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On A Hamas Web Page Today

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Sheikh Salah : the ZOF is digging a network of tunnels under Al-Aqsa Mosque and the old town

Sheik Ra'ed Salah noted, the leader of the Islamic movement in the occupied land in 1948, to what the Zionist newspapers mentioned. The Zionist newspapers said that the Zionist entity began in new digging works in the city of Jerusalem. He said" it is just part of the diggings under Al Aqsa mosque. The Zionist government is trying to conceal it".

What was announced is little something comparing with the tragedy under the Al Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem. He explained that the Zionist occupation authorities are currently digging a network of tunnels under the mosque and around the Old City to link the "Silwan" neighborhood south of the old city with some of the Zionist ministries and institutions in Al Magharba gate.

Salah stressed that the Zionist occupation authorities allocated a very large financial budgets and announced a full year beginning on the 5th of this month (June), which come upon the fortieth anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem, to revive local and global activities under false slogans aimed to Judaize the Jerusalem and declared it as the united capital of the Zionist entity.

Salah explained that the activities began with the arrival of tens of thousands of Zionist rightist to Jerusalem and started to powwow a religious festivals. They announced that they will attend to bring three thousand to blow in the trumpet on the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, in addition to other provocative activities.

Sheikh Raed Salah asked "If the occupation, which has a false dominion, is doing these activities seeking to impose its presence in Jerusalem by force, what is the role of the Islamic, Arab nations who has the right legitimate in the Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque?".

He expressed his sorry for the Arab silence despite all the Zionist crimes committed against the city of Jerusalem, demanding the Arab and Islamic nation with practical actions to support Jerusalem.

Just thought I would give a taste of some of the rubbish that Hamas puts out on one of it's web pages.