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Terrorist Tricks, Once Again

TV terror jeep.jpg

Jun. 10, 2007 17:16 | Updated Jun. 10, 2007 17:20
Press slams gunmen for using TV jeep

Palestinian gunmen who used a vehicle disguised as a television truck to assault an Israeli military position drew sharp condemnations Sunday from journalists who charged that the incident, the first of its kind, would make their jobs more dangerous than ever.

In Saturday's attack, four gunmen drove a white jeep with press markings in English and Arabic up to the Gaza-Israel border, penetrated the border fence and assaulted a guard tower in what the terrorists and the army said was a failed attempt to capture an Israeli soldier. Israeli troops killed one gunman, while the others escaped.

The attackers, from Islamic Jihad and the Fatah movement of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, abandoned the jeep. AP photographs show a white armored vehicle of a type used by reporters, its windshield pocked by bullet holes, bearing red markings reading "TV" and "Press."

Reporters covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict often mark their cars to avoid being targeted. The incident Saturday marked the first time combatants have used press disguise in an attack in the last seven years of violence.

Nobody will be shocked at the use of a jeep marked TV Press by terrorist after all they have been using both Red Crescent and U.N. Ambulances for years to transport terrorist and weapons. But of course all this means nothing to every President that has sat in the White House since Jimmy Carter or to the EU as a whole, they still move forward with the idea of giving the Palestinians a State from which to base their terror attacks.