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September 30, 2006

One Injured in Sderot House Hit by Kassam Rocket

One Injured in Sderot House Hit by Kassam Rocket 20:47 Sep 30, '06 / 8 Tishrei 5767 by Debbie Berman

Terrorists fired a barrage of Kassam rockets from the Northern Gaza Strip toward Israel during the day Saturday, directly hitting a house in the Negev town of Sderot.

The rocket reportedly landed after the activation of the Red Dawn alert system.
Magen David Adom paramedics who arrived at the scene reported that one person had sustained light injuries and that three people were treated for shock.

Expressing his frustration with the weak stance the current government has taken ignoring the growing threat to the safety of Sderot residents, Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal issued the following statement in reaction to the direct hit on a house in his city: “The municipality and the Mayor will leave the reaction to the Kassam to the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister who mistakenly have claimed that the firing of Kassams has simply led to our crying and complaining and that they do not pose a safety threat to Sderot residents; which is obviously not correct.”

The hit on the house on Saturday comes in the wake of continual Kassam fire on Sderot throughout the week. Addressing the issue at a cabinet meeting earlier this week Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter said he believed that the government was not doing enough to protect the residents from the threat of Kassam rockets.

"The State of Israel has woken up every day for nearly two months with a 'Good morning, Kassam,' in the Negev,” stated Dichter, adding, “We aren't providing a proper response the residents of Sderot and communities surrounding Gaza. The response of the defense establishment is not befitting of the threat and there needs to be a stronger hand."

The IDF working cooperatively with the IAF attacked a site in Khan Younis in the Southern Gaza Strip used as a storage facility for weapons. The IDF reported that they issued warnings to the residents surrounding the site to stay clear of the area until after the operation had ended.

Sinai: Egyptian policemen try to smuggle arms to Gaza

Sinai: Egyptian policemen try to smuggle arms to Gaza

Four Egyptian policemen and five Palestinians have been arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle ammunition and hand grenades into the Gaza Strip, security officials said Saturday.

A local Bedouin was also detained with the group Friday in the northern town of El Arish, on Egypt's Sinai peninsula. The policemen
were handing over the weapons to the Palestinians, when Egyptian authorities interrupted the deal and arrested them, the officials said on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

The ammunition was stolen from Egyptian stockpiles, while the grenades were provided by local Bedouin, the officials said. The plan was to smuggle the weapons into Gaza through tunnels or through the Rafah border crossing, the officials added.

Israel pulled out of Gaza last year, turning control of the coastal strip's borders over to Palestinian and Egyptian officials. Since then, Israel has said smuggling of weapons and explosives across the Egypt-Gaza border has increased considerably.

One more example of why the Camp David Accords were a mistake. If Israel still were in the Sinai this could never have happened.

IDF completes south Lebanon withdrawal

IDF retreats from Lebanon.jpg

IDF completes south Lebanon withdrawal

Last army forces leave Lebanese territory, against backdrop of officials’ statements that no festivities are expected this time around, unlike during May 2000 withdrawal. Very small force to remain on Lebanese side of village of Rajar

IDF sources confirmed Sunday that Israeli army forces have completed their withdrawal from southern Lebanon, in accordance with the decision of the political and military echelons.

Ahead of the IDF's withdrawal, army officials stressed that contrary to the atmosphere that accompanied the withdrawal of May 2000, no festivities are expected this time around.

"This is nothing like the withdrawal six years ago, not in terms of the atmosphere and not in operational terms," an army official told Ynet, and stated that the pullout will be carried out quietly.

"We didn't occupy territories this time. We went in in the framework of an operation, and remained there as part of a political decision," he added. "There would be no festivities, but a quiet and practical operation," he stated.

Another officer told Ynet that the first forces would depart Lebanon from several areas: "The decision to pull the forces out, despite the fact that there are still unresolved issued in the coordination with UNIFIL, was made because there is no longer a point in keeping the soldiers in the region. These differences can be bridged after the troops are in Israel," he explained.

Hanan Greenberg
Latest Update: 10.01.06, 04:21

Mark my words, the IDF will be back in Lebanon at war this coming spring. We have leaders that refuse to learn the lessons of history and once Israel takes land they should keep it forever.

September 29, 2006

Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat Shalom

I will post again on Saturday night.

On Sundy I will be on the Middle East Radio Forum, the station is located in Phoenix but you can hear it live via their web site with streaming audio http://www.middleeastradioforum.org/

The show time is noon to 1 pm (1300 hrs) Phoenix time.

17 Terror Alerts Reported

17 Terror Alerts Reported 10:11 Sep 29, '06 / 7 Tishrei 5767

(IsraelNN.com) Authorities report there are 17 specific credible terror alerts of planned attacks and/or the kidnapping of Israelis from inside pre-1967 Green Line Israel.

Soldiers Uninjured in Hevron Attack

Soldiers Uninjured in Hevron Attack 12:09 Sep 29, '06 / 7 Tishrei 5767

(IsraelNN.com) Soldiers escaped injuries on Friday morning when an armed Arab male pulled a weapon and fired at them in Hevron. Soldiers wounded the attacker in his leg with return fire.

Another Woman and Girl Rescued from Torment in Arab Village

Another Woman and Girl Rescued from Torment in Arab Village
12:50 Sep 29, '06 / 7 Tishrei 5767
by Hillel Fendel

A Yad L'Achim special: Eight hareidi-religious Jews in disguise rescued a Jewish girl from her Moslem father's home in the PA-controlled city of Tul Karem, east of Netanya.

Accounts differ as to how precisely the rescue took place, but it was clearly planned thoroughly in advance. The story began several years ago when an Arab man from Tul Karem met a Jewish girl from Ashdod, and it was "love at first sight," according to the Arab. The Jewess has a different version, however; she says he first fooled her into believing he was Jewish - and neglected to mention that he was already married with children. In fact, when the two later married and moved to Tul Karem, the first wife and five children lived nearby, without her knowledge.

The Jewish woman said her husband forbade her to go outside and beat her, and also later beat her daughter, born five years ago.

After a while, the woman went to visit her mother in Ashdod, taking her daughter with her. A few days later, she informed her Moslem husband that she was not returning. The man was willing to accept his second wife's departure, but not that of his daughter - and he traveled to Ashdod and snatched her back to Tul Karem. He later claimed that back in Tul Karem, she "flowered," and that she had complained of being beaten by her grandmother "and not being allowed to stay up past 8 PM."

The mother then called Yad L'Achim, an organization that actively combats Christian missionaries and helps Jewish women suffering in Moslem villages. One account says that the religious men came into the town dressed as Arabs and asked directions for the man's house, while others say they were dressed as IDF soldiers and arrived under the guise of a terrorist-arresting operation. In any event, they entered the house, took the man and the 5-year-old girl, sped out of town, and immediately afterwards, released the father.

Meanwhile, another car was bringing the mother and grandmother to meet them. A Yad L'Achim operative who took part in the rescue was quoted in the Maariv newspaper as describing the emotional reunion: "The little girl had been sitting curled up in the car, then she got out, barefoot and with pajamas, and when she saw her mother, they embraced and fell together on the road, together with the grandmother."

The reunited mother and daughter are now in an undisclosed location, planning the legal battle to allow them to stay together. The father, for his part, has filed a complaint with the police of both Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Yad L'Achim (lit., Hand to Brothers) reports that it has saved "hundreds of Jewish women" in this manner in the course of the past year. Chairman Rabbi Shalom Dov Lifshitz said, "Hundreds of Jewish children and youths are rolling about in Arab villages, not knowing a thing about their Jewishness."

In the Jewish year 5765, which ended last Rosh HaShanah, the organization rescued 58 such children and 34 women in 47 rescues. The story that generally repeats itself is that the women regret having married Arabs, but their husbands refuse to allow them to return to their original homes.

"The children we saved would never have cried out 'Shma Yisrael,' would not have known they were Jewish, and certainly would have had no way of growing up as Jews," Yad L'Achim sources say.

A spokeswoman for the group said that the rescue was a last-resort mission, "after we turned to all the relevant authorities and were not answered, and after we saw that there was a definite threat upon the girl and others." She noted that two Arab women had recently turned to the group for help as well, "and we helped them happily."

Yad L'Achim also says it brought about the closure of 27 missionary centers in the past year, as well as 18 the year before.

One of the issues the group is currently dealing with involves the revelation that a missionary cult is running a nursery in a municipally-owned building in the Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem. Yad L'Achim reports that it recently discovered that for the past three years, an educational association has been illegally subletting the building to a missionary organization, which in turns operates a nursery there, "spreading its racist, anti-Semitic teachings, with missionary objectives, without the knowledge of the parents and children."

City Councilmen Rabbis Yosef Deitsch and Yaakov Shnor have asked Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupoliansky to immediately cancel the lease.

The two discovered the missionary activity when they were looking for better quarters for two Chabad nurseries, which are currently serving 90 children in a nearby bomb shelter in very crowded conditions

Good job!

September 28, 2006

Peres: Settlement construction can't be prevented

Peres: Settlement construction can't be prevented

At London press conference, vice premier expresses support for continuation of construction in settlements. Israel can't be punished twice, he says, referring to ongoing Qassam fire on Israel and restrictions imposed on settlers

London – Vice Premier Shimon Peres voiced Thursday his support for a continuation of the construction projects in the West Bank settlements.

The settlers' children cannot be stopped from building their homes, Peres added, saying that this issue is one of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's major problems, a problem that preoccupied former Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin, Ehud Barak and Menachem Begin in the past.

Hagit Klaiman
Published: 09.28.06, 14:18

September 27, 2006

Shin Bet chief accuses Egypt of allowing weapons smuggling into Gaza Strip

Last update - 15:35 27/09/2006 Shin Bet chief accuses Egypt of allowing weapons smuggling into Gaza Strip By The Associated Press

The director of the Shin Bet domestic security service, Yuval Diskin, on Wednesday accused Egypt of allowing Palestinian militants to smuggle tons of weapons into the Gaza Strip since Israel withdrew from the coastal area last year.

"The Egyptians know who the smugglers are and don't deal with them," Diskin told a Cabinet meeting, according to a participant in the meeting. "They received intelligence on this from us and didn't use it."

Since Israel withdrew from Gaza a year ago, militants have smuggled 19 tons of weapons and explosives into the strip from Egypt, Diskin said. Egypt and the Palestinians have controlled the border since Israel withdrew.

"We're talking about an escalation that is endangering us," Diskin told the ministers, according to the participant, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss security matters with the press.

Kassam Rocket Attack South Of Ashkelon

Kassam Rocket Attack South Of Ashkelon 15:36 Sep 27, '06 / 5 Tishrei 5767

(IsraelNN.com) Arab terrorists have fired another Kassam rocket, which exploded south of Ashkelon without causing damage or injuries. The rocket attacks have become almost a daily occurrence the past two weeks following a brief interlude.

Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter, a resident of Ashkelon, told the Cabinet shortly before the latest explosion that the government is "not providing a proper answer to the residents of Sderot and the communities surrounding Gaza. We must hit where is needed and charge a price. The government needs to reconsider all of its policies toward Gaza following the continuation of the Kassam attacks," he asserted.

Defense Minister Amir Peretz responded, "Our response to each firing will be unequivocal and harsh.

Commander to Soldiers: 'You Just Saved 20 People'

IDF soldierds.jpg

Commander to Soldiers: 'You Just Saved 20 People' 09:23 Sep 27, '06 / 5 Tishrei 5767 by Hillel Fendel

An IDF force in Shechem was shot at, hit 3-5 terrorists, arrested 2 more, and found and neutralized a 10-kg. explosives vest which was apparently intended for a pre-Yom Kippur attack.

The incident occurred during the night in the Balata slum neighborhood of Shechem (Nablus), the city long described as the terror capital of the Palestinian Authority.

In the course of ongoing activity designed to pressure terrorist groups in the area, and in the wake of intelligence warnings regarding preparations for an imminent terrorist attack, the Israeli forces entered the Balata neighborhood over the course of the night. They surrounded a particular building, from which terrorists inside soon began firing and hurling explosives at the forces. The Israelis returned fire, identifying 3-5 hits; our forces were unhurt.

The joint IDF and GSS forces then combed the area, finding a powerful 10-kg. (22 lbs.) explosives vest hidden among garbage bins outside the building. Two wanted terrorists were arrested.

"I told my soldiers afterwards, 'You just saved 20 people in Netanya, or possibly more if it [the bomb] would have been used in a more populous area,'" the commanding officer later told Ynet. Many of the soldiers who fought this mission returned just three weeks ago from Lebanon.

Explosives vests of this type have been used by Palestinian terrorists in dozens of suicide bombing attacks in Israel over the past several years, murdering hundreds of people.

September 26, 2006

Kassam Rocket Slams into a Sderot Home

Kassam Rocket Slams into a Sderot Home 07:44 Sep 26, '06 / 4 Tishrei 5767

(IsraelNN.com) A Kassam rocket fired from northern PA (Palestinian Authority) controlled Gaza slammed into a home on Herzl Street in Sderot. One person is reportedly injured, in moderate condition.

Poll: Most Palestinians back Hizbullah

pals and hiz.jpg

Poll: Most Palestinians back Hizbullah

Joint survey by Israeli, Palestinian institutes finds that over 60 percent of Palestinians think Gaza, West Bank terror groups should imitate Hizbullah tactics and bombard Israeli towns. Plus, most Israeli Arabs thinks Nasrallah ‘looking out for them’

The recent war in Lebanon increased support for Hizbullah among the Palestinian population in the territories, as well as among Israeli Arabs, who believe that Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah is looking out for their wellbeing.

The boosted support for Hizbullah was revealed in a public opinion poll carried out jointly by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem’s Harry S. Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research based in Ramallah.

According to the survey, which was carried out after the end of fighting in Lebanon, a solid 65 percent majority of the Palestinian public believes terror organizations in the Gaza Strip and West Bank should adopt Hizbullah’s tactics and shell Israeli towns with rockets. Only 35 percent were opposed to such a move.

The survey noted that these numbers were parallel to Hizbullah support measured in June 2000, after the IDF’s withdrawal from south Lebanon. At the time, 65 percent of Palestinians were supportive and 27 percent opposed. However, it should be noted that in 2000 the term “Hizbullah tactics” had different implications – and rather referred to guerilla warfare against army forces.

The war had no effect on Palestinian support for suicide bomb attacks against Israeli civilians, and a majority of Palestinians continued to support them.
According to the present poll’s findings, 57 percent of Palestinians supported suicide bomb attacks, while a similar survey in March 2006 found 56 percent support.

The tactic of kidnapping of Israeli soldiers to use as bargaining chips won the support of three-fourths of Palestinians, while only 23 percent opposed.

The survey also sought to compare the views of the Jewish and Arab public in Israel regarding the war in Lebanon, against the backdrop of claims during the war and its aftermath that Israeli Arabs sympathize with Hizbullah and its objectives.

While only 24 percent of Jewish respondents said they believe that Nasrallah is concerned about the fate of Israel's Arabs, 70 percent of Israeli-Arabs who participated in the poll said they think the Hizbullah leader is looking out for them. Meanwhile, 77 percent of Jewish respondents stated they think Arab citizens were concerned with Hizbullah's fate, and 68 percent of Arab respondents stated as much.

The survey also focused on the war's influence on Israelis' and Palestinians' predictions regarding the continuation of violence in the region and their willingness to renew negotiations with the other side.

Among Israeli respondents, 56 percent supported and 43 percent opposed talks with the Hamas government. About two thirds of the Israeli public support negotiations with a Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas, assuming that this is a condition for a peace agreement.

Among Palestinians, however, the trend seems to be reversed. While in a poll conducted before the war 70 percent said they believe that a Hamas-led Palestinian authority should negotiate with Israel, and 26 percent objected, after the war, the support rate dropped to 59 percent, while the opposition rose to 38 percent.

The Palestinian survey, conducted by Dr. Khalil Shkaki, represents residents of the Wets Bank, the Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, and was held among 1,270 interviewees age 18 and over.

The Israeli poll was conducted among 500 Jewish citizens and 401 Arab citizens.

Roee Nahmias
Published: 09.26.06, 17:11


The majority of Palestinians want to see dead Jews and Israel suffer.

It is time to get serious about these modern day Nazi's and go to war to rid the Jewish people of this threat.

How many more Jewish women and children must be murdered before the leadership of Israel takes this threat seriously?

Join us in working to bring new leadership to Israel leadership that values every Jewish life and will make the enemies of the Jewish people understand the consequences of attacking the Jewish people.

Palestinian media calls Pope 'stupid,' 'criminal'

Palestinian media calls pope 'stupid,' 'criminal'

Sermon broadcast on state-run Palestinian TV warns, ‘Think not that Allah is unaware of what the wicked do’

Pope Benedict XVI is "arrogant," "stupid," and "criminal," and will be judged by Allah on the day "when eyes will stare in terror," declared a sermon delivered this past weekend on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' state-run television station.

The sermon coincided with a cartoon also published this weekend in an official Hamas-run daily newspaper in which the pontiff is depicted holding a swastika while wearing a scarf of American and Danish flags.

"To this arrogant Pope – criminal and arrogant – this message is from Allah the Elevated and the Exalted, as it was said: 'Think not that Allah is unaware of what the wicked do. He but gives them a respite until a day when eyes will stare (in terror),'" stated Gaza preacher Osama Al-Mazini in a sermon broadcast by the official television station of Abbas' Fatah party.

"For this ignorant and stupid pope, who has no one to attack besides Islam and the prophet (Muhammad) ... (the pope) characterized Islam as a cruel religion and characterized Muhammad, may the Creator have mercy on him and protect him, as a cruel man, spilling blood, who strove to kill," Al-Mazini said in the sermon, which was translated by Palestinian Media Watch.

The Palestinian media was responding to a speech in which the 79-year-old pope quoted 14th century Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus, who wrote, "Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

The pontiff last week said he was "deeply sorry" for the reaction to his comments and later explained the emperor's words did not reflect how he himself felt. He said the intent of his remarks was to call for a dialogue on the role of religions in modern life.


Exclusive: IDF, UNIFIL meeting ends without results

Sep. 26, 2006 17:50 | Updated Sep. 26, 2006 17:55 Exclusive: IDF, UNIFIL meeting ends without results By YAAKOV KATZ

A meeting between IDF officers, representatives of the Lebanese army and the UNIFIL commander ended without results on Tuesday, threatening to further postpone the IDF's complete withdrawal from Lebanon until next week.

The IDF had initially planned to pull out its remaining several hundred troops from Lebanon by the end of the week.

A source in the Northern Command said that the meeting, which took place Tuesday meeting at UNIFIL headquarters in Naqoura - north of Rosh Hanikra - was a "failure" and that the IDF threatened to keep its soldiers inside Lebanon for as long as it took for UNIFIL to take its job seriously.

"We told UNIFIL that we plan to pull our troops out of Lebanon by Yom Kippur," a high-ranking officer said, referring to the Jewish festival this Sunday. "Although we haven't committed to a year."

The meeting exploded after the IDF demanded that UNIFIL adopt more combative rules of engagement. What particularly angered the IDF was an interview UNIFIL's commander Maj.-General Alain Pellegrini gave to The Jerusalem Post last week and in which he said the peacekeeping force would not actively engage Hizbullah guerrillas even if they were on their way or in the midst of an attack against Israel.

"We demand more effective rules of engagement," the officer said. "If they don't adopt them, we are prepared to stay in Lebanon for as long as necessary."


When Israel gives our security over to the world it is 100% doomed to fail.

Every time it will fail.

When Israel and as a result the Jewish people stand tall we are respected, I think the rise in world wide anti Semitism is tied to the weak leadership in Israel.

September 25, 2006

Business Leader Says Political System is ´Rotten´

Business Leader Says Political System is ´Rotten´ 14:08 Sep 25, '06 / 3 Tishrei 5767

(IsraelNN.com) The Director of the Partner Communications firm, which operates the Orange cell phone system, has charged that the Israeli political system is rotten and needs private citizens to take charge. In an interview with the Israel magazine "G," Amikam Cohen said that if a radical change does not take place, the results will be disastrous.

Man Arrested for Blowing Shofar at Western Wall


Man Arrested for Blowing Shofar at Western Wall
13:09 Sep 25, '06 / 3 Tishrei 5767
by Hillel Fendel

Shades of the 1920's: A Jewish man was hauled off to the Old City police station in the middle of prayer for sounding the shofar during Rosh HaShanah services at the area known as the Kotel HaKatan.

The incident occurred around 7:30 in the morning, at the northern-most section of the accessible Western Wall - a little-known area called the Kotel HaKatan, the Small Wall. It is considered to have extra sanctity, as it stands opposite the presumed spot of the Holy of Holies of the Beit HaMikdash.

Yesterday morning (Sunday), a group of some 10 men and two women gathered at the site, as they have done for several years on Rosh HaShanah, for early-morning prayers. The holiday prayers feature the blowing of the shofar (ram's horn) at several different times. Towards the end of the first shofar sounding, a Border Guard policeman came in, made an unclear motion with his hand as if to ask what was going on, and then left. He said nothing.

Shortly afterwards, Eliyahu K., the 20-year-old prayer leader, blew the shofar a second time, in the midst of his silent prayer (in accordance with Sephardic custom). Policemen came in once again and began trying to pull him away. However, Eliyahu was in the midst of reciting the Amidah - a long passage during which one must stand in one place without moving - and he therefore did not move.

The policemen informed their supervisors by radio that he was praying and refused to move, and reinforcements were soon sent - no fewer than 20 policemen, according to several witnesses.

They then started dragging him out, and when they stopped for a moment, he got up and resumed his prayers. They then began to drag him away again, and shortly afterwards again stopped for a moment - and again he resumed his prayers. At this point, the policemen allowed him to complete his prayers.

In the meanwhile, the other members of the prayer group came out and tried to prevent the policemen from taking Eliyahu away. At this point, the policemen started swinging their clubs violently; no one was hospitalized, but "it was a big brawl," in the words of one witness, with many people being dragged around and beaten while wearing their prayer-shawls and Sabbath suits.

Meanwhile, Eliyahu was taken to the small police station at the Western Wall plaza, and several of his friends followed him there. They wanted to go up the steps into the police station, and demanded that at least the shofar be returned, but the police again came down with their clubs.

They finally took Eliyahu by foot, accompanied by his fiancיe, all the way around the Old City, past Mt. Zion and through Jaffa Gate, to the Kishle police station inside Jaffa Gate. At this point, there was no longer any violence, and Eliyahu was released around 11:30 - after being charged with attacking a policeman, disturbing a policeman in the line of duty, and disturbing the public order.

One witness related, "It's not only that they stopped him from blowing the shofar, but rather the fact that the police beat us up very harshly. I was on my way to the Wall for prayers when I saw 5-7 policemen going with Eliyahu and protecting him very closely. I walked after them, and then a few of his friends came, and then the violence started. We asked the policemen to return the shofar, and they started kicking us and punching us."

The worshipers said that the police had apparently been called by an Arab woman who said the sound of the ram's horn disturbed her children.

A Jewish resident of the Old City told Arutz-7, "How ironic. The loud Arab weddings and nightly prayers by the muazzin [over a powerful loudspeaker] at 4:30 AM disturb our sleep every night." Similar complaints are heard from Jews living near Arab villages in Judea and Samaria.

A member of the Jerusalem Police spokesman's office, contacted by Arutz-7 for a statement on the matter and asked whether this signified a new policy towards shofar-blowing at the Wall, said, "When we have an answer for you, I will get back to you."

The head of the local council of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, Shmuel Yitzchaki, could not be reached for comment by the time of this report.

The rabbi of the Western Wall, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, told Arutz-7, "This is a very grave incident, and I have asked the local police commander, Yossi Priente, to check into it - both the violence and the prevention of the shofar blowing. It reminds us of the days of the British Mandate when Jews [had to make] super-human efforts to blow the shofar at the Western Wall."

He was referring to the 1ate 1920's, when the British, in an attempt to appease the Arabs, and following violence at the Wall, forbade shofar-blowing at the Wall. In one famous incident in 1929, a man named Moshe Segal blew the shofar at the conclusion of Yom Kippur - and was immediately arrested by the British. Though he had fasted for the previous 25 hours, the British detained him without food until midnight, when he was released. It was later reported that the release came about when then-Chief Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook informed the commander that he himself would not eat until Segal was released.

Nearly 40 years later, following the first Yom Kippur service at the Wall under Israeli sovereignty, shortly after the Six Day War, the shofar was again sounded - by Moshe Segal.

The Jerusalem police department can be faxed at (972-2) 539-1190.

To dial from the USA it os 011-972-2-5391190, please fax them letting them know your outrage.

Former Minister Hanegbi indicted

Former Minister Hanegbi indicted

MK indicted on charges including bribery, illegal appointments, perjury, and fraud. Hanegbi: Indictment baseless

An indictment was filed against Kadima MK Tzachi Hanegbi for a number of offenses which include giving briberies, committing perjury, making illegal appointments, and fraud.

The prosecution has demanded that a three-judge panel presides over the trial.

Hanegbi told Ynet in response: "I am happy that finally the legal process, which dragged on and was delayed for years, has finally started. The indictment is baseless. I am convinced that that the hearings will prove that during my tenure in the Ministry for the Environment no action was taken in a way that differs from the norms that have been in place for decades."

The indictment accuses Hanegbi of having appointed Likud cronies to positions in the ministry in a "planned and systematic manner."

Prosecutors say Hanegbi's illegal appointments were politically motivated and accuse the MK of overlooking the public's interest and the principle of equal opportunities adopted by government institutions.

Aviram Zino
Published: 09.25.06, 12:18

How many members of the Knesset need to be indicted ?

Please join us in building a future that will be free of the corruption that now is the rule of business as usual in Israel.

Hamas officials' remand extended

Hamas officials' remand extended

Twenty-three Palestinian Legislative Council members, Hamas ministers to remain in custody until legal proceedings are completed, military courts rule. MK Talab El Sana: Israeli government not interested in Gilad Shalit's release

The military courts in Ofer and Salem in the West Bank decided Monday to extend the remand of 23 Palestinian Legislative Council members and Hamas ministers until the legal proceedings are completed.

The remand was extended due to the claim that they are Hamas members and their release would constitute a danger to the State.

Knesset Member Talab El Sana (United Arab List-Ta'al), who took part in representing the officials, told Ynet that "this was not a court
but an absurd theatre, with the judge not using legal explanations to justify his decision, but rather reading a political speech which is more fitting to an Olmert speech than to a court's judicial ruling."

Efrat Weiss
Published: 09.25.06, 15:27

Once again Israeli Arab members of Knesset are working against the security of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. It is time we face the truth and deal with these traitors.

September 24, 2006

Egyptian Nukes

Mubarak dynasty’s nuclear arms race

Hosni Mubarak’s son, who seems to be the one who will ultimately inherit his father's reign on Egypt, continues to supply, much like his father, headlines about his nuclear ambitions. Not all Egyptians are pleased with the strengthening of the son's position, and a website is trying to convince people that there is a ‘danger to democracy’

It seems as though no one was surprised by the statements of Gamal Mubarak, who is being groomed to be the successor, and the statements of his father Hosni regarding the ambitions of Egypt to develop its nuclear capabilities.

There were those in Israel and around the world that warned that the real threat of the Iranian nuclear program is not that the Ayatollahs would launch a missile on Israel, but that the project would drag the entire Middle East into a race after nuclear technology. And now, this might be the first step in this race under the politically correct name of "nuclear energy for peaceful purposes."

It was Mubarak the son who was asked this week whether Egypt would be limited because of their use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Mubarak the son didn't flinch, and said in a press conference during the convention of the National Democratic Party that "Egypt is not the only country which is thinking on building nuclear reactors for the purpose of energy. There are many more counties who preceded Egypt in that line of thought and the entire world is cooperating with them and helping them in that matter." He also said that Egypt had signed the Nuclear Anti-Proliferation Treaty which compels the signatories to use nuclear energy only for peaceful purposes.

Roee Nahmias
Published: 09.24.06, 23:52

This is just one more reason for Israel to hit Iran now with overwhelming force to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

Make no mistake that Egypt would use nuclear weapons against Israel just as fast as Iran would.

Gaza preacher: Flag of Allah to be raised above Vatican

Sheikh Abu Saqer rejects pope's apologies, calls for holy war against 'this little racist'

A prominent Gaza Strip preacher told WorldNetDaily that Pope Benedict XVI's apologies for worldwide reaction to his remarks about Islam and his invitation today for Muslim leaders to meet with him next week are "mere diplomatic acts" and prove the pontiff does not really regret his words.

Sheikh Abu Saqer, leader of Gaza's Jihadia Salafiya Islamic outreach movement, which seeks to make secular Muslims more religious, called for holy war against the Pope.

He said Christian leaders such as Benedict XVI are "afraid" because they realize Islam is Allah's favorite religion and that they are going to hell unless they convert. The Gaza preacher declared the "green flag of Muhammad" would soon be raised over the Vatican.

"We did not need the words of the pope in order to understand that this is a Crusader war against Islam and it is our holy duty to fight all those who support the pope, who follow him and who did not condemn what this small racist had to say," commented Abu Saqer, speaking to WND from the southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis.

"The day will soon come when the green flag of La Illah Illah Allah (There is no god but Allah) and Muhammad Rasul Allah (Muhammad is the Propher of Allah) will be raised upon the Vatican and all around the world and on the fortresses of those who want to destroy Islam because they know that this religion obliges them to face the truth that Islam is Allah's favorite religion. And until they join Islam hell is their last station," Abu Saqer said.


Man of Peace Or Terrorist


Abbas: We’ll demand Barghouti for Shalit

Palestinian president says PA will demand release of Fatah leader Barghouti, PLF Secretary-General Saadat as part of any agreement that would include Shalit’s release; Israeli official: He can forget about. Representatives for groups involved in kidnapping deny reports of imminent prisoner exchange deal

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the PA will demand the release of Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti and Palestinian Liberation Front Secretary-General Ahmed Saadat as part of any agreement that would include the release of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

An Israeli official in the Prime Minister’s Office said in response to Abbas’ demand that, "He can forget about it.”

Roee Nahmias
Latest Update: 09.24.06, 22:17

This is the same Abbas that just this last week was hosted by the President of the United States. President Bush called Abbas a man of peace.
Now this man of peace is making demands in order to secure the release of a kidnapped Israeli soldier.

Sounds like a terrorist to me.

He sould get a bullet to the head like all terrorist.

September 22, 2006

Shana Tova

Shana Tova

Happy New Year

Due to it being Rosh Ha Shana the next post on the Blog will be Sunday night.

Israel: Foreign reporters' vehicles may be used terrorists

Israel: Foreign reporters' vehicles may be used terrorists

Government Press Office director warns Shin Bet that armored vehicles used by foreign news agencies may serve hostile groups to carry out attacks against Israel

Armored vehicles that were given to foreign news agencies operating in the country with the authorization of the State of Israel, may be used by hostile groups to carry out terror attacks against Israel, Director of the Government Press Office Danny Seaman warned in a letter addressed to Shin Bet Head Yuval Diskin.

On August 27 an Israel Defense Forces helicopter hit an armored vehicle that belonged to the Reuters news agency in Gaza. According to
Seaman, the incident illustrated the failures in overseeing the use of armored vehicles granted to the foreign media agencies with the permission of the State.

The vehicle's presence in Gaza in itself constituted a violation of its license terms, and moreover, the jeep was carrying only Palestinians – one with links to Hamas who was not a Reuters employee.

Licenses for armored vehicles are granted by the State to foreign news agencies in Israel for the purpose of carrying out journalistic missions in the West Bank and Gaza. The State has even agreed to extend the permits for more than the one year stipulated by the law, on the condition that the license holder is a foreign national and that he alone will drive the car.

"To the best of our knowledge, all of the vehicles' owners have been violating the conditions for a long time now, despite our requests. This is not the first time we are warning that these vehicles will be used by hostile agents to carry out a terror attack against Israel. The recent incident in Gaza only illustrates the danger," Seaman wrote the Shin Bet chief.

Itamar Eichner
Published: 09.22.06, 09:23

Nasrallah: We have 20,000 missiles

hiz in beirut.jpg

Nasrallah: We have 20,000 missiles

Hizbullah leader says his group possesses over 20,000 missiles despite Israel's military offensive; lauds his guerillas for turning IDF soldiers into 'scared mice'

Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday in his first public appearance since July 12 that his group still possesses over 20,000 missiles, assuring supporters that his guerillas are as strong as they were on the eve of a 34-day war with Israel.

Nasrallah drew loud applauds from the crowd and vowed that his group won't be disarmed: "We will rehabilitate the force and bases within
a short period of time. In a number of days we succeeded in rehabilitating our military capabilities. The resistance today is stronger than it was on July 12. He who wants to weaken us is miscalculating. We are stronger today than ever before. Second – the prisoners. Your prisoners will all return, Inshallah. I vowed on July 12, that even if the whole world comes, they won't be able to return the two soldiers but through indirect negotiations. The whole world arrived and the two soldiers remain here."

About the international peacekeeping force he quoted German Chancellor Angela Merkel's remarks that German troops will be sent to Lebanon to protect Israel.

"You can close the sea, the air, but this won't weaken our will … We fought for 34 days and we were prepared for a long war. What we sacrificed in the war was a small portion of our capability," he said.

"We welcomed you and I do so again. Your mission is to assist the Lebanese army and not to spy on Hizbullah or to disarm it. That's what Secretary General Kofi Annan said. Until now, I haven't heard a single country that sent troops that it did so to protect Lebanon. They are ashamed in us and say they came to protect Israel," Nasrallah said

Roee Nahmias
Latest Update: 09.22.06, 20:05

All the war in Lebanon did was to strengthen Hizbullah and Nasrallah, I still see nothing positive that came out of this war for Israel.

It would be one thing to have lost the war and in the aftermath of the war Israel rids itself of Olmert, Peretz and Halutz. With the new government declaring a State of Emergency and embarking on a rapid training and supply effort for the IDF.

But the three stooges are still there and Iran and Hizbullah are feeling stronger than ever.

September 21, 2006

Meshal: New Government Will Not Comply with Western Dictates

Meshal: New Government Will Not Comply with Western Dictates 15:50 Sep 21, '06 / 28 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Hamas politburo leader Khaled Meshal, who is based in Damascus, stated the newly-forming coalition government in the PA (Palestinian Authority) will be based on the PA’s “national interests,” and it will not “acquiesce to the demands of the United States."

According to the Iranian news report, Meshal made his statement following a meeting with senior Iranian official, Ali Larijani.

Larijani reportedly met with a number of Syrian officials including President Bashar al-Assad.

Police call Oslo synagogue shooting terrorism

Police call Oslo synagogue shooting terrorism

Norwegian police expanded their charges on Thursday against four men suspected of firing shots at an Oslo synagogue at the weekend to include a charge of terrorism, police said.

Being convicted of terrorism for creating fear in a population can lead in Norway to up to 21 years in prison. (Reuters)

Qassam lands in north Negev; no injuries

Qassam lands in north Negev; no injuries

A Qassam rocket has landed in north Gaza. The rocket landed in the north west area of the Negev. At this time there are no known injuries or damages. (Shmulik Hadad)

September 20, 2006

Palestinian video: 'Martyrs' get paradise with maidens

suicide bomber.jpg

Palestinian video: 'Martyrs' get paradise with maidens

Palestinian TV encourages suicide attack of Jewish 'monkeys and pigs'

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' state-run television the past few weeks has broadcast a music video in which viewers are encouraged to "martyr" themselves in exchange for eternal paradise and beautiful "maidens."

The Israeli-based monitor Palestinian Media Watch reports the video, airing on television controlled by Abbas' Fatah party, depicts a Palestinian woman who is shot in the back by Israeli soldiers. The woman then is transported to "paradise" where she joins white-robed "maidens" dancing in water while waiting to marry a male Palestinian who "martyrs" himself.

In the next scene, according to PMW, a grieving Palestinian man is shot in the back by Israeli troops while visiting the grave of the woman killed at the start of the video. The man immediately is brought to "heaven" where he is rewarded with several white-robed "maidens," including the original woman he was mourning.

A suicide bomber's prayer

"This recurring image of the martyr being rewarded by receiving the Maidens (is) part of the multifaceted Palestinian Authority campaign glorifying and encouraging terror, and promoting suicide terror as idyllic," states a PMW report.

PMW cites other recent instances in which Palestinian television encouraged suicide terrorism for the reward of paradise ripe with beautiful women.

In one recent video, a Palestinian about to blow himself up among Jewish civilians is depicted reciting a prayer hoping for "paradise."

"Angels of mercy, escort our souls to Heaven after we fulfill this duty of crushing the descendents of monkeys and pigs. Dear father and mother, blessings of honor and respect to you, while you escort me to the Maidens of Paradise as a Martyr," states the soon-to-be suicide bomber.

In a sermon broadcast on PA television, Ismail al-Radouan, a prominent Palestinian sheikh, declares, "When the Shahid meets his maker, all his sins are forgiven from the first gush of blood. He is exempted from the torments of the grave; he sees his place in paradise, he is shielded from the great shock, and marries 72 Dark Eyed (Virgins)."

In an interview recently broadcast on Palestinian television, the mother of a real life suicide bomber explains how she had hoped her son would "martyr" himself.

"He (my son) would always dream of Shahada, it was his first and last goal in life. I told him, 'Dear, we all want to be shahids.' He said, 'In this entire world, I can't think of anyone to marry. I want to marry the Dark Eyed (Virgins or Maidens of Paradise).' I said if these are his thoughts, I wish him Shahada (martyrdom).

Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 09.20.06, 16:47

Self Evident, Palestinians=Nazis

Haniyeh: We won’t recognize Israel

Haniyeh: We won’t recognize Israel

While Abbas is in US laboring to promote coalition with Hamas to international leaders as a government that will cooperate with international demands, Palestinian prime minister throws a curve ball and proclaims: We do not accept Quartet’s conditions

Just hours before Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was to meet with US President George W. Bush, PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh sabotaged Abbas’ hopes to convince Americans of the advantages of a unity government with Hamas.

In a speech delivered to Palestinian demonstrators Wednesday, Haniyeh declared that he had no intention of recognizing Israel – the chief precondition posed by the Quartet to cooperating with the Palestinian government.

During the meeting with Bush, Abbas was expected to “market” the new Palestinian unity government as a leadership that would recognize prior international decisions and would conform to Arab peace initiatives that recognize Israel.

But while Abbas lined up meetings abroad, back in Gaza Haniyeh unequivocally proclaimed, “They demand we condemn the resistance and recognize the legitimacy of the occupation. We are duty-bound to the Prisoners’ Document, which doesn’t recognize the legitimacy of the occupation.

“We do not accept the Quartet’s conditions, but we also do not accept that the present situation continues,” the Palestinian prime minister told demonstrators demanding months of unpaid wages.

Haniyeh’s comments only reinforced recent statements by senior Hamas elements that the party does not plan to recognize Israel. This stance poses a severe challenge to Abbas’ attempts to promote the unity government which he labored over during weeks of meetings prior to leaving for the UN summit in New York.

Ali Waked
Published: 09.20.06, 16:49

So where does this leave President Bush's dream of a Palestinian State?

When will both American and Israeli leaders face up to the truth that I have been stating for so long the Palestinians are the Nazi's of today.

They seek the death of 6,000,000 Jews and the destruction of the State of Israel.

Lab tests confirm Shalit wrote letter

Sep. 20, 2006 11:57 | Updated Sep. 20, 2006 18:04 Lab tests confirm Shalit wrote letter By AP AND JPOST.COM STAFF

Lab tests have confirmed the authenticity of the letter purportedly written by kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit and sent last week to his father, Israeli officials said Wednesday.

The officials also confirmed that Egypt was mediating a swap in which Israel would release hundreds of Palestinian prisoners for Shalit, who is being held by Hamas terrorists.

The inside sources who confirmed the details, however, spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

The Prime Minister's Office declined comment Wednesday.

September 19, 2006

UN , A Day Of Hate

JPost.com » International » Article
Sep. 20, 2006 0:07 | Updated Sep. 20, 2006 1:43
Kofi Annan: United Nations must end Arab-Israeli conflict

Addressing world leaders for the last time as secretary-general, Kofi Annan painted a grim picture Tuesday of an unjust world economy, global disorder and widespread contempt for human rights, and appealed for nations and peoples to truly unite.

He said the Arab-Israeli conflict was the most potent and emotionally charged conflict in the world today.

"As long as the Palestinians live under occupation, exposed to daily frustration and humiliation, and as long as Israelis are blown up in buses or in dance halls, passions everywhere will be inflamed," Annan said.

Bush said that in the Middle East, "from Beirut to Baghdad, people are making the choice for freedom." And he appealed for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

"The world must also stand up for peace in the Holy Land," Bush said. "I'm committed to two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security.

I'm committed to a Palestinian state that has territorial integrity and will live peacefully with the Jewish State of Israel."

As if this was not bad enough Ahmadinejad of Iran is currently speaking and is basically calling for the destruction of the State of Israel.

In light of the assault on Israel today and the pressure that is sure to come to try to force Jews from their homes in Judea, Samaria (West Bank) and the Golan Heights we must face the reality that Israel’s existence is in doubt.

If President Bush can not see the lesson of giving land to Arabs as Israel has done in both Gaza and Lebanon. The result of appeasement is the creation of a regime of terror.

Then who will stand with Israel and the Jewish people?

The west has zero chance in winning the war against Islamic terror if it can’t see the clear truth that is evident in Israel’s struggle for survival.

Israel is a free peace loving country faced with the evil of the Palestinian people who are allied with Ahmadinejad of Iran in seeking the destruction of Israel and the murder of 6,000,000 Jews.

Let’s be perfectly clear the Palestinian people have given themselves over to total evil and they are today’s Nazi’s.

Only those Jews that have failed to learn the lesson of the Holocaust and the last 100 years of struggle for survival in Israel can seek to accommodate the Palestinians by appeasement and the giving away of the land that G-D has given the Jewish people.

Can any good come from the world rebelling against what G-D proclaimed in the Torah that He created the world and that in this world he gave a small piece of land called Israel to his people the Jews?

The future is here, Israel will come under such pressure to give up land, in an effort by the world to try to appease Islam.

The sad truth is Israel lacks, leaders that have the faith in G-D to stand up to the future that we face.

The time has come to replace the current leadership in Israel with people that fear G-D more than they fear the will of the world.

With the quality of the current leadership in Israel, understand that the future for Israel is without Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights. We will be back to 1948, only we will now be under a hail of rockets that will come from even closer range. Our airport will be within range of mortars much less rockets.

The economy will grind to a halt under this threat and who will come to save the 6,000,000 Jews of Israel, the very same people that came to the aid of the Jews in 1938, nobody .

But all is not lost please join us in seeking a strong future for the Jewish people and Israel, the time has come to leave the sideline.

Terror group threatens Gaza Christians

Sep. 19, 2006 19:14 | Updated Sep. 19, 2006 19:24 Terror group threatens Gaza Christians By KHALED ABU TOAMEH

A previously unknown group calling itself the Huda [Guidance] Army Organization threatened on Tuesday to target all Christians living in the Gaza Strip unless Pope Benedict XVI apologized for his remarks against Islam and the Prophet Muhammed.

"We will target all Crusaders in the Gaza Strip," the group said in a leaflet, "until the pope issues an official apology."

Te group also threatened to attack churches and Christian-owned institutions and homes. "All centers belonging to Crusaders, including churches and institutions, will from now on be targeted," it said. "We will even attack the Crusaders as they sit intoxicated in their homes."

Home Front report cites 'total disorder'

burned IDF hummer.gif

Sep. 19, 2006 12:32 | Updated Sep. 19, 2006 15:50 Home Front report cites 'total disorder' By JPOST.COM STAFF

Government ministries failed to properly take care of the Home Front during the war in Lebanon and "complete disorder" prevailed, according to a report submitted Tuesday to the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee by MK Ami Ayalon, head of the investigative committee into the management of the Home Front during the war.

The report also said that no one body had coordinated the Home Front's management, and that even when such a body was set up by the Prime Minister's Office, no definite goals were set for it.

The report also criticized the failure to officially declare a state of war.

At the start of the meeting, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz said that a Palestinian unity government weakened Hamas, cautiously adding that "we are carefully following events in the Gaza Strip."

The chief of staff also declared that Hizbullah was strictly adhering to the cease fire in the North.

"Since the end of the war Hizbullah guerillas have openly appeared without weapons or uniform," said Halutz.

The chief of staff added that as far as the IDF was aware there were no meaningful attempts by the movement to smuggle arms into Lebanon from Syria since the end of the war.

Halutz then declared that "if everything goes according to plan, there will be no IDF troops left in Lebanon by Rosh Hashana."

Before the meeting, NRP-NU MK Zvi Hendel called on Halutz "to remove his IDF uniform."

Hendel said the chief of staff should avoid "embarrassing himself and everyone else when he is forced to remove his uniform," Israel Radio reported.

Meanwhile, earlier Tuesday, the report investigating the management of the Northern Command with regards to the capture of the two IDF soldiers on the northern border was published.

The report, submitted to Halutz on Monday, highlighted serious failures and operational errors in the command.

Furthermore, the report claimed that the IDF's intelligence on the intention of Hizbullah to kidnap soldiers was not up to date. The report also criticized the management of the pursuit immediately after the kidnapping.

September 18, 2006

Halutz Halts Tryouts for IDF Units

Halutz Halts Tryouts for IDF Units 23:44 Sep 18, '06 / 25 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The sudden death of an 18-year-old during a tryout training exercise for the navy’s elite Shayetet-13 commando unit has prompted IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz to order a halt to all tryouts for all units.

The naval candidate’s lifeless body was pulled from the water on Monday, and while CPR and resuscitation efforts were implemented, they were unsuccessful.

The latest death follows another tragic fatal training incident three weeks ago, when a teen collapsed and died during tryouts for the air force. That investigation attributed the death to dehydration.

The IDF chief’s order will remain active pending the outcome of the military police investigation.

Just the latest example of how much of a wimp the Chief of Staff is. It is a sad part of military life that soldiers die in training.

Peretz approves demolition of 90 illegal structures in West Bank

Peretz approves demolition of 90 illegal structures in West Bank

Defense Minister Amir Peretz approved Monday the demolition of 90 illegal structures in the West Bank.

The details were presented to Peretz in a routine discussion with representatives from the military. Half of the illegal structures ordered to be demolished are Israeli, and the other half are Palestinian. Peretz instructed the IDF to carry out the order according to a timetable to be determined later.

I told you last week that something was coming due to the arrests of about 30 Israeli's in Judea and Samaria.

Bishara Responds with Defiance to Charges

Bishara Responds with Defiance to Charges 15:26 Sep 18, '06 / 25 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) MK Azmi Bishara announced on Monday that when he and his fellow Arab lawmakers traveled to Syria and Lebanon, they were aware they might face criminal charges for their actions. Bishara stated that Israel will not dictate which Arabs he may or may not visit.

Bishara stated that his contacts with officials in the two countries are an asset to Israel, adding that he and his colleagues did not inquire as to the well-being of Israel's captive soldiers since they are aware that talks are taking place via official channels. In addition, he stated that they were unable to receive an audience with the appropriate people regarding the issue of the captive soldiers.

Is he so defiant because he knows, nothing is going to happen to him?

Egyptian Initiative To End Peace Treaty With Israel

Egyptian Initiative To End Peace Treaty With Israel 13:20 Sep 18, '06 / 25 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The Kifaya democratic movement in Egypt is organizing a petition to gather one million signatures calling for a cancellation of the 1979 peace treaty with Israel, The Associated Press reported.

The movement's founder, George Ishaq, said the initiative is a reaction to the Israeli retaliation against the Hizbullah terrorist war on northern Israel. "The petition is a reaction in part to the (Egyptian) regime's feeble diplomatic handling of the war," he said.

Good I support this effort.

Then America will stop sending Egypt weapons and training the Egyptian military. They will also loose the aid monies from the USA.

If this is the case then Israel should also loose the American funds which will force more reforms in the Israeli economy which will make Israel stronger.

Then once we are free of the restraints of the USA we can act in our own self interest to protect Jews around the world.

I am only sorry that Egyptians have the courage to take a stand and Israel does not.

British Police Hold Six For Attacking Jewish Girl

British Police Hold Six For Attacking Jewish Girl
13:19 Sep 18, '06 / 25 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) British police have arrested six suspects for questioning in an attack on a young Jewish girl. The six suspects, ages 10 to 14, were released on bail.

The gang attacked the girl on a bus after she replied "I am Jewish" when they asked her if she is English. The attackers pushed her to the floor, kicked her and stepped on her face. She became unconscious and suffered a fractured eye socket.

Where did these nice little Muslim kids learn such hate, at school and home that's where?

Maybe President Bush is wrong when he says Islam is a religion of peace and maybe the Pope was correct.

Hamas Kills Five Fatah Security Officers

Hamas Kills Five Fatah Security Officers 14:31 Sep 18, '06 / 25 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Renewed violence between rival Hamas and Fatah factions in Gaza City sparked threats by Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas to escalate battles against Hamas, according to Mideast Newsline.

Hamas terrorists killed five men from the rival terror gang Fatach, including a senior intelligence officer, in a daylight attack near the home of the senior Hamas minister, PA Premiere Ismail Haniyeh. Top Fatach man Abbas has now warned, "We will strike with an iron fist against anyone who dares to tamper with the security and unity of our people.".

The attack coincided with reports of growing tensions between Hamas and Fatah leaders over the proposed unity government.

Well I will give them a B+ for effort but a D- for results. Better luck, next time remember sight alignment and trigger control and may you have a civil war.

Red Cross Visits Hizbullah Prisoners, No News On IDF Soldiers

Red Cross Visits Hizbullah Prisoners, No News On IDF Soldiers 14:36 Sep 18, '06 / 25 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The International Red Cross reported that it has visited three Hizbullah terrorists taken into custody by the IDF during the war in Lebanon, but the organization has made no mention of trying to visit two IDF soldiers kidnapped by Hizbullah.

The whereabouts and condition of the IDF soldiers, assuming they are alive, are not known, but Israel has allowed the Red Cross to visit the terrorists, who "are in good health" according to Red Cross officials quoted by the Beirut Daily Star.

Hizbullah insisted that only two of its guerilla fighters were captured by Israel. However, three of the terrorist organization's members were indicted Monday morning in an Israeli court on charges of killing IDF soldiers with an anti-tank missile in a kidnapping operation July 12. That was the operation in which Hizbullah captured two IDF soldiers.

Why is the Red Cross given access to these terrorist and they are not allowed to visit the captured Israeli soldiers?

When will the west wake up and understand the rules that we need to follow in order to win the war we are in?

Lebanon Slams Germany For Saying UNIFIL Is To Protect Israel

Lebanon Slams Germany For Saying UNIFIL Is To Protect Israel
10:07 Sep 18, '06 / 25 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Lebanese Cabinet ministers have criticized German Chancellor Angela Markel for stating that German troops in the UNIFIL force will help protect Israel. Energy and Water Minister Mohamed Fneish said her statement violates the United Nations Security Council ceasefire resolution. Information Minister Ghazi Aridi stated that UNIFIL does not have a mandate to protect Israel.

Lebanese Cabinet members also have taken issue with the United Nations for wanting to land weapons for UNIFIL at the Beirut airport without previous approval, according to the Lebanon Daily Star. Aridi said the landings are not within the framework of the U.N. resolution.

Warren Buffett Visiting Israel

Warren Buffett Visiting Israel 15:31 Sep 18, '06 / 25 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) American billionaire Warren Buffett, who paid up to $4 billion for the Iscar Metalworking company this year, is in Israel for a 36-hour visit. He is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Finance Minister Avraham Hirchson.

He purchased Iscar, located in the Galilee, from Israeli industrialist Steph Wertheimer, whom he will meet during a tour of the firm's factory. Buffett's personal wealth is estimated at $44 billion.

IDF neutralizes 2 Qassam rocket launchers in northern Gaza

IDF neutralizes 2 Qassam rocket launchers in northern Gaza

During a search done by IDF forces in northern Gaza, the forces identified two Qassam rocket launchers from which three rockets were launched Sunday at the western Negev.

The launchers were taken by the forces. The IDF reports that the forces will continue to prevent the launching of rockets at Israel. (Efrat Weiss)

Mubarak: Israel could free many Palestinians

Mubarak: Israel could free many Palestinian

Egyptian president says Israel agreed to release more Palestinian prisoners than expected as part of possible deal covering release of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit; Mubarak fails to specify exact number of prisoners to be freed

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said Israel may release more Palestinian prisoners than expected as part of a possible deal covering the release of an Israeli soldier held by Palestinians.

"The outlines of the agreement, which is not yet complete, affirm the release of the Israeli prisoner in exchange for an initial large batch of women and children and then the release of Palestinian prisoners in three batches," the state news agency MENA said, quoting Mubarak speaking on Sunday night.

"The president did not specify the number to be released but he indicated that the Israeli side had shown its willingness to release a number greater than expected," MENA said on Monday.

This is the problem with not having the death penalty for terrorism or supporting terrorism.

It is time for Israel to admit that the Palestinians are today’s Nazi's that want to murder 6,000,000 Jews and change our policies to reflect that we are in a fight for our lives.
We must also pray for the return of our soldiers.

September 17, 2006

Police chief grilled again over suspected cop-gangland ties

Last update - 15:09 17/09/2006 Police chief grilled again over suspected cop-gangland ties By Yuval Yoaz, Haaertz Correspondent

Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi began testifying Sunday for the second time before the Zeiler Committee, which is investigating the bungled handling by the police and prosecution of a murder-for-hire case involving suspected crime bosses the Parinyan brothers, and police officer Tzahi Ben-Or.

Karadi first testified before the committee in May. In four hours of open-court testimony and an additional hour in camera at the time, Karadi tried to defend his decision, as then-head of the police's Southern District, to appoint Commander Yoram Levy to head the district's Central Unit. Levy has been accused by colleagues of hampering the investigation and of improper ties to suspected crime bosses the Parinyan brothers.

This is not the first Chief of Police in Israel that has had ties to the mob, how did Israel handle the other Chief of Police that had the mob pay for his daughters at Mitzvah. They forced him to retire from the police and made him head of the Electric company with a big salary raise.

Cabinet Approves Winograd Commission

Cabinet Approves Winograd Commission 12:21 Sep 17, '06 / 24 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The cabinet a short time ago voted in favor of establishing the Winograd Commission to investigate the government’s handling of the war in Lebanon.

Twenty ministers voted in favor. Ministers Pines and Cabel, both from the Labor Party, voted in opposition and Kadima Minister Shaul Mofaz abstained.

The commission appointed by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will be headed by retired justice Eliyahu Winograd.

While the vote was taking place, members of the Movement for Quality Government (MQG) and IDF reservists were protesting outside the Prime Minister’s Office demanding the establishment of an independent state commission of inquiry.

Kassam Rocket Attacks Continue

Kassam Rocket Attacks Continue 11:55 Sep 17, '06 / 24 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) A Kassam rocket landed near Netiv HaAsarah a short time ago. There were no injuries reported.

Earlier in the day, Sunday, one person sustained light shrapnel injuries and others were treated for hysteria in rocket attacks.

Damascus official: Syria losing patience with Israel

Damascus official: Syria losing patience with Israel

Syrian information minister warns that foot-dragging in implementation of UN resolutions regarding Golan Heights may trigger violence in region. 'It's been years and we've achieved nothing. The Syrian people will not wait much longer,' he says

Syrian Information Minister Mohsen Bilal said that his country is losing patience in the matter of the Golan Heights, and that the Syrians would not wait much longer before they act.

"Syria has made a strategic choice for peace, but it will not wait much longer before it recaptures the Golan Heights," Bilal told Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram al-Arabi.

"The Syrian people have waited 40 years for the implementation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions, but to no avail, and
they are losing their patience," he stated.

"Syria chose peace as a strategic option, especially after former president Hafez Assad received a letter from President George Bush that included the principle of peace in exchange for territories, a letter that has become known as 'the Madrid principle.'," he explained. "It's been 16 years and still we have reached no results," he added.

Will Olmert give into the threats of Syria?

Does the fact that we have already appointed a person to carry out negotiations mean anything?

What would it mean for the future of Israel to give back Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights?

It would mean we are closer to defeat than any time excluding 1948.

September 16, 2006

Yoni On The Radio on Sunday

I will be on the Middle East Radio Forum on Sunday which can be streamed from http://www.kknt960.com/.

The show is hosted by William J. Wolf below is he bio.

Attorney William J. Wolf graduated from the University of Illinois in 1967
and from Arizona State University College of Law in 1971. He has been
self-employed as a personal injury attorney in Phoenix for over thirty years
and taught about the Middle East at Hebrew High School, for ten years. Mr.
Wolf is an activist for Soviet Jewry and was one of the three organizers to
accomplish the abrogation of the Declaration of Cooperation between the
American Bar Association and the "Association of Soviet Lawyers" (KGB). This
involved picketing the American Bar Association's meetings in New Orleans,
San Francisco, and Philadelphia, as well as speaking at their annual
meetings. These actions led to the successful abrogation of the "Declaration
of Co-Operation."
In 1988 he founded the American Council to save Yemenite Jewry, later
renamed International Coalition for the Revival of the Jews of Yemen
(ICROJOY), ending up with five members. By way of working through the U.S.
State Department, this resulted in the rescue of approximately eight-hundred
of the remaining Jews of Yemen, which were all that wished to emigrate. This
is something that even the government of Israel had been unable to
accomplish for over thirty years. The rescue operation was memorialized in
the book, "Operation Esther -- Opening the Door for the Last Jews of Yemen,"
by Hayim Tawil, copyright 1998, by Belkis Press.
Mr. Wolf began Middle East Radio Forum (MERF), a Phoenix talk-radio show,
which is currently on the air every Sunday at noon on 960 AM the Patriot,
KKNT. MERF is designed to educate the Jewish and non-Jewish community about
the true situation between Israel and the Arab World with an emphasis in
audience participation. He is a student as to Israel and Arab psychology and
is a frequent traveler to Israel.

Israeli Islamist Leader: Caliphate´s Capital Will Be Jerusalem

Israeli Islamist Leader: Caliphate´s Capital Will Be Jerusalem 02:09 Sep 17, '06 / 24 Elul 5766 by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Reiterating a position he has expressed in the past, the leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement declared that a new Caliphate will soon arise, with its capital in Jerusalem.

The Islamist leader, Sheikh Raed Salah, made the prediction Friday night, at the 11th annual conference of the Israeli Islamic Movement, in the northern city of Umm El-Fahm. Tens of thousands attended the event, including the Palestinian Authority-appointed mufti, Ikrima Sabri, and an archbishop of the Greek-Orthodox Church. Secretary General of the Arab League, Amr Musa of Egypt, sent his regards to the gathering, as well.

The conference was held under the slogan "Al-Aksa is in Danger," which has been utilized as a theme repeatedly at Islamic gatherings in recent years, harking back to incitement that preceded Arab massacres of Jews in the pre-State period.

Likening Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem to that of past non-Muslim rulers in the fertile crescent, Salah said, "The Israeli occupation will leave Jerusalem soon. It will happen sooner than is thought." To aid in that process, Salah repeated a call of his from several months ago for Arab and Muslim states and organizations to establish a special fund aimed at "saving" Al-Aksa Mosque and Jerusalem from the Jews.

I fear with the leadership in Israel that this is closer to the truth than we want to admit.

Wave of Muslim Attacks on Palestinian Authority Churches

Wave of Muslim Attacks on Palestinian Authority Churches 02:08 Sep 17, '06 / 24 Elul 5766 by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

At least five churches in the Palestinian Authority have been targeted in a series of attacks since Friday. One Islamic terrorist group threatened to blow up all the churches in Gaza.

The attacks and threats represent the response of Islamic fundamentalists in the PA to statements made last Tuesday, at Regensburg University in Germany, by the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI. By reference to a reported discussion from the 14th century between a Christian Byzantine Emperor and a Persian Islamic scholar, the pontiff implied denigration of the Islamic notion of Jihad for the sake of imposing Muslim rule.

Muslims in several PA-controlled cities in Judea and Samaria have taken to the streets in recent days in protest against the Pope's comments, with increasing instances of violence directed at Christian institutions of all denominations.

In Shechem (Nablus), grenades and four firebombs were thrown at two churches, causing significant damage. A formerly unknown group called Lions of Monotheism claimed it was behind the attacks and that they were carried out in response to the Pope's statements regarding Islam.

George Awad, priest of the Eastern Orthodox Church in the city, told the PA news agency Maan that the local Anglican and Greek Orthodox churches were targeted in attacks overnight on Friday and early Saturday morning. Awad emphasized to the news agency that he condemned both the attacks on the Shechem churches and the statements of the Pope. Saying that comments such as those of the Pope "sow seeds of conflict," Awad added, "The Pope does not represent all of the world's Christians."

The Shechem-based clergyman continued, "The Christians in the Palestinian territories stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their Muslim brothers against the Israeli occupation. Many Christians have been killed, wounded and jailed in our common struggle."

On Saturday, a group calling itself Swords of Islamic Justice claimed to have opened fire on a church in Gaza's A-Zeitoun neighborhood. The group also threatened to blow up all the Christian houses of worship in the Gaza Strip.

During the annual conference of the Islamic Movement, held in the Israeli Arab city of Umm El-Fahm on Friday, the head of the northern branch of the organization, Sheikh Raed Salah, said of Pope Benedict's statements, "I hope it was a slip of the tongue, because if it is not, his words are a direct call to the nations of Europe to stand behind President Bush and Israel in their war against Islam."

On Friday, the head of the Palestinian Authority, Ismail Haniyeh, also had words of warning for the Pope: "We call on the holy pope to reconsider his statement and to stop offending the Islamic religion that has a billion and a half followers." Another official of the Hamas terrorist organization, Ismail Radwan, told 2,000 protestors in Ramallah on Friday night, outside the PA legislature, "This [statement by the Pope] is a new crusade against the Arab Islamic world. It comes in different forms, in cartoons or lectures.... They hate our religion."

In light of the worldwide Muslim reaction and threats of violence over the Pope's condemnation of violence in the name of Islam, security around the Catholic Church leader has been tightened and thickened. In a statement issued on Saturday, Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said that the Pope "sincerely regrets that certain passages of his address could have sounded offensive to the sensitivities of the Muslim faithful...."

I just can't help but wonder, how the Muslims think that by burning churches they do any thing but prove the Pope's point in his remarks on Islam.

September 15, 2006

IDF generals slam Halutz

IDF generals slam Halutz

Reserve generals criticize army's failures during war against Hizbullah in meeting with IDF chief Halutz in Tel Aviv; former northern command chief calls on Halutz to take responsibility by resigning

Israel Defense Forces Chief Lit.-Gen. Dan Halutz faced criticism for the army's poor performance in the war against Hizbullah during the second round of talks with reserve generals held in the Defense Ministry compound in Tel Aviv on Friday.

Maj.-Gen. Avigdor Ben-Gal (res.), former northern command chief, called on Halutz to resign, saying he committed numerous mistakes during 34-days of fighting. Ben-Gal went as far as suggesting that an air force officer is unfit to lead the army. Halutz was the air force chief before being promoted to the IDF's top seat.

Halutz replied to Ben-Gal that "a sheep shepherd doesn't have to be a sheep," hinting that he who is responsible for the herd doesn't have to be part of it.

Halutz's second meeting with reserve generals was not better than the first, with officials describing Friday's meeting as tense.

"At the exception of three generals who spoke with me during the war … there rest refused to do so. I have been in the system for years and I've never witnessed such a verbal onslaught. There were those who went far and exaggerated, but I too had criticism against my commander during the Yom Kipur War," he said.

Halutz responded to former IDF chief Moshe Yaalon who slammed the political and military echelon for the army's shortcomings.

"I didn't get support from those who spoke of snakes," he said, referring to remark made by Yaalon soon after Halutz's appointment that one needs to wear high heels when entering the Ministry of Defense "because of snakes."

Some 70 former generals attended the meeting which lasted longer than planned.

Most generals who took to the podium said hesitancy was the main reason for the army's failure in dealing a decisive blow to Hizbullah. Some criticized commanders for prefering to follow the war on television instead of joining troops in the battlefield.

Hanan Greenberg
Published: 09.15.06, 14:59

Arab MK's Are Traitors

arab mk.jpg

Sep. 15, 2006 0:31 | Updated Sep. 15, 2006 14:42
Balad MKs praise Hizbullah resistance in Beirut visit

Three Arab Knesset members met with Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora in Beirut on Friday, where they expressed their sympathy for the plight of the Lebanese during the war - as well as their support for Hizbullah.

Hizbullah's resistance to Israel has "lifted the spirit of the Arab people," Balad MKs Azmi Bishara, Jamal Zahalka and Wasal Taha told the prime minister.

The MKs' arrival in Lebanon on Thursday following a week-long trip to Syria has become one of the most controversial "solidarity missions" in the history of the Israeli legislature.

The three Balad MKs coordinated their visit with the speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Nabih Berri, who is close to Hizbullah.

"Their visit is blatant treason... it is an act of espionage," said Israel Beiteinu chairman Avigdor Lieberman, who has already called for the three to be dismissed from the Knesset.

During their week in Syria, the lawmakers met with political and religious leaders, making headlines when they told Baath party officials that Israel was likely to attack Syria to recover its military deterrence.

Bishara expressed support for Syria's struggle to free "occupied Arab land" and praised Syrian support for "resistance to the occupation."

Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz has opened an investigation against the three for the visit to Syria. Police said Thursday that the investigation would be carried out by the International Serious Crimes Unit.

Knesset members are prohibited from traveling to enemy countries under a 2001 law that carries sanctions of up to four years in jail. That law was passed after Bishara visited to Syria but escaped legal action after it was determined that there was no law prohibiting his trip.

"We passed a law specifically against this type of thing five years ago, and that law was hand-written for Bishara," said one NU-NRP MK. "Now he has the gall to travel to Syria again? They [the Balad MKs] don't deserve to be in the Knesset."

The Balad legislators have responded to the outcry against them by saying in a statement that they were prepared to "face the consequences" of their visit.

"This trip is to express solidarity with the victims of the war," a Balad spokesman said. "It is our right, and the right of Arabs in Israel, to remain in contact with Arab nations."

In Syria, Zahalka met with Syrian President Bashar Assad, who told the MK that Syria was committed to the 2002 Arab League peace initiative and that he would establish official ties with Israel only after Israel accepted the initiative.

Rebecca Anna Stoil contributed to this report.

These Arab MK's are traitors to Israel and must be arrested and put on trial for treason. But will Israel do it that is the question, that will guide the future of Israel.

Do we just keep giving in or are we going to start standing strong and fighting back?

September 14, 2006

Hizbullah Taunts Israel: Terrorists Remain Near Border

Hizbullah Taunts Israel: Terrorists Remain Near Border 00:15 Sep 15, '06 / 22 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Terror group Hizbullah taunted Israel Thursday that its operatives continue to deploy in villages and towns near the border, despite a ceasefire mandate to leave the area.

The Lebanese army, together with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) is tasked with clearing the southern region to create a terrorist-free zone to ensure Israel’s security.

Henry Kissinger: Danger of ‘War of Civilizations’

Henry Kissinger: Danger of ‘War of Civilizations’ 18:48 Sep 14, '06 / 21 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger warned in an opinion piece in the Washington Post that the world must beware the looming threat of a “war of civilizations” brewing between Islamist extremists and western nations.

“The debate sparked by the Iraq war over American rashness vs. European escapism is dwarfed by what the world now faces,” he said.

Kissinger said the international community on both sides of the Atlantic should work together to head off the growing danger posed by the development of “a nuclear-armed Middle East.”

Hamas Officials to Remain in Custody Until Monday

Hamas Officials to Remain in Custody Until Monday 21:50 Sep 14, '06 / 21 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The 20 Hamas government officials who were arrested in sweeps carried out by IDF troops in retaliation for the kidnapping of Corporal Gilad Shalit by Hamas terrorists will remain in custody over the weekend.

A military court initially ruled the Hamas legislators should be released; however, an appeal by the military prosecutor led to a decision to continue their incarceration until Monday, when the court will hear arguments about an extension of the administrative detention.

An attorney for the Hamas lawmakers argued that they were entitled to diplomatic immunity and said the arrests were a violation of the Geneva Convention. The court rejected the arguments.

US Freezes Aid to Lebanon for Failing to Uphold Arms Embargo

US Freezes Aid to Lebanon for Failing to Uphold Arms Embargo 12:21 Sep 14, '06 / 21 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The US has announced that a $10 million aid package intended for Lebanon is being frozen due to the Lebanese government’s failure to implement the arms embargo on Hizbullah as per the UN-brokered ceasefire, Resolution 1701.

The US House of Representatives has ordered the aid package delayed until the international stabilization force is deployed in southern Lebanon.

Arab MKs in Lebanon for solidarity visit

Arab MKs in Lebanon for solidarity visit

Bishara, Zahalka, Wasil visit Lebanon after controversial talks with President Bashar Assad of Syria; delegation members express solidarity with 'victims of war'; attorney General orders probe upon their return

Having wrapped up a visit to Syria, Israeli Arab MKs arrived in Lebanon on Thursday "to express solidarity with the victims of bombings in the last war."

The MKs, members of the National Democratic Assembly, coordinated their visit with Lebanese Parliamentary Speaker Nabih Berri.

The party's MKs, Azmi Bishara, Jamal Zahalka and Wasil Taha, denied reports that they will meet Hizbullah members.

Attorney-General Menachem Mazuz ordered the police to interrogate the MKs about their visits to Syria and Lebanon upon their return to Israel.

Mazuz's deputy, Attorney Raz Nezri, dispatched a letter to the police intelligence unit demanding the MKs be questioned over illegal visits to enemy states.

Under Israeli law, Israeli nationals are forbidden from visiting enemy states, and offenders could face sentences of up to four years in jail.

Nezri noted that Israeli national could visit enemy states without committing an offense only with a special permit signed by the prime minister or the minister of the interior.

Bishara warned Baath party officials that Israel could launch a multi-front war against its neighbors to reinstate its military deterrence which was scathed in the war with Hizbullah.

Bishara told the London-based Arabic-language daily that for Israeli Arabs solidarity with the Arab world has its price and his willing to pay that price, referring to the possibility of being prosecuted in Israel for visiting enemy Arab states.

Roee Nahmias
Published: 09.14.06, 15:22

I would like to see these traitors get the death penalty, but the way Israel is today I would be happy if they got the four years in prison that the law says they should get.

September 13, 2006

Bush Administration Angered by Hamas-Fatah Arrangement

Bush Administration Angered by Hamas-Fatah Arrangement 19:17 Sep 13, '06 / 20 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) In reaction to the announcement by Palestinian Authority leaders Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) and Ismail Haniyeh that Fatah and Hamas would be forming a unity government, spokespersons for the US administration are expressing anger and frustration.

According to the Bush administration sources, the president is disappointed that Abu Mazen failed to extract from Haniyeh commitments by Hamas regarding three conditions the US considers imperative for restarting international contacts with the PA government. The conditions are: recognition of Israel; recognition of agreements signed by previous PA leaders; and cessation of terrorism.

Abu Mazen attempted to present the proposed unity government as carrying forward with Fatah policies - which involved direct talks with Israel - while at the same time acknowledging that the government would continue to be led by the Hamas's Haniyeh.

I find this just to be so very funny.

What happens when your fantasy turns out to be a nightmare?

Your dream of selling out the Jews to please the Arabs just gets harder and harder, when the Palestinians show their true face.

Mr. President wake up and smell the Humous, Palestinians = Nazi's only worse.

President Questioned for a Fifth Time

President Questioned for a Fifth Time 20:20 Sep 13, '06 / 20 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Investigators questioned President Moshe Katsav for a fifth time today, Wednesday. The latest session was held in the President’s Residence.

Channel 1 TV News reports that in addition to alleged sexual assault allegations, the president was also questioned regarding breech of trust, eavesdropping and other charges.

Channel 1 also added there are a number of women who are now claiming Mr. Katsav sexually assaulted them.

Peretz Hints Freeing Terrorist 'With Blood On His Hands'

Peretz Hints Freeing Terrorist 'With Blood On His Hands' 19:59 Sep 13, '06 / 20 Elul 5766 by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Amir Peretz's refusal to rule out freeing a convicted terrorist has shocked coalition MKs. His statement, less than a day after his anti-budget stand, places his Labor party leadership in question.

The Defense Minister said Wednesday he does not rule out freeing terrorist Samir Kantar in a deal to return kidnapped IDF soldiers. "There is no doubt that Samir Kantar is one of the central questions being dealt with in any negotiation of this type [and] I suggest that we allow this issue to be dealt with in a very, very secret, very serious, very significant manner," he told Voice of Israel government radio.

Kantar was convicted for the brutal 1979 killing of a four-year-old girl and her father in an attack in northern Israel. He shot the man in front of the daughter and then killed her by smashing her head with his rifle butt. Another daughter, aged 2, died when the man's wife covered her baby's mouth to prevent her from screaming and revealing their hiding place.

Kantar is serving prison terms totaling 542 years, and Peretz's refusal to rule out freeing him in exchange for kidnapped soldiers is in direct opposition to a government policy not to free terrorists "with blood on their hands."

Political analyst Hanan Kristal told Voice of Israel government radio Wednesday that Labor party chairman Peretz's days are numbered.

Tzachi HaNegbi, chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and a leader in the Kadima coalition with Labor, said that freeing Kantar would represent a victory for Hizbullah terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah.

He wrote in a letter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Peretz, "Freeing the murderer as a direct result of the kidnapping would decidedly crown Nasrallah...and raise a question on justifying the sacrifice of 159 victims" in the war against Hizbullah.

Labor Knesset Member Ami Ayalon, who has said he will challenge the Labor chairman in the next party primaries, publicly called on him Wednesday to quit his ministerial post.

"There are those in the political echelon who are responsible [for failures in the war], and I think Peretz needs to own up to this responsibility and resign," he said. MK Ayalon made the remarks in response to the announcement of the head of the Northern Command, Brigadier General Udi Adam, that he is quitting his military career in order to set an example that leaders must take responsibility for mistakes.

Defense Minister Peretz, whose popularity dropped sharply after Israel began to retaliate against the Hizbullah terrorist war on northern Israel, was the only Labor minister who did not back the proposed 2007 budget and abstained in the Tuesday night vote.

Other Labor Cabinet members argued that the government compromise on raising the minimum wage was satisfactory, and they left Peretz as the lone Labor minister prepared to weaken the Kadima-Labor coalition. The government automatically will fall if the budget does not pass the Knesset when it comes up for a vote toward the end of 2006.

This is why Israel needs to have the death penalty for terrorist; it would keep any weak kneed politician down the road from freeing terrorist

PM Olmert Being Investigated For Yet Another Real Estate Scam

PM Olmert Being Investigated For Yet Another Real Estate Scam 12:56 Sep 13, '06 / 20 Elul 5766 by Ezra HaLevi

Channel 10 reported that PM Ehud Olmert is linked to yet another suspicious real estate deal, this time pertaining to the home located at 54 Shilo Street, in Jerusalem’s Nachlaot neighborhood.

According to the report, a home registered in his wife Aliza’s name was sold in 1996 to American business tycoon Uri Harkham of Los Angeles, for the amount of $650,000. – 30% more than it was sold for its two concurrent sales.

The report states that Harkham is a known Olmert supporter, and in the past, contributed $25,000 to the former Jerusalem mayor’s campaign list. Olmert was represented by Attorney Uri Messer, a power-broker who has accompanied Olmert through his unlikely rise to power.

Olmert allegedly provided services worth millions of dollars to many of Messer’s other clients – effectively creating a price at which Olmert’s influence could be purchased.

Olmert’s office said that Olmert indeed paid a fee to Messer for the sale of the Nachlaot home, but refused to say how large it was.

Similar to the other ongoing investigations against Olmert for alleged bribery, it is alleged that the home was sold to a supporter under the guise of a legitimate real estate deal when in essence, the buyer overpaid, giving a bribe to Olmert.

Harkham sold the property on Sept 20, 2000 for $400,000, incurring a significant loss. Real estate experts report that although property values did indeed go down during the time period Harkham owned the home, he paid an inflated amount.

One investigation against Olmert, regarding a property in the Katamon area of the capital, was closed. In another case, wealthy American Jew S. Daniel Abraham paid an inflated sum for one of Olmert’s properties. A third investigation into yet another property is still ongoing.

Officials in the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that the dates and amounts reported in the case are indeed accurate.

Genaral Adam Resigns

Sep. 13, 2006 9:42 | Updated Sep. 13, 2006 15:47 N. Command General Udi Adam resigns By YAAKOV KATZ AND JPOST STAFF

Over a month after the war with Hizbullah ended, OC Northern Command, Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam handed in his letter of resignation to IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz on Wednesday. Halutz accepted the resignation and agreed that Adam would complete his term as head of the army in the North as quickly as possible.

Sources close to Adam said the general made the decision to resign about a month ago, but delayed stepping down from his post until after "the last IDF soldier returned from Lebanon," Maariv reported Wednesday. The sources said Adam wanted to set a personal example by refusing to take part in power struggles going on in the defense establishment.

Next the three stooges need to go Olmert, Pertez and Halutz.

These three hold a greater degree of criminal negligent that General Adam and must also pay the price.

September 12, 2006

Look Out - Something Is Coming

In the last two weeks the government of Israel has been arresting dozens of Israeli's that live in Judea and Samaria.

These people are being arrested for "crimes" they committed during the retreat from Gaza. The charges range from soldiers refusing to act against their fellow Jews in Gaza to being arrested for demonstrating in communities that were due to be destroyed.

I think the timing and a reason for these arrests is that something a foot in the Olmert government.

We must understand that the rockets from first Gaza and later Lebanon taught the cowards, scum and traitors in the Knesset nothing. They will move ahead with their dream of taking the heartland of Biblical Israel and making it Jew free.

Saudi Arabia to Build 100 Houses in Hevron

Saudi Arabia to Build 100 Houses in Hevron 17:00 Sep 12, '06 / 19 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Saudi Arabia announced this week that it will be financing the construction of 100 houses in Hevron over the next two years. The project will be funded, at a cost of US$6.3 million, through the Saudi Committee for the Relief of the Palestinian People and executed through the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) and local NGOs.

Saudi officials said the new homes would be allocated to underprivileged or widowed women. In the past, the Saudi Committee for the Relief of the Palestinian People has donated monies to the families of suicide bombers and other Palestinian Authority terrorists killed during attacks on Israelis.

Israel should allow these homes to be built, then when they are done nationalize them and give them to Jews.

But Israel no doubt will allow these house to be built and given to Palestinians, can you say national stupidity equals national suicide.

Video From Lebanon


Great video from Lebanon war.

ADL Shut Up

ADL Slams MK Effie Eitam's Statements on Transfer of Arabs 12:33 Sep 12, '06 / 19 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) The US-based Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has issued a condemnation of Knesset Member Effie Eitam (National Union-NRP) following Eitam’s call for the transfer of Arabs from Judea and Samaria and removal of Israeli-Arab Knesset members.

“Such inflammatory statements are irresponsible and display an ugly and abhorrent bigotry against other peoples and leads to incitement,” the ADL statement said. “Calls by public figures to ban minorities and expel them from their homes are abhorrent. These are irresponsible statements advocating collective measures that the ADL totally rejects.”

“Eitam’s remarks do nothing to further Israel’s quest to live peacefully among its neighbors and are an insult to its loyal Arab Israeli citizens,” the statement, issued by the group’s Israel office, concluded. “ADL rejects the notion of transfer of any people from their homes and homeland.”

The ADL was a vocal supporter of Ariel Sharon’s Disengagement Plan, which called for the forced expulsion of nearly 10,000 Jews from their homes in Gaza and northern Samaria.

I just have one thing to say to the leadership of the ADL that sit in their fancy homes in the USA.

Living out of the line of fire.

While your children drive BMW’s and Mercedes and go to fancy universities to become doctors and lawyers our children have to bury their friends murdered by the Palestinians, today’s Nazi’s.

This happens to our children while they are in elementary school they then must go to the IDF to fight to secure our future.

Shut Up.

You have no right to speak to Israeli's about how we can or should solve our problem.

You are part of the cowards, traitors and scum leadership. You have backed the idea of Jews giving up parts of the Land that G-D has given us.

You are the new generation of the leadership of the Warsaw Ghetto that told the Jews forced to live there by the Nazi’s not to fight, you have not learned a thing in the last 100 years and I feel sorry for you.

How Many Dead Soldiers

hamas in court.jpg

Sep. 12, 2006 14:42 | Updated Sep. 12, 2006 15:31
Military court rules to release Hamas lawmakers on bail

A military court has ordered the release on Tuesday of 18 Hamas lawmakers, including three Cabinet ministers, but the men remained behind bars for at least two more days pending an appeal.

The IDF arrested more than two-dozen Hamas lawmakers since June after terrorists in Gaza linked to the group attacked a military post, capturing Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit.

Shalit's father, Noam, told Arab media in a press conference Tuesday that no one updated him on the court's decision to release the Hamas men on bail.

"I am not aware, am not familiar with the issue. Maybe it is somehow connected with Gilad's release," he said. Shalit added that he was aware of ongoing contacts regarding his son's release, but did not know of a finalized deal.

The military court said the lawmakers should be freed on bail while their trials continue.

Prosecutors appealed the ruling. The court is scheduled to issue a final ruling on Thursday.

Palestinian leaders have said the detentions were illegal and demanded the freedom of the Hamas politicians.

This is so stupid; I have only one question for the court.

How many dead soldiers and border police officers are you willing to risk to let this scum go free pending their trial?

Do you really think that if they are released on bail they will return for trial, fat chance!

So then elite elements of the IDF and or the Border Police will be giving the job to go get these terrorist that are committed to the murder of 6,000,000 Jews and the end of the State of Israel.

What will the judge in this case say to the families of the men that may be killed in the arrest operations; we were up holding the law?

Then it is time Israel grew up and after 100 years of fighting we need to make peace with the fact there will never be peace and change our laws to reflect this and declare war on the Palestinians.

Then instead of arresting members of Hamas and Fatah we can kill them from Abbas on down. After we have crushed the Palestinians in this war we then can move ahead to a better future.

Thank G-D

Palestinian PM says no government peace talks with Israel

Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas on Tuesday poured cold water on any hopes a new Palestinian unity government might seek peace talks with Israel.

Israel and the United States have responded skeptically to the planned unity coalition, agreed by Haniyeh and President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday as a way to end international isolation of the Palestinians and revive Western aid. (Reuters)

Thank G-D the Arabs think we are weak enough for them to fight to seek the destruction of the State of Israel and the murder of 6,000,000 Jews.

While the cowards, traitors and scum in the Knesset seek to start talks with our enemies in order to run away from G-Ds gift of the Land of Israel. The enemies of Israel build towards destroying us and our leader’s scheme on ways to weaken us as long as they can keep their seat in the Knesset and please their masters in Washington D.C..

September 11, 2006

Arab Youth Playing with a Bomb Belt

Arab Youth Playing with a Bomb Belt 23:39 Sep 11, '06 / 18 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) An Arab youth in the village of Naama near Ramallah was killed on Monday evening after he was playing with a bomb belt he found in the area.

Authorities report that the brother of one of the boys playing with the bomb was arrested by soldiers in the morning, adding the bomb belonged to him.

Just what every family happens to have lying around, a suicide bomb belt. But Israeli leadership wants to make peace with these people that are more committed than ever to the murder of 6,000,000 Jews and the death of the Jewish State.

Palestinian Games = Dead Jews

Sep. 10, 2006 23:04 | Updated Sep. 11, 2006 17:04 Abbas will dissolve Hamas-led government in 48 hours By KHALED ABU TOAMEH AND AP

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said in statement that his Fatah party and ruling Hamas party have agreed to form a coalition government within days.

Abbas will dissolve the Hamas-led government within 48 hours, Fatah's Nabil Abu Rdeneh said on Monday.

"The continuous efforts to form a national unity government have ended successfully with the announcement of a political program for this government," Abbas said in a statement to Palestinian television and the Palestinians' official WAFA news agency.

"Efforts in the next few days will continue to complete the formation of the national unity government," the statement said.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and Abbas had reached an agreement on the main principles in forming such a government said Ahmed Yosef, Haniyeh's political advisor.

Sep. 10, 2006 19:12 | Updated Sep. 10, 2006 19:17
Poll: More Palestinians support terrror

The latest public opinion poll in the Palestinian Authority territories shows that some 61 percent of Palestinians support "military operations" inside Israel compared with only 32% who reject such attacks.

The poll, conducted by the Center for Opinion Polls and Survey Studies at An-Najah University in Nablus, covered some 1,360 Palestinians whose age group is above 18. Its margin of error is about 3%.

Although the center did not specify the nature of the "military operations," many Palestinians interpret the term as a reference to suicide bombings inside Israeli cities.

This is the first poll in several years that shows growing support among Palestinians for launching terror attacks inside Israel. The results reflect an increased trend of radicalism among the Palestinian public.

Previous polls conducted by different Palestinian organizations showed that a majority of Palestinians would like to see such attacks restricted only to the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The latest poll, too, indicated that over 62% of the Palestinians support concentrating the "resistance" within these territories.

I tagged the second article onto the first so that we can all remember that despite political games that the Palestinians may play. The Palestinian people want us all dead.

This should be what guides Israel not international pressure to give birth to a terror state called Palestine.

Remember that yesterday the enemy of the Jewish people was called Nazis, today they are called Palestine.

Al-Zawahri threatens Israel in new tape

al queda.jpg

Sep. 11, 2006 13:03 | Updated Sep. 11, 2006 15:41
Al-Zawahri threatens Israel in new tape

Al-Qaida's No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri hinted that Israel may be the target of future attacks by the group, in a video aired by CNN early Monday on the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. It was the latest in a flurry of al-Qaeda videos released ahead of the anniversary.

In the video, al-Zawahri refers to Israel's bombardment of Lebanon this summer and the capture of Israeli soldiers by Hizbullah and Hamas.

"You gave us every legitimacy and every opportunity to continue fighting you," al-Zawahri says, addressing the US in the video, which appeared to be new. "You should worry about your presence in the (Persian) Gulf, and the second place you should worry about is Israel."

The bespectacled Al-Zawahri was dressed in white and seated in front of a wall of bookshelves.

"Your leaders are hiding from you the true extent of the disaster," he said. "And the days are pregnant and giving birth to new events, with Allah's permission and guidance."

September 10, 2006

Ethiopian policy riles N. American Jews

Ethiopian policy riles N. American Jews Hilary Leila Krieger, THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 11, 2006

North American Jewish leaders are calling a Finance Ministry proposal to reduce the rate of Ethiopian aliya a major breach of trust that could have serious ramifications for Israel-Diaspora relations.

The move comes after the American Jewish community has committed to collect more than $300 million to help Israelis affected by the recent war. Now some are questioning the Diaspora's role in raising money for Israel given that the earlier pet funding priority of Ethiopian aliya, undertaken at the behest of the government, has been seriously downgraded.

Meanwhile, Ethiopians, incensed by the proposed cut, plan to hold hunger strikes in Israel and Gondar, Ethiopia, starting Wednesday unless the government agrees to cancel the reduction in a vote on the budget to be held Tuesday.

In June, the cabinet decided not to implement its prior decision to increase the pace of Ethiopian absorption from 300 to 600 a month - which itself engendered Diaspora outrage - saying the issue would be addressed during the upcoming discussions on the 2007 state budget. In the new proposal presented by Finance Minister Avraham Hirchson, the number ended up being cut from 300 to 150 as part of belt-tightening after the war.

The step, if it were to go through, "would be a tragic mistake," according to an internal letter to the board of trustees of the United Jewish Communities, the umbrella organization for all North American Jewish federations. The letter, in an unusual stance, urges board members to lobby Israeli government officials for a return to at least the 300 figure.

"The proposed change," it states, "would represent a unilateral abrogation of an understanding between the Diaspora and the government," referring to Operation Promise, the $100 million UJC fund-raising campaign to help absorb Ethiopians undertaken at the request of prime minister Ariel Sharon after his government decided the number should be raised to 600 in January 2005.

UJC chairman Robert Goldberg said Operation Promise, which has raised $80m. so far, had been halted and donors would be given the option to get their money back should the absorption rate be cut.

"It's a slap in the face," he said of the budget proposal. "It's a breach of trust."

He said UJC's emergency campaign to help northern Israel had already reached $270m., with a goal of $300m.

"Everything the government asked us to do, we did," he said, listing aid for projects such as summer camps for children from the North and air conditioners for bomb shelters. "The feeling going forward is not going to be the same."

Some ministers have backed the Diaspora position. Absorption Minister Ze'ev Boim said he opposed the proposed reduction. "The government needs to put aliya in the center of its agenda," he said.

In cabinet discussions on the issue held last week, Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter criticized the timing of the decision, coming as it does on the heels of American Jewry's large fund-raising campaigns.

"Now is the time to thank them [the Diaspora]," he said, not take a position they so strenuously oppose.

A source in Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office said the premier was studying the issue and that no decision had been made, as the budget wouldn't even be sent to the Knesset until after the cabinet vote on Tuesday.

Groups representing a variety of interests are continuing to negotiate with the Finance Ministry ahead of that meeting, and a long process of revision will take place in the Knesset.

The Finance Ministry wouldn't elaborate on the reason for the proposed reduction or respond to the criticism of North American Jewry.

But in the past, opponents of accelerated Ethiopian aliya have said that it costs more to absorb this group - estimated at 13,000 to 18,000 people - than other immigrants and that they have a different status than other Jewish groups. Called Falash Mura because they are descendants of Jews who converted to Christianity and have since returned to Judaism, they come to Israel under the more restrictive Law of Entry rather than the Law of Return applying to anyone with at least one Jewish grandparent.

Falash Mura advocates, however, point out that the Chief Rabbinate has deemed them eligible for aliya and say that cost has never been a consideration in taking in Jews.

In addition to their lobbying efforts, some of these advocates are proceeding with a previously initiated lawsuit in an effort to force the government to implement earlier decisions on increasing the rate of absorption.

Irwin Cotler, a human rights lawyer who served as Canada's justice minister until February, strongly rebuked the government for the proposed cut.

"The government decision is as shameful as it is shocking," he said in Jerusalem, where he is currently visiting. He said the move showed "contempt of court and the rule of law" because the state had previously told the High Court it would increase the rate of absorption.

He also cautioned that it "could have serious repercussions on Israel's relationship with American Jewry" since the subject had now become "a trust issue."

He added that the delay in doubling the absorption rate - which originally would have brought all of the remaining eligible Ethiopians to Israel by the end of 2007 but now would only be discussed in 2008 - would "increase the pain and suffering of an already aggrieved people."

Avraham Neguise, who heads the Israeli Ethiopian advocacy group South Wing to Zion, said Ethiopians in Gondar would go on a hunger strike despite poor health and sanitary conditions.

"They say we are dying anyway because the government is playing a game with our future," he said.

I will say what the article doesn't say what everyone is afraid to say.

The cut in Ethiopian Aliya is due to the color of their skin, it is racism pure and simple.
Israel can bring in thousands of people from the former Soviet Union that are not Jewish and their ties to Judaism are weak at best or in many cases they have come with fraudulent documents. Documents that were forged by the people involved with the Aliya for bribery money.

You have to remember that the record of those Israeli's involved with the Aliya process has been nothing short of criminal in the past so why should they change. I know from first hand stories of how Jews from Yemen and India were robbed of their gold and silver and gem stones by the representatives of Israel during the Aliya process.

I can only say this of the Ethiopians they are some of the greatest people I have ever met and Israel should bring them all to Israel, now.

Firebomb Attack Against Montreal Jewish School

Firebomb Attack Against Montreal Jewish School 08:42 Sep 10, '06 / 17 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) A firebomb was hurled at a Jewish school in Outremont, Montreal last week. There were no injuries.

The incendiary device landed in a classroom that was emptied some 20 before the attack, resulting in damage but no injuries.

Surveillance tapes showed the attack occurred on Friday night, shortly after midnight, targeting the Skver-Toldos Jewish Boys School. Damage in the attack, labeled a ‘hate crime’ by local police, is estimated at US $50,000.

Abu Mazen: Jerusalem the Capital of Palestinian State

Abu Mazen: Jerusalem the Capital of Palestinian State
15:15 Sep 10, '06 / 17 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) PA (Palestinian Authority) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) on Sunday released statements expressing a willingness to meet with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

The PA opposition leader stated that Israel must however recognize “Palestinian rights,” adding Israel must realize there must be a Palestinian state with Jerusalem serving as its capital.

Olmert along with the whole Knesset will sell Israel and Jerusalem to the devil to stay in power and the good graces of the U.S. State Department.

Red Cross Still Not Seeing Israeli Captives

Red Cross Still Not Seeing Israeli Captives
16:16 Sep 10, '06 / 17 Elul 5766
by Hillel Fendel

Regarding the three Israeli captives, the ICRC has been unable to fulfill its mission to "protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence and to provide them with assistance."

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) spokesperson in Tel Aviv, Sharon Yechezkel-Oron, told Arutz-7 today that though the organization has made, and continues to make, efforts to see the three Israeli soldiers most recently abducted by Hamas and Hizbullah, the kidnappers refuse to allow such visits.

Asked what public pressure the ICRC is exerting in order to get to see the three, the spokesperson noted the issuance of several press statements expressing the organization's concern over the plight of the abducted soldiers.

The last such press announcement was issued on August 9, stating that ICRC president Jacob Kelenberger had arrived in Israel and would discuss with Israeli officials "the humanitarian situation in northern Israel and in Lebanon, access to those in need, and the fate of captured soldiers and other people detained in connection with the conflict."

Of course the Red Cross can't see Jews have been kidnapped but they can see terrorist that sit in Israeli jils or in Cuba.

Report: PM gave Admoni's wife 3 posts

Sep. 10, 2006 15:25 | Updated Sep. 10, 2006 16:02
Report: PM gave Admoni's wife 3 posts

Citing a conflict of interest, the Movement for Quality Government demanded on Sunday that former Mossad chief Nahum Admoni retract his candidacy to head the panel appointed to probe the political echelon's conduct of the recent war in Lebanon.

"The appointment of your wife to three terms of public service by the prime minister creates an obligation on your part to the prime minister. Because of this, you must retract your candidacy from the commission of inquiry," the Movement for Quality Government said in a statement.

Earlier, Army Radio reported that Olmert, while serving as Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor, twice appointed Nina Admoni for seats on corporate boards of directors. The report did not specify the names of the corporations involved. In addition, Nina was picked by Olmert to serve as an observer on a ministry panel responsible for granting permits to foreign companies.

The report also stated that Nina Admoni now serves as the representative of an American company that is a partner of Boeing, which supplies aircraft parts to the Israel Air Force.

Last Tuesday, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz disqualified two other committee candidates due to possible conflicts of interest, including Maj.-Gen. (res.) David Ivri, who represents Boeing in Israel.

The second dismissed candidate, Maj.-Gen. (res.) Ya'ari, a former navy commander, is president of Rafael, the armaments development authority which has the Defense Ministry as a client.

Just more of the same, when will a leader put the Jewish people in front of his own agenda?

Report: India to buy Israeli Spyder

Sep. 10, 2006 12:17 | Updated Sep. 10, 2006 12:25 Report: India to buy Israeli Spyder By ASSOCIATED PRESS NEW DELHI

India is set to purchase an advanced short-range air defense system from Israel to bolster its aging Russian-made equipment, a news agency reported Sunday.

India has agreed to buy the Spyder system, the Press Trust of India news agency reported, adding that the military was awaiting Cabinet approval for the deal worth about US $240 million.

The army plans to buy four batteries of the system, PTI quoted unnamed senior officers as saying.

Military officials were unavailable for comment Sunday.

The truck mounted system is made by Israel's Rafael armaments company. In India, the missiles would be mounted on locally made Tata trucks, PTI said.

The Spyder is designed to counter attacks by aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and precision guided munitions, according to Rafael's Web site.

It uses a combination of two missiles, the Derby active radar missile and the Python 5, which uses infra red to track incoming objects, according to Rafael. The system's radar can track up to 60 targets at a time.

The company had no immediate comment on the purchase.

Israel has emerged as a leading arms supplier to India in recent years as it tries to modernize its large military.

In 2004, Israel agreed to sell three PHALCON airborne early warning systems to India. The US $1.1 billion dollar deal was Israel's biggest one-time sale of military hardware.

Hizbullah: Organization at crossroads

Sep. 10, 2006 11:19 | Updated Sep. 10, 2006 16:02 Hizbullah: Organization at crossroads By JPOST.COM STAFF

Hizbullah deputy leader Naim Kassem said Sunday that Hizbullah was at a crossroads and was weighing what steps to take after the Lebanese army deployed in southern Lebanon.

Kassem told the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that his organization was considering how it should pursue its armed struggle, and that it was unclear what course of action it would take regarding the controversial Shebaa Farms, Israel Radio reported.

Kassam stressed that Hizbullah would not agree to disarm, and would not change its position that only and armed struggle could withstand "Israeli provocations." When asked how many missiles and Katyusha rockets remained in Hizbullah's stocks, Kassem replied that as much as 90 percent of the organization's arsenal could have remained intact. However, he added, this was a military secret.

Nasrallah's deputy also said that no army in the world would destroy Hizbullah, and that the results of the recent war in Lebanon proved that Hizbullah had won an historic victory.

September 09, 2006

Reserve Soldiers Demonstrate in Tel Aviv

reserve demo ta.jpg

Movement for Quality Government and Baltam forum for reservists band together to demand adequate investigation of failures in Lebanon war

Miri Chason
Published: 09.09.06, 21:48

Almost a month after the end of the second Lebanon war, the Movement for Quality Government in Israel (MQG), in conjunction with the Baltam Forum – representing reserve soldiers – gathered in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, under the banner 'State Commission of Inquiry Now'. Some 30,000 protestors attended.

Carrying signs reading, among others, 'What is there to hide?', 'Conscience demands inquiry' and 'State, state, state', protestors demonstrated their disapprobation of Olmert's investigative efforts thus far.

Chairman of the Baltam forum Roi Ron told Ynet: "We demand a state commission of inquiry to determine how reserve soldiers were sent to war without ammunition, without protection, without food and without water. Soldiers who hadn't trained in years."

In addition to a state commission of inquiry, Baltam demands a formal renewal of standards of training and equipage of reserve soldiers, as well as the creation of an annual training program for all reserve units.

"We demand that a commission be formed and that a reserves law be legislated to formalize these things. We want a state commission of inquiry led by a senior judge. A commission that has the necessary jurisdiction to investigate the past and the present and to act for the future," Ron added.

Singer Nimrod Lev performed the song "I became a hostage" after being asked to attend the rally by reservists from Jerusalem. Lev said, "I arrived as a resident of the north who experienced 34 days of war…I can tell you that the government's failure regarding the home front is outrageous, the north was simply abandoned by the government…It is my duty as a resident of the north to do my part to help their just struggle."

Protestors of all stripes
MQG Chairman Eliad Shraga appealed to the all of the nation to join the rally, which contained people from all sides of the political spectrum. One of the speakers at the rally was former Meretz chairman and minister Yossi Sarid. His presence, said Shraga, was an answer to "all those people (primarily from the Peace Now movement) who portrayed this protest as something orange."

Naveh Tzupkov, a Tel Aviv resident and former officer in the anti-aircraft unit, said that "it's important to investigate all of the problems exposed by this war. Problems that were always present and that everyone in the army knew about. The army is something tiny. A state commission of inquiry has the least dependence on people who took part in this war. It's not dependent on the political sources who are looking to keep their seat."

Yehuda Kahani from Tel Aviv, who lived through all of Israel's wars and the subsequent commissions of inquiry, said that voting by text message was the way to go. "I came to the rally so that people wouldn't say that everyone had stayed home because they think that Olmert was ok."

However, he understands why others didn't do the same. "People are tired of demonstrations and protests, and in my opinion, there needs to be a different way to determine the national opinion. If 'A star is born' (reality TV series) can garner a million and a half votes by text message, I'm sure that millions would vote and say what they really think."

"There won't be a state commission of inquiry. They'll drag their feet, just like they're doing now. A month has passed and what has happened? Spin after spin after spin," he concluded sadly.

This demonstration is a very Israeli thing. It is not the start of a politicl movement other than for issues touching reserve soldiers. People from the far left were there as well as the far right.

This is an issue that touches every Israeli regardless of where they stand on other issues.

PM Olmert: I'm ready to meet Abbas

PM Olmert: I'm ready to meet Abbas

(VIDEO) Israeli PM meets with British premier in Jerusalem Saturday evening, tells reporters following meeting he is willing to 'work closely' with PA president to advance progress on Road Map peace plan

But Olmert stressed that securing the release of a soldier captured by Gaza terrorists was top of the agenda ahead of any meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on a stalled peace Road Map.

"I assured Prime Minister Blair that I am ready to work closely with Chairman of the Palestinian Authority Abbas to implement the road map," Olmert told a news conference side by side with Blair in Jerusalem.

When will Israel have leadership that is willing to tell the world that peace with the Palestinians is a dead issue and that Israel will never give up land again?

September 08, 2006

Paper reprints Holocaust cartoons

bbc cartoon.jpg

A cartoon among those commissioned in Iran shows the letter L in Israel formed by a boot stepping on the world
The original cartoons are on display in Tehran
A Danish newspaper has printed cartoons about the Holocaust commissioned by Iran after cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad triggered violent protests.

The newspaper - Information - published six of the cartoons, which are on display in the Iranian capital, Tehran.

Several of the cartoons contrast the plight of the Palestinians with that of the victims of the Holocaust.

Editor-in-chief Palle Weis said he had thought carefully about publishing the cartoons and said it was not a stunt.

He told the BBC the cartoons accompanied a news story about the exhibition. He said they were "tasteless but predictable".

Another Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, sparked the international row last year after it published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, including one of him wearing a bomb on his head.

There were angry protests in Europe, the Middle East, and other parts of the world, in which at least 50 people died.

In response, a competition was organised in Iran inviting people to draw cartoons about the Holocaust. Organisers said they were testing the West's commitment to freedom of speech.

Information said it had decided to print the cartoons after consulting the main rabbi in Copenhagen.

"He said he had seen worse examples," editor-in-chief Mr Weis told the BBC.

"They are tasteless but predictable... they're pretty harmless. I don't think they would be called great art."

One of the cartoons, by a Moroccan cartoonist, shows a scene bisected by the barrier being constructed in the West Bank by Israel.

On one side, a gravestone reading "Holocaust" and bearing a Star of David stands in the sunshine. Underneath the ground is buried a single skull.

On the other side, it is night-time. A gravestone here says "Sabra and Shatila" - a reference to infamous massacres carried out in Lebanon in 1982 by Lebanese Christian militiamen allied to Israel - underneath a Palestinian flag. Underneath the ground are buried scores of skulls.

Mr Weis said he was not nervous about his readers' reactions to the decision to print a selection of the cartoons.

He said an interview with the rabbi was published alongside the cartoons, and an editorial inside explained the decision.

"Our readers would be disappointed if we didn't print the cartoons," Mr Weis said.

Iran has now had its retaliation, against the Muhammad cartoons by running a contest for cartoons about the Holocaust. These cartoons now have seen the light of day by being published in a Danish newspaper.

I am about as conservative as you can get, without crossing over the line into wack job arena and I must confess something.

Not for one second have I felt the urge to riot since seeing these cartoons. The guns are still locked in the safe except for those that I carry every day and I have sat down and smoked a cigar and thought about it for a while.

I wonder what is wrong with me, because these cartoons not even for a nano second have made me want to grab the guns and go on a terrorist rampage because my enemies have not show respect for the Holocaust.

The only shooting I want to do is with my new rifle that should be in my hot hand by this time next week.

Maybe I am just too in touch with my feminine side to want to go carry out random acts of violence for a bunch of stupid cartoons.

But if I feel this way I really don't think the guys I sit with in synagogue, a bunch of lawyers, doctors and assorted other professionals will be howling at the moon and seeking ways to spread riot and mayhem this Jewish Sabbath.

Paper reprints Holocaust cartoons

Hizbullah: No Prisoner Exchange Without Kuntar

Hizbullah: No Prisoner Exchange Without Kuntar 13:13 Sep 08, '06 / 15 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Hizbullah politburo member Muhmad Kumati released a statement that no prisoner release deal with Israel will take place without Israel releasing Samir Kuntar.

In an interview granted to the Israeli Arab newspaper a-Sinara, published in Nazareth, the Hizbullah official added “we will not agree to another two-stage deal in which Kuntar is released in the second stage. This is behind us. The capture [of soldiers] was carried out just to obtain his release. Therefore, there can be no compromise.”

Let me remind people who Kuntar is.

He is a Lebanese man who came into Israel and committed an act of terror. He and his terrorist accomplices broke into an Israeli home and kidnapped a father and an infant. The father had sent his wife into the attic to hide with their other child when he became aware that there was a terror attack against their home.

The wife in an effort to silence their crying child placed her hand over the child’s mouth, and in her panicked state ended up smothering the child to death.

Kuntar in the mean time has kidnapped the father and infant, they arrive at the beach for the get away back to Lebanon and Kuntar takes the infant and smashed its brains out by grabbing the infant by the feet and swinging the bay to bash its head against the rocks on the beach.

Kuntar then shoots the father in the head.

Again this is why Israel needs the death penalty against Arab terrorism.

Israel has executed only one person in our history Eichmann the Nazi who helped put together the logistics for the holocaust. Israel has wanted to make a statement for all time by having the hanging of Eichmann is a stand alone event.

Today it is time to understand that even though the holocaust is please G-D a stand alone event in terms of numbers of Jewish dead.

It is not a stand alone event in terms of the hate.

That given the chance the Palestinians would murder every Jew in Israel which today is about 6,000,000. Which we all know is the number of Jews that were murdered in the holocaust.

So once again I will say it is time for the death penalty for terrorism.

Any involvement in terrorism should result in your being executed, you don't have to be the one to pull the trigger on the AK47 or build the bomb to qualify.

If you drove the terrorism to their attack, you should be given a fair trial and then executed.

UNRWA Chief Calls for International Force in Gaza

UNRWA Chief Calls for International Force in Gaza
05:58 Sep 08, '06 / 15 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) UN Relief & Works Agency (UNRWA) Commissioner General Karen Koning AbuZayd is calling for the deployment of an international peacekeeping force in Gaza to “protect Palestinian citizens from IDF attacks.”

AbuZayd added the goal is to find a “long-term solution to the humanitarian crisis,” but for now, an international force, civilian or military would be welcome.

Great we have a german woman who by her name appears to be married to an Arab calling for protection for the Palestinians from the IDF.

Has anyone ever heard her call for protection of Jews from her Palestinian buddies?

Released Prisoners Later Carried Out Fatal Attacks

Report: Released Prisoners Later Carried Out Fatal Attacks 09:53 Sep 08, '06 / 15 Elul 5766 by Ezra HaLevi

A terror victims group published a report Thursday on Arab security prisoners “without blood on their hands,” who were released by Israel and returned to prison with “much blood on their hands.”

The report, by the Almagor Terror Victims Association, demonstrates that at least 14 of the major terrorist attacks in recent years were carried out by terrorists released from prison in the context of various “good will gestures” and Israeli prisoner deals. All of them were released with assurances to the public that they did not have “blood on their hands,” – a euphemism for those prisoners whose deadly attacks failed to prove fatal.

Between the years 1993-1999, in the context of “confidence building measures” and prisoner deals, Israel released 6,912 terrorists. 854 of them (14%) were arrested subsequently for murder, attempted or otherwise. There are no statistics available for those who returned to non-fatal terrorist activities, instruction or logistical support.

“The mass killing due to these attacks included 123 murdered Israeli citizens, a huge number of victims with disabilities due to the attack and many other victims,” the report concludes. “In all the previous death-bargains, the overwhelming majority of those released returned to terrorist activities, at the cost of a huge destruction of life.”

A sampling of the report:

Karim Ratteb Younis Awis – released in the context of a ‘good will gesture’:
* November 27, 2001: Carried out shooting attack near Afula, murdering Michal Mor and Noam Guzofsky.
* March 21, 2002: Dispatched a female suicide bomber to Jerusalem’s King George Street, murdering three Israelis, Yitzchak Cohen and Gadi and Tzipora Shemesh – 81 more were wounded.

Nasser Abu Hamiyad – released as part of the Oslo Accords:
* Took part in Ramallah lynch, mutilating bodies of IDF reservists Vadim Norzitz and Yossi Avrahami
* February 25, 2002: Initiated attack on Jerusalem’s Neve Yaakov neighborhood, murdering a female police officers and wounding 10.
* March 5, 2002: Responsible for attack on Seafood Market in Tel Aviv, murdering Israelis Eliyahu Dahan and Yossi Havi, wounding 31.

Abbas ibn Muhammad Alsayd – released in 1996; had a part in three Netanya attacks:
* March 4, 2001: Dispatched Herzl street suicide bombing, murdering Naftali Din, Shlomit Ziv, Yvgeni Malkin and wounding 56.
* May 18, 2001: Responsible for suicide bombing of HaSharon Mall in Netanya, murdering Miriam Wachsman, Yulia Tartiakov, David (Moti) Yarkoni, Vladislov Sorokin and Tirza Tishbi, and wounding 86.
* Helped plan and carry out Park Hotel Passover massacre, murdering 29 and wounding 155.

Ramez Sali Abu Salim – released February 20, 2003:
* Just seven months after release, on September 9: Blew himself up at Jerusalem’s Cafי Hillel, murdering David Shimon Avizdris, Yehiel Emil Toubol, Shafik Karem, Alon Mizrachi, Gila Moshe, Dr. David Yaakov Appelbaum and his daughter Nava – one the eve of her wedding.

Fuad Kawasme – released December 2002:
*Less than half a year later, on May 18, 2003, shot Kiryat Arba residents Gadi and Dina Levi to death near Gross Square in Hevron.

Jihad Alamrin – released as part of the Jibril deal in 1985:
* Founded the Al Aksa Brigades terror group in Gaza
* Planted explosives that killed IDF soldiers Cpl. Asher Zagori, Cpl. Moshe Peled, Cpl. Ron Lavi, Cpl. Matan Biderman and others.

Salah Shahadeh – released in 2000:
* January 9, 2002: Oversaw infiltration into IDF’s Africa Lookout, killing four soldiers.
* March 7, 2002: Shooting attack at Atzmona pre-military academy, murdering Ariel Zaga, Baruch Marcus, Eran Pikar, Aharon Krugliak and Tal Kutzweil.

Iyad Sawalha – released as part of the Wye Agreement in 1998:
* June 5, 2002: Responsible for bus bombing at Megiddo Junction, murdering 17 and wounding 42.
* October 21, 2002: Blew up jeep near Egged bus at Karkur Junction, murdering 14 and wounding 42.

Khalil Hamza Abu Roub – released the final time in 1996:
* September 18, 2002: Organized Umm El Fahm Junction bombing, murdering officer Yossi Ajami and wounding one seriously.
* December 26, 2002: Tried to shoot and kill IDF soldiers attempting to apprehend him. He was killed in the process.

Mahmoud Hamdan – released after serving just 14 months of a lengthy sentence in July 2003:
* September 26, 2003: Two months after his release, he infiltrated the Hevron Hills town of Negohot, murdering Ayal Yaverboim and slaying a baby, Shaked Avraham.

Nidal Salameh – released during Israel-PA talks in 1999:
* Following his release he took leadership role in PFLP terrorist group – responsible for southern Gaza. Oversaw dozens of attacks

Louei Raad Barghouti – released August 2003 as “good-will gesture” to Mahmoud Abbas:
* Planned and oversaw attack at Tzrifin IDF base bus stop, murdering eight.
* Involved in planning of Cafי Hillel attack.

Morad Kawasme – released January 29, 2004 in return for kidnapped Israeli Elchanan Tenenbaum and the bodies of three missing soldiers:
* Became senior Hamas commander in Hevron and shot at soldiers who came to arrest him after he oversaw several attacks.

The report was dispatched to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, Chief of Staff Dan Halutz and interim Justice Minister Meir Sheetrit.

The umbrella organization is made up of families of slain terror victims and others affected personally by Islamic terrorism in Israel. They are issuing a call to the government to refuse to release terrorists in return for the three IDF soldiers being held by Hamas and Hizbullah.

This is why any and all involvement in terrorism should result in the death penalty. That way there can be no release of prisoners for we will have none.

If after over half a century of fighting terrorism the way we have fought it has resulted in only more terrorism and the weaker Israel shows ourselves to be has only brought more terrorism it is time to think about a radical change in how we do business.


Reservist protestors: We're being silenced

Reservist protestors: We're being silenced

Reserve duty soliders, Movement for Quality Government expect tens of thousands of people to attend rally demanding official commission of inquiry on Saturday night in Rabin Square; organizers say that 'there are attemts to silence us'

The level of support for the public struggle for the establishment of an official commission of inquiry on the war in Lebanon will become known on Saturday night, when reserve duty soldiers and the Movement for Quality Government will hold a rally in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv.

“The people want an official commission of inquiry, and the people will express their opinion in the square,” said Brigadier General Reuven Bankler (res.), one of the rally’s organizers.

Even Colonel Amnon Nahmias (res.) seemed confident during an interview with Ynet on Friday morning: “We are ready for tomorrow, and we expect tens of thousands to attend the rally. Our demand is appropriate and we will keep demanding until it will come true.”

“If only several hundreds will attend the rally, we will need to give much thought about the Israeli public. But there is no chance that will happen because there are thousands of people who care about the country and they will be many participators. Anyone who thinks like me should come to the square, and only then will we be able to show what the Israeli public really thinks.”

Israel ends blockade of Lebanon

Israel ends blockade of Lebanon

Government officially announces sea blockade of Lebanon has been lifted; Lebanon says Israeli gunships sailing home, Italian navy deploying in area. 'Italians will enforce arms embargo on HIzbullah,' government spokeswoman states

Another step towards ending war in Lebanon. Israel ended its naval blockade of Lebanon on Friday afternoon, turning over monitoring of the country's coastline to Italian naval vessels, a government spokeswoman said.

"The Italian-led task force will continue to enforce the international embargo against the supply of armaments to HIzbullah ," said government spokeswoman Miri Eisin.

Earlier, the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon said Israel ended its naval blockade on Lebanon after an international naval force became operational off the Lebanese coast.

"About two hours ago the interim maritime task force became operational to help the Lebanese forces patrol Lebanese territorial waters until a UNIFIL naval force takes over," Alexander Ivanko, spokesman for the commander of UNIFIL peacekeepers, Major-General Alain Pellegrini, told Reuters.

"The UNIFIL commander understands that the blockade has been lifted," he said.

On Friday evening, it was reported that IDF soldiers operating in the southern Lebanese town of Aita al-Shaab kidnapped four Lebanese men . IDF officials reported that the four were armed, but it is unclear whether they are Hizbullah members. They are expected to be released following an interrogation.

Earlier Friday, sources from the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem confirmed the report by the Italian foreign minister that the Italian Marine Corps had reached Lebanese shores to replace the Israeli navy.

Israel estimated that within a few hours the exchange would be complete, the naval blockade on Lebanon would be lifted, and Israeli gunships would begin to sail back to their naval bases. The step would be taken after the complete deployment of the multinational forces, in accordance with the agreements between the political echelon and its European counterparts.

Hanan Greenberg
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In a short matter of time weapons will be flowing into Hizbullah. No one can expect others to protect Israel better than Israel can protect Israel.

If you the captain of an Italian warship and were made the following offer, lots of money to look the other way and oh yeah we know where your family is and here are the pictures to prove it.

How hard would you look for Hizbullah weapons coming into Lebanon?

September 07, 2006

News Letter And Donations

I want to thank those that have send funds to help our effort.

For those that have sent funds via Pay Pal, could you please send your address so that we can add your name to the mailing list that we are working on.

We will be sending out a news letter in the next couple of weeks that will out line to all of you our efforts to move our endeavor ahead.

It is clear from the news from Israel that the time has well past for the time to bring new blood into the Knesset.

If you made the commitment to help us monthly I would like to remind you that a new month is at hand.

Feature: Reservists Draft Themselves to Demand Change


Feature: Reservists Draft Themselves to Demand Change 19:19 Sep 07, '06 / 14 Elul 5766 by Ezra HaLevi

IDF reservists who were called up to fight in Lebanon last month are camping out in front of the Knesset to protest the government and military echelon’s mismanagement of the war.

The protest began with less than fifty soldiers – fresh off the battlefield. They were outraged at what they saw to be indecisiveness emanating from the government echelons, orders they say left them stranded and endangered in the field.

The reservists set up tents the day after the cease-fire took effect, on August 21st, in the Jerusalem Rose Garden opposite the Prime Minister’s Office and the Knesset.

They shared stories of preparing for battle only to be repeatedly told to stand down, and of orders from the upper echelons that left them stranded in hostile territory without permission to go on the offensive.

An open letter that an entire brigade sent to Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, Defense Minister Amir Peretz and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert outlined their demands. The reservists said that they and their comrades had lefts families and jobs, with attendance complete in all battalions.

“As we were signing for our battle equipment and weapons, we knew that we were signing for much more. We left behind wives and children, girlfriends and families. We put aside our jobs and our livelihoods; we were prepared to carry out our mission under the most difficult of conditions - in heat, thirst or hunger. At the back of his mind, each and every one of us knew that for the just cause of protecting the citizens of Israel, we would even put our lives on the line.

“But there was one thing we were not and would not be willing to accept: We were unwilling to accept indecisiveness. The war's aim, which was not defined clearly, was even changed in the course of the fighting. The indecisiveness manifested itself in canceling all the missions we were given during the fighting, leading to prolonged stays in hostile territory, without an operational purpose and out of unprofessional considerations, without seeking to engage in combat with the enemy.
120 cardboard cutouts of soldiers placed in formation opposite the prime minister's office. Banner reads, "You too command - take responsibility."

“To us, the indecisiveness expressed deep disrespect for our willingness to join the ranks and fight and made us feel as though we had been spat on, since it contradicts the principles and values of warfare upon which we were trained at the Israel Defense Forces.”

2 Arab MKs Visit Damascus

2 Arab MKs visit Damascus

Delegation comprised of current, former MKs from National Democratic Assembly visit Syria, meet with Syrian leaders to discuss state of Middle East

Members of Knesset Jamal Zahalka and Wasil Taha, of the National Democratic Assembly, arrived Thursday for a visit to Damascus. The delegation, also comprised of former MKs Mohammad Knaan and Mihammad Miyaari, will meet with leaders in the Syrian government, members of Parliament, authors and spiritual leaders.

This is the first meeting in Syria for members of the party in five years. According to the delegation, the visit is intended to discuss the state of the region, particularly following "the war of aggression against Lebanon and pursuant to threats of a second round of war."

Roee Nahmias
Published: 09.07.06, 19:40

Their can be only two options for such traitors, either a trial that the end will be the death penalty or let a certain Israeli government agency go back into business creating traffic accidents or exploding cell phones.


Israel condemned for cluster bomb use

Sep. 7, 2006 20:46 | Updated Sep. 7, 2006 20:50 Israel condemned for cluster bomb use By NATHAN GUTTMAN AND YAAKOV KATZ Washington

While international bodies are looking into the use of cluster bombs by Israel during the Lebanon war, an effort in the US Senate to curb the use of these munitions was defeated Wednesday by a 70 to 30 vote.

The initiative to prohibit the use and sale of cluster bombs by the US was put forward by Democratic Senators Dianne Feinstein of California and Patrick Leahy from Vermont. They attempted to attach a provision to the Pentagon budget, which would require the US, and the countries that it sells arms to, including Israel, to avoid using cluster bombs "in or near" civilian areas. According to the suggestion, the Pentagon would have to freeze all use or sale of cluster bombs until new rules are put in place regarding the use of these munitions in civilian areas.

It would matter if Israel had bombed Lebanon with feather pillows the reaction would be the same. This vote only means that there are 30 idiots in the Senate of the United States.


Israel officially ends 2-month aerial blockade of Lebanon

Sep. 6, 2006 17:37 | Updated Sep. 7, 2006 22:27 Israel officially ends 2-month aerial blockade of Lebanon By HERB KEINON, YAAKOV KATZ, AND JPOST.COM STAFF

Israel lifted its two-month-old aerial siege of Lebanon on Thursday afternoon, but kept its naval blockade in place because the international force was not yet in a position to enforce the arms embargo to Hizbullah.

Senior government officials said that Israel agreed on Wednesday to lift the blockade because United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said the international force would be ready to enforce the arms embargo.

"We were ready, the UN wasn't," the officials said. The officials said that it would likely be another 48-hours before a naval force made up of French, Italian, Greek and British troops off the shore of Lebanon could enforce the embargo, and the sea blockade could be lifted.

The forces were out on the sea, but not yet ready to assume responsibility, the officials said. This force is to patrol off the coast of Lebanon until a German naval force is scheduled to arrive in some two weeks and take over the responsibilities.

German experts, meanwhile, arrived at Beirut International Airport on Thursday to supervise the off-loading of cargo planes to ensure that they don't include weaponry.

A few hours before the aerial blockade was lifted at 6 pm, the families of abducted soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser met Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and urged him not to lift the siege, which they said should be used as leverage to bring about the release of the two.

Olmert turned down their request. Officials in the Prime Minister's Office said that Israel was committed to the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, and that the resolution called for lifting the blockade.

Olmert has now condemned the two families of the kidnapped IDF soldiers to what will most likely be years of mental torture and they grow old without their loved ones.

Israel should have been bombing Lebanon and Syria until all three of our kidnapped boys are home alive and well.

Why should Israeli families send their sons to serve in the IDF, if this is the way the government backs up our soldiers?


September 06, 2006

Go Spend Money

Here is a new company that is selling Israeli products here in the USA, it is run by a wonderful woman that used to work for Hugh Hewitt, Lisa Leibovici.

The last time I was in LA with Hugh, Lisa went out of her way to help us and I am sure she will do the same with you when you buy Israeli products from her new company International Elegance.


Peretz: Decision to Lift Embargo Followed US Pressure

Peretz: Decision to Lift Embargo Followed US Pressure 22:22 Sep 06, '06 / 13 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Defense Minister Amir Peretz on Wednesday stated that the decision to lift the air/sea embargo on Lebanon followed US pressure to do so. The senior minister added that the international community has accepted responsibility for the deployment of the stabilization force in southern Lebanon.

Regarding captive soldier Gilad Shalit, who is being held by Hamas, Peretz stated, “we must do a lot and say little.”

This is part of the problem in the Middle East, America's inability to see Israel's war on terror as part of the over all war on terrorism.
I have seen many times where dual citizen American and Israeli Jews were murdered by terrorist and the U.S.A. would not view these people as victims of terrorism.
America can go around the world and start two wars in it's effort to keep American's safe and then turn around and demand that Israel take risk's with Israeli citizens lives.


Shooting Attack Near el-Hader

Shooting Attack Near el-Hader 04:47 Sep 07, '06 / 14 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Terrorists fired at a military vehicle near el-Hader, in the Gush Etzion district. Two shot struck the vehicle. No injuries were reported.

Police Sources Say Katzav In Deeper Trouble

Police Sources Say Katzav In Deeper Trouble 12:12 Sep 06, '06 / 13 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) President Moshe Katzav's situation in the police investigation on charges of sexual misconduct is worsening, according to police sources quoted by Voice of Israel government radio.

The primary witness against him has accused him of rape, and the sources said that she left investigators more convinced that she is telling the truth after further questioning Tuesday. Moreover, other women have come forth and filed additional complaints against the President, who maintains he is totally innocent of wrongdoing.

I have no words for this than it is time to change ALL of the leadership that Israel has.

Terrorist Train For More Kidnappings

Report: Terrorists Training To Kidnap IDF Soldiers 14:38 Sep 06, '06 / 13 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Arab terrorists are training in Judea, Samaria and Gaza to carry out kidnappings of Israel soldiers, according to a report by Aaron Klein on the WorldNetDaily Internet site. He quoted a terrorist leader as "thanking" the international community for what he said was its recognition that kidnapping IDF soldiers is not an act of terrorism.

He said "best way" to gain the freedom of thousands of Palestinians being held in Israeli jails, including convicted terrorists, is by more kidnappings of Israeli soldiers. "We are now planning and training for the next kidnappings. Even if [Israel] releases hundreds of prisoners in exchange for [kidnapped soldier Gilad] Shalit, we still have thousands more to liberate. More Israeli soldiers must be abducted."

Which is why as painful as it is Israel should never release terrorist for our hostage soldiers.

Bush: 'Foolish To Negotiate With Terrorists'

Bush: 'Foolish To Negotiate With Terrorists' 15:17 Sep 06, '06 / 13 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) American President George W. Bush told a group of military officers in Washington Tuesday night, "[Muslim] radicals have declared their uncompromising hostility to freedom. It is foolish to think that you can negotiate with them."

President Bush told his audience that history teaches that underestimating "the words of evil and ambitious men" is a tragic mistake. He spoke less than one week from the date six years ago when Muslim terrorists staged aerial crash attacks n the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.

"We are a nation at war, and America and her allies are fighting this war
with relentless determination across the world" against Muslim efforts "to establish violent political utopia across the Middle East, which they call a Caliphate."

So why should Israel be forced to negotiate with terrorist for the last 15 years?

It has been forced into these negotiations by leaders of America and the foolish dreams of stupid Israeli leaders.

Explosive Device Detonated at IDF Checkpoint

17:10 Sep 06, '06 / 13 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) An explosive device was detonated this afternoon near an IDF checkpoint at Awarta, south of Shechem. There were no injuries or damages in the attack.

IDF forces carried out sweeps of the area in an attempt to track down the attackers.

New Iranian-made warplane revealed

In framework of large military exercise held last month, Iran reveals Wednesday for first time Saegheh (lightning in Persian) – first Iranian-made warplane. Laser-guided, Iranian-made Raad missiles also tested during exercise

Iran declared Wednesday that an Iranian-made warplane, called Saegheh (lightning in Persian) has become operational after successfully finishing a test flight during the massive military exercise held in the northwestern part of the country.

Iranian news agency, Fars, reported that the one-seater jet successfully completed Wednesday an operational flight and launched an air-to-surface missile, officially adding it to the ranks of the Iranian air force.

It was also reported that Iranian-made laser-guided bombs, named Raad, were also tested during the exercise. According to the report, the bombs were launched at ground targets and hit them precisely. Furthermore, these missiles, it was reported, are in use by other armies in the world.

Spokesman of the exercise headquarters, Jawad Mahmadian, said, "The aircraft specializes in close-quarters air support and was planned and built by members of the Iranian air force."

He added that the plane is capable of carrying a range of missiles and bombs, and to launch them with the help of a sophisticated radar system. According to him, "after years of experiments, the operational capability of this warplane was proven Wednesday morning."

Iranian television broadcast images of the plane taking off, and reported that the plane "is similar to the American F-18, but stronger. It was planned and improved upon by Iranian experts." It was also reported that a number of trial flights were carried out in the last year and all of them finished successfully.

General Karim Gabami, an Iranian air force commander, said to Iranian national television that the purpose of these war games is "to display the force we are prepared to apply in order to defend our country until the last drop of blood."

Dudi Cohen
Published: 09.06.06, 12:12

September 05, 2006

Three Hamas members were killed Tuesday evening in two Israel Air Force strikes.

airstrike gaza.jpg

4 Hamas members killed in IDF strikes

First IAF strike kills two men in Rafah; two activists { terrorist} killed in second strike on their car in Gaza City

At first, the IAF struck a car in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah. One Hamas members who was in the car were killed, and another was critically wounded and later died of his wounds.

Palestinian sources said that the two were apparently on their way to fire rockets at Kibbutz Nahal Oz in southern Israel.

Sources in the Israel Defense Forces said that the two Hamas members were on their way to carry out a terror attack. According to the sources, after the car was hit there were sub-explosions, pointing to the fact that there were many weapons in the car.

Ali Waked
Latest Update: 09.06.06, 00:48


Iran's Ahmadinejad calls for purge of liberal university teachers

Iran's Ahmadinejad calls for purge of liberal university teachers

Iran's hard-line president urged students Tuesday to push for a purge of liberal and secular university teachers, another sign of his determination to strengthen Islamic fundamentalism in the country.

With his call echoing the rhetoric of the nation's 1979 Islamic revolution, Ahmadinejad appears determined to remake Iran by reviving the fundamentalist goals pursued under the republic's late founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. (AP)

Does the world really want this mans finger on the button of nukes?

Israel must be willing to do what ever it takes to keep nukes out of this mad mans hands.

Father of MIA: ‘Hizbullah Murdered Our Children, UN Cooperated

Father of MIA: ‘Hizbullah Murdered Our Children, UN Cooperated
00:01 Sep 06, '06 / 13 Elul 5766
by Hana Levi Julian

The father of one of three IDF soldiers kidnapped at Har Dov in October 2000 charged Tuesday that UNIFIL soldiers cooperated with Hizbullah in the murders.

The families of Benny Avraham, Omar Souad and Adi Avitan, whose bodies were returned in a 2004 prisoner exchange with Hizbullah accused the United Nations of withholding information about film footage which shows their sons’ capture.

The documentary about the kidnappings also features a clip that shows missing IAF navigator Ron Arad, who was captured after he was forced to bail out of his damaged aircraft over Lebanese territory in 1986. Arad’s voice is heard in the segment for the first time since his capture 20 years ago, stating his name and the names of his parents, Batya and Dov Arad.

The film clip which showed the capture of the three IDF soldiers in 2000 was broadcast Tuesday night simultaneously in Israel and in Lebanon. The segment which features images and the voice of Ron Arad is scheduled to be aired in part two of the documentary, on Wednesday night.

The rights to air the report were purchased Monday by Israel’s Channel 10 TV news department from the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) after a promo featuring the images of Ron Arad was broadcast in Lebanon. A statement by the Lebanese television network said it does not know the source of the footage.

Avraham’s father said bluntly after seeing the film of his son’s capture that Hizbullah terrorists had murdered the three soldiers in 2000 in cold blood – “the ones who were alive,” he added. He also accused the U.N. of having cooperated in the killing.

“Hizbullah made sure to erase the United Nations’ cooperation in the film – but the U.N.’s lies become clear here. They filmed the kidnapping and knew what was happening all along,” he charged.

The first hint of the existence of the tape came to light shortly after the kidnapping when a UNIFIL officer said the kidnap operation had been caught on film. Yaakov and Tzipora Avitan searched desperately for the tape, but were told by the United Nations that there was no such footage. Representatives of the world body later admitted that the tape did indeed exist.

Avraham warned that U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan is not to be trusted and said, “We have to watch him with a magnifying glass,” he said. “He had this information and he hid it from us.”

Annan claimed Monday that he was asked by both Israel and Hizbullah to negotiate for the release of IDF reservists Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, abducted by Hizbullah on July 12th, at the same location as Avraham, Avitan and Souad.

Israel flatly denied the claim, and foreign news services reported that a government spokesman said, "A mediator is not needed." He added, "The UN resolution determines that the soldiers will be released unconditionally.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev added that Israel was prepared for Annan to "assist" but not mediate for the two soldiers, whose whereabouts and fate are still unknown.

Although watching the film was very painful for all the family members whose sons are shown in the footage, there was nonetheless a sense of closure. “We were aware of a great part of the information,” said Avraham, but not about their last moments – and the State of Israel also did not know.”

Avraham added that the film “proves that our sons carried out the mission like they were supposed to. The State of Israel, through the State Prosecutor’s Office, should prepare a report today about our children’s murder and about all of UNIFIL’s lies. The State of Israel must not trust UNIFIL.”

Report: Shalit is Being Held in Egypt

Report: Shalit is Being Held in Egypt
07:22 Sep 05, '06 / 12 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) According to a report in the London-based Arabic al-Hayat newspaper, Gilad Shalit has been transferred to Egypt in preparation for an anticipated prisoner release deal.

According to the source of the report, Hamas master terrorist Mohammed Dief is also in Egypt to receive medical care resulting from injuries sustained in an IAF aerial assault a month ago.

If this is the case then Egypt as a partner for peace with Israel should give Shalit back to Israel now. If the Egyptians hold Shalit then they are as bad as the Palestinians and should be made to pay a price.

Olmert Under Investigations From All Angles

Olmert Under Investigations From All Angles 15:18 Sep 05, '06 / 12 Elul 5766 by Hillel Fendel

While Prime Minister Ehud Olmert attempts to withstand public calls to investigate his government's mishandling of the war, investigations of his private affairs are underway on several fronts.

The Prime Minister is being investigated for selling a house for well over its value, political appointments, accepting bribes - and now, for helping his lawyer's lobbying efforts. A brief summary follows:

1. Looking Out for His Friend's Business Interests
The newest allegations, reported by Haaretz, are that the Prime Minister advanced the interests of his friend and lawyer Uri Messser to the tune of millions of shekels while serving as Minister of Industry and Trade. Olmert allegedly held meetings at Messer's request and in his presence, took action at his behest, and created at least an impression of conflict of interest.

In one incident, businessman E.F. requested Industry Ministry recognition for a factory he wished to build in Dimona - a benefit worth $15 million. The Ministry officials did not approve the request, whereupon F. hired Messer to "get things done for [me]," and Messer had a meeting with Olmert and others on the matter. Olmert then instructed his staff to expedite the request, and in fact the Ministry then decided to pay for [subsidize] 75% of the cost of development of the land.

In another case, Olmert acted on behalf of the Shemen company, also represented by Atty. Messer. Shemen objected to the lowering of an import levy on oils from abroad from 4.5% to 3%. Olmert convened a special meeting with a Shemen representative and others, following which Olmert changed his decision and ordered the levy back up to 4%.

In these and other cases, it appears that Messer received a financial bonus for his successful lobbying efforts in the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Olmert did not, as he should have, report to the Comptroller or to the Attorney General on the possible conflict of interest, and did not disqualify himself from dealing with the requests.

2. Political Appointments
Olmert is alleged to have appointed friends and political allies to public high-paying positions when he was Minister of Industry and Trade. State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss has advised Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to conduct a criminal probe against Olmert on the issue.

Both Olmert and his chief of staff allegedly created lucrative management positions for Likud Central Committee members in the ministry's Small and Medium Enterprise Authority. The Prime Minister denies all charges, explaining, “The administration of the Ministry of Industry and Trade acted to change the statutes in order to implement the findings of an external report written by an organizational consultant pointing to previous deficiencies in the authority.”

It is alleged that some of those hired did not even work, but rather came in periodically merely to receive their salaries and to sign some papers.

3. The Apartment on Carmiya St.
Also under investigation by the State Comptroller is the purchase by Olmert and his wife of a luxury apartment in Jerusalem's Moshava Germanit neighborhood for hundreds of thousands of dollars less than its value; some estimates are that he actually "saved" one million dollars. In return, Olmert is alleged to have intervened with Jerusalem city officials on behalf of the developer, convincing them to raze the city-declared historic landmark that had previously stood on the site and allow him to double the number of units he was going to build there.

4. The Pens Bribe
Olmert stands accused of obstructing justice and a police investigation by "removing from his house 240 expensive fountain pens that he received as bribes," journalist Yoav Yitzchak writes on his Hebrew NFC news site. Olmert, a known pen-collector, allegedly received the pens from dozens of people over the course of the past few years, when he served as Mayor of Jerusalem and Minister of Trade, among other positions. The pens are worth between 1,500 and 25,000 shekels each, for a total of hundreds of thousands of dollars. A complaint on the matter has been submitted to Attorney General Mazuz and the State Comptroller by the Ometz anti-corruption organization.

NFC also reported that, over the past year, Olmert decided to hide some of the pens and remove them from his home. He purchased six leather 40-pen pouches, for 1,000 shekels each, packed the pens in the pouches and removed them from his home. NFC reports that at one point, Olmert acted on behalf of German businessman Alexander Tessler to have a golf course in Eilat removed from Israel Lands Authority jurisdiction. Yitzchak noted that Olmert did not succeed, but that Tessler later bought Olmert a pen valued at between $900 and $1,750.

But you must understand it is not just Olmert that operates like this it is business as usual for members of Knesset.


September 04, 2006

Europe nixes landing rights for El Al planes with IDF cargo

Last update - 17:01 04/09/2006 Europe nixes landing rights for El Al planes with IDF cargo By Zohar Blumenkrantz, Haaretz Correspondent

A number of European states are refusing to allow El Al cargo planes carrying Israel Defense Forces equipment from stopover landings in their airports.

The refusal came from states considered friendly with Israel, including Britain, Germany and Italy, according to Captain Etai Regev, the chairman of El Al's pilots' union.

Regev sent a letter of complaint on the matter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and to the Defense Ministry, the Finance Ministry, and the Tourism Ministry.

According to Regev, El Al flights bearing heavy loads that arrive from U.S. bases "are not given approval by European states to make stopover landings for refueling, for political reasons.

"As a result, cargo planes are taking off from the U.S. with much lighter weight, and are reaching Israel with significantly fewer munitions than needed."

Regev called this "a substantial blow to state defense."


Many Officials May Face Criminal Charges in Europe

Many Officials May Face Criminal Charges in Europe 07:26 Sep 04, '06 / 11 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) In a classified memorandum circulated among senior IDF officers during recent days, Foreign Ministry legal advisor Ehud Keinan warns that senior and junior officers alike may be facing a new war, criminal charges of “war crimes” filed in European nations.
Foreign Ministry officials report that in recent weeks, private individuals and organizations alike, operating in Europe, are working to gather information to be used as evidence against IDF officers and government ministers.

In recent months, a number of senior IDF officers have been compelled to cancel visits to Europe after they learned they faced the risk of being placed under arrest for alleged war crimes.

Has Europe ever wanted to file war crimes against any Arab terrorist leader?

We all know the answer is no.

Europe better start fighting for its own life against the Muslims that are going to take over Europe instead of seeking to charge those involved with Israel's fight for survival with war crimes.

Mark my words by the time Europe wakes up to the Muslim cancer growing inside its borders they in the end will be the true war criminals.


Post-War Budget Threatens Coalition

Post-War Budget Threatens Coalition 14:38 Sep 04, '06 / 11 Elul 5766 by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

A revamped 2007 budget proposal threatens to wreck the coalition Kadima-Labor government, formed with the promise to fulfill elections vows on social spending.

Both Labor and the Pensioners parties are threatening to leave the Kadima-led coalition if the proposed budget is not revised.

Finance Minister Avraham Hirchson has stated that the revised proposal will cut back money for elderly, handicapped and students. Other cutbacks include postponing an increase in the minimum wage, a principle on which party chairman Peretz based a major part of the coalition agreement.

Labor MK Shelly Yechimovitch charged “Kadima wants us out of the government. There is no other explanation for this plan.” MK Ophir Pines-Paz told Army Radio, "The 2007 budget holds within it the potential for a severe coalition crisis."

The Pensioners, the third party in the coalition, had joined on condition that the budget would include money for retirees. They, too, have threatened to bolt the coalition if the cuts are made at the expense of pensioners.

Sephardic religious party Shas also warned it will not save the coalition if the budget cuts back child support allowances.

Hirchson is to present the budget Monday afternoon. The Labor party is to discuss the budget on Friday, and according to a report on Voice of Israel government radio, Defense Minister and Labor party chairman Amir Peretz may lead a campaign to oppose it.

However, the aftermath of the war against Hizbullah terrorists has left Peretz little choice but to demand billions of dollars more for defense while insisting the money cannot come at the expense of social spending. Peretz accepted the position of Defense Minister after being refused his first choice, the Finance portfolio.

Education Minister Prof. Yuli Tamir, also from Labor, has asked the Finance Minister to cancel planned increases in university tuitions. Students warned Monday they will strike if the budget includes tuition increases.

From Kadima, Interior Minister Ronnie Bar-On said on Sunday that the costs of the war should fall on the rich and poor alike.


Housing Ministry Okays Yesha Construction

Housing Ministry Okays Yesha Construction 13:58 Sep 04, '06 / 11 Elul 5766 by Hana Levi Julian

The Housing Ministry gave a green light Monday morning for the construction of hundreds of new housing units in Judea and Samaria – the largest such project approved by the Olmert government.

The city of Ma’ale Adumim, which was granted 348 units, is located very close to the capital city and is slated to become geographically connected to Jerusalem. The project was put on hold pending final determination of Israel’s borders.

The community of Beitar Illit won the rest of the tenders for some 342 housing units. Beitar Illit, home to 25,000 Orthodox Jews, is located southwest of Jerusalem and is one of the fastest-growing communities in Judea, slowly inching its way toward Jerusalem as it expands.


Liberman sets 5 conditions for Israel Our Home to join emergency gov't

Israel Our Home Chairman, MK Avigdor Liberman responded to the letter from Speaker of the Knesset Dalia Itzik, calling for the establishment of a national emergency government.

Liberman put forth five conditions for initiating negotiations for his party to join the coalition: establishment of a national commission of inquiry, commitment to take realignment plan off the government's agenda, Kadima support to switch to a presidential system, removal of the evacuation of outposts from the agenda, and passing a civil marriage law.

Israel can never pass a civil marriage law as thus would have huge ramifications for the future of Israel. We need to move towards Israel being the Jewish State rather than a State where Jews live. In order to preserve for future generations a State where Orthodox Judaism is the over sight over such things s marriage and divorce and kashrut.


(Ilan Marciano

Terror In Amman

Security official in Jordanian capital says at least two gunmen open fire at group of foreign tourists in downtown area. One British national killed, another five foreigners injured

A lone gunman, chanting Islam's rallying cry of God is Greatest, fired at a group of foreign tourists in the Jordanian capital Amman on Monday, killing a British man and wounding six, an official and a witness said.

Jordanian government spokesman Nasser Joudeh denied earlier reports that the attack was carried out by two men, one of them an Iraqi. He said the gunman, a Jordanian, had been arrested and was being questioned.

Joudeh told Reuters the wounded were three Britons, a Dutch national, a New Zealander and their Jordanian tour guide.Police cordoned off the site of the attack near the Roman amphitheatre in the downtown area of the capital. "I was walking when I saw someone pull out a pistol from his pocket and start shouting Allahu Akbar (God is Greatest) and fire repeatedly," Mohammad Jawad Ali, an Iraqi who witnessed the shooting, told Reuters.

"Then I saw one tourist who appeared to be dead and three who were injured. They were in a group of seven. A woman told me they were tourists from New Zealand and England," Ali said.

Published: 09.04.06, 13:40

Olmert Briefs Foreign Affairs And Defense Committee

Olmert: No restraints in campaign against Syria

PM tells Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that war in Lebanon served as deterring element against Damascus; says realignment plan suspended for now due to 'change in priorities'

For the first time since the war in the north began, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert arrived Monday for a meeting of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, to brief its members.

"What we have done in Lebanon amounts to a deterring element against the Syrians, because they now realize that while in Lebanon we have restrained our use of force, in a campaign against them we will not adhere to such restraints," the PM stated.

Olmert referred to the decision to shelf the realignment plan for the time being. "Something has changed, the priorities I thought to be the right ones before are not relevant for now."

MK Ran Cohen (Meretz) said that the PM's performance was articulate and well thought-out, "but underneath the statements there was a clear message negating negotiations with Syria and with the Palestinians, a message against the realignment and a State commission of inquiry."

At the opening of his words, Olmert referred to reports in the Arab press about an emerging deal for the release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, and said he was unaware of such a deal.

MK Limor Livnat (Likud) said in response to Olmert's statements that "the prime minister didn't firmly say he is taking back his statements from his realignment plan. The prime minister remains arrogant even while the Knesset chairperson is considering the creation of a national emergency government. He does not feel the country is in a state of emergency, and this is the strange thing about it."

MK Silvan Shalom (Likud) added regarding the issue of the captives: "We could have made a deal to return the captives before the war and spare many casualties spare the destruction of houses and long stays in shelters. The fact that the captives are not with us show that the goals that the government set up for itself have not been reached. This is why a commission of inquiry is necessary, to investigate the failures of the war."

This is nothing more than Olmert trying to spin the war into something good.

He should have come out strong against his own plan of realignment saying that Israel will never give up land again rather than what he said is that the time is not correct.

He also didn't tell the committee that the IDF was to under go an emergency training and supply effort.

Ilan Marciano

September 03, 2006

Iran Conference This Year to 'Expose Holocaust Exaggerations'

Iran Conference This Year to 'Expose Holocaust Exaggerations' 17:41 Sep 03, '06 / 10 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Iran has announced final plans to hold a conference this fall on the Holocaust, which Iranian President Ahmoud Ahmadinejad has stated never existed. His Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi stated that participants will include those who will prove the Holocaust existed as well as those who claim the contrary.

"I have visited the Nazi camps in Eastern Europe. I think it is exaggerated," he told reporters.

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has told Iranian officials, "We should avoid anything that incites hatred." He made the statement following an Iranian exhibit of cartoons ridiculing the existence of the Holocaust.

Senior Hizbullah Commander Dies of Wounds

Senior Hizbullah Commander Dies of Wounds 06:49 Sep 03, '06 / 10 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Hizbullah announced on Saturday that senior commander Hajj Ali Mohammed Saleh Bilal died of injuries sustained during the war with Israel. He became the highest ranking Hizbullah official killed in the war.

Peretz Calls for Peace, Not Bomb Shelters

Peretz Calls for Peace, Not Bomb Shelters 14:20 Sep 03, '06 / 10 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Visiting the Nitzanei Eshkol Elementary School in the Eshkol Council in southern Israel, Defense Minister Amir Peretz on Sunday called for achieving peace with our neighbors in place of building bomb shelters.

The media event accompanying the opening day of the new school year attracted members of the press, who heard the senior minister call for diplomatic efforts towards peace to replace ongoing efforts to protect area schools from Kassam rocket attacks.

Many area schools are striking on opening day, in a protest move marking the government’s failure to install protection against Kassam rocket attacks in schools as promised.

Any Israeli that is still on the peace train is an idiot, or as I have always said cowards, scum and traitors are our problem and our leaders.

Poll: Israelis Relied on Nasrallah More Than Peretz To Tell Truth

Poll: Israelis Relied on Nasrallah More Than Peretz To Tell Truth 17:54 Sep 03, '06 / 10 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Hizbullah terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah was a more reliable source for the truth during the war than was Defense Minister Amir Peretz and other leaders, a Ben Gurion University professor told Voice of Israel government radio Sunday.

Dr. Udi Lebel said the respondents in the survey were shown video recordings to public figures and that Nasrallah outdistanced Israeli leaders for telling the truth. "We reached a really crazy situation," the professor said. "Instead of the Israeli public
watching our national spokesman who tells it what is happening every day...something unprecedented happened. The public perceived the enemy leader against whom we fought as having those characteristics [of certainty], and waited impatiently for his speeches. Nasrallah...was the first to announce the deaths of Israeli soldiers and the sad circumstances which led to them."

September 02, 2006

German Troops

'The Germans don't want to face an Israeli soldier' Eetta Prince-Gibson, THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 3, 2006

Ambassador to Germany Shimon Stein is pleased that Germany has agreed to consider Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's request that it send peace-keeping troops to Lebanon, but says the country is divided on the issue.

"Based on a reading of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, it is clear that this peace-keeping force must be a strong force, not merely a UNIFIL force with no teeth and no will," Stein told The Jerusalem Post in an exclusive interview during a brief vacation at home. "And it is obvious that stable, predictable countries, such as France, Italy and Germany, must be part of this force."

Germany is offering to patrol Lebanon's coast rather than send ground troops. Yet Israel asked Germany to provide fighting troops, and Germany refused. Isn't that a historical paradox, Stein was asked.

"In a way, it is," he responded. "Prime Minister Olmert recognizes that this is a different Germany, which has proven, more than many other countries, that it has internalized the lessons of the Holocaust. But the Germans are unwilling to put themselves in a position where German armed soldiers might have to face, or even shoot, an Israeli soldier. They are accepting the burden of their history, even if we, at least in this instance, are willing to overlook it."

Stein noted that the final size of the force had not been determined and that, since Lebanon had not yet asked Germany to participate in the force, the decision had not been finalized. Furthermore, since the German army is a national army, any decision regarding deployment of troops must be approved by the Bundestag.

He revealed that Germany had also offered to aid the Lebanese government in guarding airports and to train customs officials along the Syrian-Lebanese border, as well as the warships backed by surveillance aircraft to prevent weapons being smuggled to Hizbullah gunmen after their war with Israel.

While the decision is likely to pass, according to Stein, Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union is divided on the issue, while the main opposition parties - the Liberal FPD and the hard-left PDS, and to a lesser extent, the Greens - are against it. Polls say that a majority of the German public is against it, too.

"As important as the decision regarding German troops is for Israel, it is much more important for the Germans," Stein said. "After all, let's keep some proportions here: the entire force will not succeed or fail because of the German forces. But for the Germans, this is the most delicate and controversial foreign policy move in recent memory."

It has been over a decade since Germany's post-war constitution was changed to allow the use of armed force in international disputes. In that time they have taken part in peacekeeping operations in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Sudan and DR Congo.

But Stein made a distinction: These past assignments have been primarily "peace-keeping" missions. The mission in Lebanon would be a "peace-enforcing" mission. For the first time, German troops would be taking part in a mission with a high probability of casualties.

"The German public is simply not willing for German soldiers to be killed," Stein explains. "It is unwilling for them to become targets for terrorists."

Unlike the United States, Germany, like all of Europe, except for the British in Iraq, is in a post-heroic period. They are not willing to see their soldiers killed in any effort that is not directly related to their own defense. Europeans do not see themselves, and do not want to see themselves, as responsible for making the world safe for democracy. Furthermore, in Germany and especially in the east, there is a significant pacifist component.

"The United States views itself as a global player. The Europeans have viewed themselves as a regional power, with regional interests. True, this is changing. In retrospect, the first strategic change occurred in the 1990s, when the German's adopted a neighborhood policy in the Balkans and made a decision regarding involvement in Kosovo. Looking back, it is clear that the Germans have 'de-ideologized' this issue."

Furthermore, he said, the Germans are accepting their responsibility for the region. They have recognized that the United States, bogged down in Iraq, can no longer be the sole player, and they have recognized that there is a clear interdependency between the Middle East and Europe.

The Germans and the Europeans, Stein explained, view this decision as a test case, a test of the extent to which Europe can take a leadership role in the Middle East. "The Italian foreign minister has said very clearly that if they succeed in this mission, they will be able to take part in other international forces - in Gaza, for example."

Stein acknowledged that Ernst Uhrlau, who heads Germany's foreign intelligence service, arrived in Beirut on Thursday. Uhrlau negotiated the 2004 prisoner exchange involving Hizbullah and Lebanon in which Israel traded 423 Lebanese and others in Israeli jails for Elhanan Tannenbaum and the bodies of three dead IDF soldiers. But he categorically dismissed media speculation that Uhrlau was negotiating the release of Israeli soldiers taken captive this summer.

Asked whether Israel requested German intervention, Stein said firmly: "Not to my knowledge," adding: "[Resolution] 1701 explicitly relates to the return of the prisoners, so there is no need for this type of intervention."

Meanwhile, Merkel said in an interview released Saturday that the new UN force in Lebanon would have a more robust mandate than that of its previous operation.

She said the UN rules of engagement for the multinational force would be stronger than those of UNIFIL.

"From what we know, one can talk about a robust, appropriate mandate," she told ARD television's Bericht aus Berlin program in an interview to be aired Sunday.

"Because there is no sense, like with the previous UNIFIL operation, simply to observe that, for example, the weapons embargo is being broken," she said. "Instead one must also now be able to act."

When asked whether Germany's navy could be asked to fire upon ships trying to run weapons to Hizbullah, however, she said: "There is a long chain of possibilities to bring such ships to a stop," without directly answering.

Merkel's cabinet is expected to decide in the coming week exactly how many German ships and personnel will be sent to Lebanon.

German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung was asked in a newspaper interview about reports that the German force would number about 1,200.

"This is still being agreed, particularly with the Lebanese government. But I expect that the number will probably be greater," Jung was quoted as saying in the Neue Presse daily on Thursday.

AP contributed to this report.

I have such mixed feeling about this.

On one hand that 60 years after Jews were murdered by German soldiers, that Israel is seeking German soldiers to protect us leaves a foul taste in one's mouth.

On the other hand if they get into Lebanon and as a result of history they are the most effective troops there and are willing to take on Hizbullah in an effort to over come their past then it just might be a good thing.

But again I just don't know, I also feel that it is a shame that Israel has to ask any other country to protect us much less the Germans.


Rocket Cell Captured In Samaria

In special raid by elite forces, Israel arrests 2 Tanzim fugitives in Tul Karm who headed terror cell that manufactured rockets and tried to launch them at Israel. Terror group was funded by Hizbullah, officials say

Security forces arrested two Tanzim fugitives in Tul Karm who were behind failed attempts to launch rockets into Israel from the West Bank.

On Saturday evening it was released for publication that a joint raid by the Shin Bet, IDF and an elite Border Guard force arrested the two suspects Hassan Uffi and Wataar Amara in recent days. The two, who led a Tanzim cell financed and directed by Hizbullah in Lebanon, were arrested in a Tul Karm refugee camp.

According to security officials, the cell led by the suspects was manufacturing rockets and its members had tried to fire the hand-made rockets towards Israeli land in early July, but without success.

Security officials told Ynet at the time that, “there is no doubt the terror organizations (in the West Bank) are trying to mimic the technology and knowledge in Gaza regarding high-trajectory weapons in order to threaten the Sharon area. All sorts of attempts have been made; some failed, some partially succeeded. There is no doubt these attempts will continue and may even be fruitful now or at a later stage.”

Efrat Weiss
Latest Update: 09.03.06, 00:05

This once again points to the folly of wanting to give our land over to terrorist that want to murder every Jew living in Israel. The time has come to revoke the Palestinian Authorities charter and tell all the world there will never be a Palestinian State.


September 01, 2006

Shabbat Shalom

Reservist Protest Reservist

Reservists protest the protestors

In face of protest by some reservists demanding political and military echelons step down due to results of war in Lebanon, another group of reservists sends letter slamming ‘dangerous whirl of rash and unthinking criticism, which strengthens and encourages Israel’s enemies’

Protest against protest: Three weeks after the end of fighting in Lebanon , while some reservists are protesting the results of the war and demanding Israeli political and military leaders step down, other reservists are aiming their criticism at their fellow men in arms.

“Childishness,” “irresponsibility,” and “shooting ourselves in the foot” – these are just some of the expressions a group of reservists used to describe their colleagues’ protest in a letter they sent out this week.

“As we return home from serving in Lebanon, we are disappointed to discover that in the past few weeks the public discussion has sunken into a dangerous whirl of rash and unthinking criticism, which strengthens and encourages Israel’s enemies,” they wrote.

“We call for an immediate stop to this practice which spells inevitable disaster. The irresponsible declarations of defeat along with the inappropriate demands to dismiss leaders only unjustly encourages our rivals, harms our deterrent abilities and frays the social unity. A nation that hastens to declare its own defeat, when it is its enemies who have failed, is a nation losing its sense.”

Attorney Ariel Sagi, a 28-year-old reservist officer from Tel Aviv and one of the leaders of the initiative, is convinced that reservists’ protests “pour the baby out with the bathwater.”

Sagi elucidates his and his colleagues’ grievances: “We decided that it was wrong for reservists to cause such damage, so we united against the phenomenon. Their conduct is irresponsible, immature, and an unnecessary wallowing in the situation. It is a signal to our enemies that all it takes is killing 150 Israeli soldiers to claim victory over Israel. We need to stand more respectably.”

Representatives of other long-standing reservist organizations, such as Baltam (a six-year-old movement for the advancement of reservists’ interests) and the Hapash forum for reserve soldiers, also expressed distress over the central demand of reservist protestors for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Defense Minister Amir Peretz and IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz to step down.

Eyal Ben
Published: 09.01.06, 18:38


Syrian Baath Officials Told To Buy Golan Property

Top members of Syrian President Bashar Assad's Baath Party were advised in a private briefing to purchase real estate in the Golan Heights because, they were told, the strategic territory will soon be returned to Syria, Baath official claims

Top members of Syrian President Bashar Assad's Baath Party were advised in a private briefing to purchase real estate in the Golan Heights because, they were told, the strategic territory will "very soon" be returned to Syria , a Baath official told World Net Daily.

"This is not a political recommendation. It was made in private to top officials because it is absolutely estimated that Syria will very soon get the Golan Heights back," the official said. "We've been instructed to purchase what will become prime real estate for us."

Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 09.01.06, 17:35

Without even getting into how Israel could even allow these officials to buy property on the Golan, I just want to remind everybody.

That near the start of the war I posted that by the time it was over Israel would be giving up the Golan Heights.

If Israeli member of Knesset after the rockets from Lebanon and Gaza give up the Golan Heights and the Israeli people don't take to the streets to seize control of their future then I will feel no sorrow for them as the rockets fall from the Golan Heights on all of Israel.


Israel drops objections vs. Indonesia

Israel has dropped its objections to Indonesia joining UN peacekeeping force in south Lebanon; sides now discussing when Jakarta will send a promised 1,000 troops. Turkey submits parliamentary resolution on issue

Israel has dropped its objections to Indonesia joining the UN peacekeeping force in south Lebanon, and the two sides are now discussing when Jakarta would send a promised 1,000 troops, a UN official said Friday.

After talks that included UN peacekeeping officials, Israel reversed its claim that, because the two nations did not have diplomatic ties, it would not allow troops from Indonesia, the official said.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the negotiations were private.

News Agencies
Published: 09.01.06, 23:57

It seems that everything Israel at first says no too, we later reverse and say yes.
Why should Israel let countries that have no relationship with and even have had many anti Israel episodes in there history now provide security forces for the north of Israel?

Are there no men left in Israel?

Police Officer to Face Disciplinary Charges for Disengagement Violence

Police Officer to Face Disciplinary Charges for Disengagement Violence
10:00 Sep 01, '06 / 8 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Police officer Avraham Buchnik will face disciplinary charges for allegedly knocking a female to the ground and assaulting her during a march last summer from Kfar Maimon towards Gush Katif. The event was part of nationwide protest actions against the government’s Disengagement Plan. As a result, the female sustained a fractured sternum.

Yesha (Judea and Samaria) civil-rights activists assisted the victim in gathering evidence and documentation leading to the Israel Police decision to convene a disciplinary forum to address the allegations against Buchnik.

Civil rights officials are continuing their efforts to have the officer stand trial and face criminal charges, unwilling to accept the decision that he only face inter-departmental charges for his alleged actions.

Violent Anti-Fence Protest

Violent Anti-Fence Protest
15:05 Sep 01, '06 / 8 Elul 5766

(IsraelNN.com) Security forces were compelled to use rubber bullets against violent protestors in an anti-partition fence protest in the Arab village of Bilin.

Ten protestors were lightly injured.

IDF has razed Hezbollah bunkers in Lebanon within past 24 hours

Last update - 17:46 01/09/2006
IDF has razed Hezbollah bunkers in Lebanon within past 24 hours
By The Associated Press

Israel Defense Forces troops have demolished an unspecified number of Hezbollah bunkers in southern Lebanon over the past 24 hours, the army said in a statement early Friday afternoon.

The statement said the bunkers contained rocket-propelled grenade launchers, mortar shells, light arms and communications equipment.

The operation took place around the southern Lebanese village of Ayt a-Shab, the IDF said. Ayt-a-Shab was the scene of fierce fighting between Israeli soldiers and Hezbollah militants during the war in the north.

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