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IDF Claim Success-Rockets Still Fall

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Qassam lands on house despite operation

Four Qassam rockets fired Friday afternoon from Gaza, one lands on house in kibbutz Beeri, causing damage but no injuries. Rockets land despite army claims of operational successes. Army reports report 34 terrorists killed since Wednesday

Hanan Greenberg
Latest Update: 11.03.06, 13:53

Despite the ongoing operation in Beit Hanoun and the effort to thwart Qassam attacks from northern Gaza, four rockets were launched by terror groups Friday afternoon. One landed on a house in kibbutz Beeri, causing damage but no injuries.

The second landed in a residential neighborhood in Sderot, and the third and fourth in an open area on the outskirts of the town, no injuries or damage reported. Two additional rockets were launched earlier on Friday at the Sufa crossing in southern Gaza, the rockets landed in an open area near the security fence.

Palestinians say that 22 people have been killed since the operation began on Wednesday but the army is reporting a much larger number, saying Friday that 34 terrorists were killed by IDF ground and air forces since Autumn Clouds began.

A military source from the southern command said that eight terrorists were killed in Friday morning's clashes in the town of Beit Hanoun. The gunmen had blended in with the rioting civilian crowd he said. Palestinian sources said late Friday morning that two women had been killed in the crossfire, eight people were reported wounded.

The IDF reported no casualties in the Beit Hanoun clashes. An IDF soldier was lightly wounded when an antitank shell was fired at a military post situated along the security fence separating Israel and Gaza. He received medical treatment on location.

Military sources told Ynet Friday morning that there are still gunmen in the area where forces had laid siege on a mosque were dozens of gunmen fortified themselves and engaged the troops from within the place of worship. The operation continues, the sources said, and troops will continue trying to arrest terror operatives wanted for questioning by IDF Intelligence.

Gunmen fled with help of protestors

Regarding the hours-long siege to the mosque in central Beit Hanoun, Palestinians reported that all the men wanted by the IDF fled the scene. The IDF doesn't rule the possibility that some of the wanted men managed to escape, aided by the civilian protestors who were rioting nearby.

The IDF believes that the gunmen managed to blend in with the crowd. The army says that due to the presence of the protestors the soldiers acted with extreme caution so as not to harm civilians who are uninvolved in terror.

The army also says that forces thwarted several attempts by terror groups to launch Qassam rockets at Israel during Thursday night and Friday morning from the Beit Hanoun area.

Despite these efforts however, two Qassam rockets were launched from northern Gaza at the Sufa crossing in southern Gaza. The rockets landed in an open area near the security fence, no injuries or damage reported.

The IDF is also preparing for the possibility of terror groups arriving to the Beit Hanoun area in the coming hours to attack the forces operating within Gaza.

Operation Autumn Clouds is expected to continue, with forces intending to locate additional terrorists, as well as rocket infrastructure and other arms.

The IDF is claiming success in its operation in Beit Hanoun, but rockets still fall on southern Israel. I guess if a country has sunk to the point where it can call last summers mini war in the north a victory then by this measure Gaza is a huge success.

Today the IDF had cornered a group of about 60 terrorist in a mosque in Beit Hanoun and were fighting it out with the terrorist. Hamas puts out a call over their radio station calling for women to go to the mosque and act as human shields for the terrorist and thousands of women respond.

Because of the world we live in the IDF lets the terrorist escape together with the women.

When one side in a conflict is willing and even welcomes total war involving their women and children and the other side seeks to maintain the humanity that decent men seek, it is becoming ever clearer that one side will achieve victory and the other side will loose.

When we combine the fact that the world including the United States of America is willing to turn a blind eye to the true nature of the Palestinian society, the future does not bode well for Israel in the short run.