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January 31, 2007

New Secret Weapon


Israeli poison balloons reach Beirut, Hizbullah says

Balloons released by Ha-Ir newspaper as part of marketing campaign reach southern Beirut. Hizbullah claim that balloons were sent by Israel to poison Lebanese sparks wave of hysteria

Yaakov Lappin
Published: 01.31.07, 18:40

A marketing campaign launched by the Ha-Ir chain of local Israeli newspapers has been used by Hizbullah to spread anti-Israel propaganda, according to which "Israeli poisonous balloon attacks" have left eight Lebanese nationals in the hospital.

Hizbullah's campaign appears to have paid off, after it created a wave of hysteria in Lebanon. Reports of 'poisonous' balloons have subsequently been picked up by the Associated Press (AP) and the London based Al-Jazeera magazine, which quickly followed suit in a report entitled: "Israel dumps suspicious green balloons on Lebanon”.

On Wednesday, Hizbullah's website claimed that "in Beirut's southern suburbs, poisonous balloons with Hebrew markings, similar to the ones found in the south, have been discovered. Security forces are currently investigating the issue."

Alon Idan, Deputy Editor of Ha-Ir in Tel Aviv, told Ynet that the balloons were released as part of a new marketing campaign for the chain of local newspapers, and drifted across the Lebanese border after being picked up by winds.

"These are celebratory balloons to market Ha-Ir," Idan said. "According to Israel Goldstein, CEO of the Shoken Network of local newspapers, (which owns Ha-Ir), one package of the balloons was picked up by the wind and flew off. These are marketing balloons. They contain no poison," he said.

As well as the balloons, Ha-Ir's marketing campaign has also included ads broadcast on Israeli television.

That did not stop Al-Jazeera from saying that " media reports and security sources revealed on Sunday that Israeli planes dumped 10 suspicious green balloons over the southern Lebanese port city of Tyre on Saturday."

The frenzied reports began last Sunday, when Hizbullah's English-language website said that "eight people were hospitalized Saturday after inhaling toxic gases from poisonous balloons dropped by Israeli warplanes over Upper Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon."

According to Hizbullah, they "were rushed to hospital suffering from nausea and fatigue," and included "a Lebanese staff sergeant, a recruit and An Nahar reporter Rana Jouni."

The Associated Press reported on Monday that "mysterious balloons drifting in from Israel to Lebanon are unnerving people, with some south Lebanon villagers reportedly feeling ill and authorities warning residents against touching them."

Cowards, Scum And Traitors

Judges Convict Ramon for Sexual Harassment 13:01 Jan 31, '07 / 12 Shevat 5767

(IsraelNN.com) Three Tel Aviv court justices unanimously convicted former Justice Minister Haim Ramon (Kadima) of sexual harassment by forcing an obscene kiss on a woman last July. He previously said he would appeal if convicted.

The halls outside the court turned into a media circus as local media rushed to cover the decision with the same staff that is invested in major events and terrorist attacks. The case has been viewed as a landmark concerning woman's rights.

Ramon Could Get Public Service – or 3 Years
17:22 Jan 31, '07 / 12 Shevat 5767

(IsraelNN.com) Former Justice Minister Chaim Ramon could be sentenced to anything from a period of public service to three years' jail time following his conviction on committing a lewd act. The next stage in his trial is the pre-sentencing hearing on February 21st, in which both sides will present their arguments regarding the sentence Ramon should receive.

The maximum sentence for a lewd act is three years' jail. However, since Ramon has no previous criminal record and since he is paying a high price in the form of a shattered career, the court is likely to hand down a lighter sentence, like a period of public service work. The prosecution is expected to argue for a stiffer sentence, and to claim that Ramon should serve as an example, precisely because of his public stature.

Olmert, Livni 'Sorry' for Ramon
14:04 Jan 31, '07 / 12 Shevat 5767

(IsraelNN.com) Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni expressed sorrow that former Justice Minister Haim Ramon (Kadima) was found guilty for sexual harassment of a female soldier. Three Tel Aviv justices accepted the young woman's testimony that Ramon forcibly kissed her during a farewell gathering on her last day of service.

Likud Knesset Member Yuval Shteinitz also said he was sorry but added, "It is not reasonable that a misunderstanding between a man and a woman, even if it causes discomfort, should be considered a criminal violation and court conviction."

Peres: Ramon is the Victim
22:36 Jan 31, '07 / 12 Shevat 5767

(IsraelNN.com) "Right now Chaim Ramon is the victim and I am very sorry about it," said presidential hopeful Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres Wednesday. "As a friend I feel that the career of a very talented public figure has been cut off because of an act of folly… and it was an act of folly," the Labor Deputy Prime Minister and ministerial candidate Peres told Ynet.

Shas party chairman and Minister of Industry, Commerce and Infrastructure MK Eli Yishai, said "I am sorry to see this happen to a wonderful man and a senior politician like this who gave so much for the state of Israel. I like Chaim a lot and feel sad personally. However, as a haredi Jew, I want the norms of morality in this country to be better, and I would be glad if such cases caused Israeli society to embrace better moral norms."

Where are the normal people in Israeli political world?

Here we have a former Minister in the Government that was just convicted of grabbing a young women soldier that was working in his office and then using force, french kissing this young woman.

Peres, calls this man Haim Ramon, a victim.

Make me sick, why don't you.

Haim Ramon and Moshe Katsav are pigs, any man that would force himself on a woman in this way even if a rape did not happen as in the case of Ramon is a pig .

After a court of law convicts this worthless example of the male half of the species for he is not a real man, then ALL his buddies in the Knesset run to defend him.

This just once again proves how out of touch the Knesset members are.

Do they think they are feudal rulers with the right to take the virgin bride on her wedding night?

They are Cowards, Scum and Traitors.

IDF Uses Jordanian Law Against Jews

New Orders From Naveh to Ease Destruction of Jewish Towns
06:26 Jan 31, '07 / 12 Shevat 5767

(IsraelNN.com) Central District Commander Major-General Yair Naveh signed a series of orders which make the establishment of new Jewish communities more difficult. The orders affect many existing communities in Judea and Samaria, as well as all future communities.

According to the orders, new construction in Judea and Samaria will now be considered a crime even without prior warning from an official. This is in accordance with Jordanian law, as opposed to Israeli law, which does require prior warning. The new orders will also revert to Jordanian law in creating an accelerated process for the processing of destruction orders. This law will also apply only to Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

The new orders were signed according to the instruction of Defense Minister Amir Peretz. Peretz called for the new orders following repeated requests from Attorney General Menachem Mazuz. Mazuz has been accused in the past of unfairly discriminating against Judea and Samaria residents, particularly after allowing police to employ violence against demonstrators in Gush Katif and Amona

The soul of every Jew should swell with pride at this latest action by the IDF.

That we are using a Jordanian Law that was in force in Judea and Samaria from 1948 to 1967 in order to destroy Jewish homes should make every Jew sick.

It must be noted that the brave leaders of the IDF do not have the courage to apply this law even handed, and extend this law to the Palestinians of the area as well as the Jews.

No, the Palestinians continue to build tens of thousands of homes with no building permits and in many cases with no running water and sewage.

The leadership of the IDF and the country in general is as you know run by;

Cowards, they refuse to stand up to American and World pressure and they refuse to fight our enemies.

Scum, they are corrupt, and the incidents of rape in the IDF by officers and by politicians is growning.

Traitors, they are destroying the Jewish dream of a home land, for 2,000 we prayed to return home.

It is time for the Israeli people to rise up and say enough.

January 30, 2007

Checkpoints Work

IDF Intercepts Bomb-Making Equipment at Checkpoint 10:31 Jan 30, '07 / 11 Shevat 5767

(IsraelNN.com) The IDF intercepted equipment to be used in carrying out terror attacks near Tul Karem Tuesday morning.

The equipment included four bottles of explosive material and three IDF-produced vests. The explosives were destroyed in a controlled manner by IDF sappers.

The terrorists were apprehended at a checkpoint south of the village of Anabta.

Checkpoint work and the fact the USA is pushing Israel to remove checkpoints while the American military has thousands of checkpoints in Iraq is just wrong.

January 29, 2007

Woship of Death and Human Sacrifice

eilate suicide bomber brother.jpg

Bomber's brother: We're happy Muhammad is the hero

In their mourning tent, Saqsaq family fails to express any sorrow. 'We knew he was waiting for this moment. He wanted to be shahid, and earned it,' brother tells Ynet. He explains that his brother tried to send message to Palestinian factions to fight against Israel, not against one another

Ali Waked
Published: 01.29.07, 20:22

"The whole family was very happy when it heard that Muhammad is the hero who carried out the attack,"

said Naim Saqsaq, the brother of Muhammad Saqsaq, who carried out the suicide attack in Eilat that killed three people.

"We knew that he was waiting and praying for this moment. He always said, 'If only I could be a shahid, if only I could carry out an attack.' And here Allah gave him the privilege," he told Ynet.

The brother recounted that Muhammad was an unemployed construction worker. He was married. His only daughter died from disease three weeks ago.

"He was always in the mindset of the fighters. When the Israelis were invading Gaza, he participated in the battles in Jabalya and Beit Hanoun. He was waiting for this moment. The truth is that we knew that at some point he would be killed in a confrontation with the Israelis and would be a shahid. Because of this, we are happy that God gave him what he asked for."

President Bush, I wish for you to have to live with this problem. Since you feel so strongly about giving these modern day Nazi's part of my land.

How in the name of any thing normal and good in this world can a family be happy about the death of a family member, this is so sick and twisted in and of it self. But then you add the joy they feel since their loved one murdered people as a part of his worship of death.

This is nothing more than the worship of death and human sacrifice and this society must be purged from the earth not rewarded with a State and allowed to grow.

3 killed in Eilat terror attack

3 killed in Eilat terror attack

(VIDEO) Three people killed as suicide bomber blows himself up in Eilat shopping center, as police search for culprits who drove bomber to scene of attack

Ynet reporters
Published: 01.29.07, 10:28

VIDEO - Three people were killed and two others were critically wounded Monday morning in an suicide bombing attack that rocked a shopping area located in Eilat's Izidor neighborhood.

Police confirmed that a suicide bomber blew himself up in a bakery in the neighborhood that was bustling with shoppers at the time, dispelling earlier reports that the blast was caused by a gas cylinder.

Shattered glass was visible on the sidewalk outside, alongside blood-stained bread trays scattered by the blast.

"There were four bodies at the scene, one of which belonged to the suicide bomber … The scene was terrifying," a Magen David Adom paramedic told Ynet.

Palestinian news reports identified the suicide bomber as Fasial al-Saqsaq, 23, from the Gaza Strip.

According to initial police findings, the bomber had planned to blow himself up at another location but entered the bakery when a pedestrian suspected his behavior.

January 28, 2007

Victory Is What We Need, Not Peace

Former Shin Bet Chief calls for dialogue with Syria

Members of Forum of the Peace Initiative with Syria hold Sunday night meeting in Jaffa, call on gov't to take seriously Syrian president's declarations of willingess for peace

Roi Mandel
Published: 01.29.07, 00:20

"Listen to the voices from Damascus and start a dialogue with Syria," participants in the Forum of the Peace Initiative with Syria told the government Sunday.

The forum, which includes former IDF Chief of Staff Amnon Lipkin-Shahak and former Shin Bet Chief Yaakov Peri,met in an Arab-Jewish joint theater in Jaffa on Sunday evening in an effort to attract the attention of the government and the public to their call for peace talks with Damascus.

"We all know that in recent month Syrian sources, including President Bashar Assad, have been indicating their readiness to begin negotiations with Israel without preconditions," Peri said.

"They are based on the Arab League's plan calling for a complete Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights, an independent Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem and the UN General Assembly's Resolution 194 (which deals with the Right of Return)," he explained.

"It is possible that these signals from Damascus are a result of Syrian distress, or it's possible that Assad is trying to take advantage of voices within Israel calling for dialogue regarding a permanent solution with the Syrians."

"It's possible that the signals a negative strategic escalation that will require a price," he added.

Peri added that dialogue with the Syrians would neutralize the threat of rockets from the north, stop the Syrian funding to Hizbullah and stop Syria's support of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

"The Syrian leadership isn't happy about its isolation from the West and Israel is a Western representative in the Middle East. Within this context, it seems that Assad's declarations illustrate an analysis based on home politics that will allow him to come to some sort of compromise with Israel," Peri added.

"I ask that Israel change its decision and its 'no' and pursue dialogue with Syria," he said.

Dr. Alon Liel, former Foreign Ministry Director-General, also a member of the forum, told participants of the informal contacts he had held, via Swiss and Turkish mediation.

He said advances towards peace had been rejected time and time again by the Israeli government over the last three years.

"There was no doubt in our minds that we were talking to Syria, but the answer we received from Israel is that there was nothing to talk about," he said.

He criticized Israel's current policy, saying "it's unacceptable to have a country knocking on the door for three years and not to open it. It's a strategic mistake of immense proportions."

Margalit Cohen, the wife of late Israeli spy Eli Cohen, also spoke at the meeting. "Since Bashar announced his willingness to negotiate without preconditions, I've been full of hope. I hope they take this plan seriously and call (Assad's) bluff," she said.

I stand in wonder at how Israel has survived when we have had people like these in positions of leadership in the IDF and Shabak (Shin Bet), and these are not the only two leaders that are like this in our history.

What would happen if we were to rise up a generation of leaders in the IDF and various agencies responsible for Israel's security that instead of worry about peace they worried about victory over our enemies?

What if Israel had a shift in our day to day thinking and instead of chasing this road map or that international peace plan we day in and day out planned plotted and fight to obtain the defeat of our enemies and total victory for Israel and the Jewish people?

January 27, 2007

Arabs Likely To Use Nukes Says Ex Mossad Head

World War III has already begun, says Israeli spy chief

Former head of Israel's intelligence service tells Portuguese newspaper it would take at least 25 years before battle against fundamentalist terrorism is won; says nuclear strike by Muslim terrorists 'very likely'

Published: 01.27.07, 20:32

A third World War is already underway between Islamic militancy and the West but most people do not realize it, the former head of Israel’s intelligence service Mossad said in an interview published Saturday in Portugal.

‘We are in the midst of a third World War,’ former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy told weekly newspaper Expresso.

‘The world does not understand. A person walks through the streets of Tel Aviv, Barcelona or Buenos Aires and doesn’t get the sense that there is a war going on,’ said Halevy who headed Mossad between 1998 and 2003.

‘During World War I and II the entire world felt there was a war. Today no one is conscious of it. From time to time there is a terrorist attack in Madrid, London and New York and then everything stays the same.’

Violence by Islamic militants has already disrupted international travel and trade just as in the previous two world conflicts, he said.

Halevy, who was raised in war-time London, predicted it would take at least 25 years before the battle against Islamic fundamentalist terrorism is won and during this time a nuclear strike by Islamic militants was likely.

‘It doesn’t have to be something very sophisticated, It doesn’t have to be the latest nuclear technology, it can be something simple like a dirty bomb which instead of killing millions only kills tens of thousands,’ he said.

Halevy served as an envoy for former Israeli Prime Ministers Yitzhak Shamir, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres and is a former Israeli ambassador to the European Union.

Arabs Desecrated Kever Shmuel

Arabs Desecrated Kever Shmuel, Visitors Say
21:28 Jan 27, '07 / 8 Shevat 5767

(IsraelNN.com)Arabs over Shabbat desecrated the kever of Shmuel Hanavi north of Jerusalem, visitors to the site said. They said that siddurim and other sifrei kodesh were destroyed and scattered on the ground, and that anti-Semitic graffiti was scrawled on the walls.

Police have opened an investigation into the incident.

January 26, 2007

Hamas-Fatah unity gov't talks off after 12 die in Gaza violence


Last update - 01:22 27/01/2007 Hamas-Fatah unity gov't talks off after 12 die in Gaza violence By Avi Issacharoff, Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Service and Agencies

Rival Palestinian factions clashed Friday across the Gaza Strip, killing at least 13 people and wounding 20 in a wave of bombings and shootings.

The ruling Hamas movement said Friday evening that it was suspending talks with the rival Fatah party on forming a coalition government, in wake of the ongoing fighting.

"Following the awful massacres committed today in Gaza and northern Gaza... we have decided to postpone all dialogue with Fatah," said Hamas spokesman Ismail Radwan.

Earlier, Fatah also said it was suspending negotiations.

These People Are Sick

Palestinian children encouraged to go to jail

Increasing financial hardships lead some poor parents in the territories to encourage underage sons to harass IDF soldiers, get arrested; boys get shelter, families receive benefits from PA government

Ali Waked
Published: 01.26.07, 16:49

Exactly a year after Hamas' January election to the Palestinian government, the wild optimism of early 2005 is noticeably absent. Ongoing inter-faction violence and rising poverty are providing Palestinians with little to be optimistic about.

At this time, both internal and international efforts to advance a Palestinian unity government appear to be at a stand-still.

In a recent bout of infighting Thursday night, two Palestinians – one operative from Hamas and one from Fatah - were killed. Friday afternoon, a Hamas security official, injured earlier during exchanges of fire in Beit Lahiya, died of his wounds.

As if the violence were not enough, the Palestinian Authority has also recently logged an increased number of homeless children. For this problem, however, some Palestinian families seem to have found a unique, if tragic, solution.

Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) member Issa Qaraqe told Ynet of an increasing phenomenon of Palestinian minors deliberately provoking IDF soldiers at checkpoints in order to be arrested, and thus receive shelter in Israeli prisons.

"Prison time provides these lads with shelter, and also provides their families with prisoners' benefits," Qaraqe explained.

"We were actually amazed to find that some families encourage such a phenomenon in order to reduce expenses, and primarily to receive the weekly benefits given by the Palestinian government to the family of every prisoner," he added.

Qaraqe recounted a recent visit to a family whose underage son had been arrested: "I started to comfort the father and was amazed to hear him say that it's actually not so bad, because now the family will receive a government benefit. It will be their only income."

According to Qaraqe, such sentiments by parents illustrate the financial and emotional hardships suffered by Palestinian families over the past year.

"How can one explain a parent who not only isn't sad that his son is in jail, but rather, encourages him to go there?" Qaraqe queried. "These people are sick, and it indicates the severe deterioration of Palestinian society over the past year."

January 25, 2007

US Money Paves Saddam Hussein Street in PA Village

US Money Paves Saddam Hussein Street in PA Village
21:51 Jan 25, '07 / 6 Shevat 5767
by Ezra HaLevi

Saddam Hussein road, in the Palestinian Authority, has been ceremoniously repaved using money from the American USAID agency.

The PA-assigned town of Yaabid named both its school and its main street after the former Iraqi dictator.

“In the Yaabid Municipality… thousands of citizens held a requiem for the soul of Saddam in the mosque,” Al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported on January 4th. “Following that, a march began in the streets of the municipality, that ended at the offices of the Yaabid Municipality, where a mourners’ tent was opened in his memory. Public figures and the [terrorist] factions in Yaabid decided to name one of the schools in the municipality and its most important street after Saddam to immortalize his memory and to emphasize the values of Arabness and Jihad, which he represented.”

Palestinian Media Watch compiled a list of similarly ironic beneficiaries of American assistance, saying, “This is not the first time that US money has gone to build Palestinian infrastructures that are named to glorify terrorists and enemies of the US.”

Following a US grant to the municipality of Jenin, earmarked for roadwork in the town, a block in the city center named for the first Iraqi suicide-bomber was refurbished. The terrorist, who killed four American soldiers in Fallujah, was praised by the city’s mayor at the block’s dedication. According to Al-Hayat Al-Jadida of April 4, 2004, speakers at the dedication praised the “resistance of the residents of Fallujah.”

In May, 2004, USAID funded the building of the Salaf Khalef Sports Center. Khalef, known also as Abi Iyad, was the head of the Black September terror group, which stood behind the murder of two US diplomats in Sudan, as well as the Munich massacre of eleven Israeli Olympic athletes.

In December, 2004, USAID funded the renovation of the Dalal Mughrabi School – named after Mughrabi and her terror group, who killed American photographer Gail Rubin and 36 Israelis.

This is a perfect example of just how stupid American policies in the Middle East is and why it will fail.

'Stop using undercover troops'

Jan. 25, 2007 16:27 | Updated Jan. 25, 2007 20:58 'Stop using undercover troops' By ASSOCIATED PRESS

The B'Tselem human rights group called on the IDF on Thursday to stop using undercover troops in Palestinian areas after four civilians were killed in a West Bank military operation.

The group demanded in a letter to the army's Judge Advocate General that he order the army to stop dressing soldiers in civilian clothes in secret military operations, saying the practice violates international laws.

The letter was prompted by a Jan. 4 Israeli arrest raid involving undercover troops in the West Bank city of Ramallah in which four Palestinian civilians were killed.

The civilians would have stayed clear of the area if the soldiers had been wearing uniforms, B'Tselem said.

"The incident in Ramallah is a clear example of why the prohibition on combatants feigning civilian status was created," the group wrote in a release. "Many civilians were killed and wounded after being caught unawares in the area."

The army said its legal department was looking into B'Tselem's report.

Why is it that the Israeli government can out law organizations and speech of the right as being beyond the pale but not of the far left?

Why because the Israeli government is made up of cowards, scum and traitors to the very idea of a Jewish State.

If we don't turn the situation around Israel will fall.

B'Tselem is an organization of traitors and should be treated as such.

We need a G-D fearing Zionist government that will put in place the death penalty for terrorism and treason then the members of B'Tselem can hang with the terrorist they so love.

1 in 4 Israeli citizens poor

1 in 4 Israeli citizens poor

Annual poverty report reveals over 1.6 million Israeli citizens live below poverty line

Published: 01.25.07, 13:35

Over 1,630,000 million Israelis live below the poverty line, according to an annual Poverty Report.

The report, published Thursday by Israel’s National Insurance Institute (NII), showed that 404,000 families lived below the poverty line during the second half of 2005 and the first half of 2006.

The poverty line is defined as 50% of the median net income and is adjusted to family size.

The report also showed that over 35 percent of children in Israel were living in poverty.

Which Future Will We Choose

Just when you think you can't become any more disgusted by the people that are ruling Israel, they do something new.

Yesterday we were forced to be witnesses to a 50 minute diatribe by President Moshe Katsav which revealed just how the ruling class of Israel views freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

Then to reinforce the pain of the situation the Knesset House Committee voted to give Katsav a three month leave of absence, which will leave him with his salary and the perks of the office of the Presidency, including immunity from criminal prosecution.

Now today it gets worse, it has become clear that the litmus test for candidates for the Presidency of Israel the current term ends in July 2007, is a pardon for Marwan Barghouti the former head of the terrorist group Tanzim which is the young guard of Fatah. Barghouti is serving multiple life sentences for dozens of counts of murdering Israeli’s.

Both of the candidates Shimon Peres (Kadima) and Reuven Rivlin (Likud) have gone on record as favoring a Presidential pardon for this terrorist scum.

Israel is being destroyed by the current leadership.

Israel needs the death penalty for terrorist and even more important if we are going to survive, we need a complete change of leadership.

The leadership has made Israel a sick society and it may even be on its death bed. If the people of Israel, the taxi cab drivers, farmers, police officers, office workers and soldiers don’t rise up and replace the corrupt cowards, and traitors that lead our country.

The time has come for brave, self sacrificing, Zionist to lead Israel towards a bright future, which we must secure for the sake of our children and Jews world wide.

However the problem is not just a Jewish problem.

If Israel is allowed to rot internally until it falls, in the age of the war on Islamic terror Israel’s fall will become a western problem.

Israel has acted as a shield for 60 years guarding the west from terrorism by being the primary focal point for Islamic hatred and attacks. With the fall of Israel, Islamic terror will gain momentum that will attract millions if not hundreds of millions of Muslims world wide to become active members in the war against the west.

Are we going to sit back and let 120 members of Knesset destroy the product of 2,000
years of hopes and prayer and a bright future for the world?

Knesset votes for Katsav's suspension

Knesset votes for Katsav's suspension

Published: 01.25.07, 15:44

The Knesset House Committee approved President Moshe Katsav's request for a three-month temporary suspension. Thirteen committee members voted for the suspension, 10 against.

Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik will replace him.

This just makes me sick.

Katsav will keep his immunity from criminal prosecution and will keep receiving his salary during the time of suspension.

I guess George Orwell was correct "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

January 24, 2007

Katsav, Three of Four, Resign Now

There are four things I really don’t like in this world; as a matter of fact I hate these four things.

Three are criminal and the fourth should be in my book.




Cry Babies

My hatred of rapist can be traced back to when I was a young Deputy Sheriff, I was not yet out of the field training portion of my year probation when my field training officer and myself were assigned a rape case involving a young 16 year old girl that was raped on her way to the junior prom at her school. The incident impacted me for life as I was able to see the anguish in her eyes and I knew that life for this young woman was for ever changed.

Rapists in my book deserve the death penalty.

My hatred for terrorist comes from living with terrorism and the effects of it on my family and the other innocent families in Israel that have had their lives for ever changed by terrorism.

Terrorist in my book deserve the death penalty.

My hatred of tyranny comes from growing up in America. Those that use the power of the State to take away essential liberties from the people or even in the extremes enslave the people, are criminals. For these people violate G-Ds law. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
Dictators in my book deserve the death penalty.

My hatred of cry babies just comes from the combination of every thing in my life. No one is owed any thing in this world except the freedom to mess up or build your life to the best of your G-D given abilities, But when you mess up your life don’t whine about it.

Cry Babies in my book suffer death on a daily basis by not being tough enough to fight through life.

Today the President of Israel stands accused by first the State of Israel of two of the four above and I accuse him of being guilty of three of the four.

For those of you that don’t know Moshe Katsav the President of the State of Israel stands accused of raping up to 10 women and will be charged in four of these rapes. He also stands accused of using the power of the State to affect these rapes and the cover up of those rapes.

Today Katsav held a press conference and showed us he is the scum of the earth.

He at one point broke down to the point of tears but the majority of his speech was an attack on the attorney general of Israel, the police of Israel and lastly the free press.

After maybe a 10-15 minute shouting attack against the press by the President a reporter in a show of bravery tried to answer the attack of the President against a free press in Israel. When the reporter spoke up Katsav signaled the security of the office of the President to shut up the reporter by removing the reporter from the room. Thus Katsav used the power of the office to enforce tyranny of power on the free press. Thus removing from every Israeli and freedom loving person in the world a degree of the “Rights” we have been endowed with by our Creator.

Lastly Katsav an Iranian Jew showed that he is the ultimate cry baby when he went beyond his attack on the Attorney General, Police and the press when he ascribed racism as the motive for the criminal charges against him.

Moshe Katsav is scum he is a rapist, a tyrant and a cry baby and as bad as all this is it gets worse.

After the 50 minute screaming attack that reminded me of Noriega or even Saddam by the President of the State of Israel, the behavior of the members of Knesset are even more troubling.

As of this time only 27 members have signed the bill to impeach Katsav, after the press conference of today it is a sign of how bad the Knesset is when 120 members have not already signed the bill.

In an effort to protect one of their own 13 Knesset members that serve on the 25 member House Committee will approve Katsav's request for a three month leave of absence, which if granted will only cause this shameful chapter to disgrace the office of the Presidency, the Knesset and all Jews for even longer than it already has.

The Knesset is showing just how divorced they are from reality and how far we have fallen.

I hope and pray that the Knesset will wake up to their duty and lastly that Katsav will go away for at least 15 years.

January 23, 2007

Corruption Runs Deep

Ometz: Zelicha is Being Threatened by Sharons
15:44 Jan 23, '07 / 4 Shevat 5767

(IsraelNN.com). Yaron Zelicha, Israel's accountant general, has complained in a number of forums recently that anonymous individuals have been threatening him over statements he has made and testimony he has given to various Knesset committees on corruption in Israeli public life. Last week, police posted a 24 hour guard outside Zelicha's home over threats by anonymous individuals against his life.

On Tuesday, the Ometz organization, which has taken upon itself to fight corruption in public life, said it had evidence that the culprits were none other than the son of ailing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Omri, and a close associate of his, Eli Cohen, who sets salary policy in the Treasury and whose name has been implicated in a number of scandals as well. An Ometz spokesperson said the group planned to go to police with their evidence.

I view the corruption problem in Israel as the biggest threat to Israel's survival as a good place to live. In some ways it is an even bigger threat than Iran and her nuclear program.

Since I have faith that the IDF can solve the problem with Iran it takes the problem from an unsolvable issue to one with an answer.

The problem with corruption is that it has spread so far and deep in the government and major institutions I don't know what the answer is in the short term.

Maybe the IDF can come up with a solution.

Katsav To Be Indicted


President to be Indicted on Rape, Corruption Charges 17:53 Jan 23, '07 / 4 Shevat 5767 by Hana Levi Julian

Attorney General Menachem Mazuz Tuesday afternoon announced his decision to indict President Moshe Katsav on rape and corruption charges.

Mazuz informed Katsav’s attorneys that he plans to issue an indictment on a number of serious crimes relating to favors he received while in government service. The Nfc news service reported attorney general’s office said Mazuz accepted all police recommendations that were filed in the case. after reviewing Katsav’s responses during the numerous sessions in which he was questioned on the charges.

The case now goes to a hearing, which will be held in the next several months. An indictment will follow, said Mazuz.

Justice Ministry officials said they expect Katsav to suspend himself in response to the announcement. Knesset members from across the political spectrum joined the calls for Katsav to resign in the face of Mazuz's decision.

According to Israeli law, a sitting president cannot be prosecuted on criminal charges. However, an 80 percent majority vote in the Knesset can force a president to resign, thereby enabling the criminal case to move ahead.

Likud Knesset member Michael Eitan, who is close to Katsav, told reporters after the announcement that he personally wishes his friend well, but as a legislator he has to act in a responsible manner and advise Katsav to resign if the indictment is indeed filed after the hearing.

Katsav has denied the charges and said, according to Channel 10 TV news, that he does not intend to resign

Katsav it is time for you to resign and then if you are found guilty to go to prison.

You committed these crimes while serving as President, a position that should bring pride to Israel, you sure have made us proud of you and our country for what you and your friends in the Knesset have turned Israel into.

A great country that is lead by cowards, scum and traitors.

The time has come for the people to have leaders that will bring pride to the common man once again and our county.

January 22, 2007

Yemenite Jews under threat

temani boy.jpg

Yemenite Jews under threat

Followers of radical Yemenite cleric threaten Sanaa's Jews, warning them to leave area. Some Jews abandon homes, ask for aid

Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.22.07, 15:53

Jewish residents of the Saada region in northern Yemen have received explicit threats to leave the area within 10 days from followers of radical cleric Hussein Badr Eddin al Houthi, according to the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan.

Following complaints from the threatened Jews, a meeting of the local authorities and the district's sheikhs was held.

The Jews demanded they be treated as equal Yemenite citizens, and at the end of the meeting a religious verdict determining the relationship between them and the Muslims was given.

This verdict, which was also signed by Jews, did not guarantee them immunity from threats.

Yemenite defense forces have gone to great lengths to try and convince the Jews to stay in their towns. These attempts, however, have failed and the authorities were forced to provide financial aid for the Jews so they would be able to rent accomodation in safer areas.

Seeking help from president
One of the threatening letters said: "They (the Jews) have taken part in actions and movements that serve global Zionism first and foremost, and are working diligently at corrupting people and making them abandon their values, their moral and religious values, and spread all kinds of abominations throughout society."

According to the letter, this conclusion was reached "following meticulous surveillance of the Jews living in the El-Hid region in Saada…Our Islam religion compels us to fight the corrupt and denounce them."

Yihya Yousef Mousa, one of the Jews who fled their homes, said that the believers' youth organization's chief Yihya el Hadir told him that he and his friends did not want to see even one Jew in Saada.

According to Mousa, although they returned to their homes last Wednesday, the youth organization's members continued to harass them, threaten them with kidnappings and steal their money and cars. "Where do they want us to go?" asked Mousa.

"The second threat was received after we returned home following official instructions. Four masked people approached us and told us that if we are still here by Friday, harm will come to us. The sheikhs of the area are the last ones who can do anything for us."

The Jewish residents have filed complaints to the region's governor and even to Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Salah, demanding protection.

Yemenite immigrants in Israel have been following these developments. Masoud, a resident of Israel's southern city of Beer Sheva who immigrated to Israel from Yemen six-and-a-half years ago said in an interview on Israel Radio that he was still in touch with his relatives in Yemen.

"Those who stayed are stubborn, they don’t want to come here…on Friday they told me that they got letters saying whoever doesn’t leave their home will be killed and have their children taken," said Masoud.

Who wants to kill them?

"Al-Qaeda, I don’t know where they came from. Now they (the Jews) have seen these letters and are frightened, but what can they do? They have taken all they own, taken the kids, women and all, now they are at hotels. They are afraid, but said that for now they don’t want to immigrate."

Thefts Down Thanks to Dromi

Thefts Down Thanks to Dromi 17:45 Jan 22, '07 / 3 Shevat 5767

(IsraelNN.com) Pini Badash, head of the Omer Regional Council, said Monday that the level of crime against Jewish farmers in the region has been drastically reduced due to the Shai Dromi incident. Dromi, a local farmer, shot at Bedouin thieves who broke in to his farm, killing one. While Dromi insists that he acted in self-defense, and even attempted to resuscitate the injured thief, the State Prosecutor’s office has chosen to charge him with manslaughter.

Badash criticized police inaction, saying “one man succeeded in doing more than the entire police force.” Negev farmers have organized protests in support of Dromi, and say that he was forced to take action after police did nothing to prevent Arab crime in the region.

Dromi should not be charged, he should be turned free and be issued a lisense for the gun he used to kill the thief.

Ex CIA Head - USA is Wrong On Palestinian State

Woolsey again entered the conversation enthusiastically after a questioner addressed former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon, berating him for dismissing a two-state solution and the creation of a Palestinian state as jeopardizing Israel’s relationship with the U.S.

“If I could just respond here,” Woolsey commented, “Insofar as the U.S. government is pressuring Israel to negotiate with a Hamas-led Palestinian Authority – the United States is simply wrong.”

Long Article But Worth The Read

Experts Warn of Global Jihad at Herzliya Conference
17:49 Jan 22, '07 / 3 Shevat 5767
by Ezra Halevi

Two Islam experts warned participants at the Herzliya Conference on Monday that global jihad is on the rise -- and should be taken seriously.

Islamic expert and historian Bernard Lewis spoke back-to-back with former CIA director James Woolsey at the Herzliya Conference Monday, sounding the alarm on the global Jihad and dismissing the concept of a Palestinian state.

“In the self-perception of the Muslim world, their primary identity is to deliver Islam to the world – to not keep it selflessly to themselves but to give it to mankind,” explained Lewis, adding that the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 signified the first major victory in the global Islamic push toward that goal.

“There are competing leaders to take this fight ahead,” he said. “The Sunni Wahabi cause is represented by bin Laden. Another is the Shi’ite version, which began with the first Iranian revolution, and the second Iranian revolution, taking place at this moment. The whole Arab and Muslim world is experiencing the second stage of the Islamic revolution in Iran.

“I have been told by Iranian friends that Ahmadinejad is indeed crazy, but not stupid,” Lewis warned. “He really believes in the end of days that he is heralding. There is a widespread belief among Shi’ites that that time has come. Mutually assured destruction is not a deterrent to Ahmadinejad, but an inducement.”

James Woolsey, former director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, addressed the conference next. Unlike many of the speakers, Woolsey, a guest of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs had arrived the previous day and attended nearly all of the conference’s sessions.

Woolsey summarized several opinions that were expressed, lauding UN sanctions, negotiations and the state of the world. “I do not represent a majority view – but on all of these points I beg to differ,” he said.

Woolsey proceeded to lament the fate of Europe, which he sees as already having been compromised in what he calls World War IV – the third having been the Cold War. “I wish we had a partnership with Europe, but I am afraid it is deteriorating,” he explained. “Europe is accommodating Sharia (Islamic law) and becoming increasingly affected by the Muslim demographics in their countries.”

Woolsey said he sees no distinction between the Islamic onslaught in Israel, Iraq or elsewhere. He compared the war against Islamism with that against Nazism and Communism.

As a former director of the world’s largest intelligence agency, Woolsey dismissed claims by Iran and its apologists that the Islamic Republic seeks nuclear capability for peaceful means.

“With its huge oil and natural gas reserves, Iran is not the least bit interested in nuclear power,” he said. “And negotiation with a movement that defines itself by its goal of the destruction of Israel and the United States is like trying to persuade Hitler to give up anti-Semitism.”

Woolsey displayed in-depth knowledge of the various theological movements and streams vying for the soul of the Islamic world. “The Ujutiya – end of time – movement represents a major part of Iranian politics today,” he warned. “If we look at it like a chess game, the nuclear bomb is the queen.”

Woolsey, like Lewis, warned that the Iranian Shi’ite sect is not the only threat posed by Islam.

“In 1979, with the seizure of the great mosque in Mecca and the rise to power of a Shi’ite theocracy in Iran, a rise in Wahabi-ism took place as well. This was funded largely by the increase in the price of oil. Today, little boys are taught to want to be suicide bombers both in Pakistani madrassas and in the West Bank with Wahabi oil money.”

Woolsey said that those warning against Islam’s push to establish Islamic law across the globe are accused of being Islamophobic. “We are not Islamaphobes,” he said, “but we are theocraphobic.

“We, Jews, Christian and others are inheritors of the rule of law,” he said. “Democracy without the rule of law is a mob and capitalism without democracy is theft. Jefferson said, and it is printed on his memorial: ‘I have sworn on the altar of Almighty G-d eternal hostility toward every form of tyranny over the mind of man.’ ”

Asked what role he saw the media playing in the current global plight, Woolsey had harsh criticism for most journalists’ inability to classify religious believers as anything but crazy.

“The media on the whole and certainly in the US is not interested in ideology and does not take it seriously. They tend to think anybody who is religiously motivated about his views is crazy – whether religious Christians, Muslims or Jews. And that is a problem, because you can be absolutely crazy about your objectives and extremely shrewd about your implementation. I think our media on the whole is very ostrich-like on this issue.”

Woolsey outlined scenarios in which Iranians, who have changed their government through general strike thrice in the 20th century, could preclude an attack by replacing their regime – but said that it should not be counted upon.

“We should be prepared for the fact that if an attack is necessary, it must take place when we are as certain as we can be that they do not yet have a nuclear weapon. The problem is that North Korea’s primary exports today are counterfeit American money, heroin and ballistic missile technology. I see no reason why Kim Jong won’t ship off a couple kilograms of nuclear material. So we are living with the daily threat that Iran could go nuclear.”

Woolsey again entered the conversation enthusiastically after a questioner addressed former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon, berating him for dismissing a two-state solution and the creation of a Palestinian state as jeopardizing Israel’s relationship with the U.S.

“If I could just respond here,” Woolsey commented, “Insofar as the U.S. government is pressuring Israel to negotiate with a Hamas-led Palestinian Authority – the United States is simply wrong.”

Following applause, Woolsey went even further, suggesting that a PA state should not be on the table until the generation of youth raised on Wahabi-funded suicide-bomber ideology has been taught otherwise and the PA can be held to the same standards as an Israel with one million Arab citizens.

“If Palestinians were held to the same standards as the Israelis, then there could be not only 250,000, but 500,000 Jews living freely wherever they want in the West Bank – in Hevron and elsewhere. Once that is the case – when Palestinians are held by the same standards – then there might be some progress toward working toward permanent borders.”

Following the morning session which questioned the prudence of further withdrawals and the creation of a PA state, Defense Minister Amir Peretz outlined his willingness to negotiate with Hamas and carry out further unilateral destruction of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. Peretz had not been present during the morning sessions and declined to take questions following his address.

Lunch was presided over by Shimon Peres, who assured participants that the “prophets of doom” have sounded alarms before and said that Israel has survived much harder times. “Israel will not fall,” he declared, following several jokes.

“Ahmadinejad will fall.”

January 21, 2007

Gabi, Good Luck

Olmert Will Support Ashkenazi Appointment 03:21 Jan 22, '07 / 3 Shevat 5767

(IsraelNN.com) The Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, will not oppose Defense Minister's Peretz's decision to appoint Maj. Gen. (res.) Gabi Ashkenazi IDF Chief of General Staff, sources close to Olmert said Sunday night. "In most of the consultations the Prime Minister held, Ashkenazi was recommended. He is definitely a worthy candidate," said Olmert confidantes.

"We will have a Chief of General Staff by the weekend," they added.

Olmert and Peretz will meet Monday and finalize the appointment. "They will meet tomorrow and things will be agreed upon," said an Olmert confidante.

We now have a great man as the next Chief of Staff.

His biggest problem will be fighting through the resistance from the Knesset on doing what needs to be done.

Gabi, Good Luck You Will Need It!

Kaplinsky Quits

Kaplinsky Quits, Barbs Peretz 22:41 Jan 21, '07 / 2 Shevat 5767

(IsraelNN.com) Maj. Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky included a stinging message to Defense Minister Peretz in his announcement that he was withdrawing his candidacy for Chief of general Staff.

"Since you decided, according to reports, to appoint a Chief of Staff soon instead of waiting for the facts related to the war to be clarified, I feel that it won't be appropriate for me to take on the Chief of Staff job at this moment in time," wrote Kaplinsky wrote in the letter he sent to Defense Minister Amir Peretz Sunday.

Kaplinsky is Lt. Gen. Halutz's deputy and was considered a top candidate to replace him. alongside Maj. Gen Gabi Ashkenazi, who eventually won the appointment.

Will Israel Never Learn

Israel Again Impatient to Make Peace - Even Without Partner 13:51 Jan 21, '07 / 2 Shevat 5767 by Hillel Fendel

The Foreign Affairs and Defense Ministries have set up a joint task force to prepare a plan for another one-sided disengagement - this time, from Judea and Samaria. The PA does not agree.

Israel's second-largest daily, Maariv, reports that taking part in the on-paper preparations for a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Judea and Samaria are also IDF and General Security Service (Shabak) officials.

The Prime Minister's Office's official comment to the Maariv report: "We know nothing about such a plan."

The plan currently being worked on in the Foreign Affairs Ministry, together with the Defense Ministry, includes the establishment of a PA state - even without the consent of the Palestinian Authority.

Prime Minister Olmert has flip-flopped in the past on another Disengagement. One of the original champions of the unilateral withdrawal from Gush Katif and northern Shomron, he led the Kadima Party to victory in last year's national election on a platform of unilateral withdrawal from Yesha.

During the Lebanon War, he was roundly attacked for saying that a victory would bring such a withdrawal closer. He later withdrew these remarks, and even said that a withdrawal from Yesha - which he called a Convergence - was no longer on the agenda. He later said he believed the plan was "no longer relevant."

Following Olmert's above comment, Interior Minister Roni Bar-On of Kadima said, "The withdrawal plan is not dead, though its implementation has been postponed. The plan is now on the shelf or in the freezer, but when the time comes it will be accessed."

Just two weeks ago, Olmert told the Chinese news agency Xinhua that unilateral withdrawal has proven to be a failed policy, and that a withdrawal from most of Judea and Samaria would only be done in the framework of bilateral negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

Foreign Minister Tzippy Livny has appointed Yossi Amrani, former Israeli consul in San Francisco, to oversee work on the plan, Maariv reports. Amrani's team must prepare the plan and present it within the coming weeks. It is to include various aspects of the establishment of a Palestinian state with temporary borders to be unilaterally determined by Israel. The way will be left open for border changes in the future, if the PA begins to cooperate.

A withdrawal from Judea and Samaria means the destruction of an untold number of Jewish communities and the expulsion of many more thousands of Jews than those expelled from Gush Katif. Most of the latter are still without permanent homes or jobs.

The plan in the works is predicated upon the assumption that the PA will not succeed in forming a Fatah-Hamas unity government in the near future, and that therefore the Hamas-led PA will continue to refuse to recognize Israel's existence. It is also assumed that PA Chairman Abu Mazen (Fatah) will never be strong enough to sign agreements with Israel.

The Prime Minister's Office's denial must be taken in context with a similar denial last week of Israeli-Syrian contacts; today, the PM's office confirmed that such contacts had taken place.

Instead of getting ready for war with Hizballah,Palestinians and Syria we have members of the IDF getting ready to make war on Jews.

Such action could very well bring about a civil war or short of that wide spread Jew on Jew violence.

When will we learn to do the correct thing, rather than the self destructive path that we seem so intent on going down?

Tyranny Of The Left

Last update - 17:13 21/01/2007 State mulling criminal probe into MK Tartman for inciting racism By Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz Correspondent

The state prosecution is considering opening a criminal investigation into Yisrael Beiteinu MK Esterina Tartman on suspicions of inciting racism, in the wake of Tartman's comments on the appointment of Labor MK Raleb Majadele as the first Arab minister.

Tartman said during a radio interview that the appointment of an Arab minister is "assimilation," calling it a "lethal blow to Zionism."

"We must destroy the affliction within us," said Tartman. "With God's help, the Holy One blessed be He will help us."

The chairman of the Labor Party's young guard, attorney Eran Harmoni, was informed of the state's intent to consider a criminal investigation by Deputy Attorney General Eyal Yanun. According to the Attorney General's Office, "On the criminal plane, Tartman's comments are being examined by the Deputy State Prosecutor for Special Positions, attorney Shai Nitzan."

Harmoni even requested that Tartman be prevented from participating in the next Knesset elections, although the attorney general refused to consider that demand.

Lets be honest Jews did not pray for 2,000 years to return to Israel,so that we could show the world how open minded we are by appointing an Arab to rule over us in our land.

January 19, 2007

Nasrallah: Halutz’ resignation filled me with joy

Nasrallah: Halutz’ resignation filled me with joy

Hizbullah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah responds to IDF chief’s resignation in interview with al-Manar network. ‘Amir Peretz will follow, then Ehud Olmert. Anyone who doesn’t resign will be dismissed,’ Nasrallah declares

Roee Nahmias
Latest Update: 01.19.07, 23:57

Hizbullah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah responded to IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz’s resignation Friday night during an interview with Hizbullah’s al-Manar television network.

“The moment I heard of Halutz’ resignation I was filled with joy. His resignation was anticipated. (Defense Minister) Amir Peretz will follow, as will (Prime Minister) Ehud Olmert . Whoever does not resign, will be dismissed,” Nasrallah declared.

Responses in Lebanon
Hizbullah: Halutz's resignation due to war failures / Roee Nahmias

Nasrallah added that while he was gripped with happiness, he remembered the fighters who were killed during the recent war.

“I remembered the youths, the women and children, and all those whose houses were destroyed, all those who sacrificed their lives for the victory. What is happening now proves it, and I want to address the true victors – the members of the opposition, the fallen, the wounded, the hostages and their families, and all involved in the sacrifice,” Nasrallah said.

“I want to tell them that every day of the future will prove how much your victory was historic and strategic,” he added.

Nasrallah commented on the Israeli media’s response to Halutz’ resignation. “I say that Halutz’ resignation is an earthquake. The analyst’s commentary, the enemy’s newspapers and experts cannot be separated from the resignation itself. All the Israeli media says Halutz had to do it because he anticipated the conclusions of the Winograd committee and had to take responsibility.”

The interviewer challenged Nasrallah, asking whether the move may only constitute an admission of responsibility in a democratic country. Nasrallah replied: “This is a racist and enemy entity, but some of its components have positive elements which help it exist, and which we would be please to have in our own nation.”

Nasrallah's political analysis

Nasrallah gave his own analysis of Israel’s political system: “There is a crisis of confidence which is unprecedented since 1948. The Israeli public does not have faith in the army and does not have faith in the leadership, and the surveys indicate as much.

"Today, the army is trying to restore its image after the war. There is a problem in their strategic vision and it needs to be reconstructed. The situation is even worse than we can imagine. I would assess that next in line is Amir Peretz.”

According to Nasrallah’s claims, Peretz won’t be the last to quit. “In my opinion, in the end Olmert will have to resign too, or he will be dismissed. But it won’t end there. Another result of the war is the shake-up the leading party got – Kadima. Olmert only has 14 percent of the public’s support. Kadima would be thrashed in elections if they were to take place today.”

In response to a question on whether time was working in Israel’s favor or against it, Nasrallah said: “Look at the enemy’s resignation letter (Halutz). Peres said this is a war for life or death, and Halutz’ move speaks of a deep crisis in the Israeli army. The Israeli army is the backbone of the state, and when it is battered everything is shaken up.

“Every country has an army, but in Israel, it is the army which has a country,” he added. In his answers, Nasrallah attempted to demonstrate his expertise regarding the IDF.

A few hours after Halutz announced his resignation, the Hizbullah organization expressed their satisfaction over the event.

The group claimed that his resignation constituted "unequivocal proof" of Hizbullah’s victory over the IDF in the second war in Lebanon. Hizbullah’s television network al-Manar opened its broadcast that day with an announcement of Halutz’ resignation, attributing it to “Israel's failure in the last war.”

Hizbullah's first response to Halutz' resignation was made by parliamentarian Hassan Fadlallah, when he said that the “Olmert-Peretz-Halutz trio, which led the aggression against Lebanon, is headed for total collapse, and America’s aid can’t save it.”

Fadlallah did not miss the opportunity to celebrate the event and signal to his political rivals in Lebanon, i.e., Fuad Siniora’s government, that their fate would be similar.

Halutz’ resignation was, according to Fadlallah, “the natural result of his army’s defeat in Lebanon. The results of the offensive war are still unfolding in the enemy’s arena, and they will continue for some time.”

What does it mean when Yoni and Nasrallah both are filled with joy at the end of the term of Halutz?

Does it matter Halutz is gone and G-D willing we will get a Chief of Staff that can and will give us Nasrallah's head on a pike.

January 18, 2007

Israel hands Abbas frozen funds

Israel hands Abbas frozen funds Israel has transferred to the Palestinians $100m (77.2m euros, £50.7m) of tax revenues withheld since Hamas won elections last year.

The money has been paid directly to the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and not the Hamas-led government.

It represents a sixth of the total collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority since the election.

The money comes from taxes on Palestinians working in Israel and other tariffs.

'Crippling effects'

Analysts say that the money is part of Israel's bid to strengthen moderate Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in his power struggle with Hamas.

Rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas have been locked in conflict following Hamas's election victory which prompted an international aid boycott.

The BBC's Rachel Harvey in Jerusalem says however the money is distributed, it is desperately needed.

The Palestinian government has been crippled in part by the lack of tax revenues but also because of a continuing international financial boycott.

The move comes just days after US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice held meetings with both the Palestinian and Israeli leaders.

She has said she plans to host a three-way summit with Mr Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert early next month.

Under American pressure Israel has made a big mistake.

We must move to a mental state of being at war with the Palestinians. It is time for the Israeli government and the Israeli population to grow up and face the facts.

We tried to make peace with people that don't want peace they want our death and the end of our state.

Israel must understand that America and the administration does not have Israel's best interest at the center of American policy and as a result Israel must tell America thanks but no thanks.

Israel must adopt a war footing against the Palestinians and we must choke off funds and weapons from the Palestinians and we must build the IDF and the Israeli people up for the war that we must fight against the Palestinians.

January 17, 2007

Israeli official: Gov't to transfer $100 million to Abbas by Friday

Last update - 16:51 17/01/2007 Israeli official: Gov't to transfer $100 million to Abbas by Friday By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent, and Reuters

Israel hopes to release nearly $100 million in withheld Palestinian Authority tax revenues to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas by Friday, part of a U.S.-led push to bolster Abbas, a senior Israeli official said on Wednesday.

Abbas could use the money to help make long-overdue salary payments to Palestinian public sector workers, hard hit by a Western and an Israeli embargo of the Hamas-led government.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been under U.S. pressure to take steps to strengthen Abbas in his power struggle with Hamas.

The move is one of a series of steps aimed at strengthening Abbas and easing restrictions on the Palestinians that were announced following the December 24 meeting between Olmert and Abbas.

Since that meeting, Abbas's allies have complained that Israel has been undercutting him by taking its time to deliver on its promises.

Abbas, who met U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Sunday, asked Washington to intervene, Palestinian officials said. Rice held talks with Olmert on Monday in Jerusalem.

"We hope to transfer the full amount by Friday," a senior Israeli government official told Reuters of the e100 million in withheld tax revenues pledged by Olmert.

The intervention by the USA will blow up in Americas face and the end result will be more dead Israelis and Palestinians.

Abbas and Olmert are both nothing more than the lap dogs of George Bush and soon both of them will be removed from power.

Olmert by a vote of no confidence in the Knesset and Abbas will be removed from office by violence.

Carter: Palestinian rockets not terrorism


Carter: Palestinian rockets not terrorism

Jimmy Carter: Most criticisms of my book came from Jewish-American organizations'

Yaakov Lappin
Published: 01.17.07, 14:47

Former US President Jimmy Carter told al-Jazeera television he "was not equating Palestinian missiles with terrorism," during an appearance on the Arab satellite station on Sunday.

The broadcast has been translated and made available by MEMRI , the Middle East translation service.

"I don't consider... I wasn't equating the Palestinian missiles with terrorism," said Carter, adding: "But when the Palestinians commit terrorist acts, and I mean when a person blows himself up within a bus full of civilians, or when the target of the operation is women and children – such acts create a rejection of the Palestinians among those who care about them."

Carter discussed his recent book, 'Peace Not Apartheid,' slammed by many critics as being highly biased against Israel.

Proving yet again that he should have stayed a farmer the worse president in American history the man who allowed the conditions to come about which gave birth to the first fundamentalist Islamic in the 20th century Iran. This in turn brought about the evolution of Islamic terrorism that brought the west to where it is today.

Carter now shows that with age he has only become dumber, Palestinian rockets are not terrorism according to Mr. peanut so Jimmy how about letting some rockets fall on your house.

Then his complaint against the American Jews being critical of his book sounds to me like he is saying if it were not for Jews the world’s problems will go away. What he is saying the Palestinians would have no problems if not for the Jews and his book would have been well received but for the Jews is just plain old fashion racism on his part and it is stupid also.

The Palestinians have no economy, they treat the environment poorly allowing raw sewage to run off an enter the water system, they burn all their garbage including rubber and synthetic products which results in toxic gas being formed and the list could go on and on.

Lastly the most important fact about Jimmy's beloved Palestinians, they acted the same way under British rule and then Jordanian rule of the West Bank from 1948 to 1967, they rioted and caused problems the difference was that the Jordanians would just gun them down .

January 16, 2007

IDF Has Removed 44 Road Barriers To Help PA Arabs

IDF Has Removed 44 Road Barriers To Help PA Arabs 19:45 Jan 16, '07 / 26 Tevet 5767

(IsraelNN.com) The IDF has removed 23 dirt barriers in the last several days, bringing the total number to 44 since Prime Minister Ehud Olmert promised Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas he would ease travel for PA Arabs in Judea and Samaria.

Abbas complained to American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice earlier this week that Israel has not fulfilled its commitment. Prime Minister Olmert, who inspected the implementation Tuesday, promised that the removal of the barriers would not endanger security.

Olmert is not the Prime Minister of Israel he is the lap dog of George and Condi the happy couple that is bent of achieving dead Jews.

These dirt barriers are located on dirt roads and trails that run across the hills of Israel crossing the 1967 border, in an effort to stop terrorism and other criminal activity the IDF has built up dirt mounds over these roads and trails.

In short by removing these dirt barriers the infiltration of Palestinians into Israel's population centers will be easier, which will result in the death of Jews at the hands of terrorist.

It will also mean more thefts from farmers and car thefts from our cities, we now have a farmer Shai Dromi sitting in jail for killing an Arab thief and wounding 3 others that committed burglary and were in the process of stealing the farmers sheep. But in the Israel of today with cowards as leaders this poor man sits in jail for defending his property.

Thank You, Zohar For Your Service

On retirement, identity of police's anti-terror unit chief finally revealed By Roni Singer-Heruti

The identity of the head of the police's special anti-terror unit (Yamam) was released for publication for the first time this morning, on the occasion of his departure.

Zohar Dvir, who headed the Yamam for the past five and a half years, joined the unit seven and a half years ago, after years of serving in the career army, where he commanded the Golani unit, among other things.

"During the last intifada, we initiated hundreds of thousands of operations," he told reporters last week.

"The unit's achievements include killing some 50 suicide bombers before they were able to carry out their attack, killing 129 suspected terrorists on the wanted list, arresting 550 people wanted as terrorists and wounding 44 others. We also arrested 93 people for criminal reasons," he said, summing up Yamam's activity during the last intifada years.

"Most cases are not even reported in Israel. All the public hears about is traffic jams, but we act everywhere," he said.

Yamam was established in 1974 after the terror attack in Ma'alot (when members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine attacked a school and killed 26), and engages mainly in special anti-terror activity, cooperating closely with Israel Defense Forces' commando units, mainly the general staff's "reconnaissance unit" (Sayeret Matkal).

All Yamam fighters are former IDF combatants, many of them officers, who undergo a seven-month training course before joining Yamam.

The combatants, most of whom join Yamam in their late twenties, specialize in climbing and skiing, shooting, neutralizing bombs, working with dogs and other activities instrumental to release hostages.

They also train in advanced technology for their secret police work.

About four years ago, Dvir was critically injured in a traffic accident on the coastal road. He recovered against all odds and returned to his unit on crutches two and a half months later.

Dvir stopped by the roadside to help a man caught in a car that had overturned. He managed to extract the injured man with the help of another driver who joined him, but was then hit by a passing truck.

"They saved my life in Hillel Yaffe [hospital], where I was brought with my entire body crushed," he recalled.

"One of the things that motivated me to rehabilitate myself was my desire to return to the unit as fast as possible. I always believed in living the moment and experiencing life intensely, and the injury taught me how transient everything is. You never know how your day will end," he said.

The November 2002 murder of Revital Ohayon and her two children in Kibbutz Metzer by a member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades was the most difficult experience he had on the job.

"We saw the mother hugging her children and it pinched my heart," he said.

A year later, when his men apprehended the murderer, Dvir called the children's father and told him "the circle had closed."

Dvir will soon begin his new job as Amakim district police commander. The appointment of his successor, who had led a rebellion in the Yamam and fell out with his commanders, was controversial.

Better Late Than Never

Last update - 02:03 17/01/2007 Halutz says IDF 'unappreciated' by public in letter of resignation By Haaretz Service

IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz on Tuesday night sent a letter to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announcing his resignation.

In the letter, Halutz expressed his concern over the lack of back-up IDF commanders were given by the government.

"To the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Ehud Olmert

I've been the army's service for 40-years. During this long period I was bestowed with the privilege of serving this country, my homeland, in what I believe is its most exultant task ?defending the well-being and safety of the State of Israel.

I fought, together with my fellow brothers, in the ranks of the IDF on all its fronts. Every time I was called upon for a mission I carried it out with a sense of calling. I acted with deep thought and with accordance to morality, loyalty, trustworthiness and comradery.

To me, the word 'responsibility' is of great significance: it is everything, from A' to Z.' My sense of responsibility is what led me to stay in my post until this moment and lay this letter on your table today.

The day I received the trust of Mr. Ariel Sharon and accepted the position of Chief of Staff on June 1st 2005, I took upon myself a great responsibility.

The meaning of this responsibility manifested itself during the fighting in Lebanon in the summer of 2006 and afterwards. Once the battle cries silenced, I decided to fulfill my obligations according to the tradition and values from home and service in the IDF. Therefore, I ordered an investigation of the war in a manner that has no precedence in the history of the IDF: A thorough, deep and detailed investigation, that did not overlook myself."

Towards the end of the letter, Halutz wrote: "It is the nature of people not to be overjoyed serving in a system that is unappreciated and unprotected by those it represents," Halutz wrote.

"We must promise never to reach a situation in which people of quality would hesitate to tie their fate and future with the IDF. Neither good education nor a strong economny would help us then, and there is a danger that the threats the state of Israel faces will become more substantial."

"I feel great pride having completed [the goals] I've set for myself and fulfilled my obligations."

"In order to lead and, we must fulfill our responsibilities. Having accomplished my current mission, I hereby announce my intention to end my position as IDF Chief of Staff immediately."

Better late than never the IDF is now rid of this worthless sell out.

A man that sold his soul to become Chief of Staff of the IDF who will go down in history as a traitor to the Jewish people who was better at removing Jews from their homes than at fighting a war.

I would like to see either Gabi Ashkenazi become the next Chief of Staff of the IDF. I also think that a good choice would be the current Deputy Chief of Staff Moshe Kaplinsky, but Gabi would be my number one choice.

Police Launch Criminal Probe Against Olmert on Bank Leumi Sale

Police Launch Criminal Probe Against Olmert on Bank Leumi Sale 19:29 Jan 16, '07 / 26 Tevet 5767 by Gil Zohar

State prosecutor Aran Shendar ordered Israel Police to launch a criminal probe Tuesday against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert concerning the sale of the government's shares in Bank Leumi.

Olmert, it is alleged, used his former position as finance minister in order to help two friends who were interested in buying the shares. Olmert has denied interfering in the tender for the state's controlling interest in the bank.

The Prime Minister was notified of the prosecution's order on Tuesday afternoon.

The investigation will focus on suspicions that Olmert tried to steer the tender for the sale of Bank Leumi in order to help Australian real estate tycoon Frank Lowey, a close personal associate, and Daniel Abrams.

Police opened an unofficial "inspection" into the suspicions two months ago. Shendar decided to open a criminal probe after Attorney-General Menachem Mazuz removed himself from the case due to his sister Yemima Mazuz's employment as the Finance Ministry's legal adviser.

Police Commissioner Moshe Karadi is expected to decide Tuesday who will conduct the investigation along with the prosecution's finance department.

Suspicions that Olmert, in his former role as finance minister, was improperly involved in the Leumi sale first came to light in a report by State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss. The main evidence against him is apparently the testimony of Accountant-General Yaron Zelikha.

An opinion prepared by attorney Michael Karshan of the Justice Ministry recommended a criminal investigation against Olmert in the Leumi affair, on suspicion of fraud, breach of trust and other crimes. However, Shendar then decided that more information was needed, and asked the police to carry out certain inquiries as part of the process of deciding whether to open a formal investigation.

January 15, 2007

Palestinians up quality of improvised explosives


| Updated Jan. 16, 2007 0:15
Palestinians up quality of improvised explosives
Under Hizbullah guidance, Palestinian terror groups in the West Bank have recently obtained high-grade explosives that have significantly improved the effectiveness of roadside improvised explosive devices (IED) used against IDF patrols, senior defense officials told The Jerusalem Post on Monday.

According to the officials, the Palestinians, adopting Hizbullah tactics, have also improved the way they camouflage and hide the explosive devices on the sides of roads patrolled by IDF jeeps. While some of the explosives used in the bombs were smuggled into the West Bank - from the Sinai Desert - the Palestinians also used homemade explosives that were less effective but still lethal.

"With predictions of another wave of violence in the West Bank around the corner, the Palestinian IEDs are a point of concern," said one senior official.

Since the beginning of the year, IDF troops in the West Bank have discovered two suicide belts, as well as three large IEDs, including one weighing 60 kilograms and another weighing 32 kg, both near Jenin. In 2006, troops discovered 109 IEDs in the West Bank in addition to 11 suicide belts.

At Sunday's cabinet meeting, Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) chief Yuval Diskin reported growing Hizbullah efforts to establish infrastructure and gain a foothold in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

IEDs have been a source of concern for the US military in Iraq and for NATO forces operating in Afghanistan. At a recent NATO conference in Tel Aviv, the IDF shared intelligence information on the IEDs it was facing and the measures troops took to avoid attacks.

According to a high-ranking IDF officer, Palestinians were continuing efforts to manufacture and fire Kassam rockets from the West Bank. During the summer, the IDF thwarted several such attempts in Tulkarm, where they discovered a Fatah infrastructure behind the development of a small, lightweight Kassam rocket.

"They are constantly trying to get the development off the ground," the officer said. "The only reason they fail is that the IDF retains a presence in the territory."

In the face of the possibility that another wave of violence will break out by the summer, the officer said the Central Command was preparing and was sending battalions for additional training. "The atmosphere is tense, and it is clear that something needs to happen," the officer said. "Either another round of violence or some diplomatic breakthrough. We need to be ready." •

Rice Pushes Olmert to Remove Checkpoints

Rice Pushes Olmert to Remove Checkpoints 16:17 Jan 15, '07 / 25 Tevet 5767 by Hillel Fendel

Prime Minister Olmert and US State Secretary Rice met this morning in Jerusalem. Rice pushed for more restriction-easings in Judea and Samaria - though terror warnings continue to stream in.

Condoleezza Rice, on yet another short Middle East trip, has met so far this time with Foreign Minister Tzippy Livny, Defense Minister Amir Peretz, Strategic Threats Minister Avigdor Lieberman, as well as with Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen and Jordan's King Hussein. She will set off from Jerusalem today for Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Israeli security is suffering as a result of the visit, as nearly all IDF missions to arrest wanted terrorists have been temporarily called off. This, in an effort to prevent a repeat of the embarrassing episode of ten days ago, when IDF forces killed four Ramallah Arabs while trying to arrest a wanted terrorist - while Olmert was in the middle of an important meeting with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

The commander of IDF operations in Yesha, Brig.-Gen. Ya'ir Golan, has given the order only to arrest Arabs when absolutely necessary. He has refused to approve several such operations in the past two days.

In her meeting with Olmert today, Rice was expected to remind him to fulfill the promises he made to Abu Mazen in his recent meeting with him. Olmert had told Abu Mazen he would remove many IDF checkpoints in Judea and Samaria, and would transfer 100 million shekels in tax monies to the PA.

Though IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz told the Cabinet on Sunday that the goodwill gestures are in the process of being fulfilled, Abu Mazen told Rice the same day that this is barely true. Abu Mazen said that most of the checkpoints and resulting long lines of traffic still remain, and that only 40 million shekels have been handed over.

Israeli defense sources say they cannot make major changes in the checkpoints because of the continued warnings of intentions to carry out terror attacks in Israel. Just three days ago, a large bomb designed to attack IDF forces was discovered in Jenin, in the northern Shomron, while yesterday, two terrorists were killed in northern Gaza while transporting explosives for use against Israelis.

In addition, Israel says it will release all the money it promised only after it is made totally clear where each shekel is going - and that it is not going to fund terrorism or violence.

Olmert, for his part, was to ask Rice for sharper sanctions against Iran as it hurtles towards a nuclear bomb.

Rice heard from Abu Mazen on Sunday that he is not interested in temporary arrangements, such as an interim PA state with temporary borders, but only in a permanent agreement.

Arutz-7's Haggai Huberman reports that Rice did not bring a new peace plan, but wished rather to hear both sides.

Rockets fall on the southern parts of Israel fired from Gaza, shots are still being fired at Israeli targets both military and civilian in Judea and Samaria, Abbas still calls on Palestinians to turn their rifles not on each other but on Israel.

So it makes perfect sense for America to put pressure on, and of course that pressure is applied to Israel.

Make no mistake if Israel caves into American pressure and I see no reason for this not to happen their will be but one result, dead Jews.

January 14, 2007

One More Sign

Jan. 14, 2007 9:10 | Updated Jan. 14, 2007 18:18 Police extend Negev farmer's remand By JOSHUA BRANNON AND JPOST.COM STAFF

Beersheba's district court on Sunday extended by four days the remand of a farm owner who killed a trespasser on his property. Police were looking into suspicions of murder, shooting in a residential area and using a gun without a license.

On Saturday, the Negev farmer opened fire on four intruders, killing one of them. The farmer, sources said on Sunday, was now being investigated for suspected murder as a result of the shootings.

# Editorial: The Wild South

Shai Dromi, the owner of Shai Farms in the northern Negev, was arrested for killing Khaled al-Atrash, 31, who police said had recently been released from prison after serving four years for agricultural theft. Al-Atrash had allegedly trespassed on Dromi's farm with three other Negev Beduin men.

According to the owner, the men arrived at the farm, poisoned a guard dog and broke a lock on one of Dromi's sheep pens. Dromi told detectives that a similar incident had occurred a month earlier.

Police and Border Police units were dispatched to Shai Farms after gunfire was reported in the area, and discovered the farmer attempting to resuscitate al-Atrash, who nevertheless died shortly thereafter. The second man arrived by ambulance in critical but stable condition at Soroka, hospital officials said.

Dromi told police that he had fired warning shots to scare off the suspected burglars after they entered the yard, and only later realized that he had hit two of them. The other two trespassers were apparently wounded, but managed to flee the scene. Police detained the farmer for further questioning.

"The burglar's death was expected, considering the police's helplessness in preventing agricultural thefts in the south," chairman of the Negev Development Council Shmuel Rifman said Saturday evening.

According to Rifman, there has been a dramatic increase in agricultural theft - from cattle to expensive equipment and copper tubing - in the Negev.

Rifman said an increase in detective work and intelligence would greatly help decrease agricultural theft by local Beduin, since only a few specific groups are thought to be responsible for a majority of the crimes. Meanwhile, Rifman said, farm owners could be expected to take steps to protect their livelihoods.

"Regrettably, with the constant agricultural crime, this was the first, but most likely will not be the last such incident," Rifman said.

Also on Sunday, Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon called on Interior Security Minister Avi Dichter to introduce new alternatives to fighting the war against agricultural thefts in the Negev.

According to Simhon, the lives of the farmers on the periphery have "turned into hell" because of the need to defend their equipment in wide-open areas. "The country has abandoned the farmers, said Simhon.

Director of the Agriculture Ministry, Yael Shaltiali, is expected to meet with Dichter on Monday.

Dror's lawyer, Suzie Shalev, told Army Radio that her client had attempted to stop the intruders by shooting first in the air, but due to a mechanical problem with his weapon, the gun did not fire until he shot at their legs.

According to Shalev, Dror immediately called Meitar's security head.

"I understand that he is in trouble, but I'd like to know what his other options were," she said.

Israel can not keep going the way it is. Have we for gotten the early founders of the State that had to plow the fields by day with a rifle next to them and fight the Arabs at night that were thieves and terrorist. Nothing has changed on my Moshav we have had hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment stolen in the past and our fields burned.

In case you think my village is in Judea or Samaria it is not it is inside the 1967 border.

Today the news from Israel is bad we are thinking of releasing a murdering piece of scum no doubt due to American pressure. We are also thinking of allowing an Arab anthem, by the way they have one which says by their blood and fire they will destroy Israel.

Now this a Jewish farmer once held in high regard today can't even defend his property.

G-D help us.

Knesset Discusses Special Anthem for Arabs

Knesset Discusses Special Anthem for Arabs 22:10 Jan 14, '07 / 24 Tevet 5767

(IsraelNN.com) The Knesset law Committee Sunday discussed a proposal to provide an alternative to the Hatikvah anthem for Arabs. Several members of the panel said that Arab citizens of Israel cannot be expected to stand proudly and sing words about 2,000 years of being without a Jewish state.

However, Knesset Member Matan Vilnai (Labor) said the existence of a Jewish state demands that Arabs accept that as a reality.

Where are the Jews that are strong and proud to be Israelis?

A special anthem for Arabs, if we keep this up it will be 2000 years more until we get a Jewish State again for Israel will fall.

Deputy defense minister: We'll mull Barghouti's release

Deputy defense minister: We'll mull Barghouti's release

Sneh says in lecture before Council for Peace and Security Israel will have to weigh jailed Fatah leader's release in future; states Hamas becoming more and more radical, Israel should ally with moderates

Hanan Greenberg
Published: 01.14.07, 22:00

Is the defense establishment set to revise its stance regarding the release of jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti? During a lecture Sunday, Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh said that there would come a time when this issue would have to be looked into.

"Barghouti is the Palestinian people's most popular leader. We helped him gain this status. Granted, there is a legal problem, but we will have to solve it," Sneh told the Council for Peace and Security.

Speaking about the diplomatic plan, Sneh provided a lengthy explanation about the internal situation in the Palestinian Authority. He estimated that Hamas will remain a radical element, prepare for a third intifada, aid al-Qaeda-like organizations to establish themselves in the PA and continue to preach hatred towards Israel.

Sneh said that the way to defeat Hamas was by finding a Palestinian partner and creating a diplomatic horizon.

"Hamas is trying to create a situation of distress, despair and diplomatic dead-end, in a bid to draw the public in the direction of the terrorist stance. We need to work in the exact opposite direction, and find the moderate elements in order to act against Hamas' strategy," Sneh said.

Insanity, is what infects the leaders of Israel. Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh, call Barghouti a moderate, a man that is in jail serving time for the murder of Jews is a moderate?

If we keep people like this in the Knesset we do not deserve a place called Israel, which works out just fine as with people like this in the Knesset we will loose a place called Israel.

January 13, 2007

Dead Jews, Don't Matter

Lieberman To Rice: IDF return To Gaza Cannot Be Avoided 08:37 Jan 14, '07 / 24 Tevet 5767 by Hana Levi Julian

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice heard unwelcome news from Yisrael Beitenu Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman Saturday night: the IDF's return to Gaza is inevitable.

Rice wasted no time upon her arrival, meeting immediately with top government officials to discuss the deteriorating situation in the Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority, including Defense Minister Amir Peretz, Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh, IDF Chief of Intelligence Amos Yadlin and senior security advisor Amos Gilad.

But it was Lieberman who delivered to Rice the hard facts: it is only a matter of time, he said, until the next military operation in Gaza.

If the IDF is forced into such an action this time, Lieberman said, the IDF would not pull out until the deployment of 30,000 NATO troops to ensure the area remains peaceful and quiet.

Peretz, meanwhile, discussed his new, revised version of the Road Map plan as an alternative to the current strategies being considered. Both plans aim to restart negotiations between Israel and the PA for further Israeli concessions.

The Defense Minister also underscored the importance of addressing the issue of Israel’s kidnapped IDF soldiers – officer Gilad Shalit, being held by PA terrorists based in Gaza, and reservists Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser, who were kidnapped by Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon. The whereabouts of all three remain unknown.

After Rice met with Israel’s security officials, she sat with Foreign Minister Tzipy Livni, who went directly to the point: “security for Israelis everywhere, in bombarded Sderot as well.”

According to last week’s issue of Time magazine, Rice stepped on the plane with the intention of trying to convince Israel to skip the first step of the Quartet’s Road Map plan --- a complete cessation of violence as a condition for progress in any other area, including the establishment of an independent Palestinian Authority state.

Although Livni has agreed in meetings with Rice on the need for a two-state solution, she said, this did not mean the safety of the Israeli civilian could be sacrificed in achieving that diplomatic goal. “My statements were misunderstood,” Livni said at the brief news conference that followed her meeting with the U.S. Secretary of State. “I support a dialogue, but not giving up on stages.”

Livni added that “no steps would be passed over,” in moving towards negotiations between Israel and the PA.

“We will continue with our efforts,” said Livni . “The objective is clear, two states living side-by-side in peace. The elections in the Palestinian Authority have made matters more complicated. Our responsibility is to give the Palestinians a political horizon as well as to provide safety to Israelis in Sderot. I want to personally thank the U.S. Secretary of State for her determination and understanding,” she said.

Dead Jews don't matter.

This is the message Secretary Rice brought to Israel. America is once again wanting to turn a blind eye to dead Jews in their effort to build a terrorist state for the Palestinians.

President Bush and Condi Rice are giving the message to the Palestinians that dead Jews don't matter, by wanting Israel to violate the Road Map that Bush and Rice conceived as the way to peace.

By wanting Israel to move ahead with out an end to the terror attacks on Israelis they are giving the green light to the Palestinian people to murder more Jews.

Today Bushes puppet Abbas cut some of the strings that Washington D.C. has on him when he told the Palestinians to turn their rifles on Israel and not each other.

May G-D force a price on President Bush for standing by or even aiding in the shedding of Jewish blood.

January 12, 2007


Ceremony Marking 6 Months Since Soldiers´ Abduction Has Begun 13:39 Jan 12, '07 / 22 Tevet 5767

(IsraelNN.com) The ceremony marking six months since the abduction of Israeli soldiers Eldad Regev, Ehud Goldwasser and Gilad Shalit has begun in the community of Zar'it near Israel's northern border.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created a page on its website to mark the occasion.

We must not forget these soldiers and the biggest shame of the Olmert government is not loosing Israels first war but leaving our soldiers in the hands of terrorist.


MK Vilan: MK Tibi is "Crossing the Line"

MK Vilan: MK Tibi is "Crossing the Line" 12:05 Jan 12, '07 / 22 Tevet 5767

(IsraelNN.com) A left-wing Knesset member criticized Arab MK Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List-Ta'al) Friday for calling on Fatah supporters in a Ramallah rally to "continue the struggle" until an Arab state is established.

"As soon as there are political calls there for a struggle, [Tibi] is essentially crossing the line and creating an impossible situation," MK Vilan (Meretz) told Israel Radio on Friday. Vilan added that Tibi expressed "total identification" with Fatah - referring to himself and his audience as "we" and to Israelis as "they" - even though, said Vilan, Tibi represents all Knesset members and the entire Israeli population.

Tibi was PLO founder Yasir Arafat's personal advisor for years before entering the Knesset.

It is time Israel holds our Israeli Arabs to a standard. If you support the enemy you will be tried for treason and given the death penalty.

IDF Discovers 32 kg. IED Near Jenin

IDF Discovers 32 kg. IED Near Jenin 12:50 Jan 12, '07 / 22 Tevet 5767

(IsraelNN.com) IDF soldiers discovered a 32 kg. IED near Hirbet a–Najar, south of Jenin. The same unit discovered a 60 g. bomb west of Jenin a week ago.

Central Command is "worried" about the improvements carried out recently in the weight and quality of the IEDs in Judea and Samaria. According to Haaretz, the terror units are trying to develop a way to destroy vehicles equipped with bulletproof glass.

January 11, 2007

Terrorists Resume Kassam Attacks

Terrorists Resume Kassam Attacks
22:29 Jan 11, '07 / 21 Tevet 5767

(IsraelNN.com) Arab terrorists fired a Kassam rocket on the western Negev in the past hour, causing no injuries or damage. It landed next to a kibbutz south of Sderot.

Nearly 100 rockets have been fired on Israel since the so-called ceasefire agreement was announced in lat November. Israel has maintained its policy of not retaliating in order to honor the agreement.

President Bush Wake Up

Rally Marks Anniversary of First Fatah Terror Attack 19:00 Jan 11, '07 / 21 Tevet 5767 by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Marking the 42nd anniversary of the organization's first terrorist attack on Israel, Fatah held a rally in Ramallah on Thursday. Israeli Arab MK Ahmed Tibi addressed the crowd.

The large rally, held on the grounds of the Mukata headquarters of the Palestinian Authority, was attended by thousands of supporters. In addition to an anniversary event, the rally was seen as a show of strength in the battle with Hamas for public support in the PA.

Accompanied by leading members of the Fatah terror group, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas addressed the crowd.

After placing flowers on the grave of the late arch-terrorist, PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, Abbas said, "We have turned guns on the occupation, and that is our legitimate right, but to turn the guns on each other is forbidden."

Saying that internecine violence in Gaza served no one's interests, Abbas called on Fatah faction members to refrain even from insulting the Hamas terrorist group. The two terror groups have been battling in the streets of Gaza for control of the PA government since Hamas was elected to the leadership a year ago, with a sharp increase in violence in recent weeks.

Abbas condemned Israel for its recent counter-terrorist operations in Ramallah and Gaza. He also was careful to call upon all the PA factions and militias to adhere to what he characterized as "the laws of Islam" and avoid killing innocent individuals.

The PA leader also indicated his opposition to the establishment of a Palestinian state with interim borders, as called for by the Road Map to Peace promoted by the Quartet - the US, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations. An interim Palestinian state is phase two in the Road Map's three-phase plan for a final settlement of the Arab-Israel conflict.

Also addressing the Fatah anniversary rally in Ramallah was Israeli Arab Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi (Ra'am-Ta'al). He called upon all PA factions to unite and said that the struggle would continue until the conquest of Jerusalem by the Arabs.

"The Palestinian struggle will continue until the liberation of all the Palestinian lands and the establishment of a Palestinian state on all the lands occupied in 1967 - chief among them, holy Jerusalem!" MK Tibi declared.

Even though Fatah was founded in the late 1950s, the Ramallah rally was held to mark the first terrorist attack carried out against Israel by the organization, on January 1, 1965. The intended target was Israel's national water supply system, but the bombing was prevented by Israeli security officers.

President Bush here is the real Abbas, the man you want to deal with and to give my land to.

Why don't you create a new State for Bin Laden while you are at it, for that is what you are doing with the Palestinians creating a terrorist state.

January 10, 2007

Labor MK Raleb Majadele to be appointed first Arab minister


Last update - 23:52 10/01/2007
Labor MK Raleb Majadele to be appointed first Arab minister
By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent

Opposition parties sharply criticized Defense Minister Amir Peretz's announcement Wednesday that Labor MK Raleb Majadele will be appointed to science and technology minister, calling it a survival tactic by Peretz.

Hadash chairman Mohammed Barakeh said that the announcement constitutes another "dirty trick" that "cannot be seen as an advancement of Arabs."

Meretz chairman Yossi Beilin said that Peretz "cannot amend his vow not to sit with Lieberman in the government through this appointment." Beilin maintains that "Majadele will find himself in an impossible situation when he will have to sit with the 'Champion of Aswan-Tehran-Umm el Fahem' [Lieberman]." He warned that the appointment will become part of the Arab tragedy in Israel.

Labor MK Nadia Hilu welcomed the appointment, calling it a historical step. "This is another step on the way to a life of partnership and coexistence," she said.

Majadele will replace Labor MK Ophir Pines-Paz, who resigned roughly two months ago in the wake of the addition of right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu to the coalition.

Majadele began his Knesset tenure in mid-2004, and has served since as the chairman of the Knesset Internal Affairs and Environment Committee. He is currently also a member of the Science and Technology Committee, the Committee on Foreign Workers, and the Labor, Welfare, and Health Committee.

Majadele also served in the past as the secretary of the "Noar Haoved" movement in Baka al-Garbiyeh and the secretary of the Regional Workers' Council.

Is appointing an Israeli Arab as a minister in a government of the Jewish state a betrayal of the prayers of 2000 years of the Jewish people?

I am against this appointment not because Majadele is an Arab, but rather because so many Israeli Arab members of Knesset are the enemy of the Jewish people. I do not want enemies of Israel and the Jewish people in the Knesset much less as Ministers in the government.

84% of Israelis: Top Politicians are Corrupt

84% of Israelis: Top Politicians are Corrupt 20:17 Jan 10, '07 / 20 Tevet 5767

(IsraelNN.com) 84% of the Israeli public does not believe in the party leaders' moral integrity and 52% do not believe a single party exists whose leaders are not corrupt. This – according to a poll conducted for the Knesset channel, to be broadcast Thursday.

The poll found that 85% of the public thinks corruption is characteristic of Israel's leadership and only 9% think that integrity is typical of Israel's leadership.

94% of the public think that the corruption is sapping the nation's strength, and 71% said corruption among leaders leads to corruption in the general public.

January 09, 2007

Al-Qaeda, Hizbullah and Hamas Are Gaining Strength

Al-Qaeda, Hizbullah and Hamas Are Gaining Strength
01:12 Jan 10, '07 / 20 Tevet 5767
by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

The international terrorist organization Al-Qaeda is boosting its presence in three of the Arab states bordering Israel, while Hizbullah and Hamas are also getting increasingly stronger.

Major General Amos Yadlin, commander of the IDF Intelligence Corps, told members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday that Lebanon, Syria and Egypt have all seen an increase in Al-Qaeda activity in recent months. The IDF assessment is that Ayman Al-Zawahiri, assumed to be Al-Qaeda's current second-in-command, has given the order for the organization's operatives to spread out in the three Arab countries.

In addition, a small number of Al-Qaeda terrorists reached Gaza, Maj. Gen. Yadlin said. IDF forces were said to have arrested several Al-Qaeda members in the Shechem area in Samaria, as well.

"Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of Al-Qaeda men have reached Lebanon," said Yadlin. "The men are trained and possess terrorist knowledge." In Lebanon, Al-Qaeda poses a threat mostly to UNIFIL and Western interests, the IDF Intelligence Corps commander explained.

Addressing another Islamist threat to Israel from Lebanon, Maj. Gen. Yadlin told the Knesset committee that the Hizbullah is steadily increasing its strength there, despite the presence of UN peacekeepers trying to implement UN Resolution 1701. While there are confrontations between UNIFIL and Hizbullah fighters, "it doesn't prevent Hizbullah from revitalizing itself," Yadlin said. On Saturday, French soldiers in Lebanon exchanged fire with members of Hizbullah. The clash ended only with the intervention of the Lebanese army.

At the same time, Yadlin noted that the Hizbullah patron Syria has stepped down from its high level of military alert, instituted at the start of the war in Lebanon over the summer. Maj. Gen. Yadlin admitted to the MKs that he was uncertain if Syrian President Bashar Assad was sincere in seeking a diplomatic agreement with Israel at this stage.

Regarding the Iranian backers of Hizbullah, the IDF intelligence chief said that they may be able to produce a nuclear bomb by mid-2009; or earlier, if they can obtain enriched materials from outside Iran. As for now, Yadlin said, Iran is using the UN Security Council's ultimatum countdown for uranium enrichment. "Iran's trying to convey the message that it is too late," said Yadlin.

Like Hizbullah and Al-Qaeda, the Hamas terrorist organization and its Palestinian Authority government is also gaining strength, Maj. Gen. Yadlin said. Thanks to massive smuggling across the Egypt-Gaza border and other forms of money transfer, Yadlin explained, the Hamas government is stabilizing economically. An additional factor in its stabilization is the international legitimacy Hamas leaders are given in many countries, including invitations extended to PA prime minister Ismail Haniyeh.

On the other hand, last month, Al-Qaeda's Al-Zawahiri attacked the leaders of Egypt and the Palestinian Authority as betrayers of Islam and collaborators with the United States and Israel. Referring to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and to a senior member of the Fatah organization, Al-Zawahiri asked: "How is it possible for Mahmoud Abbas to be a brother of ours, or for Muhammad Dahlan to be a brother of ours, when they have grown fat on the bribes of the Jews and gifts of the Americans? ...Do not recognize their legitimacy. ...And don't sit with them... and do not sign with them the documents that will make you lose Palestine."

Responding to the Al-Qaeda charges that the Fatah leadership consists of "enemies" to the Muslims, PA spokesman Jamal Nazal said that Al-Qaeda was trying to drive a wedge between Fatah and Hamas, whose militias clashed violently last month. Both Hamas and Fatah forces admit to collaboration in using foreign aid and weapons against Israeli and Jewish targets.

Justice source: Olmert should suspend himself if investigated

Justice source: Olmert should suspend himself if investigated

Pursuant to Channel 10 report that Attorney General Mazuz plans to investigate Olmert affairs, justice source says Olmert has public and legal obligation to resign upon becoming focus of police investigation

Aviram Zino
Latest Update: 01.10.07, 01:18

A senior justice official said Wednesday that "if a criminal investigation is launched against (Prime Minister Ehud) Olmert, on suspicion of wrongdoing, he should to suspend himself from his post."

Pursuant to a report of an imminent police indictment against the prime minister, more than one justice source expressed this opinion, often disagreeing on the legal obligation of such a suspension, but agreeing on the public obligation.

Tuesday, Israel's Channel 10 reported that that Attorney General Menachem Mazuz plans to instruct Israel Police to launch an investigation against Prime Minister Ehud Olmert over three affairs he is allegedly connected to.

The investigation is expected to begin upon the prime minister's return from his trip to China.

The justice source told Ynet that, both from a public and legal perspective, Olmert has no choice but to suspend himself from duty. This is in accordance with the philosophy that the head of a government authority related to law enforcement, such as Justice Minister or Internal Security Minister, cannot serve while being investigated.

As such, "Ramon and Lieberman's situation applies to the prime minister also. He stands at the top of the executive and administrative pyramids."

It should be recalled that Lieberman was unable to serve as Internal Security Minister because of the investigation against him. Likewise, Ramon suspended himself from the position of Justice Minister upon his indictment.

The PM's obligation to the public also serves as a deciding factor, the source said: "Leaders need to constitute a personal example and a symbol."

As such, Olmert needs to temporarily suspend himself, similarly to Moshe Katsav and even the much lesser charges against former prime minister the late Itzhak Rabin, whose wife's was involved in a foreign coin scandal, the source emphasized.

According to the source, "someone who has such a black cloud hanging over him, can't led a country, since he will be busy defending his name and distracted, instead of ruling a country and its immediate needs."

Another justice source told Ynet that Israel is faced with a difficult situation: Although there is a precedent for prime ministers not to suspend themselves from office, not doing so "could cause a widespread judicial crisis."

The three affairs

According to the report, the decision to open a criminal investigation was made during the investigation of alleged criminal conduct in the selling of Bank Leumi's majority shares.

Reports said that the prime minister, along with additional parties, allegedly committed criminal bribery offenses during the sale of the bank's shares in 2005. The allegations claim that Olmert, who was Minister of Finance at the time, apparently broke the law for two of his friends – Daniel Abrams and Frank Louie – with whom he conducted, directly and indirectly, a relationship which allegedly involved bribe.

State Comptroller Justice Micha Lindenstrauss investigated the case and transferred his findings to Mazuz.

The second affair involves the prime minister's alleged illegal political appointments in the Israel Small and Medium Enterprises Authority during his tenure as minister of industry, commerce, and labor.

The other allegations pertain to Olmert’s association with his confidante Attorney Uri Messer, who was a partner in the prime minister’s law firm until 1988.

Messer was one of the key figures in the affair involving Olmert’s purchase of a luxury apartment on Cremieux Street in Jerusalem. Messer allegedly conducted the business negotiations on Olmert’s behalf.

Reports said Olmert received a USD 320,000 discount on the apartment in exchange for expediting construction permits.

The Justice Ministry responded to the Channel 10 report by saying that "The ministry will not respond to any publication, news item, or speculation on this matter."

"When the decision making process on these sensitive and complicated matters, which is still going on, is over, a clear announcement will be made to the public," said the ministry's announcement.

I don't care how Israel get's rid of Olmert just as long as he is gone. Also let's hope that this along with the crack down at the Israeli IRS for corruption is the start of cleaning house.

January 08, 2007

Olmert Admits: Unilateralism a Failure

Olmert Admits: Unilateralism a Failure
06:50 Jan 09, '07 / 19 Tevet 5767

(IsraelNN.com) In an interview with Chinese news agency Xinhua, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert admitted that unilateral withdrawals in Lebanon and Gaza have been failures. He expressed willingness to negotiate a withdrawal from most of Judea and Samaria, but only within the framework of bilateral negotiations.

Over the summer, Olmert was still discussing his unilateral "convergence plan", even as the second Lebanon War raged on. That plan has been shelved.

IDF: Israeli casualties down last year, but terror activity is up

IDF: Israeli casualties down last year, but terror activity is up By Amos Harel

The noteworthy drop in Israeli casualties from Palestinian attacks belies the fact that there has been "significant escalation on the ground in terms of the threat levels and the number of attempts to dispatch suicide bombers" in recent months, a senior officer in the IDF Central Command told reporters yesterday.

Relaying data on violence in the territories during the past year, the officer said that 187 Palestinians, currently in Israeli custody, were involved in conspiracies to carry out suicide bombing attacks in 2006.

Last year, 11 Israeli citizens were killed in two suicide bombings perpetrated within the Green Line, the lowest such figure since 2001.

According to the senior officer, the greatest asset in the arsenal of the security forces is the ability to operate freely in Palestinian cities.

During the period of tahdiye (calm), between January and September of 2005, the IDF avoided entering Palestinian towns, but once the agreement that led to the calm collapsed, it was necessary to use greater numbers of troops in order to renew operations inside the cities.

"We used to deploy an entire battalion in the town of Qabatiya, near Jenin, and we would still encounter heavy fire," the officer says, to describe the situation following the tahdiye hiatus. "Now we have gone back to a situation in which we can carry out arrests using troops in two jeeps," he added.

Both suicide bomb attacks in 2006 took place in the same neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv. The first caused only injuries, but the second claimed 11 lives.

In the army, the drop in the number of suicide bombings is explained by the serious blow suffered by Islamic Jihad in the northern West Bank.

In 2005, 23 Israelis were killed in attacks for which this particular Islamic Jihad ring was responsible. However, last year, 33 members of the ring were either killed or arrested. Five members are believed to have remained at large and appear to have made efforts to recruit others to their ranks, but the effectiveness of the group has suffered a serious blow.

Under the IDF's actions we have dropped the attempted suicide bombings in 2006 down to one attempte every two days. In the past their has been years when their were up to 10 attempts on some days.

Great Job, Lads and keep up the good work.

Shin Bet: 14 percent of suicide bombers had Israeli citizenship

Last update - 19:27 08/01/2007 Shin Bet: 14 percent of suicide bombers had Israeli citizenship By Gideon Alon, Haaretz Correspondent

38 of the 272 suicide bombings in Israel (roughly 14 percent) were carried out by terrorists that had received Israeli citizenship in the context of family reunification, a Shin Bet official told the Knesset Internal Affairs and Environment Committee on Monday.

The committee met Monday in order to discuss the extension of a temporary law that prevents family reunification between Palestinian residents of the West Bank and Gaza and Israeli Arabs due to security reasons.

The Shin Bet official said the figures show it is imperative that the government extend the temporary law, which will expire January 16.

Deputy Attorney General Mike Blass also said it is absolutely necessary to extend the law, because security threats have not decreased. Justice Ministry attorney Yochi Gansin said there has been an increase in the involvement of women in terrorist attacks, including married women, widows, and educated women.

Nearly all of the MKs who participated in the deliberations were harshly critical of calls to extend the temporary law. The committee's chairman, Labor MK Raleb Majadele, demand the committee be presented with statistics on the involvement in terror of Palestinians who received entry permits, and not just those who received citizenship as a result of family unification.

Meretz Chairman Yossi Beilin called the law "a terrible law, a draconian law that has no place in the book of laws," while Hadash MK Dov Khenin said: "It is a bad law that harms human and civil rights."

Ra'am-Ta'al MK Ahmed Tibi said the "rationale behind the law is not security but demographics."

Is it any wonder that Israel is in the mess that it is in with these leftist idiots in power.

14% of suicide bombers were givien Israeli citizenship under a family reunification program.

Let me be clear I don't care about Palestinian and Israeli Arabs families reunification I care about the victims of 14% of the suicide bombers and if some people suffer because they marry a person that lives on the wrong side of a line on a map too bad.

Hamas Is Correct

Hamas: Fatah in league with Zionist conspiracy

Hamas responds to harsh criticism from Fatah, accuses latter of collaborating with Israel, US to overthrow gov't. Fatah call Hamas 'Shiite agents' while Hamas negotiate with Islamic Jihad over possible merge

Ali Waked
Published: 01.08.07, 22:19

A day after Fatah leaders spoke out against Hamas , Hamas are now warning of a "revolutionist sect within Fatah" which is trying to lead the Palestinians into civil war.

The past 24 hours in Gaza and the West Bank have been relatively quiet though tensions are still running extremely high; especially if judged by statements made by both sides.

Hamas spokesman Dr. Fouzi Barhoum told reporters at a press conference on Monday that there are those in Fatah who are in league with the Zionist-American conspiracy to stage a coup and overthrow the elected Palestinian government – this as punishment for the fact that the government refuses to recognize the State of Israel .

Barhoum said that there are Israeli and American interests shared by Fatah and that the economic and political siege led by the US, Israel and officials within the PA is designed to defeat the Islamic movement – represented by Hamas which won the Palestinian vote.

Barhoum said that Muhammad Dahlan – the leading Fatah leader in Gaza who once tried to overthrow Yasser Arafat – now seeks to overthrow the current government.

Barhoum said that over the course of the past month there were 70 incidents in which Hamas establishments and leaders were attacked, including parliament and the prime minister's office.

He said that Hamas will not let the situation come to civil war and addressed Fatah leaders, calling them back to the Palestinian negotiation table.

Hamas, said Barhoum, will not allow a group seeking a coup to destroy it, nor will the movement allow the Zionist enemy victory.

"The kidnapping of Hamas officials by Fatah is taking place while Israel continues to arrest movement leaders," he said.

Fatah compares Hamas with Iraqi Shiite leader

Hamas' scathing comments were issued in response to a harsh speech by Muhammad Dahlan on Sunday during a Fatah rally in which he called Hamas "murderers" and said that Fatah will respond when its people are attacked. Barhoum said that Dahlan's speech was an invitation for civil war.

Meanwhile – despite a relative lull in gunbattles – the two warring factions devoted their time to pointing fingers over recent events and specifically over President Mahmoud Abbas' declaration Saturday that Hamas' special security force was illegal.

While Hamas says that the decision was engineered by the revolutionary group surrounding Abbas, the press have labeled Hamas "Sadari", after Iraqi Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr, an archenemy of Iraqi Sunni Arabs and who reportedly participated in Saddam Hussein's execution.

Fatah imply that Hamas is being run by Iranian Shiite interests and in response to Hamas' use of the term "Israeli agents" regarding Fatah – the latter has labeled Hamas "Shiite agents".

Ynet has learned that in preparation for a potential face-off and in light of Fatah's US-supplied weapons, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are in talks to possibly unite their ranks.

A Palestinian source says that leaders from both organizations have met in Damascus and in Gaza and it has been decided that the groups will form a unified front against Fatah.

The matter was discussed in these meetings between Hamas political chief Khaled Mashaal and Islamic Jihad Secretary General Ramadan Abdullah Shallah. It was decided in these meetings that Islamic Jihad would initially support Hamas in the public and in the media to strengthen the organization.

In recent days Islamic Jihad has adopted virtually all of Hamas' positions in the question of its special force and who shoulders the responsibility for what has occurred on the Palestinian street.

At the time it remains unclear if, should larger-scale clashes erupt, Islamic Jihad fighters will physically join Hamas but both sides continue to prepare for the possibility of an upcoming conflict, while still calling for a return to negotiations.

Wow, it could only happen in the Middle East.

I never thought the day would come when I say Hamas is correct, but Fatah has become the lacy of the USA and by extension the Olmert government.

I first want to make it 100% clear Fatah still seeks to destroy Israel and murder 6,000,000 Jews, but they are seeking to maintain their hold on power which means the ability to funnel international donations to the Palestinians into their own private Swiss bank accounts.

President Bush wanted democracy in the Middle East and he got with the Palestinians a Hamas victory and he will get in the future a Hizballah victory in Lebanon. By stressing democracy Bush has sown the seeds for generations to come of Islamic terror as more states will vote for Islamic governments.

As American policy pushes democracy we begin to see the true face of the Middle East and the day will come when people can no longer play games and pretend. As once the German people gave themselves over to the madness of the Nazi's the Middle East is giving itself over to the madness of the mullahs.

Fatah with American and Israeli backing will fail, Hamas will become the sole voice for the Palestinians and then what of your two State solution President Bush?

Is it going to be the "Final Solution"?

"Am Israel Chai" is the answer for the Jewish people will live and move ahead and soon G-D willing replace the cowards,scum and traitors of the Knesset with strong G-D fearing Jews that will say enough is enough.

Finance Minister Next in Line for Police Investigation

Finance Minister Next in Line for Police Investigation 10:22 Jan 08, '07 / 18 Tevet 5767 by Hillel Fendel

After weeks of rumors and speculation, A-G Meni Mazuz has approved a police investigation of Finance Minister Hirschson - on charges that he knew of, and may have taken part in, massive embezzling.

The story began in 2003, when it was discovered that 5.6 million shekels were missing from the Nili non-profit association, which was associated with the Leumit Workers' Union.

The two main players in the story are Hirschson and the main suspect in the embezzlement, Ovadiah Cohen. Hirschson was Chairman of both the Leumit Workers Union and the Knesset Finance Committee, while Cohen served as Chairman of the Union's Finance Committee and its Nili non-profit association.

Hirschson, it is charged, did not go to the police with the story of the embezzlement, preferring to keep the story under wraps. This crime of omission was the original source of the suspicions against the Minister. It has now been learned, however, that Hirschson is suspected of having benefited from the actual embezzlement itself.

The Justice Ministry refused to confirm or deny today whether Mazuz had actually given the go-ahead for the police to question Hirschson. The Finance Minister's office, for its part, issued a statement saying, "If the Finance Minister is summoned for questioning, he will be happy to give his full version of the events. Minister Hirschson has nothing to hide, and he is confident in the efficient work of the law authorities."

Cohen is currently in jail, together with his two brothers, in connection with the missing millions. The NFC website reports that the police are considering trying to recruit him as a state's witness against Hirschson.

Hirschson was the initiator and head of the March of the Living program to Auschwitz, and was the Secretary-General of the Zionist Socialist Youth Movement (Noar HaLeumi HaOved V'HaLomed) from 1970 until 1992.

January 07, 2007

Hamas warns: Abbas responsible for bloodshed

hamas security in Gaza.jpg

Hamas warns: Abbas responsible for bloodshed

Statement issued by six armed factions affiliated with Hamas slams Palestinian president's decision to dissolve government's special security force. 'Anyone who tries to take such action will be held accountable for the consequences,' groups declare

Ali Waked
Published: 01.07.07, 23:30

Six armed Palestinian groups affiliated with Hamas issued a statement Sunday evening threatening to respond with force to any attempt to dissolve the government's special security force.

"We warn that anyone planning to harm Hamas' security force, in accord with the Israeli occupation, will have to face us," the statement read.

The statement comes following President Mahmoud Abbas' declaration Saturday that the force was illegal.

The six organizations, which include Hamas' armed wing, the Popular Resistance Committees, and groups that split from Fatah, announced they will allow no one to attack the security force, saying that anyone who takes such action "will be held accountable for the consequences."

The organizations referred to Abbas as "the president of the Oslo Authority," and stressed they do not recognize his decision to declare the force "illegal."

"We hold Abbas responsible for every drop of blood that will be shed by our kinsmen because of his decision. We hold him personally responsible, along with the master of conspiracy and division, the godfather of the American plot, called Muhammad Dahlan," the groups wrote in the statement.

The statement continued, "We make it clear to our people that we will remain loyal to national unity and won't allow collaborators and traitors to drag us into civil war, even if we are forced occasionally, and with much regret, to strike the hubs of treason and conspiracy…"

Fatah fights back
Fatah officials responded to the statement by saying it constitutes a threat to assassinate Dahlan and other Fatah operatives. Hamas, on the other hand, claimed that Abba' decision was aimed at fueling tensions in the Palestinian arena.

The Palestinian Legislative Council also rejected Abbas' decision, which was lauded by Fatah. Interior Minister Said Siam asked the Egyptian delegation in the territories to act immediately towards putting a stop to actions against Hamas institutes and members in the West Bank.

However, a Fatah official estimated that Fatah's mass rally Sunday will force Hamas to rethink its strategy in the West Bank.

"We have made it clear to Hamas that the Strip should not be taken for granted, and that our decision not to respond was motivated by a desire to contain the confrontation. But the recent incidents led us to change our attitude, and from now on we will not allow any attack against our people," a senior al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades operative in the northern Strip told Ynet.

I hope that Hamas kills Abbas and soon as that should put an end to President Bush's dream of a terror state called Palestine.

January 06, 2007

Report: Israel has plans for nuclear strike on Iran


Report: Israel has plans for nuclear strike on Iran

British paper reports Israel has secret plan to take out Iranian nuclear facilities with Israeli nukes. Cites 'Israeli military sources' as saying pilots already training for mission against nuclear sites in Natanz, Arak and Isfahan

Published: 01.07.07, 02:46

Israel has drawn up secret plans to destroy Iran's uranium enrichment facilities with tactical nuclear weapons, Britain's Sunday Times newspaper said.

Citing what it said were several Israeli military sources, the paper said two Israeli air force squadrons had been training to blow up an enrichment plant in Natanz using low-yield nuclear "bunker busters".

Two other sites, a heavy water plant at Arak and a uranium conversion plant at Isfahan, would be targeted with conventional bombs, the Sunday Times said.

The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously last month to slap sanctions on Iran to try to stop uranium enrichment that Western powers fear could lead to making bombs. Tehran insists its plans are peaceful and says it will continue enrichment.

Israel has refused to rule out pre-emptive military action against Iran along the lines of its 1981 air strike against an atomic reactor in Iraq, though many analysts believe Iran's nuclear facilities are too much for Israel to take on alone.

The newspaper said the Israeli plan envisaged conventional laser-guided bombs opening "tunnels" into the targets. Nuclear warheads would then be used fired into the plant at Natanz, exploding deep underground to reduce radioactive fallout.

Israeli pilots have flown to Gibraltar in recent weeks to train for the 2,000 mile (3,200 km) round-trip to the Iranian targets, the Sunday
Times said, and three possible routes to Iran have been mapped out including one over Turkey.

However it also quoted sources as saying a nuclear strike would only be used if a conventional attack was ruled out and if the United States declined to intervene. Disclosure of the plans could be intended to put pressure on Tehran to halt enrichment, the paper added.

Washington has said military force remains an option while insisting that its priority is to reach a diplomatic solution.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for Israel to be "wiped off the map". Israel, widely believed to have the Middle East's only nuclear arsenal, has said it will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Infighting spreads to West Bank

fatah in jenin.jpg

Infighting spreads to West Bank

Chaos on Gaza streets expands to West Bank with shootings in Jenin, kidnappings in Nablus, Ramallah. PA security official: Hamas hoarding firearms in preparation for standoff with Fatah

Ali Waked
Published: 01.07.07, 01:53

West Bank cities are bracing themselves for the deadly turmoil restricted until recently to Gaza as violent infighting between Fatah and Hamas spills over into the West Bank.

Reports of heavy gunbattles between Hamas and Fatah Jenin poured in on Saturday night while in Gaza three members of a Hamas-affiliated family were killed by Fatah gunmen. Earlier in the day the first signs of West Bank infighting emerged as gunmen abducted Nablus deputy mayor Mahdi al-Khamdali at gunpoint. Meanwhile in Ramallah gunmen, reportedly from Fatah, stormed the offices of the Hamas-controlled Ministry of the Interior, shot the office manager in his legs and abducted him.

A Palestinian Authority security official told Ynet Saturday night that there is a grave chance that the internal power-struggle may take root in the West Bank. According to the official Hamas forces are preparing their ranks and stockpiling weapons.

The source estimated however that should the situation in the West Bank come to an all-out battle between the warring factions Fatah would have the upper hand in the region. "But it is not a simple matter at all," said the source, "we've been seeing unprecendented 'import' efforts by Hamas over the past several months in terms of arms." The official said that the rise in demand for firearms by Hamas has already affected the arms-trade in the area, as prices skyrocket to almost double their original value.

"An M-16 (assault rifle) that was once worth about 6,000 Jordanian dinars (USD 8,450) is now bought for 10,000 dinars (USD 14,200), this signals that the fight against them (Hamas) will not be easy," said the PA official.

The official also said that Fatah has been recruiting supporters, quietly strengthening its military wing in the West Bank; however he said "Hamas' stronghold is expected to be in the northern West Bank, in Nablus and Jenin. The question we must ask however is will the whole of the Fatah movement rally for such a confrontation?"
in Gaza.

According to the security official Abbas is determined to implement his decision to disperse the Hamas paramilitary militia in the Gaza Strip after declaring it illegal.

In light of continued security chaos and assassinations that got to a number of our fighters ... And in light of the failure of existing agencies and security apparatuses in imposing law and order and protecting the security of the citizens, President Mahmoud Abbas decided to reshuffle the security forces and its leadership and to consider the (Hamas) executive force, officers and members, illegal and outside the law,” Abbas’ office said in a statement.

Palestinian Prime Minister and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh was quick to reject Abbas’ call to dismantle his security force. A spokesman for the force, Islam Shahawan, said in response that the force will double its numbers to 12,000 fighters and urged citizens to join up.

Egypt, Jordan and the United States are trying to aid troops loyal to Abbas, shipping them guns and ammunition, Israel i officials were briefed in advance.

Should efforts to form a unity government fall through and infighting between Hamas and Fatah picks up steam Abbas may official call for early elections in the Palestinian Authority, as he has already hinted he might resort to such measures in a speech last month.

January 05, 2007

Barakeh: Palestinians, unite against Israel

MK Barakeh.jpg

Barakeh: Palestinians, unite against Israel

Barakeh speaks at protest held of 42nd anniversary of Fatah movement; says, 'Palestinians will triumph...Olmert and Peretz belong to history'

Ali Waked
Published: 01.05.07, 14:42

Member of Knesset Mohammad Barakeh, chairman of Hadash, appealed to the Palestinian people to cease their internal clashes, in order to unite against Israel . In a speech given at the weekly protest against the fence in Bilin, Barakeh added that "Olmert and Peretz belong to history."

"The Palestinians will triumph in this struggle," he declared. "The Palestinian prisoners, foremost among them the hero Barghouti, will be released."

The protest in Belein took place on the 42nd anniversary of the establishment of the Fatah movement, and was attended by hundreds of Palestinians and dozens of leftists. Representatives of almost every Palestinian movement attended the protest.

Jibril Rajoub, the national security advisor under Yasser Arafat, gave a speech, also focused on ending the internal clashes in the Palestinian Authority.

According to Rajoub, "the Palestinians must stop warring and use dialogue as the primary tool to solve the altercation between them." He also called on Hamas to get rid of operatives who were involved in the assassination of Fatah officials.

Evoking recent calls for Abbas to hold early elections, he added: "In every altercation, it must be understood that the issue can be resolved by ballot if it cannot be resolved by agreement."

Here we have a member of Knesset calling for end of the State of Israel which means the murder of 6,000,000 Jews.

But Mohammad Barakeh is correct, that Olmert and Peretz belong to history.

It is time for new leadership to take over Jews that are not afraid to do what must be done and to tell the world NO to a Palestinian terror state which is home to todays Nazis.

The new leadership would hand over to the agencies that deal in such matter the job of silencing every voice that calls for the destruction of the State of Israel, including members of our own Knesset.

January 04, 2007

‘Save your bullets for the enemy’


‘Save your bullets for the enemy’

On the Palestinian street people refuse to term Gaza violence a civil war, even after at least 6 more were killed Thursday in ‘inter-factional violence’. Palestinian residents call to stop the fire, fear escalating chaos

Ali Waked
Published: 01.05.07, 02:38

As Hamas and Fatah gunfire raged in the Dahiya neighborhood in Gaza City, Amina Abu Sahar walked into the street Thursday night and cried out, “Stop the fire! Palestinians shooting Palestinians…”

“What has happened to us? Save your bullets for the enemies. What a disgrace,” she said through tears.

Abu Sahar is not alone. Many of the “simple people” on the Palestinian street feel the same, feel despair over the escalating chaos.

Every violent incident results in threats, revenge, and in the end – more casualties. Every day there is renewed drama. Today the drama was broadcast to residents of all of Gaza when chief of the Preventive Security Service in northern Gaza Col. Mohammed Ghayeb was killed when Hamas militants laid siege to his house. Ghayeb’s killing was expected to trigger revenge attacks by the men under his command.

Ghayeb was on the phone to Palestine TV just moments before his death and appealed for help as his house came under attack. "They are killers," He said of the Hamas gunmen. "They are targeting the house, children are dying, they are bleeding. For God's sake, send an ambulance, we want an ambulance, somebody move."

The battle outside the house raged for much of the day and killed four of Ghayeb's guards and a Hamas gunman. About three dozen people, including eight children, were also wounded.

Now, all fear further escalations, which are likely to rise if public representatives are counted among the casualties. The concerns are not unrealistic – Wednesday an RPG missile was fired at the home of senior Fatah official Sufian Abu-Zaida, although he was not killed.

This could be the reason as well why Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh called on the sides to do all possible to bring the fighting to a halt. “These confrontations must stop, this slaughter must end. Let us love one another, let us solve our disagreements through dialogue and not weapons. Our weapons should be directed only at the Israeli occupation,” he said.

Gov't angry at IDF over Ramallah operation

Gov't angry at IDF over Ramallah operation

State officials furious at IDF, Shin Bet for failing to report Ramallah operation in which six Palestinians were killed. Botched arrest attempt damaged PM's meeting with Egyptian President. Army says operation was necessary routine operation

Attila Somfalvi
Published: 01.04.07, 23:43

Senior state officials attacked the IDF and Shin Bet Thursday evening after a botched arrest attempt in Ramallah led to the deaths of six Palestinian.

The operation was carried out a mere hour before the meeting between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Sharm el-Sheikh and caused considerable embarrassment.

The joint press conference held by Olmert and Mubarak was also tense and both leaders commented on the operation – Mubarak condemned it and Olmert apologized.

State officials told Ynet Thursday evening that Head of the Central Command, Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh did not update the Minister of Defense or political echelon about the army's intention to carry out an operation in central Ramallah on a crucial political day.

"Naveh carried out the operation without informing the necessary levels and did something very grave."

Military sources told Ynet that the operation in question was a routine arrest operation.

"Arrests are carried out almost daily in Judea and Samaria and this was an operation against senior wanted men who were involved in planning a terror attack inside Israel," said the sources, adding that there was an opportunity to carry out the arrest which had to be taken.

Palestinian sources said that the four Palestinians who were arrested in the Ramallah operation by the IDF have already been released. The four, according to reports, are civilians and security officers, were caught in the building where IDF troops and al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigades gunmen engaged each other.

Four civilians were killed and 18 were wounded in the operation. The death toll rose to six after two Palestinians who were critically wounded in the operation died of their wounds in the Ramallah hospital. Their identities remain unclear.

Palestinian sources said that among the wounded is a wanted senior member of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades named Raviyeh Hamed who was severely wounded in the crossfire. Four IDF soldiers were lightly wounded in the operation, of which one was evacuated to a hospital for medical treatment.

The confrontations developed during the operation of a special IDF force in the city. A special IDF force surrounded a building in Ramallah in which wanted Palestinians were hiding. During the operation, the force identified a wanted man who intended to shoot at the soldiers.

The soldiers shot and wounded him, but he managed to escape.

The IDF reported that during the operation, four wanted Palestinians were arrested, who were subsequently transferred to the security forces for investigation. There were disturbances on site, which included gun battles and stone-throwing.

According to the Palestinians, some of the injured are youths who threw stones at the IDF forces. Palestinians also alleged that the IDF prevented ambulances from approaching the area.

After the operation concluded, masses of people took to the streets in protest.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas harshly condemned the operation, saying it ''proved that the Israeli calls for peace and security are insincere.''

In a written statement issued in the afternoon Abbas said: "The continued aggression will only lead to the destruction of all efforts aimed at realizing peace."

Four PA Terrorists Arrested, Four Killed in Ramallah Raid

Four PA Terrorists Arrested, Four Killed in Ramallah Raid 23:17 Jan 04, '07 / 14 Tevet 5767 by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Four Palestinian Authority terrorists were arrested and four other people were killed on Thursday when IDF troops operating in Ramallah encountered enemy resistance. One soldier was lightly hurt.

An IDF spokeswoman said that one wanted PA terrorist escaped capture. The operation was the largest in Ramallah, the seat of the PA's governing bodies, since last May.

The special undercover force initially sent to apprehend wanted PA terrorists in the city called in a backup unit for support and additional firepower as the clash with enemy gunmen developed. Heavy armored vehicles were deployed as IDF forces exchanged intense fire with the PA forces in central Ramallah, leading to the deaths of the four PA residents. At least 20 other people were injured in the crossfire and PA sources said that two of the injured were journalists.

Saeb Erekat, senior PA negotiator and top aide to PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas, condemned the operation and its timing, several hours before a scheduled meeting between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. "Such incursions and such Israeli policies are absolutely undermining such efforts," he told the Al-Jazeera television network.

Abbas harshly condemned the IDF operation as well, saying it "proved that the Israeli calls for peace and security are false." In a statement released to the press, Abbas appealed to the international community to rein in Israel and demanded US$5 million as compensation for damages sustained by Ramallah residents during the clash.

Speaking in Sharm El-Sheikh, following a meeting with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that Israel regrets the deaths of innocent civilians.

"It must be remembered," Olmert noted, "that Israel must take measures to prevent terrorists from harming Israeli civilians. The operation today was aimed at arresting a terrorist who has harmed innocent people. During the operation, Israeli soldiers came under fire and, to my regret, things developed not as originally planned and people were hurt even though they were not involved. It was not our intention, nor our desire."

In a separate incident, IDF soldiers shot and injured a wanted PA terrorist in Bethlehem. After his capture, he was treated at an Israeli hospital. The terrorist, a Fatah member, was involved in shooting attacks, recruitment of other terrorists, bomb-making and weapons smuggling.

Bush Goal: PA State Before End of Term

Bush Goal: PA State Before End of Term 13:14 Jan 04, '07 / 14 Tevet 5767

(IsraelNN.com) The Bush administration is aiming to accomplish a goal never achieved by any other U.S. president -- the establishment of a Palestinian Authority state, before Bush leaves office.

The establishment of a PA state with at least temporary borders must be accomplished within the next two years if President George W. Bush is to reach his goal.

The U.S. plans to implement various measures which would strengthen PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), head of the Fatah terror faction, but who is seen as a moderate and most likely to cooperate in the venture.

The U.S. plan would work against Hamas PA President Ismail Haniyeh, whose terrorist group has vowed repeatedly never to formally recognize the State of Israel, renounce violence or uphold agreements with the Jewish nation signed by the previous PA administration.

Please G-D help this fool, to fail like all the others before him.

Only a fool would want to create a terror state for todays Nazis the Palestinians.

This time with the way Bush is chasing Fatah, Americans will die along with Israelis for this foolish move.

January 03, 2007

Former PA minister: We are fighting the Americans and hate the Americans more than you

Fatah leader: We wish al-Qaeda success

Former PA minister: We are fighting the Americans and hate the Americans more than you

Yaakov Lappin
Published: 01.03.07, 22:26

A Fatah leader and former minister in the Palestinian Authority (PA) has wished al-Qaeda success in attacking Americans during an appearance on PA TV, according to a report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

During the January 1 interview, made available by PMW in video format, Abu Ali Shahin, addressing al-Qaeda, said: "Do to Bush whatever you want, and we wish you success... We are fighting the Americans and hate the Americans more than you!"

According to a brief by PMW, "Shahin was responding to a statement by Al-Qaeda's deputy leader , Ayman al-Zawahri, criticizing Palestinian Fatah leaders for contacts with the US."

"Oh (Al-Qaeda) brother, leave us and focus on your business. You have Bush! Do to Bush what you want, and we wish you success with Bush, even more. I, Abu Ali Shahin, wish you success with Bush," Shahin said.

"Whoever is interested in creating a split in the Palestinian camp, is not serving anyone but the Americans and their protégé, the Zionist
Imperialist Project. We are fighting the Americans and hate the Americans more than you!" he added.

"We know we are described as enemies of the Americans. About Americans, we say, publicly: the central, head enemy to the Arab Palestinian people and to the national struggle, is this American leadership embodied by the White House and this George Bush sitting there," Shahin said.

PMW added in its brief that "according to a December 2005 public opinion poll," carried out by the Fato Institute for Applied International Studies in Norway, "65% of Palestinians support Al-Qaeda actions in the US and Europe."

Please tell me why, in light of all the evidence of anti American feelings in the Palestinian population President Bush is pushing to create a state for today's Nazis.

January 02, 2007

Accountant General Zelika: Governing Elite Corrupt

Accountant General Zelika: Governing Elite Corrupt 20:40 Jan 02, '07 / 12 Tevet 5767

(IsraelNN.com) Treasury Accountant General Yaron Zelika intensified his ongoing attack on the norms of government in Israel Tuesday, describing the governing elite as a hotbed of corruption. "While a select few who are 'close to the plate' and to the government revel in an ongoing corrupt celebration, social gaps widen and poverty grows," said Zelika in a session of the Knesset's State control Committee.

"This corruption causes demoralization," he added. "It injures the democratic spirit and the people's ability to believe that they are their own masters." Zelika's relations with Finance Minister Avraham Hirshzon are extremely tense. Zelika was appointed to his post by former Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Police Ask Court to Extend Remand of Tax Authority Head

Police Ask Court to Extend Remand of Tax Authority Head 23:19 Jan 02, '07 / 12 Tevet 5767 by Hana Levi Julian

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Bureau Chief is restricted to house arrest. Her brother, a Jerusalem City Councilman is in custody, along with the Director-General of the Israel Tax Authority.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s Bureau Chief Shula Zaken was sentenced to ten days' house arrest by a Tel Aviv magistrate Tuesday night after being questioned by the fraud squad at its Bat Yam headquarters for more than eight hours.

Zaken was required to post a NIS 50,000 bond to secure her release. She was barred from contacting the Prime Minister's Office for an additional 14 days after the house arrest ends, her passport was confiscated and she was forbidden to leave the country.

Zaken's brother, Yoram Karashi, will remain in police custody for nine days, according to the Ynet news service. Karashi is a Jerusalem City Councilman and Likud Central Committee member.

Israel Tax Authority Director-General Jack Matza was remanded for six days in the case. Businessman Kobi Ben-Gur will remain in custody for nine days. Matza's predecessor, Eitan Rov and businessmen Simu Tubol were still awaiting a decision by the magistrate late Tuesday night after being questioned as well.

All are suspected of accepting or arranging bribes from political figures and businesspeople in return for tax breaks and other favors. Tubol, a close friend of Olmert’s bureau chief, is being investigated for the second time in a year. He was questioned several months ago over allegations of tax evasion.

The National Fraud Investigations Unit raided 30 homes on Tuesday morning, the culmination of a ten-month investigation into allegations of corruption in the Tax Authority.

Zaken has been secretly under investigation for months. Her telephone conversations were recorded by wiretapping at her home, a fact revealed during a separate trial – court proceedings against former Olmert appointee and Kadima Justice Minister Haim Ramon. Zaken’s conversations with the IDF commander of Ramon’s accuser are being used as evidence in the sexual assault case.

Another top Kadima official under investigation in a separate case is Finance Minister Avraham Hirschson, who is suspected of failing to report a crime. Hirchson was questioned by Israel Police on allegations that he turned a blind eye to embezzlement at the “Nili” association.

Five former employees of the non-profit organization were arrested Tuesday morning on charges of involvement in a theft of some NIS 5.5 million from the association.

The Movement for Quality Government has demanded that Attorney General Menachem Mazuz and Civil Service Commissioner Shmuel Hollander suspend all the officials who are under investigation.

Israel is rotting from the top to the bottom.

We have now had multiple Prime Ministers that have been corrupt as well as more members of Knesset than anyone can count.

The system is broken due to Israel being run by an oligarchy of the rich and corrupt. As reported on in the Israeli press basically 18 interlocking families control most of the wealth and power in Israel.

Nazis ‘shipped arms to Palestinians’

Nazis ‘shipped arms to Palestinians’

British National Archives unveil presence of Nazi S.S. agents in Mandatory Palestine, working closely with Palestinian leaders

Yaakov Lappin
Published: 05.07.06, 16:41

Historical documents in Britain’s National Archives in London show that Nazi Germany attempted to ship arms to Palestinian forces in the 1930s.

A British Foreign Office report from 1939 reports of “news of a consignment of arms from Germany, sent via Turkey and addressed to Ibn Saud (king of Saudi Arabia), but really intended for the Palestine insurgents.” Britain’s chief military officer in Mandatory Palestine also noted reports “regarding import of German arms at intervals for some years now.”

British documents from the same period, and German records photographed by an American spy and sent to the British government, said that a number of Nazi agents were sent to Mandatory Palestine, in order to forge alliances with Palestinian leaders, and urge them to reject a partition of the land between the Jewish and Arab populations.

One Nazi agent, Adam Vollhardt, arrived in Palestine in July 1938, and was reported to have gained strong influence with Arab leaders, meeting with Palestinian leaders throughout 1938. Vollhardt held several meetings with leading Arab politicians and told them “that the Palestine question would be settled to the satisfaction of the Arabs within a few weeks,” adding that “it would be fatal to their (Palestinians’) cause if at this juncture they showed any signs of weakness or exhaustion.”

“Germany was interested in the settlement of the (Palestine) question on the basis of the Arabs obtaining their full demands,” Vollhardt was reported to say to Palestinian leaders, according to a report by the British War Office. Vollhardt also assured Arab leaders that “the Germans could continue to support the Palestinian Arab cause by means of propaganda.”
German documents photographed and sent to Whitehall by an American spy revealed that in 1937, German officials had calculated that “Palestine under Arab rule would… become one of the few countries where we could count on a strong sympathy for the new Germany.”

‘Arabs admire our Fuhrer’

“The Palestinian Arabs show on all levels a great sympathy for the new Germany and its Fuhrer, a sympathy whose value is particularly
high as it is based on a purely ideological foundation,” a Nazi official in Palestine wrote in a letter to Berlin in 1937. He added: “Most important for the sympathies which Arabs now feel towards Germany is their admiration for our Fuhrer, especially during the unrests, I often had an opportunity to see how far these sympathies extend. When faced with a dangerous behaviour of an Arab mass, when one said that one was German, this was already generally a free pass.”

A second Nazi agent, Dr. Franz Reichart, was reported to be actively working with Palestinian Arabs by the British Criminal Investigation Division “to help coordinate Arab and German propaganda.” Reichart was also head of the German Telegraphic Agency in Jerusalem.

German records show that the Nazis viewed the establishment of a Jewish state with great concern. A 1937 report from German General Consulate in Palestine said: “The formation of a Jewish state… is not in Germany’s interest because a (Jewish) Palestinian state would create additional national power bases for international Jewry such as for example the Vatican State for political Catholicism or Moscow for the Communists. Therefore, there is a German interest in strengthening the Arabs as a counter weight against such possible power growth of the Jews.”

Jewish refugees abandoned

The records also show that the news of increased Nazi-Arab cooperation panicked the British government, and caused it to cancel a plan in 1938 to bring to Palestine 20,000 German Jewish refugees, half of them children, facing danger from the Nazis.

Documents show that after deciding that the move would upset Arab opinion, Britain decided to abandon the Jewish refugees to their fate.

“His Majesty’s Government asked His Majesty’s Representatives in Cairo, Baghdad and Jeddah whether so far as they could judge, feelings in Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia against the admission of, say 5,000 Jewish children for adoption… would be so strong as to lead to a refusal to send representatives to the London discussions. All three replies were strongly against the proposal, which was not proceeded with,” a Foreign Office report said.

“If war were to break out, no trouble that the Jews could occasion us, in Palestine or elsewhere, could weigh for a moment against the importance of winning Muslim opinion to our side,” Britain’s Minister for Coordination of Defence, Lord Chatfield, told the British cabinet in 1939, shortly before Britain reversed its decision to partition its mandate, promising instead all of the land to the Palestinian Arabs.

The Palestinians are striving to beat the Nazi's in their hate towards Jews and in my book except for the sheer numbers of murdered Jews the Palestinians are worse than the Nazi's.

No German mother wanted their child to blow themselves up, in order to murder Jews.

No German grandmother was ever a suicide bomber, but we have had a Palestinian grandmother suicide bomber.

Nazis and Palestinians have been a good fit for over 60 years.

Iran: Hitler was a Jew

Iran: Hitler was a Jew

Advisor to President Ahmadinejad claims Nazi leader was Jew who conspired with USSR and Britain to establish Jewish state

Just when you thought the Iranian leadership could stoop no further: A top advisor to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed in an interview with Iranian website Baztab that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's parents were both Jewish and that Hitler himself was one of the founders of the State of Israel.

In the interview, translated by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) Mohammad-Ali Ramin, a chief aide to Ahmadinejad, told Baztab that Hitler's paternal grandmother was a Jewish prostitute and his father even kept his Jewish name until finally changing it to Hitler when he was 40.

Ramin also claimed that the reason Hitler developed such an aversion to Judaism was because his Jewish mother was a promiscuous woman. Hitler therefore, says Ramin, tried to escape his religion.

Ramin cites a 1974 book by Hennecke Kardel titled 'Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel', which alleges that Hitler strived to create a Jewish state as a result of being influenced by his Jewish relatives and his cooperation with Britain – which also wanted to drive the Jews out of Europe.

Ramin claims in the interview that Hitler both identified with his Judaism and was disgusted by it. It is these ambivalent feelings, said Ramin, that formed the basis for his treatment of Jews.

According to Ramin on the one hand Hitler's relatives and the friends who brought him to power, as well as his mistresses and personal physician, were all Jewish.

On the other hand he welcomed the expulsion of ambitious and influential Jews from Europe to the British Mandate of Palestine.

Iran has finally made me speechless, I just don't know how to respond to this.

So read the article about what side the Nazi's and the Palestinians really were on above.

January 01, 2007

Gunmen Grab French Photographer, Gaza Infighting Resumes

Gunmen Grab French Photographer, Gaza Infighting Resumes 22:10 Jan 01, '07 / 11 Tevet 5767 by Hana Levi Julian

A photographer for a French news agency was kidnapped by gunmen in Gaza on Monday, as chaos returned to the Gaza Strip.

According to AFP and Palestinian Authority security sources, the photographer, Jaime Razuri, is a Peruvian national who works for the Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Razuri was grabbed by a group of masked men while standing at an intersection outside the agency’s office in Gaza City. The kidnappers pushed him into a car and zoomed off.

There has been no claim of responsibility by any terror organization.

The abduction was immediately condemned in a statement by the Foreign Press Association, which represents foreign journalists covering Israel and the PA. The organization’s offices are located in Tel Aviv.

“We utterly condemn the continued harassment of journalists in this way,” read the statement. “We must be allowed to work freely and without fear of kidnapping in Gaza,” it said.

Gaza terrorists have kidnapped a number of foreign journalists in the past year, including an Associated Press photographer who was held for several hours, and two journalists from the U.S.’s Fox News Channel who were freed two weeks later.

Meanwhile, internecine warfare has reopened among terrorist organizations in Gaza, particularly between Hamas and Fatah, who are struggling for control of the PA government.

The Gaza streets have run with the blood of members of both factions for months in what has become a militia war, with occasional breaks in the fighting.

Three fighters from Fatah were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. Fatah gunmen abducted eight Hamas terrorists in retaliation, breaking a truce that lasted less than a month. They later released seven of the captives.

The Fatah members who were kidnapped include the brothers of the head of the al-Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades terrorist organization in northern Gaza, the military wing of the Fatah faction.

Another senior official of the terrorist organization was also targeted by Hamas gunmen who fired two ‘Yasin’ mortar shells at the northern Gaza home of Munzer Abur Nasr, in the town of Beit Lahiyeh. There were no reports of injuries although the building was seriously damaged.

Bloody clashes resumed in the streets, with gun battles between Hamas and Fatah supporters wounding three PA residents, including a boy who was caught in the crossfire.

Gunmen from both factions set up roadblocks as close as a few hundred meters from each other, renewing fears of an outbreak of civil war.

Civil War give me a break.

This is a way to panic the Americans, to push Israel to weaken our resolve.

51,112 dead at the battle of Gettysburg in 1863 in three days of fighting July 1-3. Now that is a bloody civil war not the joke that the Palestinians are "waging".

We could only hope that the Palestinians would have their own Gettysburg the Jewish lives innocent lives that could be saved with 51,112 dead Palestinian terrorist is beyond my ability to calculate but it would be thousands and the time of reduces terrorism against Jewish women and children would last a decade or more.

If what I have written strikes you as cold blooded, it is because I am fighting for the future survival of the State of Israel and my people.

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