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December 31, 2011

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No Words

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Haredi use of Holocaust symbols denounced

Tzipi Livni says 'no protest in the world' can justify making children wear yellow patches. Meanwhile, Rabbi Yosef condemns haredi violence

The latest haredi protest in Jerusalem has caused a stir after kids participating in the demonstration were seen wearing yellow patches and striped pajamas like those Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust.

Avner Shalev, Chairman of the Yad Vashem Directorate said in response: "I condemn the use of Holocaust symbols in a protest of any kind. This is reprehensible. The Holocaust is nothing like what goes on in Israel. "

Shortly after the demonstration, Shas' spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef commented on violent acts by haredim in connection to women's exclusion and said, "There are people who do things which our Torah forbids and they must be condemned."

He said that the Torah advocates peaceful behavior and not violence. Speaking in his weekly class, he said: "We do not hate seculars. On the contrary – we love them."

He added: "The behavior of a handful of people who spread hate among haredim and non-haredim is an act of blasphemy."

Opposition Chairwoman Tzipi Livni also commented on the protest on her Facebook page. "There is no protest in the world that can justify this. Even within the debate we are holding there are boundaries that cannot be crossed. I hope that haredi leaders will condemn these acts."

The protesters, on their part, claimed that they were the ones being victimized. "We are the ones who are afraid to walk down the street. We feel like in pre-war Germany in Israel," one protester told Ynet. "It was there too that the media started the incitement."

Secular incitement

Another protester added, "We live in the shadow of secular incitement. It hurts to wear the yellow patch. If our kids are being beat up don't be surprised we dress them with yellow patches. That's how we feel."

One of the demonstrators was angry that the media fails to report incidents where haredim are being attacked. "I'm a haredi soldier. While on uniform I was attacked by seculars in the Central Bus Station a few days ago. They called me a 'smelly haredi.'"

Many protesters defended the use of Holcaust symbols. "Maybe the use of children will irk the seculars," one of them said. However, not all endorsed the step. "In my opinion displaying the kids like that was wrong," one protester admitted.

"Most haredi people don't want segregation. Those who organized the protest are only a handful. You can see that the majority of haredim don't have a problem with this. Whoever spits on a little girl has a mental condition, he's a deviant," Yehuda, a haredi man from Mea Shearim said.

December 30, 2011

MERF Appearance

My appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum will have me again as the Prime Minister of Israel., the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 2pm EDT, 11 am Pacific, 9pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to the show by going to the MERF web page

December 29, 2011

New ‘solution’ kills hospital superbugs

By Karin Kloosterman
December 25, 2011

Resistant bacteria are soon to meet their match: a genetically engineered fluid that restores their susceptibility to antibiotics.

Today superbugs are one of the leading causes of preventable death in the developed world.

Every patient, nurse, doctor and visitor to a hospital knows the drill: hands get a splash of antibacterial fluid found at every bedside, entrance and exit. Keeping hands clean can prevent some infections, but superbugs -- those sometimes deadly bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics -- can outwit the best hygiene practices.

Hospital-acquired infections are one of the leading causes of preventable death in the developed world today, with 100,000 people in the United States alone dying every year from bugs they catch as patients in the hospital, according to the World Health Organization. The old and very young are at an especially high risk of infection from resistant bacteria that can spread like wildfire.

But now superbugs may have met their match, thanks to a genetically engineered cleaning solution developed in Israeli laboratories.

Costing only a few dollars a quart, the solution is non-toxic to patients and can be spread on hospital surfaces to kill what conventional soaps and antibiotics can't, report researchers Rotem Edgar from the Tel Aviv Sourasky (Ichilov) Medical Center and Udi Qimron from Tel Aviv University. They detailed their technology recently in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

Weakening the superbugs

The solution uses a laboratory-grown virus called a bacteriophage, which disrupts the DNA of resistant bacteria and renders them susceptible to antibiotics.

"We have genetically engineered the bacteriophages so that once they infect the bacteria, they transfer a dominant gene that confers renewed sensitivity to certain antibiotics," says Qimron, who believes his solution will one day be part of every hospital's anti-germ arsenal.

The researchers say that the new spray could be applied on any surface where there is a high concentration of germs, such as door handles, faucets, bedrails and handrails.

The product is now ready to be tested, first on a nasty strain of E. coli that leads to urinary tract infections in pregnant women. The scientists will also test their spray on other kinds of bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

The science behind the invention

Edgar and Qimron studied the protein factory of bacteria cells, called the ribosome. Some kinds of antibiotics are made to attach to the ribosome, rendering the cell inactive. But bacteria have learned to outwit this tactic by finding a way to change the ribosome so that the antibiotics cannot bind to it.

The scientists attempted to rewire the bacteria's sensitivity to antibiotics by adding a gene into the mix. This gene, which is safe for humans, restores the sensitivity of the bacteria to antibiotics, rendering existing antibiotics effective against superbugs.

The implications could be enormous if this solution is brought to a commercial scale.

"Our novel approach relies on an effective delivery process and selection procedure, put on the same platform for the first time," says Qimron, suggesting that it will knock out all kinds of bacteria, reducing the infection rate from even non-resistant bacteria.

Qimron told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, "You can kill the bacteria by cleaning with bleach, but you can't kill them 100 percent, and you can't control the secretion of resistant bacteria, like when a patient sneezes in the [hospital] ward. Using a substance that moves the bacteria toward susceptibility to antibiotics will prevent resistant bacteria from multiplying on the hospital surfaces."

This solution, the researchers note, should be part of a two-step process to neutralize bacteria in the hospital effectively. The second part of the process is a compound called Tullurite. This would be spread over the surfaces to kill any remaining bacteria not sensitized by the new advance. The two-step cleaning combination would first disarm the bacteria and then go on to kill those that are still dangerous, they say.

Like all medical products, the new spray needs to be tested in a clinical setting before being approved for sale.

No Honor, No Shame, No Torah

Indictment: Haredi sexually harassed female soldier on bus

Indictment filed against Jerusalem resident Shlomo Fuchs, 44, who hurled sexist slurs at woman aboard public bus. Internal security minister: Don't be afraid to file complaints
Aviad Glickman

An indictment was filed Thursday against Jerusalem resident Shlomo Fuchs, 44, an ultra-Orthodox man who hurled sexist slurs at a female soldier on a public bus in the capital.

Police officials said Fuchs' behavior was unruly, and that he sexually harassed the soldier, Doron Matalon, by humiliating her and making sexual remarks.

The indictment follows a warning issued by Israeli authorities saying they would not tolerate the exclusion of women from the public sphere or any acts of violence towards women. State Prosecutor Moshe Lador stressed that "the prosecution will work with the police to bring this radical phenomenon of haredi extremism to an end."

Jerusalem Magistrate's Court released Fuchs under limiting conditions, forbidding him from using public transportation until the next hearing in his case, set for early January.

According to the court, Fuchs committed a felony given his behavior towards the female soldier. "In light of this growing phenomenon of women's exclusion and offending women who object their exclusion, I believe a dangerous cause exists here, because the aggravation of such a phenomenon endangers a democratic society when done forcibly," the judge wrote.

The court also stated that sexual harassment does not only apply when the harasser demands something of sexual nature from the harassed, but also when the harassed is humiliated based on remarks relating to his or her sex. The judge ruled such was the case in this incident, since "there is no dispute that Fuchs spoke bluntly and shouted harsh and humiliating words at the soldier aboard the bus, calling her a 'slut' three times."

Freedom of expression?

"I am not a sexual offender," Fuchs told his attorney afterwards. "If anything – she harassed me. I wanted to move away and she kept moving closer."

Fuchs' attorney claimed this was not a criminal offense. "We live in a free country. We're allowed to curse, it's part of the freedom of expression," he explained.

If the court does decide this is a sexual harassment case, said the attorney, then any man who calls a woman a "bitch" or other curse words would be considered a sexual offender.

Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said Israel's citizens should not be afraid to file complaints, adding: "It's the most important thing right now. Once complaints are filed an investigation will begin and indictments will follow."

The Jerusalem police on Wednesday arrested Fuchs for calling Doron Matalon, the female soldier, a "slut" after she refused to sit at the back of an Egged bus travelling from the Neve Yaakov neighborhood to the Central Command base in Jerusalem.

Another female passenger who was approaching the front of the bus in order to pay the driver was told by Fuchs that "a woman shouldn't pass through the front of the bus to pay." He then demanded she return to the back of the bus.

'You're a woman'

Matalon said, "I wanted to make room for her, but a man sitting nearby said to her: 'Why are you at the front of the bus? You're a woman.' He looked at me and asked: 'You too, why are you here?'" Matalon responded: "Women are not restricted to the back of the bus."

"I told him that just as he doesn't want to see my face, I don't want to see his, and that's when he called me a 'slut, shiksa (a disrespectful term in Yiddish for a non-Jewish woman).'"

Matalon added that Fuchs yelled: "Slut, slut, slut. You have no respect. You're standing among yeshiva students and it's shameful."

She then recounted that Egged bus company employees would not allow Fuchs to get off the bus until police arrived.

"I told him I was just as Jewish as he is. I alerted the bus employee as yeshiva students were crowding all around me. It's happened to me before, when I was shoved off a bus because I refused to sit in the back."

Fuchs was arrested by the police, and during his interrogation he admitted to calling Matalon a "slut", explaining that the slur was a proper response to "her provocative behavior."

Shlomo Fuchs, have you no honor, have you no shame, have you no Torah?

Shlomo, let's look at the truth of the situation, G-D loves you so much that he allowed you to live in Israel. We have our own state run by Jews and defended by Jews, so that you can live the life style you have chosen.

Shlomo, you had the honor, to be on a bus with a defender of your right to live a religious lifestyle and study Torah.

Why didn't one of you Yeshiva students, get up out of your seat and offer it to this Israeli soldier?

Shlomo, maybe if you had asked this soldier how they were doing, and showed some love of your fellow Jew, you could have made a bridge between your world and hers.

Shlomo, do you think the Arabs care that you are religious and that this soldier is a woman? Of course not they want you both dead, so maybe we all remember we are Jews in this place called Israel together. We are going to live together or die together.

December 28, 2011

Police: Rightists worked as spy cell

Investigation reveals 40 of activists who broke into the Ephraim Territorial Brigade's base arrived on bus from Jerusalem's Mercaz Harav Yeshiva. Some collected intelligence on IDF forces
Yair Altman

The right-wing activists who broke into the Ephraim Territorial Brigade's base worked as a spy cell, a source in the Judea and Samaria District Police told Ynet on Wednesday morning.

Some 300 activists, some of them veiled, rioted about two weeks ago near the West Bank outpost of Ramat Gilad following rumors that it was about to be evacuated. They blocked the road, hurled stones at Palestinian cars and even attacked the vehicle of the Ephraim Brigade commander.

A Judea and Samaria District Police investigation reveals that at least 40 of the rioters arrived on a bus from Jerusalem's Mercaz Harav Yeshiva.

"They collected intelligence on IDF forces and their apartment was used as an operations room. This allowed them to prepare in advance for evacuations and storm the Ephraim Territorial Brigade's base," the police source told Ynet.

He added that the activity's organizers were residents of Judea and Samaria who were recently banned from the area with administrative orders and now live in Jerusalem near the yeshiva.

Police suspect that they took advantage of their proximity to the place and their acquaintanceship with the yeshiva students in order to organize the violent protest, and even collected tires and other equipment, although the military compound break-in was likely not planned.

They arrived at the Ephraim Territorial Brigade's base on a rented bus.

Shortly after they broke into the base, police arrested six right-wing activists, including four of the violent incident's organizers, in their apartment in Jerusalem. The forces were met with violence on the part of the activists. Some even called their friends, who damaged a police car and attacked a female reporter.

Police searched their apartment and found material pointing to a close intelligence follow-up conducted by the activists in regards to buses driving soldiers to different bases.

Police also suspect that at least some of the detained activists violated the restraining order and took an active part in the base riots. Some of the evidence is in the hands of the Makor Rishon newspaper, which has photos of the incident and is refusing to hand them over to the police.

Two of the activists arrested in Jerusalem have been released. Three others will remain in custody until Sunday, and another minor is expected to be released Wednesday.

Earlier this week, the Judea and Samaria District Police detained another suspect, a 22-year-old resident of the Karnei Shomron settlement. His remand has been extended until Friday.

These activities must not be allowed to continue.

I know that the police in the past has used excessive force in some incidents involving settlers. I have called for those police officers to be throw from the force and charged with assault.

But we can not let any element of our society engage in spying against the police and/or IDF. Much less use violence against these agencies.

Let me be clear on two things these thugs are a minority within the settler world, and they do no represent all settlers. So many son's of Judea and Samaria serve in elite or combat units, this is the true face of settler children.

Second I support the right of police officers and IDF soldiers to self defense against any and all that seek to do them harm. This self defense is up to and including the right to use deadly force.

Arab, Hill Top Youth, Ultra Orthodox, Leftist, you should all be put on notice you throw stones at our forces they have the right to open fire.

December 27, 2011

Beit Shemesh mayor: Firm hand against rioters

Hours before rally against women's exclusion in his city, Abutbul ask press 'not to put all haredim in one basket'

Boaz Fyler
Published: 12.27.11, 15:49 / Israel News

"There is no reason on earth for a person to raise a hand - let alone on helpless girls." Beit Shemesh Mayor Moshe Abutbul said Tuesday in reference to Na'ama Margolis, the seven-year-old girl who was spat on by a haredi man who claimed she was not dressed "modestly enough."

Addressing the recent acts of violence against women in his city perpetrated by local ultra-Orthodox, the mayor said "there is no pardon for those who behave provocatively. Rioters should be dealt with a firm hand."

Abutbul spoke to reporters at his office just hours before a mass demonstration is expected to take place in the city against the exclusion of women from the public sphere. "Beith Shemesh denounces such behavior. Violent men belong behind bars. I urge Israel Police to act with a firm hand against all the rioters, and I call on you (the press) not to put all (the ultra-Orthodox) in one basket," the mayor said.

It must be noted that the mayor wears a black kipa.

He knows we must stamp this evil out, before it spreads.

I think the time has come to look at the nationality of Jews that are acting against the best interest of either the State and or the Jewish people. If these thugs came from someplace else, let's send them back. Take biometric identification, finger prints, retina scan and DNA and send them packing.

December 26, 2011

Haredim riot in Beit Shemesh

Hundreds of haredim riot over crackdown following women's exclusion in city. Crowd mobs TV crews, stone security forces
Neri Brenner

Tempers in Beit Shemesh ran high Monday, following the growing demand to crack down on radical religious elements that are demanding stricter enforcement of segregation between the sexes in the city.

The City of Beit Shemesh and the local police force announced that they will install 300-400 security cameras throughout the city in an attempt to fight radical religious individuals who are harassing women and girls.

The expected enforcement efforts – especially in the city's Hayarden Street, which was the scene of several attacks against women – prompted hundreds of haredim to gather in porters of the future policing measures.

Some of the haredim clashed with police forces. One officer sustained mild injuries after he was stoned by rioters. He was treated on site and two suspects were arrested.

TV camera crews from Channel 2 and Channel 10, which arrived at the religious neighborhood, were mobbed by the crowd. A photojournalist covering the protest was also attacked. The police arrested three suspects.

While many in Beit Shemesh said they hopped the camera will be posted to boost public safety, there were those who doubted Mayor Moshe Abutbul would see the plan through.

"Anyone who thinks the cameras will be set up is wrong," City Opposition member Motti Cohen told Ynet. "There's no way a haredi mayor would install such cameras in the haredi neighborhoods.

"This move is purely for show and I'm afraid that the way things are going, many of us will never be able to have the life we want in this city."

Interior Minister Eli Yishai condemned the violence saying that the acts in question were "perpetrated by radical elements and should be condemned by everyone in the haredi community… There isn't one rabbi who would support such acts," he said.

Yishai urged Abutbul to act against the phenomenon, saying that "all relevant government bureaus will do everything in their power to deal with this phenomenon."

Yoav Malka and Yair Altman contributed to this report

Israel today has three groups that like to throw stones, Haredi, Hill Top Youth, Arabs.

The answer should be the same in each case, we need to allow the IDF and police to open fire on these thugs no matter what group they belong to.

In Israel, we used to open fire on stone throwing thugs. It is time to go back to this as the standard.

If you don't want members of your community to get shot, stop these thugs.

Settlers parents of hill top youth, please before someone gets killed. Stop your children, from running wild.

Please normal Haredim, you need to come out on the streets and stop these taliban in Beit Shemesh. For if you don't help to stop these terrorist, you in the end will be painted by the same brush that the rest of us will wield to stop these punks.

I remember Beit Shemesh when it was a wonderful town, full of Jews from Morocco, and Yemen.

Too bad the place has gone to hell. I remember arresting illegal Palestinian workers out of Ramat Beit Shemesh and fearing what this building would bring.

I remember when the number of Anglo's in the area were just three of us, back in the good old days. All married to Yemenite's.

December 25, 2011

We May Get Lucky

PA negotiator: We may withdraw recognition of Israel
Palestinians may cancel agreements signed between the PLO and Israel; Abbas paving way for Hamas and Islamic Jihad to take control over entire W. Bank, says Fatah official after Islamist groups agree to join PLO.

Mohammed Shtayyeh, member of the Fatah Central Committee and one of the Palestinian Authority negotiators with Israel, was quoted Sunday as saying that the Palestinians may cancel the agreements signed between the PLO and Israel.

Meanwhile, some PLO and Fatah leaders have privately criticized Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for agreeing to incorporate Hamas into the PLO.

At least three senior officials in Ramallah have voiced strong reservations over the decision, a Fatah official told The Jerusalem Post. He said that those who were opposed to the move were worried that Hamas would replace Fatah as the dominant party in the PLO.

One official was quoted as saying that Abbas was paving the way for Hamas and Islamic Jihad to take control not only over the PLO, but the entire West Bank as well.

Shtayyeh's comments were published by the London-based Asharq Al Awsat newspaper.

This was not the first time that a senior PA official had talked about the possibility of abrogating the Oslo Accords.

The comments came less than 48 hours after Hamas and Islamic Jihad agreed to join a temporary leadership of the PLO that would prepare for new elections for the organization's two key bodies - the Palestine National Council and Executive Committee.

In response to a question about Israeli settlements, Shtayyeh said: "If Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu insists that there is no difference between the settlement of Abu Ghneim [Har Homa] and Tel Aviv, we won't distinguish between Ramallah and Jaffa."

With regards to the PLO's decision to recognize Israel in 1993, Shtayyeh explained: "The recognition of Israel was not a balanced recognition. The PLO recognized Israel in the geographic sense, but Israel did not recognize Palestine geographically, but as an institution. Israel only recognized the PLO. Now we are demanding a mutual recognition. We want Israel to recognize the Palestinian territories of 1967."

Shtayyeh said the Palestinians' efforts would from now on focus on internal affairs. "President [Mahmoud] Abbas is now interested in reuniting the Palestinians," he said. "In the year 2012, their will be a political vacuum because the US will be preoccupied with presidential elections, the Europeans with the Euro crisis and the Arabs with their "Spring."

Israel should be so lucky.

Maybe G-D is having the Palestinians do for us what our leaders' don't have the courage to do.

Let the PA dissolve Oslo and the PA, and let Hamas take over.

This is nothing short of a declaration of war against Israel.

Please G-D give our leaders the courage to take advantage of these developments.

December 23, 2011

MERF Appearance

For those who would like to hear me on the radio, I am very pleased to announce that I will be having a weekly appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 2pm EDT, 11 am Pacific, 9pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to the show by going to the MERF web page

Blind Leaders

MKs say Barkat 'gnawing away at Jerusalem's unity'

Politicians from Left and Right blast mayor's plan to cede municipal control over some parts of capital. 'Initiative would turn Jerusalem into Sderot," Likud MK warns
Moran Azulay

The mayor of Jerusalem is overstepping his authority and trying to effect political change, rightist lawmakers claimed after Nir Barkat called to cede municipal control over some neighborhoods in the eastern part of the capital.

Some leftists also criticized the plan, saying it would lead to anarchy.

The Jerusalem Municipality explained that the measure was examined, along with other alternatives, as a way of dealing with the incompatibility between the route of the West Bank security barrier and Jerusalem's municipal borders, which makes it difficult to provide services for all the capital's residents.

"This challenge does not necessitate a change of borders," one city official stressed, "the mayor presented the plan to security officials, and he plans to show it to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well."

But coalition chairman Zeev Elkin (Likud) said Barkat's plan could jeopardize Jerusalem's unity. "The areas he wants to cede are under the State of Israel's sovereignty and are protected under Basic Law: Jerusalem, Capital of Israel and the referendum law, which was passed by the current Knesset," he said.

"Relinquishing areas outside the security barrier was a huge mistake. It only increased the city's Palestinian population and was detrimental to security, especially in the Pisgat Zeev neighborhood," the MK claimed. "Those who wish to turn some of Jerusalem's neighborhoods in the 'Gaza Strip' will end up turning all of Jerusalem into Sderot. We won't let that happen."

MK Arieh Eldad (National Union), who recently submitted a bill which aims to to cement Jerusalem's status as "united capital of the Jewish people and the State of Israel," accused Barkat of ignoring Israeli criminal law, "which states that ceding land that is under state sovereignty constitutes treachery.

"Barkat is trying to assume the role of prime minister and effect political changes instead of enforcing his authority as mayor of all Jerusalem," said the rightist lawmaker.

Attorney Elisha Peleg, a city council member on behalf of the ruling Likud party, said the mayor "does not have the authority to relinquish parts of Jerusalem."

"Statements such as Barkat's go against the coalition agreement and the government's position, which opposes the division of Jerusalem. They also embolden hostile elements," he said.

However, MK Zevulun Orlev (Habayit Hayehudi) said Barkat had assured him that the plan did not call for ceding parts of the capital and was merely a "technical arrangement."

But the proposal drew fire from leftist elements as well. "Any attempt to find a unilateral solution without cooperation from the residents and the Palestinian Authority is bound to fail," said Yosef (Pepe) Alalo, a Jerusalem City Council member from the Meretz party. "This is a political issue that will not be solved with administrative measures. Therefore, this plan may lead to anarchy and the transfer of some residents from one side of the fence to the other."

Ir Amim director Yehudit Oppenheimer called the initiative "dangerous and cruel" and said it was mainly aimed at "revoking the residency status of 70,000 Palestinian residents of Jerusalem who live beyond the fence.

"The plan's implementation would mean that they would lose their jobs, and it would deny them access to education and health services – all this just to preserve some imaginary demographic balance," she said.

Alalo said the only positive aspect of the plan was that by initiating it Barkat "admitted that the city's Arab residents are systematically discriminated against."

I am loosing my ability to respond to the stupid defeatist that rule Israel.

I don't know what words can be used, to record my disappointment in the lack of vision of Israeli leaders.

Cede any control in any parts of Jerusalem and you weaken the Jewish claim to not just all of Jerusalem, but Judea and Samaria as well.

December 22, 2011


Flotilla case closed: Zoabi won't be charged

Attorney general decides to end investigation against Israeli nationals who participated in Gaza-bound flotilla that ended with lethal raid
Aviad Glickman

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has decided to close the case against the Israeli nationals who participated in the Gaza flotilla on May 31st, 2010, the Justice Ministry announced Thursday.

The Israelis who were on board a Turkish ship during the lethal clashed that ensued between flotilla activists and IDF forces included Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi.

Nine activists were killed by the army after attempting to lynch the troops.

"After examining the overall evidence in the case and the legal issues pertaining to the matter, the attorney general has decided to close the case as result of significant evidentiary and legal difficulties," the Justice Ministry said.

Responding to the decision, MK Zoabi issued the following statement: "I'm not at all surprised by the closure of the cases against flotilla participants, including my case. It was expected."

"This proves that what I said all along t was true – my participation in the flotilla was a legal political act. Now there is room for an apology from Knesset members who incited against me…indeed, I don't expect them to apologize, but they should at least engage in some self-reflection."

The Justice Ministry's statement Thursday noted that the police probe against foreign nationals who participated in the flotilla ended earlier, as result of the decision to expel them from Israel. The investigation against Israeli nationals continued on suspicion of attempting to enter Gaza unlawfully.

The Ministry added that the attorney general held various meetings on the issue with relevant officials before making his decision on the case.

Notably, none of the Israelis on board the Turkish ship was suspected of assaulting IDF soldiers.


Do we still deserve a country?

I don't think our leaders act like they believe we still deserve a home for the Jewish people.

Zoabi and all the Israeli's, that were on the flotilla are traitors.

They should be treated as such.

G-D Help Us.


Jerusalem outraged as Abbas conducts warm meeting with child murderer

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas meets with Palestinian "terrorist temptress" Amna Muna, who was released in October in Shalit deal • Muna lured Israeli teenager to his death in 2001 by striking up romantic relations over Internet • PMO: "Instead of promoting peace the PA seems to be putting extremist murderers up on a pedestal."
Shlomo Cesana, Gadi Golan and Gideon Allon

The Prime Minister's Office on Thursday condemned Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's meeting with terrorist Amna Muna, saying the meeting raises questions over Abbas's commitment to achieving peace.

Muna was convicted for the premeditated death of Israeli teenager Ofir Rahum in 2001 and sentenced to life in prison, but was freed in October as part of the Shalit deal, and then exiled to Turkey.

"We are disappointed with the unfortunate decision of President Abbas to meet with the terrorist temptress Amna Muna who's internet trap led to the brutal murder of an innocent Israeli teen," the PMO said on its Facebook page.

"It is shocking to see someone who tells the whole world that he seeks peace with Israel going all the way to Turkey to meet with a revolting murderer," the PMO said in a separate statement.

"Instead of promoting peace and reconciliation the Palestinian leadership seems to be putting extremist murderers up on a pedestal. This raises serious questions as to their commitment and to their desire to end the conflict," the Facebook statement concluded.

Abbas, who is visiting in Ankara, met with Muna on Tuesday night. At first the two had a tete-a-tete, followed by an expanded meeting with other freed prisoners, including Jihad Yamur, one of the abductors of Nachshon Wachsman [Israeli soldier who was kidnapped and killed by Hamas during a failed rescue attempt by Israel].

Ten years ago Muna, then aged 24, seduced 16-year-old Rahum, an Ashkelon resident, through an online chat forum. She presented herself as "Sali," a new immigrant and potential love interest, and the two arranged a meeting. When Ofir arrived at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station, Muna drove him to the West Bank, where terrorists were waiting to brutally shoot him.

"Her release as part of the Shalit deal was the greatest blow to our family," the victim's father, Shalom Rahum said on Wednesday. "And now Mahmoud Abbas has delivered another blow. Abbas has made a child-murderer into a national hero. Is this the man we are supposed to make peace with?"

In Jerusalem, officials said Abbas has for a while been "distancing himself from the path of peace."

"There is a single thread that runs through the naming of streets after terrorists, providing an apartment and $5,000 grant to every terrorist released in the Shalit deal, and then meeting with Muna," a senior diplomatic source told Israel Hayom on Wednesday.

"All of this also relates to the fact that the Palestinians are not interested in choosing the path of negotiations or peace," the source added.

Among the Knesset members that Israel Hayom approached, only right-wing and centrist parliamentarians were willing to give a response to the meeting. "Abbas has revealed his true face as a terror supporter," said Knesset House Committee Chairman MK Yariv Levin (Likud).

"Abbas' hugs deal a lethal blow to the diplomatic process and the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state," said MK Otniel Schneller (Kadima).

"The PA president's diplomatic doctrine is a mixture of historic lies, including Holocaust denial, a blood bond with Hamas and non-recognition of the Jewish people's right to a state," said MK Tzipi Hotovely (Likud). "Meeting with a murderer is a natural extension of this. The time has come to view Abbas and the Palestinian Authority as sponsors of terror."

"Abbas' meeting with the revolting terrorist proves to all that we have no partner for peace among the Palestinians," said MK Yulia Shamalov-Berkovich (Kadima).

"The meeting is a revolting act that arouses disgust," said her fellow party member MK Nachman Shai. "This is not the way to make peace."

The Palestinian Authority, for its part, rejected the criticism as out of line. "It is only natural for the president of 'Palestine' to meet with his citizens wherever they may be," said Abbas' political adviser Nimer Hammad. He accused Israel of "looking for excuses."

"Israel is the one that is destroying the peace process on a daily basis by building in the territories," he said.


This makes me, very sad.

I am not sad that Abbas meets this woman, for I know my enemy.

I am sad that the leaders of Israel, are such fools.

Of course Abbas a Jew hating denier of the holocaust, is going to meet with any and all terrorist.

If Israeli leaders want to put an end to such meetings, it is very simple.

Let our soldiers, kill terrorist.

A friend of mine was on an ambush just this last week where in the middle of the night they caught two terrorist armed with knives on the way to try and do a Fogel family style massacre.

He should have been able to kill in the field these two terrorist.

The Light That Burns

A candle is a brief flare of light. A wick dipped in oil burns and then goes out again. The light of Chanukah appears to follow the same narrative. Briefly there is light and warmth and then darkness again.

120 years after the Maccabees drove out the foreign invaders and their collaborators, another foreign invader, Herod, the son of a Roman Idumean governor, was placed on the throne by the Roman Empire, disposing of the last of the Maccabean kings and ending the brief revival of the Jewish kingdom.

The revived kingdom was a plaything in the game of empires. Exiled by Babylon, restored by Persia, conquered by the Greeks, ground under the heel of the remnants of Alexander's empire, briefly liberated by the Parthians, tricked into servitude and destroyed by Rome. The victory of the Maccabean brothers in reclaiming Jerusalem was a brief flare of light in the dark centuries and even that light was shadowed by the growing darkness.

Israel was free only to the extent that the prowess of the Maccabees had made it too expensive to properly reconquer. Playing off the Syrian-Greeks against Rome allowed a temporary independence that ended when one of the players dropped out. Even as Rome's power was growing, its headlong collapse into decadence led to heavy spending, corruption and barbarism.

The fall of the Roman Republic made the end of Israeli independence inevitable. The civil wars of the new empire, its uncontrollable spending and greed made it hopelessly corrupt. Caesar repaid Jewish loyalty by empowering the Idumean murders of Jewish kings, which made the Jewish crowds weeping over his death in Rome all the more pathetic. After Caesar's death, his successors saw the Jewish state as a way to bring in some quick money by squeezing the populace. Out went the Jewish kings, in came the son of Rome's tax collector, Herod.

The instability of the Roman Empire made it perpetually hungry for money. Gold and silver were the lubricants of empire. The loyalty of armies, ministers and nations could be bought with enough of the stuff. Ruling meant collecting revenues. Whatever promises had been by the Senate to the Maccabees had ceased to matter long ago. A Rome where loyalty meant nothing between senators and aspirants to the throne, meant even less to the descendants of a small foreign kingdom.

Imperial greed collided with Jewish nationalism in a war that for a brief shining moment seemed as if it might end in another Chanukah, and when Jerusalem was liberated and stayed free for several years, it led to the holiday of Lag BaOmer, which when Rome finally crushed the revolt and the Jewish state, had to be disguised with symbolism and code words. There were more revolts and while Jerusalem was freed again, that freedom never endured until 1948 and 1967.

The real lesson of Chanukah is in the dreidel, that wooden or plastic spinning top, which lands to reveal a single letter. Freedom is a game. If you play well, then you might win it. Play badly and you lose everything.

The miracles of the war and of the oil that burned for eight days showed the Hand of G-d in these events, but as always it was the hands of men that the problem lay. In the grasping hands of men who had been brave fighters, but whose sons became quarreling kings greedy for power, it lay in wars over doctrines that were actually wars for power, and in the men who followed them all the way to Rome.

Today the streets of Jerusalem are lit by Menorahs again, even as the city is besieged by the greed of empires desperate not for gold, but for oil, and for buying peace with the hordes of the east. If an occasional Gingrich speaks the rare truth about the history of the region, he is quickly silenced by the weight of Muslim oil and imperial concerns about regional stability.

When a Jewish house goes up in Jerusalem, Proconsul Shapiro trims his beard and delivers a stern warning from Washington D.C. If the house is large enough, then one of the emperor's minions will issue an even sterner reprimand. The White House has made it clear that it supports Livni or Barak on the throne, but its officials can only do so much to remove the leader of a democracy, and its attentions are occupied elsewhere with unrest in North Africa and Syria.

The United Kingdom, the Syrian Greeks to Washington's Rome, has much less restraint about interfering. Its troops haven't been gone so long that the old imperial instincts and grudges aren't still there. And the European Union, doing its best to play a Fourth Reich, is still trying to figure out how to edge out the Americans and take control of the situation the same way that was done in Yugoslavia and Libya.

And the degenerate sons of the Maccabees, they too are with us. The sons and daughters of the men who liberated Israel in 1948 turn eagerly to foreign powers, fight over power and expect to be MK's or Prime Ministers because of who their parents were. And their children are often even worse. The establishment is built on lies upheld by the most thoroughly rotten media establishment outside of Moscow or Cairo and enforced by a law enforcement and judicial apparatus that is almost as bad.

As the Maccabees went from a rural family resisting the rot from the elites in Jerusalem to the rot at the center of Jerusalem, so too the grandsons and great-grandsons of the men and women who guarded orchards and villages now wage war from the big cities against the rural families working the farms and orchards.

While Tel Aviv and Jerusalem quarrel over doctrine, the tide rolls in. The revived Jewish kingdom was a plaything of empires that never escaped imperial obsessions. The new Israel is much the same. The United States and Union of Soviet Socialist Republicans both approved it for varying reasons. The British left, the French came in, the French left and the United States came in. Russia is still on its borders and the Chinese are slowly contemplating their move.

While the Muslim Arabs dream of an empire of their own, the Jews still quarrel over a tiny state, still not having learned that internal division is the quickest way to foreign dominion. The Jews who returned from the exile of empires some twenty-six hundred years ago were never able to escape them. The Maccabees who rose up against Syrian-Greek dominance fell into the same pattern of obsessing over political power and the nature of a state. On a tiny sliver of land, bellicose arguments go on as if the debates between the left and the right, the religious and the secular, will finally be settled here. But these debates are not philosophical, they are fights over microscopic bits of power and the smaller the sphere, the louder the argument.

There is a reason why we forget what happened to the Maccabees after Chanukah, it is because they became increasingly unworthy of the miracle. It is the miracle that we commemorate because it is a reminder of possibilities, the possibilities that were lost in sectarian fighting and the Roman night. Each time we light a candle or dip a wick in oil, we release a flare of light from the darkness to remind us of what was and of what can still be.

Two thousand years after the Jews had come to believe that wars were for other people and miracles meant escaping alive, Jewish armies stood and held the line against an empire and the would be empires of the region. Their victories were miraculous, the aftermath less so. The flame still burns, but it is flickering. Sixty-three years is a long time for oil to burn, especially when the black oil next door seems so much more useful to the empires and republics across the sea. And the children of many of those who first lit the flame no longer see the point in that hoary old light.

But that old light is still the light of possibilities. It burns to remind us of the extraordinary things that our ancestors did and of the extraordinary assistance that they received. We cannot always expect oil to burn for eight days, just as we cannot always expect the bullet to miss or the rocket to fall short. Each time it happens it reminds us of how little we have done to deserve such miracles and the great worth of this renewed opportunity that we have been given.

It was the search for pure oil that made the miracle of the eight days happen, a divine bridge that crossed the gap in human effort. Had no one intended to find or bring more oil, then the miracle would never have taken place. There would have been no point to it. Just as there would have been no reason to part the sea if no one had wanted to cross to the other side.

Generations longed to reclaim and rebuild the land, and having done it we are caught once again in a game of empires and a civil war between those who would put out the light and those who would bring oil so that the flame might burn, so that the miracle will have meaning and endure.


December 19, 2011

Teens clean up hate graffiti from torched mosque

To fight stigma that settlers are 'violent vandals,' students from Ma'ale Adumim clean up hate slogans daubed on mosque walls in 'price tag' operation
Yair Altman

A Jerusalem mosque that was torched last week in a "price tag" operation turned into a platform for religious and secular teens who wished to demonstrate their aversion to the recent wave of attacks on Muslim holy sites. Fifteen students from the Eitan pre-military school in Ma'ale Adumim arrived at desecrated mosque Monday on a mission to clean up the hate graffiti that remained on its walls.

"This is not a political act," the teens stressed. "There has never been a reality in which Jews defaced prayer houses, and we won't allow it to happen now either."

Yair Ansbacher, a rabbi teaching at the school, said that the activity was meant to show that the majority of settlers are against the hostile acts.

"There are many opinions at the school, including opinions that are very Right-leaning… but they all oppose violence against IDF troops and vandalism – especially vandalism against places of worship," Ansbacher said.

"We are a small group of people who aim to right a wrong that was caused by another small group of people," he added. "(…) We have no intention to clash with anyone, but we do intend to speak out against the radicalization taking place in Israeli society."

The rabbi asserted that the "price tag" operations create a dangerous gap within Israeli society.

"This is not the true face of Judaism," he said. "We are erasing these slogans with hopes of erasing this stain."

MK Lia Shemtov (Yisrael Beiteinu) lauded the students' actions, and claimed that they are representative of the settler youth.

"Over the past few weeks there has been lame attempt to label all settlers as violent vandals, which is in fact not true," she said, noting that the highest rates of IDF enlistment often register in the settlements.

Shemtov condemned the recent "price tag" acts, saying that the vandals will be held responsible.

These are the good kids that are going to great soldiers, as well as being great Jewish kids now.

I am proud of them.

Satmar Rebbe Warns Jews Not to Oppose Obama

The leader of the Satmar Chassidic movement, Grand Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum, has come out against Jews who oppose US President Barack Obama.
By Chana Ya'ar
First Publish: 12/19/2011, 6:49 PM


I am about ready to explode.

So you want to take away my freedom to speak my mind, you Jew hating traitor.

Satmar goes and sits with the enemies of Israel. Now wants to shut up Jews that love Israel and that have the liberty in the USA, to speak out against President Obama.

I have bled more in an American uniform, than in an Israeli uniform, I will let no man take away my freedom.

So Grand Joker Teitelbaum, may you and Obama both enter the pages of history soon.

May G-D bless America and Israel.

Maybe ex President Obama can take the grand joker golfing after the next election.

Live Free!

December 16, 2011

MERF Apperance

For those who would like to hear me on the radio, I am very pleased to announce that I will be having a weekly appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 2pm EDT, 11 am Pacific, 9pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to the show by going to the MERF web page

Settlers irked over new GOC Central Command

Brig.-Gen. Nitzan Alon's nomination for sector chief has right-wing elements furious. Appointment slammed as 'miserable'; settlers say it 'raises serious questions about Barak's considerations'
Yoav Zitun

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen Benny Gantz' decision to name Brig.-Gen. Nitzan Alon the new GCO Central Command did not go over well with the Right and many in the settlement movement lamented it as a "miserable appointment."

Alon, who until two months ago served as commander of the Judea and Samaria Division, will replace current Major-General Avi Mizrahi in early 2012.

Alon is considered somewhat of a "red flag" among the settlers, as he has outspokenly denounced all "price tag" acts.

The tense relationship peaked in July when a group of radical settlers attacked him at the Tapuach Junction, stormed his vehicle and called the officer a "traitor." In a separate incident, a group of settlers arrived at his home, confronted him and called him a "Nazi."

When he first left his position as Judea and Samaria Division chief, one of the settlers' leaders was quoted as saying: "He should never have spoken against the settlers. It can only breed more hate. Good riddance."

Laying blame

Alon's appointment met a furious reaction within the Right. A senior member of the settlement movement told Ynet Friday that "Like rookies, we walked right into the trap set by that provocateur, Ehud Barak."

The defense minister, he added, "Knew that trying to evict Ramat Gilad will cause riots, just as it did, and it paved the way for Alon's nomination. The question is – is there a prime minister in Israel and if so – where was he?"

MK Arieh Eldad (National Union), on the other hand, said that it was far-right activists who were to blame for the appointment: "This handful of anarchists, who hate the State of Israel and the IDF, and have apparently been "dented" irrevocably by the disengagement, have somehow been able to gather misguided teens around them, offering them redemption via the torching of mosques.

"Their set 'price tag' is now being paid by all the residents in Judea and Samaria. Thanks to the group that raid the Ephraim Brigade Nitzan Alon has been named the Command's chief. Under different circumstances we may have been able to contest this nomination."

Another senior member of the Right said that "naming a man who is known for his radical opinions and who is responsible for the grave deterioration in IDF-settler relations raises serious questions about Barak's set of considerations."

Avraham Benyamin, spokesman for the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar, expressed hope for an attitude change in Alon following the appointment: "We hope that in his next post Alon will make up for his offensive acts against the settler, by acting professional and without prejudice."

'A dark day'

Sources in the far-Right said that Alon's nomination was "the result of a well-planned move by Barak," stemming from "a predetermined decision to take harsh action against us… which is what (Barak) needs a man like Alon for.

"This is a dark time not only for the settlement movement but for all of Israel, since apparently a decision was made to create a rift and encourage a war between brothers."

As a top military officer, Alon has often denounced the settlers' "price tag" acts, insisting such violence must meet a harsh response.

"Censure isn't enough. Jewish terror must be dealt with," he said Thursday.

"When you burn a mosque or throw a fire bomb into a house it's an act of terror. Our job goes beyond censure – we have to deal with it. We're not efficient enough as a system. There are bottlenecks and failures, a difficulty to translate intelligence information and events that happen on the ground into evidence that will stand up in court," he added.

Alon spoke to "Bamahane" ("On the Base") – the IDF's weekly magazine, soon after his appointment.

If you don't police your trash, and let them run wild and engage in attempted homicide against a high ranking IDF officer, don't cry.

On the other hand Barak, by allowing this appointment has inflamed the situation.

I call on Bibi to override this appointment, so we can step back away from a very dangerous situation.

I then call on the Rabbis, parents and leadership of the settlers to stop these thugs from further acts of violence.

December 15, 2011

Really, Israel Blamed

Swedish professor links Israel to Norway massacre

Ola Tunander suggests Israel behind bloody terror attacks committed by Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik in July, stirring up controversy in Oslo

A Swedish professor suggested Israel was behind the bloody terror attacks committed by Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik this past July, stirring up controversy in the country.

Research professor Ola Tunander of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) published an article in the Norwegian academic journal Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift in which he called to further examine Brevik's motives.

According to Tunander, it is possible that some country was behind the terror attacks, hinting that Israel might be that country.

Far right extremist Breivik, 32, had previously confessed to the Oslo bombing, which killed eight people, and to the youth camp massacre which killed 69 at the small island of Utoeya northwest of Oslo earlier in July.

In December the confessed killer disputed an expert conclusion that he is criminally insane. His lawyer was quoted as saying: "We have examined a good part of the report that details the conversations he had with the psychologists."

Breivik "reacted by saying that it contained factual errors (and) lies and that his statements were taken out of context," his lawyer added.

Tunander claimed that in order to carry out a terror attack of such magnitude the involvement of state forces is needed, “and we can’t rule out that being the case this time too,” he wrote.

July 22 in history

While quoting the controversial article, the Swedish news site The Local presented the professor's theory. Tunander mentioned the political tensions between Oslo and Jerusalem in the months prior to the terror attacks in light of Norway's intent to recognize a Palestinian state.

He goes on to link between July 22, the date of Breivik's killing spree, and the significance of that date in Israel's history. Tunander brings up the Lillehammer affair of 1973, when Mossad agents accidently killed a Moroccan waiter in the Norwegian city believing he was Ali Hassan Salameh, the chief of operations for the 1972 Munich massacre of Israeli athletes. One of the agents was arrested the day after the murder, on July 22nd.

The Norwegian professor also discussed the bombing at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem carried out by the Irgun on July 22, 1946.

“We have discussed the right-wing extremist Israeli and Judeo-Christian side of Breivik’s network, Israel’s interest in disciplining Norway, and Israel’s celebration of bomb attacks. In this respect, Breivik’s attack appears to resemble a new king David Hotel attack: July 22nd,” he said.

PRIO director Kristian Berg Harpviken told Norwegian magazine Minerva that Tunander's article left him with a feeling of “considerable unease.” Harpviken added that it was a wrong call on behalf of the Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift to publish it.

Tunander said that it was unfair to conclude from his article about any intention to link between Israel and the most murderous event in Norway's history since World War II.

Wow, maybe Israel bears the blame for tooth decay also.

This is beyond crazy, it is insane.

December 14, 2011

Yes, Please, Yes

IDF to apply fire protocol to Jews?

Army to revisit procedure following violence directed against Ephraim Brigade. 'A soldier must have no doubts as to how to act when a Jew comes to throw a concrete block on his head,' military source says
Yoav Zitun

The IDF is holding discussing on ways of handling future cases of settler violence following the raid on the Ephraim Brigade base and the attack on the brigade commander on Tuesday. The army is considering taking a firmer hand against rioters targeting the IDF.

Among the options being explored is the use of crowd dispersal means such as shock or gas grenades, water canons and in cases of mass riots more advanced tools such as odor and noise weapons.

The IDF is also revisiting fire protocols in cases where soldiers' lives may be in danger which involve the hurling of stones or glass bottles. IDF forces refrained from using weapons in previous clashes with Jewish rioters and physically blocked the assailants. Ephraim Brigade deputy commander Lt. Col. Tzur Harpaz did just that on Tuesday when he left his weapon in the jeep before being hit with a stone in his head.

"The extent of hatred, daringness, preparation and total disregard for the law warrant a reexamination of scenarios and responses when dealing with such rioters," a military official told Ynet. "We must leave behind this notion of hyper-sensitivity. This is outright terror."

"There is no difference between Palestinian rioters who hurl stones and run away and their Jewish counterparts. There is a difference between how we handle a family that must be evacuated out of its home subject to cabinet orders and dealing with violent rioters."

The army is aware of the soldiers' psychological difficulty in confronting Jews and the matter will be addressed in briefs and talks with the troops. The forces will revisit fire protocols in cases involving figures approaching IDF bases and posts.

A soldier guarding an entrance to a base is required to follow the fire protocol when suspicious figures approach the base, but this is based on the assumption that any such suspect is a Palestinian terrorist. "Tuesday's event undermines this perception," the officer said.

"The goal is that soldiers have no doubts as to how to handle each case. A soldier cannot become confused when a Jew comes to throw a concrete block on him. These are no longer isolated disruptions but direct and intentional harm to soldiers and officers."

A list of IDF recommendations are set to be brought for the approval of the prime minister and defense minister. "This is not a military event, but a national issue with everything that comes along with that."

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said in response: "The events of the night in question are being investigated. Lessons will be drawn once the inquiry is over. The IDF regards acts directed against its soldiers very gravely."

Parents, Rabbi's please get control of the hooligans, before...

I support letting our soldiers protect themselves against all threats Arab and Jewish, I don't care.

Let these punks try this stuff against combat soldiers, I am sure they would have opened fire.

The punks do not represent, settlers, Jews, Rabbi's, they are punks and must be stopped.

December 13, 2011

Rioting settler: We were pushed into a corner

'It's a shame we've reached the point where we clash with our brothers,' rightist who took part in disturbance near Ramat Gilad outpost tells Ynet. Settler leader: We must remember these are good kids, our finest sons
Yair Altman

"We were certain that the evacuation had begun. People were frustrated, helpless. They hurled stones at Palestinian vehicles, and suddenly the brigade commander's vehicle arrived. A number of youngsters who don't even live here opened the door and threw a cinderblock inside." This is how one of the rightists who took part in the riots near the Ramat Gilad outpost in the West Bank overnight Tuesday described the mayhem.

Speaking to Ynet Tuesday night, the right-wing activist said hundreds of youngsters and dozens of adults from all over the country travelled to the area ahead of the outpost's possible evacuation. "People came from Afula, Jerusalem, Haifa, Dimona and the surrounding communities. At some point we spotted police squad cars heading towards Ramat Gilad. There was tension in the air. The youths started running towards the forces," he recounted.

The activist stressed that the incident was spontaneous. "The IDF spokesman's claim that the events were planned and intentional is false. The rage and despair got out of control. No one wanted things to end the way they did," he told Ynet.

The rightist complemented Ephraim Brigade Commander Colonel Ran Kahane, who was injured in the incident. "He is a decent and serious man. It's a shame this happened. I regret what happened, though I personally did not raise a hand on anyone. All this is happening because we are being pushed into a corner.

"It is a shame we've reached a point where I have to clash with my brothers when we serve in the same army," said the rightist.

Itai Zar, one of the founders of the Havat Gilad outpost, said settlers were against hurting IDF soldiers. "We love the soldiers, who do god's work. I served in the Givati Brigade and took part in Operation Cast Lead as a reservist."

A settler leader who asked to remain anonymous condemned the rioters and called for harsher measures against them. "We have to ask ourselves why this is happening," he said.

The settler leader claimed the disengagement from Gaza and the 2006 evacuation of the West Bank settlement of Amona were partly to blame: "Our youth has been slapped in the face by the State, and they are not willing to be trampled on any longer. After the disengagement, our youth was highly disappointed from their leadership, for cooperating with state authorities and in effect with the destruction of the Gush Katif communities."

He also noted that those who took part in the riots also serve in the IDF. "We must remember that these are good kids, our finest sons. They enlist in the most elite combat units. This was an act of disapproval and protest against the disgrace that we've been subjected to. We are against harming IDF soldiers, but it happened," he said.

Meanwhile, the government and security establishment are holding discussions on exacerbating penal sanctions against extremist elements in the West Bank. Among the measures being considered is the removal of activists from the area based on prior intelligence.

This is not acceptable.

We have to remember that these soldiers. are ourselves.

We must never fight ourselves.

December 11, 2011

Netanyahu re-establishes PM Bible class

Taking a page out of Ben-Gurion and Begin’s playbook, PM will begin hosting a regular Bible group in his official residence.

Taking a page out of David Ben-Gurion and Menachem Begin’s playbook, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will begin hosting a regular Bible study group in his official residence for researchers, public officials and invited guests.

Netanyahu announced the establishment of the study circle on Friday at a ceremony marking 30 days since the passing of his father-in-law, Shmuel Ben-Artzi. The study group will be named after Ben-Artzi, a noted poet and Bible teacher.

Both Ben-Gurion and Begin, when they each served as prime minister, hosted regular Bible study groups.

Netanyahu said he was establishing the class to perpetuate love of the Bible.

Last Sunday, at a ceremony in Sde Boker marking the 38th anniversary of Ben-Gurion’s death, Netanyahu recalled the first premier’s Bible study class, saying that his father-in-law used to attend.

“Ben-Gurion understood that the Book of Books is our mandate for our country, as he said in that same unforgettable statement before the Peel Commission in 1936,” Netanyahu said. “He viewed the Bible as the wondrous story of the Jewish people, the unique spiritual, cultural and historic heritage of our people, and also as one of the cornerstones of all of human culture.”


Bibi, good for you.

May G-D bless you through this study giving you strength and wisdom.

So Close, So Far Away

Gingrich stands by Palestinian people remark

US presidential hopeful defends remark that Palestinians are 'invented' people despite criticism that he's undermining PM Netanyahu
Associated Press

Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich on Saturday defended his statement that the Palestinians are an "invented" people, brushing aside criticism that he had unnecessarily made the Mideast peace process more difficult.

"Is what I said factually true? Yes," Gingrich said during a candidate debate in which he drew applause for asserting that it was time someone spoke the truth about the nature of Israel's struggle with the Palestinians.

"Somebody ought to have the courage to tell the truth. "Somebody ought to have the courage to tell the truth. These people are terrorists," he said. "It's fundamentally time for somebody to have the guts to stand up and say, `Enough lying about the Middle East.'"

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney argued during the debate that Gingrich has made it more difficult for Israel and the Palestinians to negotiate toward peace.

When asked what he thought of Gingrich's statement, Romney said Gingrich was undermining Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"That was a mistake, on the speaker's part," Romney said of the interview with The Jewish Channel.

"The United States should not jump ahead of Bibi Netanyahu and say something that makes it more difficult for him to do his job," he added.

The Repblican candidates voiced unwavering support for Israel during the debate, with the exception of Ron Paul, who called for less involvement in the Mideast, saying that the US should “start minding our own business and start bringing all the troops home.” Rick Perry slammed Barak Obama during the debate. He claimed that the US president's policies cause problems in the Middle East, and noted that the US has the capability to deal with Iran.

Gingrich in favor of 2 separate states

Gingrich's remarks to a cable channel the day before struck at the heart of Palestinian sensitivities about the righteousness of their struggle for an independent state and put him at odds not only with the international community but with many in Israel. Mainstream Israelis, including Netanyahu, support the idea of an independent Palestine alongside Israel as part of a final peace agreement.

Before the debate, Gingrich told a veterans' forum that he supports a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians that includes two separate states.

The burden to show a willingness to reach a peace accord with the Israelis lies squarely with the Palestinians, he said.

"When the president keeps talking about a peace process while Hamas keeps firing missiles into Israel, if we had a country next to us firing missiles, how eager would we be to sit down and negotiate?" Gingrich told the forum in Iowa.

Palestinian officials reacted furiously Saturday to Gingrich's earlier comments, accusing the Republican presidential hopeful of incitement and staging a "cheap stunt" to court the Jewish vote.

In footage released Friday, the former House speaker told the Jewish Channel, a US cable TV network, that the Palestinians were an "invented people."

"Remember, there was no Palestine as a state – (it was) part of the Ottoman Empire. I think we have an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs and historically part of the Arab community and they had the chance to go many places," Gingrich said according to a video excerpt posted online.

'Gingrich's remark inflammatory'

Gingrich sought to clarify his position later Saturday.

In a statement, Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond said that "to understand what is being proposed and negotiated you have to understand decades of complex history – which is exactly what Gingrich was referencing."

"Newt Gingrich supports a negotiated peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, which will necessarily include agreement between Israel and the Palestinians over the borders of a Palestinian state," Hammond said in the statement.

Democratic Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan sharply criticized Gingrich's comments as cynical attempts to curry support with Jewish voters and unhelpful to the peace process.

"The vast majority of American Jews (including this one) and the Israeli Government itself are committed to a two-state solution in which Israelis and Palestinians live side-by-side as neighbors and in peace," Levin said in a statement. "Gingrich offered no solutions – just a can of gasoline and a match."

And while Gingrich sought to reassert his openness to a two-state solution, which has been the position of Republican and Democratic administrations, he said it was appropriate to discuss the history of the region.

"We have a challenge in the Middle East, and this is one where we're going to have a national debate that's going to be very difficult and that people are going to find at times very frustrating," he told about 100 veterans in a theater near Drake University a few hours before the debate. "We can't have an honest conversation about what's going on in the Middle East, we can't even discuss what the roots of the problem are."

Yitzhak Benhorin contributed to this report


Newt, Newt, Newt.

So close, but so very far away.

I will give you points for being the first person in history that was running for President to tell the truth.

But then to say you support a two State solution, you loose.

How about combining what you said, with as a result of over 100 years of terrorism. These made up people should never have a State stolen from Jewish lands.

December 09, 2011

MERF Appearance

For those who would like to hear me on the radio, I am very pleased to announce that I will be having a weekly appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 2pm EDT, 11 am Pacific, 9pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to the show by going to the MERF web page

Volunteering to the IDF from all across the world

IDF welcomes volunteers from all around the world and celebrates
International Volunteer Day with a variety of volunteer programs
Date: 06/12/2011, 7:09 PM Author: IDF Website

Every year, over 300 Jewish teens from all around the world volunteer to
serve in the IDF and approximately 4,000 Jews and non-Jews from 30 countries
fly to Israel and volunteer in the IDF for several weeks. The IDF welcomes
and appreciates these inspirational volunteers who instill motivation with
their dedication and goodwill.

In honor of the annual International Volunteer Day, take a look at the
various programs through which volunteers from all around the world choose
to contribute to the IDF.

The Garin Tzabar Project

The Garin Tzabar program enables interested teens from all across the globe
to immigrate to Israel and serve in the IDF. In cooperation with the Israeli
Scouts (Tzofim) and the Education and Youth Corps, the program accompanies
the volunteers as they are absorbed in Israel living in kibbutzim and
throughout their military service. Today, over 20 percent of the IDF are new

Founded 20 years ago, the Garin Tzabar project already helped over 1,500
teens from all around the world join the IDF and approximately 70 percent of
the immigrants have stayed in Israel after their service.

With the Garin, they learn about the army and Israel, tour the country, and
are prepared for their military service. The program gives them a home and
supports the teens throughout their service. The number of teens joining the
program as well as the number of Garin Tzabar soldiers taking on commanding
positions increases every year.

Hadar Shabbat (18) from Hong Kong immigrated to Israel in August 2011
through the Garin Tzabar program. Although she lived abroad most of her
life, Hadar's love for Israel remained strong throughout the years, and when
an Israeli Tzofim branch opened in Hong Kong the decision was obvious. "I
felt that this was my opportunity to make a dream come true - move to Israel
and join the IDF. My parents supported me completely and with time my dream
became a reality."

Although she moved to Israel on her own, Shabat will not be enlisting alone.
"It's scary to live without your family," she said, "but there are five
friends from Hong Kong in my Garin that I've known for years. That's a great

Hadar believes that joining the IDF should be viewed as a privilege, not an
obligation. "It's an incredible experience and opportunity to grow and learn
so many new things. More than anything, it's an opportunity to give back to
the country," she said.

What a great story, Jewish kids from around the world, coming to the IDF.

Do you think the IDF could recruit kids from around the world, if it was not a moral military?

Then if this story is not enough 70% of them stay in Israel.

My children have several such friends.

December 08, 2011

Netanyahu shelves controversial NGO funding bill

Netanyahu steps in to forestall vote on bill he originally backed • Attorney-general says bill would be indefensible in court as it is a violation of free speech, after civil right groups said they would mount a legal challenge to law.
Shlomo Cesana

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: needs time to review bill.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided Wednesday to delay the Knesset vote on a bill aiming to curtail foreign donations to nongovernmental organizations, pending the official recommendation of the attorney-general on the revised bill.

The bill, nicknamed by some the "left-wing NGO bill," would drastically limit the amount of money that can be donated by a foreign government or organization to an NGO operating in Israel. Another related bill would levy a 45 percent tax on such contributions.

Opponents have criticized the bill as targeting left-wing organizations by limiting donations only from governments or groups, while donations by individuals, which make up the bulk of funding for right-wing NGOs, remain unconstrained.

The Prime Minister's Office said Wednesday that Netanyahu had decided to take time to review the bill in response to criticism by Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein. In the letter sent last week Weinstein warned that if the bill were to be passed into law it would be impossible to defend in court because it represents a violation of free speech.

The bill was proposed by Likud MK Ofir Akunis and originally received the prime minister's backing.

The NGO bill has drawn harsh criticism from around the world, with several Western governments communicating clear messages to Israel on the issue. Among the opponents were U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who voiced "concern," and British Foreign Secretary William Hague who said that Britain was "deeply concerned by proposals to pass legislation that would have a serious impact on projects funded from the U.K. and elsewhere to support universal rights and values and would be seen as undermining the democratic principles the Israeli state is founded on."

In his letter, Weinstein said that "the attorney-general's policy is to refrain as much as possible from declaring laws unconstitutional, out of respect for the legislative work of the cabinet and Knesset. But in light of the blatancy of the case before us, deviating from this policy is justified."

"What this means is that if these bills become law, I won't be able to defend them against the petitions that will be submitted to the High Court. That is what I intend to tell the Knesset, and afterward the High Court," he wrote.

"Both of these proposals deal a harsh blow to a long list of constitutional rights, including freedom of expression, freedom of association and the right to equality. Instead of enabling open discussion in an efficient 'marketplace of ideas,' they try to suppress speech ... It seems the bills are meant to prevent support for organizations that slander the state of Israel. These are mainly human rights organizations. Even though the activities of these organizations are not always in line with the position of the Israeli government, they have an important voice that should not be silenced."

Sources said Weinstein's letter apparently refers to the original wording of the bill, which has already been modified in accordance with the attorney-general's own recommendations.


The vast majority of Israeli citizens remain committed to no more retreat, no more land given to our enemies.

But foreign governments, and groups seeking to weaken or destroy Israel send funds that support treason by Peace Now, Yesh Guvual and all the other left wing groups.

How does a democracy at war balance the liberty that is G-D given to freedom of speech against the other G-D given gift of life?

I do not believe that foreign governments or groups should be able to give money to any political group in Israel.

But then if you pass a law, the left will change and become a humanitarian oriented group. Which some could say gives aid and comfort to our enemies.

So the question remains, do nothing and let these leftist traitors kill the future of the Jewish State with the death of 1000 cuts. Or do something that flies in the face of free speech and liberty.

I will be honest and say maybe at this time, since I don't know what the best solution is. The best thing to do is nothing and let the chips fall where they may.

Hamas calls on Egypt to pressure Israel over Gaza strikes

IDF strikes Gaza terror cell, thwarts Sinai terrorist attack; Senior Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigade operative killed in strike was involved in planning the attack; Hamas calls strike a "crime."

A Hamas spokesperson said Thursday Israel was to blame for an escalation of violence between the Gaza Strip and the Jewish state, calling on Egypt and the United Nations to pressure Jerusalem to discontinue attacks in Gaza.

Earlier Thursday, the IDF thwarted an attack from the Sinai Peninsula after the Air Force bombed targets in the northern Gaza Strip, killing a number of senior terrorists involved in plotting attacks against Israel.

Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum called the attack a crime.

"We hold the government of the Zionist occupation (Israel) fully responsible for this crime and for the new escalation," Barhoum said.

Barhoum called on Egypt and the United Nations to intervene immediately in order to put pressure on Israel to "stop attacks," according to pan-Arab news website Vision News.

He also blamed the United States for financial and militarily supporting what he called "the growing crimes of the 'occupation' against the Palestinian people."

Palestinians reported that two people were killed in the attack and at least two others injured.

The IDF said the cell that was targeted was planning to launch an attack against Israel from Egypt. One of the operatives. Sobhi Ismail Batash, a resident of Gaza City, was described as a senior operative in the al Aksa Martys Brigades and was involved in planning the attack. The IDF said that the terrorists were supposed to cross from Gaza in to Sinai, and then into Israel.

Over the past week the IDF has been on high alert along the border with Egypt amid concern that terrorists were plotting an attack similar to the one in August when Palestinian and Egyptian terrorists crossed into Israel and killed eight Israelis.

Batash, the IDF said, was involved in a 2007 attack when a suicide bomber crossed from Sinai into Eilat, blowing himself up and killing three Israelis. He was also involved in other attacks over the years that were thwarted.

Palestinian funeral for Essam Al-Batsh and Sobhi Al-Batsh

The killing of Batash marks the first time Israel targeted a specific individual it views as a terrorist leader since the IAF took out a Popular Resistance Committee (PRC) senior commander while he was riding his motorcycle in the Gaza Strip.

Samed Abdul Mu'ty Abed was killed during a spasm of violence that broke out between terrorists in Gaza and Israel after armed gunmen carried out a cross-border terrorist attack north of Eilat that claimed the lives of eight Israelis.

The PRC denied responsibility for that terror attack.


December 07, 2011

White House urges US lawmakers to soften Iran sanctions

Obama administration asks for changes to a provision targeting financial institutions that do business with Iran's Central Bank • Penalties are "tough, responsible and bipartisan," lawmakers say • U.S. Treasury secretary says sanctions could have the opposite effect, raising oil prices and benefiting Iran.
The Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff

The Obama administration is pressuring Congress to ease the potential impact of crippling sanctions on Iran's Central Bank, arguing that the restrictions will drive up oil prices and wind up being a boon for Tehran and its pursuit of a nuclear weapon.

In a plea to House and Senate negotiators writing a broad defense bill, the administration has asked for substantive changes to a provision that would target foreign financial institutions that do business with the Central Bank of Iran, including a six-month delay for all the penalties. But the chief sponsors of the sanctions, which the Senate resoundingly backed last week in a 100-0 vote, are resisting the request.

In a letter sent late Monday to House and Senate negotiators, Senators Mark Kirk (Republican) and Bob Menendez (Democrat), pleaded with them to leave the sanctions intact.

The penalties are "tough, responsible and, most importantly, bipartisan," the two lawmakers wrote. "It [the sanctions provision] provides the administration another key tool to curb Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons, while keeping oil markets stable and encouraging other nations to reduce Iranian oil purchases. With the support of every single United States senator, it needs no alternations," they wrote.

Lawmakers said they hope to complete work on the massive, $662 billion defense bill by the end of the week.

Tougher sanctions against Iran have widespread support in Congress, reflecting concerns not only for U.S. national security but for Israel's as well. Two weeks ago, the Obama administration announced a new set of penalties against Iran, including identifying for the first time Iran's entire banking sector as a "primary money-laundering concern." This requires increased monitoring by U.S. banks to ensure that they and their foreign affiliates avoid dealing with Iranian financial institutions.

But lawmakers in the House and Senate have pressed ahead with even tougher penalties despite reservations by the administration. Lawmakers cited the recent International Atomic Energy Agency report stating that Iran is suspected of clandestine work "specific to nuclear weapons," the Islamic Republic's alleged role in the plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in the U.S., and the attack on the British Embassy in Tehran.

"If this brutal and terrorism-sponsoring regime achieves this goal, if Iran gets the bomb, we in the U.S. and freedom-loving nations around the world would have failed what is our generation's greatest test for securing the 21st century," Kirk said Tuesday at a forum sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute.

The Kirk-Menendez measure added to the defense bill would target foreign financial institutions that do business with the Central Bank of Iran, barring them from opening or maintaining correspondent operations in the U.S. It would apply to foreign central banks only for transactions that involve the sale or purchase of petroleum or petroleum products.

The sanctions on petroleum would only apply if the president, in six months, determines there is a sufficient alternative supply and if the country with jurisdiction over the financial institution has not significantly reduced its purchases of Iranian oil. It also allows the president to waive the penalties based on national security.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, in a Dec. 1 letter to senators, said the administration opposed the measure in its current form because it would undermine its effort to bring international pressure on Iran. He also warned that instead of penalizing Tehran, the sanctions could have the opposite effect, boosting oil prices and benefiting Iran financially.

"Iran's greatest economic resource is its oil exports," Geithner wrote. "Sales of crude oil line the regime's pockets, sustain its human rights abuses and feed its nuclear ambitions like no other sector of the Iranian economy."

Kirk said he had held discussions with oil suppliers who say production is set to double with the wars ending in Iraq and Libya. Kirk also said last week that Saudi Arabia's ambassador assured him that country was willing to increase production.

Kirk said the administration's opposition was a "miscalculation on the part of the president's re-election campaign" that the congressional effort would result in higher gas prices for voters next year.

If it walks, like a duck and quakes like a duck.....

If memory serves me well, Obama refused to support the people rising up in Iran.

But he did support the people rising up in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Algeria and even went to an illegal war in Libya, that resulted in the murder of Qaddafi.

The Arab Spring seems to be giving birth to radial Islamic governments, this Obama supported.

The Iranian Spring, wanted to over throw a radical Islamic government and Obama was against this.

Now he is against sanctions that will mean something.

I am curtailing these thoughts, here.

I can't think for the sound of quaking.

December 05, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011
IDF understands, implements and influences Intl Humanitarian Law

IDF officers attend International Humanitarian Law conference, representing
one of the most technologically advance armies in the world
Date: 04/12/2011, 12:55 PM Author: Rotem Eliav IDF

Several IDF officers from the IDF Military Advocate General attended and
participated in an International Humanitarian Law conference, held at the
Hebrew University in Jerusalem and organized by the Minerva Center for Human
Rights, the International Committee of the Red Cross and others. The
conference included a series of lectures by professionals from all around
the world discussing the incorporation of new warfare technologies and
weapons in humanitarian law.

The main humanitarian concern is that new remote control weapons such as
drones, cyber attacks, and robots become impersonal and in some cases cannot
be legally defined as attacks. The authors of some of these attacks are
anonymous and their affect on civilian populations are still unknown making
their legality complicated.

Cpt. Izhar Izhaki, an IDF legal advisor, explained that his attendance at
the conference demonstrated his "willingness to limit our [the IDF's] use of
weapons in following international humanitarian law. IHL has become an
integral part of the modern battlefield since it is impossible to completely
avoid affecting civilians, making warfare a lot more complicated."

Explaining the participation of IDF officers at the conference, Cpt. Izhaki
said "the IDF is one of the most technologically advance armies in the world
making our attendance here essential. We understand, implement, and
influence the opinions, representing the IDF's involvement in international

One of the lectures elaborated on the IDF's legal analysis process performed
by trained professionals, and the legal reasoning behind the use of
non-lethal weapons, such as the 'skunk', in Judea and Samaria in terms of

Head of the IDF International Law Department, Col. Liron Libman, also
attended the conference and elaborated on the importance of the attendance
of IDF officer at the conference, and of international law in the IDF. "The
legal battlefield is essential, and our officers have a lot to contribute.
We represent the IDF in international forum enabling mutual learning," he

December 02, 2011

MERF Appearance

For those who would like to hear me on the radio, I am very pleased to announce that I will be having a weekly appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 2pm EDT, 11 am Pacific, 9pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to the show by going to the MERF web page

Will Katsav be allowed to serve out prison term under house arrest?

MKs work to introduce legislation that would allow convicted former president to serve out prison term under house arrest on grounds that he may be mistreated by fellow inmates whom he refused to pardon while in office • Katsav set to enter prison on Dec. 7 after High Court rejected his appeal of lower court's conviction on counts of rape, sexual harassment and obstruction of justice.
Gideon Allon

With less than a week to go until former Israeli president Moshe Katsav begins serving his seven-year prison sentence, a group of lawmakers led by Shas MK Nissim Zeem are scrambling to introduce fast-track legislation that would have the convicted former head of state serve out his sentence at home under house arrest. If Katsav goes to prison, they say, he could be subjected to potential abuse by inmates that he refused to pardon during his time as president, and there is also a genuine risk that state security could be harmed if he is forced to disclose sensitive information.

On Thursday, Zeev asked Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin (Likud) for an emergency meeting of the Knesset's Internal Affairs and Environment Committee. At the meeting, Zeev hopes to introduce a bill that would change the terms of Katsav's imprisonment to effective house arrest, in the former president's native Kiryat Malachi, rather than behind bars.

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Although largely a figurehead, an Israeli president has sole discretion when it comes to issuing pardons and commutations to prisoners. Katsav was found guilty last December of rape of a female employee, which occurred while he was a cabinet minister during the 1990s, as well as sexual harassment of two other women while president from 2000 to 2007 and obstruction of justice. He was sentenced to a seven-year jail term in March, but was allowed to stay out of prison pending his appeal. In early November the Supreme Court upheld his conviction and sentence, making it clear that he would, indeed, be jailed for seven years, but his lawyers have recently said they intend to ask for a second Supreme Court appeal hearing, this time with an extended panel. The Katsav trial marked the first time an Israeli president has ever been put on trial or sent to prison.

Even if the legislation is defeated, Israel's penal code provides for a change of venue in prison sentences if the Minister of Internal Security invokes the necessary procedure and declares Katsav's Kiryat Malachi home as his place of detention. But the conventional wisdom in the Knesset is that Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch (Yisrael Beitenu) will almost surely nip this proposition in the bud by refusing to acquiesce to Katsav's allies.

Israel Hayom has learned that Rivlin, who is currently attending a Jewish National Fund event in Geneva, has already spoken with Zeev and made it clear that he has no plans to consider the legislation unless Zeev files a written request via the proper channels.

Meanwhile, Katsav's associates have reportedly approached Rivlin and asked him to raise the issue of his prison sentence with Aharonovitch and try to convince him to use his legal prerogative to push the house arrest option.

On Thursday, Zeev said he has yet to file an official request with Rivlin's offices, but he will do so on Sunday.

According to Knesset protocol, the Knesset Presidency - a governing body comprising the speaker and his nine deputies - will first have to convene on this matter and hold a vote on whether to allow it to go forward before it arrives at the Knesset committees and plenum for a vote.

According to some reports, sponsors of the bill and its backers in the Knesset have already agreed that if the Knesset Presidency allows the bill to move forward the chairman of the Knesset's Internal Affairs and Environment Committee, Amnon Cohen (Shas), will call a hearing the very same day, or the following day at the latest, in which Aharonovitch would have to appear and address the demands to let Katsav serve his sentence at home in an effort to spare the need to write a new law.


What do we stand for?

We have become a society that has lost it's principles, if not maybe even our soul.

I am going to lay the fault squarely on the peace process.

Our leaders have turned into liars without principle to twist and turn in an effort to turn the Palestinians into something other than the evil that they are.

We can now see this has destroyed truth, in more than just the area of the Palestinians.

A rapist belongs in prison no matter what he has done in his life prior to the rape.

December 01, 2011

Adli Sadeq, PA Ambassador to India, in official PA daily:
"The demands of this enemy [Israel] are strange and amazing demands, unique in the history of conflicts... They [Israelis] are not satisfied with Palestinian recognition that is a function of their state and its existence, but want recognition of the eternal right of Israel to exist. Possibly their nature will bring them to ask for compensation for the years that have passed without their state's existence, during the time it had the right to exist upon our skulls... They have a common mistake, or misconception by which they fool themselves, assuming that Fatah accepts them and recognizes the right of their state to exist, and that it is Hamas alone that loathes them and does not recognize the right of this state to exist. They ignore the fact that this state, based on a fabricated [Zionist] enterprise, never had any shred of a right to exist... Hamas, Fatah and the others are not waging war against Israel right now for reasons related to balance of power. There are no two Palestinians who disagree over the fact that Israel exists, and recognition of it is restating the obvious, but recognition of its right to exist is something else, different from recognition of its [physical] existence."
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Nov. 26, 2011]

Israel's Deterrence Rooted in Ability to Conquer Territory

IDF General says Israel's ability to seize land is rooted in its ability to seize land -- and the enemy believing Israel will keep it.
Gavriel Queenann

Major General Eyal Eisenberg of the IDF Home Front Command said Thursday that Israel's deterrence is rooted in its ability to conquer foreign territory when attacked.

"A principle pillar of Israel's deterrence is the IDF's maneuverability, and the enemy knowing it will pay the price for attacking us is losing the land we took defending ourselves," Eisenberg told a security conference attended by regional council heads.

"But they must not believe the land will simply be returned to them," he added.

Eisenberg also discussed changes in IDF war-fighting methods and the necessary changes those would require in Israel's civil defense systems.

"In the past, Israel was primarily faced with major military confrontations or operational incidents," he said. "Today, we face a terrorist insurgency and other fluid threats - which rely on attrition."

"In the new paradigm, the home front is the weakest and most problematic piece of our national defense," he added.

Eisenberg noted that, since the Second Lebanon War - during which some 4,000 rockets were fired into Israel - that the enemy has constantly sought to increase its missile capacity.

"Missiles pointed toward Israel are targeting her infrastructure and civilian communities," Eisenberg warned. "And the enemy has achieved greater striking power, range, and precision."

Eisenberg also said the next war Israel fights will focus on protecting critical infrastructure and continuously providing services that will allow civilians to go about their daily affairs.

He noted five essential pillars needed to maintain readiness for emergencies: ample warning, physical protection, organized local authorities, training and emergency information systems.

We work closely with local authorities - we identified likely scenarios and prepared plans for protecting our communities. In addition, we are working on a pedagogical multi-layered plan for dealing with emergencies, for protecting children in schools."

"We also set up and operate a network of information centers allowing us to send emergency dispatches and instructions for the population."


My goodness, give this man a cigar and make him Prime Minister.

Never give up land gained in war at the negotiation table.

The rule should be Israel fights wars when it has too, seizes land of our enemies.

Then never sits at any table with our enemies, EVER.

We also never give them money or allow others to give them money. Or water, electricity, gas, building material.

Be strong or close the door on the State of Israel.