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Olmert And The War

I have received many emails asking why Olmert doesn’t fight a broader war with more troops.

I put that question to a guest I picked up from the airport last night.

My guest had just arrived from Israel, he is an airborne and scuba qualified graduate as of last week from Israel's West Point, he is taking a trip waiting for his induction date into the IDF.

He told me "Yoni, you have to understand that every body in Israel is afraid of the IDF getting stuck again in Lebanon like we were for 18 years. So Olmert feels that he has no choice but to fight this hit and run type of war. But that as time has gone on it is clear that this is just not a realistic way to prosecute a war. We need to enter kill the enemy and hold the ground. This is the way armies win wars."

He continued “But the problem is if Olmert had gone in with 30,000 troops and hundreds of tanks this may have cost him his job and he cares more about being Prime Minister than what is good for Israel. But he can always escalate the war and do it like the IDF trained me on how to fight the war.