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July 31, 2012

Palestinians have a loser culture

Romney’s integrity, Erekat’s ire

How could Romney praise Israel's culture over the Palestinians'? Is he not aware of Palestinian poetry, music and art? Let's take a closer look at Palestinian culture, shall we?

Ruthie Blum

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney delivers a speech in Jerusalem Sunday.

At a fundraiser at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on Monday, U.S. presidential contender Mitt Romney made a few statements that got Palestinians' blood boiling. It was bad enough, as far as they were concerned, that the Republican candidate had asserted, at the previous day’s press conference, that Jerusalem was the capital of the Jewish state. But when he had the gall to praise Israel as an economic wonder in the face of adversity, well, that was going way too far.

“As you come here and you see the GDP per capita … in Israel … and compare that with the GDP per capita just across the areas managed by the Palestinian Authority… you notice such a dramatically stark difference in economic vitality,” Romney said. “And as I come here and I look out over this city and consider the accomplishments of the people of this nation, I recognize the power of at least culture and a few other things.”

These “other things" included Israel’s being a “Start-Up Nation” (the title of Saul Singer’s and Dan Senor’s big best-seller); the Jewish tendency historically to thrive even when faced with difficult circumstances; and the “hand of providence.”

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Palestinian Authority bigwig — and “peace” negotiator — Saeb Erekat, couldn’t stomach these statements, calling them “racist.” How in the world could the man who might become the president of the United States in a few months say such an “ignorant” thing?

First of all, an official at the Al-Quds Institute of Research and Documentation, Ibrahim Al-Fani, maintains that the opposite is true. In an interview on PA TV in December 2010, Al-Fani explained the situation as follows: “He [the Israeli] has stolen my culture, turned it into technology, burned my customs and traditions, and taken what I have, leaving me devoid of initiative. … We must put together a cultural team and prevail over the Israelis in disseminating [our] culture, for they have no culture. You know that the Hebrew language is not [really] the Hebrew language, since it is taken from Aramaic. All the universities in the world know this. They stole the Aramaic language and codified it, and it became Hebrew."

Secondly, the PA takes the arts very seriously. Let’s take a look at some examples, provided and translated by Palestinian Media Watch.

Poetry is the perfect place to start. The following verse was recited by a young girl on PA TV this spring.

"... The occupier stole my land and my grandfathers' land ...

Where is your sword, Khaled (Arab warrior)?

Where is your courage, Saladin (Muslim conqueror)?

But no one answered me.

Where is my weapon? I found it — a stone.

I took it and threw it at the enemies of destiny.

I taught the world that the Muslim in the name of Allah cannot be defeated ...

They challenge us with the White House, and we challenge them with the [Islamic] awakening and the Kaaba [in Mecca].

They aren't stronger than Khosrau and Caesar (rulers of Persian and Byzantine Empires).

They [Christians and Jews] are inferior and smaller, more cowardly and despised.

They are remnants of the [Christian] crusaders and Khaibar (i.e., Jewish village destroyed by Muslims in 629) ...

Oh Muslims of the world: Awaken, you have slept too long.

Your fathers and your sons are being massacred, your Al-Aqsa [mosque] is defiled and destroyed."

Now let’s look at the music world. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas honored a particular troupe by making it the PA’s official national band — for performing such harmonious numbers as this one:

"Fight, brother, the flag will never be lowered

The torches will never die out

On [Mt.] Carmel (in Israel) and in the [Jordan] Valley

We are rocks and streams

In Lod (Israeli city) we are poems, and in Ramle (Israeli city) — grenades

We, my brother, shall remain the revolution of the fighting nation

The Zionists went out from [their] homelands

Compounding damage and enmity

But the Palestinian revolution awaits [them]

The orchard called us to the [armed] struggle

We replaced bracelets with weapons

We attacked the despicable [Zionists]

This invading enemy is on the battlefield

This is the day of consolation of Jihad

Pull the trigger.

We shall redeem Jerusalem, Nablus and the country"

And then there’s art. One televised exhibit and interview with artist Abd Al-Hai Msallam shows a painting of “the Gaza massacre.” In the painting, we can see one large ogre impaling children on his bayonet and eating them, while two smaller ogres eat dead children. All three ogres are wearing kippot with stars of David on them.

“Here,” says Msallam, “I show the people, the kids, and the Zionist enemy's cruelty and savagery."

It’s a shame that Romney praised Israel’s accomplishments before being provided with all the facts about Palestinian culture. Had he been better educated by the likes of Erekat, he might have sung a slightly sharper tune. Let’s hope he gets many more opportunities to do so after November.

The GDP of the PA is about the same as the GDP of Jordan.

Jordan is the vast majority Palestinian, so they share a culture.

You are losers that refuse to build a future for your children.

Let's be honest the highest goal for Palestinians, is for their children to become suicide bombers.

Where Israel is building a future despite being surrounded by people that want to murder 6,000,000 Jews of Israel.

July 30, 2012

Guri Weinberg: Why the IOC will never memorialize the 72 Munich massacre

Why the IOC will never memorialize the '72 Munich massacre
By Guri Weinberg Published July 27, 2012 FoxNews.com

Recently, new information about the Munich Massacre at the 1972 Olympic
Games was released by German police as a result of pressure from German
investigative reporters. It was reported that the “Black September”
terrorists were helped by a Nazi group in Germany to get fake IDs, weapons
and access to the Olympic Village.

This was not too shocking, as the head of the IOC in 1972 was Avery
Brundage, a Nazi sympathizer and anti-Semite. His protege, Juan Samaranch,
eventually served the second longest IOC term as president, but his support
of Nazis and the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco was kept a dirty secret.
Most IOC members knew the truth but stayed silent because he organized a
regal lifestyle for them -- with money diverted from sport.

Another interesting fact is that Abu Iyad, one of the co-founders of the
PLO, has said publicly that the reason “Black September” chose the 1972
Olympics as the stage for their hostage plot was because the PLO's request
to the IOC for inclusion of the Palestinian delegation at the Olympic Games
was completely ignored. This snub from the IOC came at a time when tension
was at a boiling point in the Middle East. Yet, having incited the PLO, the
IOC denied the Israeli government's request for security for the athletes.

In 1996, I, along with other Munich orphans and three of the widows, were
invited for the first time to the Olympic Games in Atlanta. Before the
Opening Ceremony, we met with Alex Gilady. Gilady has been a member of the
IOC's Radio and Television Commission since 1984 and has been the senior
vice president of NBC Sports since 1996.

I have known Mr. Gilady since I was a kid; in fact, I grew up with his
daughter. He had been supportive in the past regarding our plea for a moment
of silence during the Opening Ceremonies, so we arrived with high hopes.
Gilady informed us that a moment of silence was not possible because if the
IOC had a moment of silence for the Israeli athletes, they would also have
to do the same for the Palestinians who died at the Olympics in 1972.

My mother said, "But no Palestinian athletes died."

Gilady responded, "Well, there were Palestinians who died at the 1972

I heard one of the widows say to Gilady, "Are you equating the murder of my
husband to the terrorists that killed him?"


Then Ilana Romano burst out with a cry that has haunted me to this day. She
screamed at Gilady, "How DARE you! You KNOW what they did to my husband!
They let him lay there for hours, dying slowly, and then finished him off by
castrating him and shoving it in his mouth, ALEX!"

I looked at Gilady's face as he sat there, stone cold with no emotion. This
man knew these athletes personally. This man led the Israeli media
delegation at the 1972 Olympics and saw this atrocity first hand. This man
saw my father's dead, naked body thrown out front of the Olympic Village for
all the world to see.

Without a hint of empathy, Gilady excused himself from our meeting.

That's when I understood that the IOC wasn't turning us down because of
their resistance to :politics.” Rather, it was due to the specific politics
the IOC apparently still embraces. Based on its history of Nazi support,
greed and the blood on their own hands for inciting the PLO, they would
never support Israeli athletes.

Now, I have a message to all the members of the IOC. The torture inflicted
by “Black September” on the 11 Israeli athletes and their families took 48
hours. Your torture of the families and the memories of those esteemed
athletes has lasted 40 years. I am not satisfied with a moment of silence in
every Opening Ceremony of the Summer Games. Now I want all of you to lose
your jobs and be replaced by real Olympians who care about the athletes and
believe in the Olympic charter.

The threat of the IOC coming after me does not scare me anymore. When you
have no more dignity, you have nothing to lose. So, members of the IOC -- my
name is Guri Weinberg and I am the son of Moshe Weinberg, the wrestling
coach murdered at the 1972 Olympics. And I am not going away.

Erekat: Romney's comments unacceptable

Chief Palestinian negotiator says PA enraged by GOP's presidential hopeful's assertion that Jerusalem is Israel's capital

Associated Press
Latest Update: 07.30.12, 15:26 / Israel News

Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat said Monday that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's assertion that Jerusalem is Israel's capital is "absolutely unacceptable."

Romney, who met Sunday with President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, declared Jerusalem to be the capital of the Jewish state; and said that should he be elected, the US Embassy in Israel would be relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Palestinian officials have largely remained silent during Romney's Israel trip, and Erekat's comments Monday marked the strongest public criticism so far of the candidate.

The Palestinians seek to establish a capital in east Jerusalem.

Erekat said Romney's comments are "disturbing," reward "occupation and aggression" and go against long-standing US policy.

Another comment by Romney, this time concerning the Israeli and Palestinian economies, also enraged the Palestinian Authority.

"As you come here and you see the GDP per capita, for instance, in Israel which is about $21,000 dollars, and compare that with the GDP per capita just across the areas managed by the Palestinian Authority, which is more like $10,000 per capita, you notice such a dramatically stark difference in economic vitality," the Republican presidential candidate said.

"It is a racist statement and this man doesn't realize that the Palestinian economy cannot reach its potential because there is an Israeli occupation," Erekat said.

"It seems to me this man (Romney) lacks information, knowledge, vision and understanding of this region and its people," he added. "He also lacks knowledge about the Israelis themselves. I have not heard any Israeli official speak about cultural superiority."

"It's Israeli occupiers and Palestinians under occupation, and that's why Palestinians cannot realize their potential," Erekat said.

"His comments were grossly mischaracterized," Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said later. The campaign contends that Romney's comparison of other neighboring countries with income disparities, including the US and Mexico, shows his comments were broader than just the comparison between Israel and Palestine.

Romney told donors that he had read books and relied on his business experience to understand why the economic difference is so great.

"And as I come here and I look out over this city and consider the accomplishments of the people of this nation, I recognize the power of at least culture and a few other things," Romney said, citing an innovative business climate, the Jewish history of thriving in difficult circumstances and the "hand of providence."

This is more than enough reason to vote, for Romney.

A vote for Romney equals a strike against our enemies.

July 27, 2012



Obama chinese gun control.jpg

July 26, 2012


With the Colorado shootings, I hate calling them shootings. With the Colorado murders, people are talking about gun control.

President Obama says people don't need, AK47 rifles.

He is wrong.

Read the Federalist Papers and it is clear, that our forefathers wanted us to own the best weapons possible to safeguard our freedom, from all enemies foreign and domestic.

But let me be crystal clear, the Constitution reflects G-D's law.

The law's that politicians may try to put over me means nothing, when it comes to this issue.

I own assault rifles because, 6,000,000 Jews didn't.

I will leave the video up for a couple of days and then delete it.

Some people have complained about video's that play ads, so on Sunday it will be down.

Video: IDF officer headbutts Palestinian teen

Officer caught on tape hitting 17-year-old for reasons unclear. B'tselem: Teen's nose broken
Yoav Zitun

An IDF officer was filmed headbutting a 17-year-old Palestinian at the Beit Hadassah checkpoint in Hebron's Jewish settlement Wednesday night.

According to the B'Tselem human rights group, the incident occurred during an argument in which a group of Palestinian teenagers were ordered to present their IDs at the checkpoint.

The footage, which was taken by B'Tselem, shows the attacked teenager approaching an officer who is talking on the phone. The officer orders the teenager, Tair Ranam, and his friends to stand beneath a nearby shed, which is out of the camera's view.

The video, which according to B'Tselem was not edited, is cut off, and when it resumes the officer is seen leading Ranam from the shed and into the street. A few seconds later the officer headbutts the teenager, who begins to bleed from his nose.

The officer then leads the teen, who is now handcuffed, to a military jeep, while one of the other soldiers removes the man who videotaped the incident from the scene.

B'Tselem's footage was edited and does not give any insight as to what caused the oficer to act violently.

The rights group said the teenager was taken to a nearby army base and released a short while later. According to B'Tselem, he broke his nose and was treated at a local hospital.


I condemn the actions of the IDF officer, he took way to many chance being a nice guy.

The suspect was resisting arrest and in any normal country, he would have gotten 10 times worse than this.

I hate the Israeli left, they are scum and traitors.

Only in Israel

only in Israel.jpg

July 25, 2012

World Bank: Palestinians not ready for state

Palestinian Authority's economy 'isn't strong enough to support a state,' World Bank report says, citing excessively heavy reliance on foreign aid
Associated Press

The Palestinian economy's recent growth is unsustainable because of its heavy reliance on foreign aid, a World Bank report said Wednesday.

For the past two decades, donor countries have propped the Palestinian economy by giving billions of dollars. The report said such aid has led to 7.7% gross domestic product growth between 2007 and 2011.

The growth has been primarily in government services, real estate and other non-tradable sectors. In contrast, the report said manufacturing and agriculture have dropped significantly.

The report said sustainable growth will come only through an emphasis on trade, integration and creating a dynamic private sector. The bank urged Palestinians to follow the example of East Asian countries that have achieved steady growth through exports, saying those that have focused on local markets have stagnated.

Not ready for state

The study's author, John Nasir, said the Palestinian Authority has made steady progress toward establishing a future state, "but the economy is currently not strong enough to support such a state."

"Economic sustainability cannot be based on foreign aid, so it is critical for the Palestinian Authority (PA) to increase trade and spur private sector growth," he added.

The bank noted that Israeli restrictions remain the biggest impediment to investing, creating high uncertainty and risk.

Israel counters that it has eased travel and lifted restrictions, allowing the Palestinian economy necessary conditions to flourish, and that any constraints that remain are a result of vital security needs.

Earlier this year, an Israeli government report said the Palestinian Authority was not economically stable enough to sustain a state.

The World Bank's assessment contradicts that of the International Monetary Fund, which last year said Palestinian financial institutions were ready for statehood.


July 24, 2012

A few years ago one of the loyal listeners from Hugh Hewitt contacted me about their gold refinery in I think Florida.

I have lost the contact information, so please recontact me

punch a jewish woman ok.jpg

Idiot's and it is not the Arabs that are idiots

Pranked Egyptian actors turn violent against 'Israeli hosts'

Egyptian candid camera show exposes extreme levels of hate against Jews and Israelis • All three "victims" of the prank were enraged at the prospect of merely being in the same room with people they presumed to be Jews.
Israel Hayom Staff

If the result of a prank on an Egyptian candid camera show is any indication, Israelis shouldn't expect normal relations with Egyptians any time soon. During a recently aired episode, three Egyptian actors were pranked by being led to believe they were appearing on an Israeli television program.

Suffice it to say, the Egyptian actors were not pleased to be with the Israelis.

The video is courtesy of MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute and is titled, "Egyptian Actors Pranked on Candid Camera Turn Violent When Told TV Channel Is Israeli."

All three "victims" of the prank were enraged at the prospect of merely being in the same room with people they presumed to be Jews. Two became violent and one even assaulted the young female interviewer.

The prank seems to speak volumes about the level of hatred for Jews and Israelis in Egyptian popular culture, and also, according to Memri, about what is considered acceptable behavior in the Muslim world.


Let this remind us of where we live.

Israel is surrounded by nations that hate us, and we are stupid.

We sit and dream for peace, like a 14 year old boys stares at his poster of a Hollywood actress wishing they could meet. How great it would be, he would sweep this 30year old actress (that is worth tens of millions) off her feet and they would live happily ever after.

Stupid Jews of the various anti Israel, peace groups.

You sit and day dream of meeting and seducing the starlet named peace in the Middle East.

Fools you have less chance, than the 14 year old has with the actress.

Closing a dark chapter

Op-ed: Seven years after disengagement, we must ensure that every Gaza evacuee has a job
Zuri Genish

Seven years seem like a day. Gush Katif remains in our memories and hearts, but for those expelled it touches their pockets and is on their tables as well.

As Jews around the world gather this month to mourn the destruction of the Temple and our historical dispersion as a people, we are bound also to remember the bitterest Jewish tragedy of the last decade – a modern-day willfully imposed exodus which continues to plague us until this very day.

Seven years ago, I was forced out of my home together with 8,600 fellow residents of Gush Katif – the "disengagement."

The evictors were not a foreign army or some anti-Semitic despot, but our own democratically elected Israeli government, led by many of the very same individuals who had earlier encouraged us to take up residence in that tiny strip of land along the sparkling blue Mediterranean coast.

Although this act was fiercely debated within Israeli society, today there is a widespread feeling across the Israeli political spectrum that disengagement from Gaza was a complete and utter failure of leadership and strategic thinking.

The most obvious proof of its failure is that once peaceful townships of Jewish families are today launching pads of terror for thousands of missiles, rockets and mortars raining down on Israeli communities.

While this was undoubtedly a national failure and all Israelis and friends should mourn this tragedy, the most affected victims of the expulsion remain those who lost their homes and livelihoods in Gush Katif. Disengagement is pretty much forgotten, yet far too many of those expelled remain in a state of crisis.

Families who had been living in large and comfortable homes were forced into makeshift trailers in under-developed parks, sometimes detached from basic infrastructure and commercial centers. Many parents who had dedicated their lives to professions in agriculture and literally turned Gaza sand dunes into bountiful gardens were left homeless and jobless, dependent on charity and assistance from family just to feed their children.

Some people may harbor the unspoken thought: "So much time has passed, why hasn't everyone resolved their issues and moved on?" Believe me, this is easier said than done. An employment network אישא I help lead called JobKatif has successfully employed over 2,000 people by launching an excess of 230 new small businesses defined by the unique Israeli attributes of entrepreneurship and tenacity in the face of challenge. This is an amazing feat and a story largely untold.

Despite our work, seven years on, over 800 of these Israeli pioneers, people who heeded their government’s call to move to the Gaza Strip, remain jobless. In the greater picture, this is a relatively small number. But each of these individuals who lost so much desperately wants to work. We are committed to taking every last expelled family member off the unemployment rolls. We accomplish this through re-training and systematically matching job opportunities geared to the person’s capabilities.

Personal quest

I have put my heart into this effort in large part as a personal quest to remedy an injustice that I and my family ourselves endured. Prior to the expulsion my life was defined by love for the land and State of Israel - both of which I retain despite what I have witnessed in recent years. I rose in the ranks of the IDF to the position of lieutenant colonel as a career officer. When I realized that the disengagement was on the horizon, I retired from the military and dedicated every waking hour first to preventing this ill-advised decree from being realized and subsequently, in helping to heal the human damage done by it.

I will never forget the moment when I turned away from my home for the last time - the home where my wife and I had forged a family. That beautiful home, previously filled with children and love, was razed. I shudder to even guess at what lies in its place now.

Within a year of that harrowing day, I and my family had moved no fewer than five separate times. Throughout that difficult period, I worked tirelessly to help my fellow residents of Gush Katif reclaim their dignity by finding employment. I take great pride in what we have accomplished so far.

Yet if we truly claim that the Israeli people and the Jewish people around the world have truly spared no effort to support the Gush Katif evacuees, we must close this bitter chapter in our history by finding a solution for every last person forced out of his or her home.

This effort will not be easy, yet the finish line is clearly in sight. To illustrate just how challenging the solution is: One fellow resident, who was shot in the shoulder by terrorists just months before the disengagement, remains handicapped and without work. Once a proud owner of a multi-acre farm producing lettuce and organic vegetables, today he feels largely broken and unable to support his family and face the world. I remain confident that he will again return to gainful employment.

Yes, this is an ambitious vision but at this time of year when we mourn our nation’s losses – both ancient and modern - we honestly have no alternative but to remove the blemish of errors committed and reclaim the lives of the Israelis who most directly paid the price of the Disengagement.

Zuri Genish is a Lieutenant Colonol (ret.) in the IDF and volunteers as a life coach at Job Katif. He and his family lived in Alei Sinai until the disengagement in August 2005. Joined by his daughter Moran, the writer will be visiting the New York and Toronto areas to discuss his program and vision in an attempt to realize its completion. For more details please visit www.jobkatif.org


July 23, 2012

Mafia in black

Haredim demand dedicated space for housing

Yaki Reisner of the Z. Landau Group, warns that if no housing solution is found for haredim, they will be forced to 'take over' secular cities
Gai Ben Simon, Calcalist

"Haredim begin buying apartments at a very young age. Rising home prices affect the haredi sector, as well, and haredim are forced to buy apartments in secular cities," Yaki Reisner, deputy CEO of the Z. Landau Group, said at a panel devoted to the rules of the haredi housing market at a Calcalist conference on infrastructure and real estate.

"Either a solution is found for the haredi sector, or it will be forced to take over secular cities – not from malice, but because it's the only way to get hold of an apartment," Reisner said.

"In the end, secular people don't want to live in haredi cities," he added, noting that haredi buyers were prepared to compromise on location in favor of price, and that haredim had "no need" of soccer fields or shopping malls.

"Integrating haredim and secular populations is correct from a social point of view, but from a housing perspective the needs are different," Reisner explained.

Bnei Brak Mayor Rabbi Yaakov Asher said that the housing crisis affected everyone, and that solutions needed to fit everyone. "If you want us, the haredim, to be involved – take us as we are. If not, at least do what previous governments did beyond the Green Line."

Asher proposed that in light of haredim "taking over" secular cities, special housing areas should be earmarked for the haredi public.

Rabbi Menachem Carmel, chairman of the housing committee of Degel HaTorah, said that in recent years, Israeli society as a whole had been shutting itself off from its neighbors, creating "isolation" that led to stigmas.

"In Tel Aviv, our institutions don't exist, so we concentrate in places that do offer us (what we need)," he said.

"Nothing can be done about it – the haredim have learned that quality of life means living with people like them. We're past the point of no return," Carmel noted, adding that while the haredi public was willing to sacrifice a great deal for its ideology, it would not compromise on food, education, or housing.

"We would be happy to live in places like Nazareth Illit. I could bring 3,000 yeshiva students there at once – I said, give me a 50% discount on development costs, let me settle them there," Carmel said. "But until a few months ago, my words fell on deaf ears. In Nazareth Illit no apartment costs less than NIS 600,000, which is a shame – because that's what you have in central Israel already."

Tomer Moskovitch, CEO of Meshav, which builds housing for the national-religious public, proposed a compromise, saying that halachic solutions could be found to technological problems posed by constructing high-rise buildings. "It's possible to build for the haredi public in community conditions, without shutting them off – what happens in the smaller building next door doesn't interest me much," he said.

Carmel compared the price of housing lots for the haredi public to that of the cost to secular buyers. "In terms of area, the haredi public demands NIS 500,000 less than secular buyers," he claimed. "We don't need a 60m by 60m kitchen. The cost of 80-90 square meters is NIS 300,000 – add NIS 120,000 for the cost of land, another few tens of thousands and we're still at less than NIS 600,000. But the contractors are asking NIS 1.2 million for an apartment like this and getting it," he added.


So you threaten the rest of us that you will take over our cities if we don't cover 50% of the cost of development of new haredi communities.

Extortion is a tactic of the mafia.

I have a better idea you threaten the rest of us, so why don't we cut off 100% of the tax payers money that the government gives you.

IDF magnet for US olim

Amidst Knesset draft-dodging debate, 350 young Americans immigrate to Israel to join IDF
Itamar Eichner

While the Knesset toils in the draft-for-all debate, some people can't wait to enlist. This summer sees a record breaking number of 350 young Jews from North America who will immigrate to Israel to join the Israeli army, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday.

The first plane batch of these patriotic new recruits has already been nicknamed "The Bakum flight of Nefesh B'Nefesh," with Bakum referring to the IDF induction center.

This plane should arrive in Israel in about three weeks and will host an unprecedented number of 400 immigrants including 130 new IDF recruits.

The recruits are mostly 18-20 year-olds who have decided to give up college and the comforts of life in the US and leave family and friends in order to immigrate to Israel and join the Israeli army.

Their arrival has been coordinated by Nefesh B'Nefesh and the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) working with The Tzabar unit (Garin Tzabar) of the Israeli Scouts, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and the Jewish Agency.

Once they land, the new olim will attend a welcome ceremony with ministers, MKs, head of the IDF's Manpower Directorate Orna Barbivai and Israel Scouts Chairman, Eli Ben Yosef.

Most of the expected arrivals are setting their sights on combat units. The men would specifically like to volunteer to elite units like Duvdevan, Sayeret Matkal, Shayetet 13, paratroopers and the Israeli Air Force flight academy. The women opt for Oketz (The IDF K-9 unit) or to be medics, education guides, or firearms instructors.

In a unique program led by Nefesh B'Nefesh and FIDF, the immigrants will receive financial aid
and social support in order to ease their absorption in Israel.

Upon their discharge, they will be offered personal guidance services.

"This the best reply to Iranian and Hezbollah motivated terrorism," said Erez Halfon, deputy chairman of 'Nefseh B'Nefesh'. "Young people from North America leaving the good life behind for the Zionist idea."


These kids have already given more to Israel than 99% of the native born ultra orthodox.

The ultra orthodox should hang their heads in shame. For they are unfit to clean the boots that these kids will soon be issued.

Mortar explodes near Israel-Syria border

Projectile lands on Syrian side of border fence within demilitarized zone limits. IDF says fire not directed at Israel
Maor Buchnik, Yoav Zitun

Syria fighting edges closer: A mortar shell exploded on the Syrian side of the Israel- Syria border Monday evening.

The projectile landed within the demilitarized zone's limits, about 400 meters from the border fence.

IDF officials said that the indicted was part of the civil war raging in Syria, stressing that the fire was not aimed at Israel.

The mortar shell exploded near the Syrian village of Jubata al-Khahasb, and not far from the Golan Heights Druze village of Massaada.

Residents of the Golan Heights as well as IDF sources said the echoes of the fighting raging in Syria are heard in Israel, with fires and smoke seen clearly from across the border.

Massaada's Druze residents seem ambivalent about the fighting in Syria, as some call the President Bashar Assad's opposition "rebels" and others referring to them as "terrorists."

Nearby Israeli communities are following the fighting the situation in Syria closely. Yigal Mimis, chief of security for Kibbutz El-Rom, told Ynet that so far, the IDF has not issued any special security directives, adding that "right now, everything is normal."

Meanwhile, Israel has filed a complaint with the UN over Syrian security forces of straying into the demilitarized zone between the countries.

In a letter to UN chief Ban Ki-moon and the UN Security Council, Ambassador Haim Waxman, Israel's Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said the Syrian soldiers crossed into the Golan Heights area amid fighting between Syrian security forces and opposition groups on Thursday.

"Their action represents a blatant violation of (the 1974 ceasefire) agreement, with potentially far-reaching implications for the security and stability of the region," Waxman wrote.

Israel and Syria's other neighbors are increasingly fearful Syria's internal conflict could tear through an already unstable region.

United Nations data indicates that 17,000 people have been killed since the uprising in Syrian began, in March 2011.

Reuters contributed to this report

Germany had a tip-off three weeks ahead of Munich massacre, Der Spiegel claims

Beirut informant’s warning of Palestinian ‘incident’ was ignored, then covered up for 40 years, magazine says
By Raphael Ahren July 22, 2012, 5:12 pm 12

Germany had a tip-off from a Palestinian informant in Beirut three weeks before the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre that Palestinians were planning an “incident” at the Games, a German news magazine charged Sunday.

The Foreign Ministry in Bonn took the tip-off sufficiently seriously to pass it on to the secret service in Munich and urge that “all possible security measures” be taken.

But the Munich authorities failed to act on the tip, which was passed on to Bonn by the German Embassy in Beirut, and have never acknowledged it in the ensuing 40 years, Der Spiegel said in a front-page story to be published Monday but made available online in German on Sunday.

The failure to act upon that tip-off at the time, and the subsequent failure to acknowledge that it had even been received, Der Spiegel added, is only part of a 40-year cover-up by the German authorities of the mishandling of the 1972 terror attack, in which 11 members of the Israeli team were massacred by Palestinian Black September terrorists.

“The federal government [in Bonn] and the local government of the state of Bavaria committed grave errors in their handling of the attack on Israeli athletes during the Olympic Games in Munich, and have kept the true extent of the failure true under wraps until today,” Der Spiegel asserted.

For the first 20 years after the massacre in Munich, the German authorities refused to release any information about the attack; nor did they accept any responsibility for the tragic results. This changed after Ankie Spitzer, widow of slain fencer Andrei Spitzer, appeared on ZDF West German TV in the spring of 1992 and appealed, in German, for information on how her husband had died.

Several weeks later she received a call from an anonymous government official with access to the files. As Aaron J. Klein reported in “Striking Back: The 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre and Israel’s Deadly Response,” two weeks later 80 pages of original typewritten documents arrived at the Tel Aviv office of Pinchas Zeltzer, the lawyer representing the victims’ families, including autopsy logs and ballistic reports and yet the Bavarian justice minister steadfastly denied the existence of official government archives. Spitzer confronted him on national TV, waving a sheath of papers in his face.

On August 29, 1992 Zeltzer received word from Munich: the archive had been located. All told the government had been hiding 3,808 files, containing tens of thousands of documents. Their existence allowed the families to file suit in 1994 against the federal government, the Bavarian government and the city of Munich. In 2004 the families accepted the German offer of 3 million Euros as a form of monetary compensation and a muted acceptance of government responsibility.

‘Mutual accusations should be avoided, as well as self-criticism’

On Sunday, Der Spiegel said it obtained hitherto secret reports by authorities, embassy cables and minutes of cabinet meetings that demonstrate just how amateurish the German officials were ahead of the September 5 attack, which also claimed the life of one German policeman.

According to Bonn’s official documentation of the event, the Palestinian Black September terror group carried out its deadly mission with “precision.” But the German authorities knew the Black September was a badly prepared group that barely managed to find hotel rooms in Munich, Der Spiegel stated.

As far back as August 14, 1972, three weeks before the massacre, the German Embassy in Beirut reported to Bonn that an informant had talked about Palestinian plans for “an incident” during the Olympics, according to the report. Four days later, the Foreign Ministry in Bonn told the secret service’s Munich branch about this and advised authorities to “take all possible security measures.”

Needless to say, the necessary security measures were never taken. The report revealed, for instance, that the terrorists were strolling by the apartments of the Israeli athletes without anybody stopping them from doing so.

All these facts are missing from the official documentation of the German government.

The official documentation also conceals the fact that the Munich prosecution investigated the city’s police chiefs for suspected negligent homicide, the magazine reported.

“Mutual accusations should be avoided, as well as self-criticism,” a Foreign Ministry official told a special cabinet session just two days after the deadly attack. “From that moment on, this apparently became the motto of the governments in Bonn and Munich,” the magazine wrote.

Mitch Ginsburg contributed to this report.

July 20, 2012


For those who would like to hear me on the radio, I am very pleased to announce that I will be having a weekly appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 3pm EDT, 12 noon Pacific, 10pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to the show by going to the MERF web page

Muslim UK couple jailed for plot to attack Jews

Couple inspired by al-Qaida Internet propaganda plotted terrorist attacks against Manchester Jewish community.

A Muslim couple inspired by al-Qaida propaganda on the Internet were jailed Friday for plotting terrorist attacks on the Jewish community of Manchester in the UK.

Muhammad Sajid Khan, 33, was sentenced to at least seven years in jail, with the eventual length of his sentence to be determined by prison authorities, and his wife, Shasta, 38, was sentenced to eight years in prison.

The couple from Oldham, in greater Manchester, bought material from supermarkets to assemble homemade explosive devices.

They were planning to attack Jewish targets in Prestwich, an area with a large, mainly Orthodox, Jewish community. Manchester is home to the second-largest Jewish community in the UK outside London with a population of around 50,000.

Police only discovered the bomb-making materials after a domestic disputed alerted officers to their house in July 2011. Khan had attacked his wife’s father, and her family decided then to “spill the beans” telling police that he was a “home grown terrorist.”

The couple were arrested and indicted under the Terrorism Act 2000 on charges of planning and preparing a terror attack.

According to the prosecution, the couple had had become radicalized by material on the Internet, including al-Qaida’s online magazine, Inspire, where they also may have found details on how to build a bomb.

Khan pleaded guilty but his wife had denied any involvement in the plot.

Jonny Paul contributed to this report.


Jews, don't be stupid.

If you live in a free country and even if you don't get your hands on a 9mm pistol and an assault rifle for each member of your family.

Send me an email and I will tell you in greater detail what you need to get.

July 19, 2012

Light Unto The Nations

Drugs that act like ‘guided missiles’ in cancer treatment

A new drug delivery system puts thousands of toxic pharmaceutical molecules inside a targeted missile which goes off only when it reaches cancerous tissue.
By Abigail Klein Leichman July 17, 2012, No Comments

“Monoclonal antibodies” may sound like a great name for a heavy-metal band, but actually they’re the basis of best-selling pharmaceuticals raking in about $50 billion dollars a year.

The two-year-old Israeli company Immune Pharmaceuticals is fast emerging as a leader in developing new ways to use these antibodies, which are found in drugs such as Herceptin for breast cancer, Remicade to treat autoimmune diseases and Erbitux for head, neck and colorectal cancer.

“We are building an Israel-based Center of Excellence for Monoclonal Antibody Drug Development with access to best-in-class novel technologies from world-class academic institutions including the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Weizmann Institute of Science,” says founder and CEO Daniel Teper. “We expect to initiate collaborative research programs with biotech and pharmaceutical companies later this year.”

Teper explains that monoclonal antibodies were discovered in Britain about three decades ago and led to a Nobel Prize for Georges Köhler and César Milstein in 1984, but early attempts to use them in pharmaceuticals met with failure.

“Only in the late 1990s did the first monoclonals become successful, and in the last 10 to 15 years they’ve become one of most important classes of drugs,” Teper tells ISRAEL21c.

Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science played a significant role in developing these drugs, which are prescribed selectively to patients likely to respond best. “This is a big step up from the 1990s, when everyone with a certain disease got the same drug,” says Teper.

‘Guided missiles’ are the future of medicine

Today’s monoclonal antibody drugs must be administered together with chemotherapy, which often is effective but can cause significant collateral damage.

At the recent meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago, the buzz was about new drugs combining the power of anti-cancer drugs with the targeting abilities of antibodies. The first generation of those drugs, antibody drug conjugates, is now being approved for resistant cases of Hodgkin’s disease and breast cancer.

Immune is going one step further, using nanotechnology and biotechnology to deliver existing and new cancer drugs more safely and effectively.

While currently only a few chemo pharmaceuticals can be attached to each antibody, Immune’s “guided missile” system “puts thousands of toxic drug molecules inside a nanoparticle like a spaceship, so it’s imprisoned until it gets to the cancerous tissue,” says Teper.

The method was developed by a team under Hebrew University Pharmacy School dean Shimon Benita, who chairs Immune’s scientific advisory board. Immune licensed it from the university’s technology transfer company.

“It has a double targeting mechanism — it goes through vessels into tissue, and the antibody gets it right into the cell. People are now saying the future of medicine, and specifically the future of treating cancer, is in the targeted missile.”

Immune director of research Oshrat Frenkel is further developing the platform in anticipation of several corporate partnerships, and the company’s new drug candidates based on this platform are getting the attention of major pharmaceutical companies even at this early stage.

In May, the company began collaborating with the Weizmann Institute to develop antibody therapeutics targeting a growth factor that causes chemotherapy resistance in many patients with gastric, head and neck, ovarian and breast cancers.

New hope for Crohn’s and colitis

The second focus for Immune Pharmaceuticals is Bertilimumab, which targets a substance found in the blood and tissue that contributes to increased inflammation. The investigational drug now entering clinical Phase II trials in all major Israeli hospitals, with results expected in mid- to late 2013.

“We know it’s well tolerated in humans, and our priority is to develop it for gastrointestinal diseases such as Crohn’s and colitis,” says Teper. “We’re finding more potential every day for this drug. It has indications for eye diseases, too — it can be administered as drops for severe eye inflammation potentially leading to corneal damage and blindness.”

Immune acquired worldwide development and commercialization rights for Bertilimumab, developed 10 years ago by Cambridge Antibody Technology, now part of giant AstraZeneca.

“Our many programs require a lot of money,” Teper says frankly. Thanks to a portfolio that’s unusual for such a young company, Immune has raised more than $5 million from Israeli, European and US investors, including $1 million from the Office of Israel’s Chief Scientist split between the nanotech “guided missile” research and developing Bertilimumab.

“We are trying to raise $25-$30 million by the end of the year because scaling up is our focus,” says Teper. “We anticipate that in the next 12 months we will grow into a substantial company. Israelis have less experience scaling up companies, but Israel has the appropriate environment to build a global bio-pharmaceutical company comparable to what you have in the US.”

Immune Pharmaceuticals is headquartered in Herzliya Pituach with research labs in Rehovot and offices in New York City.

July 18, 2012

3 killed in terror attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria

Explosion tears through Israeli tour bus in terminal at Sarafovo Airport in Burgas; over 20 people injured

At least three Israelis were killed and over 20 others injured, some gravely, Wednesday, in a terror attack an Israeli tourists' bus traveling in Burgas, Bulgaria.

Bulgarian media reported of that the explosion took place while the bus was still in the terminal of Sarafovo Airport in the city.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has set up a special team in its situation room to monitor the events.

“An explosion occurred in a passenger’s bus with Israeli citizens at the Burgas Airport,” Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikoliv confirmed to a local radio station. Bulgarian security forces and emergency medical teams have blocked off the area. The airport has been closed as well.

According to media reports, a suicide bomber boarded one of three buses shuttling Israeli tourist across the terminal at around 5:30 pm and then detonated an explosive vest. Bulgarian media said 44 people were on the vehicle at the time of the explosion.

According to Channel 2, the Foreign Ministry has formed a team of experts that will fly to Burgas and assist local authorities in whatever they need.

Burgas is the second-largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and a favorite summer destination for Israeli tourists.

An eyewitness told Channel 2 News that Bulgarian authorities were slow to respond to the event; adding that search and rescue teams and the paramedics "Didn’t seem to care too much. They took a while getting these two small fire-extinguishers to fight a burning bus, and the airport's fire truck took over 15 minutes to get there."

Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch and Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino have been briefed on the situation and are currently following events from the Foreign Ministry's situation room.

July 17, 2012

Officials look to curb OCHA’s West Bank activities

Local UN office allegedly supporting, building illegal structures for Palestinians in Area C of W. Bank.

Some Israeli officials are weighing punitive measures against a local UN office for allegedly supporting and building illegal structures for Palestinians in Area C of the West Bank, as well as publishing reports that they believe disseminate faulty data, according to diplomatic sources.

They are considering confiscating equipment as well as restricting the movement of Palestinian employees of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Although OCHA in the occupied Palestinian territories' activities have angered a number of diplomatic and security officials in Israel, at present there does not appear to be a coordinated response against the organization.

The coordinator of government activities in the territories, Maj.-Gen. Eitan Dangot, has called on Israeli officials to act as harshly as they can against OCHA’s illegal activity, during conversations he has held on the matter with the Foreign Ministry.

Another diplomatic source said that on a global level, OCHA is an important organization whose role is to coordinate international responses to emergencies and disasters.

“They are the first on the ground in a time of crisis,” the second diplomatic source said.

But OCHA’s local Israeli office, which began as a small operation in 2000 and has since grown significantly, deals with Palestinian issues rather than disaster relief, the second source said.

The Foreign Ministry said in response, “There are many UN organizations that work in the territories and in Gaza. One of them is OCHA. We have a dialogue that continues with this organization.”

OCHA’s Israeli office told The Jerusalem Post that it could not respond at this time.

There was no answer at its New York office.

Last week Israeli Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor wrote a letter to Valerie Amos, OCHA under-secretary-general and emergency relief coordinator. In it he expressed Israel’s concern over OCHA’s activities, as well as its confusion over both the agency’s role and how differs from other UN organizations that also provide relief to the Palestinians.

“I would like to express our concerns over the operations of OCHA in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip,” Prosor said.“Recent years have experienced a major growth in UN presence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which now includes thousands of employees – both locals and foreigners – scattered throughout a wide range of bodies and agencies.”

The difference between the agency’s responsibilities and mandates is often unclear, he wrote. “In light of the above – since from the beginning of OCHA’s operations in the PA, 12 years ago, its presence was never officially established – Israel would like to start an open dialogue with OCHA in regard to its status and activities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

OCHA’s personnel are registered as part of the UN Development Program, even though the two organizations are separate entities, Prosor wrote. Israel, he said, insists that OCHA be treated as a separate entity.

Prosor asked OCHA to provide Israel with list of its staff and local employees, as well as their locations and job descriptions.

He said that the state wants to see a review of the agency’s main activities in the past two years and its prediction for future activities.

Proso also asked for clarification in regard to the difference between OCHA’s role and that of the UN humanitarian coordinator Maxwell Gaylard, as well as that of other UN bodies which provide assistance to the Palestinians.

The first diplomatic source said that Israel had initially viewed OCHA as an investigatory body that produced reports.

It now sees that it is an operative body that supports unauthorized construction projects for Palestinians and provides aid to Palestinians who build illegal homes.

“They advance projects with international funds that lack permits,” the source said.

In addition, they provide modular illegal housing, the first source said.

The source added that OCHA also failed to seek information from the Defense Ministry for reports that it issues on Area C and has refused in some instances to provide specific details relating to allegations in the reports.

These reports are then used to mislead the international community as to Israel’s actions in the West Bank, which helps those who seek to delegitimize Israel, the source said.

According to the first source, when highlevel international officials such as EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meet with Israeli leaders, they reference these faulty OCHA reports.

“This action damages the good coordination and open dialogue we have with other UN agencies such as the UN Development Program and the office of the UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Robert Serry,” the source said.

But there is some speculation that the trigger for the tension between Israel and the agency lies with an incident that occurred in March, in which OCHA information officer Kuhlood Badawi tweeted a picture of a Palestinian child covered in blood and falsely claimed she was killed by an IDF strike. Badawi also tweeted the following text along with the photo: “Palestine is bleeding. Another child killed by Israel... Another father carrying his child to a grave in Gaza.”

The picture, it emerged, was published in 2006 by Reuters and was of a Palestinian girl who died in an accident unrelated to Israel.

On July 11 Prosor sent a separate letter to Amos about Badawi, who remains on OCHA’s payroll.

In it, he said that Badawi, both in this incident and others, had “advanced a radical and hateful agenda against the State of Israel, which is complete incongruent with the conduct required for an apolitical UN employee.”

“If your organization wants Israelis to take its assertions of objectivity with any shred of seriousness, it should expedite the investigation and take immediate actions to end Ms. Badawi’s employment with the United Nations,” Prosor wrote.


The UN engages in anti Israel activities, so let's throw them out.

July 16, 2012

Jerusalem: Haredim protest against IDF draft

Thousands of Eda Haredit members gather in Shabbat Square to protest government plan for universal recruitment law. 'We won't surrender, even if they lock us up,' rabbi tells crowd
Kobi Nahshoni

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox from the Eda Haredit sect gathered in Jerusalem's Shabbat Square Monday evening to protest against the government's efforts to devise a new universal recruitment law.

The demonstration was held just a few hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened that should the coalition fail to agree on an alternative to the Tal Law, as of August 1 all 18-year-old Israeli citizens would be drafted to the IDF.

Netanyahu said that in case the government does not submit a new IDF draft bill, "On August 1 we'll go back to the Security Service Law, meaning recruitment for all at age 18."

The Tal Law, which effectively exempted yeshiva students from army service, expires next month in accordance with a High Court ruling.

The demonstration kicked off with a prayer session against the draft "decree." During the protest against the plan to draft yeshiva students to army or national service, children who attend Eda Haredit schools marched while handcuffed to each other.

Some children waved signs reading "Save me" – a reference to the possibility that they will be drafted when they turn 18. Others yelled "Gevald!"

Edat Haredit is an extremist ultra-Orthodox sect that does not recognize the State of Israel.

Another sign waved by protesters read, "We will never yield to the regime's decree."

Speaking from an improvised stage, a rabbi told the crowd, in Yiddish, "Even if they lock us up and beat us, we will remain Jews who observe the Torah and the mitzvahs.

The rabbi took advantage of the opportunity to criticize the attempts to obligate haredi educational institutions to teach the core subjects, calling them "devoid of any content."

Activists from the campaign for the equal distribution of the burden issued a statement in which they condemned the "cynical use of children and the calls against fulfilling civil duties in the State of Israel.

"The very fact that you (ultra-Orthodox) live in Israel and receive protection from the state obligates you to fulfill civil duties," the activists said.


You are stupid!

You need to come to the table and offer a compromise.

If you don't before this is over 100% of you will be drafted.

I do not want 100% draft, I want the best 10% to study Torah.

But as it is now too many boys are not sitting and studying they are goofing off.

Come on you have 70,000 of your children in Bnai Brak alone living below the poverty line, join the world and spread the love of Torah to your fellow Jews.

July 15, 2012


Amar calls for brotherly discourse over haredi draft
In Peres meet, Sephardi chief rabbi blesses both soldiers, yeshiva students for service; Eda Haredit plans rally against enlistment.

Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar met Sunday morning with President Shimon Peres to discuss the ever-growing rift between the haredi and secular sectors of the population over the formulation of new legislation for haredi enlistment into national service programs.

Amar sought Peres’ assistance in quelling what he termed the baseless hatred that is threatening the unity of the nation, and insisted that argument be expresses in a respectful manner.

“There’s a dispute going on at the moment, in which on the one hand our soldiers, may God preserve them, feel a sense of deprivation that they are contributing and bearing their lives in defense of the state; and on the other hand, yeshiva students who kill themselves in the tent of Torah and who continue to preserve the existence of the Jewish people,” Amar said.

The chief rabbi said that he had come to speak with Peres to issue a joint call, that arguments be conducted with the love and friendliness of brothers.

While demonstrating understanding for the arguments of both sides, Amar said that he could see a gradual change in haredi attitudes, that there was no doubt that there are haredim who are willing to serve in the army, and that with the passage of time there will be even greater change in the haredi community.

In fact, he said, there are thousands of such young men. But the disputes between the haredi and the non-haredi sectors of society must not be as strident as they have been, he said.

“We have many common goals,” he said, and emphasized that the three weeks period between the 17th of Tammuz and Tisha B'Av, which commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples, was an opportune time for reconciliation, given that the temples were destroyed because of baseless hatred.

Peres agreed that everything possible must be done towards achieving mutual understanding and to resolve the dispute.

There is no difference of opinion that everyone who can serve in the IDF should serve in the IDF, said Peres.

He reminded Amar that in the seven harsh wars that Israel had fought, there had always been a shortage of manpower and resources. The enmity with which Israel is surrounded demands that the burden of service should be shared equally by everyone, Peres noted.

He recalled that when Israel's first prime minister David Ben-Gurion had acceded to the request that a certain number of Torah scholars be exempt from army service, the intention had been a small number, and not the whole haredi community.

The number agreed upon at the time was between 300-400 students, said Peres. Since then, he continued, the numbers had increased out of all proportion, and this has become problematic.

Despite calls for moderation in the tone of the debate, the hardline Eda Haredit organization has arranged a new demonstration against haredi enlistment which will take place on Monday afternoon, in which, the group stated, haredi children will walk handcuffed through the streets of Jerusalem.

The Eda has issued a “holy call to all children studying in the halls of the rabbis” to gather in Kikar Shabbat in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim neighborhood, “to express loudly the pain of haredi Jews in Israel and abroad.”

The banner of the protest will be “Our young children have been taken into captivity before the adversary,” an extract from the book of Lamentations, read on Tisha B'Av.

On Saturday night, revered rabbi and spiritual leader of the Shas political movement Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef prayed that God protect all yeshiva students, and said that those trying to draft them “have no faith and are heretics.”

“We are surrounded by those who hate us, Iran, Hezbollah, the Palestinians,” he said during his weekly Torah address. “Correct, the IDF guards the borders, but what can they do against evil people?” he asked.

“Who guards us, only the Torah and God,” Yosef declared, and prayed that God “grant political leaders intelligence that they will not harm the Jewish people.”

I am getting sick and tired of the attitude of some Rabbi's.

My family is religious and studies Torah.

But we all have served.

My son served in the IDF and still serves in the reserves, he also is in school to study so he can make something of himself.

But I guess his Torah study is second best.

My daughter did national service and married a guy that served in the IDF.

My wife served in the IDF and then other places.

We are a religious family, that keeps shabbat, kassrut and studies Torah.

I guess you need to be a parasite, to have good Torah study.

I guess you need to sponge welfare from the rest of us that wor,k and send your wives out to work.

You are lazy worthless individuals, that can not be counted as men.

70,000 children in Bnai Brak live below the poverty level.

You can make children, but what kind of fathers are you?

If Torah study alone, was enough then explain to me the haredi dead in the Holocaust.

We know that G-D did not split the sea until one Jew took action and jumped into the water.

Let's test all 17 year old haredi boys the top 10% study, the rest go to the IDF or national service.

I for one will help you pack your bags, if you want to leave, rather than serve.

July 13, 2012

Gray coats are now black coats

Shas paper against haredi draft: We'll leave Israel

In editorial, Rabbi Moshe Shafir warns of 'chaos' and 'anarchy' in case IDF exemption for ultra-Orthodox annulled. 'When there is no government, there is civil war,' he writes
Kobi Nachshoni

The Shas daily "Yom Leyom" ("Day to Day") has suggested some original ways to protest the government's plan to draft yeshiva students, including leaving the country altogether and filing charges againt Israel in the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

In a piercing op-ed published Thursday, the newspaper's editor, Rabbi Moshe Shafir, warned of "anarchy" or "chaos" in case the haredim will no longer be exempt from army service.

"Not one haredi will enlist without the authorization of the rabbis. We'll devote our lives to the Torah at any price," wrote Shafir, a forefront Shas spokesperson.

In his column, Shafir warned of mass ultra-Orthodox demonstrations and said "lawsuits in the UN and the international courts, such as those filed by Israel's Left, will be effective.

"Holocaust-type photos of dozens of children wearing yellow badges may even leave the last German submarine in the shipyard," the rabbi said, referring to the sale of German Dolphin submarines to Israel.

Turning to Israel's secular community, Shafir warned that the haredim may resort to a "tax revolt" and launch strikes that will "make spaghetti of your country." He also warned of a mass haredi exodus "which will gradually turn you into a minority in the face of an Arab majority.

"We will also make it difficult to realize your melting pot ideal - the prisons are already filled with Eritreans," he said in the editorial.

Yom Leyom also criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for "lacking leadership" and leaving important decisions in the hands of "random teenagers."

"When there is no (leader), there is no government, and when there is no government, there is civil war," the rabbi wrote. "And in war there are casualties on both sides."

Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, head of the Har Bracha yeshiva, suggested that the government exempt women from IDF service before recruiting haredi men.

"The interaction between men and women in the army is the main obstacle, and the leaders of the haredi public use it as the main argument (against the recruitment of haredim)," he wrote in a column published in the haredi newspaper Besheva.

"The army must prepare for the absorption of thousands of soldiers who devoutly keep the mitzvoth."

The rabbi said that like other religious people, the ultra-Orthodox must also be offered tracks similar to the hesder yehivas that will allow them to combine army service with Torah studies.


Rabbi Moshe Shafir, let me give you some advice.

You need to measure 10 times and cut once.

You are letting your mouth write checks you can't cash.

My ancestors at one point in time thought they were correct and they engaged in a civil war and despite the fact that the lads in gray killed Yankees like flies.

They lost.

You want to push the rest of us, into a corner.

You will loose.

If you march children or anyone else out in public wearing yellow stars, you will have lost so many of us that are religious and not anti haredi.

We just might join the left to help you pack, so you can get the hell out of our country.


This weeks appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, will have me again for the whole hourl, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 3pm EDT, 12 noon Pacific, 10pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to the show by going to the MERF web page

Olmert could pose threat to PM in election, poll finds

Former prime minister insists that he has no plans to reenter politics, but if Olmert were to form a centrist party that included Yair Lapid, it could win 30 seats compared to Likud's 27, 'Post' commissioned poll finds.

A comeback by former prime minister Ehud Olmert would have a huge impact on the political map, according to a Smith Research poll commissioned by The Jerusalem Post following Olmert’s acquittal on the key corruption charges against him on Tuesday. But the former Kadima leader vehemently denied on Thursday he was seeking a return to politics.

Were Olmert to form a new centrist party that included Kadima and Yesh Atid Party leader Yair Lapid, it could win 30 seats, compared to 27 for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s Likud, according to the poll. The new party would take away mandates from Likud and Labor and could potentially form the next government.

The poll found that if Olmert returned to the helm of Kadima, the party would win 17 seats, compared to just eight under its current head, Shaul Mofaz. Kadima under Olmert would take three mandates away from Labor, one from Yisrael Beytenu and five from the newly formed Yesh Atid.

But when asked who is most fit to be prime minister, Netanyahu won by a wide margin. Thirty-three percent said Netanyahu, 15% opposition leader Shelly Yechimovich, 12% Olmert, 10% Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman and just three percent Mofaz. 27% said none of the above or that they had no opinion.

Netanyahu did especially well among respondents under 30, while Olmert fared better among people over 50. Among those who voted for Kadima in 2009, 30% preferred Olmert, 22% Yechimovich, 19% Netanyahu and only one percent said Mofaz or Liberman.

The poll of 500 respondents representing a statistical sample of the adult population was conducted by telephone on Wednesday. It had a 4.5% margin of error.

Olmert vigorously denied a Haaretz report that on the eve of the acquittal of most corruption charges against him, he said he was thinking of seeking his old job and that Lapid would join him. He told reporters at Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies on Thursday that he “enjoyed learning about my plans from the papers,” but that the report was untrue.

“I have no intention of entering political activity,” he said. “I am not involved and I do not intend to be involved. I have a party, Kadima, that I am a member of. I won’t form a new party. I am busy with other things now. Please don’t drag me to places where I don’t want to be and things I don’t plan to be involved in.”

However, sources close to Olmert confirmed earlier this week that he is motivated to return. His associates said he still felt bitter about the way Defense Minister Ehud Barak and other politicians forced him to quit when the corruption allegations first surfaced.

Lapid also denied the report, saying that anyone who was trying to connect him to Olmert was attempting to harm his party. Olmert is a family friend of Lapid, who said he was happy about the acquittals.

“Despite the reports, Yesh Atid does not and will not in the future have any intention or plan to run together with Olmert, who is a member of Kadima,” Lapid’s spokeswoman said.

“Kadima has failed as the representative of the sane Center and we intend to replace it in the next election.”

Olmert has not fared as well in polls in other media outlets. A Midgam poll broadcast on Channel 10 Wednesday night found that 70% of the public did not want him to return to politics and just 22% said he should come back.

A New Wave Research poll published Thursday in Israel HaYom found that 55.2% of Israelis oppose Olmert returning to public office. The poll found that 26.8% believe he could return to politics.

When asked whether Olmert was innocent or guilty in the Rishon Tours and Talansky affairs, 37.5% said guilty, 23.9% said innocent and 38.6% said they did not know or declined to comment. The poll of 500 respondents has a 4.4% margin of error.


This is just beyond my ability to understand.

Are Israeli's really this stupid?

July 12, 2012

The Good Old Days

Plan for new luxury cars for ministers hits the skids

Following public outrage. finance minister puts brakes on plan to upgrade officials' cars to armored BMWs at expected cost of NIS 20 million • Opposition leader Shelly Yachimovich: Decision to choose most expensive car reflects government's ostentatiousness.
Zeev Klein

The BMW 528 hits some roadblocks on its way to becoming Israel's official government vehicle.

Government officials had already started fantasizing about their shiny new, armored BMWs with all the optional extras, but Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz succumbed to public pressure on Wednesday and ordered his Director-General Doron Cohen to look into canceling the tender for the luxury vehicles.

"We need to consider not just how much the cars are going to cost the state and carry out a cost-benefit analysis, but also public perception," Steinitz said. The starting price of a BMW 528 is NIS 400,000 (about $100,000).

The Government Vehicle Administration had decided to "treat" the cabinet ministers and other senior government officials by upgrading their state-issued vehicles from an Audi A6 to the BMW 528i. The decision, however, sparked strong criticism on Wednesday, in particular as most ministries are dealing with budget cuts and taxes are rising.

Opposition leader Shelly Yachimovich (Labor) said she was not surprised by the decision to upgrade the vehicles, and that choosing the most expensive car reflected the government's ostentatiousness and lack of shame. "This car is showy and unbecoming of elected officials, and is further evidence that the government is disconnected from the people it is supposed to represent," she said.

Simple arithmetic shows that the total cost of purchasing the 50 BMW's would reach NIS 20 million. Ministers who prefer a more modest car would have the option of the cheaper Citroen C5 Exclusive model. Before Steinitz's announcement, his ministry had rejected criticism of the tender, emphasizing that it had secured significant discounts. "It was a dynamic tender; we will save money with these cars," the office claimed.

In an attempt to minimize criticism, the GVA decided to disqualify cars with flashy colors, such as blue, red or yellow, with officials allowed to choose only between black and white.

The Finance Ministry clarified Wednesday that it had not yet signed a deal with the winner of the tender, but that it would be signed in the coming days. Significant discounts are usually given to the state when it issues public tenders for official government vehicles. Steinitz's new directive to his director general, however, means that the ministry will have to examine whether the previous tender can be administratively and legally withdrawn in favor of another one with new financial parameters, which would leave luxury cars like the BMW 528 out of the picture.

I remember when;

A Prime Minister road around in an unarmored Chrysler.

A German car would never have been used by the Israeli government.

A cabinet member was close to the people and not put up on an elitist perch.

How could we have gone so wrong?

No Wonder...

The ‘Gatekeepers’ open up
A provocative and bleak documentary, featuring all six living former Shin Bet chiefs, draws some of its protagonists to a Jerusalem screening
By David Horovitz July 12, 2012, 6:08 am

For his dark, provocative documentary “The Gatekeepers,” director Dror Moreh secured interviews with all six living ex-chiefs of the Shin Bet domestic intelligence service. And he achieved that dark, provocative impact neither by sensationalist distortion of their comments nor by camera trickery — although the film includes rare and powerful footage of counter-terror operations. He simply allowed those veteran intelligence chiefs, speaking to camera in separate, intercut interviews, to discuss their roles, the particular challenges that dominated their time in office, and their conclusions about Israel’s fight against Palestinian and, for some of them, Jewish terrorism.

The film was screened Wednesday as part of the Jerusalem Film Festival, with at least two of the six in the audience — Ami Ayalon and Yaakov Peri. For all I know, others were there in the shadows. I asked Ayalon afterwards whether the film had used his quotations fairly. “I think so,” he shrugged. “There was so much that I said.”

Unsurprisingly, all six of these “Gatekeepers,” men whose careers were devoted to keeping us safe, come across onscreen as smart, self-aware and intellectually rigorous.

Disconcertingly, several of them highlight their profound distrust — and worse — of politicians. Ayalon (Shin Bet chief from 1996 to 2000) recounts his touching childhood belief that, in Jerusalem, on the second floor of an office building, there is a long corridor with a door at the end, and behind that door is a wise man making wise decisions for Israel. Now, he says, I’ve been to that building and walked down that second floor corridor, and there is no door at the end of it, and no wise man behind that door doing the necessary thinking on my behalf. As Ayalon speaks, Moreh’s camera pans across the row of prime ministerial portraits hanging on wall of a corridor on the second floor of the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem.

Yaakov Peri (1988-94) recalls how, when his unit in the Shin Bet busted the 1980s Jewish terror underground that had bombed West Bank Palestinian mayors and was intercepted red-handed placing bombs on Palestinian buses in Jerusalem with the goal of killing 250 Arabs, the then-prime minister, Yitzhak Shamir, praised him and his colleagues as “the jewel in the crown.” But just a few years later Shamir, and others, signed off on early pardons for the gang — who had also been plotting to blow up the Dome of Rock, with apocalyptic consequences — and it was the Shin Bet, which had thwarted them, that wound up “delegitimized.”

Strikingly, all six make plain, albeit with differing degrees of urgency and hope, their sense that an accommodation with the Palestinians is a security imperative for Israel. Avraham Shalom (1981-86), the oldest of the six, says Israel should try to negotiate with anyone — yes, anyone; yes, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, he repeats wearily — to break down stereotypes and give progress a chance. “And if they answer rudely, try again.”

Ayalon quotes Carl von Clausewitz — getting one of the film’s very rare laughs by wryly describing the great military theorist as being smart even though he doesn’t seem to have been Jewish — who defined “victory” as constituting an improvement of one’s political situation. Ayalon invokes the quote to undercut the notion that any more permanent kind of victory can be achieved by intermittently gaining the upper hand over terrorism. My son, Ayalon muses, must have conquered Nablus three times during his military service in the paratroopers.

Carmi Gillon (1995-96) speaks of Israel making life unacceptable for millions of people. Yuval Diskin (2005-11) endorses a prediction by Yeshayahu Leibowitz that the capture of Judea and Samaria would boomerang, corrupting Israel and turning it into “a Shin Bet state.” Avi Dichter (2000-05), today a Kadima MK and the Shin Bet director in whose tenure the second intifada terror onslaught rose and was quashed, who sounds the most robust in his conviction that terror can be defeated in the long term, nonetheless also highlights his belief in the need for relations “of trust” with the Palestinians and his confidence that trust can eventually be achieved.

But it is Peri who strikes the most plaintive chord. Speaking over footage of a suspect being arrested late at night in a raid on a Palestinian home, he says that when you think of all those operations in which terrorists and terror suspects are dragged from their family’s embrace, with their mothers crying, even though you know all the dark truths about some of these people, even though you’ve witnessed the horrifying ruthlessness of their murderous crimes, well… he pauses … “when you leave the service, you become” … he pauses again … “a bit of a leftist.”

The movie is bleak in that the common assessment of these career terror-fighters is that the bad guys are prevailing — the Palestinian Islamists, and the Jewish extremists like Yigal Amir. “He won big time,” says Gillon of the prime minister’s assassin, who struck on his watch.

These men are realists. You listen to Dichter lamenting the decision by prime minister Ariel Sharon in 2003 to prevent him from dropping a one-ton bomb on a once-in-a-lifetime meeting in Gaza of the entire Hamas leadership for fear of collateral damage — heaven knows how many lives were lost before “we got” some of them later, Dichter says, while others “are active to this day” — and you cannot for a second doubt their singularity of purpose.

Their belief in the need for an accommodation then, is not born of softness. It is a hard-nosed assessment of where Israel’s interests lie. “We’re winning all the battles,” says Ayalon in the film’s final scene. “And we’re losing the war.”


No wonder, we are in trouble.

A bunch of leftist, and we wonder we only win limited victory.

Sun Tzu stated very clearly in order to win, you must know your enemy and know yourself.

I submit, we know the enemy, but delude ourselves into thinking he is something other than what he is.

When it comes to knowing ourselves, we really are messed up.

So many Ashkenazim Jews seem to have trouble with understanding where we live and how to deal with it in order to achieve victory.

I will give you an example, Palestinian suicide bombers.

The first approach is to get tough, change the way we deal with the Palestinians living in Judea and Samaria, view them as the enemy and come down hard on them., where they live.

Second set up ambushes on the hills, over which they smuggled themselves into Israel.

What did Israel do?

They responded as Ashkenazim.

Israel built the wall, a ghetto for Jews to live in once again.

I thought, we had left the ghetto's of Europe behind.

We really don't know our enemy since we refuse to identify the Palestinians as our enemy instead we call them partners for peace.

What peace?

What partners?

No wonder we still have not achieve victory over our enemy.

July 11, 2012

What our enemy is thinking

PSR poll of Palestinians: 65.8%:31.9% Gazans support armed attacks against Israeli civilians inside Israel

56) Concerning armed attacks against Israeli civilians inside Israel, I….
West Bank
Certainly support 6.0% Support 23.9%
Oppose 58.2% Certainly oppose 9.7%
DK/NA 2.3%
Gaza Strip
Certainly support 20.6% Support 45.2%
Oppose 28.2% Certainly oppose 3.7%
DK/NA 2.3%

PSR - Survey Research Unit: Poll No. 44 - Full analysis
10 July 2012

Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No (44)

While the popularity of Fateh and President Abbas drops, and while Hamas'
popularity improves, popular criticism of crackdown on freedoms increases
and opposition to a two-state solution rises

21-23 June 2012

These are the results of the latest poll conducted by the Palestinian Center
for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip
between 21-23 June 2012. Total size of the sample is 1200 adults interviewed
face to face in 120 randomly selected locations. Margin of error is 3%.

For further details, contact PSR director, Dr. Khalil Shikaki, or Walid
Ladadweh at tel 02-296 4933 or email pcpsr@pcpsr.org.

PSR Poll No. 44
21 – 23 June 2012

Total West Bank Gaza Strip
00) From among the following satellite news stations, which one you
watched most during the last two months?
1) Al Arabia 11.6%
2) Al Jazeera 46.5%
3) Al Hurra 1.4%
4) Al Manar 2.5%
5) Palestine TV 14.0%
6) Alaqsa 8.6%
7) Do not watch TV 8.8%
8) Others 4.9%
9) Do not have a dish 1.3%

21-2 From among the following vital national goals, which in your view
should the first most important one and which should be the second most
important goal that the Palestinian people should strive to achieve?
1) Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 borders and the establishment of a
Palestinian state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip with East Jerusalem as
its capital 21.7%
2) Obtain the right of return to refuges to their 1948 towns and
villages 39.1%
3) Establish a democratic political system that respects freedoms and
rights of Palestinians 19.3%
4) Build a pious or moral individual and a religious society, one that
applies all Islamic teachings 20.0%

30) What do you expect to happen between Palestinians and Israelis now
after the Kadima under the leadership of Mofaz has joined the coalition
government headed by Netanyahu?
1) The two sides will return soon to negotiations 17.7%
2) The two sides will return to negotiations but some armed attacks will
take place 31.7%
3) The two sides will not return to negotiations and some armed attacks
will take place 18.7%
4) The two sides will not return to negotiations and there will be no
armed attacks 21.0%
5) DK/NA 10.8%

35) Do you feel these days that you are living in a political system that
believes in freedom and democracy for its citizens or do you feel you are
living in an undemocratic system that cracks down on freedoms?
1) Certainly democratic, believe in freedoms 4.8%
2) Democratic and believe in freedoms 24.1%
3) Undemocratic, cracks down on freedoms 44.6%
4) Certainly undemocratic and cracks down on freedoms 22.3%
5) DK/NA 4.3%

43) Now more than 45 years after the Israeli occupation of the West Bank
and the Gaza Strip, what in your view are the chances for the establishment
of an independent Palestinian state next to the state of Israel in the next
five years? Are they high, medium, low, or none existent?
1) None existent 27.7%
2) Low 39.9%
3) Medium 27.1%
4) High 3.1%
5) DK/NA 2.2%

45) What do you think are the aspirations of Israel for the long run?
1) Withdrawal from the territories it occupied in 1967 after
guaranteeing its security 7.2%
2) Withdrawal form part of the occupied territories after guaranteeing
its security 9.7%
3) Annexation of the West Bank while denying political rights of
Palestinian citizens 18.6%
4) Extending the borders of the state of Israel to cover all the area
between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea and expelling its Arab
citizens 62.1%

Now that negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis have stopped,
would you support or oppose the following option in the search for achieving
Palestinian rights?
50-1) Going to the Security Council to obtain a recognition of a
Palestinian state
1) Certainly support 19.5%
2) Support 53.1%
3) Oppose 22.0%
4) Certainly oppose 3.8%
5) DK/NA 1.6%

July 10, 2012

US displeased with Levy Report

DC official says US 'does not accept legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity and we oppose any effort to legalize settlement outposts'
Yitzhak Benhorin

WASHINGTON – The American Administration vehemently disagrees with the findings of the Levy Report, which states that the Israeli government must promote the legitimization of all West Bank settlements and outposts.

Speaking at a press briefing on Monday evening, State Department Spokesman Patrick Ventrell said that, "The US position on settlements is clear.

"Obviously, we've seen the reports that an Israeli Government appointed panel has recommended legalizing dozens of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, but we do not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity and we oppose any effort to legalize settlement outposts...We’re concerned about it, obviously."

Washington is likely to pressure Israel to refrain from implementing the report's recommendations – a situation that will categorically change the legal realities in the West Bank.

The report is likely to be one of the issues US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns discusses during his meetings in Israel this week.

Burns will accompany US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her visit to the region, which will begin in Egypt, continue in Israel and will also see the US mission meet with top Palestinian officials in Ramallah.


How many nations that America at one time supported, were betrayed by America in the end?

How many treaties with Native Americans did America break over the years?

I think if Israel cut off the corporate welfare for the defense industrial complex, also know as so called aid to Israel.

We would gain support from the American people and Congress, and we would be more free to act.

In the end our support and ties with American just might be strengthened, for what really matters support in the UN and other international anti Israel agencies.

The State Department has never been pro Israel, so who cares what they say.

Peres cancels trip to London Olympics

President nixes trip because no hotels walking distance from Friday night opening ceremonies available.

President Shimon Peres on Tuesday cancelled his trip to London for the opening of the Olympic Games.

The cancellation is not related to the International Olympic Committee's refusal to have a minute's silence in memory of the eleven Israeli athletes who were murdered by Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

Rather it is to do with the upholding of religious Jewish practice.

The opening ceremony of the London Olympics will take place on a Friday evening. There are no hotels within walking distance of the stadium. Peres, who is a good walker, would not have mind walking the extra mile if there was a hotel at the end of it – but there isn't, aside from which it would place a most unenviable burden on his security detail.

Rather than publicly desecrate the Sabbath, Peres chose to cancel his participation in the opening of the 2012 Olympics, though he would have dearly liked to cheer the Israeli team, as he did in Beijing.

Peres is not personally observant, but in his ministerial and presidential roles has always taken care to publicly observe the Sabbath and the dietary laws.

Peres said that like the rest of Israel, he will follow the games on his television set, but will cheer out loud every time that Israel wins a medal.

I may not agree with a lot of what Peres believes, but I have to say good for him.

July 09, 2012

Business owners to face closure for employing infiltrators

During discussion convened by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on infiltrators, it is agreed that businesses that employ illegal migrants will soon be shut down • Number of immigrants decreases • Justice Ministry proposes to prohibit infiltrators from transferring money abroad.
Shlomo Cesana and Edna Adato

The Population, Immigration and Border Authority will begin shutting down businesses that employ illegal work infiltrators, a statement released by the Prime Minister's Office said on Sunday.

During a special discussion convened Sunday evening by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the issue of illegal migrants in Israel, Defense Ministry Deputy Director-General Betzalel Treiber briefed participants on the progress of the security fence being built in the south and said that in the coming month, some 4,000 places in detention centers would be added and that more than 12,000 places would be available by the end of the year.

Among those who participated in the discussion were Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Interior Minister Eli Yishai, Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman, IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh, Israel Police Deputy Inspector-General Yisrael Yitzhak, Israel Prison Service Commissioner Aharon Franco and other senior police officers and Defense, Finance, Interior and Justice Ministry representatives.

The participants were presented with up-to-date data on the illegal immigrants. Eleven infiltrators were detained in Israel this past weekend and 129 since the beginning of the month. All were being held at the Saharonim facility in the south, pursuant to the new infiltrator law, which allows detention for up to three years. In May, 2,031 infiltrators were detained, followed by 928 infiltrators in June. This suggested the number of infiltrators crossing the border had decreased. In June last year, 1213 infiltrators crossed the border.

Treiber said the 200 kilometer security fence being constructed in the south would be completed by October, save for a 14-kilometer section around Eilat which will be completed by the start of next year.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Netanyahu commended the work being carried out and said, "The government's determined action is already showing results on the ground. There is still much work to do but we are on the right track."

Meanwhile, the Justice Ministry issued a memo on Sunday on the Prevention of Infiltration Law, in which it proposed to ban infiltrators from sending money abroad for themselves or for others. The penalty leveled on infiltrators who transfer money abroad will be six months' imprisonment or a fine of NIS 29,200, and the punishment for anyone who help the infiltrators will be a year in jail.

The memo stressed that infiltrators who choose to leave Israel will be able to take with them all the money they had earned. The penalties will not be imposed on those who are recognized as refugees by the state.

"The amount of money transferred by African migrants to their families around the world is estimated to be billions of dollars each year, amounts which are a significant part of the economies of the host countries. As such, reducing the economic incentive to infiltrate is an effective tool in dealing with infiltration," the Justice Ministry noted on Sunday.

In related news, a plane is expected to take off this week from Israel carrying South Sudanese infiltrators back to their home country. By the end of the month, it is believed that all South Sudanese infiltrators in Israel will have been sent back. Next week, the immigration authority and police will begin arresting infiltrators from the Ivory Coast, leading to their eventual deportation.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leader: Israelis are rapists of Jerusalem

Israelis are "rapists" and it is a necessity for every Muslim to save Jerusalem from their clutches, Muhammad Badi is reported to have said last Thursday • Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani: Time has come for the disappearance of the West and the Zionist regime.
Israel Hayom Staff

Israelis are "rapists" and it is a necessity for every Muslim to save Jerusalem from their clutches, the Supreme Leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood organization is reported to have said last Thursday.

According to last Thursday's edition of Al Wafd, an Egyptian daily newspaper, during his weekly sermon, "Muhammad Badi, the Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Guide, confirmed the necessity for every Muslim to strive to save al-Quds [Jerusalem] from the hands of the rapists [Israelis] and to cleanse Palestine from the clutches of the occupation, deeming this an individual duty for all Muslims."

More specifically, he "called on all Muslims to wage jihad [holy war] with their money and their selves to free al-Quds."

The article was first reported on by the website Jihad Watch.

Last month, Egyptians elected Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood as the first democratically elected president of Egypt since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak.

According to Al Wafd, Badi said Muslims must enable the displaced [Palestinians] to "return to their homes."

"The Jews had gathered from the diaspora on behalf of an alleged, illusory right, and established their state on the sanctities of the [Palestinian] nation," Badi is reported to have said.

According to a profile of the group by the Israel Project, the Muslim Brotherhood opposes secular tendencies of Islamic nations and wants return to the precepts of the Koran. It rejects Western influences and values. The organization's motto is: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Quran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

Establishing a state based on Islamic law (Shariah) is at the center of the Muslim Brotherhood's ideology, both in Egypt and among the group's many offshoots abroad.

Though the Muslim Brotherhood is now viewed by some as more moderate than groups such as al-Qaida, messages delivered by the group's leaders have made clear the Brotherhood remains committed to militancy. In September 2010, Muhammad Badi gave a sermon in which he said, "The improvement and change that the [Muslim] nation seeks can only be attained through jihad and sacrifice and by raising a jihadi generation that pursues death, just as the enemies pursue life."

The group’s 2007 political platform says, “Islam is the official state religion and that Shariah is the main source for legislation.” The platform also calls for “revising” the peace treaty with Israel.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has described the West and the Israeli regime as the major sources of oppression in the current era, saying that time has come for their existence to end, Iran's Press TV reported.

“Today, the time has come for the disappearance of the West and the Zionist regime, which are two dark spots in the present era, from the face of the universe,” Larijani said in a Thursday conference in Tehran commemorating the anniversary of the birth of Shia Islam’s 12th imam mahdi.

Looks like the Arab spring, just might bring us World War 3.

Israel needs to retake the Sinai, sooner rather than later to create a true buffer zone between us and the new government in Cairo.

Please let's not repeat the mistakes of 1973, we need to be in the driver seat. Force the Muslims to react to us and not the other way around.

July 06, 2012


This weeks appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, will have me again for the whole hour as the Prime Minister of Israel, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 3pm EDT, 12 noon Pacific, 10pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to the show by going to the MERF web page

How Dare You

UNHRC to probe Israeli settlements

UN's Human Rights Council tasks three-person panel with fact-finding mission on Israel's West Bank settlement policies. Jerusalem condemns decision; Foreign Ministry says won't cooperate
News agencies

The UN's top human rights body has appointed three independent experts to conduct a fact-finding mission on how Israel's West Bank settlements affect the Palestinians.

The president of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Uruguay Ambassador Laura Dupuy-Lasserre, named three delegates to the panel on Friday evening.

French judge Christine Chanet will lead the panel, which will also include Pakistani lawyer Asma Jahangir and Botswana judge Unity Dow.

Dupuy-Lasserre said their mission will be to look how the Israeli settlements impact "the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of the Palestinian people."

The Geneva-based 47-nation council passed a resolution in March to establish such a probe following a motion by the Palestinian Authority. Israel's ally the United States was the only member to vote against it. The UN considers Israeli settlements illegal under international law.

'UNHRC targeting Israel'

The council said that Israel's planned construction of new housing units in the West Bank and east Jerusalem "undermines the peace process and poses a threat to the two-state solution and the creation of an independent Palestinian state."

Jerusalem condemned Friday's decision: "The establishment of this mission is another blatant expression of the singling out of Israel in the UNHRC. This fact-finding mission will find no cooperation in Israel and its members will not be allowed to enter Israel and the territories," a Foreign Ministry statement said.

As the team will not be allowed access to Israeli settlements, they are likely to have to gather information from second-hand sources, including the media.

Even if the investigators conclude settlements violate human rights law, US opposition is likely to stymie any attempt to impose any punishment on Israel.

On Monday Richard Falk, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, said that the acceleration of settlement building had "closed the book" on the feasibility of a two-state solution.

"The Palestinian position gets weaker and weaker through time and the Israelis get more and more of a fait accompli through their unlawful activities," he said.


Great a Pakistani lawyer, a French judge and maybe an honest judge from Botswana .

I would not let any of the three into Israel not on the sands of the beach of Tel Aviv nor the banks of the Jordan river or anything in between.

This is the same UN that wants to help our enemies the Palestinians, steal our heritage in Hevron.

Maybe if we wait a few weeks Assad, could join the group in judging Israel.

How dare the world in light of all the problems in the world, continue to seek out Israel for special treatment.

The bigger question is when are we Jews going to grow a back bone and gain the under standing that the world will never love us.

So we should seek to make Israel so valuable through what we provide to the world, and publicize it.

We also need to make ourselves so strong, the world will fear us.

Then we will be left alone to live in peace with those Arabs, that want to live together with us.

Those that don't want to live in peace with us, be they Arabs or Jews can get out!

July 05, 2012

Grave questions. Palestinian leader approves Arafat autopsy

Mahmoud Abbas gives permission to exhume Yasser Arafat's body for autopsy • Arafat's widow rejected autopsy at time of death • Medical records in France, where Arafat was treated before his death, remain unopened.
The Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff

Grave concerns: Arafat's widow Suha (right) has requested that his body be exhumed on suspicions of poisoning.
Photo credit: AP

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas cleared the way Wednesday for a possible autopsy on the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's remains.

Arafat’s widow, Suha Arafat, requested the autopsy after a Swiss lab said it had found elevated levels of a lethal radioactive isotope on Arafat’s belongings.

The developments have reignited a storm of speculation over the cause of Arafat’s death on Nov. 11, 2004, at the age of 75 at a military hospital outside Paris.

Suha Arafat, who rejected an autopsy at the time of her husband’s death, said she wanted one done now in the wake of the lab's findings. Her request was first reported by the Arab satellite TV station Al-Jazeera. In an interview with the station, she did not explain why she waited nearly eight years to have Arafat’s belongings, including a toothbrush and a fur hat, tested.

French doctors said at the time that Arafat died of a massive brain hemorrhage, weeks after he fell violently ill at his West Bank compound. He suffered intestinal inflammation, jaundice and a blood condition known as disseminated intravascular coagulation, according to French medical records.

But the records were inconclusive ast to what brought about the coagulation, which can have numerous causes including infections, colitis and liver disease. Outside experts who reviewed the records on behalf of The Associated Press were also unable to pinpoint the underlying cause.

The uncertainty prompted many in the Arab world to allege he was killed by Israel, which viewed him as an obstacle to a peace treaty. Israeli officials have vociferously denied any foul play.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor was dismissive of the latest developments, saying, "The circumstances of Mr. Arafat's death aren't a mystery ... He was treated in France, in a French hospital, by French doctors, and they have all the medical information."

Francois Bochud, who heads the Institute of Radiation Physics in Lausanne, Switzerland, told AP on Wednesday that his lab had examined belongings that Suha Arafat had claimed were used by her husband in his final days, as well as other items that he had not worn.

Suha Arafat said the items were kept in a secure room at her attorney's office in Paris after Arafat's death and stayed there until Al-Jazeera approached the lab on her behalf at the beginning of this year, he added.

Experts found what Bochud characterized as "very small" quantities of polonium, an isotope naturally present in the environment. There were higher quantities of polonium on clothing Arafat had worn, including urine-stained underwear and bloodstained hospital clothing, than on belongings he had not used, such as new and unworn socks stored in the same bag.

Polonium is best known for causing the death of Alexander Litvinenko, a one-time KGB agent turned critic of the Russian government, in London in 2006. Litvinenko ingested tea laced with the substance.

Bochud said an "elevated" level of more than 100 millibecquerels, a measurement of radioactivity, was found on belongings used by Arafat, compared with 10 millibecquerels in the reference samples.

He said this would not necessarily mean Arafat had been poisoned, and it was not possible to say where the polonium might have originated.

"What is possible to say is that we have an unexplained level of polonium, so this clearly goes toward the hypothesis of a poisoning, but our results are clearly not a proof of any poisoning," Bochud said by telephone from Switzerland.

Denis Gutierrez, a senior French military doctor, said he did not know whether French medics had checked Arafat for polonium while he was at France's Percy military hospital, and was unaware of anything about poisoning in the 558-page classified report on his death.

But Gutierrez said nothing had been sent from the hospital to the Swiss lab, raising questions about the reliability of the belongings that were tested.

"Samples taken in the hospital remain in the hospital," he said.

Even if further testing does take place, the mystery surrounding Arafat's death may never be solved.

Alastair Hay, professor of environmental toxicology at the University of Leeds in England, said bone marrow and hair samples should be tested for signs of poisoning.

"You don't know much about the provenance of the clothing and whether it had been tampered with later on. You'd want to test the body," he said.

But Bochud said Arafat's medical records showed that, unlike Litvinenko, Arafat’s bone marrow had been in good shape and he had not lost his hair. In addition, Arafat's condition in the French hospital briefly improved before sharply deteriorating in his final days. Such improvement might contradict poisoning as a cause. In any case, polonium breaks down relatively quickly, meaning that after eight years, much of any polonium that was there would be gone.

At the time of his death, Arafat was confined by Israel in the Ramallah government compound. The U.S. and Israel viewed Arafat as largely responsible for the outbreak of the second Palestinian uprising.

In a radio interview, Dov Weisglass, the chief of staff of Israel's then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, insisted that Israeli officials never considered killing Arafat and, in fact, Sharon had opposed the idea because "he didn't think his physical extermination would help. On the contrary."

July 04, 2012

Palestinians seek more UNESCO site recognitions

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki says Cave of the Patriarchs and Mount Gerizim should also receive UNESCO recognition • Israeli spokesman says the plan to add more sites to World Heritage list is "pure propaganda."
The Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff

Hebron's Cave of the Patriarchs, another site for which the Palestinians hope to get UNESCO recognition. [Archive]

The Palestinian Authority says it will seek to have additional religious West Bank sites recognized by UNESCO as endangered World Heritage sites.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki specifically named the Cave of the Patriarchs, a site holy to Jews and Muslims in Hebron where biblical patriarchs and their wives are buried, and Mount Gerizim near Nablus. Gerizim is the home of part of today's Samaritan community, the other portion of which lives in Holon. Gerizim is recognized by the Samaritans as holier than the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and they conduct sacrificial rituals there even today.

Last week, UNESCO approved the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem as an endangered site in a move Palestinians hailed as a key step toward statehood. Despite the fact that world heritage sites have seemingly little to do with politics, all sides view the approval process as political. The United States and Israel dismissed the move as cynical politicization of the cultural body.

Malki said the church's recognition was the start of a "long term project."

Israeli government spokesman Yigal Palmor dismissed the plan to add more sites as "pure propaganda." He hoped UNESCO would reject the move.

The PA should be told very specifically if you go to UNESCO to get the cave of the Patriarchs named as a heritage site for thew Palestinians it will be an act of war.

But no, our best response is we call the move "pure propaganda" and we hope UNESCO will reject it.

Are we nuts, thinking UNESCO would pass up a chance to hurt Israel.

If we are not willing to fight for our forefathers then what are we willing to fight for?

Dead Is Dead

PA: Arafat's body can be exhumed over poison claim
Announcement follows Al Jazeera report on new evidence that the late PLO chairman was poisoned with a radioactive element.

The Palestinian Authority agreed on Wednesday to the exhumation of Yasser Arafat's body after new allegations that he was poisoned with the radioactive element polonium-210 in 2004.

A Swiss institute that examined clothing provided by Arafat's widow Suha as part of an Al Jazeera expose said it found "surprisingly" high levels of polonium-210, though symptoms described in the president's medical reports were not consistent with the radioactive agent.

The Palestinian administration said it would approve Suha Arafat's request to bring Arafat's remains up for autopsy from his limestone mausoleum in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

"The Authority, as it always has been, is ready to completely cooperate with and clear the way for an investigation into the true causes leading to the martyrdom of the late president," said Nabil Abu Rdeineh, spokesman to Arafat's successor as Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, without giving a date for such a move.

"I want the world to know the truth about the assassination of Yasser Arafat," Suha Arafat told the Qatar-based satellite TV channel, without making any direct accusations but noting that Israel and the United States saw him as an obstacle to peace.

The findings stirred up old Palestinian suspicions Israel was behind the death of the 75-year-old it had shunned after peace talks collapsed into bloodshed in 2000.

Long ill, Arafat was airlifted to a military hospital in France where he died on Nov. 11, 2004. French doctors who treated him in his final days said they could not establish the cause of death. French officials, citing privacy laws, refused to give details of the nature of his illness.

Polonium, apparently ingested with food, was found to have caused the slow death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006.

Israel has denied involvement in Arafat's death and the head of the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) at the time, Avi Dichter, on Wednesday said the onus was on the Palestinians.

"The body is in their hands. It is in Ramallah and really, all the keys are in their hands," he told Israel's Army Radio.

Ion Pacepa former head of the Romanian KGB, wrote in his book about Arafat being a total sexual deviant.

Arafat's activities were so disturbing, that they upset this ex KGB head and keeps from from giving any details about it here.

The only thing I will say is Arafat always had his pretty boys around him.

I wish Israel had killed Arafat, for he deserved to die as a result of actions by Israel.

But I think it was a virus, called HIV.

But who cares the Jew murdering scum, is in the ground and that is all that matters.

July 03, 2012

'I would have blown up Knesset if I could have'

Elhanan Estrovic, the ultra-orthodox man who police suspect was involved in vandalizing Yad Vashem last month, arraigned in court.

Police on Tuesday arraigned 31-year-old Elhanan Estrovich, a resident of Bnei Brak, for spray painting anti- Zionist hate slogans on the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum on June 11, as well as similar vandalism attacks on Ammunition Hill and the Jordan Valley.

During the police investigation of Estrovich, the young haredi man said that he would have blown up the Knesset, the courts and IDF bases if he could.

Police arrested four haredi suspects from Jerusalem, Ashdod and Bnei Brak on suspicion of spray painting anti-Zionist hate slogans at the Yad Vashem last month. The suspects, members of Natorei Karta, were found in possession of large amounts of texts condemning Zionism and Israel; PLO flags; and paint. Texts suspected to be incitement to hatred were also found on computers. Natorei Karta is a small but vocal, extreme anti-Zionist sect, which believes that the founding of the State of Israel, without specific divine intervention, was a sin.

The attack on Yad Vashem shocked the country and deeply upset Holocaust survivors. Lawyers for the suspects insisted that they had nothing to do with the events, and the only thing they were guilty of is sending anti-Zionist text messages. At least one of the suspects is undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

“I believe that it was important to know the identities of those who spray-painted the graffiti,” said Yad Vashem chairman Avner Shalev. “The suspects are extremist ultra- Orthodox Jews, anti-Zionists, who are on the fringes of society and do not represent the majority who respect the memory of the Holocaust.”

Shalev said the vandalism attack three weeks ago was the largest the museum has ever experienced, and that it was the worst thing he had seen in his career.

“Throughout all of Jewish society and Israeli society [Yad Vashem is] a symbol of unity, of tolerance, of values and openness, of discourse and dialogue among all types of ideas,” said Shalev on the day of the attack.

Yaakov Lappin and Melanie Lidman contributed to this report


Deportation is the answer.

If members of Natorei Karta have a second passport deport them to that country.

We deported members of Hamas to a hillside in southern Lebanon, let's do the same for these terrorist.

We must declare Natorei Karta a terrorist organization and close them down.

July 02, 2012

IMF turns down Israeli loan request for Palestinians

English.news.cn 2012-07-02 18:12:00

JERUSALEM, July 2 (Xinhua) -- The International Monetary Fund ( IMF) recently turned down an Israeli request to arrange a 100- million-U.S. dollar bridge loan for the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), local press reported Monday.

According to the plan, Israel would take out the loan on behalf of the PNA, in order to shore up its cash-starved economy, Israeli officials told the Ha'aretz daily.

IMF loan provisions, however, forbid lending money to non-state actors, such as the PNA, hence Israel's request was turned down, the report said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is "interested in preventing a situation whereby the PNA collapses financially, which is liable to have a very negative impact on the West Bank security situation," a senior Israeli official told the newspaper.

The request was made in the wake of meetings between PNA Prime Minister Salim Fayyad and Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer at the IMF's annual meeting held in Washington in April.

Netanyahu approved Fischer's idea of turning to the international body for financial assistance.

Fayyad said that both the Euro and American financial crises precluded their providing any assistance to the Palestinians, and that promised funds from Arab states were not forthcoming.

Additionally, Palestinian banking institutions refused to extended a line of credit to the PNA, severely limiting its ability to make monthly salary payments to employees, particularly security personnel.

Thank G-D, the IMF turned Israel down.

Let the PA sink.

Maybe the PA leadership will dig into their pockets and return some of the money they have stolen from the donations to the Palestinians.

So What !

Video: Border Guard officer kicks Palestinian boy

Footage captured by B'Tselem shows two Border Guard officers assaulting boy in Hebron. Child's father: He didn't provoke them

Elior Levy
Published: 07.02.12, 22:19 / Israel News

Two Border Guard officers stationed in Hebron were caught on tape assaulting a Palestinian child. The footage, which was filmed by the B'Tselem organization, shows one of the officers hiding at an entrance to an alleyway. At one point, the child is seen leaving the alley, when the officer approaches him and asks: "Why are you causing a ruckus?"

The footage, which was taken last Friday, does not give a clear answer as to why the officer waited for the child and what he did prior to stepping into the frame. In the footage, the boy is heard crying and calling his mother, at which point another officer enters the frame, approaches the child and kicks him. The boy is then seen running away.

Amar Burkan, the boy's father, claimed in a phone conversation with Ynet that his son did not provoke the officers and did not hurl stones or curse at them.

The father further claimed that the Palestinians are not allowed to pass through the alleyway where the incident took place during certain times such as on Jewish holidays, or when Jewish residents cross there. He estimated that the officers may have apprehended his son for that reason.

B'Tselem issued a statement saying that they intend to file a complaint with the Justice Ministry's unit for Internal Police Investigations against the two officers.

A spokesperson for the Border Guard stated that they view the matter "with utmost gravity and denounce behavior that is contrary to the unit's values.

"This incident is unusual and does not represent the valuable work that the Border Guard officers do for the security of the state. The Border Guard commander has instructed to appoint a taskforce to investigate the incident, and its conclusions will be published in the coming days."


So What!

It is clear from the video, that the kids was up to no good.

The Border police officer, came to that location for a reason.

Maybe the kid had been throwing stones, or some other Hevron activity.

The problem is the officer was set up, by the Arabs and B'Tselem.

In the Israel of today, the officer will have his life ruined and may do some time in prison.

Maybe if Israel allowed us to wage war on our enemies, including leftist like B'Tselem we would have less

Let's turn the Border Police and the Shaback loose, on the real enemies of Israel the left wing.


Netanyahu dissolves Plesner Committee

Committee tasked with drafting alternative to Tal Law dissolved following bitter disagreements over haredi enlistment. Addressing Mofaz, PM says 'let's take over reins together'
Attila Somfalvi

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the dissolution of the Plesner Committee on Monday during a meeting at his chambers.

The committee was tasked with drafting an alternative to the Tal Law, which effectively exempted ultra-Orthodox from army service.

"Unfortunately the Plesner Committee failed to reach an agreement due to the withdrawal of some of its members and is unable to draft recommendations that will secure a Knesset majority," he said. "The committee has been dissolved. I thank the five representatives for their hard work."

Speaking to Minister Shaul Mofaz, he said, "Let's take the over the reins together and bring about a solution."

Earlier on Monday, senior members of the coalition claimed that Netanyahu had decided to dissolve the Committee after Yisrael Beiteinu, Habayit Hayehudi and haredi representative Yaakov Weinroth resigned. It was expected that Coalition Chairman MK Zeev Elkin would be the next to quit.

Senior political elements voiced concern that MK Elkin would also quit the committee after the departure of three other members. But speculation that Netanyahu was aiming to dissolve the body has been circulating for the past week.

"If understandings with Kadima on several relevant issues are not reached soon, Elkin will be the next to leave," one of the sources said. Kadima elements accused Netanyahu of pre-planning the dismantling of the committee and coordinating the move with the haredi parties led by Shas.

"This is a premeditated move which includes Elkin's withdrawal, the dissolution of the committee, the dismantling of the unity government and a High Court motion for deferral," a Mofaz associate said.

Meanwhile, Shas senior officials confirmed that the move had indeed been coordinated with Netanyahu.

"This is a plan to bury the universal draft bill," a Kadima source said earlier in the day. "The dissolution of the committee would mean Kadima's immediate withdrawal and the end of the unity government."

Attorney Yaakov Weinroth, who is the representative of Shas and United Torah Judaism to the committee, announced Sunday evening that he was resigning from his post.

Weinroth sent a letter in which he stated that the committee acted irresponsibly in handling the sensitive issue of recruiting haredim into the IDF. According to Weinroth, "Forceful actions, even if they deliver results in the short-run, are destructive in the long-run."


No harm, no foul.

Since Bibi was not going to engage in any real reform, who cares if some committee is dissolved.

Until, Israel comes up with a plan, where will all share the cost of having a Jewish state we will be divided.

But we all know the game, yeshiva's gain money and power by having a lot of students.

But are these students really sitting all day long, in study?

On the left, they fail to see the benefit of serious Torah study.

Again I say all 18 year old young men that want to study Torah should be tested, take the top 10% to study as part of Nation Service.

The other 90%, must choose between the IDF and national service.

July 01, 2012

Former PM Shamir, Dead At 96

Former PM Shamir passes away at age 96 in Tel Aviv
Netanyahu: Shamir “belonged to the generation of giants that established the State of Israel."

Former prime minister Yitzhak Shamir died at the age of 96 on Saturday, at the nursing home in which he lived in Tel Aviv, after a long illness.

He will be buried in Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl Cemetery in a state funeral on Monday after his son Yair returns from abroad. The procession will begin at the Knesset, where the public will be invited to pay its respects.

Shamir lived in a nursing home since 2004 because of his poor health and Alzheimer’s disease.

He left behind two children and five grandchildren. Shamir’s wife, Shulamit, died last year at the age of 88.

Shamir was the state’s seventh prime minister from 1983 to 1984 and again from 1986 to 1992, the longest-serving premier after David Ben-Gurion. He was known for resisting international pressure to make concessions, yet initiated a peace process in Madrid that led to many diplomatic overtures by his successors.

“The truth is that, in the final analysis, the search for peace has always been a matter of who would tire of the struggle first, and blink,” he wrote in his autobiography.

Shamir also served as foreign minister, Knesset speaker and opposition head, and was an agent in the Mossad. He was among the leaders of the Stern Group (Lehi) in the Jewish underground in Mandatory Palestine.

President Shimon Peres, who fought bitterly with Shamir in the 1980s, issued a statement in which he described Shamir as a courageous fighter both before and after the establishment of the state. Peres said Shamir had left a lasting legacy of bravery.

“He remained true to his beliefs, was a great patriot of his people and a great lover of Israel who served the nation loyally and with great dedication for many years,” Peres said.

JERUSALEM, May 10, 1989 (JTA) – Yitzhak Shamir has always been known as a man who plays things close to his vest, whether it be of a political or personal nature.

So his revelation last week about the death of his family in Nazi Europe was met with much surprise, as well as armchair debate on the psychological nature of the Israeli prime minister’s motivations and fears.

While reading out loud the names of his family members killed by the Nazis, Shamir disclosed that his father was killed by Polish childhood friends in his own village, after he succeeded in escaping from a German death train.

“My father, Shlomo Ysernitzky, who escaped before the train left for a death camp and while seeking shelter among friends in the village where he grew up, they, his friends from childhood, killed him,” Shamir said in a trembling voice.

Shamir revealed this on Holocaust Remembrance Day last week, while participating in a daylong public reading of names of Holocaust victims at the Knesset.

He also listed many other members of his family who died at the hands of the Nazis. His mother, Pearl, and a sister apparently died in death camps, while another sister was shot dead by the Nazis.

An aide said he was unsure what prompted Shamir to go public with the information.

Shamir’s family experiences have often prompted conjecture about his political motivations. In Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, the paper’s former Jerusalem bureau chief writes that Shamir’s purported intransigence is the result of an obsession with the Holocaust.

Shamir “exemplifies those Israeli leaders whose vision of tomorrow is yesterday,” wrote Thomas Friedman.

Shamir, 73, was born and raised in the village of Rozinoy. He left in the early ’30s to study at the university in Warsaw. He arrived in Palestine in 1935.

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