing weapons, stolen goods and having entered Israel illegally.

When police raided the apartment the men were staying in, they found a gun, ammunition, stolen jewelry, a large number of mobile phone and digital cameras, as well as counterfeit identity cards.

Reserve Unit Finds Roadside Bomb South of Hevron

Reserve Unit Finds Roadside Bomb South of Hevron
12:12 Aug 18, '06 / 24 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) An IDF reserve unit found a roadside bomb hidden at the Ari Junction, south of Hevron, overnight.

The bomb was intended to kill residents and IDF soldiers who use the road.

It was detonated by IDF sappers in a controlled explosion without injury.

Hizbullah Pays Lebanese Families $150 Million

Hizbullah Pays Lebanese Families $150 Million 15:23 Aug 18, '06 / 24 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The Hizbullah terrorist organization has further entrenched itself in Lebanon by paying several thousand families $12,000 each. Israel bombed several banks where Hizbullah keeps funds, and Hizbullah has not revealed the source of the money for the aid.

Israel and the United States suspect the cash comes from Iran. The program helps assure the allegiance of southern Lebanon to Hizbullah. The Lebanese government has offered no such assistance program.e>


Olmert has done more to strengthen Hizballah and Iran in the Middle East than any man in history. Jimmy Carter by not backing the Sha of Iran made all of this possible but it is Olmert that has positioned the world for a future that will include more terrorism and war not less.

Terror Attack Foiled

suicide bomb belt.jpg

Jenin: 2 Hamas members killed while making bombs

Palestinian sources say two Hamas members were killed and one seriously injured after setting off explosives belt accidentally
Ali Waked

Two Hamas members were killed and a third mortally wounded by an explosion which took place Friday in the village of Dir Abu Daif, in the Jenin area.

Palestinian sources say that the blast apparently took place because of a 'work accident' which took place while preparing explosives.
A hospital in Jenin is attempting to save the life of the third Hamas member. Palestinians are checking the circumstances of the blast.

The war is never over for Israel. There is a daily fight against the people that want to murder Jews for the crime of being born Jewish and wanting to live in Israel. Today Israel was spared a terror attack due to a work accident.


August 17, 2006

IDF Videos

I have been putting the video clips of the IDF in action on my blog to give honor to those brave soldiers that have fought over the last month and were defeated and stabbed in the back by the leadership of the IDF and the Knesset

Israeli SEALS In Action

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Little Green Footballs

Little Green Footballs has a video clip that must be seen.

Charles is a lot smarter than me and has posted this video and I don't know how to do it so please go to this link and view the video. It is graphic and shows how Lebanese and Hizballah treats captures Israeli body parts.


Al-Aqsa: We learned missiles subdue Israel

Abu Nasser, commander of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade in Nablus, encouraged by war results. 'Our brothers demonstrated what we have felt in recent years: Israel falling apart. Next time Iran will be in picture with missiles on Tel Aviv and it will be easier'
Ali Waked

The Palestinian terror organizations are looking north and are filled with satisfaction and hope for the next step.

"We learned from Hizbullah that the tools that make a difference are missiles. If achieve expertise in this field, we won't make do with the simple rockets we have. There is no doubt that we can subdue Israel ," Abu Nasser, a commander in the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Fatah's military wing, told Ynet.

"Since the Gulf War, missiles were what brought Israel to the negotiation table. The withdrawal from Gaza was also a result of missiles. If we use them correctly in the West Bank, we will get rid of the IDF here too," Abu Nasser explained.

According to him, his organization wasn't surprised by what he defines "the defeat Hizbullah handed to Israel."

This is the future, thanks to Olmert and friends.


Israeli Navy In Action

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The Hizballah Flags And Poster are Back

hizi on fence.jpg

Israel fights for a month, and today even before the IDF has left Lebanon the Hizballah flags and Nasrallah posters are back on the border fence.

Protestors: It's like Yom Kippur War

demo against olmert.jpg

About 100 people gather in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square to protest political echelon's management of war in north; demonstrators call on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to resign
Roee Mendel

About 100 demonstrators arrived Thursday at the Rabin Square in Tel Aviv and called on the political echelon and on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to resign in light of the "Lebanon war failure."

The demonstration participants held signs reading "Defeatists go home," "Olmert, did your sons fight?" and "Olmert=Chamberlain."

This is one of a series of demonstration being organized in the past few days through talkbacks on the internet.

One of the demonstration's organizers, Ariella Miller, spoke of why she decided to protest.

"About a month ago we went to return the kidnapped soldiers, strengthen the deterrence and neutralize the strategic threat. Eventually we left as we entered, only with 150 dead. We call on the decision makers, headed by the prime minister, to claim responsibility, resign and pay for the failure."

According to Boaz Arad, who also organized the demonstration, Israel entered the war in the best situation possible and left in the worst situation possible.

"The political echelon is the one that managed and caused the war to fail due to scandalous appointments and hesitant decision making," he said. "We do not demand an investigation committee and not a commission of inquiry. We demand that they get up and go home. This is exactly like Ammunition Hill – the soldiers bravely sacrifice their lives, while the ones leading them to the battle are acting foolishly."

Colonel (res.) Yehoar Gal, an Air Force pilot, personally criticized Olmert. According to him, the prime minister is facing a serious moral dilemma because "he is sending our sons to fight, but at the same time his daughter is holding signs and demonstrating against him and his wife is wearing black. How can he take responsibility for the death of soldiers when he has no support from his family? He is being torn apart in his home.

Why are there only about 100 people at this demonstration? The whole country should be up in arms.


Stock exchange: Ceasefire brings week of gains

Productive week following start of implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 Eli Shimoni

The Israeli Stock Exchange had a productive week following a ceasefire deal resulting from UN Security Council resolution 1701, which was implemented Monday. The indexes returned to their level before the war.

Weekly summary: The TA-25 was up 5.4 percent to 520 points; while the TA-100 rose 5.5 percent to 838.55 points. The TelTech 15 was up
4.2 percent to 346.68 points.

Another figure which influenced the stock exchange this week: The Central Bureau of Statistics published a report revealing that growth in the first half of 2006 was increasing at an annual rate of 5.9 percent. This follows a 5.1 percent increase in the last half of 2005 and a prior 6.1 percent increase in the first half of the same year.

This is great news for Israel.


Terrorist Try to Flee IAF On Motorcycle

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" target="_blank">table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>
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Mr. and Mrs. Olmert to be Under Investigation

Mr. and Mrs. Olmert to be Under Investigation
14:07 Aug 17, '06 / 23 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his wife Aliza are soon to be summoned to an investigation by the State Comptroller’s Office on suspicion of receiving illegal profits worth around half a million dollars.

State Comptroller Judge Micha Lindenstrauss is looking into allegations that the Olmerts received a substantial reduction on their purchase of a garden apartment in Jerusalem. According to a report in the Haaretz newspaper, Olmert assisted the contractor in receiving permits from the city that would allow the construction of two extra apartments in the building. The company sold the garden apartment to Olmert for $3,306 per sq. meter, while charging a much higher sum for the other apartment in the project.

The State Comptroller’s office responded to the report by stating that its investigation is still continuing and they have not yet contacted the prime minister for his reaction.

The Prime Minister’s Office stated, “The prime minister has not received any summons from the State Comptroller’s office. We find it hard to believe how the State Comptroller’s office has approached the media before approaching the prime minister.”

The story speaks for itself, corruption runs through the body politic in Israel at the highest level.


Army Threatens to Destroy Soldiers´ Homes

Army Threatens to Destroy Soldiers´ Homes
16:56 Aug 17, '06 / 23 Av 5766
by Hillel Fendel

The bureaucracy rolls on. With its residents still in Lebanon under emergency call-up orders, the Yesha town of MaalehRehavam learned that officials were headed to post eviction orders on its doors.

Families in Maaleh Rehavam - a small outpost community in eastern Gush Etzion - were surprised to note this morning that Civil Administration officials were on their way to post eviction orders on their homes. Of the 30 residents, including five families, five are in Lebanon after having been called up on emergency basis this past month, and two others are in the standing army.

I can't get over this, Olmert is going to move ahead with throwning Jews from there homes. How can they be so blind,stupid and traitors to the Zionist dream. But beyond their turning their backs on 2000 years of Jewish prayers and hopes.


Syria to form its own Hizbullah

Baath party official: Lebanon war proves 'resistance' against Israel works
Aaron Klein, WND

On the heels of what it views as a Hizbullah victory against the Jewish state, Syria is forming its own Hizbullah-like guerilla organization to fight Israel in hopes of "liberating" the Golan Heights, an official from Syrian President Bashar Assad's Ba'ath party told WorldNetDaily yesterday.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Syria learned from Hizbullah's military campaign against Israel the past month that "fighting" is more effective than peace negotiations with regard to gaining territory.

He said Syria's new guerilla force would be trained by Hizbullah leaders.

"Syria is very serious about establishing this new guerilla force," the official said.

The future as I have stated in prior posts will be full of terrorism which will boil over into full scale wars. The lesson of history not being followed by Olmert and the government that lesson being when the time comes that you are forced to go to war then do it with the full force you can. This in the end will save lives.


August 16, 2006

Iranian leader: Hizbullah resistance a victory for Islam

Iranian leader: Hizbullah resistance a victory for Islam

In message to Hizbullah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says 'you have ridiculed myth that Zionist army is invincible' Associated Press

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in a message to Hizbullah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah , described the group's resistance against Israel 's military onslaught a "victory" for Islam.

"Your unprecedented holy war and steadfastness are beyond the limits of my description. It's a divine victory. It is a victory of Islam," Khamenei said in the message read by an announcer on Hizbullah's al-Manar television.

Hizbullah is heavily financed and backed by Iran's Shiite Muslim theocracy.

"Your victory was a victory for Islam. With God's help you were able to prove that military superiority is not (measured) in the number (of soldiers), planes, warships and tanks. Rather, it depends on the power of faith and holy war," Khamenei said.

"You have ridiculed the myth that the Zionist army is invincible," He said.

This is the biggest down side to Olmert's loses in Lebanon. Olmert has made Israel appear weak when the IDF is anything but weak.


Olmert, Peretz popularity plummets

Aug. 16, 2006 17:47 | Updated Aug. 16, 2006 18:16
Olmert, Peretz popularity plummets

The approval ratings of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz have fallen to their lowest depths since they took office 100 days ago this week, according to polls published in three Hebrew dailies on Wednesday.

Olmert and Peretz's popularity rose during the month-long war in Lebanon, primarily due to what is called the "rally around the flag effect." But that support proved temporary as their numbers fell lower than they were before the war began.

A Smith Research poll published in the business daily Globes found that 62 percent felt that Olmert did not handle the war properly and only 34% said he handled it well, compared to 73% who praised his performance a week ago.

A Dahaf Institute poll in Yediot Aharonot found 47% approved of Olmert's performance and 51% disapproved.

A Teleseker poll in Ma'ariv revealed that 43% were satisfied with Olmert before the war, 78% during the war and only 40% on Tuesday. The polls found that Peretz's situation was even worse.

Lebanese officer arrested for appearing in videotape with Israeli soldiers

A Lebanese general was ordered arrested Wednesday for appearing in a videotape with Israeli soldiers who had occupied his south Lebanon barracks during their incursion of the country.

Brig. Adnan Daoud was summoned and held for questioning, Interior Minister Ahmed Fatfat said in a

statement. Daoud is commanding officer of the 1,000-strong joint police-army force that had positions in southern Lebanon and was based in Marjayoun. (AP)

I should note that Lebanon is still officially at war with Israel.

They declared war in 1948 and has never ceased.

Arab MKs refuse to sign letter urging captive soldiers' release

Last update - 23:02 16/08/2006
Arab MKs refuse to sign letter urging captive soldiers' release
By Gideon Alon, Haaretz Correspondent

The leaders of the three Arab Knesset factions on Wednesday refused to sign a letter to political and community leaders worldwide calling for the release of three IDF soldiers being held captive in Lebanon and Gaza.

MK Jamal Zahalka (Balad) said "We do not sign such documents. This issue will only be solved in negotiations for a prisoner exchange."

The petition, written at the initiative of MK Zevulun Orlev of the National Religious Party faction, was sent to leaders of parliament worldwide, the International Red Cross, and the heads of churches and Jewish communities.

The letter stated that it reflects the positions of 110 of 120 MKs.

Orlev asked MK Dov Khenin (Hadash), to use his influence with Arab MKs to persuade them to sign, but they remained opposed.

The letter indicated that "the three kidnapped soldiers have been held for over a month, without information on their whereabouts, or on their heath or emotional conditions."

Hezbollah and Hamas, it continued, are preventing any communication between the soldiers and the outside world.

These are the same Arab members of Knesset that were holding anti war demonstrations during the war.

It is time to face a bitter fact, calling these members of Knesset "Israeli" Arabs is a joke they are not Israeli anything.

Lebanese cabinet won't force Hezbollah to disarm

Last update - 23:18 16/08/2006
Lebanese cabinet won't force Hezbollah to disarm
By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent and The Associated Press

The Lebanese cabinet on Wednesday accepted the Lebanese army's plan to deploy in southern Lebanon, and forces are expected to depart for the area south of the Litani River after midnight Thursday.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora was set to announce the imminent deployment.

Also according to the cabinet decision, Hezbollah will not disarm in southern Lebanon, but its members will refrain from carrying weapons in public. The agreement was reached following deliberations with Hezbollah representatives that lasted days.

The Lebanese government's decision contradicts United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701, reached last week, which determines that the area south of the Litani River will be free of arms, aside from those held by Lebanese soldiers and UNIFIL troops. The cabinet made the decision after Hezbollah rejected all demands to disarm south of the Litani.

"The weapons of the resistance are the only ones, of all Arabs, that succeeded in standing up to Israel and defeating it. No one can take away the weapons of the resistance, certainly not by force," pro-Syrian Lebanese President Emile Lahoud, who headed the cabinet meeting, said. "The Lebanese army will deploy [in the south] and will be for all the Lebanese," he told reporters.

Al-Jazeera reported Wednesday that Hezbollah rejected all proposals, including that it transfer its weapons to the Lebanese army, transfer its weapons to UNIFIL or allow the Lebanese army to search the organization's positions for weapons. A compromise was reached, according to which Hezbollah will not conduct military activities in southern Lebanon.

In the end Israel will not only not achieve its goal for this war, but will be forced to give e up land.

Peretz all ready wants to hold negotiations with Syria.

The question is negotiating over what?

Giving up the Golan Heights?

Poll: Two-thirds Against Cease Fire Without Return of Hostages

Poll: Two-thirds Against Cease Fire Without Return of Hostages
14:39 Aug 16, '06 / 22 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) A new telephone poll released by the Dahaf institute shows that almost two-thirds of the respondents are against the cease fire without a return of the kidnapped IDF soldiers. Forty-one percent think Prime Minister Ehud Olmert should resign.

More than half of the people surveyed said the government performed satisfactorily during the war, but 63 percent of the people gave bad marks to Defense Minister Amir Peretz.

Two-thirds want a governmental commission to investigate the management of the army and the government. The respondents were split on their perceptions of who won the war, with one-third giving Israel the victory, another third saying Hizbullah won and the remainder saying they did not know.

This shows that the Israeli public gets it. To bad the members of Knesset don't.

IDF Chief Halutz: Definite Possibility of Renewed Clashes

IDF Chief Halutz: Definite Possibility of Renewed Clashes
16:30 Aug 16, '06 / 22 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee today that he sees a definite possibility of renewed warfare on the Lebanese border in the current situation. However, he believes that the future outbreak of hostilities is dependent on the strength of the political and diplomatic solutions achieved.

The chief of staff said that, in any event, the IDF would not withdraw from southern Lebanon unless UNIFIL and Lebanese army forces deploy in the region.

Lt. Gen. Halutz said that while Israel achieved a 90% success rate in destroying the Hizbullah's long-range missiles, military analysts were surprised at the enemy's ability to release 4,000 rockets at Israel.

Hizbullah: We won’t disarm, withdraw north of Litani

Hizbullah member of the Lebanese Parliament Fadlallah tells Al-Jazeera terror group objects to disarming and withdrawing from area south of Litani River despite UN Security Council Resolution 1701; ‘our top priority now is rebuilding Lebanon,’ he says
Roee Nahmias

Hizbullah announced that it objects to withdrawing from area south of the Litani River and to disarming despite UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

These statements were made by Hizbullah member of the Lebanese Parliament and member of the policy office of the Shiite militia, Hassan Fadlallah in an interview with al-Jazeera.

According to Fadlallah, the terror group refuses to withdraw from areas south of the Litani River due to the fact that its members are residents of south Lebanon. As to the disarmament issue, the organization claims it is not being discussed within or outside the Lebanese government.

Hizbullah said its top priority is to rebuild Lebanon and help those who have been displaced from their homes.

He said Hizbullah would be willing to implement Resolution 1701, which, among other things, calls for the deployment of the Lebanese army in the south with the assistance of UNIFIL. Fadlallah said the deployment clause was unanimously accepted by the government with Hizbullah’s backing, adding that this does not contradict Hizbullah’s refusal to disarm as the terror group’s weapons will be kept in storage and not be displayed in public.

Last Saturday the Lebanese government approved the Security Council's Resolution 1701 , which calls for a ceasefire and for an end of hostility activities in the country.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said that "the decision was accepted unanimously, with several reservations."

Hizbullah’s previous announcement that it would refuse to disarm irked several Lebanese government officials.

Lebanese Minister of Tourism Joe Sarkis attacked Hizbullah last Monday, calling the group to withdraw from the south.

In an interview with al-Jazeera, Sarkis said, "Hizbullah must ease the situation and must apply the decision unanimously agreed upon in the cabinet to support Resolution 1701.”

Tuesday’s compromise offer formulated by Siniora and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, Hizbullah's de facto negotiator, called on Hizbullah members in the south to keep their weapons concealed so the Lebanese army would not have to act against them.

Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah said during a speech aired on Al-Manar TV Monday that ‘we are at the brink of a great victory; a strategic and historic one. The Hizbullah fighters brought about this great triumph.”

In his first speech delivered after the ceasefire went into effect at 8 a.m., Nasrallah said "this is not the time for Hizbullah to disarm.

"It is unfortunate that the initial discussion on this matter and on the deployment of the army (in the south) was held by the (Lebanese) government in direct contrast to the agreement between the sides,” he said.

“Who will defend Lebanon in case of a new Israeli offensive?” he asked. “The Lebanese army and international troops are incapable of protecting Lebanon,” He said, flanked by Lebanese and Hizbullah flags.

But Nasrallah said he was open to dialogue about Hizbullah’s weapons at the appropriate time. And he credited his group’s weapons with proving to Israel that “War with Lebanon will not be a picnic. It will be very costly.”

August 15, 2006

Speaking Engagements

If you have been reading the blog and listening to my segments, on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Program. I am now available for guest speaking engagements.

Please email me at yonitidi@msn.com for details.

Israel threatens to resume war if Hizbullah refuses to disarm

Aug. 16, 2006 2:09 | Updated Aug. 16, 2006 3:28
Israel threatens to resume war if Hizbullah refuses to disarm
The IDF will have to resume operations in Lebanon if the expanded United Nations force being assembled does not fulfill its obligation to dismantle Hizbullah, an official in the Prime Minister's Office warned on Tuesday.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora and Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah reportedly reached a deal allowing Hizbullah to keep its weapons but refrain from exhibiting them in public. Israeli officials called the arrangement a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which passed over the weekend and was approved on Sunday by the cabinet.

"The resolution is clear that Hizbullah needs to be removed from the border area, embargoed and dismantled," the official said. "If the resolution is not implemented, we will have to take action to prevent the rearming of Hizbullah. I don't think backtracking will serve any useful purpose. There has to be pressure on Hizbullah to disarm or there will have to be another round."

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni is expected to raise the issue when she meets in New York on Wednesday with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Annan angered Israeli officials when he told Channel 2 on Tuesday that "dismantling Hizbullah is not the direct mandate of the UN," which could only help Lebanon disarm the organization. Annan upset officials further when he said that deploying international forces in Lebanon would take "weeks or months," and not days as expected.

The Hizbullah War Encourages a "Third Intifada"

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 / 21 Av 5766

A Hamas newspaper columnist declared that the Palestinian Authority must leverage what he considers a Hizbullah victory for a renewed terrorist campaign against Israel, a "third intifada."

Writing in the August 7th edition of the semi-weekly Hamas newspaper Al-Risala columnist Ibrahim Abu Heija wrote that, of all the outcomes of the Hizbullah war against Israel, "the greatest beneficiary will ultimately be the Palestinian resistance...." According to Abu Heija, Israel lost the Lebanon campaign, with a concomitant "collapse of the Israeli defense doctrine" and "the confirmation of the decline in its deterrent capability...."

Under the title "Victory in Lebanon - Towards a Third Intifada", Abu Heija wrote (as translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute):

This is an important moment, that the Palestinian resistance must seize. It benefited from [a similar moment] at the beginning of the Al-Aqsa [Intifada], when the West Bank and Gaza spoke the Lebanese language, after they had long been immersed in American and Israeli illusions. And following [the Al-Aqsa Intifada], the incomplete [Israeli] withdrawal from the Gaza Strip was carried out.

And now, after the ceasefire [hudna] has been tried and the experience of changing the [Palestinian] Authority reached its peak, the door will be opened for a third Palestinian intifada, that will transform the resistance from the stage of reaction [to Israeli] actions to [resistance] that is carried out at our initiative.

In terms of the internal PA debate about how best to confront Israel, Abu Heija explained, "The victory in Lebanon will weaken those Palestinian voices that are heard from time to time, sometimes calling for making concessions, at other times calling for fortuitous ceasefires. Hamas will be given a significant margin to gain legitimacy for carrying out [armed] resistance on various fronts...."

Furthermore, according to the Al-Risala columnist's analysis, Israeli defeats lead to Israeli withdrawals, which are encouragement for further Arab attacks. In Abu Heija's formulation:

The Israeli defeat in Lebanon will force Israel to move towards partial withdrawals from the Shab'a Farms, the West Bank, and perhaps the Golan Heights, in order to diminish the effects of its defeat - but this will in no way deceive the Palestinians, the Syrians, or the Lebanese. Rather, it will push them all to make yet another move towards achieving their rights.

Ominously, at a rally in Ramallah on August 1st, organized by the Fatah faction, Hani Al-Hassan, a former PA minister, warned the crowd that Israel would soon attack in Judea and Samaria. "I know what I am talking about," he said.

According to a senior Jenin-based terrorist quoted in an August 3rd report by WorldNetDaily.com,

We won the war of Lebanon when [then-Prime Minister Ehud] Barak ran away in the night by withdrawing from Lebanon [in 2000]. We won the first Intifada [launched against Israelis in 1987] when [Prime Minister Yitzchak] Rabin called on [Yasser] Arafat to negotiate the 1993 Oslo Accords only in order to stop the Intifada. The Gaza withdrawal is the first result of our second Intifada [launched in 2000] and we see that Olmert still speaks of a second disengagement from the West Bank, and now Israel is under rocket attack. This is a great period and, I believe, a new era.

In the past, PA officials expressed admiration for, and a desire to emulate, Hizbullah in the period following the 2000 Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon and at the start of the PA's lengthy terrorist campaign that same year. As quoted in the May 28, 2000 edition of the PA newspaper Al-Ayyam, then-PA treasury advisor, Muhammad Zuhdi Al-Nashashibi, said that the Israeli withdrawal is "a lesson for whoever wants to win in Palestine like [Hizbullah has won] in Lebanon."

Similarly, the late Faisal Husseini, former Jerusalem affairs officer for the PA, declared to a gathering of Arab lawyers in Beirut in March 2001, "Blessed be the resistance [Hizbullah], which gave us the hope that the future is in our hands. The Lebanese victory is the greatest and most important example of the reality in which the Israeli enemy is living." (As-Safir, Beirut, March 21, 2001, as translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.)

Why Olmert Is Safe

Despite the circumstances, Netanyahu didn't take advantage of the situation for to go for a total knockout; if there had indeed been a duel at the Knesset Monday, it took place without firing a single shot
Sima Kadmon YNet

While thousands of soldiers are still deep inside Lebanon, millions of civilians are slowly coming out of the bomb shelters and hundreds of families are mourning their sons - many of whom are still to be buried - the prime minister concluded the second war in Lebanon in his Knesset address Monday.

It wasn't just an address to the nation; Olmert gave his version of the war. From now on the version presented at the Knesset will become the official version presented by his advisors, his attorneys, his aides and his supporters when they try to prevent the setting up of a commission of inquiry and when they try to stabilize the coalition and prevent discord within the Kadima party ranks.

Olmert is an excellent orator. He combines a measured dose of emotion and rationalism with poetic anecdotes and matter-of-factness. It was an expected speech, and its timing important. It came at a time when the public was attuned to the messages, its emotions yet to be consolidated.

However, Omert directed his speech primarily at public opinion. At the public sitting at home still unable to digest the developments of the past month. The public's stance will in the coming weeks become a deciding factor on whether and what type of commission of inquiry will be set up.

This was the reason Olmert addressed everyone yesterday, and I mean everyone, with a warm embrace. No one escaped his embrace: not the chief-of-staff, the commanders, the soldiers, the bereaved families, the abducted soldiers' families, the security and rescue forces, the mayors, the volunteers, the northern citizens, the people of Israel, the Knesset members, the defense minister, the foreign minister, nor the cabinet members – no Israeli citizen could argue that he did not appear on the list of Olmert's credits.

Olmert called on everyone with paternal moderation, including those who may have been disappointed - as mentioned in passing as if it were a trivial complaint: friends, have patience, patience. Or in other words, you are yet to discover we won.

Netanyahus' address no less important

Benjamin Netanyhu's address was no less important than Olmert's. As head of the opposition, he could have taken advantage of the moment and challenged the leadership. He could have protested, as Begin did, following the Yom Kippur War by asking why they didn't bring the armament closer? Netanyahu could have accused Olmert's government of failure; he could have called for a legal commission of inquiry. He could have conveyed a message that he was the right person to replace Olmert as prime minister, that there is an alternative to a failed cabinet.

However, Netanyahu chose to maintain a low profile. Perhaps his bitter experience in previous instances silenced him; perhaps he found it difficult to abandon the image he had acquired during the war, an image of a stately opposition leader of fine caliber. His speech was excellent. It was controlled and careful. He managed to maintain this sterile image, almost without friction. The applause coming from the plenum attested to his growing popularity.

The two speeches delivered by the prime minister and the opposition leader met on the Knesset podium. They addressed a country licking its wounds at the end of a war plagued with question marks. Despite the circumstances, Netanyahu didn't take advantage of the situation for a knockout shot, if there had been a duel it took place without firing a single shot.

Perhaps Netanyahu was right when he decided that this wasn't the time to rock the boat, to call for a commission of inquiry at this point in time.

And perhaps, Netanyahu like Netanyahu, lost the moment because of his stateliness.

Nothing can better demonstrate the problem in the Knesset. It is a big happy club with its members sitting in that building being more important than the welfare of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

State comptroller prepares to check war

Recruitment of staff and collection of material begin at comptroller's office ahead of wide scale investigation into government bodies, IDF, during war in north
Miri Chason

Following a growing number of calls in the political arena and from the people for a committee of investigation, the state comptroller began preparations for an investigation into the management of the war in the north.

Staff at the comptroller's office began collecting necessary material and to organize the manpower for the investigation of government bodies involved in the fighting, and of levels of IDF command.

With that, it is still unclear whether the comptroller's office will investigate the bodies, as various sources in the political arena demand.

At the same time, members of the Foreign Affair and Defense Committee began a process of witness recordings of army and government sources on the management of the war.

"We are at the start of a cautious process, measured and responsible, so that all of the systems will be ready for the next confrontation,
which apparently is not far off," said Committee Chairman Tzachi Hanegbi.

"The committee will invite the prime minister, defense minister, foreign minister, chief of staff, all of the relevant major generals, command generals, commanders of forces, and of course the regiment commanders and reserve members. All of them will be able to speak to the committee, and then we will produce a serious conclusive document," he added.

Hamas demands prisoners for Shalit

Aug. 15, 2006 19:37 | Updated Aug. 15, 2006 19:48
Hamas demands prisoners for Shalit

Kidnapped IDF soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit, who is being held in the Gaza Strip, will be released only if Israel agrees to free thousands of Palestinian prisoners, a senior Hamas official announced on Tuesday.

The announcement came as Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas held a closed meeting in Gaza City with PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and urged him to release Shalit immediately. The two also discussed the possibility of establishing a national unity government.

Abbas, who arrived in the Gaza Strip on Monday, called on Hamas to release Shalit in return for promises that Israel would free Palestinian prisoners in the future. Abbas suggested that the soldier be handed over to the Egypt, which has been acting as a mediator ever since Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas last June. Egyptian mediators have been trying to persuade Hamas to soften its position, but to no avail.

"Israel must pay a heavy price for its soldier," said Khalil al-Hayeh, head of Hamas's parliamentary list. "We have rejected demands to release the soldier in return for promises that Israel would release our prisoners sometime in the future."

Hayeh said Hamas was "disturbed" by pressure on the kidnappers to release Shalit unconditionally: "To all those who are exerting pressure on us, we say: Enough!" No Palestinian will ever agree to the release of the Israeli soldier without getting anything in return. They know what our conditions are and I don't think that they are hard to fulfill."

At the meeting, Abbas briefed Haniyeh on the outcome of his recent tour of Arab countries and discussed with him the prospects of forming a joint Fatah-Hamas government.

PA officials said after the meeting that there was still no room for optimism regarding the fate of Shalit. They pointed out that while Haniyeh appeared to be flexible on the issue, he clearly does not have influence on the kidnappers.

"Haniyeh wants to resolve the case by tomorrow," one official told The Jerusalem Post. "His problem is that he has no control over the kidnappers and their patrons in Syria and Iran."

Haniyeh, according to another PA official, is also facing opposition inside Hamas over the formation of a national unity government with Fatah. "There are many people in Hamas who simply don't like the idea," he said. "Most of these people are sitting in Damascus and Tehran."

Abdallah Abdallah, a Fatah legislator who heads the political committee of the Palestinian Legislative Council, said on Tuesday that a national unity government is urgently needed in light of the growing challenges to the Palestinians.

"This is the right time for a unity government and Fatah is very keen on the idea," he said. "The new government will face three missions: establishing a joint leadership for the Palestinian resistance groups to launch retaliatory attacks on Israel, tackling the economic crisis and launching a political campaign to gain international support for the Palestinian position."

I fear that the price for the 3 missing soldiers is going to be very steep after the loss of Israel on the northern front.
At the start of the action in Gaza and then later in Lebanon I was sure that we would receive our soldiers back, now I fear for them and their poor families.

Repeat Post of Political Appeal

I have received more than a few emails asking me to repost this appeal for help on starting a new politicial party in Israel.

We have gone from highs to lows over the last month as together we have watched Israel suffer.

The people in the north of Israel have suffered deaths and injuries as well as losses of income and production in the billions of dollars, due to the rain of thousands of rockets that have fallen on their homes.

All of Israel and those that love Israel around the world, have suffered through a month of the worse leadership in Israel’s history.

This failure of leadership is not only on the part of the ruling government but extends to the total of the Knesset.

The government’s on again and off again fighting of this war, has caused wide spread suffering in Israel and Lebanon without the destruction of Hizballah.

Who can forget Arab members of Knesset leading anti Israel demonstrations at a time when Hizballah rockets were killing Arabs and Jews a like? Whose only crime was to live in Israel.

Historically the opposition has remained silent during the times of Israeli wars, and I applauded this behavior in the wars of our history.

However this war has made history due to the criminal mismanagement of this war. What should have been an easy victory for the IDF instead has become a loss for Israel.
Never has been Israel been forced to evacuate a town under fire like we did with Kiryat Shmona in this war.

The ramifications for this war, should have been clear to all.
Iran and its proxy Hizballah have exposed the weakness that is the civilian leadership of Israel.

This war has exposed the weakness of all Knesset members. Members of Knesset are part of the same elite club that has lost touch with reality in the Middle East and the Israeli people.

No leader has come to the front during this war to speak the truth about the failure of Olmert. The opposition has shown once again that it places sitting in the Knesset over the well fare of the Israeli people.

This failure will not only bring terror and war to Israel in an even greater scale than we have seen in the past, but I fear for the west as well.

A month ago the number one topic in the world was Iran’s nuclear program and Ahmadinejad’s threats to wipe out Israel.

Today Ahmadinejad knows the weakness of both Israel and the west.

This war must be the start of a new direction for Israel.

The time has come for the people of Israel to rise up and seize the power, that is theirs.

The problem has been that the system in Israel stacks the deck in favor of the established parties. Their have been single issue protest parties, that have risen and fallen through Israel’s history, but they have not be able to stay the course.

Join us in establishing a new political party that will be more than a single issue party.

Many Israeli’s seek a choice. The time has come for them to get that choice.

What is needed is a party that will be made up of non Knesset members. Rather its membership will be made up of Israeli’s from every walk of life, that all have one issue in common a better future for Israel.

Since security is front and center this party will take Israel back to its glory days.
Where Israel defended itself in a series of bold dynamic actions and wars. That showed the world that Jews were no longer going to be victims.

But there is more than security issues that face Israel. The economy must continue to move forward towards a totally free economy, leaving behind the socialism that was needed in the start of the country.

Whole segments of the Israeli population have been left behind, forced to watch their fellow Israeli’s prosper while they waste away on welfare or in low income jobs. Israel must engage in new educational programs to break this cycle.

Israel must take all steps need to become a place for the world to invest due to favorable taxation and an environment that will make Israel the Research and Development center for the world.

Israel must bring to an end the American aid that we receive every year. By a combination of performance audits for all government agencies and reform Israel can cut enough waste to more than make up for the loss of these monies.

Israel must inform the world that the Oslo Peace Process is dead and as a result Israel must eliminate the Palestinian Authority which exists only because of the Oslo Process.

Israel must make an offer to the Palestinian people to join us in building a peaceful and productive future for all children Israeli and Palestinians.

At the same time it must be made clear to the Palestinians that terrorism will bring a price for supporting the murder of Jews.
Lastly it must be made clear that Israel will never give up any of G-D’s Land that He gave to the Jewish people.

All member of Knesset from the new party will be required to donate 50% of their salary to charity either to feed hungry children in Israel or to assist victims of terrorism. The current level of salary for Knesset members is obscene. There are families that exist for a year on what a member of Knesset makes in 1 ½ months.

We will be example of servants to the people and not their masters.

I am asking the loyal readers of the blog which now number about 12,500 a day during the work week to commit to helping us for a year with a minimum of $5 to 10 a month.

These funds will go toward building the infrastructure needed to get a political party off the ground in Israel.

With Israel being a Parliamentary system of government we don’t really know when the next election will be. Since in this type of system the government in effect, can be voted out of office by the other member of the Knesset. Which will result in new elections, in around 90 days?

We need you to join the team by helping us with the funds necessary to start such a journey.

I am asking Christian, Jews and even Muslims that want to never live through such a month like we just have to join us.

I pray that G-D will bless this effort and may it be part of the steps needed to bring the final redemption.
Please send a check to Yoni Tidi
P.O. Box 18052
Seattle, WA 98118

Druze Herev Battalion Fights 32 Days With No Casualties

Druze Herev Battalion Fights 32 Days With No Casualties
12:34 Aug 15, '06 / 21 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The all-Druze Herev battalion did not suffer any casualties during the war in Lebanon.

The unit, which entered Lebanon first and stayed for 32 days, did, however, kill 20 Hizbullah fighters.

The battalion is known for its knowledge of the Lebanese terrain and may be transformed into a special elite force in the future.

The Druze rank among the world best people, when you combine this with an ability to fight second to none you got to love these people.

Iranian cleric: We'll hit Tel Aviv over 'iota' of Israeli aggression

Last update - 11:54 15/08/2006
Iranian cleric: We'll hit Tel Aviv over 'iota' of Israeli aggression
By The Associated Press

A hard-line Iranian cleric, citing Hezbollah's success in fireing rockets against Israel during the month-long war, warned Israel Tuesday that Iran's 2,000-kilometer missiles would land in Tel Aviv if Israel "makes an iota of aggression against Iran," state-run television reported.

Ahmad Khatami, a middle-ranking cleric, said Israel should bear the recent war in mind when threatening Iran.

Khatami is a Friday prayer leader in Tehran and a member of the Assembly of Experts, a clerical panel that has the power to choose or dismiss Iran's top leader, but he is not considered a government official.

Boasting that Hezbollah's 70-kilometer range missiles "turned Israel into a country of ghosts," Khatami declared that Israel would face dire consequences if it "makes an iota of aggression against Iran."

"They must fear the day (Iran's) 2,000-kilometer range missiles land in the heart of Tel Aviv," he said.

More than 100 Still Hospitalized in Wake of War

More than 100 Still Hospitalized in Wake of War
16:45 Aug 15, '06 / 21 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) As of Tuesday morning, 118 civilians and soldiers remained hospitalized in the north with wounds sustained during Israel’s war with Hizbullah terrorists in southern Lebanon.

Of those who are still hospitalized, 32 are reported in serious condition.

War Summary: IAF Hit 7,000 Targets in Lebanon

02:19 Aug 15, '06 / 21 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Israeli Air Force pilots targeted 7,000 sites Lebanon during the month-long retaliation against Hizbullah terrorists after they abducted two IDF soldiers July 12 and attacked northern Israel.

The Navy pounded Hizbullah targets with 2,500 artillery shells, according to military statistics. They hit rocket launchers, ammunition storage houses, Hizbullah radar stations, roads and fuel stations used by Hizbullah. The Navy also allowed more than 200 ships safe passage to bring in food and medical supplies.

Hizbullah likely to retain weapons

hizballah weapons.jpg

Hizbullah likely to retain weapons
jpost.com staff and ap, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 15, 2006

Hizbullah will not hand over its weapons to the Lebanese government but rather refrain from exhibiting them publicly, according to a new compromise that is reportedly brewing between Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Seniora and Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

The UN cease-fire resolution specifically demands the demilitarization of the area south of the Litani river. The resolution was approved by the Lebanese cabinet.

In a televised address on Monday night, Nasrallah declared that now was not the time to debate the disarmament of his guerrilla fighters, saying the issue should be done in secret sessions of the government to avoid serving Israeli interests.

"This is immoral, incorrect and inappropriate," he said. "It is wrong timing on the psychological and moral level particularly before the cease-fire," he said in reference to calls from critics for the guerrillas to disarm.

According to Lebanon's defense minister, Elias Murr, "There will be no other weapons or military presence other than the army" after Lebanese troops move south of the Litani. However, he then contradicted himself by saying the army would not ask Hizbullah to hand over its weapons.

Murr added that Lebanon's contribution of 15,000 soldiers could be on the north side of the Litani River by the end of the week.

He noted that international forces could begin arriving next week to bolster the current 2,000-member UN force in southern Lebanon, which watched helplessly as fighting raged over the past month.

In Europe, Italy and France have pledged troops. Malaysia, Turkey and Indonesia were among the mostly Muslim nations offering help.

So what did we fight for? We have not and may not ever get back the kidnapped soldiers, look at the example of Ron Arad he has been held for almost 20 years. Now Hizballah will get to keep their weapons. I just don't understand how we can call this war any thing but a loss.

Corruption in IDF


Army chief takes lot of heat Tuesday following publication saying he sold his stocks hours after kidnapping of soldiers in north, which kicked off war. On Tuesday afternoon he goes on defensive: 'I don't know who is behind this, and I don't intend to be dragged into issue which will tarnish my integrity.' But some Knesset members call on attorney general to launch investigation
Hanan Greenberg

Halutz's next war. IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Dan Halutz referred Tuesday for the first time to the publication of the sale of his shares on the day two soldiers were kidnapped on the northern border and war broke out.

"This is a wicked and distorted publication. I don't know who is behind this and I don't intend to get dragged into an issue that will tarnish my integrity," said the army chief.

Halutz knows that the criticism hurled at him in the past few hours does not only stem from the fact that he may have sold stocks after learning war was about to break out, but also because he chose to do so while dealing with the difficult incidents along the northern border.

Financial Trouble
Why did Halutz sell shares after Hizbullah attack? / Hanan Greenberg
IDF confirms chief of staff sold his personal portfolio hours after Hizbullah kidnapped two soldiers on July 12; 'he is not a private man, his every act has influence on whole country,' officers say
Full Story

He explained: "I am a citizen of the state and I have my own personal economic considerations. This issue can only cast a baseless stain on me, and anything beyond this is not worthy of attention."

Halutz confirmed the facts published as correct but said, "The music accompanying the publication is deceitful and distorted."

On Tuesday morning the Knesset responded harshly to the publications of the stock sales. National Religious Party Chairman, MK Zevulun Orlev, petitioned the Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to investigate the issue.

"There is an expectation that in the hour of decision, the chief of staff will dedicate all of his capabilities to conduct the war and not to manage his personal accounts for revenue and loss in the stock exchange," said Orlev. "In as much as the military battle is not over, it is of prime importance that the chief of staff be free from any shadow of suspicion or crime."

Chairperson of the Knesset's House Committee, MK Ruhama Avraham, said in response to Chief of Staff Dan Halutz's stock sales: "This scandal is very strange. I call the chief of staff to provide a detailed explanation to the public beyond the laconic explanation he has given thus far."

MK Colette Avital (Labor) broadened the claims and called Halutz to resign from his position. According to her,"There is a serious problem here in his priorities when the security of Israel hangs in the balance. There is a Romanian saying that goes 'the country is burning and the grandma is combing her hair.' The country burned and all that interested him was his investment portfolio."

Senior officers in the IDF who heard about the scandal Tuesday morning were amazed. Most of them preferred not to respond to the claims, but one officer noted that the issue reflects badly on the chief of staff and all IDF soldiers. "The chief of staff is not a private figure, and each action he takes, even away from the public eye, has significance for the entire country. I don’t want to criticize, but the feeling really isn't good."

Market capital analysts and brokers were also asked to respond to the publications, and referred to the possibility that Chief of Staff Halutz used inside information in order to determine his stock market behavior.

"It looks kosher, but it stinks," said a number of experts in the field to Ynet. "The problem is that in a small country there are many people exposed to defense estimates, from soldiers in intelligence to police officers, who sometimes know about terrorist attack warning more than the average citizen, and so there is a problem determining who can deal with financial securities and who can't."

"One can even be sanctimonious and say that a reserve soldier who received an emergency call-up before the action was publicized in the media, sold some shares – so this is a case of using inside information. The boundaries are unclear, but since the chief of staff is especially senior, this whole issue creates a very uncomfortable feeling."

Halutz is no different than many high public figures in Israel. We have had many examples as to public officials putting themselves before the Israeli people. The sad fact is Israel lacks the idea of a public servant. Something we wish to change.

Peretz: Prepare for negotiations with Syria

Peretz: Prepare for negotiations with Syria

Defense minister says that 'every war creates opportunities for wide-scale diplomatic process'; calls on Israel to renew talks with Palestinians, prepare for contacts with Damascus
Vered Luvitch

Defense Minister Amir Peretz said that "every war creates opportunities for an extensive diplomatic process," and that "we need to hold negotiations with Lebanon and lay the groundwork for negotiations with Syria."

Peretz said: "I'm certain that our enemies understand they cannot defeat us. I plan to do whatever I can to restore the diplomatic support for Israel. We need to resume negotiations with the Palestinians." Peretz added that the State of Israel never intended to get dragged into the "Lebanese mud," and that it does not plan to do so now.

He stressed that IDF forces were deployed across southern Lebanon, and that they will respond to any attempt to strike them.

"We will act with all our might if there's an attempt to hurt soldiers on the ground. Up until now the ceasefire has been stable, and we insist that the UNIFIL troops will be able to enforce order in south Lebanon. In the coming days a deployment will be carried out that would allow for the return of the reserve soldiers to Israel," Peretz stated.

Peretz expressed his appreciation for the residents of the north, but said that a "thank you" was not sufficient and that it did not constitute a substitution for the state's commitment to northerners, that should be expressed through setting up an economic-social body that would rehabilitate Israel's north and make the families of the region feel as if the entire country was hugging them.

At the conclusion of his speech, Peretz told the orphans that he knew each and every one of them was missing the father that should have been there for them on the day of their Bar Mitzvah. He said that the loss of their fathers was the common ground on which the IDF was founded and on which the State of Israel will march on.

I hate to say I told you so. But again let me remind you before all the fall out of this war is done, Israel will be giving up land. Israel has leaders that are traitors to the dream of 2,000 years when Jews dreamed of returning to Israel. A dream was born and labeled Zionism, all members of the Knesset have lost their way. For their is not one member of Knesset willing to stand tall against the world, so that Jews in Israel will be able to live without fear of terrorism.

August 14, 2006

Hizballah Has Fired 10 Rockets

Hizballah has fired 10 rockets or mortors aginst IDF positions in Lebanon.

Any bets on how long the cease fire lasts.

Report: Israel has no solution to West Bank rocket threat

By Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondent

The realignment committee set up to evaluate the idea of a unilateral withdrawal from most of the West Bank presented senior political officials with its report in which they raised legal, security and economic difficulties that are likely to inhibit the plan's implementation.

A source with access to the report said its main conclusion is that Israel has no security solution to the threat of rockets launched from the West Bank against population centers. The report's authors assume that following a unilateral Israeli pullout from the West Bank, Hamas will takeover and deploy rockets. Currently, the only solution to the missile threat that the Israel Defense Forces has to offer is its actual presence in the territories and control of the high ground.

Another conclusion is that Israel will not gain international recognition for an end to the occupation if it continues to hold significant portions of the West Bank. Similarly, it is doubtful whether such recognition would be forthcoming even if it unilaterally withdraws to the Green Line.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni appointed the committee late last year during her tenure as justice minister. The committee was instructed to delineate Israel's interests in the West Bank and the considerations that need to be considered for a unilateral pullout and evacuation of settlements. The committee was not instructed to examine how a pullout following an agreement with the Palestinian Authority would look, nor was it ordered to evaluate the impact of an internal rift with settlers.

Former director general at the Justice Ministry, Aharon Abramovitch, was appointed to head the committee. Abramovitch is now the Foreign Ministry's director general.

The voluminous report was presented to Livni several weeks ago, and since then, Livni and Abramovitch held two or three meetings with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert regarding its findings. Their last meeting took place before the outbreak of war.

The committee showed that Israel's two main interests are contradictory: on the one hand, Israel wishes to relinquish responsibility over the Palestinians as an occupying force; on the other, it would like to ensure that the territory it pulls out from is demilitarized. Controlling an "external envelope" of the West Bank borders will make it easier for Israel to prevent the transfer of weapons into the area, but will increase the level of responsibility vis-a-vis the Palestinians.

A compromise solution examined by the committee is for the Allenby crossing on the Jordanian border to be opened to Palestinian traffic, under international supervision, similar to that which exists at the Rafah crossing on the border of Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

Another possibility is for the Palestinian Authority to establish a state on territory evacuated by Israel, and Israel would reach an agreement with it on demilitarization.

According to the committee, the government's first decision will have to be the line to which it is willing to pull back. This will determine the legal (degree of Israel's responsibility), security (IDF repositioning and demilitarization), and economic implications (compensation to settlers that would be evacuated) of such a move.

In examining whether the model used in the disengagement from the Gaza Strip could be adopted in the case of the West Bank, the committee found there are about 20 substantive differences between the two cases.

One of the differences is the impact on neighboring countries. Egypt agreed to participate in the disengagement, and deployed forces along the border with the Gaza Strip. Jordan, meanwhile, considers the unilateral withdrawal of Israel from the West Bank a grave threat to its national security.

One of the alternatives examined by the committee is transfering the territory to international responsibility. Another is for the evacuation of all Israeli citizens, but maintaining an IDF presence there. A more limited settlement evacuation was also discussed.

The committee assessed that the state economy can sustain compensation for 15,000 settler families, even though the cost would be "astronomical."

Post the war in Lebanon, if Olmert were to try to retreat from Judea and Samaria then blood will be spilled to resist this action which would weaken Israel even more.

Turkey: Sign reads ‘Israeli murderers keep out’


Sign at Alanya cloth ing store (Photo: Nimrod Buchman)

Sign hung above clothing store in southern city of Alanya; Israeli tourist who photographed sign: Even on the way back to the cruise ship someone asked me if I was a solider and if I enjoy killing children
Miri Chason

A sign reading “For Children killers Israelis No Sale, No Entry ” welcomed Israel tourists who passed by a clothing store in the city of Alanya in south Turkey.

The city is frequented by many Israelis, who arrive mainly on cruse ships during the summer.

“We entered the store because I didn’t notice the sign, which was hung very high,” said Nimrod Buchman, 25, of central Israel, who was on a trip with his girlfriend.

“The Turks immediately recognize Israelis, and therefore they asked us if we are soldiers and if we are capable of murdering children. They told us to leave and did not let us go inside. I had to take a photo of the shocking sign.”

When the vendor realized that Buchman had photographed the sign, an argument erupted.

“One of the salespeople began to chase after me and demanded to see what I had photographed,” Buchman said. “We argued for a while and then he began to curse, but when he understood that I was not about to give up the camera he left. We were very frightened, as were the other people present. Even on the way back to the cruise ship someone asked me if I was a solider and if I enjoy killing children.”

“I will definitely never return to this city, despite the fact that is amazing” Buchman said. “There is an uneasiness that surrounds you here, and people look at you with contempt.

Pay Pal

Pay Pal has been giving us problems. I hope to have the issue fixed by Tuesday, so please be patient. If you would like to go ahead and send us a check you can do so at our Post Office Box.

IDF Kills 6 Hizballah

The day following the cease fire the IDF has killed 6 Hizballah.

Terror And War

As many know who have heard me on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show when pushed by Hugh to try to predict the future my stock answer has been “I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet.

I stand by my stock answer, but today one need not be a prophet in order to understand the future.

Terror and War.

This is the future for Israel and the west.

It will take Israel under the weak leadership that is currently represented by all the members of the Knesset 10 years to get out of this mess. Under strong leadership it will take a war like World War 2, to cut the time frame to 6 months to remove the stain of this war.

Hizballah is shooting fire works in Beirut, to celebrate the victory.

Fatah and Hamas are talking about joining forces to fight the Zionist.

Assad of Syria has stated on Syria media that the road to return the Golan Heights to Syria is through war and not by a peace process.

So the future is Terror and War and not just for Israel and the Jewish people world wide.

No the west has signaled to Hizballah and its sponsor Iran just how weak the west is.

Comrades of Kidnapped Soldiers Protest Cease Fire

protest in tel aviv.jpg

22:59 Aug 14, '06 / 20 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Dozens of members of the unit from which two IDF soldiers were kidnapped by Hizbullah terrorists July 12 are protesting the cease fire agreement in Tel Aviv Monday night.

Despite American and Israeli assurances that a cease fire would be conditioned on the release of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, the agreement only calls for their freedom without demanding it. The soldiers rallied in Rabin Square.

Goldwasser's father Shlomo, who was not at the demonstration, said while the cease fire could help win the soldiers' release, he believes that the IDF "must not pull back until the families have something in their hand."

Comrades of Kidnapped Soldiers Protest Cease Fire

Comrades of Kidnapped Soldiers Protest Cease Fire
22:59 Aug 14, '06 / 20 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Dozens of members of the unit from which two IDF soldiers were kidnapped by Hizbullah terrorists July 12 are protesting the cease fire agreement in Tel Aviv Monday night.

Despite American and Israeli assurances that a cease fire would be conditioned on the release of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, the agreement only calls for their freedom without demanding it. The soldiers rallied in Rabin Square.

Goldwasser's father Shlomo, who was not at the demonstration, said while the cease fire could help win the soldiers' release, he believes that the IDF "must not pull back until the families have something in their hand."

Fatah, Hamas discuss unity gov't

Fatah, Hamas discuss unity gov't
Khaled Abu Toameh, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 14, 2006

Fatah and Hamas are close to reaching an agreement on forming a national unity government, Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah revealed on Monday.

They said PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to hold talks in Gaza City late Monday night with Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh over the establishment of a new government and ways of ending tensions between Abbas's Fatah party and Haniyeh's Hamas movement.

"The two sides believe that in the wake of the Israel-Hizbullah war, the best thing for the Palestinians at this stage is to be united," one official told The Jerusalem Post. "That's why we are working hard to persuade Hamas to accept the idea of a national unity government that would see both parties in power. We believe the next phase carries serious challenges for the Palestinians."

Another PA official said Hamas appeared to be divided over the national unity idea. "Some Hamas leaders like Haniyeh support the initiative, while others are strongly opposed to it," the official explained.

He disclosed that Haniyeh has been invited to visit Qatar before the end of the month to discuss the possibility of forming a new government with Fatah. This would be Haniyeh's first visit abroad since he was elected PA Prime Minister earlier this year.

The Palestinians are hoping that the cease-fire in Lebanon would shift the world's attention back to the West Bank and Gaza Strip. For the past month, the Palestinians have been complaining that the international community was no longer interested in what's happening in their areas because of the fighting in Lebanon.

Abbas and Haniyeh are also expected to discuss the fate of kidnapped IDF soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit, who is being held in the Gaza Strip by Hamas and other militias. Egyptian mediators based in the Gaza Strip have stepped up their efforts in the past few days to secure the release of Shalit, holding intensive talks with Hamas leaders and activists.

Sources close to Hamas expressed cautious optimism that the case could be resolved peacefully. According to one source, Egypt has suggested that Shalit be handed over to the Egyptian authorities. In return, Israel would release scores of Palestinian detainees and prisoners, including Hamas legislators and ministers who were taken into custody over the past few weeks.

"We believe that we are close to a deal," the sources said, pointing out that Hamas was keen on ending the crisis peacefully. "Qatar, Turkey and Egypt are continuing to play a constructive role by mediating between Hamas and Israel."

Meanwhile, Hamas said on Monday that it was studying the implications of the Hizbullah "victory" in Lebanon and warned that the presence of IDF soldiers in southern Lebanon would lead to more violence.

"The conflict could resume and even deteriorate into a regional war," said PA Information Minister Yusef Rizkah of Hamas. "The war has taught us that resistance should be a key factor in resolving the problems of Lebanon and Palestine."

Rizkah said the war united Arabs and Muslims around the world "because now they are looking forward to achieving freedom and dignity." He added: "If anything, this war has shattered the myth of the invincible [Israeli] army and [shown] that the Israelis are unable to confront the strong determination and will of Muslim fighters."

The "defeat" of the IDF in Lebanon, he added, marks the beginning of the regression of the Zionist project in the Middle East. "Israel will fail in Palestine the same way it failed in Lebanon," he said. "Israel failed to score real achievements despite 30 days of destruction. This is remarkable if we take into consideration the fact that Israel defeated many Arab armies in 1967."

Emboldened by what they perceive as the Hizbullah "victory" over Israel, several writers and commentators in the Arab world have begun openly discussing the possibility of destroying Israel. In a series of articles in the Palestinian and Arab media, many of them said that the poor performance of the IDF in the war proved that the elimination of Israel is no longer unattainable.

Palestinian political commentator Mustafa Sawwaf, analyzing the results of the war, wrote on Monday that it was now obvious that the IDF had lost its credibility and reputation as the strongest army in the region.

"This war has also harmed Israel's deterrence capability," he said. "Israel's deterrence force is gone forever and this revives hopes in the Arab world of confronting Israel in the future. The war has also affirmed that Islam constitutes a real threat to Israel, which now realizes that its end is close despite the military power it possesses."

As I posted in our appeal for funds. The criminal handling of this war will result in more terrorism and war.

66 percent: Ceasefire agreement not good

Survey: 58 percent believe Israel only achieved small part of objectives, if at all; Kadima, Labor would crash were elections held today, poll shows
Ilan Marciano

A Globes-Smith survey published on Monday showed that the majority of Israelis (52 percent) believe the IDF was unsuccessful in its Lebanon offensive, as opposed to 44 percent who believe the army did well.

According to the survey, 58 percent of the public believes Israel achieved few if any objectives in the war, up from 16 percent 11 days ago.

The survey showed that only 3 percent of Israelis believe that the country achieved most or all of its pre-war objectives, down from 33 percent a week ago.

According to the survey, were the elections held today Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s Kadima party would receive less than 20 mandates (as opposed to the 29 it received in the March elections), while Defense Minister Amir Peretz’s Labor party would receive only 12 mandates (as opposed to the 19 it obtained in the recent elections).

Overall, 60 percent of those who voted for Kadima and Labor said they would not vote for them, with most becoming undecided voters at this time.

The picture emerging from the new survey is fundamentally different from the one prevalent during the month of the war in the North, where the public expressed its support for both the government and military – positions that can be characterized as "patriotic."

About half the public believes the ceasefire would be maintained for longer than a month, while 35 percent think it would only last a

Only six percent of respondents said they thought the Security Council resolution that ended the fighting is good and achieves most of Israel's objections. Meanwhile, 66 percent believe the agreement is not good – only a quarter of those said this is the best agreement that can be obtained under the circumstances. Overall, 38 percent said the deal is not good but Israel had no choice but to accept it

Soldiers' petition: Keep fighting

Reserve troops who fought in Lebanon urge government to continue operations until abducted soldiers released
Hanan Greenberg

Reserve soldiers called up by the army to join the fighting in Lebanon began Monday to circulate a petition where they protest the fact abducted IDF soldiers in Lebanon have not yet been released.

The troops, who are just outside Lebanon at this time, already managed to get hundreds of signatures on the petition.

Yisrael Kasirar, one of the soldiers who initiated the petition, told Ynet:: "Reserve soldiers feel solidarity with the substance of the
petition and it's circulating among many of them who are willing to sign it. The signing is taking place despite the current conditions, where reserve soldiers are spread across various areas in the north of the country."

The petition reads: "We, reserve soldiers who were called up for emergency duty, view with severity the acceptance of the ceasefire agreement in its current format, as a result of the abandonment of the abducted soldiers. We regret the fact that the fog of battle blurred the original war objectives we were enlisted for and the IDF values we were educated on. We're determined to complete the mission until the return of the abducted soldiers."

Kasirar says his comrades and him are willing to continue with reserve duty for many days and not come home until the mission is completed.

"We were in Lebanon, we fought in the Marjayoun region, our friends were killed and wounded, and we feel that the war objective was not achieved," he said, and added that initiators of the petition intend to forward it to as many reserve troops, including those currently in Lebanon.

'We didn't come to make fools of ourselves'

The purpose of the petition is to get as many troops to sign it, so it resonates among senior commanders, Kasirar said.

"We feel that a significant part of the Israeli public feels what we feel. We hope that despite the fact there's a ceasefire agreement someone will wake up and realize that this war mustn't be over with the abductees not coming back home," he said.

Itzik Ben-Naim, one of the troops who signed the petition, said: "We won't leave two of our comrades inside (Lebanon.) We didn't come to fight for the sake of playing. We didn't come to make fools of ourselves."

Ben-Naim, who saw a member of his regiment killed in battle, added the petition was not a political one.

"People are frustrated because the objectives were dissolved. It's important that we continue even just so the abductees' families know the soldiers haven't forgotten the values they were educated on."

Olmert does not deserve to command such men.

Nasrallah: This isn’t the time to disarm

Nasrallah: This isn’t the time to disarm

Hizbullah leader says in first speech since ceasefire ‘it’s unfortunate that Lebanese government discussed disarmament in direct contrast to agreement between the sides’; adds: Soon I will address people in public squares
Roee Nahmias

Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah said during a speech aired on Al-Manar TV Monday that ‘we are at the brink of a great victory; a strategic and historic one. The Hizbullah fighters brought about this great triumph.”

In his first speech delivered after the ceasefire went into effect at 8 a.m., Nasrallah said "this is not the time for Hizbullah to disarm.

"It is unfortunate that the initial discussion on this matter and on the deployment of the army (in the south) was held by the (Lebanese) government in direct contrast to the agreement between the sides,” he said.

“Who will defend Lebanon in case of a new Israeli offensive?” he asked. “The Lebanese army and international troops are incapable of protecting Lebanon,” He said, flanked by Lebanese and Hizbullah flags.

But Nasrallah said he was open to dialogue about Hizbullah’s weapons at the appropriate time. And he credited his group’s weapons with proving to Israel that “War with Lebanon will not be a picnic. It will be very costly.”

Nasrallah said that beginning Tuesday Hizbullah would transfer initial funds to south Lebanon residents whose homes were destroyed so
they may rent apartments and buy furniture, adding that the terror group will fund the renovation of the homes ’15,000 damaged homes.’

“You (residents) will not wait in any line or for government funds because this may take too long,” the Hizbullah leader said. “We will come to you and grant you funds worth a year’s rent and for furniture. In the meantime we will rebuild your destroyed homes.”

Nasrallah, who remains in hiding, added that “soon I will address people in public squares and tell them the details of what happened."

The statement was a response to Ehud Olmert's speech to the Knesset plenum Sunday, in which the PM declared that Israel would continue to track down Hizbullah operatives.

So tell me who sounds like a winner and who sounds like they are working a spin to try to pretend they have won.

Hizballah ends the war holding the two IDF soldiers and the body parts grabbed from the dead soldiers in the first tank that was destroyed a month ago. They also are still holding all their weapons.

Your Help Is Needed

We have gone from highs to lows over the last month as together we have watched Israel suffer.

The people in the north of Israel have suffered deaths and injuries as well as losses of income and production in the billions of dollars, due to the rain of thousands of rockets that have fallen on their homes.

All of Israel and those that love Israel around the world, have suffered through a month of the worse leadership in Israel’s history.

This failure of leadership is not only on the part of the ruling government but extends to the total of the Knesset.

The government’s on again and off again fighting of this war, has caused wide spread suffering in Israel and Lebanon without the destruction of Hizballah.

Who can forget Arab members of Knesset leading anti Israel demonstrations at a time when Hizballah rockets were killing Arabs and Jews a like? Whose only crime was to live in Israel.

Historically the opposition has remained silent during the times of Israeli wars, and I applauded this behavior in the wars of our history.

However this war has made history due to the criminal mismanagement of this war. What should have been an easy victory for the IDF instead has become a loss for Israel.
Never has been Israel been forced to evacuate a town under fire like we did with Kiryat Shmona in this war.

The ramifications for this war, should have been clear to all.
Iran and its proxy Hizballah have exposed the weakness that is the civilian leadership of Israel.

This war has exposed the weakness of all Knesset members. Members of Knesset are part of the same elite club that has lost touch with reality in the Middle East and the Israeli people.

No leader has come to the front during this war to speak the truth about the failure of Olmert. The opposition has shown once again that it places sitting in the Knesset over the well fare of the Israeli people.

This failure will not only bring terror and war to Israel in an even greater scale than we have seen in the past, but I fear for the west as well.

A month ago the number one topic in the world was Iran’s nuclear program and Ahmadinejad’s threats to wipe out Israel.

Today Ahmadinejad knows the weakness of both Israel and the west.

This war must be the start of a new direction for Israel.

The time has come for the people of Israel to rise up and seize the power, that is theirs.

The problem has been that the system in Israel stacks the deck in favor of the established parties. Their have been single issue protest parties, that have risen and fallen through Israel’s history, but they have not be able to stay the course.

Join us in establishing a new political party that will be more than a single issue party.

Many Israeli’s seek a choice. The time has come for them to get that choice.

What is needed is a party that will be made up of non Knesset members. Rather its membership will be made up of Israeli’s from every walk of life, that all have one issue in common a better future for Israel.

Since security is front and center this party will take Israel back to its glory days.
Where Israel defended itself in a series of bold dynamic actions and wars. That showed the world that Jews were no longer going to be victims.

But there is more than security issues that face Israel. The economy must continue to move forward towards a totally free economy, leaving behind the socialism that was needed in the start of the country.

Whole segments of the Israeli population have been left behind, forced to watch their fellow Israeli’s prosper while they waste away on welfare or in low income jobs. Israel must engage in new educational programs to break this cycle.

Israel must take all steps need to become a place for the world to invest due to favorable taxation and an environment that will make Israel the Research and Development center for the world.

Israel must bring to an end the American aid that we receive every year. By a combination of performance audits for all government agencies and reform Israel can cut enough waste to more than make up for the loss of these monies.

Israel must inform the world that the Oslo Peace Process is dead and as a result Israel must eliminate the Palestinian Authority which exists only because of the Oslo Process.

Israel must make an offer to the Palestinian people to join us in building a peaceful and productive future for all children Israeli and Palestinians.

At the same time it must be made clear to the Palestinians that terrorism will bring a price for supporting the murder of Jews.
Lastly it must be made clear that Israel will never give up any of G-D’s Land that He gave to the Jewish people.

All member of Knesset from the new party will be required to donate 50% of their salary to charity either to feed hungry children in Israel or to assist victims of terrorism. The current level of salary for Knesset members is obscene. There are families that exist for a year on what a member of Knesset makes in 1 ½ months.

We will be example of servants to the people and not their masters.

I am asking the loyal readers of the blog which now number about 12,500 a day during the work week to commit to helping us for a year with a minimum of $5 to 10 a month.

These funds will go toward building the infrastructure needed to get a political party off the ground in Israel.

With Israel being a Parliamentary system of government we don’t really know when the next election will be. Since in this type of system the government in effect, can be voted out of office by the other member of the Knesset. Which will result in new elections, in around 90 days?

When we have an idea of the level of support, we will fill the paper work with the Israeli government and name the new party as well as the board of directors.

This posting gives a general outlook for the party, please feel free to email me with specific questions.

We need you to join the team by helping us with the funds necessary to start such a journey.

I am asking Christian, Jews and even Muslims that want to never live through such a month like we just have to join us.

I pray that G-D will bless this effort and may it be part of the steps needed to bring the final redemption.

You can send your funds by paypal via the blog, or a check to Yoni Tidi
P.O. Box 18052
Seattle, WA 98118

War Summary: 52 Civilians Deaths in 3,970 Rocket Attacks on Israel

War Summary: 52 Civilians Deaths in 3,970 Rocket Attacks on Israel
18:12 Aug 14, '06 / 20 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Hizbullah terrorists attacked Israel with 3,970 rockets since they began their attack on the north on July 12, killing 52 civilians. Forty people are still being treated for very serious wounds, 50 suffered moderate injuries, 546 were lightly injured and 1,318 were treated for shock.

A summary of the attacks shows that the Upper Galilee region of Kiryat Shmona suffered the brunt of the attacks with more than 1,000 rockets, and 808 fell on the coastal area of Nahariya.

Tzfat was attacked with 471 Katyushas, and 176 exploded in or near Carmiel, 93 in the Haifa area and 181 in or near Tiberias, on the shores of the Kinneret Lake (Sea of Galilee).

Fog of war dissipates: Finance Ministry puts total damages at NIS 23 billion

Fog of war dissipates: Finance Ministry puts total damages at NIS 23 billion
By Moti Bassok and Avi Bar-Eli

As the IDF moves deep into Lebanon, attempting to chalk up a few last achievements before the cease-fire takes effect, the Finance Ministry can finally estimate the economic damage. According to official estimates, the overall cost of the war today amounts to about NIS 23 billion. The direct budgetary impact of the war is NIS 12 billion - NIS 7 billion in defense spending and NIS 5 billion to cover direct and indirect damages.

The treasury estimates the war will result in at least 1.5 percent loss of gross domestic product, which translates into NIS 9 billion, including the loss of NIS 2 billion in tax revenues. In addition, the state will pay out NIS 2 billion in emergency aid to local governments in the north and to emergency services. A fraction of that - NIS 150 million - has already been distributed according to a series of criteria drafted by a committee headed by Interior Ministry director general Ram Belinkov.

This amount works out to about 5.1 billion dollars, and Hizballah was not defeated.

Army: Incident will not jeopardize cease-fire

Last update - 17:26 14/08/2006
Army: Incident will not jeopardize cease-fire
Peretz: Israel coordinating with UNIFIL; IDF kills Hezbollah man who fired at them
By Amos Harel and Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondents

Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Monday that Israeli officials have begun meeting with members of the United Nations peace-keeping force in Lebanon to discuss the withdrawal of Israel Defense Forces troops from the south of the country.

"We have launched coordination with UNIFIL officials to start handing over the ground," Peretz said, referring to the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) which, under the terms of the cease-fire that went into effect hours earlier, will help the Lebanese army control the south.

A tense calm took the place of more than a month of bitter fighting between Israel and Hezbollah as guns were stilled at 8.00 A.M. Monday.

In the one incident that occurred Monday, IDF troops killed a Hezbollah man who had opened fire on them in southern Lebanon, hours after the United Nations-brokered truce took hold, but the cease-fire held.

In mid-morning, IDF soldiers shot dead the Hezbollah fighter, who sprang from a hiding place and opened fire at them. The clash took place near the village of Ghanduriya, in central south Lebanon.

Senior IDF officers said the incident fell within guidelines allowing for resort to weaponry. The guidelines allow troops to fire at Hezbollah members who pose a mortal and immediate threat. According to the officers, the Monday incident did not jeopardize the cease-fire

Egypt FM hails Hezbollah for having 'fought with honor'

Last update - 15:13 14/08/2006
Egypt FM hails Hezbollah for having 'fought with honor'
By Reuters

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit on Monday praised the way Hezbollah held out against Israel for over four weeks, but faulted the Islamist group for possible carelessness.

In an interview with Reuters, Aboul Gheit was more critical of the Israeli response to a Hizbollah raid into Israel on July 12, the incident which preceded Israeli air raids and ground attacks which drove 1 million people from their homes.

He said the month-long war between Israel and Hezbollah was inconclusive militarily and its political consequences might not be evident for weeks or months.

He described as hasty, violent and irresponsible the Israeli offensive, which killed hundreds of Lebanese civilians and failed to destroy Hizbollah. "It (Israeli behaviour) led to the difficulties that everybody is facing," he said.

On Hezbollah, he said: "They conducted themselves in a manner that showed their ability to resist and they fought with honor ... but the result after all is a disaster for Lebanon."

How can Egypt a country that is supposed to be at peace with Israel praises a terrorist group for fighting Israel? Only in the Middle East.

'LAF to deploy in South within 72 hours'

Aug. 14, 2006 11:25 | Updated Aug. 14, 2006 15:26
'LAF to deploy in South within 72 hours'

Lebanon's communications minister told French radio Monday that the Lebanese army was preparing to cross the Litani River into the troubled south within two or three days, despite uncertainty about a future UN force for the region.

"The Lebanese army is readying itself along the Litani to cross the river in 48 or 72 hours," Marwan Hamade said on Europe-1 radio.

It will then be flanked by "the first contingents of an international force," he added, likely from France, Turkey, Spain and Italy. He did not give a timeframe.

He spoke shortly after a UN-imposed cease-fire went into effect across the region, halting a month of fighting.

But implementation of the resolution was in question after the Lebanese Cabinet on Sunday indefinitely postponed a crucial meeting dealing with plans for the deployment. Lebanese media reported that the Cabinet was sharply divided over demands that Hizbullah surrender its weapons in the south.

Hamade said the Lebanese government would try Monday to find a "formula" for implementing the resolution.

Lebanon's industry minister, Pierre Jemayel, a member of a majority anti-Syrian bloc in parliament, told Al-Siyassah daily, "Hizbullah has to deliver its weapons to the Lebanese army, and its light weapons to the police."

"Its fighters are welcome to join the military force and the state will then quickly regain control of all Lebanese territories."

"I'm not telling Hizbullah to surrender its weapons to Israel, or to the international community," Jemayel told the daily. "(I am telling it) to surrender them to the Lebanese army."

Jemayel blamed the guerrilla group for starting the war with its July 12 cross-border raid "without consulting with anyone."

Jemayel also took a jab at the sway of Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

"If the secretary-general of Hizbullah has become the president of Lebanon, he has to let us know," Jemayel said.

Lebanon's ambassador to the UN said that his government would not use force to ensure the dismantling of Hizbullah, sources said early Monday morning.

He claimed that Hizbullah would independently be responsible for leaving south Lebanon. "We could have completed a cease-fire by Sunday morning, but Israel insisted on destroying the essence of Lebanon," the ambassador commented while being interviewed by CNN.

Earlier, another Lebanese cabinet minister said that the Lebanese army would not deploy in southen Lebanon if Hizbullah retains its weapons.

"The army will not deploy in the south unless there are no arms in the south except those of a legitimate military force and UNIFIL," the minister said.

Hizbullah, however, has resisted calls to disarm and its refusal to follow through threatened the deal.

A top aide to Prime Minister Fuad Saniora said the cabinet meeting had been indefinitely postponed but would give no reason.

August 13, 2006


Sunday the day before the cease fire should take place had a record number of rockets fall on Israel, 260. I should also note that according to the fetching Mrs. Yoni sirens are sounding in Haifa as I write this no report of rocket strikes as of now.

Phone Report

I am on the phone with the fetching Mrs. Yoni who is in Israel and sirens have started to sound in Haifa. One hour before the cease fire.

She also tells me that most of the people think it would have been better not to fight the war if this is the way that Israel
was going to fight it. All the soldiers have been lost for nothing.

Hizbullah 'victory' boosts extremists

Hizbullah 'victory' boosts extremists
Khaled Abu Toameh, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 13, 2006

At least 50 newborn babies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been named after Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah over the past month, sources in the Palestinian Authority Health Ministry told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

The move is an indication of his growing popularity of Nasrallah among Palestinians and Arabs in general, many of whom hail him for merely daring to stand up to Israel. As the war nears its end, some moderate Arabs expressed fear that the widely-perceived conviction on the Arab street that Hizbullah had won would enhance the position of those who argue that Israel can be defeated or destroyed.

"Almost every day we have a case of parents asking to name their newborn babies after Nasrallah," one source said. "This reminds me of the days when Palestinians used to name their children after Saddam Hussein because of the missile attacks on Israel during the Gulf War."

Naming babies after Nasrallah is only one of the ways many Palestinians have been expressing their gratitude for the Shi'ite leader for firing thousands of rockets and missiles at Israel and for inflicting heavy casualties on the IDF. Nasrallah's posters and the yellow flag of Hizbullah have flooded local markets. CDs containing new songs heaping praise on Nasrallah and Hizbullah are being sold on the streets of Palestinian cities for NIS 10.

One of the most popular, Welcome the Hawk of Lebanon, includes 14 songs and parts of speeches delivered by Nasrallah since the war broke out. Some of the songs ridicule Arab governments and leaders for failing to join the fight, while others urge the Palestinian factions to copy Hizbullah's tactics and step up attacks on Israel.

Expressing enormous admiration for Hizbullah, Palestinians across the political spectrum agreed that Israel had suffered a humiliating defeat.

"This war has shown once again that Israel is much weaker than it is perceived, especially in the Arab world," said Ziad Abdel Fattah, a Fatah operative from a village near Ramallah. "Other than kill hundreds of civilians, Israel failed to achieve most of its goals, particularly the destruction of Hizbullah. Everyone saw how Israeli soldiers were forced to retreat in the face of the heroes of Hizbullah."

Muhammad Atiyeh, who describes himself as a Hamas supporter, is convinced that the war in Lebanon could signal the beginning of the demise of Israel. "After 30 days of fighting, Israel had to beg the Americans for a cease-fire," he said. "Had it not been for the US, Israel would have vanished a long time ago. We have seen in recent years that Israel does not have the capability to confront Muslim warriors from Hamas and Hizbullah. The day will come when all Muslims will unite and wipe Israel off the map."

Echoing a similar view, Palestinian Authority Minister of Culture Atallah Abu al-Sabah said that the war in Lebanon has proven that it's only a matter of time before Israel disappears.

"The saying that Israel is here to stay has proven to be a false one," he told a pro-Hizbullah rally in Gaza City. "Israel can be defeated and this is what the Arab regimes should know. It's time to remove the dust from Arab weapons and to use them to liberate Palestine and the Aksa Mosque."

He expressed his wish that "every Arab capital would have its own Hizbullah... Hizbullah has taught Israel an unforgettable lesson and we hope that all the Arab countries will start recruiting and training young men to fight like the great Hizbullah fighters."

Palestinian political analysts said the fact that many Palestinians and Arabs are convinced that Hizbullah had won the war will boost the popularity of extremist groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and al-Qaida.

"This war will have negative repercussions on the Palestinian arena," said former PA minister and political analyst Ghassan Khatib. "The radicals who believe that force is the only way to resolve the conflict will be strengthened as a result of this war."

Arab commentators were quick to declare over the weekend that Hizbullah had won the war.

Writing in the Mathaba News Network, columnist Zaher Mahruqi said the Hizbullah "victory" will boost the status of jihadists around the world.

"As the jihadists movements prove their potency on the battleground in southern Lebanon, the rest of the jihadists in the world win, at the very least, a psychological victory and a renewed sense of legitimacy," he said. "After all, Hizbullah, which was coined to be a terrorist group by world powers, is now viewed as a legitimate and capable resistance movement."

These are the same Palestinians that cheered the planes on 9-11. Do they deserve to have their own country?

Pressure on Egypt to Curtail Relations with Israel

02:25 Aug 14, '06 / 20 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Public pressure in Egypt, particularly from groups opposed to President Hosni Mubarak, has been intensifying to persuade the Egyptian government to curtail formal relations with Israel.

A number of parliament members are demanding that Egypt halt oil and gas exports to the Jewish state. In June 2005, Egypt signed a 15 year agreement to supply Israel with oil and gas beginning in October 2006.

If America ends the aid to Egypt if Egypt were to cut off relations with Israel, then this would be a great thing.

Terror attack in north foiled

IDF reserve forces operating in south Lebanon discovered a truck filled with explosives that was apparently making its way toward Israel to be set off along the border with Israel.

Sappers dispatched to the scene conducted a controlled-detonation of the truck

This is the way Hizballah goes into a cease fire? A terror attack on civilians.

Lebanon envoy: Truce will be Israel's last

Lebanon's UN ambassador bitterly slammed Israel's month-long bombardment of his country ahead of a hard-won truce, and vowed that the treaty would be Israel's last with any Middle East country.

"Lebanon will be, I think, the last state to sign a peace treaty with Israel," UN ambassador Nouhad Mahmoud told CNN television's "Late Edition" program. The diplomat added that the 15,000 Lebanese soldiers to be dispatched to south Lebanon to help keep the peace alongside a similarly-sized international UN force "are not going to use force" to disarm the Hizbullah militia which has been battling Israel. (AFP)

Beverly Hills Cop In Kiryat Shmona

LA cop in Israel.jpg

Sgt. Gordon, 51, watched the war in Israel from his couch in Los Angeles, and felt he had to do something to help. He bought a ticket, and days later was in Kiryat Shmona, handing out food to civilians, soldiers
Aviram Zino

Sergeant Walt Gordon, 51, took some time off from his work as an officer and medic with the Beverly Hills Police to come to Israel last week, straight to the rocket-ravaged town of Kiryat Shmona in the north.

Gordon arrived on his own initiative to lend a hand to forces in the north and express support and solidarity for the holy land.

"My wife and I are devout Christians and big fans of Israel," Gordon told Ynet. "We saw what was happening in Israel on the news, and especially in Kiryat Shmona, and we decided we had to help."

Gordon said his police unit in Los Angeles trains with representatives from the Israel Police, so he turned to an Israeli friend there and asked how he could help. After he was referred to the Kiryat Shmona police, he bought a ticket to Israel and went straight up north to offer his help.

Along with two Israeli volunteers, Gordon distributes food to soldiers and residents in Kiryat Shmona. "We're doing as much as we can," Gordon said.

He spoke excitedly of his experiences here. "We went to the artillery battery here and spoke with reserve soldiers, and for the first time I witnessed to extraordinary phenomenon of people dropping everything, simply abandoning their lives in the middle, and going to serve their country. It is stirring and heartwarming," Gordon said.

Regarding the ceasefire agreement, the intrepid volunteer said, "I am not an Israeli citizen and I don't need to express my opinion," but in the same breath he added, "I would be happy to see Hizbullah crushed. I think that unfortunately we'll still be seeing them in the future, and of course they'll declare victory. The UN doesn't have the ability to distance Hizbullah from the border. How can it prevent them from joining the Southern Lebanese Army? The diplomatic route is only the right solution after Hizbullah is broken and the kidnapped soldiers are returned."

As for the international criticism of Israel's hard-handed military response, Gordon says it is clear that if Hizbullah had the ability, it would wipe out Israel, while Israel would never do such a thing to Lebanon. "That's the difference, and that's why you can't say Israel is attacking Lebanon too harshly," he says.

"I'm not the hero here. The real heroes are the Israel's on the front lines, the soldiers and reservists that go up there and protect this country that I love so much," Gordon declares, while en route to his next mission – handing out goodies to the next tank battery.

Hero's must be saluted and thanked.

Qassam Lands In Ashkelon; Woman Lightly Hurt

A Qassam rocket was fired from northern Gaza toward Ashkelon; a woman was lightly injured and a teenage girl suffered from shock. (Shmulik Hadad)

Just in case you thought peace had broken out with the Palestinians


Two News Flashes

Israel has shot down two Hizballah drones, one made it into Israeli airspace and the second was shot down in Lebanon.

The second flash is that Syria has started to remove land mines located in the zone between the Syrian and Israeli lines on the Golan Heights plus they have moved a tank formation into the area.

Abductees' families 'gravely disappointed' by UN resolution

Last update - 22:09 13/08/2006
Abductees' families 'gravely disappointed' by UN resolution
By Aluf Benn and Jack Khoury, Haaretz Correspondents

The families of two soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah guerillas met with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday and expressed their "grave disappointment" over a new UN resolution regarding a cease-fire with Lebanon.

Olmert gave the parents an update on the UN resolution and on the steps Israel is taking in order to release the three abducted soldiers (including IDF soldier Gilad Shalit abducted on the Gaza-Israel border). The prime minister said that Israel is doing its utmost to bring about the release of Udi Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, who were kidnapped by Hezbollah on July 12 on Israel's northern border.

According to Benny Regev, Eldad Regev's brother, the meeting with the prime minister did not help to set his mind at ease. "Tomorrow morning, or a few days from now, all of the IDF troops will leave Lebanon. The only ones who will be left alone, unarmed, with no helmet, are my brother and Udi," Regev said.

Regev says that the resolution essentially leaves the decision on whether to release the soldiers up to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. "We are now dependant on the goodwill of Nasrallah, and that is a terrible situation to be in."

The Goldwassers were equally dissatisfied with the meeting. Shlomo Goldwasser, Udi's father, said they felt no better for having gone to the meeting, nor had they received any new information. He said the family will have to wait and see whether the resolution is actually beneficial.

But both families said they got the impression that the prime minister was willing to negotiate for the soldiers' release. "We are still optimistic and as families, we will continue our public struggle to bring back Udi and Eldad, as well as Gilad Shalit who is currently being held by the Hamas in Gaza." Goldwasser said. The father reiterated his stance that as long as the fighting in Lebanon continues, the chances of the soldiers' safe return grow slim.

Goldwasser believes that negotiation is the only way to bring the soldiers back. But he said that the family recognizes that Israel is at war and as a result has been trying to limit its criticism. The Shalit, Regev and Goldwasser families launched a new website on Sunday to support the kidnapped soldiers.

The UN resolution on cease-fire between Israel and Lebanon calls for the unconditional release of the abducted Israeli soldiers, but is not included as a binding section in the resolution.

A senior diplomatic source said Israel has no information on the fate of Regev and Goldwasser, but it is assumed they are still alive. The source said the IDF has launched high-risk operations to obtain information on the abductees, but they were all unsuccessful.

The source said also that Israel did not condition the cease-fire on the release of the soldiers because it would have led to the continuation of the fighting and the loss of more life.

The major obstacle for the release of the soldiers is Hezbollah's demand for the release of Samir Kuntar who murdered the Haran family and a policeman in Nahariya in 1979. In the last prisoners exchange between Israel and Hezbollah in 2004 it was agreed Kuntar would only be released in return for concrete and full information on the disappearance of Israel Air Force navigator Ron Arad. Hezbollah, however, did not provide any details on his fate.

The senior diplomatic source said the issue of Kuntar's release "has not yet been raised" in the current prisoner release talks.

The fact that Israel is not receiving it's kidnapped soldiers back as part of the cease fire is just one more sign of the failure of Olmert. Please feel free to email with any positive things that have come out the last months fighting. I fail to see any thing positive

5 soldiers killed in Lebanon

Anti-tank missile fired at infantry troops operating in Aita al-Shaab region in south; officer, three soldiers killed, 20 others injured. In eastern sector, just north of Metula, tank belonging to IDF reserve unit hit by mortar; officer killed, another seriously wounded
Hanan Greenberg

Two officers and three IDF soldiers were killed in battles in south Lebanon on Sunday. In addition, an officer and three soldiers were seriously injured, and 25 soldiers were lightly injured.

In the village of Abu-Tawil, located in south Lebanon’s Aita- al-Shaab region, an anti-tank missile was fired at infantry troops; an officer and three soldiers were killed and 20 others were injured, three of them seriously, in the incident. In Tel Nachs in the eastern sector, just north of Metula, a tank belonging to an IDF reserve unit was directly hit by a mortar; an office was killed, another sustained serious injuries and to soldiers were lightly hurt.

One Killed

One Israeli died in today’s rocket attacks on Israel an 83 year old man was killed in a rural village in the north.

Rockets Fall On Haifa

Real time report, multiple rockets have just hit Haifa.

Arab View Of War

Arabs and Muslims from Iran, Hizbullah and the PA are celebrating Israel’s acceptance of the UN ceasefire, dubbing it a "surrender" and calling on Arab states to attack the new "weak" Israel.

“After one month of war against Lebanon's resistance, Israelis are the absolute losers and Hizbullah is the absolute winner of the war,” Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamida-Reza Asefi said Sunday. “The occupiers of Jerusalem failed, despite their military, economic, intelligence and diplomatic backings.”

The Iranian official said the Islamic Republic of Iran is “very pleased” with the ceasefire, according to state-run Iranian news agency IRNA. He warned, though, that attacks on Israel would continue as long as “occupation lingers.” He declined to outline whether occupation included retaining sovereignty in regions such as the Galilee – which Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah has termed “settlements” in his wartime addresses. "Let us not forget that as long as there is occupation there is resistance," he added.

Hizbullah central council member Ahmed Barakat told Qatari newspaper al-Watan Sunday, "Today Arab and Muslim society is reasonably certain that the defeat of Israel is possible, and that countdown to the disappearance of the Zionist entity in the region has begun… If a mere organization succeeded in defeating Israel, why would Arab nations not succeed in doing so if they allied? Many Arabs and Muslims viewed Israel in a fictional way and the resistance has succeeded in changing this."

Barakat boasted that none of Hizbullah’s leadership were injured, and that the group still possesses thousands of rockets and other “surprises” for use in the days following the implementation of the UN ceasefire. He added that the remaining missiles and weapons allow Hizbullah to strike Israel from afar and do not require the group to be near Israel’s border.

Photos of Hizbullah-leader Hassan Nasrallah “hang everywhere in Ramallah,” according to Al-Jazeera, “covering the walls and shop fronts and plastered across T-shirts and demonstration banners.” The number-one song in Ramallah this summer, “blaring [repeatedly] out of shops and streets stalls,” is "The Eagle of Lebanon," referring to the Hizbullah chief.

“Secularists, Christians and Muslims alike refer to the Hizbullah leader as Palestine's newest and truest hero,” the Al-Jazeera report states. “Back at Manara square in Ramallah, Waleed Ayyoub is still selling the Nasrallah images to ‘all people of all ages - even little children.’ He is especially proud of a sale made to an Arab-Israeli woman from Haifa, fleeing the Katyusha attacks on her city.

Lebanese Cabinet meeting indefinitely postponed

Lebanese Cabinet meeting indefinitely postponed
herb keinon, gil hoffman and jpost staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 13, 2006

A critical Lebanese Cabinet meeting set for Sunday to discuss implementation of the cease-fire between Israel and Hizbullah was postponed, a move that was likely to delay the dispatch of the Lebanese army to the south and an end of the fighting.

A top aide to Prime Minister Fuad Saniora said the meeting had been indefinitely postponed but would give no reason. Published reports said the Cabinet, which approved the cease-fire unanimously Saturday night, had been sharply divided over demands in the cease-fire agreement that Hizbullah surrender its weapons in south Lebanon.

That disagreement was believed to have caused the postponement of the Sunday meeting that was to have taken up the dispatch of some 15,000 troops to the south.

Just a few hours before the Lebanese delay was announced, the Israeli cabinet approved the UN cease-fire deal after a stormy debate, clearing a key hurdle to ending the monthlong Mideast war, the government said.

The 24-0 vote, with one abstention, came a day after the Lebanese government approved the agreement, and Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah gave his grudging consent. The truce was to take effect on Monday morning, but the potential for new flareups remained high.

Former Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz abstained in the vote, said a senior government official.

Addressing reporters after the vote, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said the cease-fire deal approved would bring about a "change in the rules of the game" between Israel and Lebanon.

"The decision is good for Israel. I am not naive. I live in the Middle East and I know that not every decision in the Middle East is implemented and yet I still say it's good for Israel. It can lead to the real change in the Middle East that we have all been waiting for."

She noted that "The world now understands that Israel will not accept a terrorist organization on our border firing upon our citizens. We achieved most of our goals. If it's implemented, the change has been dramatic."

Livni also added that "nothing from the UN was forced on us. It was the Foreign Ministry acting for our interest from the first days of the war. When it became clear that the Lebanese government was too weak to enforce its takeover of the south, we asked international forces to come in."

She compared the expected diplomatic situation to the situation before June 12.

Livni urged Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora and the international community to implement the UN Security Council resolution calling for an end to the fighting and the mobilization of Lebanese troops backed by UN peacekeepers into south Lebanon. She called on the Lebanese army to move into south Lebanon "immediately."

During the press conference, Livni also said Israel would "not neglect" its goal of winning the release of two soldiers whose capture by Hizbullah guerrillas on July 12 precipitated the Mideast crisis.

At the start of the meeting, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert sent his condolences to the families of the fallen and wished for a quick recovery of the wounded. "Our hearts are with all IDF soldiers wherever they are," he said.

Olmert told the ministers that he had met with the families of kidnapped IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev and that he hoped the captives would now be freed. However, the truce is not linked to the soldiers' release.

The prime minister said he would appoint a senior official to conduct negotiations that would bring about the release of the kidnapped soldiers.

Olmert called the UN Security Council cease-fire resolution a good deal for Israel. According to Olmert, "Hizbullah will no longer exist as a state within a state. Lebanon will be responsible for any problems or violations of the agreement."

Defense Minister Amir Peretz said tough questions would have to be asked after the war. "The war exposed many issues, both regarding the fighting and the home front, that require review and drawing of conclusions," he was quoted as saying.

Peretz told the ministers that the current IDF operation in southern Lebanon would enable the demilitarization of the region and its transfer to the control of the UN and the Lebanese army.

According to Peretz, "The main question is how Hizbullah would react; in any case, we are preparing for all the scenarios."

The defense minister said Israel was holding contacts with UNIFIL in order to establish a mechanism that would coordinate the deployment and IDF withdrawal form southern Lebanon.

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said in a statement early Sunday that the cease-fire between Hizbullah and Israel would take effect Monday morning, and urged the leaders of Lebanon and Israel to halt fighting immediately.

Annan said in a statement distributed in Lebanon that he had been in touch with Prime Ministers Fuad Saniora and Ehud Olmert to discuss the exact time and date when the cessation of hostilities called for by the UN Security Council resolution would enter into force.

"I am happy to announce that the two leaders have agreed that the cessation of hostilities and the end of the fighting will enter into force on 14 August, at 0500 hours GMT," the statement said.

Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres praised the UN decision, saying that it "restores the authority to the Lebanese government, ends the weapons supply to Hizbullah and distances Hizbullah from the border, brings the deployment of 30,000 Lebanese soldiers and international forces, and calls unequivocally for the release of the kidnapped soldiers."

Olmert phoned US President George Bush early Saturday morning to thank him for helping to preserve Israel's interests in the Security Council.

The resolution was the product of a week of intensive diplomatic wrangling between the US and France. The process also led to revelations of disagreements between Olmert and Livni, with Olmert nixing Livni's request to go to the UN near midnight on Thursday and take part in the debate.

Sources close to Olmert denied as "nonsense" reports that this was what motivated his decision. Livni is considered his major potential political rival inside Kadima.

200 Rockets Today

At least 200 Rockets have fallen on Israel today. It is a good thing Olmert says Israel is winning because if the Prime Minister says so it must be true.

Hizballah Still Winning, Israel Still Loosing

Israeli cabinet.jpg

Hizballah will not even discuss the clause of the cease fire that they must disarm, so in the Middle East they appear strong. At the same time the Israeli cabinet votes 24 in favor of the UN cease fire while Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz abstained in the vote.

So even in diplomacy Hizballah seems strong and Israel weak.

August 12, 2006

Syria still transferring supply of rockets, missiles to Hezbollah

Last update - 07:53 13/08/2006
Syria still transferring supply of rockets, missiles to Hezbollah
By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent

Syria continues its efforts to transfer large quantities of war materiel, including rockets, to Lebanon, in an effort to assist Hezbollah in its war against Israel, a senior Israel Defense Forces source told Haaretz on Saturday.

According to the IDF source, the air force has succeeded in partially stemming the arms transfers, but intelligence shows that supply convoys have managed to cross into Lebanon from Syria.

Senior Syrian army and intelligence officers are involved in the arms smuggling, according to the senior IDF source, who says it is unlikely this continues without the explicit support of the regime in Damascus.

Two specific types of weapons - anti-tank missiles and rockets used to target Israeli civilians - are of concern.

The alert levels of the Syrian army, especially on the Golan Heights, is at its highest levels since the Lebanon War in 1982. The Syrian preparedness is mostly defensive, but the IDF is not excluding the possibility that Damascus will initiate a limited ground operation during the closing stages of the war.

Such an act, from a Syrian point of view, would aim at improving its position toward the end of the current confrontation and force Israel to begin negotiations on a broader diplomatic initiative that would include the return of the Golan Heights.

Part of the IDF's defensive deployment is meant to counter such a threat, including the deployment of anti-aircraft missiles in Haifa and the Sharon to intercept possible launches of Syrian Scud surface-to-surface ballistic missiles targetting Israeli cities.

In another development, in recent fighting, IDF forces uncovered the bodies of a number of fighters who appear to belong to Iran's Revolutionary Guard. No identifying documents were discovered on the bodies but tattoos suggest they belong to the Iranian force.

According to IDF sources, Iran sent several dozen Revolutionary Guard fighters to bolster the ranks of Hezbollah.

24 Dead

The number of dead soldiers for the day stands at 24 dead.

For what?

Does the soldiers of the IDF stand on the smoking ruins of Hizballah with Nasrallah dead at their feet?

Have the rockets fallen silent as the IDF destroys the last rocket launcher?

Is Syria vanquished for its support of Hizballah?

Has the nuclear program of Iran been converted into twisted steel and crumbled concrete and it's leader dead?

No amount of spin by Israeli leaders or diplomats can change the facts.

Hizballah has won, Israel has lost.

Rocket Count 60

Aug. 11, 2006 10:51 | Updated Aug. 13, 2006 0:02
Some 60 rockets strike northern cities

Rocket fire resumed on northern Israel cities, including Ma'alot, Acre, the Haifa periphery, Karmiel, Kiryat Shmona on Saturday, leaving at least four northern residents lightly wounded and several others suffering from shock.

Some 60 rockets landed in Israel throughout the day, in contrast to 120 on Friday and a daily average of 150 rockets during the last week.

At 7:00 p.m., alert sirens were sounded in Haifa and the surrounding Bay area. Earlier in the day, sirens were also heard in Nahariya, Karmiel, Ma'alot, and other villages throughout the north. The IDF had ordered local residents to enter bomb shelters or protected rooms.

Earlier Saturday, two rockets hit open areas near Safed. Two local residents were lightly wounded from shrapnel in the attack.

Rockets that fell in Kiryat Shmona lightly wounded four residents. Several others were taken to hospital for shock.

A Katyusha rocket directly hit an eleven story building in Kiryat Shmona Friday afternoon. Rescue workers said that no major damage had been done to the building and there was no danger that the building could collapse.

A number of rockets hit Kiryat Shmona earlier Friday, wounding one woman who had been directly hit by shrapnel, while another person was lightly wounded.

At least three rockets hit Safed on Friday afternoon, lightly wounding two residents who were taken to Ziv Hospital.

Several people in both locations were taken to hospital for shock.

One home in Haifa sustained a direct hit from several rockets on Friday morning. Rescue forces were rushing to the scene.

In an earlier barrage, two people were lightly wounded from shrapnel and several others suffered shock in the Carmel region.

At least one rocket fell in Shlomi and four landed in a community near Nahariya. Though a Nahariya home was hit directly, no one was hurt in the attacks.

Fifteen rockets hit Haifa on Friday, five of them landing in residential areas. One of the rockets left a large crater in the road and shattered nearby windows, leading police to suspect that the rocket was larger than previous ones.

Two people were wounded by shrapnel. Several buildings sustained damage from the attacks. Fires broke out in several areas hit by rockets in Haifa.

A farm in the Galilee Panhandle sustained damage after being hit by a rocket.

Several rockets also landed in near Ma'a lot.
Sirens were heard throughout the day in Safed, Tiberias, Ramot Naftali, Kiryat Shmona, Haifa, Krayot, Shfaram and Acre.

19 troops killed in day of battles

shabbat injured.jpg

(VIDEO) Day 32 of fighting in Lebanon claims heavy toll: Nineteen soldiers killed, another 85 wounded; 12 sustain serious injuries. Five soldiers defined missing in action after Hizbullah shoots down IDF helicopter using antitank missile
Hanan Greenberg

VIDEO – Lives of nineteen Israel Defense Forces soldiers claimed on 32nd day of fighting in Lebanon : Nineteen IDF soldiers were killed on Saturday, the 32nd of fighting in Lebanon. Another 85 troops were injured, 12 of them sustained serious wounds. A lieutenant colonel is among the wounded.

Additionally, five aircrew members have been defined missing in action, after Hizbullah terrorists shot down an army helicopter Saturday, apparently by using an antitank missile.

The names of nine of the casualties were cleared for publication Saturday night:

* Captain Shai Bernshtein, 24, from Beer Sheva
* Corporal Yaar Ben Giat, 19, of Nahsholim
* Sergeant Yosef Abitbul, 19, of Gan Ner
* Sergeant Yehonatan Ankonina, 21, of Netanya
* First Sergeant Tzachi Krispas, 20, of Kibbutz Hamaapil
* First Sergeant Itai Steinberger, 21, of Karmei Yosef
* Sergeant Yaniv Temerson, 21, of Tzipori
* Corporal Tumer Amer, 19, of Julis.

The name of the reserve soldier who had been killed on Friday in the village of Rashaf in Lebanon has been cleared for publication: Sergeant Major Aharon Yehezkel, 32, from Kfar Yedidya.

At least 40 terrorists were killed by IDF fire during the day, in which many forces were landed into southern Lebanon in the greatest landing operation in the IDF's history.

Four IDF soldiers were killed by an explosive device that was activated against the tank they were riding in the village of al-Tieri in the central sector. Additionally, an officer and three combatants were killed by an antitank in the village of Hirbet Kseif in the eastern sector.

* Two soldiers of Golani's Battalion 51 were killed and two were seriously and lightly injured in an operation accident in the village of Hadata in the eastern region. The IDF is looking into the possibility that a tank crew reversed and accidentally hit the soldiers.
* A soldier of the Nahal's Battalion 931 was killed, five soldiers were seriously wounded and others were lightly wounded in exchanges of fire in the village of Randouria on the western region. Another two soldiers were killed in other incidents in the area during exchanges of fire.
* A soldier was killed in exchanges of fire in the village of Hadata on the eastern region.
* A soldier was seriously wounded after a military vehicle was bombed by an explosive device in the village of al-Teiri on the central region.

Anti-tank missiles were a key tool used against the IDF, claiming lives of soldiers.

* Three fighters of the Armor Corps' Battalion 9 were killed after an anti-tank missile hit a Merkava tank in which they were riding in Wadi Sluki on the eastern region. This is the second time the IDF's most modern tank is hit during the fighting.
* A fighter of the Nahal Brigade was killed after being hit by an anti-tank missile fired at a building in the eastern region near the village of Randouria.
* A soldier was killed as an anti-tank missile hit the tank he was riding in near the village of Kantara in the eastern region.
* A soldier was seriously wounded by an anti-tank missile in the village of al-Tieri.
* An IDF officer was seriously wounded and another two soldiers were lightly hurt after an anti-tank missile hit a tank in the village of Dir Yassin in the eastern region.
* An IDF soldier was seriously wounded after being hit by an anti-tank missile in a building in the village of Randouria in the eastern region.

Some 84 Israel Defense Forces soldiers arrived at hospitals Saturday after they were injured in a series of fire incidents in southern Lebanon. About 35 were taken to the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, 33 were hospitalized in the Ziv Medical Center in Safed, and another six were rushed to the Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya.

More than 50 helicopters landed with a large number of soldiers inside southern Lebanon as part of the expansion of the military campaign, in the largest landing operation since the Yom Kippur War.

Starting Friday night, an airlift began moving from the northern border into Lebanon, and the helicopters landed a great number of forces inside the field. Sources in the IDF described the move as "the biggest operation carried out in recent years."

Defense Minister Amir Peretz, who visited the Northern Command Friday, met the troops a short while before they boarded the helicopters. The Air Force prepared the helicopter landing to be in areas with the lowest levels of danger.

A large number of aircraft participated in the mission, including Yanshuf and Yasur helicopter gunships flown by reserve and standing army pilots. Simultaneous to landing the forces, supplies for soldiers were also airdropped from the helicopters. Each of the sorties had its own particular destination.

Forces from the Golani Brigade killed at least four Hizbullah operatives north of Bint Jbeil in southwest Lebanon. In the east, forces discovered a large weapons arsenal. Since last night over 40 terrorists were killed in south Lebanon, and head of the Northern Command operation headquarters Alon Friedman assessed that since the beginning of the fighting, some 520 Hizbullah fighters were killed.

Defense establishment officials estimated following the Security Council resolution, that the operation that was launched on Friday will carry on for several more days, until it is halted in favor of an implementation of the diplomatic agreements.

"An operation on such a scale does not stop at once, and we shall take advantage of every minute in order to gain more and more accomplishm

August 11, 2006

Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat Shalom

I will be back blogging on Saturday night this week.

Abbas under pressure to dissolve PA

vAug. 10, 2006 23:48 | Updated Aug. 11, 2006 11:06
Abbas under pressure to dissolve PA

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is under growing pressure to dismantle the PA because of the continued violence and anarchy in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Dismantling the PA, which was established in 1994, would effectively mean returning to the pre-Oslo Accords era, when Israel was in charge of civilian and security affairs in the entire area. Supporters of the proposal hope that it would force Israel to assume its responsibilities toward the Palestinian population as an "occupying force," including paying salaries to civil servants and providing basic services.

Demands for dissolving the PA gained momentum this week when PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told legislators in Gaza City that the time had come to seriously consider such a drastic measure.

Haniyeh said that the Israeli campaign against Hamas representatives over the past five weeks, including the arrest of several ministers and legislators, was part of a "well-planned scheme" designed to overthrow the Hamas government.

"In light of the Israeli measures against our government, I believe that we will have to start looking into the possibility of dismantling the Palestinian Authority," he said.

Haniyeh was particularly enraged by the arrest on Sunday of Aziz Dweik, speaker of the Hamas-dominated Palestinian Legislative Council. "Israel is trying to destroy all our institutions," he said. "They forgot that we are a democratically elected government."

Haniyeh, Israel didn't forget that your people the Palestinians voted in a group of thugs that want to murder 6,000,000 Jews just like the other democratically elected leader wanted to 60 years ago. Hitler ended up dead and please G-D so will you for crimes against the Jewish people.

PM's Office: Lebanon offensive will continue

Last update - 03:19 12/08/2006
PM's Office: Lebanon offensive will continue
By Aluf Benn, Amos Harel, Yoav Stern and Eli Ashkenazi, and Agencies

Ehud Olmert's office said late Friday that the expanded incursion into Lebanon would continue "for the time being," despite agreeing to a cease-fire resolution drafted by the United Nations Security Council.

Israel will press ahead with its military offfensive in south
Lebanon until Israel's Cabinet approves an emerging Mideast cease-fire deal, the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said early Saturday.

"The logic would be that even in the framework of this successful outcome, if you hand over to the Lebanese army a cleaner south Lebanon, a south Lebanon where you have Hezbollah removed from the territory, that makes their [the Lebanese] troubles a lot easier," Regev said.

Senior Israel Defense Forces officers said that the IDF is "continuing forward at full power," and that all forces slated to take part in the expanded incursion have already assumed forward positions in the field.

Olmert will ask his cabinet on Sunday to accept the resolution, but will press the military offensive against Hezbollah until then, a political source said.

The highest failure of a political leader is to committee his military to a war or a conflict or what ever you want to call it and ask men to risk their lives under such conditions such as Olmert is.

It is one thing to go to war in Lebanon to destroy Hizballah and follow through with it to the end.

It is an other thing to ask the IDF to fight Friday night and Saturday until the cowards and traitors in the cabinet on Sunday vote to accept the UN cease fire.

This should cost Olmert his job and even more than that he should disappear from public life.

Email From A Soldier


We are back in Israel and my unit is at rest, so I thought I would send you an email before we go back in on Friday night.

I am afraid for my guys, the fighting has been tough but now that the UN is going to set a cease fire and Olmert what a SOB he is again stabbing Tzhal in the back again.

We are going to go back to Lebanon before the world sh—ts on the Jews once again.
Yoni how can I take my troops back to fight in such a mess, what is I loose one of my guys ?

What words can I use to comfort their families. I have some guys that have wives at home pregnant what if G-d forbid their dad is killed today, for what? I feel like sitting and crying but I got to lead my men.

We have lost the war and the army has the ability to beat Hizballah, Syria and the Palestinians all at the same time, but the cowards will not let us.

I got to go but I am afraid of the next 48 hours.


I have had people send me emails saying soldier just buck up and get over it. They missed the fact that this person is an officer commanding a unit in the IDF. That is only care in the world right now is for his men. I will not give his rank for his protection.

Yes, No, Yes, No, - Maybe

In the 2 1/2 hours since I posted the news story which confirmed what I posted earlier on Olmert giving the IDF the go ahead , now this that Olmert is going to accept the cease fire.

Olmert is INSANE

Israel Rejects UN Deal IDF On The Move

Aug. 11, 2006 19:20 | Updated Aug. 11, 2006 22:31
40,000 troops could enter s. Lebanon

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz ordered the IDF on Friday to send additional ground forces into Lebanon and up to the Litani river, some 30 kilometers from Israel.

Hours later, France and the United States announced that they had reached a deal on a final draft resolution aimed at ending the month-long conflict. A vote on the cease-fire draft will take place at 1 a.m. IST. Israel has yet to respond to the draft and it remained unclear as to how it would affect the decision to expand the IDF operation in southern Lebanon.

Before news broke out that an agreement has been reached, Olmert's spokesman, Asaf Shariv, told The Associated Press that the expanded incursion had already begun. According to Shariv, the emerging cease-fire fails to meet Israel's basic requirements, such as stationing robust international combat troops in southern Lebanon once Israel withdraws.

"Yesterday we were very optimistic, but they (the Security Council) took the wrong turn," Shariv said.

The government is implementing Wednesday's Cabinet decision granting the army permission to carry out a massive ground offensive "to deal with the Hizbullah positions in south Lebanon, from which barrages of missiles continue to be launched against the Israeli civilian population," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev.

Regev added, however, that Israel was still open to a negotiated solution as the UN Security Council prepared to vote on the proposed cease-fire deal.

Olmert has made every mistake one could make in this war. When he should have gone into Lebanon a month ago with 40,000 troops, he had the blessing of the USA, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordon.

Instead he has let Israel be hit with over 3,000 rockets, which has cost over a hundred dead ruined the economy of the north, and most important destroyed the mystic of the IDF.

Now when the diplomacy of the world has caught up with the events on the ground he gives the orders to march, putting Israel at odds with the USA and the UN. I really don't much care with what the UN thinks but without a doubt Olmert is going to put stress on the relationship with America.

The question is can Israel regain America’s good will by taking out Syria?

Todays Rocket Report

rocket hit krayot.jpg

Hizbullah launches multiple rocket barrages at northern Israel: Khaibar-1 missile fired at Haifa, 2 people injured by shrapnel in Safed, Kiryat Shmona. Between 10 and 10:30, 16 rockets fall on Haifa and Krayot: 2 people lightly injured by shrapnel, 12 suffer shock. Rockets fall in Nahariya, damage caused. Sirens heard in Binyamina
Aviram Zino

Day 31: Hizbullah fired a Khaibar-1 rocket at Haifa on Friday, police confirmed. The explosion of the 302 mm rocket echoed as far south as Hadera, residents said.

A barrage of several long-range Katyusha rockets landed in the city on Friday, with one of the rocket slamming in the midst of the coastal highway, which was reopened in the afternoon.

In Kiryat Shmona, a man was moderately injured by shrapnel from a rocket that hit a building Friday afternoon, paramedics said.

Several people were treated for shock and firefighters battled a fire that broke out in the 11-storey building.

Earlier Friday afternoon, rockets were launched at Kiryat Shmona, one hitting a structure and also causing a subsequent fire. Two additional barrages landed on nearby communities, one of them hitting a dairy, killing and wounding several cows. According to regional authorities, attacks thus far have caused the deaths of over fifty cows.

Hizbullah launched more barrages at northern Israel communities Friday afternoon. MDA crews treated one person, injured from shrapnel, as a result of a direct rocket hit on a Safed home at 2:15 p.m.

Meanwhile, a fire broke out in a meadow, adjacent to a northern Galilee town, as a result of rocket hits. Large fire crews are working to contain the blaze, which presents a significant danger if it spreads because flames would move in the direction of a nearby artillery battery.

A barrage of five rockets landed in the northern Golan Heights. The rockets landed in open areas and did not result no damages or casualties. A spokesperson for firefighters in the northern Galilee and Golan, Yair Elkaim, said "We're dealing with a number of fires in Kiryat Shmona and nearby towns. In one of the cases, the fire broke out in a meadow and is endangering a nearby community and an IDF artillery battery stationed in the area. There are currently four uncontained fires in the area."

Earlier, Two people were lightly injured by shrapnel and more than 12 suffered shock following three rocket barrages on Haifa. The rockets had a diameter of 220 millimeter which landed in Haifa between the hours of 10 and 10:30 Friday morning. In total 16 rockets landed on the city, five of them landing in populated areas and causing damage. A fire has broken out in Haifa's outskirts due to the rockets.

A little later, rockets struck three homes in the Krayot area. One rocket in an area near the shelter; there are a number of shock victims at the scene.

Four rockets landed Friday in the Nahariya area, one of them directly striking a home. There were no injuries but damage was sustained to the area.

Air raid sirens have been heard in Zichron Yaakov, Binyamina, and surrounding areas. Sirens have also been heard in the Jizreel Valley region.

One Nahariya resident, Itzik Rokah, told Ynet about the problem of the alert system: "We here are helpless. We got used to sirens and now in the past half hour we are hearing rocket landings without sirens. We turned to the Home Front command, to the municipality, and the police, where they are telling us they don't know about rocket landings and that they don't know about a problem with the siren system."

Hot Info From A Phone Call

According to one of my sources Israel is going to reject the diplomatic efforts spearheaded by America at the UN.

The resolution that America in the end has agreed to will do nothing to protect Israel

As a result of this according to my source in the next few hours Olmert will give the order to restart the war and the IDF will march north to the Litani River and maybe beyond.

Olmert cannot remain in the prime minister's office

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
Last update - 11:24 11/08/2006

By Ari Shavit

Ehud Olmert may decide to accept the French proposal for a cease-fire and unconditional surrender to Hezbollah. That is his privilege. Olmert is a prime minister whom journalists invented, journalists protected, and whose rule journalists preserved. Now the journalists are saying run away. That's legitimate. Unwise, but legitimate.

However, one thing should be clear: If Olmert runs away now from the war he initiated, he will not be able to remain prime minister for even one more day. Chutzpah has its limits. You cannot lead an entire nation to war promising victory, produce humiliating defeat and remain in power. You cannot bury 120 Israelis in cemeteries, keep a million Israelis in shelters for a month, wear down deterrent power, bring the next war very close, and then say - oops, I made a mistake. That was not the intention. Pass me a cigar, please.

There is no mistake Ehud Olmert did not make this past month. He went to war hastily, without properly gauging the outcome. He blindly followed the military without asking the necessary questions. He mistakenly gambled on air operations, was strangely late with the ground operation, and failed to implement the army's original plan, much more daring and sophisticated than that which was implemented. And after arrogantly and hastily bursting into war, Olmert managed it hesitantly, unfocused and limp. He neglected the home front and abandoned the residents of the north. He also failed shamefully on the diplomatic front.

Still, if Olmert had come to his senses as Golda Meir did during the Yom Kippur War, if he had become a leader, established a war cabinet and called the nation to a supreme effort that would change the face of the battle, a penetrating discussion of his failures could be postponed. But in blinking first over the past 24 hours, he has become an incorrigible political personality. Therefore, the day Nasrallah comes out of his bunker and declares victory to the whole world, Olmert must not be in the prime minister's office. Post-war battered and bleeding Israel needs a new start and a new leader. It needs a real prime minister.

North under renewed rocket attack

Rockets fall in Nahariya, Haifa, two lightly injured, damage caused. Three rockets land in Haifa after 10:00 Friday morning, injuring two; Sirens heard in Binyamina
Aviram Zino

Day 31: Four rockets landed Friday in the Nahariya area, one of them directly striking a home. There were no injuries but damage was sustained to the area. In Haifa, two people were lightly injured by shrapnel and three suffered shock following a barrage of three rockets on open territory in the city.

Air raid sirens have been heard in Zichron Yaakov, Binyamina, and surrounding areas. Sirens have also been heard in the Jizreel Valley region.

One Nahariya resident, Itzik Rokah, told Ynet about the problem of the alert system: "We here are helpless. We got used to sirens and now in the past half hour we are hearing rocket landings without sirens. We turned to the Home Front command, to the municipality, and the police, where they are telling us they don't know about rocket landings and that they don't know about a problem with the siren system."

What kind of government starts a military campaign because 1,000,000 of its citizens are being hammered by rockets and then suspends that military action with the rockets still falling?

August 10, 2006

Tel Aviv Univ. Poll: 67 Percent Backs Retaliation

05:24 Aug 11, '06 / 17 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Two-thirds of the Jewish population in Israel back continued retaliation against Hizbullah terrorists, according to a new poll issued by the University of Tel Aviv.

Almost half of the respondents also said they support staging negotiations with the Hamas terrorist organization, while slightly more than one-third backs talks with Hizbullah terrorist leaders in order to return two kidnapped IDF soldiers.

The Arab sector overwhelmingly favors talking with Hamas and Hizbullah and only one-quarter said that Israel's retaliation is justified.

So what this proves is 2/3's of Israeli's are still normal. They just are being led by scum, cowards and traitors.

Hizbullah declares victory

In latest video aired on Al-Manar TV terror group says it ‘defeated the invincible army’
Roee Nahmias

Hizbullah did not wait for the official UN Security Council announcement on a ceasefire and launched its own media campaign declaring it had 'won the war against Israel.'

In the latest video aired on Al-Manar TV the terror group says it “defeated the invincible army” and “July-August 2006: Legend shattered.”

These clips, which are aired between regularly-scheduled programs, include excerpts from Hassan Nasrallah speeches in which he had promised victory; similar videos were aired during the IDF’s withdrawal from Lebanon in May 2000.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese government is preparing for war’s conclusion; Prime Minister Fouad Siniora met with Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabi Berri to discuss the deployment of the army in the south. Some reports said a Hizbullah member also took part in the meeting, but Berri’s associates denied the reports.

It was also reported that Arab League and Lebanese representatives met in New York with US and French officials.

It appears that Lebanon will agree to the compromise offer according to which the IDF will gradually pull out of the country.

Last Wednesday Nasrallah said in his speech that Hizbullah supported a decision by the Lebanese government, which includes a Hizbullah minister, to deploy 15,000 troops to the border if that would bolster Lebanon's calls for the resolution to include a demand for Israel's immediate withdrawal from the south.

"If everyone sees that deploying the army will help find a way out politically that would result in the halting of aggression ... This for us is a national and honorable way out," he said.

Lebanese officials estimate that Iran and Syria will not oppose a ceasefire deal; this seems reasonable in light of the fact that the two countries have repeatedly called for a ceasefire, apparently in a bid to keep Hizbullah from collapsing so that it may take part in future confrontations with Israel.

Olmert has defeated the IDF and Nasrallah takes the credit.

My sources tell me America has started to put pressure on Israel to stop the war and give diplomacy one last chance to win.

This is the wrong thing to do and not only is it a mistake it is immoral. For to end the war without a defeat of Hizballah, will mean that civilians on both sides have suffered for nothing.

But even worse than the suffering of today, will be the suffering of the future. That now as sure as I am that the sun will rise in the morning, death too many will be born out of this mishandling of the war.

Iran and its proxy Hizballah will be strengthen to spread hate and violence across first Israel, then the Jewish people world wide and then the west as a whole.

As in WW2 where 6,000,000 Jews were murdered, the greater death toll was to the non Jewish world with 60,000,000 dead world wide.

Hizballah has not won on the battle field the death blow came from first the Knesset in Jerusalem and then from the White House.

Analysis: IDF fumes over denied victory

Yaakov Katz, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 10, 2006

The booms of Katyusha rockets continued; another day of what has become routine in the North. But the IDF was holding position, waiting for orders that did not come. After 30 days of fighting, the war with Hizbullah seemed to be nearing its conclusion Thursday.

Just a day earlier, the situation had looked drastically different. The security cabinet had approved the army's request to send thousands of troops up to the Litani River and beyond in an effort to destroy Hizbullah's infrastructure and to stop the Katyusha attacks. After the cabinet meeting, one division actually began moving north from Metulla. Its goal - to clear out al-Khiam and Marjayoun and to reach the Litani.

But then, under pressure from the US, Defense Minister Amir Peretz made a frantic call to Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz and ordered him to stop the division in its tracks. "We need to give the diplomatic process one last chance," Peretz told Halutz. The orders trickled down the chain of command and by the time they reached 366, it had already reached Marjayoun, a stone's throw from the Litani.

With the UN Security Council on the verge of passing a cease-fire resolution, the IDF understood on Thursday that Operation Change of Direction was ending, for better or for worse.

The IDF was disappointed. Senior officers said they had been looking forward to the fight. Reaching the Litani and eliminating Hizbullah from the villages on the way could have provided, senior officers believe, the victory that Israel has been trying to obtain since July 12. By Thursday night, the chance of that happening was drifting away.

The only way to hurt Hizbullah, a high-ranking officer in the Northern Command said, was to use the military. "Diplomatic processes will not achieve the right effect," he said, acknowledging that the incursion up to the Litani was not to be. "The key is the military operation. That is the only way to stop Hizbullah."

But the political echelon thinks differently, and from the first day of this war the politicians, senior officers said, held the IDF back from escalating its offensive and hitting Hizbullah hard. First it was the massive air campaign. Then came the limited, pinpoint ground raids. Only when all that failed did Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his cabinet approve a large-scale incursion into Lebanon and the re-creation of the security zone.

This wishy-washy decision-making process cost the IDF lives, according to one senior officer. "A military force always needs to be on the offensive, pushing forward and keeping the enemy on its toes," he said. "When you sit still for too long, you turn into a target and you begin to get hit again and again."

That is what has been happening. Over the past 30 days of fighting Hizbullah, the army has lost 83 soldiers, 35 of them this week. "That is what happens when you sit still and don't move," the officer said. "The enemy fortifies its positions and gains the upper hand."

The results of sitting in place can also be seen in the way most of the soldiers who died this week were killed. Hundreds of anti-tank missiles have been fired at troops in southern Lebanon. When a force sits still it becomes an easy target, officers said. One said he thought that the number of casualties from "just sitting and waiting for orders" could turn out to be the same as the IDF would have lost had it been allowed to make the push to the Litani.

"My mission was to prevent Israeli armored reinforcements from chasing after the kidnappers," said Hussein Ali Suleiman, a captured commander of a Hizbullah anti-tank cell, in a video released by the IDF this week.. He participated in the kidnapping of two IDF reservists on July 12.

Suleiman is just one of hundreds of Hizbullah gunmen who have been trained as anti-tank missile operators. On Thursday, one soldier was killed when his tank was hit by a missile. The tank that came to rescue him was also struck and several soldiers were wounded. On Wednesday, four soldiers were killed when their tank was struck. Nine others were killed in a building that collapsed when it too was hit by anti-tank missiles.

The IDF has been at a loss to stop the mostly old and primitive rockets. Hizbullah has been preparing for this war for the past six years and, alongside the 13,000 short-range Katyusha rockets, it has amassed thousands of anti-tank missiles..

Hizbullah has thousands of Soviet-built Sagger, Cornet and Fagot anti-tank missiles, as well as the French Milan and the US-built TOW, all supplied by Iran and Syria. These missiles are usually fired by a two- or three-man team.

There are many lessons the IDF needs to learn from the fighting about anti-tank missiles and the way to deal with the threat, a high-ranking officer said. But the most important lesson the top brass has to internalize is that it needs to bring clear plans to the political echelon and to always be on the offensive.

Rocket Count 155

arab women cry.jpg

Hezbollah rockets kill boy, mother in western Galilee village
By Haaretz Service

Hezbollah gunners renewed their attacks on northern Israel on Thursday morning, killing a five-year-old Fathi Assadi and his mother Miriam, 26, in the western Galilee village of Dir al-Assad.

Eleven other people were wounded in the attack, including Faris, the three-year-old brother of the boy who was killed, who sustained serious injuries. The dead woman's mother-in-law was also seriously hurt. One other person was moderately hurt and eight suffered light wounds.

Village residents wounded in the attack were evacuated to hospital in Nahariya.

By mid-afternoon, Hezbollah fired some 155 rockets at cities and towns across northern Israel including Kiryat Shmona, Nahariya, Carmiel and Safed. Four impacts were also identified on the Golan Heights. Hezbollah scored direct hits on homes in Carmiel and Safed, where one person suffered from shock.

Fires caused by the rocket hits raged in forests in the Golan Heights and the central Galilee. The largest fire broke out near Safed and firefighters were battling the flames Thursday afternoon.

PM: New UN draft proposal could end Lebanon fighting

PM: New UN draft proposal could end Lebanon fighting
Herb Keinon, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 10, 2006

US State Department envoy David Welch held meetings with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni Thursday night to coordinate positions on a new cease-fire proposal to be brought to the UN Security Council, perhaps as early as Friday.

Welch arrived in Jerusalem from Beirut, where he held talks with Lebanon's Prime Minister Fuad Saniora.

Diplomatic officials in Jerusalem said that the US, which was working furiously with the French in New York to come to an understanding on a draft resolution, would press forward with their own proposal if agreement could not be reached with the French on the language of the document.

US Ambassador John Bolton said there could be a vote Friday on the resolution.

"We're making progress, and it's entirely possible we could have a vote tomorrow," Bolton said after a meeting with his French counterpart, Jean-Marc de La Sabliere. "We've closed some of the areas of disagreement with the French."

French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy confirmed there was progress, but also held out the possibility that if no agreement was forthcoming, France might present "a text on its own."

Livni spoke Thursday with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and stressed the importance of including in the resolution an arms embargo to Hizbullah, as well as Israel's key demand that the Lebanese army must be supported by an international force with "operational capabilities."

Among the ideas being discussed was a "substantially beefed up UNIFIL" force to be made up of German, Italian, Spanish and Australian troops that would move south to the border with the Lebanese Army and deploy where the IDF moves out. Another idea was for a French force to accompany the Lebanese Army.

Senior sources in Jerusalem said, however, that there has been a major shift in the French position over the last week, with French President Jacques Chirac hesitant about committing French troops after seeing the difficulty Israel has had with Hizbullah over the last month. France was initially the major force working for deployment of an international force.

Israel has made clear in recent days that the resolution must include the unconditional release of the kidnapped IDF soldiers, the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1559 that calls for the dismantling of Hizbullah, and that there be no call for Israel to cede control over Mt. Dov (Shaba Farms) as part of this arrangement.

While Prime Minster Ehud Olmert indicated before the war that he would be willing to come to an agreement about this issue, he has made clear that the Shaba Farms could not be included in any deal being drawn up now so as not to be perceived as a prize for Hizbullah.

Giving the US the ability to "work the issue" and put the proposal together was apparently behind American pressure on Israel to delay Wednesday's security cabinet decision to push forward toward the Litani River. That decision gave Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz authority to decide when to embark on the campaign.

Kadima MK Otniel Schneller met Olmert Thursday and quoted him as saying that "a new proposal is being drafted, which has positive significance that may bring the war to an end. But if the draft is not accepted, there is the Cabinet decision."

Peretz said Thursday that Israel would see the diplomatic process through before giving the final okay for an expanded IDF operation.

"We are responsible for considering all options," he said. "The minute troops set out to accomplish a mission, we must look in the eyes of every mother, every father, and every child and say: We exhausted all other options," Peretz said.

Peretz made his comments during a visit to the Lebanese border with IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz and OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen Udi Adam.

If diplomacy fails, Peretz said, Israel would "use all of the tools" to dismantle Hizbullah.

US officials stressed Wednesday and Thursday that while they support Israel's right to defend itself and to choose how to do so, Washington did directly call on the Israeli government to hold off the expansion of the military operation until the diplomatic efforts were exhausted.

The security cabinet's decision to widen the operation Wednesday, dependent on a final okay from Olmert and Peretz, led the US to publicly disagree with Israel for the first time since the war broke out.

Following the decision, White House spokesman Tony Snow said that moving deeper into Lebanon did not correspond with American policy.

"We want an end to violence and we do not want escalations," Snow told reports at President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas.

According to diplomatic officials in Israel and in Washington, the US was concerned that a widespread military offensive on behalf of Israel could undermine attempts to reach a new agreement between the US and France over a UN resolution.

In New York, meanwhile, The US and French ambassadors met with their Russian, Chinese and British counterparts Thursday to discuss the latest cease-fire draft.

France backed Lebanon's call for IDF troops to start pulling out once hostilities end and Lebanon deploys 15,000 troops of its own in the south. The United States, however, supported Israel's insistence on staying in southern Lebanon until a robust international force was deployed, which could take weeks or months.

Last message: Dad, I'm ok

Alon Samucha (35) sent text message to parents not to worry, didn't tell them he was in Lebanon
Moran Zelikovich

Early Thursday morning, Alon Samucha (35) sent his father a text message: "Dad, everything's fine, in a good mood. Don't worry. I love you. Alon." A few hours later, he was killed in el-Khiam in southern Lebanon.

Alon, the oldest of four boys, was a tank driver in the 188th armored battalion. His father, Shimon, tells: "He was an amazing kid, an excellent student ever since the first grade. He graduated high school with honors."

Wednesday afternoon, the father spoke to his son for the last time, moments before he entered deep into Lebanon. Shimon recalls the conversation: "He said that he couldn't speak and told us to be well. When I asked where he was, he told me he was in the north, not in Lebanon, but I had the feeling that he was."

His father told of his hopes that Alon would start a family soon. "He was my eldest son. We so wanted him to get married…I thought maybe, after reserves, he would find someone. I will miss him very much."

Alon like working outdoors. A sporty type, his friends said he ran 15 km a day, rode his bike, and dreamed of being a physical trainer. He loved skydiving and extreme sports. He used to work out every day except for Shabbat.

His friend, Ran Goldy, said: "Every day he would run in Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon and Ra'anana. Only yesterday, I found him a job as a sports instructor in the country club. That was his dream, running was his life. Two days ago, we spoke and he sounded frightened. He told me that he'd received an emergency call up and he sounded very worried. His voice didn't sound happy. You can't say a bad word about him. He was very quiet, humble, with a heart of gold."

Alon leaves behind three brothers – Erez, Dekel, and Oren – and parents Shoshana and Shimon. He will be buried Friday morning at 11:00 in the Neveh Hadar cemetery.

Israeli Weakness

The news coming from Israel makes me feel sick.

It seems that a combination of Olmert being a weak coward that is a traitor to the Jewish people and pressure from America will end the war in short order.

Even though there is still fighting going on. I am getting reports that the push to the Litani that less than 24 hours earlier was going forward, has now either been stopped or slowed to a snails pace.

One of my sources who is very well placed told me as blunt as this "it seems as if America now has an interest in stopping us from reaching the Litani River"

It is too early for me to try to get a handle on what is really going on, but if Israel stops the fighting now and we leave the status quo in place, understand that we have lost the war.

Just as the Treaty of Versailles which ended World War 1, in hind sight could only have resulted in World War 2.

This war if it is going to end now, at this stage of the fighting, shows just how weak the leadership in Israel is.

From such a show of weakness which would result from ending the war with Hizballah intact and not having punished Syria and Iran for their role in this affair only two things can come about.

More terrorism and then at some point in the near future a large regional war, both of which will result in more dead Jews than would occur by staying strong and fighting this war to its just end, with the defeat of Hizballah and crippling blows to Syria and Iran.

IDF engages in heavy fighting in Lebanon

IDF engages in heavy fighting in Lebanon
yaakov katz, jpost staff and ap, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 10, 2006

IDF troops were engaged in heavy fighting against Hizbullah guerrillas in the town of Leboneh in the western sector of southern Lebanon on Thursday night.

The army announced that an Armored Corps soldier was killed on Thursday morning in the southern Lebanese town of Klia.

F.-Sgt. Alon Smocha, 35, from Hod Hasharon, was killed when a Hizbullah-fired anti-tank missile hit his Merkava tank. His funeral was set for 11:30 a.m. on Friday in his hometown's Neve Hadar cemetery.

Another 16 soldiers were wounded throughout the day, including one who was in serious condition.

Heavy exchanges of fire took place while IDF troops battled Hizbullah guerrillas in the town of Markabe in southern Lebanon's eastern sector on Thursday evening.

Warships were firing upon rocket launching sites south of Tyre as well.

Of the 16 wounded soldiers, eight were lightly wounded by an anti-tank missile during clashes in the village of Marjayoun, also in the eastern sector, a day after the fighting in southern Lebanonclaimed the lives of 15 IDF reservists.

Overnight Wednesday, IDF troops moved into Marjayoun and Alhayam - two Lebanese villages in the eastern sector, north of Metulla, said to be Hizbullah hideouts - and took up positions inside the towns.

Hizbullah fired anti-tank missiles towards IDF forces, who responded by returning fire.

Meanwhile, the IDF released the identities the 15 reservists killed on Wednesday:

# Capt. Gilad Shtukelman, 26 from Timrat;

# Capt. Yoni Leon Schmucher, 30, from Beit Nehamia. He was to be buried on Friday at 11 a.m. in Mazkeret Batya;

# Sgt.-Maj. David Shamidov, 25, from Jerusalem;

# St.-Sgt. Nir Cohen, 22, from Maccabim-Reut;

# F.-Sgt. Gilad Sussman, 26, from Eli;

# Sgt.-Maj. Igor Kovalik, 26, from Upper Nazareth, who was laid to rest on Thursday evening at 5 p.m. in the military section of the cemetery in his home town;

# Sgt.-Maj. Noam Goldman, 27, from Tel Aviv, who was buried at 5 p.m. in Kfar Saba;

# St.-Sgt. Benny Sela, 24, from Koranit, whose funeral was held at 8 p.m. in Misgav;

# Maj. Natan Yahav, 36, from Kiryat Ono, was laid to rest at 7 p.m. at the cemetery in Kiryat Shaul;

# St.-Sgt. Adi Salim, 22, of Beit Hashmonai, was buried at 7 p.m. on Thursday in Ramle;

# FSM Asher Reuven Novick, 36, of Kanaf;

# F.-Sgt. Elad Dan, 25, of Kibbutz Eilot;

# F.-Sgt. Idan Kobi, 26, of Eilat, who will be buried at 10 a.m. on Friday in Eilat;

# F.-Sgt. Naor Kalo, 25, from Ma'agan Michael;

# F.-Sgt. Nimrod Segev, 28, of Ramat Gan.

There were three soldiers seriously wounded in the clashes.

IAF warplanes dropped leaflets over northern Lebanon for the first time Thursday, warning trucks off the roads after 8 p.m., residents said.

The leaflets fell north of Tripoli, Lebanon's second largest city, some 25 kilometers from the Syrian border. The blanketed area includes the Palestinian refugee camp of Beddawi.

Trucks were being used to carry rockets and missiles to Hizbullah, the single-page documents said. They were signed, "The State of Israel."

Elsewhere, an IAF drone fired a missile into a minibus driving in the eastern Bekaa Valley, killing one person and wounding 12, residents said.

The attack occurred near the town of Rayak, about 5 kilometers (3 miles) east of the provincial capital of Zahle.

Another airstrike targeted a road linking the city of Baalbek, traditionally a Hizbullah stronghold, with the Syrian city of Homs.

Over 750,000 trees burnt since beginning of war

The Jewish National Fund said that since the start of the war over 12,000 dunam of forest and over 40,000 dunam of open territory have been burnt, including 750,000 trees.

The damage is said to cost around NIS 36 million, and the price of recovery could reach over NIS 60 million. (Sharon Rofe-Ofir)

Reservists: War morality exacting high toll

While recovering in hospitals from heavy battles in which 15 of their comrades were killed, reserve soldiers speak out: 'Why haven't we flattened villages from the air?'
Miri Chason

The difficult scenes are repeated in their mind, but they also cannot help but feel that lives could have been saved, if better preparation had been made.

Greg Roitman, 27, of Moshav Herut, and Aharon Stein, 31, of Kedumim sat by one another at the Ziv Medical Center in Safed suffering from light injuries.

Roitman suffered shock in his eyes and is suffering from light hearing problem, while Stein was injured by a bullet which penetrated his shoulder. The two are serving in reserve force in the Paratrooper Division, and recounted their experiences.

"We captured a home in one of the villages as a defensive mission and to observe the forces," said Roitman. "We stayed there for a night, but in the morning there was a strike on the home. We don't know who was shooting. A few seconds after the first strike, there was another precise hit inside the house. As a result our soldiers were injured by shrapnel and one soldier was killed by a direct hit," he added.

"Most of the guys were quickly rescued by airlift and the evacuation was quite efficient. By the time of the third barrage everyone dug in and took cover," said Roitman.

The consolation for Roitman and Stein is that most of their friends are lightly injured, except one who is moderately – seriously wounded.

"We paratroopers are guarding the same structure in reserves and we know everyone, including Sergeant Major Igor Kublik who was killed," said Roitman.

"Igor said that the whole Oslo procedure and all of the years in which there was attempt to talk didn't succeed. 'Until now we've been banging our head against the wall because they didn't want to 'talk.' There's no solution to the situation, it seems only a military procedure can defeat them and we can do that. We spoke about politics all the time, that's you do in the reserves," said Stein.

Roitman said soldiers dealt with morality during war time as the IDF's policy: "What really bothered us is that in all of the villages we passed through the houses are standing and are untouched. The IDF's morality during war is exacting a very high price. We can flatten the territory, without ground forces, but from the air."

"You try to go over everything you learn and apply it. To keep your eyes open in every direction, to look, to identify. I didn't feel tense during the walk, everyone is alert and there is no fear. But before the entrance there are butterflies in the stomach. This is why we arrived, this is our aim."

One of the soldiers killed in the incident in which Berkovich was injured marched a few meters next to him. "He walked a few meters in front of me, a quiet guy who just came back from vacation. In such as situation of fighting no one complains. This is everyone's efforts, and we help one another," he said.

"I believe that the IDF wants the best for its soldiers and is doing the job in the best possible way. What I hope for s that everything ends as soon as possible and we can go back to traveling in the north. Me and my friends are talking about it and we're all waiting for it to finish so we can go back to traveling there. The north is an amazing place," he said.

US pressure prompts delay of offensive

Aug. 10, 2006 9:55 | Updated Aug. 10, 2006 9:56
US pressure prompts delay of offensive
The IDF General Staff postponed the expansion of ground operations in south Lebanon late Wednesday night, after the security cabinet earlier in the day approved a plan for a widened offensive that would take the army to the Litani River, over 20 kilometers from the border, and beyond, in an effort to prevent the incessant Katyusha rocket attacks on northern Israel.

The troops were already rolling late Wednesday when they were ordered to halt. It appears heavy US pressure delayed the offensive to allow diplomacy to run its course. A senior minister said Wednesday that Israel might delay the expansion for 2-3 days for that purpose.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is ready to wait with the offensive until the weekend, said a senior government official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to discuss the issue with reporters. The offensive could begin earlier if Hizbullah launches a major attack on Israel, the official said.

Cabinet minister Rafi Eitan confirmed the govenment's decision to wait. "There are diplomatic considerations," he told Israel Radio. "There is still a chance that an international force will arrive in he area. We have no interest in being in south Lebanon. We have an interest in peace on our borders."

"We want an end to violence and we do not want escalations," White House press secretary Tony Snow said Wednesday hours after the Israeli Cabinet approved an expansion of the ground offensive in southern Lebanon.

Israel may have wasted the good will of America by waiting too long to strike. But how America ask Israel to put the war on hold while the war rages on in Iraq?

August 09, 2006

Echo From The Past

Today Nasrallah called on the Arabs of Haifa to flee so as to clear the way for the coming attacks on Haifa.

In 1948 the leadership of the Arab nations called on the Palestinians to run away from the areas of Israel where the Jews lived. The reason for the call to flee was so that 5 Arab Armies could then invade the infant Jewish State and murder every single Jew that lived there.

Today is 1948 all over again.

Israel is still fighting the 1948 war.

Name me one other country that almost 60 years after its birth was still forced to fight for its survival?

I Don't Understand

Just when you think Olmert and Peretz have learned.

I have just been told that the political leadership may stop the IDF assault on Hizballah in an attempt to give the UN a chance to make diplomacy work.

Bullet Proof Vests For Israel

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Syria Update

Syria for the first time since the Yom Kippur war in 1973 has issued orders to the civil guard to prepare the bomb shelters in Syria for use in the near future.

Is this a bluff or is the war about to enter a new front.

IDF Moving North

IDF has now reached 10 k, 6 miles into Lebanon. The IDF has gone farther north in less than one day of fighting the war correctly than in almost a month of prior fighting.

Flash From Phone Call

Hizballah fire 3 missiles today in an attempt to hit Tel Aviv. I will not give the exact location that the missiles hit but they didn't make it to Tel Aviv. These missiles were of a type not seen before and it is thought by the powers that be that this was an attempt to hit Tel Aviv.

The IDF has killed Iranian Revolutionary Guard members in Lebanon today. They had identification on their bodies that was issued by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

South of the Litani River it is estimated that there are 8,000 Hizballah terrorist waiting to fight the IDF.

The phone call was cut short as my friend was called out to stop a suicide bomber that is on their way into Israel to attempt to murder Jews.

15 Dead Today

As of now the IDF has suffered 15 dead in combat today. Details to follow.
9 were killed after they had taken a Hizballah building in which there was an arms cache. Hizballah started firing anti tank missiles into the building and there was an explosion that dropped the building on our soldiers.

Nasrallah warns Arab residents of Haifa to leave their homes


Last update - 22:11 09/08/2006
Nasrallah warns Arab residents of Haifa to leave their homes
By The Associated Press

Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah on Wednesday warned all Israeli Arabs to leave the port city of Haifa so his guerrilla organization could step up attacks without fear of shedding the blood of fellow Muslims.

"I have a special message to the Arabs of Haifa, to your martyrs and to your wounded. I call you to leave this city. I hope you do this. ... Please leave so we don't shed your blood, which is our blood."

In a televised speech, Nasrallah said Israeli attacks had not weakened Hezbollah's rocket capabilities, and warned that his fighters would turn south Lebanon into a "graveyard" for invading Israel Defense Forces troops.

"You won't be able to stay in our land, and if you come in, we'll force you out," said Nasrallah in a recorded speech shown on Hezbollah's television station.

"We will turn our precious southern land into a graveyard for the invading Zionists."

From here on it is going to get bloody on both sides. The fighting till now has been the warm up and now we are going to go for the knock out.

Both sides are going to take it all the way there will be a winner and a looser.

Look for Haifa to get harder and look for Tel Aviv to get hit in the next few days and I think that the chance of Syria getting involved has now gone up to a 70% chance.

40,000 troops poised to enter Lebanon

unifilmap english and picture IDF.jpg

Aug. 9, 2006 18:08 | Updated Aug. 9, 2006 22:59


Tens of thousands of IDF troops amassed along the northern border Wednesday evening in preparation for Israel's largest and deepest ground incursion into southern Lebanon since the beginning of Operation Change of Direction last month.

The security cabinet on Wednesday approved a plan presented by IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz, under which military forces by the thousands will head up to the Litani river over 20 kilometers from Israel and beyond in an effort to prevent the incessant Katyusha rocket attacks on northern Israel.

Some 7,000 IDF troops were operating in southern Lebanon Wednesday, clashing with Hizbullah guerrillas in several villages while holding and maintaining position along a 10-kilometer-deep security zone the IDF had created. An additional 40,000 IDF troops and reservists were waiting along the northern border in preparation for the major push to the Litani.

A high-ranking IDF officer and member of the General Staff told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday that it would take the military at least one week to reach the Litani and beyond, and to set up position and begin taking control of the area.

The officer said that it would then take four to six weeks to clear out southern Lebanon, from the Litani river south, of the Hizbullah presence and to destroy the thousands of Katyusha rockets and rocket launchers believed to be in that area.

The IDF estimates that the area between the Litani river and the security zone that military forces are currently maintaining is home to 70 percent of the Katyusha rockets launched at northern Israel.

In the plan approved by the cabinet on Wednesday, the IDF was also granted permission to cross the Litani river into areas like Nabatiyeh, from where Hizbullah has been firing rockets at the upper Galilee, as well as Haifa and other coast-lying cities.

Hizbullah's Nasser Unit, in charge of southern Lebanon, was still operational, the high-ranking officer said, and numbered several thousand Hizbullah fighters, including reservists, which the guerrilla group had called up in anticipation of Israel's planned massive ground incursion.

Hizbullah, the officer said, still retained its command and control abilities throughout Lebanon and had fighters deployed in between 100-130 villages from the Litani south. North of the river, the officer said, Hizbullah had a smaller presence, but one that still numbered several thousand fighters.

In southern Lebanon, within the security zone the IDF had created, soldiers were still battling in two Hizbullah strongholds - Bint Jbail and Ayta a-Shaab, scenes of heavy fighting between IDF troops and Hizbullah gunmen on Wednesday.


Israel has started to move across the border. The IDF is moving a large force north in mutiple locations, with hundreds of tanks and a large force of infantry.

IDF Dead Today

As the IDF expands the ground operations in Lebanon the rate of casualties has already started to climb, we have 11 dead so far today.

Rocket Strike in Haifa

rocket in haifa.jpg

Weapons Seized in Lebanon

gun in lebanon.jpg

IDF's new weapon: Snipers who fought in Cechnya

Golani fighters joined by snipers hailing from states that fought in Chechnya, Afghanistan
Yossi Yehoshua

Fighters of the 51st Battalion of Golani received aid from an unusual source Tuesday.

A group of snipers hailing from states that had fought in battles in Chechnya and Afghanistan the joined the battalion as it entered Bint Jbeil for the second time after it suffered a serious blow two weeks ago when eight of its soldiers, including the deputy battalion commander, were killed. The snipers were called up in an emergency draft to the war.

The snipers, between 35 and 40 years old, immigrated to Israel at the beginning of the 90s and in the past few years have been considered excellent fighters. They were active in the past in operational activity in the Gaza division, but at a certain point finished their service in the division once the impression was created that they were "trigger happy."

The snipers were stationed Tuesday at one of the entrance points to Lebanon alongside Golani fighters. They displayed high motivation. They are soon expected to join the operations of the brigade inside Lebanon

Good hunting Sasha, a very good friend of mine has been called. He was a spetsnaz sniper in Afghanistan. I could almost start to feel sorry for the Hizballlah terrorist. I am of course joking, again good hunting to all the lads.

Police: 160 rockets fall Wednesday

As of late Wednesday afternoon, some 160 rockets had been fired at Israel since the morning.

In recent hours, 28 rocket hit were identified in Nahariya, one hitting a building. In Safed, one man was lightly injured from one of the eight rockets that landed in the region. In the Golan Heights, eight rockets landed in open areas. Eighteen rockets fell in Ma'alot.

160 reasons that the security cabinet had no choice but to back the plan of the IDF to really fight this war the way it should be. Now look for the war to go on for at least 30 more days as it expands.

Security Cabinet Acts

Security Cabinet approves expanding ground operation in south Lebanon; forces will be sent to take out Katyusha launchers. Olmert, Peretz, authorized to determine scope of action. IDF's recommended target: Litani River
Ronny Sofer

VIDEO - Against the difficult backdrop of casualties in southern Lebanon , the Security Cabinet approved the widening of operations in Lebanon. Soldiers will now be sent to operate against rocket launchers across the region. The aim – to find and destroy rocket launchers used to attack northern Israel . Nine cabinet ministers supported the operation, while three – Ophir Pines, Shimon Peres, and Eli Yishai – abstained.

Cabinet members authorized the prime minister and defense minister to set the boundaries and outline of the operation. In recent days an operation until the Litani River had been discussed, in accordance with IDF recommendations.

Defense Minister Amir Peretz supported in recent days the recommendation, and it was earlier reported that he will announce during the cabinet meeting that Israel would deal with areas used to fire rockets. He said the government had no intention of giving up Israel's right to provide protection for civilians and that there would be no diplomatic agreement that would not guarantee quiet and stability for many years to come.

National Infrastructure Minister Eli Yishai backed the position of the majority upon leaving the meeting: "The defense minister and the prime minister will decide the precise timing of when the military operation will be expanded. In my opinion, it will go on for 30 days. We are in a war and there is a need to expand operations. It's correct to act in a more wide-scale manner."

With that, Yishai added that he thought most operations should be aerial. "In the fight against Hizbullah we won. The dealing with the Katyusha rockets is different and therefore we must act aggressively and not abandon aerial activities. In my opinion, whole villages should be removed from the air when we have verified information that Katyusha rockets are being fired from there."

During the Cabinet session, the prime minister spoke with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Up to now there are no reports of what the conversation was about.

Wednesday morning, before arriving at the cabinet meeting, Defense Minister Peretz met with the German Foreign Minister, Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The two examined, among other things, Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora's proposal to deploy 15 thousand soldiers from the Lebanese army in the south of the country in order to ensure quiet in the area. The German minister arrived in Israel after a visit in Lebanon, during which he met with Siniora himself.

Peretz said to Steinmeier: "We are fighting against the Iranian commando, which is armed with sophisticated, modern weaponry. This includes Russian-made anti-tank missiles, which in the past it was promised would not fall into the hands of Hizbullah. This weapon is used today against IDF soldiers in Lebanon."

"Even if Siniora has good intentions," the defense minister added, "Nasrallah has other intentions. Therefore, the international community must ensure that the political agreement will be valid, and not of the type that crumbles and evaporates after a short time."

Peretz warned Steinmeier of the possibility that Israel will again be faced with the threat of terrorism from Lebanon: "We are fighting the war of the free world against terror and we expect the international community to support this struggle. However, we intend to deal with the Katyusha launching pads on our own. This is my position as I will present it to the security cabinet convening Wednesday morning."

August 08, 2006

2 Soldiers Killed in Heavy Gunfire

2 Soldiers Killed in Heavy Gunfire
04:57 Aug 09, '06 / 15 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) It is now permitted to report that two paratroopers were killed in Tuesday’s heavy fighting in Bint Jbeil. IDF officials report at least 20 Hizbullah terrorists were killed in the battle.

First-Sgt. Oren Lifshitz, 21, and First-Sgt. Moran Cohen, 21, Ashdod Yaakov fell in the line of duty. Funeral arrangements to be announced.

The Other War


I wanted to provide a picture to remind us that the war against Palestinian terror in Judea and Samaria (west bank) and Gaza is still going on. Lebanon gains the head lines but these guys are still protecting Israel stopping suicide bombers day in and day out.

Evacuating Begins, History In The Making

old person in bus.jpg

If 29 days into the war we were winning the rockets would have been silenced and we would not be evacuating Kiryat Shmona. Never in the history of Israel have we evacuated a city under fire.

Fear in Olmerts Office

Today it is reported that part of the reason for the slow going in Lebanon is that officials in the Prime Ministers Office are afraid that if the IDF pushes to the Litani River that Hizballah will fire missiles at Tel Aviv.

How can you run a country with such cowards, scum and traitors running the store?

Today Israel doesn't act because of fear that Tel Aviv might get hit, where does it end?

If we were this afraid in 1948 we never would have a State called Israel.

Government to Evacuate Kiryat Shmona Residents

Government to Evacuate Kiryat Shmona Residents
22:20 Aug 08, '06 / 14 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The Israeli government will evacuate 10,000 residents of the battered town of Kiryat Shmona, according to sources quoted by the Haaretz news service.

The residents are expected to be evacuated in the next few days. Hundreds of Katyusha rockets have been fired at the northeastern town since the war began on July 12th. More than half of the residents have already fled south.

Does this sound like we are winning?

IDF broadcasts Hizbullah's dead on al-Manar

While Israel Defense Forces soldiers are fighting brutal battles in the villages of south Lebanon, the army is also fighting a fierce PR war against Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

The IDF took over the airwaves of Hizbullah's al-Manar television network as it showed Nasrallah's last speech and replaced the broadcast with propaganda footage. The video showed the bodies of Hizbullah operatives and asserted that fighters were fleeing from the battlegrounds.

Since the beginning of fighting in Lebanon the IDF has briefly taken control of the airwaves of al-Manar, Radio Nour, and Radio Sawt Al-Shab (the radio station of the communist party, which identifies with Hizbullah) to relay Israeli messages aimed at boosting deterrence, demoralizing Hizbullah and presenting Nasrallah as a liar and incapable leader.

Clips broadcast on al-Manar made use of motifs taken from the world of Lebanon and Hizbullah, including quotes from Nasrallah.

The IDF has only assumed control of ground transmissions via regular antennae; satellite broadcasts were uninterrupted.

Like everything in the IDF, there was a three-part explanation supporting the take-over of Hizbullah media:

1. Use of the organization's own platforms to broadcast Israel 's messages

2. Creating the sense that the organization is "penetrable" and that Israel has powerful capabilities

3. Damaging the organization's abilities for set periods of time, and using the media as part of the war on to access the consciousness of the Lebanese community.

The propaganda videos expose Nasrallah's lies regarding the number of casualties the organization has suffered in fighting against Israel.

Likewise, a clip was produced showing "the escape legend" of Hizbullah fighters in battles in the south and in Baalbeck, weighed against a letter Hizbullah operatives sent to Nasrallah which he presented as a "Letter of the brave."

In addition, the clip shows Israeli commando activities in Baalbek, as well as the report on the IDF take-over of al-Manar in a Lebanese newspaper.

The IDF broadcasts the programs twice daily at 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Todays Phone Call

Israel is now 29 days into the war and it has appeared at times that the IDF has been a ship without a rudder.

The truth is not far from this from one of my sources the IDF has been working on a day to day battle plan and not an over all battle plan which details the steps need to achieve our strategic goals.

This shows the lack of strength from both Chief of Staff of the IDF Halutz and the civilian leadership Olmert.

Today in a desperate move to try to get things going in a more positive direction Halutz has sent the Deputy Chief of Staff Major General Kaplinsky to the north as his representative on the ground. Israel is not so big that the Chief of Staff needs a representative on the ground. What we are seeing now is the start of Halutz and Olmert looking for political cover post war. There is no better way to do so that to cut the legs out from the Commanding General on the ground in the north Udi Adam.

But the problem of why the IDF has been fighting from day to day as it were lies at the highest level of both civilian and military leadership and not the General in theater.

Why does the IDF have a little over 8,000 Reserve soldiers sitting on the border doing nothing?

The impact on the Israeli economy of these reserve soldiers sitting doing nothing is huge. In Israel when you are called to reserve duty the government takes over paying your regular salary so that you will suffer no economic hardship from your reserve duty.

Olmert is afraid of his own shadow and can't make a decision that a true leader like Churchill would have made. So he is going to wait for the blessing of the Inner Security Cabinet on Wednesday.

While we are on the subject of the Inner Security Cabinet, how it is that Tzachi Hanegbi the Head of the Cabinet can take fours days off to visit family members living in the USA. ?

Is no one in leadership serious about any thing beyond keeping the positions of power they hold?

When will Israel have serious leadership?

Number Of Troops

I have just heard retired Major General Don Edwardson on Fox news saying that Israel needs to go into Lebanon with 30,000 troops in order to control the territory from the border to the Litani River.

How many troops ha Yoni been saying Israel should have gone into Lebanon with on week one of this war to Lebanon?

30,000 is the correct answer.

Halevy: Iran can't destroy Israel

Halevy: Iran can't destroy Israel
Greer Fay Cashman, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 8, 2006

"It's not possible for Iran to destroy Israel," according to former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy.

"I don't believe the existence of Israel is in question. I don't believe we could be erased from the face of the world," Halevy told Hadassah and the World Zionist Organization's solidarity mission, gathered at the Neurim youth village near Netanya, where hundreds of Ethiopian children from the north have been taken in for the duration of the war.

While acknowledging that Iran is a threat, Halevy assured his audience that Israel had the capability to prevent itself from being eliminated.

Referring to the link between Iran and what is happening in Lebanon, Halevy said that if Hizbullah was crippled it would dent the threat posed by Iran.

Convinced that hostilities between Hizbullah and Israel would gain momentum in the days to come, Halevy was nonetheless confident that Israel will emerge victorious.

"In the end we will emerge successful," he said. "But we have to make sure that our enemies will not be able to project the image that they are similarly successful. This is very important for Israel's deterrence image," Halevy insisted, adding "We must engrave in the mind of the enemy that it has suffered a grave and serious setback."

Poll: Majority PA Arabs Support Destruction of Israel

Poll: Majority PA Arabs Support Destruction of Israel
16:57 Aug 08, '06 / 14 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) “For the first time,” a poll carried out by Near East Consulting last week states, “a majority of Palestinians (55%) agree that Hamas should not change its position regarding the elimination of the state of Israel. Even 29% of the Christian Palestinians share this view. The percentage of those holding this view among Fateh supporters now is 39%.”

About 97% support Hizbullah's position towards Israel – with that position also held by 95% of Christian Arabs as well. About 91% of those polled do not believe that IDF soldier Gilad Shalit should be released unconditionally and 93% of both Muslim and Christian Arabs do not believe that Hizbullah should release the IDF soldiers it is holding either. A majority of 54% of PA Arabs think that Israel controls the US, while 46% think that Israel is controlled by the US.

The poll was conducted last week by Near East Consulting via telephone conversations with over 1,200 randomly selected Arabs living under Palestinian Authority administration in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem. The poll was given a 95% confidence level.

The Palestinians should never be given a state what they need to be given is a war.

When the war is over and Israel has scored a resounding victory then we can make the offer which should have been made. You can live here if you want a better life for your children but you must accept that Israel is a Jewish State in ALL of Israel i.e. Judea and Samaria plus pre 1967 Israel. If you agree to these conditions you are welcome.

If you continue with terror we will wipe you out, period.

But if you choose to live as Permanent Residents then we will treat you better than any where else in the world will treat you.

Syria Has Finger on the Trigger

16:10 Aug 08, '06 / 14 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Syria continues to be on the highest alert possible, and President Bashar el-Assad stated that his country will continue to support Hizbullah.

He charged that the United States and Israel "organized and planned military action" in Lebanon. Israeli military officials have stated several times that Syria is openly arming Hizbullah terrorists with anti-tank rockets and Syrian-made missiles.

Todays Rocket Count 115

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
Last update - 17:39 08/08/2006
Two people wounded when rocket slams into Galilee village
By Haaretz Service

Hezbollah gunners fired at least 115 Katyusha rockets into northern Israel on Tuesday.

Two people were wounded, one moderately and one lightly, when a rocket hit a home in the Western Galilee town of Fasouta on Tuesday afternoon.

At least 20 rockets slammed into the hard-hit Upper Galilee town of Kiryat Shmona earlier Tuesday, causing damages to structures and starting a number of fires.

Also on Tuesday, four rockets landed in open fields in the northern region of the Golan Heights. No casualties were reported as a result of the rocket fire.

Three rockets were fired at Ma'alot, one of which hit a residential building, and two rockets landed in open areas in Acre. No injuries were reported in the rocket strikes.

A number of residents were treated, one of them a pregnant woman, Channel 2 television reported.

Rockets also fell in open areas near Tiberias and Nahariya, causing neither damage nor injuries.

Residents of a wide area of the Galilee were ordered into bomb shelters prior to the baraages.

The mid-morning attack was the first since more than 160 Katyushas were fired at communities in the north on Monday. More than 70 of them landed in and around Kiryat Shmona, with the remainder falling on Rosh Pina, Safed, Ma'alot and Acre.

One person sustained light to moderate injuries and 16 were slightly wounded. According to the Health Ministry, 152 civilians and soldiers remained in hospitals throughout the north last night, recovering from war-related injuries.

Of these, 17 were in critical condition and 30 were in moderate condition. Officials at the Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya on Monday reported an improvement in the condition of the soldier who was critically wounded on Sunday in battles in southwestern Lebanon.

A senior Home Front Command (HFC) officer emphasized on Monday the importance of obeying all HFC directives, which he said are life-saving. He said that all of the serious civilian injuries and deaths as a result of rockets have been to individuals who were not in protected spaces.

Can't you just smell victory in the air, after 29 days of fighting Israel is still getting hammered by rockets?

Hizballah has not been put out of business and Syria still supplies them with new rockets and other military supplies. It is no longer with truck convoys like at the start of the war , no today it is by donkey trains going across the hills.

Do I need to say it again? Israel needs to hit Syria and also increase the number of soldiers in Lebanon by at least 3 times.

Hizballah With AA Missiles

IDF reservists from Brigade 609 took captive two Hizbullah guerrillas overnight Monday in the village of Bint Jbail as the operatives were setting up anti-aircraft missiles that they planned to use against Israeli fighter jets.

In addition to the two, paratroopers from Battalion 890 caught three other Hizbullah men who were sleeping in a house in Bint Jbail.

Since the beginning of operation change of direction, IDF troops have caught over 20 Hizbullah operatives.

The group was known to have anti aircraft missiles, but the army has said it was unclear how advanced their weaponry was.

On Monday, F-16 fighter jets shot down a Hizbullah Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) 10 kilometers off the coast of Acre.
A senior IDF officer said it was possible that the UAV was sent over to conduct surveillance for the Hizbullah, which has flown two UAVs over northern Israel twice in the past two years.

Several days ago, troops from the Golani Brigade operating in the southern Lebanese village of Ayta A Shayeb caught Hizbullah operative Hussein Ali Suleiman Suleiman, 22. He surrendered to the troops after he realized that he was completely surrounded. Suleiman, a high-ranking officer revealed Monday, was part of the 100-man force that participated in the cross-border kidnapping on July 12.

This is a serious turn for the IAF, as of today there has been anti aircraft fire from guns but not missiles.

2 reservists killed in Lebanon battle

2 reservists killed in Lebanon battle

Cleared for publication: Two reserve soldiers killed near Bint Jbeil in fire exchanges with Hizbullah Monday night. IDF force engages in fierce battle with gunmen near village of Aytaroun, soldier seriously injured
Hanan Greenberg

It has been cleared for publication that two IDF reservists were killed and another two were lightly and moderately injured in exchanges of fire with Hizbullah early Tuesday morning. The battle took place near the village of Labouna in the Bint Jbeil area in southwest Lebanon.

Deadly Battle
Soldier killed in south Lebanon / Hanan Greenberg
Hizbullah gunmen fire antitank missile at armored vehicle operating in Dibel village near Bint Jbeil; Staff Sergeant Philip Mosko, 21, from Maale Adumim - who served as paramedic in Paratrooper Brigade – killed, five troops lightly injured
Full Story

One of the reservists killed is Gilad Balachsan, 28, from Carmiel. The soldiers that were injured in the clash have been evacuated to a hospital in Israel for treatment.

The two killed troops served in the Baram Brigade (the western brigade) as part of its reserve force, which has been assigned border patrol duties. On Monday night the force entered into Lebanese territory and encountered a terror cell near the village of Labouna.

More then 25 terrorists have been killed in the western sector throughout Monday night and Tuesday morning, in a series of incidents.

An IDF soldier was seriously wounded early Tuesday morning in fire exchanges with Hizbullah near the village of Aytaroun in the western sector. At the same time, exchanges of fire were also carried out in the village of Labouna; several troops sustained injuries.

The soldier that was seriously injured has been evacuated to a hospital in Israel, and the army is looking into the possibility he was hurt by friendly fire.

Staff Sergeant Philip Mosko, 21, from Maale Adumim, who served as a paramedic in the Paratrooper Brigade, was killed during fierce fire exchanges between IDF soldiers and Hizbullah in the village of Dibel near Bint Jbeil Monday night. Five troops were injured in the incident.

The injured troops were evacuated to Israel by IDF forces and the families of the soldiers that have been hurt were notified.

Hizbullah gunmen used an improved antitank missile, which was fired at a Puma-type armored vehicle that was carrying a number of auxiliary forces troops, including paramedics.

"Hizbullah has a variety of improved missiles and when such a missile is fired at an armored vehicle, damage cannot be completely prevented. Usually the vehicle sustains slight damages and the troops remain unharmed. In some cases the outcome is more severe, and this is something we will need to address," a military official told Ynet.

I am almost afraid to post this but it seems that despite heavy fighting our losses are down dramatically. The IDF I think has the fast learning curve of any military in the world. Israel may have turned the corner on the tactics of Hizbullah and have come up with the means to defeat Hizbullah with lower IDF casualties.

August 07, 2006

Analysis: Hizbullah still strong

Aug. 8, 2006 0:46 | Updated Aug. 8, 2006 6:13
Analysis: Hizbullah still strong

Operation Change of Direction was launched last month with the declared goal of weakening Hizbullah to the point where it would be possible to create a new political reality in south Lebanon. On Monday, almost four weeks into the fighting, a high-ranking Military Intelligence officer said the IDF was still far from reaching its goal.

While Israel waited for a United Nations Security Council resolution on a cease-fire, not now expected to come up for a vote until at least Thursday, the next stage will be a second resolution - one that calls for the deployment of a multinational force to replace the IDF in southern Lebanon and to prevent Hizbullah from reestablishing itself there.

Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz, have spoken with enthusiasm about a multinational force, but the high-ranking officer said Monday that Hizbullah had not been damaged enough and still retained enough "diplomatic power" to thwart the deployment of such a force.

"Hizbullah has not been sufficiently weakened," the officer said. "And there may be no choice but to expand the ground operation in the direction of the Litani River to achieve that goal."

According to intelligence information, the Hizbullah command-and-control array is still functioning even after nearly four weeks of fighting. So are the logistical command centers - still operating and succeeding in directing the smuggling of weapons into Lebanon from Syria.

The officer said that Hizbullah still had the ability to fire short-range rockets, of which the guerrilla group has already fired 2,500 since the beginning of the war.

The only way to stop the short-range rockets, he said, was for the IDF to deepen its incursion north to the Litani and to sweep through cities like Tyre, estimated to be the hiding place for most of the short-range 122mm Katyusha rockets.

But despite the concern that the Hizbullah could succeed in thwarting a diplomatic effort to deploy an international force in Lebanon, the IDF can still pat itself on the back. Over 400 guerrillas have been killed in IDF operations, most of the long-range rocket arrays have been destroyed and the organization's stronghold in Beirut - Dahiya - has been almost completely demolished in IAF air strikes.

Senior IDF officers said Monday that they needed more time to continue striking at the guerrilla group to really weaken Hizbullah. The big question now is whether Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will give the green light for an IDF incursion up to the Litani, a move that could save Israel face and provide it with the the victory it has been seeking since the outset of a conflict that has proven to be far more difficult than initially expected.

At the moment, the IDF is holding onto positions in a security zone eight kilometers deep into Lebanon and is waiting to see if it will be ordered to push northwards to the Litani. Senior officials in the Northern Command said Monday that the chances the the IDF would reach that far in the coming days were slim, since with fighting still going on in villages like Bint Jbail - where three soldiers were killed Monday - within the IDF-created security zone, the military could not move on.

"We need to first finish clearing out the security zone and only then can we move north," a high-ranking officer in the Northern Command explained.

Early Report

IAF has hit according to my sources a 10 story building in Beirut with several high value targets in inside the building at the time of the attack.

Hizballah Are You Afraid?

Defense Minister Amir Peretz has now said that if the diplomatic efforts do not bring results in the next couple of days then the IDF will go to the Litani.

Empty threats from an empty government, again I will say "when it is time to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.

Info On Captured Terrorist

Here is the latest info obtained from Mahmoud Ali Suleiman who was captured in the last days by the IDF in Lebanon.

Suleiman was part of the Hizballah terrorist squad that cross the border and attacked the IDF jeeps that was the start of all this about a month ago.

According to Suleiman their were 100 terrorist involved in this attack. It was not a handful of terrorist, it was a large force of terrorist including a group that was armed with anti tank rockets that were to take out any tanks that might have come to the rescue.

The entire terrorist force had in the past received training from Iran.

Peretz: It is a War, Not a Military Operation

23:23 Aug 07, '06 / 13 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Speaking to members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee in the Defense Ministry on Monday, Defense Minister Amir Peretz stated the current military situation “is a war, not a military operation.”

The senior minister added that if diplomatic efforts fail, the IDF will be given approval to advance far into Lebanon and take necessary measures to halt rocket attacks.

Then let’s fight it like a war. We need to call up more of the reserves and end this in a matter of days with a defeat for Hizballah and Syria and most important Nasrallah must be dead at the end of the fighting.

Recap Of Phone Call

Syria efforts to supply Hizballah continue, since Israel has taken out the roads from Syria to Lebanon. They now are using donkey trains loaded down with rockets going cross country to supply Hizballah.

The command and control for the war from the Hizballah side is located on a Syrian army base that is located on the Syrian, Lebanon border. Located at this base is a joint command with Hizballah terrorist, Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Syrian Army. It is from this location that they give the orders on each and every rocket that is fired.

Also from my phone their now is intelligence that Hizballah has chemical warheads and that if and when they feel the end is near they will use them.

IDF Leadership Speaks Out

It is coming out in public the IDF generals from the infantry are angry and I mean really angry about the way Olmert is keeping them from fighting the war that they want to fight.

Lebanon says to deploy army to south

Lebanese government, which includes two Hizbullah ministers, decides on to send 15,000 troops to the south as Israeli troops pull out of territory; ‘this should open the way for the amendment of the draft resolution in accordance with Lebanese demands,’ senior Lebanese official says

The Lebanese government, which includes two Hizbullah ministers, decided on Monday to send 15,000 Lebanese troops to the south as Israeli troops pull out of the territory.

Lebanon hopes the unanimous decision of the government would pave the way for changes to a UN Security Council resolution to end 27 days of fighting between Israel and Hizbullah.

The Lebanese army had called up reservists ahead of the planned deployment to the south, where thousands of Israeli troops are fighting Hizbullah guerrillas.

Lebanon has now very clearly moved to taking sides in this war. They can no longer sit and cry about Israel hitting them.

Hezbollah fighter confesses to kidnapping IDF soldiers

Last update - 22:26 07/08/2006
Hezbollah fighter confesses to kidnapping IDF soldiers
By Reuters

A Hezbollah fighter captured by Israel has told interrogators he received training in Iran and arrived there on a flight from Syria, a tape of the interrogation released by the Israeli army showed on Monday.

During questioning the man also confessed to taking part in the cross-border raid on July 12 in which two Israel Defense Forces soldiers were captured, the incident which sparked the current conflict.

"We trained in Iran," the man, who gave his name as Mahmoud Ali Suleiman, told the interrogator. "We went from Beirut in civilian cars... to the airport in Damascus."

Suleiman, who gave his age as 22, said between 40 and 50 people went with him for the training, which involved instruction in the use of anti-tank weapons. He didn't say when the training took place or how long it lasted.

The man, speaking in Arabic, said he joined Hezbollah in 2000 and had carried out two operations with the Lebanese guerrilla group, the first in December 2005 when they had tried to take on an Israeli tank entering southern Lebanon.

The second operation was the one in July, when the two Israeli soldiers were seized and eight were killed in subsequent mortar fire and clashes.

In addition to the brief stint in Iran, Suleiman said he had done extensive training at a Hezbollah camp in Baalbek, in Lebanon's eastern Bekaa valley.

160 Rockets Today

Last update - 20:59 07/08/2006
Three wounded as Hezbollah gunners pound targets across the north
By Amiram Barkat, Amos Harel and Jack Khoury, Haaretz Correspondents and Haaretz Service

Hezbollah gunners launched over 160 rockets at northern Israel on Monday.

Of those, over 70 landed in and around the northern city of Kiryat Shmona, with the rest landing in Rosh Pina, Maalot, Nahariya, Safed, and Acre. Three people were wounded.

In Kiryat Shmona, two public buildings were hit, one of them going up in smoke. One person was lightly injured.

In Nahariya, eight rockets landed and one person was lightly to moderately wounded when a residence sustained a direct hit.

Two rockets struck a community near Nahariya on Monday morning, lightly injuring one resident from shrapnel.

Report: Drone Was Carrying 45 Kilograms of Explosives

Report: Drone Was Carrying 45 Kilograms of Explosives
21:52 Aug 07, '06 / 13 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) According to a Channel 10 TV report, the Hizbullah drone pilotless aircraft shot down by the air force was carrying 45 kilograms of explosives.

Air force officials state the report is not accurate, insisting the drone was not carrying explosives.

Air force Brig.-Gen. Locker reports that the drone was picked up early by a northern radar station and was downed northwest of Haifa.

Police: 90 rockets land in north since morning hours

Police said that 90 rockets have landed in the north since the morning hours, 53 of them in Kiryat Shmona. Five people were lightly injured by the barrages.

At one in the afternoon six rockets landed in open territory in the Nahariya area. There were no reports of injuries and no damage was caused. (Sharon Rofe-Ofir)

Recap Of Todays Ground Action

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
Last update - 16:00 07/08/2006
Soldier killed in south Lebanon; commandos launch raid near Tyre
By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Staff and Agencies

An Israel Defense Forces soldier was killed and four others were wounded in fierce fighting with Hezbollah fighters Monday morning in the south Lebanese village of Bint Jbail.

The slain soldier was named as Staff Sergeant Malko Mosha Ambao, 22, of Lod. He was part of a Paratroopers Brigades force that engaged in gunbattles with Hezbollah in the village. Three of his comrades sustained light wounds.

Meanwhile, IDF commandos launched a raid near Lebanon's Mediterranean coast Monday, fighting Hezbollah in close combat in a bid to destroy its rocket launchers.

About 30 commandos landed by helicopter on a southern hilltop south of Tyre, overlooking Ras al-Biyada, a Lebanese security officials said. They were mired in fierce fighting with Hezbollah, and there was no word on casualties, an official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press.

The town about five kilometers north of the Israel-Lebanon border overlooks Tyre on the Mediterranean. Commandos landed north of the area and raided an apartment. At least five Lebanese - including a soldier at a nearby checkpoint - were killed in the raid, officials said. The IDF reported eight soldiers wounded, two seriously.

A total of 14 Hezbollah guerillas were killed Monday. Two guerillas were killed in the battle in which the soldier died, and two others were killed in the same area by IDF infantry.

Also Monday, four Hezbollah guerillas were killed when IDF infantry troops from the Nahal Brigade encountered a Hezbollah cell in the village of Houla.

A company commander and two soldiers were moderately wounded in the clash.

Another six Hezbollah operatives were killed in other clashes with IDF troops Monday morning, including four members of an anti-tank cell.

Hezbollah's television station said its men engaged an IDF infantry advance on the border villages of Aita al-Shaab, Rub Thalatheen and Dabel. Two Hezbollah guerillas were killed in Dabel.

Israel Air Force aircraft struck more than 150 targets in Lebanon overnight, Israel Radio reported early Monday, as Hezbollah battled IDF troops on several fronts.

Lebanese sources said the air strikes killed 10 civilians. The targets included bridges, roads, bunkers, rocket launchers and launch sites, the radio said.

The combat followed a day in which Hezbollah rockets killed 12 reservist soldiers in Kfar Giladi and three civilians in Haifa.

As the fighting raged, the UN Security Council failed to agree on a draft resolution seeking to end 27 days of fighting.

The five permanent council members - the United States, China, Russia, Britain and France - were to meet Monday after failing to agree on whether to amend the draft to take account of Lebanon's demand that IDF troops withdraw.

Lebanon has demanded the draft Security Council resolution drawn up by France and the United States include a call for a rapid withdrawal of IDF troops from its soil.

Meanwhile, there was no let up in the violence which has killed at least 769 people in Lebanon, mostly civilians, and 94 Israelis. Hezbollah says it will fight on until Israel stops bombing Lebanon and withdraws all its forces.

Seven members of the same family were killed in the southern Lebanese village of Ghazzaniyeh when Israeli jets struck their house Monday morning. Two civilians were killed and four seriously wounded in a similar strike in Kfar Tibneet village, also in the south.

IAF jets also struck a southern suburb of Beirut and the eastern Bekaa Valley, both Hezbollah strongholds. One civilian died in the Bekaa strikes.

IAF strikes Hezbollah region
Also early Monday, Israeli warplanes targeted a northeastern Lebanese region that is a symbol of Hezbollah power, witnesses and the group said. At least four explosions were heard around the Bekaa city of Baalbek, 100 kilometers north of Israel's border, witnesses said. There was no immediate word on casualties.

Warplanes struck roads about 20 kilometers (13 miles) south of Baalbek, and in the Rashaya region farther south on the corridor linking southern regions with the Bekaa in the country's east, the witnesses said.

Hezbollah has many bases in the Baalbek region. Israeli commandos on Wednesday landed troops in the Baalbek area and fought guerrillas, kidnapped several people before withdrawing. Sixteen Lebanese were killed in that raid.

Israel demands U.S. alter draft on Lebanon

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
Last update - 02:51 07/08/2006
Israel demands U.S. alter draft on Lebanon
By Aluf Benn

Israel yesterday asked the U.S. government to make changes in the American-French draft resolution on Lebanon, which the Security Council is slated to approve tomorrow.

The Israeli requests including the following:

a Removing all mention of Shaba Farms, so as to avoid linking the cease-fire to an Israeli withdrawal from Shaba. However, government sources said that the United States is unlikely to accede to this.

b Altering the clause on preventing arms transfers to Hezbollah to make the Lebanese government explicitly responsible for preventing such transfers and to give UNIFIL, the UN Interim Force in Lebanon, a greater role in supervising the border crossings.

c Instituting an explicit international embargo on arms transfers to Hezbollah. The current draft merely calls for such an embargo to be established sometime in the future.

d Removing the reference to Israel's "offensive military operations." Israel claims that it is merely defending itself against Hezbollah's attacks.

Israel is also concerned about the resolution's failure to address the issue of creating an international force for Lebanon. The current draft says merely that a second resolution will be proposed at some later date to authorize deployment of such a force. This, said a senior government source, seems to indicate that "there won't be an international force, because there will never be an agreement on it."

"If they're spitting blood over a declarative resolution [like the current one], just imagine what will happen when they get to a practical resolution," he said.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has already announced that the resolution will be brought to a vote as is; government sources said this seems to be an effort to pressure the Lebanese government, which has already rejected the draft and is backing Hezbollah's demands. However, the sources noted, during the Security Council debate, other countries are likely to try to alter the clauses most favorable to Israel - such as one that essentially allows Israeli troops to remain in Lebanon for the time being - to meet Lebanon's demands.

The games begin and mark my words before it is all over Israel will be forced to give up land.

August 06, 2006

Israel backs down: UNIFIL stays

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
Last update - 11:31 06/08/2006
Israel backs down: UNIFIL stays
By Amos Harel, Aluf Benn and Avi Issacharoff

Israel has lifted its demand for the deployment of a new multinational force in southern Lebanon and agreed that UNIFIL, the United Nations force already in place, would oversee the cease-fire.

In a draft text for a UN Security Council resolution on ending the crisis in Lebanon, agreed yesterday by the United States and France, it was concluded that the UN Interim Force in Lebanon would be replaced by a new force only after Israel and Lebanon reach agreement on the principles of a long-term accord.

In the immediate future, UNIFIL will be reinforced with more troops in order to be able to carry out its new mandate.

At a meeting of the security cabinet last night, a discussion was held on the possible expansion of ground operations in Lebanon. Political and security sources said last night that the major problem currently faced is how to deal with short-range Katyusha rockets, which would require an operation in the area between Tyre and Nabatiyeh.

According to the sources the IDF asked to expand the use of reservists in Lebanon, but at this stage did not request authorization for taking over the area in southern Lebanon between the border and the Litani River.

During the weekend, six civilians, all Arab Israelis, were killed in Katyusha rocket attacks. Five IDF soldiers were killed in fighting in southern Lebanon.

Initially Israel opposed the expansion of UNIFIL's role and asked that it be replaced, arguing that to date its performance was poor and its troops did not prevent terrorist attacks.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said last week that Israel "will not accept a force of the UNIFIL type, that was proven not to be effective. The force that will be deployed will have to comprise of armies, not pensioners who come to vacation in southern Lebanon, but real soldiers capable of fighting."

Political sources in Jerusalem said last night that Israel received assurances through diplomatic channels that UNIFIL will be bolstered by quality troops from France. The current commander of UNIFIL is a French General, Alain Pelegrini. Currently, UNIFIL has 2,000 men from France, China, Ghana, India, Ireland, Italy, Poland and Ukraine.

Political sources in Israel said the deployment of a multinational force in a country requires agreements, and the government of Lebanon announced that following the Qana incident last week that it would refuse a new force.

Broadening the UNIFIL mandate is essentially meant to deal with the Lebanese opposition to a new force at this time.

The UN draft resolution calls for Hezbollah to stop all attacks and for Israel to stop "offensive military operations," but it would allow Israel to defend itself if attacked. A spokesman for U.S. President George W. Bush, said yesterday that while Bush was pleased with the progress achieved, there would be a second resolution offered at the UN.

Israeli political sources expressed their satisfaction with the draft yesterday and said it accepted Israel's basic demand that the IDF keep its positions in southern Lebanon and prevent the return of Hezbollah fighters until a multinational force is deployed in the area.

Responding to the draft resolution, one of Hezbollah's two ministers in the Lebanese cabinet, Mohammed Fnaysh, said, "We oppose any cease-fire so long as a single Israeli soldier remains on Lebanese soil."

At this time the government of Lebanon has not reacted to the text of the draft resolution but a spokesman said, "Lebanon will not surrender its sovereignty" and said that "the government demands the lifting of the occupation from Lebanon's land."

I am sorry with the way Olmert has fought this war maybe just maybe it would have been better to not have started this at all.

The only shoe left to fall is that Israel is going to give up land "for peace".

Palestinians: IDF arrests Hamas parliament member

Palestinians: IDF arrests Hamas parliament member

Palestinian sources in Ramallah reported that IDf forces stopped a Hamas parliament member in the city. According to the report, the parliament member was Fadel Hamdan

Saturday, IDF forces arrested Palestinian parliament chairman, Dr. Abdel Aziz Duaik. (Ali Waked)

IDF Stabbed In The Back By Olmert

Aug. 5, 2006 15:01 | Updated Aug. 7, 2006 0:06
IDF ditches plans to reach Litani River

After completing the creation of a security zone in southern Lebanon and with diplomatic pressure mounting, the IDF, senior defense officials revealed Sunday, did not plan to move ground troops northwards towards the Litani River - a line initially named as the IDF's final destination in this current ground incursion.

Meanwhile Sunday, five Golani soldiers were wounded after a bomb went off when they stormed a home in the Lebanese town of Mahbeeb. The wounded soldiers were evacuated to safety and then taken to Rambam Hospital in Haifa for further medical treatment.

Five other soldiers were wounded, one moderately and four lightly, during heavy clashes between IDF reservists and Hizbullah guerillas in the southern Lebanese village of Ras al-Baida. The troops from Brigade 609 killed over 35 Hizbullah gunmen since Friday and succeeded in destroying at least three Katyusha rocket launchers hidden in the village. Another soldier suffered moderate wounds when an anti-tank rocket hit his D-9 bulldozer near the village of Kila, west of Metulla. IDF troops took three Hizbullah guerrillas captives during operations in southern Lebanon overnight Saturday.

The fighting that continued on Sunday took place in the 20 some villages IDF troops had taken up positions in over the weekend as they finished recreating the 10-kilometer-deep security zone Israel held during its 18-year presence in Lebanon which ended in 2000.

The IDF and the future of the State of Israel have been stabbed in the back by a combination of week leadership from Olmert and the Chief of Staff Halutz.

When in time of war a country states its objective, in this case to reach the Litani River and then a matter of days or a week later it redefines it priory defined goals to lower expectations it can mean only one thing.

The entity for some reason, does not have the ability to achieve its goals.

In this case the issue is not if the IDF can achieve its goals, for I know given the order and the backing of the civilian leadership the IDF can do anything it needs to.

Olmert is creating an image of a weak and ineffective IDF in the collective mind of the world.

This will result in Israel being forced to fight future wars and having to endure even more terrorism in the years to come as the Arabs seeks to bleed the new weak Israel.

Not only will Olmert's criminal handling of the war result in more Israeli dead but it will result in dead Jews around the world. Terrorist will strike out at Jews around the world for they will no longer fear the long arm of Israel reaching out to kill them.

Israeli Arabs: Finish off Nasrallah

haifa sunday.jpg

Latest barrage on city of Haifa leaves three killed, dozens wounded. Injured recall: We heard sirens, didn't escape in time. Israeli Arabs agree over Israel's failure to 'finish off' Nasrallah once and for all
Vered Luvitch

On Sunday evening, ambulances rolled in non-stop to three Haifa hospitals, after a fatal rocket barrage hit the city slightly before 8 p.m. Three people were killed and dozens were wounded after two rockets – one in the lower city and one in Wadi Nisnas – crashed into buildings.

Haifa under attack: Rocket hits building, causes it to collapse; body of one woman recovered. Two people critically injured, die in hospital. More than 100 residents hurt. Defense minister, army chief hold security consultation
Full story

Dozens of residents, mainly Israeli Arabs, congregated at the entrances to the Rambam Medical Center seeking to check on their loved ones injured in the attack.

Some of those present condemned Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Shadi Mzawin and his sister, who arrived at the hospital to visit their sister, said: "How can it be that with all its might Israel is incapable of eliminating Hizbullah and finish it once and for all? How can it be that with al this force he succeeds to do this for us?"

Shadi, whose grandmother and grandfather were also injured in the attack, said police officers positions at the entrance to the emergency room refused him entrance because he swore at them.

"Half of my family and my neighborhood are here inside and they are not allowing me in although I am injured. I don't understand that. Do I have no rights? I am a citizen too and I pay taxes – grandma and grandpa are here and they are not letting me see them," said Shadi who was lightly injured in the legs.

Shadi expressed anger at the government for the lack of shelters in the neighborhood. "I live in Wadi Nisnas and we have no shelters, we hardly have where to live, we have no where to go, we have nowhere to go, and our shelter is the toilet. There are no shelters at all."

"I hope Nasrallah gets a rocket between the legs for what he is doing to me here, for harming grandma and grandpa."

Yossi Landau, an MDA volunteer who arrived at one of the damaged buildings, said that the carnage was severe: "We have a difficult situation, an almost complete collapse of the building, and many injured outside of it. There were people trapped in the building but we succeeded in evacuating them and are working to disconnect the gas main in order to prevent leaks."

Landau recalled trying to save the woman killed by the attack. "I treated her, I performed CPR but she died anyway." According to him, the crowds are hindering the rescue operations. "Curious people are doing things you can't imagine. It's a very crowded area and it really disturbs us in our work."

"I was with my mother at her friend's house. We heard sirens but didn't know where to go and also there wasn't time because we immediately heard an explosion," she recounted.

"It was really scary. It was a really loud boom. My mother, Ibatisam, is hospitalized and I hope they'll release her soon," she said, in tears.

A wounded man, Nazal Faisal, also arrived at Rambam. He told Ynet about the event: "I was in a restaurant and the siren went off only after the second rocket hit, so there was nothing to do. I went to my brother's nearby house and saw my friends, lying on the ground, in shock. Now some of them are in the hospital and some stayed home to help others who were injured."

Dozens of angry Haifa residents, whose family members were injured by the blast, raised a commotion outside Rambam's emergency room, after police forces forbade them to because of the crowding caused by the large number of patients. Some of the family members forced their way into the emergency room.

The hospital's spokesperson, David Ratner, explained: "We are treating a very large number of people and this is not the first time that such a situation has occurred. People want to enter the emergency room and we won't let them. That's why we have border guard and regular police forces here. There's nothing to be done in such cases. There are instincts that must be calmed. We can't work in the emergency room in such a fashion and this is why they will remain outside.

I have shared strories of Israeli Arabs protesting the war, here is the other Israeli Arab story.

Photo Of Hizballah Rocket Launch


29 Rockets have targeted Haifa today, boy I am glad we are winning this war I would hate to see what loosing would look like.

Syria 'ready for possible regional war'

Syria 'ready for possible regional war'
Associated Press, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 6, 2006

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem crossed into Lebanon Sunday for the first visit by a top Syrian official in more than a year, Lebanon's state news agency said.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting with his Lebanese counterpart, Fawzi Salloukh, Moallem said "Syria is ready for the possibility of a regional war if the Israeli aggression continues."

He added that a US-French draft resolution to end the war "adopted Israel's point of view only." Underlining his support for Hizbullah, Moallem said, "as Syria's foreign minister I hope to be a soldier in the resistance."

Salloukh said that "Israel cannot take in peace what it had failed to take in war."

"If Israel attacks Syria by any mean, on the ground, by air, our leadership ordered the armed forces to reply immediately," he said after emerging from a meeting with Lebanese President Emil Lahoud.

Israel has issued several pledges not to attack Syria.

According to Moallem, the US-French cease-fire plan was "a recipe for the continuation of the war."

Moallem's visit comes amid strained relations between Lebanon and Syria as a result of the Feb. 14, 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. A UN investigation has implicated several Syrian officials in the murder.

Syria denied any involvement in the Hariri assassination that led to an international isolation of Damascus.

Prompted by the crisis that followed Hariri's assassination, Syria withdrew its troops from Lebanon in April 2005, ending a 29-year military presence.

On a technical side it should be no contest if Israel were to go to war with Syria.

But with the way Israel is fighting the war against Hizballah, I am now afraid that Syria may enter the war.

The war against Hizballah if fought with the full force and fury of the IDF should have been over a long time ago. So my worry is if the leadership in Israel can so mismanage the war against Hizballah, how bad could our civilian leadership hurt Israel in a war with Syria?

Reuters admits to doctoring Beirut photo

Aug. 6, 2006 18:57 | Updated Aug. 6, 2006 21:06
Reuters admits to doctoring Beirut photo

Reuters news agency admitted on Sunday that it had digitally altered a photograph of an Israeli attack on Lebanon on Saturday, showing more smoke than was actually present.

The photograph, as initially published, showed an aerial view of Beirut after an IAF attack, with two large pillars of smoke rising over the city. The caption read: Smoke billows from burning buildings destroyed during an overnight Israeli air raid on Beirut's suburbs.

The agency has since withdrawn the photograph, issued an apology and released the unaltered picture. Its public relations department said the photographer had been suspended until the investigation was completed.

Reuters was notified of the alteration by American bloggers who noticed repeating patterns within the smoke plumes, indicating that part of the image was duplicated several times.

The scene was photographed by Adnan Hajj, who had also photographed the aftermath of the Israeli attack on Kana last week, in which the Lebanese initially claimed 58 fatalities, but could later only confirm 28.

This is nothing new, Israel having to battle not only on the battlefield but also battle the lies that the MSM puts out against us.

When the MSM arrives in the Middle East who do they hire as their staff?


Arab photographers, Camera men, and how do the MSM gain access to the terrorist for their interviews, they pay them, that’s how.

Haifa Hit Hard

After several days of calm, heavy barrage hits northern city of Haifa: One woman was killed and about 37 were injured, one of them sustaining critical wounds, in a rocket barrage which hit the northern city of Haifa.

Police and rescue forces were dispatched to the landing sites. In one of the landing sites nearly 20 residents were hurt, and another 10 were hurt in another location in the city.

Hospitals in the city declared a multi-casualty event following the barrages and began receiving the injured. One of the injured was evacuated to the hospital in critical condition, while Magen David Adom crews were attempting to resuscitate him.

Over 3,000 Rockets Fired into Israel

14:04 Aug 06, '06 / 12 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) According to IDF officials, over 3,000 rockets have been fired into Israel since July 14, 2006.

IDF Naval Commando Hits Top Hizbullah Operatives In Tyre raid

IDF Naval Commando Hits Top Hizbullah Operatives In Tyre raid
16:02 Aug 06, '06 / 12 Av 5766
by Debbie Berman

Two soldiers were seriously wounded when IDF naval commandos targeted a Hizbullah long-range missile-launching site during a heroic overnight raid on the Lebanese city of Tyre on Saturday.

Brig.-Gen. Noam Feig, head of naval shipyards, said the Naval Commando 13's operation in Tyre targeted senior Hizbullah operatives responsible for the launch of long-range rockets, similar to those fired at Hadera on Friday. “The goal of the operation was a commando raid against [those] senior Hizbullah operatives," he said. "Among other things, they were involved in launching rockets at Hadera Friday. The operation brought closure to all other operations."

Feig stressed that the heroic operation was deemed necessary to combat the threat of long-term rocket launches into Israel, while minimizing the possibility of Lebanese civilian casualties. "The force, under the command of a Commando 13 commander, was made up of three separate forces. Hizbullah's pattern of operations, hiding in apartments, endangers the lives of Lebanese civilians and necessitates selective and accurate capabilities," Feig stated.

The elite commando unit killed four terrorists, while two IDF soldiers sustained serious injuries in the battle. “At 3:15 a.m.," Feig said, "the force forged their way into the target. In the fight over the target in the apartment, the force killed four terrorists who belonged to the launching unit. Upon entrance into the apartment, one of the soldiers was injured. Another soldier in the inner circle was also injured.”

Feig presented a video documentary highlighting the mission that showed the soldiers' entrance into the building complex and the barrage of fire aimed at them when they emerged. The commandos worked cooperatively with the Israel Air Force, which sent planes and drones to clear a route for the unit to exit.

“The two soldiers were treated in the field by a medical unit under the command of the unit's doctor," explained Feig, "and an operation was performed in the field. The force evacuated under fire to the coast, where a helicopter waited, as planned, to transport them back to Israel at 5 a.m. All in all – fighting and presence in the field - one hour and 45 minutes."

Israeli man beaten, stabbed to death by mob in Australia

Israeli man beaten, stabbed to death by mob in Australia
By Haaretz Service

Police in Sydney, Australia are trying to establish the motive for the murder Saturday of an Israeli national left for dead outside a shop in the Bondi suburb after a brutal knife attack by a mob.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, the 36-year-old victim was set upon Saturday night by a gang, who witnesses say struck him with a pole or a similar object and stabbed him repeatedly.

Of course these animals killed this man because of the color of his shirt and not because he was Jewish and an Israeli.

Iran To Expand Nuke Program

Country's top nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, says Iran will expand uranium enrichment activities in defiance of UN Security Council resolution
Associated Press

Iran's top nuclear negotiator said Sunday that Iran will expand uranium enrichment, in defiance of a UN Security Council resolution giving the Islamic Republic until Aug. 31 to halt the activity or face the threat of political and economic sanctions.

Ali Larijani called the UN Security Council resolution issued last week illegal and said Iran won't respect the deadline. "We reject this resolution," he told reporters.

"We will expand nuclear activities where required. It includes all nuclear technology including the string of centrifuges," Larijani said, referring to the centrifuges Iran uses to enrich uranium.

He said Iran had not violated any of its obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty, and that the UN had no right to require it suspend enrichment. "We won't accept suspension," he said.

Larijani said the Security Council resolution contradicted a package of Western incentives offered in June to persuade Tehran to suspend its enrichment activities. He reiterated that Iran would formally respond to the incentives package on Aug. 22.

Iran has said it will never give up its right to produce nuclear fuel, but has indicated it may suspend large-scale activities to ease tensions with the West.

Larijani said the world should blame the United States and its allies for acting against their proposed package and seeking to deny Iran its rights under the NPT.

The United States has accused Iran of seeking nuclear weapons. Tehran maintains its program is peaceful and intended to generate electricity.

In February, Iran for the first time produced a batch of low-enriched uranium, using a cascade of 164 centrifuges. The process of uranium enrichment can be used to generate electricity or to create an atomic weapon, depending on the level of enrichment.

Iran said it plans to install 3,000 centrifuges at its enrichment plant in Natanz, central Iran, by the end of the year. Industrial production of enriched uranium in Natanz would require 54,000 centrifuges.

Hard-liners within Iran's ruling Islamic establishment have called on the government to withdraw from the NPT in response to the UN resolution, but the government has not heeded the call.

Withdrawal from the treaty could end all international oversight of Iran's nuclear program.

IDF: We captured soldiers' kidnapper

IDF Intelligence Chief Major General Amos Yadlin reveals in government meeting that during IDF operation in Lebanon, kidnapper of soldiers captured, interrogated
Attila Somfalvi

IDF Intelligence Chief Major General Amos Yadlin has revealed that the IDF has captured one of the Hizbullah terrorists who kidnapped two IDF soldiers.

"In one of the operations in Lebanon the kidnapper was captured. He has been taken for interrogation," Yadlin told government ministers.

Yadlin briefed ministers on Hizbullah's condition following the IDF attacks, and said that there has been a most significant strike against the organization.

Kiryat Shmona: 10 killed in rocket attack

Kiryat Shmona: 10 killed in rocket attack

At least 10 Israelis killed, four others seriously wounded in massive rocket attack on Kiryat Shmona area kibbutz; Nablus Palestinians celebrate lethal attack
Hagai Einav

Galilee Police Sub-District Commander Danny Hadad said “this is one of the most severe incidents since the onset of the fighting in Lebanon; there are many casualties at the scene.”

Northern District Police Chief Dan Ronen said, “There was a high concentration of people at the site, and that’s what made the difference."

“Yesterday (Saturday) many people in the Krayot area were saved because they remained inside the bomb shelters and today one rocket causes so much destruction,” he said.

As to the ceasefire agreement being formulated in the UN, Ronen said “I do not understand diplomatic maneuvering, but I do know that we have several more difficult days ahead of us until the proposal is implemented.

Celebratory processions were held in Nablus following the lethal attack.

Earlier three rockets landed Sunday in open territories in the Maalot area. There were no injuries and no damage was caused. Security forces are searching the area to ensure that no further rockets fell.

Two rockets fell in open territories in the center of the Golan Heights. There were no injuries reported there either.

At around 9:30 a.m. a rocket barrage was fired at Safed. Until now two rocket landings have been identified in open territories and no damage has been reported. Rescue workers and security forces are searching the area.

Air raid sirens have been heard in Nahariya, Maalot, the Upper Galilee and Tiberias. Residents have been called to enter protected residents out of concern for rocket landings.

Tiberias police said no rockets landed in the city.

Despite the IDF's intensive operations in southern Lebanon, Hizbullah has continued to fire rockets at Israel at a rate of almost 200 rockets a day. Over the weekend seven civilians have been killed by Hizbullah rockets. The terror organization succeeded for the first time at firing long-range missiles at Hadera.

The IDF has dispatched special commando forces into the heart of Sidon and struck the Hizbullah members behind the Hadera attack.

IDF forces foil suicide bombing

IDF forces foil suicide bombing

IDF forces foiled a suicide bombing overnight after apprehending a Palestinian woman with a 4-kg. explosives belt near Nablus.

During an army operation in a village near the West Bank city, the army spoted two suspected Palestinians taxis and initiated a chase during which the woman tossed the bomb belt out of the vehicle's window.

Border police sappers detonated the charge while the woman and four other passengers were arrested and handed over to the Shin Bet for interrogation.

A heightened state of alert was declared on Saturday after intelligence information received indicated that a suicide bomber might be en route to perpetrating an attack in central Israel.

As part of the alert, police boosted its presence and set up roadblocks in the region.

August 05, 2006

Palestinian militants decline Red Cross request to visit Cpl. Shalit

w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
Last update - 06:38 06/08/2006
Palestinian militants decline Red Cross request to visit Cpl. Shalit
By The Associated Press

Palestinian militants holding abducted Israel Defense Forces soldier Corporal Gilad Shalit refused to allow Red Cross officials to visit him, Hamas said Saturday.

The Red Cross requested last week to visit Shalit, who was kidnapped by Hamas-linked militants more than a month ago in a cross-border raid. A Red Cross official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the request was made in a meeting with Palestinian factions in Gaza. He said the request was denied without explanation.

On Saturday, Hamas said such a visit was "not appropriate at a time when more than 10,000 Palestinian families are denied to visit their prisoners."

The army could not immediately provide details of its policy on prisoner visits, but many Palestinians would not be permitted to enter Israel where the prisoners are held.

Hamas has said it would release Shalit if Israel released some Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails, particularly women and children. The deputy head of Hamas' political bureau in Syria told The Associated Press Saturday that such a deal was not imminent.

"The exchange of prisoners is not coming soon," said the senior Hamas official, Moussa Abu Marzouk. "So far there is nothing that could be a framework to get out of the crisis."

Hamas militants captured Shalit, 19, in a raid into Israel from Gaza on June 25. Israel responded by launching military incursions into the coastal strip, kidnapping dozens of Hamas legislators and so far killing 175 Palestinians.

12 killed in deadly weekend

In one of most difficult weekends since onset of fighting, Israel loses seven civilians, five IDF soldiers. Simultaneously, thousands of Israelis enter rocket range when long-range rockets land in Hadera, Zichron Yaacov area. On other side, 40 terrorists killed in southern Lebanese villages, more than 170 targets struck from air
Ynet reporters

With almost 200 rockets a day, Hizbullah continues to claim heavy price from Israel 's home front: Seven civilians were killed over weekend, while five Israel Defense Forces soldiers lost their lives in southern Lebanon battles.

Over the weekend, Nasrallah 's people managed to fire, for the first time, long-range rockets at the Hadera area , in spite of the IDF's intensive operation in southern Lebanon.

The IDF, on its part, sent special Commando 13 forces to the heart of the city of Tyre, on the Lebanon coast, in a bid to hit rocket launchers.

On Friday, two relatives, residents of Majdel Krum, tried to flee their car when they heard the air raid siren, but were killed by a rocket. Several hours earlier, a young woman was killed in the village of Mghar while trying to protect her two children.

On Saturday morning, a Kiryat Ata resident died after suffering a cardiac arrest during a siren. Several hours later, a heavy rocket barrage landed across the north, claiming the lives of three more victims – a mother and her two daughters sitting in their house yard.

On Saturday alone, about 170 rockets were fired at northern communities. The peak of the fire was between 4 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., when about 120 rockets were fired across the Galilee.

About 48 people injured in rocket attacks are still hospitalized in the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa; 37 of them are soldiers, 10 are civilians, and one is an Italian soldier of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, who was injured about two weeks ago.

So far, 453 injured were received at Israeli hospitals, 31 of them in serious condition, 32 in moderate condition, and the rest who sustained light wounds or suffered from shock. Eight soldiers were wounded in Commando 13's operation in Tyre are still hospitalized, two of them in serious condition.

A soldier who was seriously injured after being hit by a mortar shell Saturday was hospitalized at the Nahariya hospital. He underwent surgery a number of times and was transferred to the intensive care unit. His condition continued to be serious but stable.

And not only Hizbullah – the IDF also continued to operate in southern Lebanon. A reserve soldier was killed Saturday afternoon after being hit by an anti-tank missile during an operation at the southern Lebanese village of Aita al-Shaab. Another soldier was seriously injured in the battle and 18 troops were lightly injured, some of them in exchanges of fire that erupted with Hizbullah terrorists in the village.

In total, the soldiers managed to kill 30 Hizbullah terrorists during the battles in the area. The injured soldiers were taken to the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa and to the Nahariya hospital for medical treatment.

Over the weekend, the forces operated both on the eastern and western region. On Thursday night, two IDF soldiers and an officer of the Golani brigade were killed during an operation at the village of Markabah in the eastern region, after being hit by an anti-tank missile and light weapon fire.

On Friday night, another soldier was killed after being hit by a mortar shell fired at an armored vehicle driving in the village of Nabi al-Awadi. Thus, the death toll of soldiers killed during the fighting reached 45.

In the past 24 hours, IDF soldiers spotted armed terrorists in the village of Rajmin in the western region. The force opened fire at the terrorists and identified a hit. In the village of Bint Jbeil, soldiers from the infantry and armored corps uncovered a Katyusha launcher directed at Ma'alot and destroyed it.

In an IDF patrol in the eastern region of southern Lebanon, an IDF force uncovered a mortar shell with a 120-millimeter diameter ready for launching at Israel, along with about 100 mortar shells. In the village of Blida in the eastern region, anti-tank missiles were fired at the soldiers. The force identified the source of the fire and fired back.

During the weekend, IDF soldiers killed about 40 terrorists in Lebanon. Since the onset of Operation Change of Direction, the IDF has hit more than 400 terrorists. The IDF struck more than 170 targets from the air in the past 24 hours, including headquarters, operation rooms, Hizbullah weapons caches and a recruitment facility in the Dahiya neighborhood in Beirut.

In addition, 10 rocket launchers, three bridges connecting southern and northern Lebanon, and other buildings were also attacked.

"As long as we do not receive an explicit instruction from the political echelon, we are not changing our alignment and are continuing with the operation as usual," a senior IDF source told Ynet.

The IDF continued to call up reservists over the weekend and is also preparing for a possibility of accelerating the operation, ahead of diplomatic moves that will deal the fighting period.

"If there is a diplomatic decision to expand the operation, we will expand it," the source said. According to him, the reservists being called up are meant to replace reservists who have already been called up in order to prepare for any other possibility.

On the diplomatic arena, the United States and France succeeded in resolving the differences which have so far prevented a decision at the UN security Council regarding a ceasefire. A draft resolution formed by the two countries includes a clause casting the responsibility for opening the present war on Hizbullah, while mentioning the incident in which eight IDF soldiers were killed and two were kidnapped when terrorists infiltrated Israel.

The draft called for an immediate and urgent release of the two soldiers, Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, and calls to examine in the future the release of Lebanese prisoners jailed in Israel. Another clause discusses a demilitarization of the area between the blue line and the Litani – the area where only Lebanese soldiers and multinational forces would be allowed to stay.

August 04, 2006

Emergency Update

I just have been informed that a rocket has hit 28 miles north of Tel Aviv; this is the most southern missile strike that has occurred.

Israel must hit Syria now, not wait until Tel Aviv is hit.

If Tel Aviv is hit then Israel must hit Damascus and Teheran

Shabbat Shalom

I want to wish all a Shabbat Shalom and please G-D may it pass without loss of Jewish life at the hands of terrorist.

I will post again Sunday Morning.

Iran Gives Hizballah Zel Zal -2

Iran has given Hizballah ZelZal-2 missiles with a range of 240 miles. These give Hizballah the ability to reach as far as Dimona in the south. Dimona is where Israel's nuclear reactor in located.

Hizballah Fires Rockets At Syria

Today Hizballah has fired a number of rockets at Syria. These rockets traveled from Lebanon across the Golan Heights which is Israeli land and then into Syria.

Reminds me of the border incident in 1939 which was manufactured by the Nazi's as the reason for their invasion of Poland.

I keep tell these people are the rebirth of the Nazis in our generation.

Israeli Arabs

Today was a day where a group of Israeli Arabs showed their true face. First there was rioting in East Jerusalem which forced the police to respond with tear gas and stun grenades.

Second there was a 2000 strong anti Israel demonstration led by Israeli Arab members of Knesset.

Video tape both of these activities and take legal action against these traitors

Friday's Shame

The inter security cabinet can not make up its mind on what to do with the war, go to the Litani or not? You can not fight a war by being weak kneed and indecisive.

The emergency orders that apply to the north and Haifa now extend to Tel Aviv.

I am just sick at the way Israel has become weakened by this coward Olmert.

Killed In Lack Of Action

As I watch the news from across the Middle East today with huge demonstrations across the region supporting Hizballah, I think the time has come to take a step back from the war itself and look at the ramifications of the war.

In 1948 a weak nation with a rag tag army was attacked by 5 Arab armies and through a combination of divine intervention and some bold moves was able to hang on and Israel was born.

As soon as the nation was created and the fighting of the war of independence was over the terror which had been a tactic in the decades prior to the creation was back. But now instead being ruled by the British rulers of pre independent Palestine we were the boss of our own country.

David Ben Gurion the countries first ruler said enough of terror and called in a young brash major that had been badly wounded in the war of Independence at the fighting at Latrun. The name of this major was Ariel Sharon and thus the first commando unit in Israel was born the famed 101.

After a period of training the unit hit the field and struck back with bold moves crossing the borders of the country going back to the towns the terrorist came from.

In 1967 Israel was forced into war, and we a lighting swift move by the Israeli air force and ground forces a legend was born called the 6 Day war.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s the bold moves of the IDF and the Mossad are too many to list here but they range from the stealing of missile boats from the French out of a French port to Entebbe.

It was out of this period of time a legend was born.

The legion of the Israel super soldier, if you were to be so foolish as to hit Israeli’s or Jews you were hunted down to the ends of the earth.

The end result was always the same you would be killed for your crimes against the Jewish people. It didn’t matter if your end came at the end of a rope in Israel such as Eichman or you were gunned down in Europe with shots fired from a silenced .22 caliber pistol fired in a burst to the back of your head.

In 1991 Israel was forced to enter into a peace process, part of this process was to over time force Israel to turn away from our long held philosophy of striking back hard.

Now Olmert by his criminal handling of this war has shattered the image of the IDF as being super men. He has taken a war that if handled properly could have been over weeks ago.

Instead Olmert because of his weakness, has made IDF appear weak.

Hizballah has now forced Israel to fight longer than we have in any war against Arab nations.

This is only due to the stupidity of one man, Olmert.

Olmert has killed the golden goose, Hizballah had handed Israel and the west a golden opportunity that would have had positive spin on the war on terror as a whole.

Israel could have rolled over Hizballah in a short time and then gone after Syria because of the supplies that still come via Syria to Hizballah. It should be noted that supplies come via Syria from Iran to both Hizballah and the terrorist in Iraq.

This would have had a calming effect on the situation in Iraq which instead seems to be spinning out of control.

Killed in Lack of Action, The mystic of the IDF and the Israeli soldier.

It will take at least a generation and many dead on both sides for Israel to rebuild what should be the image of the IDF to the Islamic world.

IDF, super soldiers.

Iranian official admits Tehran supplied missiles to Hezbollah

By Amos Harel and Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondents

A senior Iranian official admitted for the first time Friday that Tehran did indeed supply long-range Zelzal-2 missiles to Hezbollah.

Mohtashami Pur, a one-time ambassador to Lebanon who currently holds the title of secretary-general of the "Intifada conference," told an Iranian newspaper that Iran transferred the missiles to the Shi'ite militia, adding that the organization has his country's blessing to use the weapons in defense of Lebanon.

Pur's statements are thought to be unusual given that Tehran has thus far been reluctant to comment on the extent of its aid which it has extended to Hezbollah.

I am at a loss, to try to understand the reticence of Olmert to fight this war as it should be. I guess there should be little hope for a man who's wife and children are members of some of the most radical leftist groups in Israel.

Human Suffering For The Day

The toll as of now for the day in human suffering is 3 murdered Israelis, it should be noted that they were Druze. As many readers know I hold the Druze in the highest respect. We also have had 43 people wounded today.

IDF Women At War

The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

Women at war
Ruth Eglash, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 3, 2006

Dr. Marina Kaminsky made headlines two weeks ago when she became the first Israeli woman to join combat troops fighting in Lebanon. Serving in the medical corps, Kaminsky was right there on hand in the battle for Bint Jbail, providing immediate medical care to the soldiers from Tank Squadron 52, Brigade 401, to which she belongs.

"I work inside a 'tankbulance' - a mini-ambulance where we treat the sick on the battlefield," explains Kaminsky in an interview from her home in the center of the country, where she was taking a one-day respite on Sunday from the fighting. "I did not know there would be a war of this kind but I could not abandon my soldiers. We are like a family, I am like a mother to them.

"I was the first woman in Lebanon for this war," continues the 31-year-old, who immigrated to Israel from Moldova in 2000, adding quickly, "but I want to make sure we also remember the other doctors who are men, who do the most amazing work. It is not important if they are men or women, we must remember their work, too, and not just mine."

Kaminsky points out several times during the interview that gender roles play no part in the brave work of Israel's heroes out on the battlefield, though she does admit that becoming a combat soldier or climbing to any high rank in the army is quite an achievement for a woman in an institution that only started allowing women into such units six years ago.

"It is much harder for a woman," concedes Kaminsky. She herself joined the Israel Defense Forces eight months ago, bringing with her vast experience from her country of birth, where she learned medicine in a military academy.

"There were other women on the officer's course," she says. "I am not the first woman to be in the armored corps."

While it is true that Kaminsky is not Israel's first female combat soldier, one aspect being highlighted in the current war is the growing number of older women - either career officers or reservists - still dedicating their time to the army.

Until 2001, the only women to serve in reserve duty were those who had spent their compulsory service in the medical corps. Since 2000, when the Knesset passed a law stating that female soldiers were allowed to serve in combat units, many more women have trained in highly technical roles, acquiring skills that are needed even after they've left the army. Today, more women than ever serve in the army as reservists or career soldiers.

THIS IS THE first time during a war situation that the IDF has a woman as its spokesperson, notes Haifa University sociologist Professor Oz Almog.

"[Miri Regev] is already becoming a symbol of this particular war," says Almog. "The fact that she serves as a spokeswoman bridging the gap between the IDF and the public is a very important means to managing this war. She is one of the main figures in the media today."

Forty-year-old Brig. Gen. Miri Regev, a mother of three, became the 15th IDF spokesperson just over a year ago, following on from the first female spokesperson Ruth Meron, also a mother, who served from 2002.

This might be good news for women who want to succeed in the army, continues Almog. However, he cautions, "many people, including myself, see her as a complete failure. Not because she is a woman, but because she does not project the firmness that one expects from this role."

He adds that while Regev is very charming, many people factor in a person's gender when they talk about failure.

"It particularly applies to females," he says. "People tend to explain failure that way; when it is males they look for other reasons. This could affect the image of female officers in the eye of the Israeli public."

It has been an uphill battle for women to get into battle since the 2000 law allowing women to serve in combat units.

While many more roles, such as those involving manning surveillance equipment, radars, operating cameras and positions in intelligence, have opened up for women in recent years, according to Bar-Ilan University sociologist and gender studies expert Dr. Orna Sasson-Levy, women still only make up about one third of the army, and most end up serving in traditional female positions.

"When we talk about percentages, the IDF is quite good compared to other armies, but when you look closer you see that most women are in feminine roles such as secretaries, administers, social workers, nurses or teachers," says Sasson-Levy, who studied female soldiers in combat units for a recently published paper entitled "Feminism and Military Gender Practices: Israeli Women Soldiers in Masculine Roles."

While much has been written for or against women's right to serve in combat units, little research has been done into women who continue to serve after their compulsory service has ended, either as career soldiers or in the reserves, she says.

"People don't know about the women who serve in the reserves," says Sasson-Levy.

AND IN THE IDF Spokesperson's unit, they had a difficult job finding older women who either still served in the army or returned periodically for the reserves to be interviewed for this story. Figures and facts illustrating the numbers who still served were also difficult to come by, they said after almost a week of researching.

Sasson-Levy points to one of the few research studies conducted on the subject by Zev Lerer for the military journal Marachot, which is widely considered to be the most informative and authoritative of all IDF publications. The results, which were published in 2004, found that 160 women served in the reserves in 2002 and suggested that female reservists served an average of 19 days a year.

Furthermore, Sasson-Levy highlights research by a colleague who found that the army held a long list of women who had yet to be assigned a reserve unit.

"In general, of course, the military is a masculine organization. After nationality, among Jews, gender is the most important organizing principal guiding factor," points out Sasson-Levy. "There is a big difference from 10 years ago, but women still have a hard time getting promoted and still hold ranks five lower than those at the top. It is an organization structured by men for men. Women will always be at the bottom."

When Sasson-Levy began her research into women combat soldiers, she thought that allowing women to participate in such units would guarantee them full citizenship and full citizens rights just like men, but after completing the paper she says she has changed her mind completely.

Raising women's status in the army won't bring equality, she says. "[Women in combat units] completely copied the way men walked, dressed and talked, including cursing and their treatment of other women."

"They distance themselves from femininity," she continues cynically. "They talk terribly about other women, call them pathetic, crybabies and trivialize sexual harassment. They do not help to change the system and will never work for women's interests."

HOWEVER, to women such as Kaminsky and the Israeli army's first aerial scout, First Sergeant Sheli, 24, the significance of being women in a male dominated environment is not lost, and both share the aspirations of many single women of their age group.

"I am still not married," says Kaminsky. "However, I do have a serious boyfriend and we are talking about getting married soon. He is very supportive of what I do."

Sheli, who is not allowed to disclose her family name for security reasons, echoes this thought.

"Guys are always very impressed," she says. "My boyfriend is for it and very supportive of what I do. It is part of me and of who I am."

Sheli, who was born and raised in Haifa to Australian immigrant parents, has spent one day a week in reserve duty since her compulsory military service ended nearly two years ago. She was called up for service in the first few days of the current war.

"I am in charge of the very hi-tech cameras used on the airplanes and the real time intelligence. What you hear on the news [about events in Lebanon], there is a big chance that we were involved," says Sheli, who flies in a Beechcraft as part of an all-male team. "Some girls go to the hairdressers once a week; I go to the army."

Sheli served in the army for three and a half years, longer than the standard 21 months required for women's army service.

"I wanted to do something significant," she says. "I took lots of exams, many physical tests, computer assignments and even a seven-day gibush, or initiation program, which was complete hell and very traumatic."

Though she was one of the few women accepted onto the prestigious pilots course, Sheli decided that was not the path she wanted to follow and looked around for something else.

"Then came the opportunity to train in the aerial scout unit," says Sheli, adding, "I wanted there to be more women in the course and made sure, before I left, that there would be more girls."

As for any difficulties she encountered being the only female in an all-male unit, Sheli admits there were hardships.

"Not physically or in the training, but I felt I had to prove myself to the men and train harder than them," she says.

While not a problem right now, Sheli agrees that the on-going service could become more difficult as she gets older and wants to move on with her life.

"I have to do reserve duty until I'm 38 or until I have my first child, after that it will be voluntary," she says, while explaining that she has plans to study psychology and economics at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev starting in September. "To do reserve duty and leave everything when I'm a student or have to work might become a pain eventually."

VALERIE BARUCH, a nurse in the emergency room at Jerusalem's Hadassah University Hospital-Ein Kerem, is waiting to see if she will get called up for duty in the next few days.

"Even though I turned 38 a few weeks ago, I still have yet to receive my release papers from the army," says Baruch, who made aliya from France at the age of 18. She joined the army when she was already 23 and served as a nurse in the medical corps. She has been committed to reserve duty ever since she finished her service more than 13 years ago. The last time she had a call-up was six years ago, when she was 32.

"I do not see the point of doing reserve duty at my age," she says. "In the army, they don't talk, they just give orders. I sent them a letter trying to explain to them that I should not do it, that my work in the hospital was not something I could just leave, but I haven't heard back from them."

"We were trained in how to open an emergency hospital in the field," she explains, adding that most of her call-ups involved one-day training exercises to remind the reserves of what to do during a war situation.

Baruch realizes that her expertise in the field is an extremely valuable skill, however she does not believe, she says, that a woman of 38 should still be called up for military service when there are plenty of younger women who could also be trained.

"I do not understand what they want from me at my age," she says.

Fifty-five-year-old Col. Irit Atzmon has a different take on being called up for reserve duty.

"It is an integral part of me," says the mother of one who was called up for reserve duty last week. "When they call me up to come in, I volunteer right away."

Atzmon, a former deputy IDF Spokeswoman who is currently responsible for liaising with the foreign press, has left behind her work as a company director for Essence of Life, a self-help program that helps people find their inner peace.

She sees no irony between what she does in her day-to-day life and explaining Israel's military action to the scores of foreign journalists who enjoy picking Israel's army to pieces.

"It is easy for me to convey the message of what is happening," she says in soothing tones. "What is happening to our citizens in the North is terrible, it is like a ghost town. From Kiryat Shmona to Karmiel, there are less cars, everywhere is empty."

Atzmon - who became a familiar face during last year's evacuation from Gaza - says she feels that doing her duty for the army specifically coincides with her calling.

"All human beings have a heart and care about each other. Even when we were in Gaza last year, I showed the foreign press that all sides have their own feelings and we cannot judge one another. We have to try and understand each other," explains Atzmon, who has spent time as a military attach in London and has a background in speech therapy and audiology.

"We are justified in this battle and we have no other choice. It's not difficult to speak about it. It is implausible that our people cannot get on with their daily lives because of the rocket attacks. Hizbullah is a terrorist organization that wants to disrupt the whole world."

As for rising to such a high-profile position and returning to it time and again throughout the years, Atzmon says, "I really feel that I can do something to contribute. I paved my way in the most honest manner possible and I have always felt very accepted as a person.

"As a woman, there are a great deal of advantages," she continues. "The IDF is male dominated, but there are places that women can contribute with their open hearts and different interpretations: Women have a great deal to offer the army and are crucial. Men look at situations in a very direct way, while women are very thorough and look at it from all the different angles."

Rocket Count 200

The rocket count for the day is 200.

For first time: Hizbullah targets Hadera area

At approximately 9:15 p.m. siren heard in Hadera for first time since fighting in Lebanon erupted; at least two rockets land in area; no injuries reported; earlier rocket landings reported near Migdal Haemek; more than 200 rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon on Friday, three civilians killed
Ahiya Raved

For the first time since the fighting in the north broke out Hizbullah fired long-range rockets toward the Hadera area. Northern District Police reported of three rocket landings.

A siren was heard from Haifa to the Hadera area at approximately 9:15 p.m.

The Orot-Rabin power plant is located in Hadera’s beachfront area.

If this is not a sign that we are not prosecuting this war with a strategy that will achieve victory in short order.

Man killed in north by rocket

A man was killed in the northern village of Majdel Krum, near Carmiel, from a rocket barrage that landed in the area. A number of clashes between locals and police erupted following the attack. (Ahiya Raved)

Eastern Jerusalem Arab Residents Clash With Police

Eastern Jerusalem Arab Residents Clash With Police
17:30 Aug 04, '06 / 10 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Arab residents of the eastern capital clashed with police earlier on Friday afternoon after they were not permitted on the Temple Mount for Friday afternoon prayer services. The incident occurred near the Rockefeller Museum.

Police used stun grenades to restore order. Police imposed restrictions, only permitting male residents 40 or over, with Israeli identity cards, to take part in the Friday prayer service.

6 Palestinians killed in Jericho prison

Gunmen disguised as police officers infiltrate prison, assassinate prisoners suspected of collaborating with Israel
Ali Waked

Security sources in the West Bank said that Palestinian gunmen dressed in police uniforms on Friday broke into a prison in the West Bank city of Jericho and shot dead six Palestinian inmates.

Ynet has learned that the gunmen were looking to avenge the death of two activists, residents of Nablus, who were assassinated by the IDF a few years ago. Some of those incarcerated in the prison are suspected of cooperating with Israel in the assassinations, while other prisoners are suspected of attacking the gunmen’s family members in response to the execution of collaborators’ relatives.

The disguised gunmen arrived at the prison in a police squad car, fooling the prison guards who immediately opened the gate. The gunmen then entered the cell in which the prisoners were kept and opened fire, killing five of the prisoners they suspected of collaboration with Israel and another prisoner who was sharing a cell with them.

A senior Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades member told Ynet that the organization decided to execute the collaborators after the Palestinian Authority refrained from doing so for more than year.

The senior member said the prisoners assisted the IDF in the assassination of Sheikh Hussein Farj and his brother Ali, both senior Fatah members from the Nablus area.

The two were killed just a short while after another senior Fatah member, Tayal Farj, was also killed by the IDF.

The incident was not the first in which gunmen entered a prison and executed collaborators or those suspected of cooperating with Israel. Similar incidents have taken place mainly in Gaza, and in the past year a number of prisoners have been killed in this manner.

Palestinian organizations have demanded that the Authority execute suspected collaborators and have threatened to take the law into their own hands if it failed to do so.

Following a number of raids on PA prisons President Mahmoud Abbas decided to transfer the collaborators’ cases to the Mufti, so that he may authorize their execution; a number of prisoners suspected of collaborating with Israel have indeed been executed in the past few months.

Reuters contributed to the report

Qassam rocket lands in western Negev

A Qassam rocket fired from northern Gaza landed in an open area near a kibbutz in the western Negev.

No casualties or damages were reported. (Shmulik Hadad)

Woman killed in rocket attack on north

Heavy barrages land in Carmiel, Mghar village, where mother of two was killed; public building hit in Kiryat Shmona; man critically injured by rocket in community near Kiryat Shmona
Hagai Einav

A number of rockets landed in the village of Mghar in the Galilee on Friday afternoon, with one rocket scoring a direct hit in a house; killing a mother of two and seriously injuring two others; 22 people were treated for shock, police said.

The woman was named as 27 year-old Manal Azam.

A man was critically wounded and two others sustained light and moderate injuries when a rocket struck a community near Kiryat Shmona; a woman suffered serious injuries in a rocket attack on another community near Maalot; in Safed another woman was lightly hurt.

A total of 140 rockets were fired at northern Israel by 5 p.m.

2 Golani troops killed

Cleared for publication: During operation in southern Lebanese village of Markhava Hizbullah fires anti-tank missile killing 2 soldiers; in separate incident 2 soldiers injured in Al-Taybeh
Efrat Weiss

Two soldiers of the Golani Brigade were killed overnight Friday by an anti-tank rocket fired by Hizbullah, the army said.

The soldiers were identified as First Sergeant Daniel Shiran, 20, of Haifa, and First Sergeant Omri Elmakis, 20, of Ramle.

An IDF officer was seriously wounded and another soldier was lightly injured in the incident.

Golani troops were attacked during an operation in the southern Lebanese village of Markhaba. The army said that at least seven terrorists were killed in the village and weapon caches were found. A car driven by backup Hizbullah gunmen was destroyed.

August 03, 2006

Donation Pages




People have asked me some links on how they can help the people of Israel here are three links to places that do great things.


Am Israeli Chai


I couldn't post the pictures so here is the link to photos of a top secret Israeli weapon.

Nasrallah Take This

Nasrallah today said that if Israel hit Beirut he would fire missiles on Tel Aviv. Israel as I write this is hammering Beirut for the second time since Nasrallah issued his threat. So I say Nasrallah take this, brought to you by the IAF.

Thank You

Aug. 4, 2006 1:44 | Updated Aug. 4, 2006 2:34
NY firemen come to reinforce locals

Eleven New York firefighters put their lives on hold this week and paid their way to Jerusalem, where they have been volunteering in a number of understaffed stations.

Because of rocket-caused fires in the North, fire stations elsewhere started sending units to help, leaving places like Jerusalem in need of more personnel.

"It's a good feeling to know somebody's thinking about you," said Arik Nisimov, a firefighter at the Giva station. "That here are guys that will come and help, no matter how far we are between countries."

Nathan Rothschild, commissioner of the Monsey fire district in New York's Rockland County, who planned the whole trip, said 22 more firemen would be coming to Israel next week to replace firemen in other parts of the country.

He said that his relationship with the Fire and Rescue Services began when it contacted him several years ago with a request to find cheap fire trucks. He managed to get what was needed for about 20 percent of the cost.

When he heard about the Katyusha attacks on the North, he correctly assumed that fire departments throughout the country would come under severe strain. He then had the idea to gather volunteers to help, immediately got the approval of Shimon Romach, the Fire and Rescue Services commissioner, and three days later they arrived at Ben-Gurion Airport with a warm welcome and a minibus that said "New York Firefighters."

The New Yorkers have been getting to know their local counterparts while helping them respond to calls since Monday.

"We learned that Israeli 'chick-chak,'" Rothschild said. "It's amazing to see they can successfully do it as firefighters as well."

"Firefighting is the same job no matter where you go," said Evan Humphrey, one of the volunteers. "It's one big brotherhood like everybody says."

I want to thank these firemen that have come to help Israel, I pray for your safety as you respond to fires in Jerusalem and other locations. Allowing Israeli fire fighters to go to the north. I must tell you that these fire fighters are braver than I am.

The green war: Saving the Galilee's forests

Last update - 23:36 03/08/2006
The green war: Saving the Galilee's forests
By Zafrir Rinat

Visitors to the north after the war is over will have trouble recognizing what was once some of the region's most beautiful scenery. Tens of thousands of dunams of woodland and large nature reserves like Mount Meron and the Birya Forest have been burned by Katyusha rockets. Up against the dozens of fires that broke out was a small number of Israel Nature and National Parks Authority (INPPA) and Jewish National Fund personnel with limited means.

Busy protecting the region's communities, firefighters could not extend much help to these organizations. In almost every case, the day was saved by the 10 pilots of the Chim Nir crop-dusting company who switched their normal payload for fire retardant and attacked the fires again and again.

The Birya, Meron and Naphtali ridge forests and their surrounding woodlands suffered the severest blow. On a flyover of the region with the INPPA's head of safety, Shmulik Shapira, the blackened eastern slope of Mount Meron was all that was left to see of what until two weeks ago was a very impressive natural woodland.

"We fought the fire on Mount Meron for several days without let-up. About 2,000 dunams were burned," Shapira said.

INPPA rangers from Eilat to the Galilee who were called in to the breach until the firefighters could arrive on the scene had at their disposal a small water tank they had hitched to their vehicle. To this, they could attach a hose of about 100 meters long. "The rangers know how to reach the area and can put out the fires while they're still small," Shapira said.

In the area of the Hula Valley, the ongoing struggle was to stop the spread of fire to the reserve. The INPPA cleared a road in a grove to serve as a fire-break. On the edge of the reserve are two empty fish ponds that were completely burned.

In Nahal Orvim, on the slopes of the Golan, damage was severe where the streambed meets the Hula. Nahal Rosh Pina suffered a similar fate. From the air, the black stain could also clearly be seen in the Dalton streambed.

Grazing lands in the eastern part of the Upper Galilee were also hit, although Ofer Sivan of the Upper Galilee Regional Council says he believes the grasses will rejuvenate with the winter rains. The main problem is the economic damage to cattle growers, whose feed and fences were taken by the fire.

"In most cases, we were able to reach the area quickly with fire beaters and small engines to prevent the fire from spreading," Dr. Omri Boneh, head of JNF's northern district, says. "In the case of the Naphtali mountains, a small barrage of six Katyushas landed and within minutes the area was on fire and there was nothing to be done."

The fire was finally put out very close to the houses of Kiyrat Shmona.

According to Shapira, lovers of Galilee scenery do not know how much they owe to the Chim Nir pilots. "They spared no effort to put out the fires." he said.

"The average firefighter's shift lengthened to 16 hours and wore people out over time. Our equipment is getting worn out, too," Boneh said, "but we will keep at it even if the war turns out to take a few more weeks."

"The struggle against the fire is not only because of the scenery, which is cosmetic," Shapira said. "I believe the greatest ecological damage is because they destroy all habitats for flora and fauna. That includes burrows and nests and the whole system on which they depend. There are a lot of pine trees there, and when they burn, it's like a fuel fire burning. When there's wind, the fire jumps forward hundreds of meters and everything spreads quickly. I couldn't believe it was happening."

Attempted kidnapper from Nablus arrested

Attempted kidnapper from Nablus arrested

Young Palestinian woman was arrested in Tel Aviv on her way to drug, kidnap Israeli with whom she was in contact. Told investigators: Tanzeem operatives threatened to kill me
Efrat Weiss

Israel Police and Shin Bet forces successfully foiled the attempted kidnap of a Tel Aviv resident and arrested the would-be perpetrator: a Palestinian woman from the West Bank. Thursday, it was cleared for publication that, pursuant to a tip received by Tel Aviv police, Punta Abu-Aish, aged 21 from Nablus, was arrested near the Tel Aviv boardwalk on July 21st, on her way to drug and kidnap an Israeli with whom she was in contact.

This is not a new tactic but a very dangerous one for the secular Israelis who know nothing about Judaism. If they would have a basic knowledge this would provide some knowledge that might protect them in a kidnapping scenario such as this one.

Soldiers Control 15 Villages in Southern Lebanon

12:40 Aug 03, '06 / 9 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) IDF troops are now in control of 15 villages in southern Lebanon as the IDF establishes a new security zone, seeking to distance Hizbullah terrorists from Israel’s northern border.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has stated that he is willing to withdraw Israeli forces once an international stabilization force is present in the area, stating Israel cannot permit Hizbullah to remain in the area.

Ahmadinejad Eliminate Zionism

Iran´s Solution to War: Destroy Israel
18:55 Aug 03, '06 / 9 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Thursday that destroying Israel would solve the Hizbullah terrorist war. He told Moslem leaders in Malaysia that an immediate cease fire would be temporary until "the elimination of the Zionist regime."

Arab leaders continued to backtrack from criticism of Hizbullah they had stated at the beginning of the war. Jordanian King Abdullah charged that Israel's retaliation is turning Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah and his terrorists into new heroes. Earlier this week, the Fatah faction, led by Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas, helped organize a rally in Ramallah calling on Hizbullah to bomb Tel Aviv.

Both Abbas and the Jordanian king are backed by the United States. In France, Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy condemned Ahmadinejad's statements.

Israel must hit Iran and Syria if we are going to fight this war the way it should be fought. Iran and Syria are every day working to resupply Hizballah. So they are murdering Jews and should be made to pay the price

Israel Says U.S. Support is 'Superb'

01:26 Aug 04, '06 / 10 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) An Israeli official has told Fox News that American support for Israel during the Hizbullah terrorist war has been "superb." The unidentified official added that the U.S. and Israel share a common view concerning Syria and Iran.

Fox News reported that he said the fighting should be over by the end of next week but acknowledged that the Hizbullah terrorist organization will remain a military force, although much weaker than before.

G-D Bless America and the President. I have never seen such a great President in my life, not even the great Ronald Reagan, would have backed Israel like George Bush is now.

IDF force strikes two terrorists in southern Gaza

An IDF Oz Brigade force hit two armed terrorists identified in Rafah in southern Lebanon. Since last night 12 terrorists were killed, mostly Hamas members. (Efrat Weiss)

Insight Into Relationship Between IDF And Israel

Last update - 23:35 03/08/2006
'Quiet, they're shooting'
By Reuven Pedatzur

The broad support that runs through Israeli society for the second war in Lebanon indicates that when the moment of truth came, things are as they were before the growing willingness to criticize the army, lowered motivation to enlist and even the questioning of the legitimacy of using military force.

The almost instinctive and unqualified willingness to support the use of the Israel Defense Forces as the first - and usually the only - means to resolve problems is strongly grounded in the fabric of Israeli society. One of the perceptions of this "security culture" argues that Israel has no diplomatic option upon which it can rely. Consequently the only remaining option is the military one. In other words, the use of arms is forced on Israel, and for lack of any other option, it is compelled to go to war and to win to prevent its destruction.

Speaking of the hostility Israel faces from Arab countries, Shimon Peres wrote in 1970 (he may regret the words): "Israel does not have a real option to turn to the diplomatic track in order to obtain a compromise that embodies a real turning point. [...] No compromise would satisfy the Arab side."

This view was quite firmly grounded in reality in the 1950s. Arab leaders reiterated their desire to destroy Israel, armed their countries and took military steps that bolstered Israel's fear that those threats might be carried out. they might well carry out those threats. The need for military readiness at any time to be ready made military power top priority. Even after its was realized that there was a diplomatic option, and peace agreements were signed with Egypt and Jordan, the military option was still viewed as the first choice should a problem arise with a rival in the region.

Strength only

Sociologist Uri Ben Eliezer maintains that the veneration of military might and making it the vehicle of policy goes back to the 1930s. From 1936-1956, the military solution to the Arab-Jewish conflict gradually metamorphosed into a value, a formula and ideology.

The military option became the ideology of the younger generation in the 1940s, though this was not the case for society as a whole. It gained legitimacy and began to exert an influence on political decision-making only during the War of Independence. In Ben Eliezer's view, militarism became a central ideology of Israeli society and part of the political worldview of its movers and shakers: Organized violence was seen as a suitable and desirable solution to national problems, while moderation, striving to negotiate and compromise were perceived as weakness. Like many others, Ben Eliezer ties the aspiration for strength (and its veneration) to the trauma of the Holocaust.

David Ben-Gurion, who almost single-handedly formulated Israel's "security culture," consciously developed Israel's awe of military might. It shows in his comments after the IDF's victory in the Sinai Campaign, in October 1956:

"The Revelation at Sinai has been renewed in these times with the momentum of our army's courage," he stated in a post-war address to the Knesset. "This has been the greatest military campaign in our people's history, and one of the greatest in the history of nations. Military historians will delve into and research the secret of the wondrous campaign carried out by the IDF in just a few days."

After Ben-Gurion, Moshe Dayan was one of main proponents of the veneration of military strength. As chief of staff, he worked energetically to pull Egypt into war with Israel. As someone who believed that only an actual demonstration of Israel's military might would deter the Arabs, he looked for any pretext to kindle hostilities. Dayan more than anyone else promoted the war plans in 1955-1956 that led to the Sinai Campaign.

The idea that Israel had no choice but to use military force as the exclusive means to realize policy was very well assimilated. Every time it was decided to go to war (or to embark on a military campaign), the vast majority of the citizenry stood behind that decision. Most of the harshest critics of militarism fell silent when the battles began, as happened in the famous article of Amiram Nir (who called for a halt to criticism as the 1982 Lebanon war began), entitled "Quiet, They're Shooting."

Years earlier,though Mapam opposed Dayan's desire for war with Egypt, its paper Al Hamishmar ran an editorial the moring after the Sinai Campaign broke out that said: "The storm that we said could not be prevented ...has indeed occurred. [...] We will not go back at this time to the question of whether it was necessary that the events take place on this track. [...] Now, all that counts is that we are at war. [...] The Arab leaders continually brandish the sword of revenge and destruction over the head of Israel. [...] We must now be ready and alert. The nation is mobilized."

As prime minister, Golda Meir, too, ignored any possibility of a diplomatic breakthrough, and established her government's policy exclusively on military might. Yitzhak Rabin, when he served as ambassador to the United States, vigorously urged the government to adopt a policy based on the use of military force. This was particularly marked in the decisive weight given to his approach in formulating the policy of in-depth bombing of Egypt during the War of Attrition.

Later, when he served as prime minister in the mid-1970s, Rabin based his policy vis-a-vis the Arab countries on military strength as the principal and preferred component, ignoring all the signs and signals that pointed to an opportunity for a diplomatic breakthrough and adhering to an entrenchment of Israel behind its military might.

Rabin also supported the war in Lebanon and even advised using more massive force than planned by the IDF as it besieged Beirut. The fundamental about-face in his views occurred during his second term as prime minister, and it led to his signing diplomatic accords with the Palestinians.

First cracks

The 1982 war in Lebanon was a turning point. The automatic legitimacy that Israeli society gave until then to all uses of military force by the "military experts," began to give way. However, despite a certain amount of erosion in the national consensus, Israel's policy makers did not hesitate to continue to use the IDF to attain political goals, even when no danger was posed to the existence of the state. Two of the most outstanding instances were large-scale military campaigns in Lebanon - operations Accountability and Grapes of Wrath. However, in these cases, too, the vast majority of Israelis apparently kept the traditional view of using the IDF.

It's too early to determine whether the current war in Lebanon will widen the cracks in the consensus on the use of force. The military has been criticized but there doesn't seem to be any real change. Unfortunately, under the umbrella of this consensus, sweeping support is given to whatever the IDF does, without distinguishing between the reasonable and necessary use of force and using it against targets that have nothing to do with the war with the enemy fighters.

Political scientist Avner Yaniv, one of the wisest observers of Israel's policy making, wrote: "In a country in which questions of national security absolutely overshadow any other subject, no real debate has yet been held over the very morality of the use of military force."

The war with Hezbollah sharply exposed the implications of venerating military might. Israel has invested billions upon billions in equipping the army with state-of-the-art weapons systems. And instead of a "small, smart army," the IDF has become a "huge, sophisticated army." Electronic systems, satellites and pilotless drones make it possible for commanders to see what is going on deep inside enemy territory.

But all this, it turns out, does not make the IDF's fight against guerrillas more effective or successful. The IDF indeed can see what is going on "over the hill," but not always what is right under its own nose.

In the war now, military force is the be all and end all. Perhaps, its failure to attain its goals will lead to rethinking the use of the army as the solution to every problem and in time will lead to less veneration of power and greater understanding of its limitations.

Olmert And Peretz At Odds On War

Defense Minister Amir Peretz told Israel Defense Forces officials on Thursday evening to begin preparing for the next stage of the military offensive in south Lebanon, which would extend the IDF's control to all Lebanese territory south of the Litani River..

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, however, is said to be reluctant about expanding Israel's ground operation. While Peretz believes that the short-range rocket threat posed by Hezbollah can be neutralized by taking the area up to the Litani, Olmert feels that such a move would not be able to counter the longer-range missile threat posed by the Shi'ite organization.

Olmert is proving that a man can be right and wrong at the same time. He is correct that a push to the Litani River would have little or no impact on the long range rockets of Hizballah

But he is wrong, if he keeps Israel from moving to the Litani becasue it will not stop long range rockets, it will stop Katushas.

The IDF sitting on the Litani with a buffer zone cleaned of Hizballah would reduce to zero the Katusha rockets which are 97% of the rockets currently falling on Israel murdering Jews.

I never thought this day would come but I agree with Peretz push to the Litani and clean the security zone of Hizballah. Only good things can come from such a move.

I Love Israel

As per the prior post Tel Aviv has been threatened if Israel hits Beruit again, well folk their is currently a multi plane air raid on Beirut.

Under stand you threaten an Israeli leftist and force him to fight he will fight. The problem is the leftist in Israel are very slow to get into the fight mode. I think one dead Jew is one too many and we need to hunt down the terrorist and kill them and all that help them.

Nasrallah Theatened Tel Aviv Today

Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened to bomb Tel Aviv during a TV address Thursday night, should Israel attack in Beirut. "If you indeed do this, I say this clearly. I won't use terms I used up to now, past Haifa, but I will say clearly and in a way that is not open to interpretation: If you bomb our capital we'll bomb your capital. We'll bomb Tel Aviv and we can do this."

A senior Israeli defense source told Israel's Channel 1 that Israel will destroy Lebanon's infrastructure if Hizbullah fires rockets at Tel Aviv.

The response of Israel to an attack on Tel Aviv should be an immediate attack on Syria as well as going after Lebanon’s entire infrastructure. We should go scorched earth on at least these two countries plus we should hit Iran’s nuclear centers.

Back On Line

I had some computer problems but I think they are now solved so I am back.

Death Toll Today Now 8 Civilians

Death toll due to Hizballah rockets stands at 8 for the day. I said on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show yesterday that it would be 24-36 hours before things get better. In other words hold on Am Israel the 9th of Av is almost over. I pray every one has had an easy fast.
100 Rockets fell in just 1/2 hour today.

Please post below for explanation of 9th of Av.

Email From Israel

To: yonitidi@msn.com
Subject: Your Blog
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 10:37:34 +0200

I don't know how I came across it, but I'm glad I did. I've marked it
in my favorites folder and have been popping in daily, several times a day
in fact.

I made aliyah in '92, just after the Scuds stopped dropping and, in
fact, I now live in Ramat Gan, very close to where they fell.

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a good job on keeping us
updated with what's going on. Even though I have a pretty decent
command of Hebrew, it's easier for me to keep up with the details, the
background stuff, the inside information, in English.

Keep up the good work!!

Best regards,
Renee Ofner
Ramat Gan

Hizbullah threats to fire rockets at Tel Aviv

IDF: Threat to hit Tel Aviv taken seriously

Home Front Command chief, Major General Yitzhak Girshon, told reporters in kibbutz Sasa in the Galilee that the army has "dealt in a special manner with the Gulf of Haifa, so that danger to civilians is minimal, if at all. Our situation is much better than at the beginning of the war."

He stressed the issue of hazardous materials saying measures have been taken to prevent a disaster.

"Despite the surprise, we took all necessary measures to minimize harm to civilians by hazardous materials. We are working with the Ministry of the Environment which is responsible for protecting hazardous substances and we would be able to contain any event in a couple of minutes," he said.

He said preparations have been made in the Tel Aviv area in anticipation of possible missile attack. "As for residents of the center, we are taking the threats seriously. Our measures are based on a warning siren so we've instructed residents to locate protected places," he added.

2 tank brigade soldiers killed in Lebanon

The event occurred in the village of Rajmin in southwest Lebanon , about four kilometers into Lebanese territory. The wounded soldiers were from the 74th Battalion, Tank Brigade 188, which at the time of the operation was under the command of Reserves Brigade 609, which joined the fighting Wednesday.

The four casualties were occupants of a Merkava tank that was hit by an anti-tank missile during operations in the area. The two wounded troops, who suffered severe burns, were air-lifted to Rambam Hospital in Haifa and were treated in the emergency room.

Hizbullah’s anti-tank weapons are one of the most complex problems facing IDF troops in south Lebanon. In the past few years, Hizbullah has equipped itself with missile systems and other means against Israeli tanks, which are among the most advanced in the world. The terror group possesses “Fagot” and “Cornet” missiles with tandem warheads that can neutralize tank shields and destroy even the IDF’s advanced tanks.

Thursday more Israeli troops entered Lebanese territory, where they will operate to locate weapons and eliminate Hizbullah terror cells from southern villages. Thousands of standing army and reserves soldiers – more than six brigades – were already operating in the territory.

Forces operated in roughly twenty villages simultaneously. Numerous violent confrontations erupted between Hizbullah fighters and IDF soldiers.

In one incident reserve troops killed four terrorists, and in another soldiers destroyed two anti-tank devices.

Israel Police said six people were killed in rocket attacks on northern Israel Thursday.

Three people were killed and five others sustained critical injuries in a Hizbullah rocket attack on Akko, while three other civilians were killed by rocket fire on the Ma’alot area; a number of people were treated for shock in Tiberias.

Initial reports said the three people killed in Akko left their shelter after the first barrage on the city to view the rocket landing sites and were struck by shrapnel from another rocket barrage while leaning on the building’s railing.

Overnight Thursday Hizbullah fired a rocket salvo at Maalot around 1:30 a.m. In the early morning hours, three more barrages pounded northern Israel : Two hit the Upper Galilee and a third landed in Ma'alot.

Roughly an hour after the rockets hit the North, witnesses said the IDF renewed air strikes on Beirut. According to the report, air craft fired at least four missiles towards the city’s Shiite neighborhood of Dahiya, which is considered a Hizbullah stronghold. No casualties were reported.

At 1:30 a.m. air raid sirens were heard in Carmiel and western Galilee communities, and residents were called to enter bomb shelters and protected rooms. Shortly afterwards, two rockets hit a community next to Maalot. One rocket directly hit a house, causing damages, and the second landed in the yard of another home.

A number of people suffered shock and were treated by emergency Magen David Adom crews. Police and firefighters also arrived on the scene and helped treat the wounded.

Thursday morning seven rockets were fired at Kiryat Shmona. They exploded in open areas without causing damage.

Thursday afternoon, Col. Yechiel Kuperstein, who heads the Protection Department in the IDF Home Front Command, presented statistics regarding hits on the home front. "As of Thursday morning, since the onset of the conflict, 2,226 rockets have fallen, 110 directly hitting structures. 20 civilians have been killed. Our conclusion is to leave the existing protection policy in place, that this policy is correct."

According to estimates, the number of casualties who heard warning sirens was lower than of those who did not hear them. "Most of the injuries resulted from shock wave and shrapnel. When hit outside, most casualties are men. When hit indoors, most casualties are women, many of them suffering from shock.

August 02, 2006

Outline Of Some Special Ops Units

Nathaniel Rosen and Max Kitaj, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 2, 2006

The General Staff Reconnaissance Unit

The General Staff Reconnaissance Unit (Sayeret Matkal), known as "The Unit," is generally considered the IDF's most elite special forces unit. Established in 1957 and modeled after the British SAS, the unit primarily mission is gathering field intelligence, often venturing deep into enemy territory.

As the unit responsible for hostage situations outside of Israel, Sayeret Matkal is most notably known for its role in Operation Thunderbolt in 1976, when it helped rescue 103 Air France passengers who were being held hostage in Entebbe, Uganda. IDF soldiers entered the Entebbe airport at night, kill eight terrorists and recovered all but two hostages. The only soldier lost that night was the mission's commander, Lt.-Col. Yonatan Netanyahu.

In 1972, four PLO terrorists hijacked a Sabena airliner carrying 99 passengers and 10 crew members on route from Brussels to Tel Aviv. In an mission entitled Operation Isotope, 16 members of Sayeret Matkal posed as refueling and technical personnel and stormed the plane, killing the terrorists and releasing the passengers.

In 1973, Sayeret Matkal, along with other special forces, participated in Operation Spring of Youth. "The Unit" attacked PLO buildings in Beirut and other locations throughout Lebanon in response to the Munich Olympic massacre. Led by future prime minister Ehud Barak, Sayeret Matkal killed three PLO leaders and numerous other terrorists.

In October 1994, Cpl. Nachson Wachsman, a member of a Golani Brigade commando unit - the Orev Golani - was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists disguised as haredim. The kidnappers threatened to kill Wachsman unless dozens of terrorists were released. Just one hour before the deadline was set to expire, a group of Sayeret Matkal personnel tried to free him. The terrorists killed Wachsman along with one member of Sayeret Matkal before being killed themselves.


The name samoor, a Hebrew acronym for "tunnels and caches," also translates as weasel. This unit is charged with locating and exploring the hidden tunnels frequently encountered in Lebanon and the territories. These secret bunker systems, such as the one used by Hamas to capture Cpl. Gilad Shalit on June 25, are usually used to transport and protect gunmen and weapons. Tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip, however, are often used to smuggle prostitutes, drugs and explosives from Egypt into Gaza. Among other gadgets, Samoor employs remote controlled robots that move underground, transmitting video to their operator above ground.

Sayeret Egoz

Sayeret Egoz was originally formed in 1956 and twice disbanded. It was reestablished in 1995 to fight guerrillas in southern Lebanon as part of the Golani infantry brigade. Its duties were broadened in 2000 when it was used as a counterterrorism outfit in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. It has returned to its old stomping ground during the current fighting in Lebanon.


The Alpine unit is the extreme weather force that defends the electronic intelligence-gathering center on Mount Hermon - a major source of intelligence on the border with Syria. Its members are drawn primarily from another special forces unit - Palsar Golani - but also includes immigrants with experience in snow warfare in their native countries. Skills acquired in the unit include snow combat maneuvers, skiing and fast roping. During training, members spend many nights in snow caves, having to huddle together to stay warm.


Oketz, the K-9 special forces unit, was created to train train dogs to attack kidnappers. Each dog is now trained to have a particular specialty. Attack dogs are mostly used in cities, although have proven effective in rural, bushy areas like in Lebanon. Tracking and chasing dogs are used for manhunts and detecting breaches at the borders; weapons and ammunition dogs search for their namesakes, as do explosive dogs, and search and rescue dogs are used to find people in collapsed buildings.

Belgian Shepherds are the preferred breed for two reasons: they're the perfect size to be picked up by their handler while still being able to attack an enemy, and their fair coats make them less prone to heatstroke.

Like the rest of the IDF, the dogs are trained to be tech-savy - they carry microphones and receive orders from their handlers at a distance.

20 Jewish shops in Rome vandalized, defaced with swastikas

Last update - 21:18 02/08/2006
20 Jewish shops in Rome vandalized, defaced with swastikas
By The Associated Press

ROME - Jewish shops across Rome were vandalized and defaced with swastikas in an apparent neo-fascist attack linked to fighting in the
Middle East, officials said Wednesday.

Owners of about 20 shops in the center and outskirts of the Italian capital reached their workplace Tuesday morning to find door locks filled with glue, shutters nailed closed and swastikas defacing nearby walls, said Riccardo Pacifici, a spokesman for Rome's Jewish Community.

Aljazeera Article On Israeli Hacking Hizballah TV



Israeli 'hackers' target Hezbollah TV

Wednesday 02 August 2006, 16:20 Makka Time, 13:20 GMT

Nasrallah's photo caption read: Hezbollah member - watch out

A series of pictures and statements, apparently from Israeli-backed hackers, have appeared on Lebanon's Hezbollah-run television station, some showing pictures of corpses and others labelling the group's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, as a liar.

One of the images shown on al-Manar television portrayed the body of a fighter lying face-down, wearing khaki trousers with a text in Arabic beneath: "This is the photograph of a body of a member of Hezbollah's special forces."

"Nasrallah lies: it is not us that is hiding our losses," continued the text, which appeared during the evening news and stayed on screen for several minutes.

A photograph of Nasrallah himself also appeared with the legend: "member of Hezbollah: watch out."

Another photograph of corpses was framed by the words: "there are a large number of corpses like this on the ground and Nasrallah is hiding this truth."

Psychological war

Israel also recently hacked into FM radio stations and instead of normal programmes a two-minute recording was repeatedly broadcast.

"Hassan sent men to fight the Israeli army, an army of steel, without preparing them. Stop listening to patriotic hymns for a moment, reflect and bring your feet back to the ground," said the Arabic message.

Israel has reportedly used a variety of technological weapons to add a psychological dimension to its war in Lebanon.

Lebanese mobile phone users have also received text and voice messages saying the Israeli offensive was aimed against Hezbollah and not the Lebanese people.

Rare Rocket Attack At Night

In a rare attack at night a rocket fell in the Ma'alot striking a house. The people in the house are suffering from shock.

A Soldier Has Fallen

A soldier has been killed in the fighting at Aita al-Shaab. When more details are available I will update.

Lets Not Forget Gaza

IDF launches wide-scale operation in southern Strip

Givati Brigade, engineer corps, armored corps soldiers embark on comprehensive operation in southern Gaza. Operation conducted in cooperation with Air Force, which has so far hit five gunmen
Efrat Weiss

Soldiers from the Givati Brigade, engineer corps and armored corps began operating in the southern Gaza Strip at around midnight Wednesday.

9th Day Of Av

Tisha B'Av primarily commemorates the destruction of the first and second Temples, both of which were destroyed on the ninth of Av (the first by the Babylonians in 586 B.C.E.; the second by the Romans in 70 C.E). It is also appropriate to consider on this day the many other tragedies of the Jewish people, many of which occurred on this day, most notably the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492.

The fast of the 9th of Av has started in Israel, I must point out that during the three weeks prior to the 9th of Av starting on the 17th of the Hebrew month Tammuz which is when the walls of Jerusalem were breached have always been a difficult period for the Jewish people.

Notice that these dates are about when the war started, today the erv or the day before the 9th of Av we have been hit the hardest. I pray that when the 9th of Av has passed that we all will see a dramatic change in the war for the better

Olmert Backs Down on Post War Retreat

Olmert: War has nothing to do with realignment

After causing a stir in interview to news agencies, Prime minister forced to explain to MK Effie Eitam that 'there is no connection between fighting in Lebanon, future diplomatic moves'
Ilan Marciano

Following the stir caused by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert 's remarks, that the victory in Lebanon will provide a momentum for the realignment, his aides decided Wednesday evening to soften the harsh criticism and urgently searched for Knesset Member Effie Eitam (National Union-National Religious Party).

"The fighting in Lebanon has nothing to do with future diplomatic moves in other arenas," Olmert clarified in a conversation with Eitam.

MK Eitam later told Ynet: "He understood that he made a mistake. He realized that he truly harmed the national unity."

In an interview to the Associated Press, the prime minister said that the creation of a new border, which will create stability in the region and will prove that terror has been defeated, will help in creating the atmosphere needed for disengaging from the Palestinians.

The prime minister's remarks caused a political and public stir. Ynet has learned that reservists affiliated with the Right began calling on people to sign a petition against Olmert.

Eitam was taking part in the reading of the Book of Lamentations, on the eve of Tisha B'Av, while officials at the Prime Minister's Office were looking for him. Olmert clarified in his conversation with Eitam that "in these days, when the people of Israel remember the (Temple) destruction, we must maintain full unity in the military and home front in order to succeed in the difficult war."

Right-wing reservists called up for Lebanon operations criticize PM for saying a victory in Lebanon will advance realignment plan in West Bank; 'Hizbullah is protecting Israel against itself,' one settler says
Full story

The Prime Minister's Office issued a statement saying that "the prime minister spoke to MK Effie Eitam following the remarks related to him in the foreign news agencies. He made it clear to MK Eitam, who expressed his protest in the name of broad right-wing groups, that he (the prime minister) was only engaged in running Israel's battle in the north and south."

The prime minister noted that the war was the result of an attack initiated by Hizbullah against Israel and had nothing to do with diplomatic moves in the future in other arenas.

"The prime minister sought to stress that he did not come to bolster the support for the realignment. He made it clear that these were not the issues that should have emerged from this interview," a source said.

MK Eitam said that he had been receiving worrying messages from the field all day.

"From the moment the prime minister's remarks were published, I was approached by dozens of rabbis, heads of preparatory programs and reserve soldiers, who told me in an unequivocal manner that they are considering not to head north and join the war. I explained to the prime minister that his actions may cause real damage to the war efforts," he said.

Olmert asked to convey a message through Eitam to the religious public. In the conversation between the two, he said: "I decided to issue a clarification. I am not dealing with anything apart from exerting efforts in winning the war."

I am glad that Olmert backed down on his retreat policy. I have spoken with many soldiers that were getting ready to go home from the fighting and sit this war out.

What a country

Last update - 18:28 02/08/2006
Arab MKs asked to inform Knesset of visits to Jewish population centers
By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent

MK Ahmed Tibi (Ra'am-Ta'al) was assigned bodyguards on Wednesday after receiving death threats by mail to his office in the Knesset.

The Israeli Arab lawmaker's personal security was tightened over the past several days. He now travels to all public places with the escort of bodyguards. He has also been asked to report his schedule to security authorities in advance.

"There has been an increase in the number of death threats I receive," Tibi said. "I hope the limitations and security will end soon."

Ahmed Tibi is a classic example of the problem facing Israel. Educated on Jewish taxpayers money and how does he pay Israel back. First he was an advisor to Yasser Arafat and now is a member of Knesset calling on Hizballah to destroy Israel.

Little wonder he has received death threats, how does Israel react to these threats we provide him body guards.

Recap Of Phone Call

Life is funny; I guess it all depends on your perspective on what you see.

The first friend I talked to about the Baalbek raid was very angry do to the make up of the troops that were sent. You see he is part of the unit that he felt should have been given the task.

I just hung up the phone from an other friend, who is no less qualified and he was totally singing the praises of the raid and said if anyone is complaining it is because of ego.

This friend makes the following points about the raid that were relayed during our phone call.

1. The IDF went in clean and came out clean no dead and no wounded.
2. It was a great intelligence catch as the hospital was a Hizballah operational center. The IDF brought back computers that were used by Hizballah. Who know what intelligence we can get out of these computers?
3. It was a great PR move, it proves we can hit Hizballah every where we want to.

This friend is not religious and does not live any in Judea and Samaria (west bank) and he is very angry with Olmert for bringing up further retreat from these areas when most of the soldiers fighting come from these areas. He asked "How can you ask a man to risk his life for a country that is going to throw his family into the street while he is in combat"

I must also point out this person was in support of the pull out from Gaza and now says the Arabs have proven they don’t want to live with Israel.

Olmert has Political Problems

Olmert has issued orders to destroy 15 homes in Samaria, which as I posted earlier has ramifications on combat soldiers both active duty and reserves.

In a internal secret poll taken of members of Kadima in the Knesset the majority are against the policy of withdraw. So if Olmert planes to move ahead with this policy he could be at odds with his own party.

210 Rockets

As of now 210 rockets have hit Israel today.

Olmert And The War

I have received many emails asking why Olmert doesn’t fight a broader war with more troops.

I put that question to a guest I picked up from the airport last night.

My guest had just arrived from Israel, he is an airborne and scuba qualified graduate as of last week from Israel's West Point, he is taking a trip waiting for his induction date into the IDF.

He told me "Yoni, you have to understand that every body in Israel is afraid of the IDF getting stuck again in Lebanon like we were for 18 years. So Olmert feels that he has no choice but to fight this hit and run type of war. But that as time has gone on it is clear that this is just not a realistic way to prosecute a war. We need to enter kill the enemy and hold the ground. This is the way armies win wars."

He continued “But the problem is if Olmert had gone in with 30,000 troops and hundreds of tanks this may have cost him his job and he cares more about being Prime Minister than what is good for Israel. But he can always escalate the war and do it like the IDF trained me on how to fight the war.

Who Is Hizballah

I have received many emails asking how Israel can tell who Hizballah is and who are Lebanese civilians.
This comes down to intelligence; we spend lots of time gathering intelligence on both Hizballah and the Palestinians.
I will not get into our methods of how we gather the intelligence but we have a high rate of success.

IDF Reserves move to Golan

Yesterday I posted about Syria telling their army on the Israel border that they were going to be attacked by the IDF.
I can report that the majority of the troops that Israel has called up have been stationed on the Golan Heights to counter Syria.

These troops have not been sent to the war in Lebanon but rather to guard our flank against Syria.

Raid to Baalbek

The real reason for the raid into the hospital located in Baalbek was that the kidnapped soldiers that had been wounded had received treatment at this hospital.

So this was a raid to get our guys back, which is great I just think it could have been done by a real special ops unit in a better fashion than the broad sword that we used, we could have used a stiletto.

Email I Received


Thank you for your blog updates, and your interviews with Hugh Hewitt; both are much appreciated.

I wanted to pass to you some personal sad news, which you can post if you like.

Our daughter spent a year in Israel on the Nativ leadership program in 2002/2003, arriving at Hebrew University just several weeks after the cafeteria bombing there. During the nine months in the program she became very close with all of the other 20 or so Americans, a much smaller group due to the Intifada.

This evening she received the sad news that Michael Levine, a close friend from the Nativ program has been killed in Lebanon in Ayta al-Shaab, in the same battle that Yonathon Einhorn. Mike was from outside of Philadelphia, and fell so much in love with Israel during his 9 months that he never went home, choosing to join the IDF. We also met Mike at a Shabbat dinner we prepared for a group of Nativers on one of our visits and were impressed with how close the group had become in such a short time.

No doubt there are similar personal stories for each brave soldier, but this one hit so close to home.

Ramallah Residents Name Main Thoroughfare After Bint Jbeil

Ramallah Residents Name Main Thoroughfare After Bint Jbeil
09:25 Aug 02, '06 / 8 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Ramallah residents have announced they are renaming the main street in the Palestinian Authority (PA) autonomous city “Bint Jbeil,” explaining the name is symbolic of the successful resistance to the IDF.

Officials point out that the renaming of the street is not officially endorsed by the PA leadership or Ramallah officials.

Eight officers and soldiers of the Golani Brigade’s 51st Brigade were killed in Bint Jbeil last week and over 20 others were wounded.

What will it take for every body to understand that we are at war with the Palestinians and we should only never give them any more of our land but we should recapture what we have turned over to them.

Olmert Is A Fool

Last update - 16:12 02/08/2006
Settler reservists: Won't go to Lebanon if aim is to advance pullout
By Shmuel Rosner, Haaretz Correspondent, and Agencies

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Wednesday predicted that the outcome of the Israel Defense Forces' fighting in Lebanon would create "new momentum" for Israel's plan to separate from the Palestinians by withdrawing from much of the West Bank.

At least 10 settlers being called up for reserve duty in the IDF infantry corps on Wednesday threatened to refuse service in Lebanon to protest Olmert's comment.

"We will not go into Lebanon if the whole goal is to help expel us from our homes," the reservists told their commanders.

Israel's offensive in Lebanon has "entirely destroyed" the infrastructure of the Hezbollah guerilla group, Olmert said Wednesday.

"I think Hezbollah has been disarmed by the military operation of Israel to a large degree," he said.

"The infrastructure of Hezbollah has been entirely destroyed. More than 700... command positions of Hezbollah were entirely wiped out by the Israeli army. All the population which is the power base of the Hezbollah in Lebanon was displaced," he said.

The prime minister cited a reduction in the number of rocket attacks on Israel as proof of how badly Hezbollah had been damaged, though the group had fired more than 70 rockets into northern Israel on Wednesday morning.

He said that Israel would keep fighting Hezbollah in south Lebanon until a strong international force is deployed.

Olmert said he wanted the peacekeepers to have a mandate that would include enforcing a United Nations resolution calling for Hezbollah's disarmament, adding that Israel's offensive had already destroyed much of the group's military ability.

"If indeed, as we hope, the international force will be an effective force made of combat units, then we will be able to stop fire when the international force will be on the ground in the south part of Lebanon," Olmert said.

Asked if that meant Israel would carry on fighting until then, Olmert said "Yes."

The prime minister said his government favors finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict but that "Israel is not afraid of fighting."

"No one can intimidate Israel. No amount of rockets and missiles can stop Israel from exercising its fundamental right to self defense," he said, referring to the nearly 2,000 Hezbollah rockets that have fallen on northern Israel since fighting began.

Olmert is a FOOL and a self hating Jew. He is a liar! How can he claim that we have defeated Hizballah on the day when over 200 rockets have fallen on Israel and they rockets have fallen farther south than ever before.

In the middle of a war how can Olmert even think of throwing Jews from their homes? He has not learned the lessons of this war that giving up territory to the enemy will in the end only result in Dead Jews.

In addition to this how can Olmert be so blind to miss the fact that the combat units of the IDF are made up of Jews from the religious part of society that are against retreat. In some units the figure can be as high as 75% of the soldiers either come from Judea and Samaria (west bank) or support the right of Jews to live there.

How can you ask a man to go risk his life at the same time you want to destroy his life by destroying his home and turning his land over to the enemy?

Haifa Struck Again

The rocket count is now over 200 and Haifa has been hit again. I should also note that one man was killed in a strike at
Kibbutz Sa'ar, near Nahariya.

190 Rockets to Now

I have to ask if this is proof of the fact that what Israel is doing is not working, Israel was hit with 190 rockets today. Also the rockets have hit farther south today than any day prior the rockets have hit the area of Beit She'an and even farther south striking near the Palestinian city Jenin in the west bank.

"We know that they did not intend to strike Palestinian territory. They intended to strike Israel," said Fahmi Zarer, a spokesman for Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Party. "It was only a technical problem that made this rocket land here in the Palestinian territories."

This is the partner for "peace" that America wants to force on Israel, they celebrate every hit on Israel and every time an Israeli woman or child is killed. Israel tears its souls apart to examine if we have any guilty in the deaths at Qana, deaths caused by Hizballah. While the Palestinians cheer every dead Jew and please let's not forget these same Palestinians cheered 9-11 and 3000 dead Americans. On that day every Palestinian took to the street to celebrate the strike on New York.

Info From Phone Call

I was speaking with G, a friend of mine today he is a major and serves in the most elite unit in the IDF.

First the raid on Baalbek was not a special ops raid it was a raid in force by more conventional troops. My friend is very angry with the way the war is being fought.

Halutz, the Chief of Staff of the IDF has pulled most of the special ops units out of the fight in Lebanon. The only special ops units still in the fight are involved are part of the combat engineer and then the unit that paints targets with lasers for the air force.

If you remember I wrote yesterday that we need to use all three parts of the traditional Israel triad of survival, we are using only one of the legs of the triad as I write this. This will make it very difficult for Israel to win.

10,000 IDF Enter Lebanon

10,000 Troops enter Lebanon.

This is too little too late, but I guess it is better than nothing.

I still think we should have gone into Lebanon 18 days ago with 30,000 troops and 300-500 tanks.

IDF captures Hizbullah operatives

IDF captures Hizbullah operatives
yaakov katz, jpost staff, and AP, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 1, 2006

After several hours of intense fighting in and around the hospital in the eastern Lebanon town of Baalbek, which was built by Iran for the express purpose of treating Hizbullah operatives, IDF commando forces on Wednesday morning took a number of Hizbullah operatives captive.

An IAF helicopter dropped commando forces a short distance from the hospital late Tuesday night. The force was discovered as it moved towards the structure, where Hizbullah operatives were suspected of hiding. Several hours of gunfights ensued, and at least 10 Hizbullah guerrillas were reported killed.

Another force was helicoptered in to extricate the commandos and provide backup for the mission.

After inspecting the identification of everyone in the hospital, the IDF soldiers proceeded to arrest several Hizbullah officials, who were later transported back into Israel. The officials' names and positions in the organization were not revealed.

The main target of the operation was allegedly Muhammad Yazbek, a senior figure in the organization; however, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz said in a briefing on Wednesday that IDF forces "weren't there to obtain something specific." Yazbek was not in the hospital at the time of the raid.

No IDF soldiers were wounded in the operation, an army spokesperson told The Jerusalem Post.

Earlier Wednesday morning, Hizbullah spokesman Hussein Rahal said, "A group of Israeli commandos was brought to the hospital by a helicopter. They entered the hospital and are trapped inside as our fighters opened fire on them and fierce fighting is still raging."

Hizbullah denied those captured belonged to the guerrilla group.

"Those who were taken prisoner are citizens. It will not be long before the (Israeli) enemy will discover that they are ordinary citizens," Hizbullah said in a statement broadcast on its Al-Manar television.

In a statement released Wednesday, the IDF confirmed that Hizbullah operatives had been captured and that others had been killed. This is the first confirmation by the IDF of operations so deep inside the Bekaa Valley, a known Hizbullah stronghold.

One killed, at least six wounded in rocket attacks

One killed, at least six wounded in rocket attacks
JPost.com Staff, THE JERUSALEM POST Aug. 2, 2006

One person was killed when a Hizbullah-fired rocket scored a direct hit on a house in the Nahariya area Wednesday afternoon.

Bringing another city under Hizbullah's sights, A Khabar-1 rocket landed near Beit She'an Wednesday. Israel, which claims the rocket is Iranian-made, confirmed the hit and said at least seven people were wounded.

Beit Shean is about 70 kilometers (42 miles) south of the Lebanese border and marks the farthest town to date to come under fire.

The death marked the first fatality since rockets began raining down all over the North on Wednesday morning after a relative lull in rocket attacks for two days.

At least six people were wounded by shrapnel - two in light to moderate condition - in the morning's attacks, and 15 people were treated for shock.

More than 150 rockets have fallen on northern cities so far

Warning sirens blared in Nahariya, Acre, Tiberias, Haifa, Hatzor, Kiryat Shmona and Safed, followed by rocket landings. A rocket scored a direct hit on a house in Acre. However, the family had already taken cover inside a shelter and so were unharmed.

A house in Kiryat Shmona was also damaged by a rocket but its inhabitants were unscathed. An empty house in Tiberias was hit, as well.

A stray rocket also struck the West Bank for the first time. The rocket landed near the town of Jenin, between the villages of Fakua and Jalboun, leaving a 2-meter crater, but causing no casualties.

"We know that they did not intend to strike Palestinian territory. They intended to strike Israel," said Fahmi Zarer, a spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Party. "It was only a technical problem that made this rocket land here in the Palestinian territories."

Earlier Wednesday morning, two rockets landed in open areas near Safed, five landed near Rosh Pina, and another five landed near Ma'alot, Army Radio reported.

Very early Wednesday morning, rockets or mortars fell near Kiryat Shmona as well.

AP contributed to this report.

August 01, 2006

Hizballah's Treasure

I just found out a fact that I had not known. If we remember back to the start of this war Hizballah came across the border and attacked an Israeli patrol of two Hummers killing 8 soldiers kidnapping two.

The next day Israel put a tank across the border which hit a huge anti tank IED, which killed the four man crew. Israel was not able to rescue all bodies of the crew, due to heavy fighting and the bodies being trapped in the ruble of the tank.

After Israel was forced out of the area, Hizballah surrounded the tank. Hizballah terrorist then cut off parts from the bodies i.e. arms, legs, heads to hold these body parts to exert pressure on Israel in addition to holding the two soldiers.

The west must understand the nature of the enemy in order for a victory to be achieved.

Yoni's Thoughts On Baalbek Raid

What is clear at this time is that an operation is going on in Baalbek. This is a special ops action, the type of action that was part of the triad that has made the IDF famous world wide. Lighting strikes by Israeli commandos have made the name Entebbe world famous.

The second part of the triad was bold military moves involving our conventional forces.

The third part of the triad was never, never let a Jew be murdered without paying back the enemy 1000 fold.

Israel needs to implement all three branches of the triad to win in Lebanon against Hizballah.

1. Commando raid must take place all over Lebanon.
2. The IDF must attack with conventional forces in mass with over whelming strength and go all the way to the Litani River and never leave.
3. Nasrallah must be dead for Israel to win this war.

Lebanese: IDF tried to kidnap senior Hizbullah member

Lebanese: IDF tried to kidnap senior Hizbullah member

Lebanese army and security officials said early Wednesday that special IDF forces attempted to kidnap a senior Hizbullah member from a hospital near Baalbek in the west Lebanon Valley.

Lebanese media say the mark may have been Sheikh Muhammad Yazbek, a member of Hizbullah’s High Council and one of 12 senior organization members.

It remains unclear whether the operation was successful, but witnesses said “the Jews took some people with them.”

A Hizbullah spokesman said gunmen belonging to the organization have besieged an IDF unit that was transported by air to the area. According to reports, the Israeli forces have entrenched themselves inside the hospital and are engaging in face-to-face combat with local gunmen.

Eyewitnesses inside the hospital told Al-Arabiya that exchanges of fire are taking place inside the hospital and that there are numerous casualties at the scene.

Several senior Hizbullah members reside in Baalbek, and the organization maintains a number of civilian and military institutions in the city.

According to reports, the operation began with at least six rapid air strikes, after which IAF choppers attempted to land ground forces in the city’s western sector.

A Lebanese army outpost in the town of Shlifa, west of Baalbek, was also attacked.

Lebanese media estimated that the IDF forces planned to kidnap the sheikh from the Dar el-Hichma hospital, located north of Baalbek; Yazbek was reportedly surrounded by other senior Hizbullah members.

Flares held aloft by parachutes lighted the night sky to a daytime brilliance, a Lebanese official said.

It was also reported that Israeli jet fighters attacked targets in the city of Hermel, 75 miles north of the Israeli border in the Bekaa Valley, and Hizbullah said it attacked an IDF outpost in the Shebaa Farms on the border.

Meanwhile, Al-Manar aired images of what it said was “booty” left behind by IDF forces near Kila in south Lebanon. The photos released were of two-way radios, shoes, canteens, and other military equipment. It is not clear when the photos were taken.

I have tried to verify this story with my contacts but as of this time I can't verify the reason for the commando action in the Beeka Valley.

Survived Bint Jbeil, killed in Aita al-Shaab

Survived Bint Jbeil, killed in Aita al-Shaab

Just a few hours after speaking with his family on the phone and asking them to be strong, First Sergeant Yonathan Einhorn was killed in fierce battle against Hizbullah in south Lebanon
Eli Senyor

Just Monday night, First Sergeant Yonatan Einhorn spoke with his mother on the phone and asked his family to be strong. Just a few hours after their phone conversation, Yonathan was killed in a fierce battle against Hizbullah in the area of Aita al-Shaab in south Lebanon.

Yonatan’s parents, Revital and David, from Moshav Gimzo near Lod, were very involved with all aspects of their first-born son’s military service. Just a month ago he celebrated his 22nd birthday.

Yonatan studied at a Yeshiva high school, following which he attended a pre-army preparatory program. He joined the IDF paratroopers reconnaissance company together with his friends, then moved to the 101st Battalion.

Yonatan took part in the fierce battle a week ago in Bint Jbeil, where eight troops were killed. His good friend Gideon Goldenberg, also from Gimzo, was seriously wounded in the battle and is still hospitalized at the Rambam Hospital.

Yonatan, however, managed to evade injury when his cell phone miraculously acted as a shield blocking shrapnel from wounding his person.

On Sunday Yonatan and his friends had a few days break, and they went to Haifa where he met his parents, who brought him new glasses to replace the ones that broke during combat.

Yonatan’s parents said he told them of the fierce fighting in Lebanon.

“This is a battle of life and death,” he told his parents. “It is either us or them.”

“He was the salt of the earth,” Yonatan’s uncle Avraham said. “He took everything in stride; he was crazy about the army and the paratroopers in particular. Whenever he had the time he would travel throughout the country with his friends.”

David Einhorn, who was called up for reserve duty, was the first to receive word of his son’s death when Yonatan’s friend from the army phoned him to express his condolences; the stunned father immediately called his wife at her workplace and asked that she rush home.

Yonatan is survived by his parents and four siblings.

Email From a Friend


how are you doing?

I know you have called me a few times but as you know I have been very busy the last time we talked you know you caught with a suicide bomber in my hands.

Yoni in case you tried to get a hold of S G, he was wounded and is in hospital.

I took a day off since a family member came from America and he wanted to go to north.
In all my years I have never seen such a place. We went to Nahariya, Metulla and Kiryat Shomna.

When we hit Kiryat Shmona it was like a ghost town, I mean instead of its normal self there were just a few thousand people that have stayed behind. They are the old or the people that are too poor to go south. Yoni, Haboob they all have a yellow tone to them; it is like the stress is making them sick.

I have never seen anything so weird, it was deathly quite when their was no incoming or out going.

We were walking through the center of town and their was an old woman sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette, then I heard a noise coming from Lebanon and then a Katusha landed about 75 meters from us. I dove to the ground and pulled my guest down with me. 7-8 more rockets landed about 200-300 meters from us.

When I looked up the old woman was still sitting there on that park bench smoking as if nothing was going on. She is just totally shell shocked.

Take care and I pray we both get to go back to Lebanon, if Olmert gets off his a— and fights an all out war.

Keep em cold and remember sights and trigger control.


This is a translation from an email from a friend of mine who has served in the most elite IDF unit and now works some place I can’t get into. He is a Lieutenant Colonel. I just thought it might give a glimps into life in a war zone, how ever short. It also was the first time I heard that a mutual friend was wounded.

Insider Info

I have just hung up the phone with a good friend of mine who has relayed the following info to me. The Syrian Army has passed the word down from Assad that today sometime between now current time in Israel is 11:30pm (23:30) and the morning Israel will attack Syria.

3 IDF soldiers killed in Lebanon

3 IDF soldiers killed in Lebanon

Cleared for publication: Three troops killed during battles in Aita al-Shaab in south Lebanon; paratroopers operating in village since pre-dawn Tuesday; at least six Hizbullah members killed in fighting
Hanan Greenberg

Another day of fierce fighting in Lebanon: Three IDF soldiers were killed Tuesday in two confrontations with Hizbullah in the village of Aita al-Shaab about one kilometer from the Israeli border.

Twenty-five more soldiers, among them one IDF officer, were lightly wounded. Including the casualties Tuesday, the number of soldiers who have fallen during fighting in the north over the past three weeks rose to 36. An additional 28 civilians have been killed.

The soldiers were killed in two separate incidents of fighting. In each incident, Hizbullah operatives fired anti-tank missiles towards troops. The first missile killed an officer and soldier, and the second killed another soldier.

Paratroopers have been operating in the village since pre-dawn Tuesday, with air force and tank brigade backup. At least six Hizbullah terrorists were killed in the fighting.

Brigadier-General Alon Friedman, head of the IDF’s Northern Command headquarters, said “the ground forces are operating with the back-up of artillery fire to clear the area of terrorists and weapons caches; some 20 terrorists have been hit since the fighting began this morning.”

A military official described the difficult battles: “At every moment, a terrorist pops up. The shooting here doesn’t let up for a minute. Terrorists are operating from within posts, within houses and between them.”

Shortly after the political-security cabinet approved the widening of the ground offensive in south Lebanon, forces began deploying to numerous sites along the border. Overnight Tuesday, paratroopers began operating in the village with backup from tank brigades and the Air Force.

The village Aita al-Shaab is located roughly one kilometer from the Israeli border, although the IDF clarified that the army would operate anywhere in south Lebanon which housed terror infrastructure.

Rocket Fire Returns to North

Sirens are blaring in the north once again and as of now some rockets have fallen in the north. Their are no reports of damages or wounded at this time.

But I think we can see that progress is being made since it has been a number of days since Haifa was last hit.

Rockets Knock Out Cable Car

Rockets Knock Out Cable Car
18:32 Aug 01, '06 / 7 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The Menara cable car tourist attraction has been knocked out of operation by Katyusha rockets. The cable car carries tourists from the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to a point near the shore and is operated by Kibbutz Menara.

Rocket explosions in the area have caused fires, which burned cables and poles that serve the cable car operation. Costs for repairs are estimated at 3.5 million dollars.

Qana and other Productions


This link will take you a video that shows how the Arabs play the MSM for the fools they are. Or maybe just maybe the MSM are so stupid, maybe they have chosen a side in this conflict either for ideology or to fatten their account in Swiss banks.

I am giving you this background, so you can begin to under stand what Israel has to fight, not just on the battle field but in the field of MSM. Is it any wonder why we struggle to get our message heard in the MSM.

5 Kassam Rockets Fired into Western Negev Area

5 Kassam Rockets Fired into Western Negev Area
07:34 Aug 01, '06 / 7 Av 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Five Kassam rockets were fired from northern Gaza into the western Negev area. Three landed in Kibbutz Nahal Oz, with one hitting a house. No injuries are reported but there are reports of damage

Despite War, IDF Distributing Demolition Orders to Outpost

Despite War, IDF Distributing Demolition Orders to Outpost
16:26 Aug 01, '06 / 7 Av 5766
by Ezra HaLevi

Though many assumed that the destruction of communities in Judea and Samaria had been postponed, if not canceled, due to the war, the IDF distributed demolition orders to one community Tuesday.


The administrative orders pave the way for the destruction of 15 permanent homes in the hilltop community of Givat Ronen (also known as Skali's Farm), near the town of Har Bracha, in Samaria.

“We are outraged that even during wartime, the IDF is forgetting its true duties and continues to view the settlers as the nation's enemies,” Har Bracha's secretariat said.

Since the start of the war, the issue of the outposts has been mentioned repeatedly – as the homes or passion of three of the soldiers wounded and fallen in Bint Jbeil Lebanon last week.

Major Ro'i Klein, the Golani Brigade commander who saved the lives of his men by jumping on a live grenade in Bint Jbeil last week, lived in the hilltop community of Givat HaYovel, near Eli – in the Binyamin region. IDF officers, slated to destroy his home in the coming months, instead arrived in Givat HaYovel to inform his widow Sara and their two children, of his heroic actions and death on behalf of his country.

The list of communities slated for destruction by the government is based on an understanding reached with the U.S. Government whereby communities founded after the arbitrary date of Ariel Sharon's election as prime minister are considered “unauthorized outposts” rather than nascent towns.

Another Golani Brigade commander, Yisrael Friedler, was shot in the arm during the same battle at Bint Jbeil, while overseeing the rescue of his fellow soldiers under heavy Hizbullah fire. Friedler, who oversaw door-to-door operations in Gaza's Beit Hanoun just weeks earlier, lives in the Gush Etzion hilltop community of Sde Boaz - an ecological community of both religious and secular Jews.

A home built by Sde Boaz residents was destroyed by the IDF in January. Friedler's wife was pushed, his horse's stable demolished and his brother-in-law arrested during the clashes as security forces used tear gas and pepper spray against residents and local supporters who flocked to the site.

Another soldier who fell in Bint Jbeil, Golani platoon commander Lt. Amichai Merhavia, appears in pictures from October, 2002, being beaten unconscious by Yassam riot police attempting to destroy the privately-owned hilltop community of Havat Gilad (Gilad's Farm). The sequence of photos can viewed by clicking here (photos by Miriam Tzachi).

Prior to the Disengagement, Merhavia wrote a letter to the Chief of Staff, objecting to the manner in which the Gaza withdrawal was being orchestrated. Halutz sought to dismiss him from his position permanently as a result, but he eventually returned to his unit, where he was even promoted, just weeks prior to his final battle.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert last week told former residents of Gush Katif that he is determined to carry out his planned withdrawal from areas behind the Partition Wall in Judea and Samaria, regardless of the current war and the IDF's forced re-entry to Gaza.

This just criminally stupid, has Olmert not learned the lesson of the war we are fighting?

The lesson must be once to hold land NEVER give it up it only will come back to hurt you at a later date.

But beyond that as the article points out that one of the soldiers that fell in combat had been beat by police in the police riot that occurred during earlier retreat operations by the government of Israel.

The elite and all combat units are made up primarily by the segment of the Israeli population that lives either in Judea and Samaria or their supporters.

To throw Jews from their homes in the middle of a war just may make some of the soldiers wonder why are we fighting if this is our reward.

Egyptian singer famed for song 'I Hate Israel' releases new protest song

Last update - 18:26 01/08/2006
Egyptian singer famed for song 'I Hate Israel' releases new protest song
By The Associated Press

A populist Egyptian crooner who won fame for his ditty "I Hate Israel" is releasing a new song in protest against Israel' attack on Hezbollah, his production manager said Tuesday.

Shaaban Abdel Rahim's "For Only Two Soldiers," a reference to the two IDF soldiers whose July 12 kidnapping by Hezbollah sparked the three-week-old conflict, is due out on a new album, said Alaa Wahbah.

"No one else dares to make political songs like Shaaban," Wahbah said. "Even the Lebanese singers, nobody did anything."

The former laundryman who sings a kind of Egyptian-folk rap has been widely panned by critics, but developed a huge following after the 2003 release of "I Hate Israel" and the anti-American and anti-Saddam Hussein "Hitting Iraq."

Following a similar formula, "For Only Two Soldiers" seems destined for success.

In it, he exhorts "Oh Arab men, wake up."

"One thousand times I warned of Israel, they thought I was kidding," the song opens. "The truth is now clear. Because of two soldiers, they make a big fuss.

"They forget the massacres and the millions of prisoners. I feel sad for
Lebanon and its people who were attacked and also for Palestine. Where is the voice of Arabs?"

A video clip released on the Arabic entertainment channel "Melody" shows Abdel Rahim singing while pictures of destroyed houses and bodies of children were displayed on the background.

The album should be in stores in a few days," Wahbah said.

Elite Yael unit clears the way for IDF

Jul. 31, 2006 22:45 | Updated Aug. 1, 2006 11:27
Elite Yael unit clears the way for IDF

Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah promised hell for the IDF on the ground in southern Lebanon. He may not have heard of the Engineering Corps' elite Yael (Ibex) unit.

Members of the unit, one of the most classified in the IDF, were the first soldiers to enter southern Lebanon during Operation Change of Direction, days before troops from the Golani Brigade set foot on the other side of the fence.

Yael was responsible for clearing an access route for the infantrymen through the hundreds of explosive devices and mines planted there by Hizbullah. On Monday, the unit opened its doors to The Jerusalem Post.

Using advanced technological warfare and well-honed senses, the soldiers of Yael have participated in dozens of operations into Lebanon since the fighting with Hizbullah erupted on July 12 following the abduction of two soldiers and deaths of eight more in a cross-border attack.

Maj. Ido - the unit's commander - told the Post on Monday that Hizbullah had planted explosive devices along the border, made of high-quality explosives and put together with great expertise. "They build advanced and professional explosive devices," Ido said as his troops were preparing for the night's raid at a community along the northern border. "They are much more professional than the Palestinian bombs which we encounter in the Gaza Strip."

In contrast to the infantry brigades which have operated in Lebanese villages a mere few kilometers from Israel, Yael, one of the other officers revealed, was responsible for the demolition of bridges in an effort to impair Hizbullah's mobility. The unit was also responsible for the demolition of several buildings in southern Lebanon, most of them used by Hizbullah.

Why not just blow up the bridges and buildings by air? "Our demolitions are more precise and pinpoint and cause less collateral damage," Ido said, explaining that his unit inserted explosives into the buildings, bringing the structures down from inside.

Candidates undergo a one-and-a-half year course before they are accepted as members of Yael. In addition to learning how to dismantle mines and demolish buildings, members of the unit are also trained in how to covertly enter enemy territory. As the unit that entered Lebanon first, that skill is what keeps the soldiers, who carry equipment weighing sometimes 70 kilograms, alive.

"We know how to move quietly while carrying heavy equipment," Ido said. "Being quiet can sometimes save your life."

In the IDF their is a competition that takes place between the elite units. Yael, has either won or come out at the top every year.
These guys are fit and motivated and they have in a very quite behind the scenes become a force to be dealt with. I have someone that is close to us that is training to become a part of this unit. The training is not unlike what an Olympic caliber athlete would do.
Yael has not only done themselves proud but has by extension brought pride to the Combat Engineers of the IDF.

Proposal to transfer Shalit to Egypt

Proposal to transfer Shalit to Egypt

Senior Palestinian source tells Ynet that in the framework of negotiations over Kidnapped soldier's release, possibility he be handed over to Egyptians is being considered. Cairo official: Still no breakthrough in talks
Ali Waked

In the framework of negotiations over the release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, "we are looking into the possibility of handing him over to Egypt until Israel fulfills the Palestinians and the abductors' demand to free Palestinian prisoners," a senior Palestinian official told Ynet Tuesday.

According to the agreement that is being formulated by both sides, whose basic principles were agreed upon by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin, Shalit is to be transferred either to Egypt or to Abbas' hands. In exchange, Israel will cease military operations, primarily in the Strip, suspend all targeted killings and work to release Palestinian prisoners. Once the prisoners are freed, Shalit will be returned to Israel.

The new clause in this deal refers to the possibility that Shalit be handed over to the Egyptians.

On Monday, PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said that the Palestinian government continues its efforts to resolve the crisis that would include Shalit's release, ending the Israeli military offensive and "taking into consideration the suffering of the tens of thousands of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails."

Egyptian sources confirmed the report, but said it has not been decided yet whether Shalit will be transferred to Egypt or to Abbas. Officials in Cairo said that no breakthrough has been registered in the negotiations until now, but stated that "this is the outline aimed at resolving the Shalit affair."

So let me get this straight, terrorist will transfer Gilad Shalit to Egypt who will hold him until we stop fighting and exchange him for Palestinian terrorist that have been convicted for terror and murder in Israel.

What this amounts to is that we are pounding the terrorist in Gaza and they want it to end so they will transfer our soldier to Egypt.

This will the not only transfer Shalit to Egypt but as far as I am concerned will also transfer the title of terrorist to Egypt.
The minute that Egypt gets their hands on Gilad, they must be told turn Gilad over to the Israeli embassy in Cairo in 60 minutes or less or we will be at war.

Then bomb them 61 minutes later. If Egypt thinks they can step in as proxies for the terrorist Israel must show them we will not allow such a stupid thing to happen.

Fierce fighting in Lebanon kills 6 Hizbullah members

Fierce fighting in Lebanon kills 6 Hizbullah members

‘Shooting doesn’t let up for a moment,’ soldier says, as IDF forces confront Hizbullah operatives in Aita al-Shaab in southwest Lebanon. At least six terrorists killed, dozens more remain in village

Hanan Greenberg

At least six Hizbullah terrorists were killed in combat against IDF troops in Aita al-Shaab in southwest Lebanon Tuesday.

Military officials described the difficult battles: “At every moment, a terrorist pops up. The shooting here doesn’t let up for a minute. Terrorists are operating from within posts, within houses and between them.”

Military and Diplomatic
Peretz to troops: Diplomatic achievements depend on you / Neta Sela
Defense minister visits soldiers on northern border, says advancement in negotiations will be influenced by military accomplishments. Deputy army chief calls Hizbullah 'cancer that penetrated Lebanon.' And reservists complain of inadequate gear
Full Story

Shortly after the political-security cabinet approved the widening of the ground offensive in south Lebanon, forces began deploying to numerous sites along the border. Overnight Tuesday, paratrooper brigades began operating in the village with backup from tank brigades and the Air Force.

The village Aita al-Shaab is located roughly one kilometer from the Israeli border, although the IDF clarified that the army would operate anywhere in south Lebanon which housed terror infrastructure.

Troops would be deployed to varying degrees, according to necessity, anywhere in the south, army officials said. Currently, forces were fighting up to six kilometers (3.7 miles) into Lebanese territory.

Simultaneous to the activities of the larger forces, smaller operations were also being carried out across southern Lebanon based on intelligence information.

During the fighting, a number of anti-tank missiles were fired at paratroopers operating in the village. Troops entered the village under cover of night aiming to strike Hizbullah infrastructure. According to assessments, a number of terror cells are located at the site.

Tuesday afternoon Arab media sources reported renewed Air Force attacks after a two-day suspension of air bombardments following the strike in the Lebanese village of Qana, which resulted in the deaths of dozens of civilians. Massive explosions shook Baalbek in the Bekaa Valley near the Syrian border.

Five full brigades are now operating in south Lebanon, after two tank brigades joined Nahal, the Golani 13th Battalion, and a Paratrooper brigade. This is the largest number of soldiers fighting on the field since the beginning of the current conflict. Reserve troops called up over the past week are also slated to join the fighting soon.

Big Surprise

Ahmedinejad rejects SC ultimatum

The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, announced that Iran will not issue a moratorium on nuclear technology categorized as threatening.

His comment was in response to a UN Security Council ultimatum to suspend Uranium enrichment until August 31st or face economic and diplomatic sanctions." (AFP)

Big surprise, when is someone going to wake up and understand that today the first day of August is the day that Iran should be hit to take away the nuclear sites that Iran has. But the problem is what if he already has a nuke that he bought from either North Korea or Pakistan.

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