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January 31, 2008

Back To Work, Winograd Cover Up

To be gone a week and to have to come back and the first post on the blog, is to take on the Winograd cover up, sorry I meant report.

"The IDF operated during the war with the fear of casualties among its troops providing a key factor in its decisions and considerations,"

"This sense of maintaining routine security also had to do with the tendency to place the safety of the troops over carrying out combat missions in accordance with the schedule,"

As a father of a soldier I want the IDF to place the security of my son over some stupid time frame that the weak political leaders have placed on the IDF. To only go into Lebanon 60 hours before the UN imposed cease fire was a waste of 33 dead Israeli soldiers.

"Often times there was a genuine contradiction between the objective – gaining control, conquering – and the limitations placed on the troops. The military commands' authorization of divisional operations were rife with restrictions and limitations. The General Staff failed to communicate to the political echelon that this manner of conduct is unsuitable for war."

This is what happens when the Chief of Staff is from the IAF and has zero background in ground warfare. When you add to this the fact that the Chief of Staff was appointed to be a yes man when it came to the issue of the Gaza retreat. With the prior Chief of Staff being sacked for standing up for what is right, rather than what the politicians wanted from him, it set Israel up with a wimp for the Chief of Staff of the IDF.

All in all, the IDF failed, especially because of the conduct of the high command and the ground forces, to provide an effective military response to the challenge posed to it by the war in Lebanon, and thus failed to provide the political echelon with a military achievement that could have served as the basis for political and diplomatic action. Responsibility for this outcomes lies mainly with the IDF, but the misfit between the mode of action and the goals determined by the political echelon share responsibility.

When the politicians tie the hands of the IDF, by first attempting to solve the problem of kidnapped soldiers and daily rocket attacks of some days over 200 rockets hitting Israel by waging a stand off war for over three weeks with the IAF and artillery being the response to an act of war. Then with only 60 hours left before a cease fire created by the politicial side is to take effect these same leaders who have painted the IDF into a corner demand a miracle on the battlefield by the ground forces.

How then can the ground forces come under such heavy fire from the Winograd committee?

Is it because they are the low man on the totem pole with no real way of fighting back?

• The cabinet decision of August 9th – to approve in principle the IDF plan, but to authorize the PM and the MOD to decide if and when it should be activated, according to the diplomatic timetable - was almost inevitable, giving the Israeli government necessary military and political flexibility.

• The decision to start in fact the ground operation was within the political and professional discretion of its makers, on the basis of the facts before them. The goals of the ground operation were legitimate, and were not exhausted by the wish to hasten or improve the diplomatic achievement. There was no failure in that decision in itself, despite its limited achievements and its painful costs.

• Both the position of the Prime minister – who had preferred to avoid the ground operation – and the position of the Minister of Defense – who had thought it would have served Israel's interest to go for it – had been taken on the merits and on the basis of evidence. Both enjoyed serious support among the members of the general staff of the IDF and others. Even if both statesmen took into account political and public concerns – a fact we cannot ascertain - we believe that they both acted out of a strong and sincere perception of what they thought at the time was Israel's interest.

So we all agree the political leadership has the discretion to order the ground attack, but by the same right of leadership should they also not be held accountable for their failings as leaders, which resulted in the first military defeat in our history?

33. At the same time, we also note that:

• We have not found within either the political or the military echelons a serious consideration of the question whether it was reasonable to expect military achievements in 60 hours that could have contributed meaningfully to any of the goals of the operation;

• We have not found that the political echelon was aware of the details of the fighting in real time, and we have not seen a discussion, in either the political or the military echelons, of the issue of stopping the military operation after the Security Council resolution was adopted;

This is it in a nut shell, the real problem.

No consideration by either the political or the top leadership of the IDF as to if a 60 hour ground war could contribute anything meaningful to the goals of the military operations. In short Olmert, Peretz and Halutz just put our kids at risk with no plan or thought as to what they were doing.

37. The 2nd Lebanon War has brought again to the foreground for thought and discussion issues that some parts of Israeli society had preferred to suppress: Israel cannot survive in this region, and cannot live in it in peace or at least non-war, unless people in Israel itself and in its surroundings believe that Israel has the political and military leadership, military capabilities, and social robustness that will allow her to deter those of its neighbors who wish to harm her, and to prevent them - if necessary through the use of military force - from achieving their goal.

38. These truths do not depend on one's partisan or political views. Israel must - politically and morally - seek peace with its neighbors and make necessary compromises. At the same time, seeking peace or managing the conflict must come from a position of social, political and military strength, and through the ability and willingness to fight for the state, its values and the security of its population even in the absence of peace.

These two points from the Winograd report show just how little the members of the committee really understand about the Middle East. If we show our "neighbors" that we have a resolve and a determination to survive as a Jewish country surrounded by Arab nations we must become united as a society, in pursuit of one thing, victory over our enemies. Lets stop calling countries or people that seek to do Israel and the Jewish people harm our neighbors lets please call them what they are our enemies.

It seems odd to me that after 100 years of living in Israel, their is an element of Jews that still think like they were still living in Brussels and not able to think like people of the Leviathan. Until our leaders can learn to deal with our enemies the Arabs and respond accordingly, Israel is in trouble.

January 23, 2008

Last Post For A Little While

This will be the last post for a while.

I am going to be going in for hand surgery in the morning, I think that getting my hand cut on just might make it hard to type. I have a hard enough time typing with both hands, so with one hand down I may not be up to it.

I promise to get back to the blog as soon as it is possible.

The Hate Industry: the Palestinian media

The Hate Industry: the Palestinian media

Appendix I

Increased anti-Israel incitement in Palestinian-controlled television
General description

1. Controlled Palestinian television is under the supervision of Abu Mazen's
presidential office and considered his mouthpiece. After a long period when
Palestinian TV reduced the volume of its anti-Israeli incitement, during the
months before and after the Annapolis meeting it was again
integrated into broadcasts. The trend began in the second half of October
2007 and continues to this day (late January 2008).

2. Anti-Israeli incitement appears in programming throughout the day. One of
the most effective ways of brainwashing viewers with anti-Israeli propaganda
is by the repeated broadcasting of video clips accompanied by songs
the cruelty of the Israeli "occupation," the suffering of the Palestinian
funerals of casualties of the confrontation, the destruction of buildings,
Palestinian opposition to the "occupation" and its adherence to "Palestinian
rights." The broadcasts stress the "right to return" and show maps of
"Palestine" which include all of the State of Israel with no mention of it.
(Examples follow).

3. The songs promote the unequivocal message of the "liberation of
Palestine" from Israel and the Jews (mentioning Haifa, Acre, Beersheba,
Tiberias and Ramla, all incorporated cities within the State of Israel, and
which the refugees expect to return). The message that the restoration of
Palestinians' "rights" will be accomplished by violence and not negotiations
part and parcel of the songs, with no mention of the Israeli-Palestinian
process. Another means of sending hate messages is the broadcasting of
"documentary" programs which deal with exceptional events which
occurred during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (For example a movie about
the events in Kafr Kassem, which occurred 52 years ago.) (Examples

4. The songs, several of which are broadcast daily, are not new. They were
broadcast by Palestinian TV during the Palestinian terrorist campaign
(intifada) to gain support for terrorism from the Palestinian populace, and
being recycled. Ironically, they were given momentum by the renewed
Israeli-Palestinian negotiations which increased as the Annapolis
meeting approached and have continued since.

5. The objective of the anti-Israeli incitement broadcast by controlled
Palestinian TV is to provide a foundation for the claim that Israel was
established by slaughtering and expelling poor, unfortunate
Palestinians, and in that way to increase hatred for Israelis. That is
particularly conspicuous in view of the absence of programs encouraging
peace or the reconciliation which was supposed to accompany the Annapolis
process. The hate messages broadcast by Palestinian TV contradict
the peace messages sent by Abu Mazen to palliate public opinion in
Israel and the West.


6. A new video clip broadcast continuously since October 2007 by Palestinian
TV promises a mother that that Palestine will be violence, claiming the
Palestinians have the right to the country. The translation (from the Hebrew
version) is as follows:[5]

[5] The song was translated into Hebrew by Itamar Marcus and Yaara Peiron,
the PMW Bulletin,
January 9, 2008.

"Mother, they destroyed our
house, and the house of my
brother and our neighbor."
"Don't be sad, mother, we have more rocks
We are Palestinians,
We are not terrorists.
We are in favor of the right, oh mother,
we want to restore our home.
Hand in hand, arm in arm, we will defend your land, Palestine
We will pray in Al-Aqsa and [the church of] the Birthplace,
Muslims and Christians.
And we will liberate the land of the religions
and build Jerusalem of the homeland
[of all the religions],
We are the sons of glory, oh mother,
our honor is above the sky
We are Palestinians
We are not terrorists
We desire liberty
We are not terrorists.
We have the right, oh mother, we want
To restore our home
Oh mother, they destroyed our house
And the house of my brother and our neighbor
Don't be sad, oh my mother, we have more rocks.
"Don't be sad mother, we
have more rocks."
"Mother, they destroyed our
house, and the house of my
brother and our neighbor."
"Don't be sad mother, we
have more rocks."
Oh Arab, oh noble son, your blood is my blood,
and your cause is my cause
This land is Arab in history and identity
Palestine is Arabic is history and identity.
We will live in peace, oh mother and
our lives will not be lost.
From Jerusalem and Acre
and Haifa and Jericho and
Gaza and Ramallah
From Bethlehem and Jaffa and
Beersheba and Ramla
From Nablus to the Galilee
and from Tiberias to Hebron
And from Nablus to the Galilee
and from Jenin to Hebron
We are all in the same ditch, oh mother
And our resolve is [as sharp as] a sword
(Palestinian TV, January 2008, broadcast continuously since October 2007).

"My enemy, my enemy"

7. Another video currently heard is a song called "My Enemy, My Enemy,"
broadcast many times in the past. It depicts the Jews as snakes twisting in
earth (the snake is an anti-Semitic symbol for the Jews)

"We have the right, we are
not terrorists."
"From Jerusalem, Acre,
Haifa, Jericho, Gaza, and

8. The film "Blood Wedding" was rerun before the Annapolis meeting. It
is horrifying to watch and presents a Palestinian version of the events in
Kassem in 1956. It depicts IDF soldiers as sadists who torture and murder
women and kill Palestinian farmers in cold blood.

The opening of the film "Blood Wedding"
My enemy [is] a snake twisting in the earth
My enemy, my enemy, stop your crimes
We are heroes. We will report to the battlefield when called.
Enemy, you have no choice, leave my country.

Israeli officer represented as a sadist torturing a Palestinian woman
You must tell all residents that the curfew begins in an hour.
Don't you know Kafr Kassem is under curfew?

January 22, 2008

Bolton: Israel May Have to Strike Iran Soon

Bolton: Israel May Have to Strike Iran Soon 16 Shevat 5768, 23 January 08 06:14 by Gil Ronen

(IsraelNN.com) Former American Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton hinted broadly Tuesday that Israel will have to strike Iran's nuclear program on its own, and soon. Speaking at the Eighth Herzliya Conference, Bolton said an Israeli strike could be the last resort against Iran. Former Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, who also spoke at the conference, hinted that the military option is growing more likely with time.

Ambassador Bolton devoted the first part of his speech to an attempt to push the Israeli press into revealing details of the strike against the suspected Syrian nuclear facility four months ago. "There is a lot that we don't know about the facility because of the veil of secrecy that the Israel government and the American government have tried to throw over it," he said.

"We don't know for example exactly what the facility was – whether it was a clone of the Yongbyon reactor; whether it was a uranium enrichment facility; whether it was a storage location for North Korean plutonium or plutonium based weapons," he added, and explained that he could speak freely at the conference because the American Constitution's First Amendment applied to him even when he was abroad (this elicited laughter from the audience).

Bolton calls Israeli press 'timid'
Bolton went on to list his conjectures: "We don't know if it was North Korea in effect renting space in Syria to recreate the North Korean program. We don't know if it was a sale of technology or equipment from North Korea directly to Syria and we don't know whether it was a joint venture perhaps between Syria and North Korea working together," he said. "Our governments, however, do know the answers to some of these questions."

He continued with a jab at Israel's media: "What I don't understand really is the timid nature of the Israeli press which I know knows a lot more about this strike than it's been willing to talk about. I am sure somewhere in the Israeli press there is a John Peter Zengler who is willing to risk something in order to give the public more information about this."

[John Peter Zengler was an 18th century publisher who was arrested for libelous sedition after printing criticism of the governor of New York and then acquitted, in what is considered a landmark trial in the development of the freedom of the press in the U.S. – ed.].

Bolton explained that in his opinion, "this information is being withheld for fear that if it came out that North Korea once again, following its game plan, was engaged in nuclear proliferation contrary to its obligations."

Iran 'noticed' IAF raid
Regarding the IAF Syria raid, Bolton said: "The daring and successful Israeli military strike… has obvious significance for the potential of a military strike against Iran's nuclear program. I think, given the debacle caused by our National Intelligence Estimate, that it's close to zero likelihood that President Bush will authorize use of military force against Iran's program before he leaves office, absent some dramatic new development."

He concluded: "Certainly in Teheran you can bet that they took careful notice of what the Israeli Defence Force did. Penetrating Russian supplied radars very similar to the air defenses that Teheran has; using techniques that could be very useful for a long range strike against Iran; this is the kind of operation that the Iranians need to continue to worry about. Because I think with the collapse of American policy, the Israeli strike against the Syrian / North Korea facility is the harbinger of what may be – absent regime change in Teheran – the last resort… Unless you are prepared to see Iran proceed unmolested toward a nuclear weapons capability, which this NIE has given them free rein to do in my judgment, you are coming very close to a decision point in this country of whether you will use military force to stop Iran."

Mofaz: next 2 years critical
Minister Shaul Mofaz hinted that Israel may indeed attack in Iran in order to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Mofaz noted that the warming of relations between Arab countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia with Iran is "moving fast very quickly, while the world not only is not moving ahead – it is moving backwards."

"This reality," Mofaz said, "is a clear deterioration in the effort to halt Iran by diplomatic means and therefore the likelihood of the other options rises." He did cite a window of opportunity for diplomacy, however: "We have to find other ways to renew the momentum which has weakened… The diplomatic timetable is getting shorter, the next two years are critical to halt Iran using diplomatic methods," he estimated.

Mofaz added: "Reality is complex but the picture is very clear: Iran may be leading in points but the final whistle is still far ahead… It is clear that the current trend must be reversed; and all the means are justified. This is a historical time… This time, no leader will be able to say 'we didn't know, we didn't understand the importance of this time.' The world must do everything that is necessary in order to assure a future of peace and prosperity for the next generations as well."
© Copyright IsraelNationalNews.com

January 21, 2008

Barak Must Resign

Sderot residents: Barak folded, now Qassams are back

Nine rockets and 13 mortar shells land in Israel on Monday as defense minister announces easing of closure on Gaza. 'Resumption of rockets is proof that Barak was brash,' says chairman of Committee for a Secure Sderot

Shmulik Hadad
Published: 01.22.08, 00:50 / Israel News

A near-complete closure imposed on the Hamas-controlled territory, authorizing the entry of humanitarian aid and a one-time shipment of diesel fuel to power Gaza's electricity station less than a day after it was shut down.

Shortly after Barak's pronouncements the relative respite in rocket attacks on southern Israel seemed over, with nine Qassam rockets and 13 mortar shells landing in and around communities in the western Negev.

Several weeks ago Eli Dahan's wife Ayelet just barely managed to run down to the family's bomb shelter with the couple's infant son seconds before a Qassam rocket crashed into his nursery.

"The siege on Gaza gave us some room to breathe," he said on Monday. "We thought to ourselves that maybe now Gaza's residents would pressure Hamas into stopping the rocket fire. But there you go, our government immediately retreated."

The family returned to their house this week, though the top floor has not yet been repaired. "We wanted to come back to restore some sense of routine for the children," said an outraged Dahan.

"We spent the evening with relatives and when we left to go home, the rocket alert sirens blared," he recalled, "we started running and ducked for cover behind a garbage container. I thought to myself how we, the parents, must look to our children, running like this."

Alon Davidi, chairman of the Committee for a Secure Sderot, also expressed his disappointment with the defense minister's decision: "The rocket fire tonight is proof that Barak was too brash, he is a defense minister that lacks an understanding of this war on terror. Nothing could be more morally sound than cutting Gaza's power."

Defense Minister Barak should resign, for he has proven that he has lost what he once had when he was the commander of Israel's most elite commando unit.

Gaza should be cut off from the world 100%, nothing in and nothing gets out, this should include phone and cell phone service as well as up links for the international media.

The only thing that Israel should allow into Gaza is the IDF, which should return to stay in Gaza.

Follow Up On Jailed Girls

Teenage Girls Released From Jail by Avi Tuchmayer

(IsraelNN.com) The Jerusalem District Court ordered the release Monday of three teenage girls who refused to identify themselves to court officials for nearly a month. The girls were released without condition.

The girls, aged 13 to 15, were arrested in late December at Givat Ha'Or, a nascent hilltop community near the Samaria town of Beit El, and charged with entering a closed military zone. Since then, they have refused to identify themselves and refused to sign release documents banning them from re-entering Givat Ha'Or. They also say they reject the jurisdiction of the Israeli court system because it does not operate according to the rules of halakha (Jewish law).

The trio were imprisoned in the Neve Tirza womens' prison in Ramle and refused parental visits and phone calls. According to some news reports, prison authorities consistently failed to inform the girls' parents of remand extension hearings at the Jerusalem Magistrates Court, and the prisoners were brought to court through a side door in order to prevent contact with their parents.

Michael Ben-Chorin, father of 15-year-old Ayala, told Israel National News he was "overjoyed" to learn of the girls' release, and said the past month has increased his admiration for daughter many times over.

"The girls have paid a very steep price for their beliefs," he said, "but they remained strong throughout. I wouldn't necessarily have sent her out to do what she did, but once she made her decision, we supported her completely. We've raised her to believe in Eretz Yisrael and she's totally committed to continuing in our footsteps. I couldn't be any prouder."

Ben Chorin said the girls were denied many basic rights granted to prisoners in all democratic societies, including phone and visitation privileges. He said his first substantive phone conversation with Ayala was on January 16 – more than two weeks after her arrest. Before that, he said, contact was limited to 10-to-15 second phone calls. He also singled out the mainstream media, saying the girls' plight was roundly ignored, and the National Council for the Child, saying the Council failed to meet his expectations.

January 20, 2008

Badges, We Don't Need No Stinking Badges

Police Raided Jailed Girls' Homes Again Sunday

(IsraelNN.com) The police again raided the homes of the three minor-aged girls who were arrested during pioneer activity in Samaria in early January and who refuse to identify themselves.

Honeinu, the organization which takes care of Jewish nationalist prisoners, said that besides going to the girls' homes, the police entered the girls' school (ulpena) "in a grave, unprecedented and illegal step," in the hope of finding pictures that would identify the girls.

The public defense filed an appeal to the district court Sunday, because of the fact that a lower court's decision to release the girls has not been complied with.

The police defies a court order and holds minor girls, for a minor offense.

They raid a school without a warrant, and also raid peoples homes in an effort to determine who these girls are.

Once again the police in Israel are out of control, and need to be reined in.

As a former Police officer I find the actions of the Israeli police to be disgusting.

I look forward to the day that Israel has a constitution that mirrors the Constitution of the USA, so that citizens are protected from the abuse of the state.

January 19, 2008

Reminder About MERF Appearance

For those who would like to hear me on the radio, I am very pleased to announce that I will be having a weekly appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 2pm EDT, 11 AM Pacific,12 noon Arizona, 9pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to streaming audio on line by going through the MERF web page located

January 18, 2008

True Power

10 Shevat 5768, January 17, '08 Lieberman's Daughter Interrogated

(IsraelNN.com) Michal Lieberman, the daughter of resigning Minister for Strategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman, was interrogated at the offices of the National Unit for Fraud Investigations Thursday.

Lieberman was interrogated for six hours regarding suspicions of corruption, as part of an investigation that has been going on for several years, in which her father was also questioned.

A separate criminal case against Avigdor Lieberman had dragged out for eight years and was only closed shortly after he joined the Kadima government.

The power of the system at work, is something to behold.

Olmert accepts Lieberman's resignation on January 16th, 2008, the very next day Lieberman's daughter was brought in for questioning by the Israeli police.

This is just an age old pattern that is just getting more than a little old.

Ariel Sharon was elected on a platform of being tough on terror and soon faced an onslaught of corruption charges, that went away when he stated to push his idea of a Gaza retreat.

Olmert was not totally on board with the whole "peace" process and faced corruption charges, as soon as he changed his mind on the peace process the main witness against him was arrested in New York and was not available to testify against Olmert, charges dropped.

Is there corruption in Israel, you bet.

Are all 120 members of Knesset corrupt, I have no proof but my gut says, yes they are.

This brings up two issues, first who is the true power in Israel the members of Knesset or some group that can bring up corruption charges every time a politician is against national suicide?

The second issue, is democracy still viable in Israel?

If the will of the people can be ignored, by our elected representatives?

Sixty Seven percent of the people are against retreating from any more land according to recent polls, but the process still moves forward toward creating a terrorist state.

Every Israel politician that has tried to slow the tide, has been run over by corruption charges.

If left wing elements in the Attorney Generals Office, Prosecuting Attorney's Office and the Police are really running the agenda, what has Israel become?

A Police State.

Young Hero's

Police Demand Parents Give Pictures of Arrested Teens

(IsraelNN.com) Police appeared at homes of arrested minor teenage girls Thursday and said they had court orders demanding that parents turn over pictures of their jailed children. The girls, most of whom are ages 13 to 15, have refused to identify themselves because they refute the right of a secular court to judge them.

The legal rights organization Honenu said that the action reflects intense public pressure on the courts to release the children. "These young girls have succeeded in forcing the entire system and have proven that Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria is not a crime." They were arrested for trying to establish a hilltop community near Beit El, north of Jerusalem.

The girls have told their parents that prison guards and police have harassed them in prison, forcing them to strip and depriving them of sleep in an effort to break their will not to identify themselves.

When a country is forced to arrest it's own children, whose only crime is wanting to live free in the land that G-D gave them, this is a country, in trouble.

We have seen the arrest of these young girls and their abuse while in custody, as well as the arrest of citizens of S'derot, for what?

Should the government be afraid of it's own citizens that demand to be free from the threat of terrorism and rocket attacks? Are these girls, just 13-15 years old, a threat to the welfare of the State of Israel?

These young girls are hero's in their own right, they are fighting back against a police state that has been expanding in Israel since the time of Rabin.

January 17, 2008

We Will Arrest You

Sderot Demo Over, Two Detained

(IsraelNN.com) A spontaneous demonstration by about 150 residents of Sderot in HaVered Street Thursday has ended.

Police detained two demonstrators for questioning on charges of disturbing the peace.

The demonstration involved the burning of tires.

The state will do nothing, to stop enemy rockets from falling on your town for years.

But if you take to the streets to demonstrate, the state will act, and it is off to jail you go, do not collect $200.

How can somebody disturb the "peace" in a town that has been hit every day for the last 3 days with over 50 Qassam rockets. Every 30 minutes your town has something fall on it and explode but if you raise your voice and burn some tires, we will arrest you.

Released for Publication: Jerusalem Bombing Averted

Released for Publication: Jerusalem Bombing Averted

(IsraelNN.com) The General Security Service (Shin Bet) released for publication Thursday information about a terrorist plot to plant explosives along the train tracks between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. A joint operation between the IDF and Shin Bet successfully averted the attack.

Five Palestinian Authority terrorists were arrested after IDF soldiers discovered a bomb-making laboratory with a ready-to-go explosive in the village of Nehalim, near the PA-controlled Judean city of Bethlehem.

January 16, 2008

Less Talk, More Action

Last update - 03:01 17/01/2008 Top IDF source: If Hamas shows restraint, Israel will follow By Amos Harel, Mijal Grinberg and Avi Issacharoff, Haaretz Correspondents

After two days of bloody Israel Defense Forces raids on the Gaza Strips and massive rocket fire on southern Israel, senior IDF sources told Haaretz that if Hamas decides to show restraint and hold back its attacks, Israel will do the same. However, they said, if the massive rocket attacks continue, Israel will be forced to reevaluate its strategy.

The officials said that at this stage the IDF is not changing its current tactics and it is not likely that the political leadership will allow an intensification of its attacks. They also said the situation will become clearer in the coming days.

An Israel Air Force strike killed two Palestinians in the central Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening, as militants in Gaza launched more than 40 Qassam rockets at the western Negev.

The strike came shortly after Defense Minister Ehud Barak vowed that Israel would step up its military offensive on Gaza in response to the barrage of Qassam rockets on southern Israel.

Hamas said the IAF missile strike Wednesday evening destroyed a car, killing its two occupants and wounding at least three others.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed the strike and said the vehicle targeted was carrying a load of weapons.

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, three Palestinian civilians were killed in an IAF strike that targeted a militant's car east of Gaza City. The fatalities included a teenager, his father and his uncle.

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fired at least 40 Qassam rockets and three mortar shells at over the course of Wednesday, causing damage and some injuries.

I don't think the IDF should be begging Hamas for a cease fire.

The job of the IDF is to fight our enemies not beg them for a cease fire.

No country in the world would allow their enemy to hit them with rockets day after day, the IDF must be turned loose by the political leadership to do the work of Israel's warriors, win a victory over our enemies.

Less talk, more action, is what is needed.

January 15, 2008

End Rocket Attacks Now

Sderot braces for more rockets

Southern town under attack: More than 40 Qassams fired at Sderot Tuesday, bomb shelters opened; meanwhile, more social workers, psychologists dispatched to help residents, IDF decides to keep schools open

Shmulik Hadad
Latest Update: 01.15.08, 23:23 / Israel News

Sderot hit by massive rocket offensive: More than 40 rockets were fired at southern communities Tuesday afternoon and evening. Most of the rockets targeted the southern town of Sdeort, prompting municipal officials to convene an emergency meeting to decide on the next moves in the rocket-stricken town.

Four civilians, including a 5-year-old girl, sustained shrapnel wounds in Tuesday's attacks. One of the rockets fired at Sderot hit a power line, causing power outages in some sections of town.

Army chief: IDF to boost Gaza operations if needed

Chief of Staff Ashkenazi: Troops engaged in 'real fighting' in Strip, army may boost operations if necessary

Hanan Greenberg
Published: 01.16.08, 00:40 / Israel News

IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said Tuesday evening that the army may further expand its operations in the Gaza Strip.

Speaking at a bereaved families' convention in the Dead Sea, Ashkenazi addressed the fierce fighting in and around Gaza Tuesday, which saw the southern town of Sderot coming under ceaseless rocket barrages, as IDF forces targeted Gaza terrorists.

Referring to the possibility of upgrading military operations in Gaza, Ashkenazi said that "if necessary, we will expand our operations there."

Hamas investigates Gaza failures

Member of Hamas military wing tells Ynet series of mistakes led to high Palestinian death toll

Ali Waked
Published: 01.16.08, 01:07 / Israel News

Hamas has launched an investigation into the failures that saw 13 of its men killed in a clash with IDF soldiers in Gaza Tuesday. Members of the group said that the gunmen fell into an IDF trap and did not respond correctly.

Hamas has long been functioning as a full-fledged military organization, and the decision to probe the incident falls in line with military norms.

A source in Hamas' military wing told Ynet that although the cell that was hit faced problematic ground conditions during the clash, a series of mistakes committed by the men was behind the unusually heavy death toll.

"We are looking into a series of mistakes, especially errors that turned out to be critical. The first was the fact that the lookouts failed to identify the Israeli force approaching and left the place without spotting any suspicious movement," he said.

According to the source, this failure enabled the IDF force to surprise the Hamas gunmen in the area. "Before they realized what was going on, heavy tank and artillery fire was opened at them, as well as ground-to-ground missiles fired by the infiltrating force."

The time has come for the IDF, to ramp up the response to the rockets coming out of Gaza. Tonight we need to pour more troops into Gaza and retake the Gaza Strip.

This may well spell the end of the Bush push for "peace", which would be a great out come of the military push into Gaza.

January 14, 2008

Bomb-Making Chemicals Disguised as Humanitarian Aid to PA, Again

Bomb-Making Chemicals Disguised as Humanitarian Aid to PA, Again by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

(IsraelNN.com) Security agents of the Israel Airport Authority (IAA) discovered two tons of material used to manufacture explosives on a truck supposedly delivering humanitarian aid for residents of the Palestinian Authority. The discovery was made at the IDF checkpoint at the Kerem
The quantity of material discovered was sufficient for hundreds of rockets.
Shalom Crossing into southern Gaza, a transit point for goods from Egypt destined for the PA.

The bomb-making ingredient was found by IAA officials during routine and random inspections of vehicles supposedly carrying humanitarian supplies into southern Gaza. According to security sources, the chemical compound, made from fertilizer, is used as fuel for PA rockets and in the manufacture of incendiary devices. The quantity of material discovered was sufficient for hundreds of rockets.

Security officials have yet to determine the source and destination of the explosives supplies. The investigation continues.

The smuggling incident was the second of its kind in less than a month. In late December, IDF soldiers discovered 6.5 tons of potassium nitrate hidden in sacks marked "sugar" and earmarked for needy Arabs in Gaza. Potassium nitrate is a banned substance in Gaza, Judea and Samaria due to its use by terrorists for the manufacturing of explosives and Kassam rockets. The bags were marked as humanitarian aid from the European Union, Gaza's biggest source of assistance.

While security officials investigating the December case do not assume that the potassium nitrate was sent by the European Union, they have noted that terrorist groups have learned to take advantage of such shipments. An IDF source said at the time, "This is another example of how the terror organizations exploit the humanitarian aid that is delivered to the Palestinian population in Gaza with Israel's approval."

January 13, 2008

Report: Olmert Agrees to Allow in 50,000 Arab 'Refugees'

Report: Olmert Agrees to Allow in 50,000 Arab 'Refugees' by Hillel Fendel

(IsraelNN.com) The issue of "Arab refugees" has long been a matter of widespread consensus in Israel, with even left-wing parties declaring that allowing them into Israel would endanger its very existence as a Jewish state. Nevertheless, the subject does not appear to be going away. Reports are that Prime Minister Olmert has now agreed to allow 50,000 Arabs who left Israel in 1948 - or are descendants of those who did - to enter and live in Israel.

Channel Ten reported Thursday night that in a private meeting between Olmert and Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen, the two agreed that in the final-status agreement, Israel would withdraw from 92% of Judea and Samaria, including all the non-Jewish neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem. It was also agreed that 50,000 "refugees from 1948" would enter and live in the State of Israel.

Staffers in Olmert's office did not deny the report, and even hinted that it was at least partially accurate.

If this report is accurate, every member of the government should resign.

Olmert must be stopped, Israel could find itself over run with Arabs that claimed to have fled the fighting in 1948.

Israel would in effect be punished for a war that we didn't start, the aggressor's would be rewarded and the victim punished . But this fits the mold as today we are seeking to reward terrorism with a state.

January 11, 2008

Reminder About MERF Appearance

For those who would like to hear me on the radio, I am very pleased to announce that I will be having a weekly appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 2pm EDT, 11 AM Pacific,12 noon Arizona, 9pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to streaming audio on line by going through the MERF web page located

Actions Are What Saves Jews Or Murders Jews

Bush: U.S. Should Have Bombed Auschwitz

(IsraelNN.com) U.S. President George W. Bush said in the course of his visit to Holocaust museum Yad VaShem that the U.S. should have bombed Auschwitz during World War 2, Ynet reported.

Bush said steps have to be taken in order to prevent situations of genocide in the world, like the one that was perpetrated in World War 2.

It is easy to condemn the past murder of 6,000,000 Jews.

But what do his words mean, when at the same time he is weakening Israel, which G-D forbid will bring about the murder of the 6,000,000 Jews living in Israel

Bush: Make Sure Olmert Stays in Power

Bush: Make Sure Olmert Stays in Power

(IsraelNN.com) United States President George Bush spoke to ministers at a state dinner on Thursday night, telling them to ensure that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert remains in power. “He’s a strong political leader,” Bush said. Bush spoke to Yisrael Beiteinu head Avigdor Lieberman and Shas head Eli Yishai in particular. Both have threatened to pull their parties from the coalition due to Olmert’s willingness to discuss “core issues” with the Palestinian Authority, which they say does not have the power to make peace.

Once again, President Bush sticks his nose in where it doesn't belong.

No foreign leader has the right to tell Israel who should be the Prime Minister of Israel .

However this fits the Bush mold, he mouths off platitudes about democracy, then ignores the will of the people i.e. he didn't meet with Hamas.

Hamas is the duly elected representatives of the Palestinian people.

What would happen in America if after the next election President Bush just stayed in office, ignoring the 2008 election?

How many world leaders would meet with Bush and not the newly elected President?

January 10, 2008

Bush Is A Coward

Bush on his visit to Ramallah invaded the PA offices with 1500 Secret Service Agents backed up by IDF and Shaback from Israel.

The Palestinian police and security agencies were cut out of the security for Bush. The IDF and Americans created a sterile zone one mile deep. The riots that are shown on the news happened outside this zone. PA police were not allowed in this sterile zone.

What, Mr. President, you don't trust your peace partners?

If you will not put your life on the line, how can you put my children's life on the line?

You, sir, are a coward.


Gazan Welcome For Bush: American School Bombed by Ezra HaLevi

(IsraelNN.com) Arab terrorists bombed the American school in Gaza Thursday, apparently in response to US President George W. Bush’s demands that the PA give up terrorism.

Three men reportedly fired a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) at the second floor of the school Thursday morning, shortly before students arrived for classes.

The school’s security guards were told to leave the premises prior to the attack. They complied and the school’s art facility was destroyed.

The American-funded school is located near the village of Beit Lahiya. Most of its American teachers left Gaza when Hamas came to power, fearing attack. The students at the school come from wealthy families and classes take place in English. Many will study at American universities after graduation.

Bush and Rice will you please pay attention to what the Palestinians really are, terrorist.


They live to murder Jews, they have done nothing, zero to build a better future for their children. Instead they push their children to blow themselves up in pursuit of the Palestinian dream.

The Palestinian dream is not to build a future for themselves it is too murder 6,000,000 Jews that live in Israel.

Rabbi Wolpe: It’s Good to Die for Our Land

Rabbi Wolpe: It’s Good to Die for Our Land

(IsraelNN.com) Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpe, who was recently condemned for statements comparing senior politicians to collaborators with the Nazis, spoke at a rally in Jerusalem on Thursday against plans to create a Palestinian Authority state in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. “There will be Amona times ten, Amona times one hundred, over every settlement,” Rabbi Wolpe said, referring to the resistance to the violent expulsion of Jews from Amona. “We will fight until the last drop of blood, it is good to die for our land.”

Several protestors carried signs saying “Bush and Olmert Are Bringing Another Holocaust.” One man was arrested for carrying a fake gun.

G-D Judge Fairly

Based on the speech given in Jerusalem, Israel today by President Bush where the President stated that the Palestinians deserve to have a Palestinian state.

I think America should support returning Germany to the rule of the Nazi party.

If murdering Jewish women and children as the Palestinians have done for 100 years qualifies a people to have a state, then of course the Nazi's deserve a state.

Also President Bush stated that the Palestinian state must have contiguous borders. In order to achieve this, Israel could not be a contagious state. The connection from Gaza to Judea and Samaria the location of the terrorist state called Palestine would cut Israel in two

May G-D judge President Bush in this world and the world to come for his actions against the Jewish people.

Former chief Rabbi to Bush: Don't act against God’s will

Former chief Rabbi to Bush: Don't act against God’s will

In a letter handed to US president, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu warns him not to take action that would harm Jewish people. ‘The Jewish nation forever remembers those that inflict harm upon it’
Kobi Nahshoni

In a letter handed to US President George Bush Thursday, former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu admonished the US president to avoid any course of action that would harm the Jewish nation.

“The Jewish nation is eternal, and forever remembers those that have aided it throughout history, as well as those that have done it harm. Please let your name go down in history as a president who aided the Jewish nation, who worked alongside God and not against him,” wrote the rabbi.

The Rabbi furthermore urged Bush in his letter to utilize his visit to strengthen and bolster the State of Israel.

“You were granted the privilege of serving as US president. Make the best of the duties given you, and we will fulfill our task of remembering you as good and noble throughout the ages,” said the Rabbi.

Rabbi Eliyahu began his letter with greetings for President Bush and praise for his efforts to bring peace to the region. With that, he then told the American president that “his agenda for peace goes against the will of God”.

Granting the site of the Holy Temple to murderers of women and children who blaspheme God, wrote Rabbi Eliyahu, is an act against the Jewish people as well as God.

“Ever since the Jews of Gush Katif were expelled from their homes, Sdeort was bombarded with hundreds of Qassam rockets by Hamas as well as other Palestinian organizations….Hundreds of thousands of additional people will live in similar danger if we were to abide by your peace plan, and then where would we end up?” asked the Rabbi.

'God promised land of Israel to Jewish people alone'
The Rabbi stressed that “he prays for peace, as does any individual who believes in God,” but that “anyone who accepts the bible as the word of God must keep in mind that God had promised the land of Israel to the Jewish people alone. The Ishmaelites have no part of this divine guarantee.”

Noting that God’s promise to return the Jewish people to their homeland has been coming to full fruition during the last century, the rabbi then urged President Bush to act as a vessel carrying out the divine plan. “God’s pledge to the Jewish people is carried out through people who were created in God’s image, and it their duty to carry out the divine will.”

January 09, 2008

Thugs With Badges

Police Campaign to Silence Israeli Opposition by Hana Levi Julian

(IsraelNN.com) Three people were taken into custody and their literature confiscated as they were handing it out to foreign journalists outside the Dan Panorama Hotel in Jerusalem Wednesday night. The Dan Panorama is where most of the journalists who are covering the Bush visit are lodging.

The literature in question is a booklet authored by Arlene Kushner entitled, "Fatah as 'Moderate': A Hard Look Post-Annapolis, published by the Center for Near East Policy Research at the Beit Agron International Press Center in Jerusalem.

Plans to distribute the material to foreign journalists were put into place last week as a joint project of the Center and the National Council of Young Israel, a Jewish American organization with chapters in every state. "A number of activists with several organizations were working on assisting the Center to distribute this crucial information to the foreign media," said activist Suzy Dym.

"One policeman said we can't stand in front of the hotel, that we should go to the corner, so that's what I did," related Jeff Daube, another volunteer at the site. "I was standing around, waiting to see if any reporters would come around, when a police officer tapped me on the shoulder, said 'Come with me,' and took my material and Israeli identity card.

Daube said that he and his two companions were bundled into a police car and taken to the Russian Compound. Dym was arrested after pointing out that she could not be detained unless she gave her consent – which she would not do. Daube and the third volunteer were detained because they didn't realize the law was on their side. "If you don't consent, then they arrest you, or let you go," explained Dym.

"I told them that I cannot agree to be detained because I need to talk to these foreign reporters, that that's what I came to Jerusalem for," she added.

"Then you are arrested," responded the police officer, "for distributing seditious (treasonous) material."

Dym said Police Superintendent Chaim Moshe told her if she didn't "come along quietly to be arrested" that they would use "considerable violence" against her.

In less than two hours, however, all three were released, their personal belongings were returned -- minus the booklets -- and the charge against Dym was dropped. "They haven't really charged us yet, but they still could," she emphasized. "We like to hope that in a democracy that doesn't happen, but we know it does."

The real concern, said Dym, is the lack of information reaching public figures in American Jewish organizations about Fatah's continued involvement with terrorism against Israel.

"Our real hope is that public figures and organizations will take this very seriously," she said. "We pray we won't be abandoned by the American Jewish community on this issue."

Once again the police in Israel move against freedom in Israel.

Israel is a sham as a free democracy, we elect a dictator every few years and their is no freedom of speech, movement or the freedom to keep and bear arms.

Israel was started by a bunch of Bolsheviks and communist and the leadership still views their ability to rule and little changed. Their is not a single member of Knesset who is a libertarian even the left likes the power that they have when in power ovr the Israeli public.

We must fight to give liberty and freedom to Israel.

We Are Doomed

4 months in jail for soldier who abused Palestinian detainee

Givati Brigade soldier convicted of slamming head of blindfolded detainee against pole also gets four-month probation, demoted from corporal to private. Court denounces defendant's 'deplorable actions'

Hanan Greenberg
Published: 01.09.08, 23:58 / Israel News

The Southern Command Military Court sentenced a Givati Brigade soldier to four and-a-half months in prison Wednesday, after he was convicted of abusing a handcuffed, blindfolded Palestinian detainee.

The defendant "brutally violated his duties as a human being, a citizen of the state and a soldier," the court said in the verdict.

"While another man, handcuffed and blindfolded, was under his custody, the defendant treated him badly, slamming his head against an iron pole and bruising his face.

"This harassment of a helpless person casts disgrace on the soldier and tarnishes the IDF and Israel's name," the judges stated.

The judges referred to an incident where the soldier, along with several of his peers, abused a man who was detained during an operation in Nablus, causing him to bang his head against a pole while he was blindfolded.

Soldier expresses remorse

It took the Military Police more than a month to track down the violent soldier, because the other soldiers who were present when the incident took place refused to name the culprit. The soldier himself initially denied the allegations against him in his interrogation.

In the trial, the defendant expressed his remorse and said that he wished he could "turn back the wheel." His defense attorney claimed that the incident was brief and unpremeditated, and that his client was an outstanding soldier and highly esteemed by his commanders.

In the verdict, the judges stressed that the defendant's actions were deplorable, but decided to take into account the soldier's personal record and his expression of remorse, and sentenced him to only four and-a-half months in prison, and a similar term. He was also demoted from corporal to private.

The actions of the military police and the judge in this case show that Israel has lost sight of the fact that we are at war for our survival.

War is brutal and actions that would not be normally condoned are the actions that must be taken by the soldier and the state to ensure their survival.

Lets be honest about the real suspect in this case, it is a Palestinian terrorist. A terrorist who while handcuffed and blindfolded more than likely told the soldier that he the terrorist had engaged in some kind of sexual act with the soldiers mother or sister.

The soldier who had just risk his life in a anti terror operation in Schem, lets please use the Hebrew name and not Nablus the Arab name for the town since it is a town from the time of the Torah. Was coming down off an adrenalin rush from being in danger and like most soldiers was also sleep deprived, smacked the terrorist head against a pole.

So what!

How can Israel win a war when we refuse to fight a war?

The other side is holding a soldier in Gaza, will they ever have a trial for the abuse of Gilad Shalit?

Did the other side ever have a trial for the Palestinians that murdered and then butchered the Israeli soldiers in Ramallah?

Between American pressure to create a terrorist state on our land and the leadership in Israel, I can say with out help from G-D.

Israel is doomed.

Be'Ezrat HaShem Soon Am Israel Will Say Baruch HaShem

Baruch HaShem blessed be the name of G-D, has just passed the lips of Prime Minister Olmert for the first time in only G-D knows how long. This time it was to thank G-D that Olmert has an ally like President Bush in the effort to remove Jews from the land that G-D gave the Jewish people.

For Olmert to invoke G-D in his actions against the Torah and Jewish people makes me sick.

BE'EZRAT HASHEM, with the Help of G-D Bush and Olmert will fail and soon be a sad part of history of the Jewish people.

Then the Jewish people rid t of these two men will truly be able to say, BARUCH HASHEM we have been delivered from evil.

January 08, 2008

Rockets From Lebanon

2 Katyushas fired from Lebanon at western Galilee

Fragments of two 107-mm Katyusha rockets fired toward Israel from south Lebanon overnight found in western Galilee region. No injuries or damage were reported. Unknown Islamic organization claims responsibility for attack

Ahiya Raved
Published: 01.08.08, 09:56 / Israel News

The fragments of two Katyusha rockets fired toward Israel from south Lebanon overnight Tuesday were found in the western Galilee region. No injuries or damage were reported.

Galilee district police stated that “a pair of 107-mm rockets made landfall. One landed near a community center in Shlomi, the other on the highway leading from Shlomi to Rosh Hanikra. The bomb squad has examined the fragments, and is still continuing its investigation and sweeping the area.”

The IDF said it did not identify the launching of the rockets, perhaps due to the weather conditions.

Shlomi Municipality head Gabi Na'aman told Ynet "as far as we know, two Katyusha rockets were fired overnight. One landed in the yard of a home, and some fragments were found in the balcony as well." He stated that no one reported the rocket attacks because people probably mistook the blasts for thunder.

Look for the violence to ratchet up in the Middle East with the visit of President Bush.

Once again I can only wish him failure.

January 07, 2008

Wake Up

Monday, January 7, 2008 Bush clueless about Palestinian street - Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No. (26) - 56.9% support armed action

Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA:

President Bush is in good company in being clueless about the Palestinian

But that doesn't excuse making policy based on the false assertion of what
Palestinians think.

Consider these results:

+ 56.9% Support armed action
46)People's evaluations of the future chances of the peace process and the
armed struggle vary. For example, some believe that the peace process is a
failure and that only way to end the occupation is the resort to armed
attacks while others believe that armed attacks are responsible for the
failure of the peace process. What about you? Which of the following four
views you support:
21.1% the peace process is not successful in ending occupation and should
be stopped in favor of resort to armed action
35.8% the peace process should not be stopped because it still might
succeed, but at the same time armed action should continue
25.7% the peace process has not failed and should be given more time and in
the meanwhile armed action should be stopped
12.0% armed action is responsible for the stagnation of the peace process
and if it is stopped, the peace process would make progress
5.5% DK/NA

+ If Palestinians got everything they wanted 44.5% oppose "mutual
recognition of Israel as the state of the Jewish people and Palestine as the
state of the Palestinians."
24)There is a proposal that after the establishment of an independent
Palestinian state and the settlemnet of all issues in dispute, including the
refugees and Jerusalem issues, there will be a mutual recognition of Israel
as the state of the Jewish people and Palestine as the state of the
Palestinians people. Do you agree or disagree to this proposal?
6.3% Definitely agree
42.7% agree
34.0% disagree
14.5% definitely disagree
2.6% DK/NA

00 )From among the following satellite news stations, which one you watched
most during the last two months?
8.6% Al Arabia
53.2% Al Jazeera
0.2% Al Hurra
1.7% Al Manar
13.5% Palestine TV
11.3% Al-Aqsa TV
6.1% Do not watch TV
2.4% Others
2.8% Do not have a dish
0.2% No Opinion/Don't know

15)Generally, do you see yourself as:
48.9% Religious
47.0% Somewhat religious
3.6% Not religious
0.4% DK/NA

When will Bush wake up?

Even more important when will the Israeli leadership wake up?

It Will Cost Us

Nasrallah: We're ready for any 'Zionist adventure'

In meeting with religious leaders, Hizbullah secretary-general warns Israel that if it launches an attack, his organization will deal Jewish state 'a defeat more severe than the defeat in the last war'

Roee Nahmias
Published: 01.07.08, 17:40 / Israel News

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said Monday that his militant Shiite organization was ready for any future confrontation with Israel.

Nasrallah, who spoke during in a meeting with a delegation of Lebanese religious leaders, was quoted as saying that Hizbullah was "ready for any attack or foolish adventure that the Zionist enemy initiates."

He warned that, in the case of an Israeli attack, Hizbullah would deal the "Zionist enemy a defeat more severe than the defeat it dealt (Israel) in the last war."

Nasrallah went on to claim that "the 'resistance' today is stronger, more resolute, and much more experienced."

During the meeting, the militant cleric emphasized his commitment to unity among all Muslims and his continual effort to "cause the failure of all attempts to provoke a civil war by the United States and Israel."

He added that "the American plan that was designed for the whole Islamic world failed and there is no way it will be able to succeed in Lebanon."

Nasrallah also referred to domestic political issues in Lebanon stressing that his organization would not give up on the principle of genuine participation in a national unity government in Lebanon.

According to Nasrallah, a government such as this would allow for an open dialogue on issues that have yet to be resolved among the various factions in the country.

I have no doubt that Nasrallah thinks this but the IDF has been rebuilding.

I think their is a chance for a third Lebanon war this coming summer, Israel given the right political leadership will win the war. However it will be a costly war in terms of loss of our sons.

January 06, 2008

May You Fail

Pres. Bush implies won't support Israeli attack on Iran

Question: How will you respond if the prime minister of Israel presents to
you evidence that the Iranians are approaching the point of no return and
tells you that we cannot live with such a threat and we will attack the
nuclear facilities of Iran. Would you support an Israeli action?

President Bush: The policy of the United States is to solve the problem via

Interview with Nachum Barnea and Shimon Shiffer in Yediot Ahronot published
4 January 2008

I have stated in the past that until President Bush leaves office he has become the greatest danger to the future of Israel and this is even stronger evidence to back up my position.

When it comes to the evil that is Iran it is not time for politics as usual, the correct answer to the question posed to Bush is "of course the United State will back an Israeli attack on Iran under those conditions."

I can only wish President Bush failure on his Middle East trip this week.

IDF: Ashkelon Terror Rocket was Made in Iran

IDF: Ashkelon Terror Rocket was Made in Iran

(IsraelNN.com) IDF sources said that the rocket fired by the enemy in Gaza at northern Ashkelon three days ago was manufactured in Iran.

The Israeli security apparatus initially estimated that the missile was a Russian made Grad, but a more thorough inspection revealed it was Iranian.

January 04, 2008

Reminder About MERF Appearance

For those who would like to hear me on the radio, I am very pleased to announce that I will be having a weekly appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 2pm EDT, 11 AM Pacific,12 noon Arizona, 9pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to streaming audio on line by going through the MERF web page located

Qassams Coming To A City Near You

IDF uncovers pipes used in manufacturing of Qassams in West Bank

Pipes found along with launch pads in laboratory in Nablus Casbah; 25 Palestinians injured in IDF operations in the city

Efrat Weiss
Published: 01.04.08, 00:29 / Israel News

IDF forces operating in Nablus Thursday night found two pipes resembling Qassam-like rockets in later stages of assembly in a laboratory in the West Bank city's Casbah.

Aided by intelligence pinpointing its location, the IDF forces found the laboratory with two pipes as well as the launching ramps for the projectiles.

The IDF said the rockets were in the advanced stages of assembly.

Locating the laboratory was one of the primary goals of the IDF's operations in the area.

Military officials from Central Command told Ynet that this incident "proves that as long as the IDF has full freedom of operation in Judea and Samaria, we will succeed in achieving results against terror organizations and if it weren't for this freedom of operation, things wouldn't look the same."

At least 25 injured in Nablus

Palestinian sources reported Thursday that at least 25 people were wounded during the IDF's operation in Nablus. According to reports, the casualties include an infant and one man, who was critically injured.

The IDF confirmed the attack, saying military forces were operating in an effort to locate weapons and wanted gunmen, and were using means of riot dispersal.

Large IDF forces made their way into Nablus Thursday morning, surrounding several areas, especially near Nablus' old city, and imposing a curfew. The IDF has detained one wanted gunmen for questioning.

According to Palestinian sources, an altercation flared between the soldiers and several local youths.

The Palestinians expressed their discontent with the IDF's operation in Nablus, particularly since Palestinian police were already deployed in the city.

As long as Israel fails to engage our enemies in war we allow them to prepare for the war that in the end must be fought.

The only question about a war with the Palestinians is when are we going to fight it and at what cost in terms of loss of our soldiers. I want to make it 100% clear that in a war with our enemies I only care about the loss of our soldiers. As far as our enemies goes I want the IDF to inflict on them the great pain and suffering that we can in the shortest period of time, so that we can end the war in the shortest period of time, resulting in a lowering of the risks to our side.

January 03, 2008

Racist Hypocrite

Bush: Expansion of settlements hindering peace talks

Week before embarking on historic visit to region, US president voices concern that Israel's ongoing expansion of settlements in the West Bank hinders peace efforts with PA, urges immediate evacuation of illegal outposts. White House: No Abbas-Olmert-Bush meeting scheduled

Latest Update: 01.04.08, 00:10 / Israel News

US President George W. Bush on Thursday called Israeli settlement expansion an "impediment" to the success of revived peace efforts and urged the Jewish state to follow through on its pledge to dismantle unauthorized settler outposts.

Speaking less than a week before his first presidential visit to Israel and the West Bank, Bush voiced optimism at the prospects for securing an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal by the end of 2008, a goal set at last November's Annapolis conference that has been viewed with some skepticism.

Bush said he would use his trip to keep up pressure on both sides, including making clear to Israelis his
concern about continued Jewish settlement activity.

"I will talk about Israeli settlement expansion, about how that is, that can be, you know, an impediment to success," he told Reuters in an interview. "The unauthorized outposts for example need to be dismantled, like the Israelis said they would do."

If President Bush were to say, Afro Americans living in a specific area of America cause crime or any other problem, what would he be called?

A racist, is the answer.

President Bush has taken American soldiers and Marines to war in two countries. He has called it a war against Islamic terrorism.

Almost every day rockets are fired out of Gaza into Israel, and less than a week ago, two young Jewish men were gunned down and were left by Palestinian emergency medical teams to bleed to death while they took away the dead and wounded Arabs.

So dead Americans on 9-11 matter, dead Jews at the hands of Islamic terrorist don't matter!

So what does this make President Bush?

A racist and a hypocrite

Israel must have enough pride in being Jewish to stand up to the pressure, or what is the country worth?

Today is not 60 years ago when Jews were being gassed to death and George Bush's grandfather was making money doing business with the Third Reich.


Behind The Headline A Proud Father

IDF Finds Gun in Arab Vehicle in Hevron

(IsraelNN.com) An IDF force discovered a handgun in a car driven by Arabs in Hevron Wednesday night.

The car's driver and a passenger were arrested.

I have always wanted to be able to say like an old radio guy.

"And now for the rest of the story"

The handgun was not really discovered in the vehicle, one of the Arabs was carrying the pistol inside a folded newspaper and when they were stopped by the IDF he tried to pull the pistol and cycle a round into the chamber but due to his lack of training he actually dropped the pistol on the ground as he was existing the vehicle.

He then tried to grab the gun off the ground so he could continue his attempt at shooting the soldiers. One of the soldiers got to the pistol first and secured the handgun. Both Arabs were then taken down at gun point and taken into custody.

"And now for the reat of the rest of the story"

The soldier in charge of the IDF detail is my son.

January 02, 2008

IDF's Most Elite Druze Soldier Killed in Training Accident

IDF's Most Elite Druze Soldier Killed in Training Accident by Ezra HaLevi

(IsraelNN.com) Tamir Nebuani, who died in a training accident along the Egyptian border Tuesday was the best kept secret in the Druze village of Kfar Julis.

“He was the Druze fighter that advanced the farthest in the Sayeret Matkal (Chief of Staff Reconnaissance Unit),” his neighbors proudly told reporters.

Nebuani, an expert navigator, was engaged in a navigation exercise along the desert border between Israel and Egypt when he fell from a 50-foot ledge.

The IDF has launched an investigation into the incident.

The outstanding soldier was in the final months of his training for Israel’s most prestigious unit. It was Sayeret Matkal that carried out the famous raid on Entebbe, as well as a daring raid inside a hospital in Lebanon this past summer. Most of the unit’s activities are not published, however.

His brother Nazir, who served in an IDF tank unit, spoke with the Maariv newspaper. “With our encouragement, Tamir decided to go to Sayeret Matkal,” Nazir said. “He underwent two surgeries during his service, but returned to the unit each time. It is tragic that he will not finish the training. In our family and community there is no compromise – he who wants to serve, serves – and does the best he can and goes as far as he can.”

Nazir recounted his last call from his brother. “He called me on Shabbat (Saturday) and said he had a difficult exercise coming up,” Nazir recalls. “I told him, ‘You are the bomb – you’ll pass it!’”

Nebuani’s funeral is at Kfar Julis at noon Wednesday.

Rest in peace.

Israel can never repay the debit we have with your family, thank you for letting your son serve.

January 01, 2008

Surprise Surprise, No Surprise

Killers of off-duty soldiers near Hebron were PA security officers

Israeli security officials say two of the terrorists who killed Cpl. Ahikam Amihai and Sgt. David Ruben at Telem Creek area last Friday are members of Fatah's security forces. 'PA trying to evade responsibility for attack,' they say

Efrst Weiss
Published: 01.01.08, 22:31 / Israel News

Two of the terrorists who shot dead off-duty IDF soldiers Cpl. Ahikam Amihai (20) and Sgt. David Ruben (21) as they were hiking near Hebron last Friday were members of Fatah's security forces and are on the Palestinian Authority's payroll, Israeli sources said.

One of the terrorists was identified as 26-year-old Hebron resident Amar Taha, a Fatah member and a member of the Palestinian national security forces. The other terrorists was named as 24-year-old Hebron resident Ali Dandanes, a court clerk and Fatah member with links to the Palestinian general intelligence.

The two turned themselves in to the Palestinian Authority's general intelligence custody immediately following the attack, fearing being captured by Israeli security forces.

The PA did not immediately inform Israel that the terrorists were in its custody, but did so only after Shin Bet officials approached Palestinian officials on the matter.

The Palestinians handed over to Israel the IDF soldiers' rifles, which were taken by the terrorists following the attack, as well as the weapons used in the shooting attack itself.

Speaking to Ynet, a member of the al-Aqsa Brigades, Fatah's armed wing, confirmed that the terrorists belonged to the organization, adding that the third gunman, who was killed by the off-duty soldiers, was also a member of an al-Aqsa cell.

"Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack only at the request of the family of one of the terrorists, whose father is imprisoned in Israel, but we carried out the attack," he said.

Amihai and Ruben were hiking through the Telem Creek area with an unnamed female companion when a group of four Palestinians drove up towards them and opened fire.

The soldiers, who served in elite commando units, were reportedly carrying their firearms with them and were able to return fire, killing one of the Palestinian gunmen and seriously wounding another.

The third hiker in the group managed to take cover as the first gunshots were heard and called the Kiryat Arba security headquarters to alert them of the incident. "We've been hit, there are two critically wounded Israelis here," she reported.

However the female hiker had difficulty giving rescue services the party's exact location and the searches took over an hour.

Amihai and Ruben were seriously injured and died of their wounds shortly afterwards, they were pronounced dead at the scene by a military doctor. They will be brought to rest Saturday evening, after Shabbat.

An Israeli security official said Palestinian statements claiming that the attack was criminally-motivated contradict the evidence the shin Bet has gathered and the admission of the terrorists themselves during their interrogation by PA security forces.

"These statements were issued in an apparent attempt by the PA to evade responsibility in light of the fact that the attack was carried out by members of Fatah and the Authority's security services," the official said.

Just one more piece of evidence that the Palestinians are our enemies.

As I have said many times Hamas equals Fatah and Fatah equals Hamas.

The time has long past for war, The government of Israel must secure our future by eliminating the threat that exist inside of Israel from the Palestinians.

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