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November 30, 2009

UN Is Worthless

UN marks November 29 'day of mourning'

While Israel celebrates date on which it was given a state by UN, latter plans anti-Israeli resolutions
Yitzhak Benhorin

WASHINGTON – The UN is currently marking the historic date of November 29 1947, the day in which it approved the partition plan separating Israel into two states – Jewish and Arabic.

But while in Israel the date is celebratory, as it marks the end of the British mandate and the beginning of independent rule, the UN headquarters in New York and Geneva are holding ceremonies of mourning and solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Shalev to slam UN's one-sidedness (Photo: Shahar Azran)

The General Assembly in New York has embarked on a two-day marathon of anti-Israeli debates and votes, during which it plans to focus on the promotion of the Palestinian issue. Hearings will be held on subjects such as sovereignty over Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

Israel has traditionally boycotted the debates due to their one-sidedness, but in recent years has changed its tune. Israel's ambassador to the UN, Gabriela Shalev, is scheduled to speak before the assembly Tuesday and condemn the UN tradition of memorializing the date on which Israel was given a state as a day of mourning.

The Palestinian Maan news agency reported that the Palestinian observer at the UN, Riyad Mansour, is expected to announce a "new diplomatic strategy" and ask the Security Council to define the 1967 borders as the new borders of a Palestinian state.

Last year the former president of the General Assembly, Miguel d'Escoto, accused Israel of apartheid during a speech before the UN.

The special debates are scheduled to begin Monday evening, and resolutions will be approved on the following day. Each year six of the 20 annual anti-Israel resolutions are passed by the November 29 assembly.

In addition, the UN will hold ceremonies and exhibitions on the Palestinian people and show a film on the subject.

This is why among many other reasons that the UN is the biggest waste of money and human effort in the history of the world. I am currently in Africa and the UN is just a bad here as they are in Israel.

But here it is just corruption and laziness and in Israel it is just plain and simple they hate us.

November 29, 2009

The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

Iranian gov't approves building of 10 enrichment sites
Nov. 29, 2009
AP and jpost.com staff , THE JERUSALEM POST

The Iranian government approved a plan Sunday to build 10 industrial scale uranium enrichment facilities, a dramatic expansion of the program in defiance of UN demands it halt enrichment.

The decision came only days after the UN nuclear watchdog agency censured Iran over its program , and demanded it halt the construction of a newly revealed enrichment facility.

Iran's state news agency IRNA reported that the government ordered the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran to begin construction of five uranium enrichment sites that have already been studied and propose five other sites for future construction.

The decision was made during a Cabinet meeting headed by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Sunday evening, IRNA said.

Also Sunday, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani issued a warning of his own that Teheran may cut cooperation with the UN nuclear agency watchdog.

"If the West continues to pressure us, then parliament can review Iran's cooperation level with the IAEA," he told the assembly.

According to Larijani, "If the Western powers continue to use the ridiculous policy of sticks and carrots, Teheren too will form a new type of relationship with the West."

The US and Israel expressed satisfaction over the weekend with what officials from both countries termed "a growing momentum" of international pressure on Iran to halt activities that would enable it to construct nuclear weapons.

On Friday, the IAEA resolution censuring Iran passed by a 25-3 margin, demanding that Teheran immediately freeze construction of its newly revealed nuclear facility and heed Security Council resolutions to stop uranium enrichment.

Hilary Leila Krieger and Haviv Rettig Gur contributed to this report

November 27, 2009

The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

Bomber may have been heading for Eilat
Nov. 26, 2009

An IDF bomb squad detonated a 15-kilogram explosive seized during a search conducted along the Egyptian border on Thursday.

Late Wednesday night, IDF troops on a routine patrol of the border area spotted a suspicious figure carrying a bag containing what was later discovered to be a 15-kilogram bomb.

The soldiers ordered him to stop and fired several shots in the air. However, the man fled the scene back into Egypt, dropping the bag in his haste.

IDF sources said it was possible that the suspected terrorist was from the Gaza Strip and had crossed into the Sinai Peninsula with the intention of then crossing into Israel to carry out an attack.

The military has been following attempts to carry out attacks through the 'U-route', where Gazan terrorists travel to Egypt, then turn back upon reaching Sinai and infiltrate Israel via the more penetrable Israel-Egypt border.

Channel 10 quoted security officials as assessing the device was either meant to be used in Eilat, Israel's southernmost city, or in another major Israeli city to which the suspect would have been driven, in order to perpetrate a multiple-casualty attack.

OC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant praised the soldiers' alertness and quick response.

November 26, 2009

Bibi Right Wing, Not

Palestinians say Israel pardoned 92 wanted Fatah men

In apparent bid to bolster Abbas' regime ahead of possible release of hundreds of Hamas prisoners as part of Shalit deal, Israel grants amnesty to dozens of al-Aqsa Brigades men
Ali Waked

Palestinian sources reported Thursday that Israel has pardoned 92 wanted gunmen belonging to the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Fatah's armed wing.

Israel has yet to respond to the report.

According to the agreement, the Palestinians who were granted amnesty vowed to halt their terrorist activities, and in return Israel said it would not try to track them down.

The majority of the pardoned Fatah gunmen are permitted to move freely within Area A, which is under the Palestinian Authority's full control. A handful of them are permitted to travel freely within all of the territories.

One of the pardoned gunmen, Ala Sankara, served as Al-Aqsa commander in the Balata refugee camp in the West Bank city of Nablus. His daughter and two brothers were killed by the IDF, and his home was razed.

Speaking to Ynet, Sankara, who was granted a full pardon by Israel, said, "I am very pleased - after years of persecution, concern and fear. I want to thank (Palestinian President Mahmoud) Abbas for looking out for us. I hope this agreement will eventually include all of the wanted (Fatah gunmen), and that the prisoners (held by Israel) will also be freed."

The Fatah men were pardoned as part of the 2007 amnesty agreement between Israel and the PA, but the timing, which coincides with reports of progress in the negotiations on a prisoner exchange between Israel and Hamas, indicates that the move is aimed at bolstering Abbas' regime.

A week ago, Palestinian sources said Abbas expects Israel to release hundreds of Fatah prisoners to counter the possible release of hundreds of Hamas detainees as part of a deal to secure the release of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

The sources clarified that the release of Fatah prisoners would be aimed at preventing Palestinian public opinion from shifting in Hamas' favor.

If this is true, it sure proves what I have always said about Bibi.

How about this Mr. PM kill 92 terrorist and you will be doing something right.

5 mortar shells hit south

Published: 11.26.09, 17:22 / Israel News

Five mortar shell bombs were fired from the Gaza Strip towards the Eshkol Regional Council. The bombs landed in open areas. No injuries or damage were reported. (Ilana Curiel)

November 25, 2009

Bibi and Obama

Cabinet votes on 10-month building freeze

Prime minister expected to declare partial halt to settlement construction, in move coordinated with Americans. Sources close to Netanyahu says announcement has nothing to due with impending prisoner exchange deal with Hamas. Palestinians reject gesture as it does not include east Jerusalem
Roni Sofer

The diplomatic-security cabinet convened Wednesday afternoon to approve Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak's request to freeze settlement construction for 10 months, as reportedly agreed in Netanyahu's recent meeting with US President Barack Obama.

A similar announcement is expected to be made in Washington by US special envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell.

The new decision is expected to be enforced according to an outline reported by Ynet earlier Wednesday, following a meeting convened by the coordinator of the government's activities in the territories.

The matters discussed in the meeting included the need to sign orders, issuing a construction prohibition map in accordance with a general's order, defining communities' borders, imposing sanctions on heads of communities and councils, arresting and banning youth involved in building exceptions, framing caravan operators in the West Bank and closing them with the help of the Shin Bet and police, defining illegal construction as a criminal activity, quick demolition of any new construction, etc.

It was also decided to focus on the Amana settlement movement and to appoint a inter-ministerial team to implement the conclusions.

Sources close to the prime minister clarified that the expected decision, which was coordinated and agreed upon a long time ago, had nothing to do with the impending prisoner exchange deal with Hamas.

Palestinian officials rejected the expected Israeli offer to partially freeze West Bank settlement construction, even before it was made public.

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Tuesday that any freeze that did not include east Jerusalem was unacceptable. The Palestinians have refused to reopen peace talks with Israel until it halts all settlement construction.

Efrat Weiss and The Associated Press contributed to this report

So all you people that support Bibi and sent me emails through the years telling me I was wrong about Bibi.

Tell me how you can call him and his government right wing.

Building freeze, let us please tell the truth.

It is a building freeze for Jews only the Arabs will keep building like crazy, with no permits and no Israeli government with enough self respect to stop it.

Then don't even get me started on an exchange of terrorist for a kidnapped soldier.

What happened to the IDF ?

Was it not the IDF that wrote the book on special ops and counter terrorism?

If you can say that Bibi is conservative with a straight face, I can guess that you will also say Obama is a conservative too.

November 24, 2009

Strength Or Weakness

Vilnai: Next war to include all Israel

As State concludes restoration of public shelters in North, Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai says, 'There won't be another war that doesn't involve civilian population'

Hagai Einav
Published: 11.24.09, 15:09 / Israel News

Three-and-a-half years have passed since the Second Lebanon War, and Tuesday morning saw the end of a project for the renovation and restoration of bomb shelters in northern Israel in a festive ceremony.

The Prime Minister's Office and the Defense Ministry invested NIS 96 million (roughly $25.27 million) in the renovation of 3,019 public shelters. An additional 1,838 joint shelters were renovated by the administration for the restoration of the North and the Amigour company.

Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai said that in the event of another military operation, the fighting will not only be felt near Israel's borders, but throughout the entire country. "We are building the State of Israel's civilian front," he said, "A war only on the military front, as in the Yom Kippur War - not involving the civilian population – will not reoccur."

The minister added that, "the best war is one that is prevented, because if there is a war, it will reach every part of the State of Israel."

Vilnai slammed the proposed budget cuts in communities on the confrontation lines and said, "It is unreasonable and unfathomable that they are trying to take away from grants to authorities in the periphery. These towns are located around the state's borders and determine how the State of Israel looks."

Eyal Gabai, director-general of the Prime Minister's Office also noted the importance of supporting periphery communities. "The recent conflicts have proven the strength of the communities along the border. It is the State's responsibility to change the perception, and the places that have been ignored will be made a top priority."

Gabai added that the government plans to invest tens of billions of shekels in reinforcing infrastructure in the periphery, which he said would "change the lives of the residents of the Galilee and the Negev within 10 years."

Head of Shlomi Local Council Gabi Naaman warned that the calm in the north in recent years could lead to complacency with regards to the continued restoration of shelters.

"We must not forget that the confrontation line has not disappeared, or that, alongside the economic and professional threats, there is still a security threat that is demonstrated with a Katyusha attack on the northern communities from time to time," he said.

So what is Israel doing to either prevent the war or to insure that we will win the war in the shortest possible time.

Are we projecting strength or weakness?

I think we all know the answer, but then we are not "smart" enough to be sitting in the Knesset. We don't see the big picture, like how being strong and tough would require our leaders to act like real leaders. It really is so much easier to be a leader and not to lead.

November 23, 2009

LikeYou And Me

Border Guard officers attacked by settlers

One of force's jeeps damaged during patrol near illegal West Bank outpost of Havat Gilad; no injuries reported. 'The jeep was driving wildly. We are against violence,' outpost resident says
Efrat Weiss

Several Border Guard officers were attacked Sunday evening by Havat Gilad (Gilad Farm) residents during a patrol near the illegal West Bank outpost. One of the forces' jeeps was damaged.

Border Guard, police and IDF forces were dispatched to the area for reinforcement. There were no reports of injuries or arrests.

Outpost resident Itai Zar provided his version of the incident: "A Border Guard jeep was driving in the farm wildly, against traffic. The farm's residents told them off, and in response the commander decided to push the residents. During the incident, one of the jeep's wheels was punctured. The farm's residents are against violence."

Zar added that on Thursday he had been beaten and injured by Border Guard officers after taking pictures of them. The same day, one of the outpost's residents was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a policeman while Civil Administration representatives attempted to dismantle an illegal electricity infrastructure in the area. The man was taken in for questioning by the police.

The Havat Gilad outpost is a regular point of friction between the settlers and Palestinians living in the area. The Palestinians complain repeatedly about being harassed by the outpost's residents, who accuse the Palestinians of setting fire to their fields.

In recent months, the outpost residents have also clashed with the security forces several times.

About two months ago, a police officer was lightly injured in clashes with local residents after the security forces were dispatched to the area to seize a truck which had moved a caravan from its place. During the clashes, a firebomb was hurled at a Border Guard jeep. IDF sources reported that after the incident, several teenagers were seen escaping towards the outpost.

The vast majority of Jews living in Judea and Samaria are great people, they are like you and me.

However within the body of these hero's is a small group of people that if their were not lving in Judea and Samaria would be career criminals.

These people have zero respect for the law and if they were not battling the IDF and police they would be selling crack in Los Angeles.

Before everyone gets mad at me, I have seen these people first hand. I have been at a funeral of Jews that were murdered for the crime of being Jews living in Judea. The person I was with was related to the victims and was my neighbor so I went to the funeral with him. While at the funeral we were approached by one of the criminals who wanted us to go with him to murder an old Arab man for revenge.

I stopped a murder from happening that night, and it was the correct thing for me to have done that.

My son in the IDF will never throw Jews from their homes, has told me of incidents involving these fringe elements. He is honest enough to admit that these people hurt our cause of Jews living in all of Israel . Think of the soldiers and police officers that must deal with these radical nut cases every day, soon if they don't stop themselves they can think that all the Jews of Judea and Samaria are this way.

The 90% or more of the Jews like you and me must battle this fringe individuals for the sake of their own future in Judea and Samaria.

November 22, 2009


Politicizing the IDF

IDF not an auxiliary police force to be used at whim of defense minister
Moshe Dann

Condemning IDF soldiers who refuse to expel Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria as "contravening the values of the IDF" begs the question; what are the values and what is the role of the IDF?

That soldiers should refuse such orders because it is "against Halacha," is arguable. Refusing an order that has nothing to do with military or strategic concerns, however, is not a question of Halacha!

The IDF is not an auxiliary police force, to be used at the whim of the defense minister. Orders which are politically motivated may be technically "legal," but they undermine the IDF's morale and raison d'etre.

Refuse orders? Not when the objective is related to security or military, not when you are ordered to defend and protect Israel. Destroying Jewish homes, however, evicting Jews and beating up children is not the job of the IDF. We need to understand this distinction.

The IDF's purpose is to protect its citizens against our enemies. Who is "the enemy" in Jewish communities and how are they a threat to our well-being and security?

This is especially important since the decision to evict Jews is not sanctioned by the government, cabinet or Knesset. Although the military governor and defense minister have this power under "Emergency Regulations" handed down from the British Mandate, it was intended to be used in extreme cases to stop terrorism – not against innocent civilians who have committed no crime.

Using the IDF to carry out a highly controversial government policy, like evacuating Jews from their homes, has no military purpose. The misuse of IDF soldiers in such actions, therefore, is a direct blow to Israeli democracy, the IDF itself and our soldiers. The "our" is critical.

They are us

As a citizen army, IDF soldiers are conscripted; they serve with pride and without question. The IDF's strength and character are rooted in their mission to protect us. Its morale depends on the fact that we are proud of their sacrifices and support them wholeheartedly. Their battlers are ours – and so are their losses.

We pray for and celebrate them because they are us. That is why we encourage them to act on their conscience. Refusing to serve immoral, non-military and non-strategic orders takes courage; it's an honor.

At other times in history soldiers have pleaded, "But we were just following orders." That is no excuse for committing atrocities and immoral acts - no matter what the "law" says.

Soldiers who protest the politicization of the IDF have raised an important question, one that is at the core of every democratic society: how should one protest what they believe is an abuse of "the law" and a violation of the role and values of the army?

The danger to the integrity of the IDF is not from those who question and protest what they believe to be unjust, but from those who are insensitive to the reasons for that protest.

"Following orders" is not an excuse, or substitute for acting as a human being and as a Jew. Not following orders in the service of reason and conscience can be the highest form of moral action.

November 20, 2009


Closing in on cancer
By Abigail Klein Leichman
November 12, 2009

An accidental discovery: Israeli biochemist Prof. Malka Cohen-Armon.

An Israeli researcher has stumbled on a drug that kills cancer cells without harming normal cells, paving the way for a more effective treatment against cancer.

An Israeli research scientist has accidentally discovered a chemical compound that eradicates cancer cells without harming normal cells in the process.

The substance may prove to be the long sought-after "holy grail" in the wider field of cancer treatment. For now, it shows promise as a specific weapon against breast cancer.

Prof. Malka Cohen-Armon, a biochemist at Tel Aviv University, tells ISRAEL21C that the compound is a component of a family of drugs developed 10 years ago to preserve nerve cells stressed by a stroke or inflammation. But further study showed the drugs were inappropriate for their intended use, and they were released only for research purposes.

Cohen-Armon and her team of researchers began working with the drugs to study how the compound affected signal transmission within the nucleus of cells. Their goal was to find an application for DNA repair. Its effect on cancer cells was an unexpected, and potentially huge, discovery.

"We found that those drugs somehow turn on a mechanism in cancer cells that causes them to die within 48 to 72 hours without harming normal tissue," explains Cohen-Armon, a professor in the Neufeld Cardiac Research Institute of TAU's Sackler School of Medicine. "In fact, the normal cells continue to proliferate even in the presence of the drug."

In experiments with female mice, the compound was injected with several types of cancerous tissue, particularly breast-cancer cells. Cohen-Armon was amazed to discover that the substance suspends cell division in both cancerous and normal body cells - but while cancer cells never recover, normal cells are back in business within 12 hours.

Normal cells in business 12 hours later

"If we had tried to look for some drug that would do this, it would have taken us a lot of time," says Cohen-Armon, whose latest findings appear in the current issue of the international peer-reviewed journal Journal of Breast Cancer Research.

The potential applications of such a drug are enormous, admits Cohen. Today, in the US alone, about 1.3 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually, while 465,000 women die from the disease annually according to the American Cancer Society.

Patients diagnosed with the disease must undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy, both of which are aggressive treatments that kill cancerous and healthy cells causing severe side effects in the patient. In some cases, patients undergoing chemotherapy can even die from the side effects of the treatment.

"We actually found the Achilles heel of the cancer cell," Cohen-Armon said in an article in Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz. "As soon as you can target cancerous cells without killing healthy ones, you can produce medications that would cause a lot less suffering to the patient. We can even give a much more aggressive treatment without worrying about harming healthy tissues."

Cohen-Armon, who is working with veterinarian Dr. David Castel, Sheba Cancer Research Center scientist Dr. Shai Izraeli and PhD student Asher Castiel, hopes that in future, the drug could also be used for other types of cancer.

"If we can understand the molecular mechanism well, then perhaps [we can identify] other drugs that could be used even more efficiently and for other cancers," she explains, adding that today the researchers still have no idea exactly why the drug affects cells in this way. "Then we can give a drug specific to whatever cancer a patient has, and with no side effects."

A breakthrough that needs support

At present Cohen-Armon and her team are restricted to exploring the effects of this drug on breast cancer alone as the drug is patented to a US pharmaceutical corporation until 2017. The university's technology transfer company, Ramot, has secured a usage patent enabling it to develop the drug to treat only breast cancer, and is reliant on the US company's continuing goodwill.

The team is also working with severely limited funds. A major infusion of funds is necessary to bring the potential treatment from lab to market.

"A university cannot develop a drug on its own," Cohen-Armon tells ISRAEL21c. "These experiments, if undertaken by a pharmaceutical company, can be completed in a shorter time because they have more resources. So we must find a company interested collaborating with us in developing this drug."

Cohen-Armon has worked at the university for 26 years. "I am interested in basic research, but now and then we have a breakthrough when I notice something that could be applicable," she says.

Four years ago, while working with scientists at Israel's Bar-Ilan University and Columbia University in New York, Cohen-Armon isolated a protein in the nucleus of animal and plant cells that is central to the formation of long-term memories.

That protein is now being researched further in the United States with the help of a grant from the National Institutes of Health.

How many times has the work of Jews eased human suffering?

The blessing that Jews brought the world goes far beyond the religious influence of our Torah.

November 19, 2009


'Kfir doesn't expel Jews'

Third display of insubordination involving Kfir Brigade troops: Commander discovers sign bearing anti-evacuation slogan 'Kfir doesn't expel Jews' at training base Thursday afternoon
Hanan Greenberg

Another display of insubordination: A third sign bearing a slogan objecting to settlement evacuation was discovered Thursday in an IDF base.

The sign was found at the training base of the Kfir Brigade, where two other previous cases of insubordination took place recently.

Army Tensions
Barak: Inciting rabbis will be dealt with / Ron Ben-Yishai
Addressing Kfir Brigade soldiers' protests against settlement evacuations, defense minister says State should consider action against yeshiva rabbis who 'create atmosphere that encourages disobedience,' but adds phenomenon does not exist in all yeshivas

The latest sign, bearing the caption "Kfir doesn't expel Jews" was found by a commander as it was drying up, apparently a short time after it was prepared. Only a few soldiers were at the base when the sign was found, but authorities do not know yet who is responsible for the act.

Military officials said they are looking into the identity of the soldiers involved in making the sign, and also into the venue it was intended for. The army said it views the act as a grave matter.

'Bibi, Barak at fault'
Meanwhile, Knesset Member Michael Ben-Ari (National Union) again reiterated his view that political leaders are forcing insubordinate soldiers to act that way.

"The time has come to realize that these are not only members of hesder yeshivas or a few individuals," he said. "We are dealing with a phenomenon and those responsible for it are Bibi and Barak, who present IDF soldiers with a difficult dilemma. IDF soldiers must not be engaged in the expulsion of Jews."

The issue of insubordination has been making headlines recently in the wake of two incidents involving Kfir soldiers. In one case, troops belonging to the Samson Battalion held up an anti-evacuation sign during their pledge-of-allegiance ceremony at the Western Wall.

Later, six soldiers held up a sign objecting to the removal of an illegal outpost.

Hero's that are showing leadership qualities that our political and military leaders are not strong enough to posses.

November 18, 2009

The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

Gaza group offers bounty for IDF troops
Nov. 18, 2009
Associated Press , THE JERUSALEM POST

A Gaza charity linked to Hamas is offering $1.4 million to anybody who captures an Israeli soldier.

The Waad group sent an e-mail on Wednesday calling on people living in Israel to try take soldiers hostage.

The organization, which supports Palestinian prisoners held by Israel, is headed by Hamas' Interior Minister Fathi Hamad. He did not return calls seeking comment.

Waad's director, Usama Kahlout, says the offer is in response to an Israeli group's offer to pay Gazans for information on the whereabouts of captured IDF soldier Gilad Schalit, held by Hamas for more than three years.

German mediators are overseeing negotiations between Israel and Hamas to exchange the soldier for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Not Enough

Peace activists say beaten by settlers

Two foreigners accompany Palestinian family to village in South Mount Hebron as part of Christian Peace Group, claim they were assaulted by settlers near outpost

Tal Rabinovsky
Published: 11.18.09, 00:36 / Israel News

Two foreign peace activists say they were assaulted by settlers Tuesday in South Mount Hebron while accompanying a Palestinian family to the village of Tuba. One of the activists was reportedly kicked in the stomach and needed medical attention. The two women, who filed a complaint with the police, had their cameras stolen as well.

"My colleague and I were with a family that was on its way home when we were harassed and assaulted by settlers," Sarah MacDonald, one of the activists, told Ynet.

Good, but not enough.

If I were the head of the government in Israel we would round all you little no good foreign trouble makers up and give you a ride in a C130. When the aircraft hit 100 miles from the shore, out you go from 10,000 feet.

If you survived the fall and could swim back to Israel we would just pick you up and do it again.

We are at war and should not allow you snot nosed liberal trouble makers into our country.

If you would have sided with the Nazi's in WW2 you would have been shot and that would have been it.

November 17, 2009

Yemen's Jews stay put in Sanaa

Forced to flee fighting between Shiite rebels and army in north, Jews find new home in Yemen's capital city, where they benefit from special protection of President Ali Abdullah Saleh

Forced to flee fighting between Shiite rebels and the army in the north, Yemen's Jews have found a new home in Sanaa, where they benefit from the special protection of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

"May God keep him alive," repeats Rabbi Yahya Yussef Moussa, the leader of the Jewish community of Al-Salem, every time he refers to the Yemeni president during an interview with AFP.

Al-Salem is close to Saada in northern Yemen, which is the stronghold of the Shiite Zaidi rebels, who are also known as Huthis.

Fighting between the Huthis and the army since 2004 has seen the exodus from the area of an estimated 150,000 people, including the entire Jewish community of Al-Salem.

"He is the president of all Yemenis," Rabbi Moussa says surrounded by his family, housed inside a tourist resort in Sanaa, where the 45 Jews who fled their villages in the north in 2007 have been relocated.

"We are 70 today because there were marriages and births," says Habbub Salem, the rabbi's cousin, garbed in the local dress and chewing on Qat, a euphoric drug used by the majority of Yemenis.

"We were only nine families when we arrived and now we are 14," Rabbi Moussa says.

His father, Rabbi Yussef Moussa, finds it difficult to speak since he had a heart attack. His mother Nemaa, wearing a black veil over a long coloured dress, nods her head approvingly while following the conversation.

The many children of the rabbi and his cousin, who return from school, lighten up the large living room, which is also a place of prayer.

The girls cover their heads with a white veil, which is part of their school uniform.

If it weren't for their curls and their kippot, nothing would distinguish them from their compatriots of other religious persuasions. The males in the community tend to take up the trades of cabinetmakers or blacksmiths.

"We lived quietly among the 4,000 or so Muslims," remembers Rabbi Moussa.

"But things got bad in April 2007 when we received a written threat from the rebels telling us to leave.

"Three days later, armed men came at night and asked us to leave our homes with only what we were wearing. We returned to Saada and they then destroyed our houses and our library which contained valuable Torahs," he explains.

The main slogan of the rebels is: "Death to America, death to Israel and shame on the Jews."

'We will not leave our country'

After being received by the provincial authorities, the Jews of Al-Salem were airlifted in helicopters to Sanaa, recalls Habbub Salem, who had never before set foot in the capital.

Since then, they have been living in tightly guarded accommodation provided by the government.

President Saleh visited them on October 4, making an indelible impression on the small community.

"It was a major visit by a great man," Rabbi Moussa says emphatically.

"We are well in Sanaa and we will not leave our country," he answers when asked whether they plan to emigrate.

"One does whatever one wants," he says, referring to the recent emigration of 60 Yemeni Jews to the United States. "Those are the people of Raydah who left. The 300 who remain (in Raydah) refuse to move (to Sanaa) as the government proposes."

Raydah is not far from Harf Sufyan, where the rebels have been entagled with the army in conflict since August 11, tagged as the sixth round of fighting since 2004.

A Jew from Raydah was assassinated in December 2008 by an army officer, who was then condemned to death, and 10 Jews of this community left for Israel in February, 2009.

Of the 60,000 Jews or so who lived in Yemen at the time of the creation of Israel in 1948, some 48,000 left for the Jewish state in the three years that followed.

There are less than 400 Jews left in Yemen today, according to Rabbi Moussa.


Netanyahu: Disobedience will cause State to collapse

Prime minister visits Navy base in Haifa, comments on Nachshon Battalion troops' protest against settlement evacuation. 'There is no place for refusing orders," he says. IDF chief also condemns phenomenon
Hanan Greenberg

"There is no place for disobedience and we shall employ every method to eradicate it," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday referring to an incident in which Nachshon Battalion soldiers held a sign in protest of building evacuation in the Negohot settlement.

Netanyahu made the statements during a visit to the Navy base in Haifa. "Israel Defense Forces are based on the concept of command hierarchy.

"If you wish to dismiss the IDF – promote disobedience, which could lead to the State's collapse. The army leans on the right to give and receive orders," the prime minister said.

IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi, who accompanied Netanyahu in the visit, said that the IDF is dealing with the phenomenon with a firm hand.

"There is no place for disobedience and rebelliousness in the army," Ashkenazi stated and thanked the prime minister for his words. "I trust the Kfir Brigade commander in dealing with the phenomenon."

The statements were made in the wake of a political protest on Monday by soldiers of the Nachshon Battalion following the razing of buildings in the Negohot settlement in south Mount Hebron. The soldiers held a sign which read, "Nachshon doesn't evict Jews either."

The IDF issued a statement Monday which read, "The soldiers' action is prohibited by its very foundation and is in opposition to the military's values. Any attempt to involve the IDF in the political discourse is inappropriate."

Earlier on Tuesday, four soldiers who were involved in the protest stood trial and received punishment. Two soldiers were sentenced to 20 and 24 days in military prison, while the two others were given 28 days in detention. On Monday two additional soldiers were tried and sentenced to 30 days in jail for their involvement.

Kfir Brigade commander Colonel Oren Avman, said Monday that the two would be demoted and would no longer be able to serve as combat soldiers or to hold officers' posts in the future.

Last month Colonel Abman tried two army cadets for waving a sign reading "we won't evacuate Homesh" during an induction ceremony at the Western Wall. The soldiers were sentenced to 20 days in military prison. In light of the gravity of the affair, it was decided to expel the soldiers from the brigade. It is estimated that after they finish their time in prison they would not be able to reassume combat status.

I am sorry the Prime Minister is a fool, as is the Chief of Staff.

Do we not have values?

Is the IDF going to demand unquestioning robots that will do what ever their officers orders, no matter how immoral or illegal those orders may be.

A soldier that follows such orders has lost his soul to the military.

When you throw Jews from their home claiming they did not have the needed permits, but ignore thousands of Arab homes that also do not have the needed permits.

You have fallen into a situation where your orders are immoral . Such orders must never be followed.

November 16, 2009

Is The Future A Police State Called Israel

A hasty and destructive law
By Haaretz
Tags: Israel News

The Knesset is expected to pass a bill today that would set up a biometric database for all Israel's residents. The law would require everyone to provide fingerprints and photos for ID cards and passports. The bill, the initiative of former interior minister Meir Sheetrit (Kadima), is designed to address the problem of forgery of official documents, duplicate documents for the same person and so-called identity theft for committing crimes or acts against state security.

The law would give the authorities power to violate certain rights of privacy and human dignity. These are recognized in the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty as fundamental constitutional rights that can only be limited moderately and when necessary. Experts have warned of the risk of data being leaked to enemy states and criminal organizations due to the concentration of information in a biometric database and its irreversible nature. Some observers have suggested that the database be split in two with security improved.

The arguments against the bill were not considered seriously enough. It appears that the legislation's aim could be achieved through available technology that is cheaper, more secure and less intrusive, as is done in Western countries. The production of "smart" ID cards without biometric information could achieve the bill's main purpose by preventing the forgery and duplication of official documents. And these cards could be canceled if necessary, like credit cards.

The bill in its current form is not ready, despite minor changes that tried to answer criticism. Its problematic aspects have not yet been thoroughly aired; aspects that blatantly harm the right to privacy. It's not difficult to imagine that a petition would be filed at the High Court of Justice over the law's constitutionality. The government position promising to fix defects in the law through Interior Ministry regulations is not appropriate. A matter like this, which has ramifications on the freedom of the individual, should clearly outline the solution to the problem, and the law should meticulously protect the right to privacy.

The bill should not be passed today before a thorough debate on its provisions. Additional hearings on the bill should be held to create legislation that would ensure the proper balance between society's interest in fighting lawlessness and its interest in protecting freedom of the individual.


POWER pure and simple.

Power to control the population, is what this is all about.

If this and other bills like it are passed into law then I will be forced to really examine my future support of Israel.

I will not support Israel as a police state where we have a KGB and prisons for people that their only crime is the desire to be free.

Israel can not become a police state we must fight against the governments desire to tyrannize the Jewish people.

Greatest Hope And Fear

The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

'Gaza disengagement not expulsion'
Nov. 16, 2009

The Headquarters for the Salvation of the Nation and the Land cannot use the words "expulsion" or "destruction" to describe 2005's unilateral withdrawal from Gush Katif in paid advertisements on Israel Radio and the Second Authority for Television and Radio's Radio Kol Chai, the High Court of Justice has ruled.

The court said the words violated the rules and regulations regarding paid ads of both broadcasting authorities.

"We are talking about a loaded expression on a controversial subject," wrote presiding Justice Elyakim Rubinstein. "The petitioners themselves do not deny this. Therefore the subject falls within the prohibition included in the rules governing both broadcasting authorities."

Israel Radio and the Second Authority rejected an ad submitted by the right-wing petitioner that began, "As we mark three years since the destruction and expulsion from Gush Katif..."

According to another ad, "On the fast of Tisha Be'av and the days around it, we light a memorial candle to mark the expulsion from Gush Katif."

Attorney Aviad Visuli, who represented the petitioner, argued that there was nothing wrong with describing what happened in Gush Katif as an expulsion.

"We are talking about the forced transfer of the residents of Gush Katif by 60,000 soldiers, policemen and others, despite the opposition of more than 95 percent of the residents. According to both international law and the dictionary, the only word that can describe this forced move is 'expulsion,' as opposed to 'uprooting' or 'evacuation,'" he said.

Visuli also argued that logically, if the word "expulsion" had political connotations, so must the word "evacuation."

But Rubinstein insisted that both the rules governing both broadcasting authorities, and previous High Court rulings, made it clear that the authorities were correct in rejecting the paid ads. According to Article 5 of the rules for paid ads and announcements on Israel Radio, "political propaganda or a broadcast regarding a matter that is politically ideologically controversial among the public..." is defined as prohibited advertisement.

The Second Authority rule is similarly worded.

Rubinstein pointed out that in a similar case brought before the High Court, the majority opinion had been that the restrictions on freedom of expression applied by both authorities to paid ads regarding controversial political matters did not violate the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom and were therefore constitutional.

How can anyone support such a government?

Israel is not nor has it ever been a free country in the model of what America is.

I know in Israel freedom of speech does not exist as it should.

I don't care if people want to call the expulsion of Jews from Gaza and the destruction of their homes and lives by what it was and that is expulsion and destruction or if they the people that were the agreed parties want to call it a joyous event .

It was forced on them by a government that for too long has been drunk with the power it lords over the Jewish people.

The sad part of the Israel story is that the Jews from Europe along with the Jews from the Arab countries never had the privilege of growing up free in a truly free country called America.

Let us remember history during Oslo both Rabin and Peres lashed out at American Jews living in Israel. The greatest fear of the Israeli political world is not nukes in Iran nor Palestinians suicide bombers or rockets.

Their greatest fear is.

1,000,000 American Jews making aliyah.

I don't care if you voted for Obama or if you are as right as I am, if you grew up in America and understand freedom and liberty you are the greatest hope and the greatest threat for Israel.

The greatest hope, so that we can stage a revolt at the ballet box and bring freedom and liberty to Israel.

The greatest threat to ALL the political parties in Israel.

November 15, 2009

Report: Missing Iran general abducted by Mossad, being held in Israel

Last update - 18:32 15/11/2009

By Haaretz Service

A former Iranian defense official who disappeared in 2007 was kidnapped by forces collaborating with the Mossad and is currently being held in an Israeli prison, an investigative news website in Iran claimed on Sunday in a report picked up by Army Radio.

Ali-Reza Asgari, a onetime commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, went missing in Turkey in 2007.

Some news reports at the time said he had defected to the West and was providing information about Iran's nuclear program and Hezbollah, while other reports said he had been kidnapped by Western intelligence officials.

On Sunday, the Iranian website Alef reported that German, British and Israeli intelligence agencies were responsible for Asgari's disappearance.

The report claims that Asgari was kidnapped in an effort to get information about Iran's nuclear program and about missing Israel Air Force navigator Ron Arad.

The report added that after his questioning, Asgari was secretly transferred to a prison facility in Israel, where he is currently being held.

Israel and other countries have not commented on the case thus far.

Ministers stiffen positions toward unilateral Palestinian state

In light of Palestinian plans to declare state unilaterally and possibility of peace talks with Syria, government ministers dig in their heels. 'There is always option for Israeli response to declaration of state,' says Eli Yishai. Landau: Annex territories. Silvan Shalom: Syrians should not delude themselves – withdrawal from Golan not on table
Aviad Glickman

The political stalemate continues, the Palestinians are planning on declaring a state of their own, and the Syrian option is again on the table. The cabinet ministers convened Sunday morning for their weekly meeting and showed that the recent developments have resulted in a hardening of positions – at least publicly.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said, "Israel is strong and deterring, and it has a strategic interest in reaching an agreement through negotiations. We must always look at the alternatives – and without an agreement, there is a chance that support of the Palestinian unilateral declaration may grow, and there will be a rising demand for the establishment of a bi-national state."

These two threats, Barak said, "Will not be realized tomorrow morning, but we must not delude ourselves about their seriousness. At the root of the weakening of international support of Israel, and things like the Goldstone Report, lies that fact that Israel has been ruling another people for 42 years. We must end this. Israel has security interests, nothing needs to be done at any price, but we must not get confused, and it is our duty to reach an agreement with the Palestinian people."

Barak added, "Experience proves that agreed upon borders are preferable to a unilateral move. Anyone who makes a unilateral move is running the risk of losing vital components, as well as other risks."

In response to a question by one of the ministers on negotiations with Syria, Barak said, "Speaking with Syria is very important strategically. We are being criticized. We must make progress."

'Mountain out of molehill'
Minister Eli Yishai said, "We are making a mountain out of a molehill, There is no need to be concerned over the declaration of a Palestinian state be there is an Israeli option for a response. We must take action on the diplomatic front."

According to Yishai, "Netanyahu is making political moves in order to start negotiations. We are truly interested in this."

Minsiter Uzi Landau was a bit more unbending. "The unilateral Palestinian move is a hostile initiative. I think it is brazen," he said. "The initiative is meant to torpedo any chance for negotiations. It must be made clear that any unilateral declaration on their part that is meant to deteriorate the chances for negotiations needs to be accompanied from our side with annexation of territories in Judea and Samaria."

Vice Premier Silvan Shalom said to Ynet, "I think the Palestinians need to know that unilateral moves will not yield the results they hope for. Every action will receive a appropriate Israeli response."

According to Minister Shalom Simhon, "A Palestinian state today will not control itself and this is not the right thing for the Palestinians. This is part of their means of pressuring (Israel). I suggest to everyone not to be pressured."

Shalom also referred to the Syrian issue. "This is the correct step, but we must not reach an absurd situation in which the Syrians won't move a millimeter from their position and Israel will be the one who has to move from its position that the Syrians must abandon their path that allows Iranian weapons to flow to Hezbollah and gives cover to Hamas. This must be said explicitly so that no one on the Syrian side lives in a delusion. Giving up the Golan Heights is not on the agenda."

Yishai claimed: "On the one hand, they are outstretching their hand to peace. On the other hand, they are embracing the axis of evil. If only Assad wanted peace. If he does want peace, he knows what he needs to do."

Landau maintained a hawkish line here as well: "Assad permits himself to show up and stipulate terms and conditions. His brazenness comes after Kadima paved the way for him. If we apologize, hesitate, and don't talk, the result is what we are seeing now."

November 13, 2009

No Tears

Palestinian expelled by IDF fears she won’t finish degree

Bethlehem University student sent back to Gaza month before completing her business studies. 'I miss my life in Bethlehem, and pray that I'll be able to return and get my degree,' she says. Rights group: Moderate Palestinians being oppressed
Anat Shalev

Berlanty Azzam was expelled from the West Bank after a routine examination of her identification papers at an IDF checkpoint in late October revealed that she was listed as a resident of Gaza.

The army said that Azzam, 21, had resided in the West Bank illegally while misleading authorities.

Azzam, who is enrolled at Bethlehem University, told Ynet on Thursday, "Now I am in Gaza with family. This is very difficult for me. I've lived in Bethlehem for the past four years, and I'm supposed to finish my business studies at the university in two months.

"The university is being very supportive and is trying to find a way for me to complete my studies over the Internet. I miss my life in Bethlehem, and pray that I'll be able to return and get my degree," she said.

Attorney Sari Bashi, the executive director of Gisha, an Israeli not-for-profit organization whose goal is to protect the freedom of movement of Palestinians, said such measures by the army repress moderate Palestinians.

"There are many (Palestinian) students who want to learn in a liberal atmosphere, some of them are Christian, like Berlanty. It is not clear what the State of Israel is gaining by impeding the independence of Palestinian higher education," she said.

Gisha has filed an appeal with the High Court of Justice on behalf of Azzam and other Palestinians. Azzam's hearing is scheduled to be held at the Erez Crossing (located on the Israel-Gaza border) next week, at which point the army will decide whether or not she will be permitted to return to the West Bank.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said Azzam was expelled because she had been residing in the West Bank illegally.

"In August 2005 her request to enter the West Bank to attend Bethlehem University was denied, as the entrance of Gaza residents to the West Bank for the purpose of studies is prohibited due to security concerns."

According to the army, Azzam used a temporary stay permit allowing her to visit Jerusalem for a few days in 2005 to illegally reside in the West Bank.

Tal Rabinovsky contributed to the report

Oh please let me cry for this poor girl, no wait I don't care, no wait I really do care.

Here is what I care about a soldier that has been sitting in Gaza for years hostage. Rockets fired out of Gaza into Israel.

Until we get Gilad Shalit back alive and well and rockets stop flying into Israel. I say nothing and no one should be allowed in or out of Gaza.

No food, water, electricity, no diplomats or reporters nothing goes in or out.

So here is the bottom line until Gilad can go to school, don't look for tears in my eyes for this woman.

November 12, 2009

Have A Good Day

The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

PM tries to jump-start talks with Syria
Nov. 11, 2009

Opening up hope for some sudden progress on the Syrian front, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sent a verbal message to Syria on Wednesday, when he told French President Nicolas Sarkozy he would be happy to resume peace talks with Syria anytime, anywhere and without preconditions, a government source said.

The two leaders spoke at the Elysée Palace in Paris, the day before Syrian President Bashar Assad is expected to hold his own meeting in Paris with Sarkozy.

The prime minister's message to Syria comes as ties between Israel and Turkey, which facilitated indirect talks between Israel and Syria during the tenure of former prime minister Ehud Olmert, are strained.

Syria and Israel held four rounds of indirect peace talks without making headway.

No similar negotiations have been conducted with Syria since Netanyahu took office in March of this year. But as peace talks with the Palestinians have hit a dead end, it has been speculated that Netanyahu is turning to Syria as a more likely negotiating partner.

On Tuesday in Brazil, President Shimon Peres said, "I call from here to President Assad: come, enter direct negotiations with us immediately. With no mediations, with no preconditions, with no levels, and with no delay."

Government sources would not comment on whether any new Syria talks would be direct or indirect, nor would they speculate on whether France would lead such talks.

On Wednesday, according to AFP, Assad gave a nod in Israel's direction when he said, "We do not put forward conditions on making peace."

But in the same breath, he added that, "The essence of peace is not just negotiations but rather, resistance as well." Assad said armed conflict and peace talks were parts of the same "axis" to recover legitimate Palestinian rights.

He was speaking at a conference of Arab political parties and his comments were carried by state-run SANA news agency.

Syria is allied with Hamas and Hizbullah as well as Iran, all of which want to destroy Israel.

Could we please have a Prime Minister that will tell Syria the following;

You support Hizbullah, Hamas and Iran, you are our enemy.

The Golan Heights are ours you will never get them back.

Your military equipment is old, ours is space age.

Your tanks are at best are T72's with a maximum range of fire of 4,000 meters, our tanks can stand off, outside of your effective range and destroy every tank you have and this is during the day, At night with our control systems forget about it.

Your aircraft for the most part make your tanks look good.

So here is the deal and to be truthful, I don't care which you choose.

Peace, for the sake of our future generation, you must destroy all terrorist organizations now located in your country, cut ties with Hamas, Hizbullah and Iran.

We will after two or three generations to prove your are serious about peace help you build your country into a modern country.

Or you can choose war.

War will start at a time of our choosing not yours and the IDF will show no mercy.

We now have the 6 day war, as part of our history, go to war with us and we will have the 1.5 day war and we will have destroyed you. As we return from the parts of your country that we don't want to keep ,we will salt the fields of what we allow you to keep.

Have a good day..

November 11, 2009

Fight Back, Defend Liberty

By REP. LYNN WOOLSEY | 11/9/09 11:09 PM EST

I expect political hardball on any legislation as important as the health care bill.

I just didn’t expect it from the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

Who elected them to Congress?

The role the bishops played in the pushing the Stupak amendment, which unfairly restricts access for low-income women to insurance coverage for abortions, was more than mere advocacy.

They seemed to dictate the finer points of the amendment, and managed to bully members of Congress to vote for added restrictions on a perfectly legal surgical procedure.

And this political effort was subsidized by taxpayers, since the Council enjoys tax-exempt status.
When I visit churches in my district, we are very careful to keep everything “non-political” to protect their tax-exempt status.

The IRS is less restrictive about church involvement in efforts to influence legislation than it is about involvement in campaigns and elections.

Given the political behavior of USCCB in this case, maybe it shouldn’t be.

Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.) is co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

I am not a catholic, nor do I play one on TV.

I am a Jew, an Orthodox Jew, that knows the ugly history of the Catholic church and the Jewish people.

So I find it odd to stand up and defend the Catholic Church from an attempt at to silence the church, part of me wants to say remember the pain you have caused in history of my people and what goes around comes around.

But I can't do that for today is today and yesterday is gone. I will never forget what you did to us, but today in America I must fight for you.

For to fight with the Catholic church against tyrannical rule coming from career politicians in Washington D.C. is to defend liberty and freedom for all Americans.

For all Americans that believe in the Constitution as our forefathers intended it to be, not as this generation of political hacks wants it too be.

The time has come to stand up and say no more government intimidation, you work for us, we are not your slaves.

Today we must look past labels of Catholic, Jew, Evangelical, for I fear if today we don't stand united against the powers that be. The words of Benjamin Franklin may ring true, if not our generation then for our children.

"We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."-In the Continental Congress just before signing
the Declaration of Independence, 1776.

We Will Own The IDF

The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

'Rightists are trying to divide IDF'
Nov. 11, 2009

The Peace Now movement on Wednesday criticized a letter of support written by reservists from the IDF's Shimshon Battalion of the Kfir Brigade, which expressed support for two battalion soldiers who had publicly protested the battalion's role in the evacuation of the West Bank settlement of Homesh.

"Rightist elements are making a lofty effort to divide the IDF, and turn the Shimson Battalion into a private voice for the settlers," Peace Now said in a statement.

"It's up to the IDF to remove from reserve duty every soldier who supports insubordination, and tries to make the IDF political."

The letter, which was submitted to brigade commanders on Wednesday, called for the IDF, and their unit in particular, to "stop carrying out political caprices … such as chasing after Jews with cries of joy as though they were the biggest of terrorists."

Last month, two IDF recruits from the infantry's Shimshon Battalion were sentenced to 20 days in a military jail and ejected from their unit by a military tribunal for engaging in an illegal demonstration. The two had held up a banner protesting the army's evacuation of an illegal settlement outpost during a swearing-in ceremony at the Kotel.

Their actions sparked a media firestorm and a debate over whether pro-settlement ideological organizations were increasingly undermining the IDF's chain of command.

"Shimshon does not evacuate Homesh," the large hand-written sign held up by the soldiers during the ceremony read.

The recruits were tried by Col. Oren Aman, commander of the Kfir Division, to which the Shimshon Battalion belongs.

Yaakov Lappin contributed to this report

So please let me understand for years Peace Now supported leftist traitors who refused to serve in Judea, Samaria and Gaza and that was fine.

But now that we on the right are the majority of combat soldiers, and we together with our son's are telling the government ours son's don't serve to destroy Jewish life in the Land that G-D gave us but rather to protect Jewish life we are dividing the IDF.

Understand something you leftist traitors, the IDF is ours. We might not own it 100% today but soon very soon we will own it. Paid for by the service of our son's that still serve in combat units not like so many of your sons that run away to Europe or today seek to be jobniks rather than real soldiers.

Real Jews those that understand what is going on instead of living in a leftist fantasy world don't throw Jews from their homes, period.

November 10, 2009

IDF chief: Iran rational

IDF chief: Iran rational, pressure can work

Army commander tells Knesset committee Iran 'very radical but not an irrational country; change in policy, efficient pressure could make difference'. Also warns Hezbollah has 325 km range missiles
Attila Somfalvi

IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi told the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Tuesday that "Iran is very radical on one hand, but on the other hand you can't say that it is an irrational country".

"Alterations in policy towards Iran by the international community as well as efficient pressure could bring change within Iran," the army chief added.

He also warned that Hezbollah is currently armed with thousands of missiles, some of which could reach the southern city of Dimona.

"Some of them have a range of 300 km and some of them have a range of up to 325 km," Ashkenazi said, adding that the missiles were ready for use.

I am sorry I just don't see how the Chief of Staff can call Iran a rational country.

Is it rational to dent the murder of 6,000,000 Jews at the hands of the Nazi's?

Is it rational to day after day call the destruction of Israel?

What evidence is their of rational thought coming from Iran?

November 09, 2009

Report: Hassan tried to contact al-Qaeda

The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

Nov. 9, 2009

Alleged Ft. Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan tried to contact men linked to al-Qaeda, ABC News reported on Monday, quoting two officials with access to classified case papers.

Hasan is currently the only suspect in a deadly shooting spree at a US Army base in Fort Hood, Texas, in which thirteen people were killed and 29 wounded.

The suspect was shot by civilian policewoman Kimberley Munley during the incident, and on Saturday regained consciousness at a hospital in San Antonio, Texas. A hospital spokesman says he is able to talk.

One senior lawmaker told ABC News that the CIA had refused to brief the intelligence committee on any knowledge they may have had linking Hasan to al-Qaeda, but that such documents and files would now be reexamined.

Senator Joe Lieberman on Sunday called for the US Army to investigate whether it had missed signs of Hasan's Islamic extremism, telling the Fox news network that "There are very, very strong warning signs here that Dr. Hasan had become an Islamist extremist and, therefore, that this was a terrorist act," Lieberman was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, the website of Anwar al-Awlaki, a US-born imam at Virginia mosques attended by both Hasan and three Sept. 11 hijackers, praised Hasan for being a "man of conscience" and doing "the right thing."

Awlaki, who currently resides in Yemen, said on his website that any decent Muslim cannot serve in the US Army, which "is directly invading two Muslim countries and indirectly occupying the rest," unless he intends to "follow the footsteps of men like Nidal."

The statement stressed that Hasan's actions had drawn attention to the dilemma of Muslims living in the US, many of whom are forced to either "betray Islam or betray their nation."

"We would frequently say he was a Muslim first and an American second," a military doctor who had studied with Hasan told ABC. "And we questioned how somebody could take an oath of office … and have that type of conflict."

AP contributed to this report.
This article can also be read at http://www.jpost.com /servlet/Satellite?cid=1257770022786&pagename=JPArticle%2FShowFull

Qassam explodes west of Sderot

Color Red alert sounded in Gaza vicinity shortly before rocket hits open area; no injuries or damage reported
Shmulik Hadad

After a relatively quiet week a Qassam hits Israeli territory once again. A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip exploded Sunday night in an open field west of the southern city of Sderot. No injuries or damage were reported.

A Color Red alert was sounded close to 23:45 pm in Sderot and nearby communities. Seconds later, a explosion was heard in the area.

Since the end of Operation Cast Lead in early 2009, a relative state of calm has been maintained around the Gaza Strip, despite occasional shooting incidents, attempts to place explosives and the firing of Qassam rockets.

Last Friday, Israel Defense Forces soldiers opened fire at a Palestinian who was suspected of placing explosives near the border fence in the Nahal Oz area. Source in the Strip reported of two injuries in mild condition.

On Monday, a Color Red alert was activated in the Sderot area. Shortly after a rocket was reported to have landed in a open field in the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported as a result of the incident.

November 06, 2009

Ft. Hood

My prayers for the victims and their families of this terror attack.

The government can spin it how ever it wants to, but it was just one more terror attack by a follower of a religion of peace.

Will the west learn or will it be put to the sword of jihad?

November 05, 2009

Reinstate the death penalty

The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

Nov. 4, 2009

The spike in violence in Israel - particularly the recent, high-profile murder of children - has once again ignited the national debate over capital punishment. This paper has taken a stand ("What child killers deserve," Editorial, November 4) against the execution of child-killers, suggesting instead that we "lock them up and throw away the key." I can concede the virtue of this position vis-a-vis civilian murderers, as there is a high probability that these criminals will rot in prisons for decades, a fate that may arguably be worse than death.

But when it comes to terrorists, I strongly advocate that we adopt the opposite response.

Desperate times call for drastic measures. The savage attacks which periodically target our civilian population bring home a terrible reality many of us already knew: The Palestinian terror machine has no red lines. Every gathering of Jews - anytime, anywhere - is a legitimate target for these sadistic haters; on a plane, at a Pessah Seder, in a school library, a kindergarten or a hospital. There is no "Geneva Convention" to restrain them, no moral boundaries in which to confine their crimes.

Like Amalek of old - the archetypal Jew-hater par excellence - these contemporary Hamans prey upon the innocent as their primary targets.

They enter hospitals with explosive-belts under their clothes; they lay in wait to shoot at passing cars; they blow up school buses as they load or unload their young passengers. And when they have perpetrated their "courageous" deeds, an ecstatic Palestine dances in the streets and hands out candies, displaying overwhelming, enthusiastic support for the outrage. Even the "moderate" Palestinians like Mahmoud Abbas mutter only the most tepid and half-hearted of condemnations, never declaring that the crime was wrong; saying only that "it hurts Palestinian interests."

IN SUCH an environment, we must take drastic action. One of the things we can and should do is activate the death penalty - used just once in our history, when the architect of the Holocaust, Adolf Eichmann, was executed by hanging on June 1, 1962 - against any terrorist who survives an attack, or against those who directly assist him in carrying out his crime.

Endorsing capital punishment is not very popular these days. The European Union bars member states from using the death penalty, and human rights activists scream bloody murder at the prospect of innocent people being wrongfully executed. Some religious leaders decry the unfairness of anyone taking a life other than the God who gave it (though they are strangely silent about euthanasia).

Jewish sources, too, tend to lean against capital punishment. The Talmud calls a Jewish court that executes one person in 70 years a "bloody court." And Maimonides writes: "It is better to acquit a thousand guilty persons than to put a single innocent one to death." Yet the Talmud, not to mention the Torah, cites numerous occasions when criminals were indeed executed, ruling specifically that capital punishment can be instituted "when the times demand it."

And in the United States - which suspended executions in 1973 but resumed them in 1977 - a recent Gallup poll found that 60 percent of the population not only supports the death penalty, but believes the sentence is not being carried out often enough.

There are three compelling reasons why terrorists should be executed and, as in the Eichmann case, their remains cremated and unceremoniously dumped at sea in an unknown location. First and foremost is justice. Simply put, these monsters who specifically target civilians have no right to live. They have forfeited the most basic human privilege by virtue of their crimes; any punishment save death is too good for them and is an obscene insult to the grieving victims of terror.

Secondly, killing a terrorist insures that he or she will not be committing any more murders. We have seen all too often how murderers are set free in this country after a relatively short time, only to kill many more innocents. As long as we have morally-misguided men in our government who, incredibly, go around calling for mass-murderers such as Marwan Barghouti to be freed in the name of "peace," we can never be sure that these criminals will stay behind bars. Unless we execute them.

FINALLY, THERE is certainly an element of deterrence created by capital punishment. In America, a clear correlation has been shown between the number of executions and the concurrent decrease in homicides. The most striking example of this is in Texas, which executes more murderers than any other state. According to the Justice for All organization, the Texas murder rate fell by 60 percent after the state began to aggressively enforce capital punishment. And while Middle East terrorists often proclaim their willingness - even zeal - to be martyred, their accomplices in terror, and even they themselves may certainly be influenced by the knowledge that their lives will be forfeited for their crimes.

Critics may say that executing terrorists will only inflame the situation, and endanger Israeli lives even more. But anyone who has an inkling of what Hamas is all about knows the absurdity of that argument.

Judaism, more than any other religion, cherishes the sanctity of life and will go to great lengths to protect it. But that is precisely the point: Anything less than the death penalty for terrorism is an insult to the victim, to society and to life itself.

The writer is director of the Jewish Outreach Center of Ra'anana.

I support Israel having a death penalty for those convicted of murder, rape, child molestation and of course terrorism.

I also would support returning the body of an Arab terrorist to his village, town or city wrapped in the carcass of a dead pig

I worry more about the victim than I do the suspect when it comes to these kinds of cases, if we want to use lethal injection for the method of execution because other forms are too cruel. I can live with that

November 04, 2009

Navy: 10 times more arms on ship than on Karin-A

Israel Navy chief talks about weapons ship seized by Israel Navy commando, says vessel carried enough weapons and ammunition to supply Hezbollah for month or more of fighting against Israel. Navy chief: 'Ship's crew didn't know anything about it. Neither did Egyptians.' Barak: This will not be Iran's last smuggling attempt

Hanan Greenberg
Latest Update: 11.04.09, 17:48 / Israel News

"The quantity of arms seized on the weapons ship Francop is 10 times or even more than the quantity of weapons on the Karin-A ship," said Israel Navy Chief Brig. Gen. Rani Ben-Yehuda told reporters during a briefing Wednesday at the naval base in Ashdod. The Francop weapons ship that was seized off of Cyprus by Israel Navy commandos was brought into Ashdod Port.

According to Brig. Gen. Ben-Yehuda, the weapons were hidden in dozens of containers with a collective weight registering in at hundreds of tons. The weapons included enough ammunition and missiles to supply Hezbollah for a month or more of fighting against Israel.

So Much Hand Wringing

Senior officer: New rockets a real threat on home front

IDF officials believe Hamas has accumulated significant number of long-range rockets while continuing to arm. According to estimates, however, Palestinian organization's ability to launch missiles into central Israel is limited
Hanan Greenberg

The new rockets in Hamas' possession will one day turn into a real threat on the home front, a senior Israel Defense Forces officer told Ynet on Tuesday, after Major-General Amos Yadlin, head of the Military Intelligence Directorate, said the Palestinian organization recently held a successful trial launch of a rocket with a 60-kilometer range which could reach parts of Tel Aviv.

Military sources noted that despite the improved rockets, Hamas' ability to launch missiles into central Israel is limited, but added that it was only a matter of time before this ability is improved, with Iran's support.

The Israeli army, however, is not waiting for the Iron Dome anti-missile system to become operational in mid 2010, and is preparing for an escalation in other ways.

"Just like the IDF was prepared for Operation Cast Lead, it is operating now by preparing and training in order to respond powerfully to any development," a military official said.

In the meantime, the Home Front Command is not preparing to hand out instruction manuals or implement other plans in the communities which are subject to the new threat, mainly due to the fact that the threats from the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon already over most of the country's areas.

On Wednesday, the Home Front Command will conduct an air raid siren test in central Israel. A 90-second siren will sound in the cities of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Bnei Brak and Givatayim at 11 am. In the event of a real-time siren a second, consecutive siren will be sounded immediately.

The test was planned several months ago and is not related to the intelligence chief's revelation. However, it illustrates that the IDF is preparing for a day when the threat will turn into reality.

"Hamas is deterred and has no desire to act now, but it is definitely preparing for the next conflict, which may take place whenever it wants," a military source explained. "Hamas members have analyzed their mistakes from Cast Lead and are now implementing the lessons, including handling their supply of rockets and improving them."

'Solution before range reaches 120 km'
In the Gaza vicinity communities, which have been suffering from the rocket terror for more than eight years now, residents hope that a solution will finally be found for the rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

Tamara Cohen from Moshav Ein Habesor told Ynet, "It doesn't matter if its here, in Tel Aviv, in Jerusalem or in Yeruham. There is no difference between us and Tel Aviv. When buses exploded there, it was quiet here. The people of Tel Aviv don’t live in a bubble, and I would feel sorrow seeing them experience the rocket fire.

"A solution must be found for the problem, because tomorrow they will have a missile which may reach a range of 120 kilometers. They too are advancing in terms of technology. It's clear that a military or political solution is needed," she said.

Ophir Liebstein from Kibbutz Kfar Aza says the residents of the Gaza vicinity knew that the rocket range would grow as time went by. "It's a chronicle which is known in advance. It was only a matter of time. The fact that the circle is increasingly growing and can reach Tel Aviv was expected. We saw it during Cast Lead, when the rockets reached Beersheba, Ashdod and Yavne.

"As soon as a quicker solution – or agreement, or military operation – is found, we will all be better off. There is no malicious joy here. If cars are being transferred through tunnels, there is no problem to transfer long-range missiles as well. We hope this will serve as a catalyst for the government to come up with solutions," he said.

Iris Levy of Kibbutz Kerem Shalom added, "The distance to Tel Aviv from Ahskelon and Ashdod was a matter of time, not of distance. This is a disaster for the State and a red flag."

The kibbutz's secretary, Zohar Ronen, is not worried that the long-range missiles will be directed at his community, but doubts that this is what will make the residents of Israel wake up. "This is not what will cause the Tel Avivians to think of us more or less."

Wow, so much hand wringing over the Palestinians getting rockets with range enough to hit Tel Aviv, so what.
I think it just might be a good thing. When it was only the Jews of the south getting hit, we did nothing to stop the rockets.

So maybe if the yefa nefesh, or beautiful soul crowd in Tel Aviv get to taste some incoming then maybe the government of Israel will remember it's duty to protect it's citizens. Maybe then the leftist of Tel Aviv will give up their stupid ideas and understand we are still at war their can be no peace with Palestinians.

The same way their could have been no peace with Nazi's.

It is simple, fire a misle out of Gaza and the IDF will be given orders to remove all the residence of Gaza into Egypt.

Israel begs the Jews we removed by force from their homes in Gaza to return and funds the rebuilding of Gaza, with the declaration Gaza now and forever belongs to Israel..

End of the story.

IDF takes over arms vessel

Some 150km off Israel's coast, special naval force seizes Antiguan trade ship found to be carrying arms. Ship taken to Ashdod port for further examination believed to be bound for Hezbollah, Syria
Hanan Greenberg

Drama off of Israel's shores: The Israeli Navy seized control over a suspicious vessel, which was found to be carrying weapons.

The incident took place some 150 kilometers off the coast. A special naval force boarded a trade ship flying under the Antiguan flag, which was found to be carrying ammunition and weapons, under the guise of a civilian delivery.

An initial examination shows that the ship came from Iran and was meant for Hezbollah. However, other leads are also being looked into.

After an initial inspection, the ship was lead to the Ashdod Port for additional inspection and a more thorough examination of the cargo it stored.

Part of the Ashdod Port was closed off Wednesday morning following the incident.

The IDF stressed that intensive efforts are made on a daily basis to foil the smuggling of weapons, even at sea.

November 03, 2009

Neighbor of 'Jewish terrorist' arrested

Residents of Shvut Rachel settlement say four policemen detained Yosef Spinoza, who was once treated by Yaakov Teitel, for questioning
Efrat Weiss

A neighbor of "Jewish terrorist" Yaakov (Jack) Teitel was arrested Tuesday evening at the Shvut Rachel settlement in the Binyamin region. Investigators of the Judea and Samaria District's central unit took the man to a Shin Bet facility in Petah Tikva. He is suspected of having known about some of Teitel's actions.

According to local residents, four policemen arrived at the community and detained 47-year-old Yosef Spinoza, a father of two, for questioning. Spinoza was also detained for questioning about two weeks ago, but was released several hours later.

The residents said Spinoza suffered from a chronic illness and had been treated by Teitel in the past.

Attorney Adi Keidar of the Honenu organization said that the police were preventing Spinoza from meeting with a lawyer.

Teitel underwent a psychiatric evaluation at the Geha Psychiatric Hospital in Petah Tikva and was found to be fit to stand trial. According to Attorney Keidar, who represents Teitel as well, the examination was thorough and lasted only 15 minutes.

According to the lawyer, Teitel was asked to state his name and the place he lives in, but was not asked about the acts he is suspected of committing. Keidar plans to demand from the court to order another psychiatric evaluation by an expert appointed by the suspect.

On Sunday it was cleared for publication that Teitel, 35, had been arrested for allegedly carrying out a series of domestic acts of terror over the past few years.

The Shin Bet and police believe Teitel, a father of four who immigrated to Israel from the US in 2000, is the mastermind behind a string of attacks, including the murder of two Arabs and an attack on Hebrew University Professor Ze'ev Sternhell.

Teitel was arrested in Jerusalem in a joint police-Shin Bet operation on October 7. He is suspected of attempted murder, aggravated assault, arms offenses and racial incitement.

November 02, 2009

A strike in the desert

German magazine Der Spiegel traces Israel's alleged 2007 strike on Syria's nuke facility
Noah Klieger

Dir a-Zur is a Syrian village on the edge of wilderness. The area is riddled with steep mountains and hard-to-reach valleys. It is a virtual "dead zone."

One night in 2007, however, the small village was startled by a huge lightning bolt, followed by a pillar of smoke rising above the waters of a nearby river. Village elders said it was a mystical sign, but according to German magazine Der Spiegel, the incident was far from heavenly.

The morning after the mysterious occurrence saw Syrian news agency SANA report that Israeli fighter jets breached Syrian airspace. "Our air force pushed them back after they dropped munitions above the desert. No injuries or damage were reported."

Israel, however, denied the incident ever happened – a denial both Jerusalem and Damascus reiterate to date. Nevertheless, the world soon learned that fighter jets struck a secret Syrian military facility.

Was it a nuclear plant? How did Israel learn of its existence? And why chance destroying it? Was Israel using the facility to send a warning to Iran?

Der Spiegel set out to investigate the strike, putting together a puzzle that, while less than complete, provides enough information to shed new light on the matter.

Tel Aviv, 2001. Mossad officials are busy profiling newly inducted Syrian President Bashar Assad. Unlike his father Hafez Assad, Bashar is considered unpredictable. The Mossad believes he has an aggressive personality and that he is likely to bolster his hold on Damascus by supplying Hezbollah with weapons.

The intelligence agency also knows of visits by North Korean dignitaries, which focus on delivering advanced weapons to Syria. IDF Intelligence says it is likely that nuclear arms are being discussed, but the Mossad dismisses this theory.

Spring of 2004. US intelligence reports of multiple communications between Syria and North Korea. The calls are traced to a desert location called al-Kibar.

Top IDF Intelligence Unit 8200, tasked with wiretapping and encryption operations, receives the information and the new location is promptly added to its watch list.

December 2006. A top Syrian official, who unbeknown to him was under Mossad surveillance, arrives in London. The man leaves his laptop in his hotel room and the Mossad is able to upload spyware onto the device.

The software soon begins ciphering information, divulging blueprints, correspondence and hundreds of visuals of the Kibar facility in various stages of construction.

One of the photos shows one of North Korea's top nuclear officials meeting with Ibrahim Othman, Syria's atomic energy agency director. The Mossad finally recognizes the imminent danger and alerts then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

February of 2007. Top Iranian General Ali Resa Asgari defects to the US and tells the CIA about Tehran's nuclear developments. Asgari also tells the Central Intelligence Agency that both Iran and North Korea have been funding a secret nuclear project in Syria.

The following month sees Olmert form a three-member panel to report on Damascus' nuclear plans.

Six months later Brigadier General Yaakov Amidror, a member of the trio, tells the prime minister of clear and present danger: Syria, he says, is indeed working with North Korea and Iran on an nuclear facility. Tehran reportedly funneled $1 billion to the project, as Kibar is meant to replace the Iranian reactor if Tehran is unable to complete its uranium enrichment program.

August 2007. IDF intelligence convinces Olmert that Israel must launch an intelligence operation in Syria. Special elite forces are sent beyond the border to sample soil from the Kibar area. They are spotted by the Syrian military and are forced to abort the operation.

Nevertheless, soil analysis reveals traces of nuclear activity in the area.

Olmert informs US National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley of Israel's findings and greenlights an air strike. Operation Orchard is launched.

September 5, 2007. Ten F-15I fighter jets take off from the Ramat David Air Base towards Syria. Three are later called back, leaving seven heading to the Israeli-Syrian border.

The jets fly over the border at low altitude, neutralizing a radar station on their way. They reach their target 18 minutes later. The compound is destroyed with what later footage would reveal as overkill – the bombs used would prove excessive fire power.

Olmert immediately briefs Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan of the operation and asks him to relay a message to Assad: Israel will not stand for a Syrian nuclear facility, but will refrain from further military action in the immediate future. Israel, said the communiqué, strives for peace with Syria and will not act unless provoked.

The secret of the desert facility is left for only the sands of Kibar to know.

January 2009. President Assad grants Der Spiegel an interview in which he insists the lost facility was "nothing but a conventional military base." Syria, he tells the magazine, "Could have retaliated, but that would have served Israel's purposes."

But what of the trace uranium found in the soil samples? Israel must have planted that, said Assad. After all, he said, Syria aspires for a nuclear-free Middle East."

Report: Israel 'blinded' Syrian radar

After Israeli missile strike on Syria confirmed by both sides, the question remains – how did Israel's non-stealth jets infiltrate Syrian airspace undetected? US aerospace experts tell Aviation Week magazine that Israel used new US-developed technology that lets users invade and manipulate enemy communication networks

Published: 10.05.07, 01:15 / Israel News

After Syrian President Bashar Assad admitted that Israeli planes carried out a missile strike in Syria and after the media blackout on the incident was lifted in Israel, many unanswered questions still remain regarding how IAF jets managed to infiltrate Syrian security.

An article published this week on the aerospace magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology's website offers the theory of experts in the field on how the Israeli F15 and F16 jets – which are not stealth fighters – managed to evade detection by Syrian air defense radar.

US aerospace industry and former US Air Force officials told Aviation Week's Senior Military Editor David A. Fulghum that Israel must have used "a technology like the US-developed 'Suter' airborne network attack system".

The cutting-edge technology allows users to invade enemy communication networks, to "see what enemy sensors see and even take over as systems administrator so sensors can be manipulated into positions so that approaching aircraft can't be seen", experts said.

In effect, the technology infiltrates and tricks enemy sensors by "directing data streams into them that can include false targets and misleading messages algorithms that allow a number of activities including control," the article explains.

The US system was recently tested successfully in operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, officials told Aviation Week.

Iran worried?

According to the article, a Kuwaiti newspaper recently reported that "Russian experts are studying why the two state-of-the art Russian-built radar systems in Syria did not detect the Israeli jets entering Syrian territory. Iran reportedly has asked the same question,

since it is buying the same systems and might have paid for the Syrian acquisitions."

The system is the new Tor-M1 launcher, and the Iranians bought 29 of them from Russia for $750 million to guard their nuclear sites. The Tor launchers were delivered in January, according to Agency France-Press and ITAR-TASS.

It is not confirmed that the Tor system was in fact the system guarding the Syrian site.

IMI negotiating tank enhancement deal with Turkish company

Israeli Military Industry has been operating in Turkey for nearly decade. Tank deal uncertain due to political tensions between Jerusalem and Ankara
Naama Sikuler, Calcalist

Despite political tensions between Jerusalem and Ankara, the Israeli Military Industry is currently negotiating a contact for the enhancement of dozens of tanks with the Turkish Ascension company. The companies had previous business collaborations.

The tanks are not intended to be used by the Turkish army and are slated to be transferred to a third country after being enhanced.

The IMI has held comprehensive business contacts with Turkey for nearly a decade, the most prominent project being the "Turkish Tank," which was launched in 2001. As part of the project, the IMI is enhancing 150 tanks for Turkey. The process is due to finish this year.

However, it remains unclear whether the deal will follow through, in the wake of tensions between Israel and Turkey, which according to foreign sources, resulted in an Israeli decision to freeze almost completely its defense export to Turkey.

Recent tensions have led the defense system in Israel to review several Turkish applications for defense purchases and puts at question several export deals which amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. The Israeli industries are in danger of suffering a major blow should the deals be dropped.

Among the prospective transactions: Export of an anti-missile system, sale of drones and armored personnel carriers.

Turkish elements have expressed interest in Israeli electronic warfare systems for ground forces, as well as in aircraft-mounted intelligence collection systems.

Israeli companies such as Elbit and Elta are already providing Turkey with fighter jet intelligence systems in a $141 million deal. It remains unclear whether a follow-up deal will be signed.


November 01, 2009

Face Of Terrorism On Our Side

Settler suspected of multiple hate crimes

Authorities believe Yaakov Teitel of Shvut Rachel murdered two Arabs, planted pipe bomb which injured Hebrew University's Prof. Ze'ev Sternhell, as well as multiple explosive devices in other incidents. Lawyer: He's mentally unstable
Ynet reporters

Cleared for publication: Yaakov Teitel, 35, of the West Bank settlement of Shvut Rachel, has been arrested for allegedly carrying out a series of domestic acts of terror over the past few years.

The Shin Bet and police believe Teitel, a father of four who immigrated to Israel from the US in 2000, is the mastermind behind a string of attacks, including the murder of two Arabs and the attack on Hebrew University Professor Ze'ev Sternhell.

Teitel was arrested in Jerusalem in a joint police-Shin Bet operation on October 7. He is suspected of attempted murder, aggravated assault, arms offenses and racial incitement.

So far, Teitel has confessed to carrying out the following:

* The 1997 murder of an east Jerusalem taxi driver
* The 1997 murder of a Palestinian shepherd south of Mount Hebron
* Placing an explosive device in the Ramallah-adjacent settlement of Eli in 2006 – the device was found and disarmed safely
* Placing an explosive device near a Beit Shemesh monetary in 2007, which resulted in one Palestinian injured
* A 2007 explosion which took place in the Ramot neighborhood in Jerusalem – a police cruiser was severely damaged, but no injuries were reported
* Hurling explosives at a police car in June 2007 – no injuries or damage were reported
* Sending a parcel bomb to a messianic family residing in Ariel, which resulted in a 15-year-old boy suffering severe injuries
* Placing a pipe bomb near Prof. Zeev Sternhell's Jerusalem home in September of 2008 – Sternhell was lightly wounded.

Teitel immigrated to Israel seven years ago, but made numerous prior visits to the country. Police believe he was able to smuggle 10 guns and rifles from the US to Israel, starting in 1997, including an M-16 rifle, a Ruger sniper rifle and a Glock handgun.

The Glock is believed to be the murder weapon used in both 1997 murders. Teitel told police both murders were committed in retaliation to Palestinian suicide attacks. He was arrested in 2000 in connection with the murder of the Palestinian shepherd, but was released for lack of evidence.

Special circumstances case

Teitel was arrested during a police operation which took place on October 7 at the Har Nof neighborhood in Jerusalem.

According to local residents, dozens of police and SWAT officers deployed in the area and began pursuing a man who was spotted throwing away a suspicious looking bag.

The man, later identified as Teitel, was arrested while posting flyers bashing the gay community and commending the man who carried out the deadly attack on a Tel Aviv gay youth center in August. Once the police retrieved the bag, they found two handguns in it.

Teitel was turned over for Shin Bet interrogation, while SWAT teams raided four locations connected with the case: His Shvut Rachel home, his brother-in-law's home in the settlement, his parents' home in the Beitar Illit, in Gush Etzion, and his mother-in-law's home in Har Nof, where two computers were confiscated.

The search of his home and its immediate premises uncovered a cache of guns, parts used in making explosive devices, binoculars and pellets used to maximize the impact of explosives, as well flyers inciting against the gay community.

The weapons were confiscated, along with one computer, numerous documents and the family's car. The explosives were detonated by police sappers.

Teitel was held in special Shin Bet custody for 48 hours without seeing his attorney or being brought before a judge – which is allowed by proxy of a special article in the Criminal Code.

Two days after his arrest, police forces raided Teitel's home again. They were spotted by a few local residents, who attempted to stop them from entering the settlement. The non-violent objection was unsuccessful.

Security forces went on to canvass the settlement before once again searching Teitel's home. This time, they found an explosive device buried in the yard.

'We pray allegations are false'

At this time, Attorney Adi Keidar of the Honenu organization, which provides legal aid to radical-right activists, petitioned the Petah Tikva District Court to be allowed to meet with him. The court denied the petition, remanding Teitel to an additional eight days.

Keidar then petitioned to have the remand shortened. The court denied the motion once more, remanding Teitel to three more days. The court also extended the special ordinance keeping the suspect from meeting with his lawyer.

Keidar filed a High Court appeal, but was denied again. Teitel's parents, Mordechai and Elisheba told Ynet that they had "no idea why Yaakov was arrested… (We) are still trying to find out what he is suspected of. We're worried about him. We don't know anything."

The courts also issued a comprehensive gag order on the case and all of Teitel's arraignments have been held behind closed doors.

During one of the hearings, Keidar asked the court to confer with his client in order to explain his rights to him, especially the right to remain silent, but once again the court refused. Teitel was let in the court only after Keidar left, at which time the judge herself detailed his rights.

Teitel used the opportunity to inform the court he did not recognize its jurisdiction. Keidar told Ynet that the motives for his client's actions are unclear and the he "sees himself a as messenger" and is mentally unstable – "a point proven to the police" by the fact that he has implicated himself in acts he did not commit.

Teitel's DNA matched DNA retrieved from a stocking cap found near Prof. Sternhell's home after the assault on him.

A Shin Bet source said Teitel was questioned about the Gay youth center shooting, but investigators concluded he was not the perpetrator.

The police also have evidence connecting him to a suspicios object found near the home of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Shas party's spiritual leader.

A spokesman for Shvut Rachel said that "the community condemns these actions, but we will believe in (Teitel's) innocence until such time that his is proven guilty.

"There were grave and wrong acts and we utterly denounce them. The community hopes the defense establishment will uncover the truth, but we pray that the allegations against him prove false, and stress that the Left's attempts to use this situation to incite against all settlers are ugly and poor."

Efrat Weiss, Ronen Medzini, Roi Mandel, Raanan Ben-Zur and Aviad Glickman contributed to this report

So how has this man's actions if all this is true help our cause?

It didn't help us one bit, he only reinforced a stereotype.

Now his children are going to have a father in prison for decades if not forever and for what?

No matter what actions like this must be condemned, for these actions are those of a terrorist. Please g-D may the State take the war to our enemies like it should but if the State does not live up to what I think it should does this give me the right to murder random Palestinians?

No for any time we murder random Arabs we become our enemy.

A Rat ,Is What I Smell

Case against 'New Profile' closed

Prosecution closes case against movement suspected of inciting youth to evade military service, cites lack of culpability, admissible evidence
Aviad Glickman

The Prosecution is closing its case against the New Profile movement, suspected of encouraging youths to shirk military service. Deputy State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan closed the case due to lack of culpability in the case of some of the suspects, and due to lack of evidence in the case of the others.

Police opened a criminal investigation against the movement following various publications on its website suspected of being fraudulent and inciting. Several months ago the police handed their investigation material over to the Tel Aviv District Prosecution.

Nitzan said in his ruling that while some of the publications, which led to the investigation being launched, do raise suspicion of criminal offences, sufficient admissible evidence to attribute incitement and fraudulent publications to the suspects could not be found.

He added that in the meantime, the suspicious content had been removed from the movement's website.

It should be noted that the deputy state prosecutor last year made very harsh comments against New Profile's publications. He said the severity of the incitement expressed on this website can be seen particularly in light of the fact that it tries to persuade youth to attain exemptions from military service by deceiving the system, as well as offering detailed explanations as to how to go about this.

He said this calls for a deviation from the law enforcement's generally limited policy on opening legal proceedings in cases of incitement to army evasion.

Michal Michlin-Friedlander, a senior deputy state prosecutor, notified the High Court of Justice of the decision to close the case last week.

The Prosecution was responding to the High Court of Justice following a petition filed by the Israeli Forum for the Promotion of Equal Share in the Burden to have the New Profile movement dismantled following the content published on its website.

Ruti Divon, a New Profile activist summed up the police investigation on Sunday as "a ridiculous, but also stressful experience. We already know that there is no real democracy here. A people that settles on another people cannot act democratically, but this whole ordeal shows that even democracy for Jews here isn't guaranteed."

However, she added that the organization has no intention of keeping a low profile. "Our ambush will continue, but we say that the fact that young men and women are voting with their feet says something about the deep objection of people that want something else.

"People are allowed to think and we plan to keep on helping them. People are in trouble, they don't even know that there is conscience committee, they don't know what a mental health officer is."


Let their be no mistake I smell a rat.

It is the same old rat where it seems that only conservative groups are prosecuted but the far left get's away with everything including treason.

Israel is a country at war, this group is a group of traitors to the Jewish State and should be prosecuted as such.

Why should some Israeli's sons serve and others not?

You are against serving in a combat unit fine nobody will force you, but you are against serving in the IDF because you are a leftist then get out of my country and never come back. I don't want you or your kind in Israel.

But you say Yoni Israel is a democracy.

I say maybe it is but democracy does not mean that people have the right to be traitors in a time of war.

They have a right to voice their views, as long as these views do not weaken the State's ability to fight our enemies.