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November 30, 2012


For those who would like to hear me on the radio, I am very pleased to announce that I will be having a weekly appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 2pm EDT, 11AM Pacific, 9pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to the show by going to the MERF web page

G-D Loves Israel and the UN Proves It

With 138 votes in favor, Palestinians gain UN observer state status

Of the 193 U.N. members, only nine vote against Palestinian initiative, including U.S. and Canada • 41 countries abstain • Clinton calls U.N. resolution "counterproductive" • PA president accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing, war crimes.

Yoni Hirsch, Shlomo Cesana and News Agencies

Flying colors: A Palestinian flag is displayed as leader Mahmoud Abbas and his delegation celebrate at the U.N. on Thursday.

On Nov. 29, exactly 65 years after the U.N. approved the partition plan effectively recognizing the State of Israel, the Palestinian Authority officially became a nonmember observer state in the U.N. with the overwhelming support of 138 countries, including France, Spain and Italy.

The 1947 partition plan called for an end to the British Mandate in Palestine and its division into two states, one for Jews and one for Arabs. Israel became a state but the Palestinians rejected the partition plan, and decades of tension and violence have ensued.

In an extraordinary line-up of international support, more than two-thirds of the world body’s 193 member states approved the resolution upgrading the status. It passed 138-9, with 41 abstentions.

With most U.N. members sympathetic to the Palestinians, there was no doubt the resolution would be approved. A state of Palestine has already been recognized by 132 countries, and the Palestinians have 80 embassies and 40 representative offices around the world, according to the Palestinian Foreign Ministry.

Still, the Palestinians lobbied hard for Western support, winning over key European countries including France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Ireland, as well as Japan and New Zealand. Germany and Britain were among the many Western nations that abstained.

Joining the U.S. and Israel in voting “no” were Canada, the Czech Republic, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and Panama.

In Jerusalem, it was very evident that Israel had suffered a humiliating defeat, having opposed the Palestinian effort to gain recognition as a state at the U.N. General Assembly. Officials took comfort in the knowledge that at least the U.S. stood by Israel, despite past tensions.

"In practice, today's decision won't change anything," said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Thursday. "This declaration won't hasten the establishment of a Palestinian state, it will only push it further away."

In his address to the U.N. General Assembly prior to the vote, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of committing war crimes.

"The window of opportunity is closing, and it is a shame. Patience is running out, and hope is dying out. In past months we heard an unending succession of Israeli threats. You all saw how some of those threats were carried out in a barbaric way in the Gaza Strip. We didn't hear a single word truly in favor of rescuing the peace process from those in Israel who are in charge, on the contrary. In fact, there is constant escalation on the military front, a siege, ethnic cleansing, large-scale arrests and other acts reminiscent of apartheid, stemming from racism and hatred," Abbas told the assembly.

"Is there anyone in this region who needs assistance in this regard more than us?" he asked the world's representatives. "Your support for our initiative can create a tiny bit of hope that can block the Israeli aggression. You support will send a message to our people that they are not alone and that their gamble on insisting on international legitimacy hasn't failed."

Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Ron Prosor followed Abbas at the podium with a rebuttal speech, saying, "True friends of the Palestinians have a responsibility to tell them the truth. They will stop promoting the distorted version of history that characterizes this day, and start delivering the real lessons of history that the Palestinian leadership now refuses to heed. These lessons are clear: Bilateral negotiations are the only route to two states, for two peoples — living side by side in peace and security; negotiations that resolve the outstanding concerns of both sides."

On a diplomatic level, the U.N. decision was not only an embarrassment for Israel, but also for the U.S., which tried pressuring senior Palestinian officials in recent months to refrain from approaching the U.N. The U.S. immediately criticized the historic vote. "Today's unfortunate and counterproductive resolution places further obstacles in the path to peace," U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice said.

Speaking at a conference in Washington, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also called the resolution "unfortunate and counterproductive."

She said the U.S. believed that "only through direct negotiations between the parties can the Palestinians and Israelis achieve the peace that both deserve: two states for two people, with a sovereign, viable and independent Palestine living side by side in peace and security with a Jewish and democratic Israel."

The Palestinians chose to submit their bid for statehood to the General Assembly, where, as opposed to the U.N. Security Council, no state has veto power.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu welcomed the U.N. decision, saying that it could promote the peace process and give it the push it needs. "The reality in Palestine is a bleeding wound on humanity's conscience," Davutoglu said in an emotional speech.

Meanwhile, on the Palestinian side, reactions were joyful. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad called the vote an "extremely significant" step.

Speaking in Washington, Fayyad said he hoped the historic moment would be seized to advance the peace process.

"While extremely significant, we cannot but worry about the reality of the day after. And what I really hope ... is that this moment is actually seized in order to advance the process in a way that has eluded us for a very long period of time," Fayyad said. "The reality, the day after, obviously is going to be dominated as it is today, as it was the day before, by the reality of an oppressive occupation that has been with us for more than 45 years. That is not going to go away unless something else happens. What happened today is extremely significant. It's a step of a great deal of symbolism and it moved us all, Palestinians throughout the world. People felt great about it, not only in Ramallah but throughout the Palestine diaspora. All freedom-loving people around the world would appreciate how deep and significant a moment this is."

Israel got what it deserved at the UN.

We have been cowards since 1967, and the price for being cowards is coming home to roost.

In 1967, G-D gave Israel a great victory and delivered into our hands, the heartland of biblical Israel.

How have we repaid G-D for his love and gift?

From day one we sought to throw it away. We have tried to make deals with evil people, that because we didn't stand firm against their evil it grew into the most mentally ill society in the world.

Remember this, no Nazi ever committed suicide to murder Jews. No Nazi mother ever said she was happy her child committed suicide to murder Jews.

G-D still loves us and the action at the UN was a warning, a chance to change our ways.

Today Israel must do the following;

1. Annex Judea and Samaria

2. Cut off 100% of the following activities in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, banking, post, electricity, travel into Israel. construction supplies, internet, deport all individuals without Israeli or PA ID cards, stop paying money to the PA and block all outside aid.

3. Stand tall and be proud we are Jews living in the land that G-D the creator of the world gave us.

November 29, 2012

Israeli Arab MK Tibi with Abbas at UN

MK Ahmad Tibi heads to New York ahead of U.N. vote on Palestinian membership, drawing heavy criticism from right-wing parties • "Upon his return from the U.N., he should go to Ramallah and stay there," says one MK.
Gideon Allon and Mati Tuchfeld

Right-wing politicians cried foul on Wednesday after Arab Israeli MK Ahmad Tibi (Ra'am-Ta'al) arrived in New York to witness Thursday's U.N. General Assembly vote to upgrade the status of "Palestine" to that of a nonmember observer state.

"This is a historic event that will serve as a milestone on the way toward an independent Palestinian state; this will translate into practical terms the idea of a two-state solution," Tibi said upon his arrival in the U.S. "I have fought my entire life to have Palestinians become free and establish their own state, and that is why I am here, as a partner and as a supporter."

Tibi, one of the handful of Arab MKs in the Knesset, has often elicited criticism from the right and from the general public for his advocacy of Palestinian issues. Some have even accused him of sympathizing with suicide bombers. Most recently, he was subject to a barrage of criticism for condemning Israel's military campaign in the Gaza Strip this month, during which he said Israeli forces were deliberately targeting civilians.

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union), a candidate for the nationalist Strong Israel party, cynically advised Tibi that "upon his return from the U.N., he should go to Ramallah [where the Palestinian Authority's government is based] and stay there."

"He has no place in the Knesset and in the State of Israel," Eldad said. Alex Miller (Yisrael Beytenu) accused Tibi of "partaking in the diplomatic terrorism Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has been perpetrating against Israel."

Moshe (Mutz) Matalon, also from Yisrael Beytenu, echoed these comments, saying, "Nov. 29 has been and will forever remain a historic date for the Jewish people." It was on this date in 1947 that the U.N. voted on the Partition Plan for Palestine that set the stage for Israel's independence.

"The actions undertaken by this Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas to have this date mean something else are nothing more than a lowly attempt to imitate that episode in history and are designed salvage his political career," Matalon said.

Shut up, already you know Israel will do nothing against this traitor or the other Arab traitors in the Knesset like Zoabi.

So just shut up.

I have divorced myself from American political news since the election and I am almost on the verge of doing the same thing with Israel.

Beyond Words

Report: Israel transfers tax money to PA despite UN bid

Army Radio reports that Israel transferred 200 million shekels ($52 million) in tax payments to the Palestinian Authority despite threats not to do so due to U.N. bid • Steinitz: Israel will respond in due time to the unilateral move.

Israel Hayom Staff
Israel recently transferred 200 million shekels ($52 million) in tax payments to the Palestinian Authority, despite threatening not to do so over PA President Mahmoud Abbas' insistence on seeking the status of a nonmember observer state in the U.N. General Assembly, according to a report by Army Radio on Thursday.

The payment was reportedly made despite Israel’s threat to freeze the tax money that is collected by Israeli authorities and transferred to the authority to provide the salaries of senior Palestinian officials.

Foreign Ministry officials, headed by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, declared two weeks ago that a Palestinian bid in the U.N. could lead to a termination of tax money transfers to the authority, which could in effect cause the authority to collapse.

According to Army Radio, Israel has decided to react to the Palestinian bid moderately, and the only threat being used at this point is the withholding of tax payments, which are routinely handled by the Finance Ministry. However, Israel apparently decided not to go through with the threat and handed over the 200 million shekels ($52 million) for last month's tax collection.

Army Radio quoted Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz as saying that Israel would respond in due time to the unilateral Palestinian move.

"If the Palestinian Authority thinks it will attack us in the U.N. in this extreme way and continue to benefit from our practical cooperation, I think it will be surprised," Steinitz reportedly said.

Some days I can't put my emotions down on the blog, because it would not reflect well on the blog or myself.

But on those days, I really question how stupid our leaders can be.

November 28, 2012

Same Old, Nothing New

For Netanyahu, a bittersweet Likud list

Prime minister asks Benny Begin to serve as minister in next government despite Begin's poor showing in Likud primaries • Aides to the prime minister say he's pleased with the rightist nature of Likud list as it will stop voters joining Naftali Bennett's party.

Mati Tuchfeld and Edna Adato

Minister Without Portfolio Benny Begin was asked by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to serve as minister in the next government as well.

Members of the Likud were studying the party's new list of Knesset and ministerial candidates on Tuesday and grappled with the fact that party veterans such as Dan Meridor and Benny Begin did not receive a spot on the list that would ensure their continuation as ministers in the next government.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was said to be pleased with the Likud's new list, but wants to keep Benny Begin, who is currently Minister Without Portfolio, in the next government as well.

Netanyahu's close advisers said on Tuesday that the Likud's new list reflects the public's desire and may prevent people from voting for more right-wing parties such as the New National Religious Party, chaired by newly elected Naftali Bennett. The advisers said there is no concern over voters leaving the party for left-wing parties such as Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid ("There is a Future"), Labor, or Hatnuah ("The Movement"), which was announced by former Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni this week.

Netanyahu's advisers said the prime minster was disappointed with the poor showing by candidates he supported, such as Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, Ofir Akunis and Shlomo Maoz.

Netanyahu spoke with Begin on Tuesday and asked him to serve as a minister in the next government despite his low position on the new party list, but political analysts believe Begin will not want to continue his political career in light of the results of the primaries.

Netanyahu also spoke with Meridor, who is currently intelligence and atomic energy minister and whom analysts believe will not leave the party despite his low position on the party ticket.

Party members said on Tuesday that the new list was varied more than they expected it to be and included more Sephardic and young candidates than they believed it would. "Every time the Likud holds primaries the headlines say the next day that the party has moved to the Right. It has become a ritual that no one is concerned about," a Likud minister said.

MK Carmel Shama Hacohen said "My position on the list, despite the blacklist that Haim Katz put me on, is a badge of honor for the judgment of party members and quite a few Israel Aircraft Industry employees who took a risk and voted for me."

MK Michael Eitan, another party veteran who did not make it to a position that will ensure him a seat in the next Knesset, said "Eight consecutive times I accepted the results of the primaries and was elected to represent the party. This time, party members decided otherwise and I accept their decision."

Meanwhile, State Comptroller Yosef Shapira called on the Knesset to look into legislation that would restrict the number of terms a member of Knesset can serve while also serving as head of a workers union. "The law states that an MK can serve as chairman of a workers union," Shapira said on a tour of towns bordering Gaza. "The interesting question concerns a limitation on the number of terms or years the MK can also serve as head of a union. This is something the legislators must decide."

Shapira recently warned Central Elections Committee chairman Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein that MK Haim Katz (Likud), who has also been serving as head of the Israel Aircraft Industry's workers union, may take advantage of his position at IAI to promote favored candidates in the Likud primaries.

So Bibi has answered us loud and clear the new Likud same as the old Likud is basically worthless.

What about hearing the will of the people?

The corruption is beyond belief and maybe always will be. We have become a hybrid of Soviet and Byzantine governmental styles.

Iran's 'peaceful' nuke program three times more powerful than Hiroshima bomb

According to diagram obtained by The Associated Press, Iranian scientists ran computer simulations for a nuclear weapon producing 50 kilotons of force • Nuclear expert: Diagram looks genuine but seems to be designed more "to understand the process."

The Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff

The graph shows a bell curve which peaks at just above 50 kilotons, reflecting the full force of the weapon being modeled.
Photo credit: AP

Iranian scientists have run computer simulations for a nuclear weapon that would produce more than triple the explosive force of the World War II bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, according to a diagram obtained by The Associated Press.

The diagram was leaked by officials from a country critical of Iran's atomic program to bolster their arguments that Iran's nuclear program must be halted before it produces a weapon. The officials provided the diagram only on condition that they and their country not be named.

The International Atomic Energy Agency — the Vienna-based U.N. nuclear watchdog — reported last year that it had obtained diagrams indicating that Iran was calculating the "nuclear explosive yield" of potential weapons. A senior diplomat who is considered neutral on the issue confirmed that the graph obtained by The Associated Press was indeed one of those cited by the IAEA in that report. He spoke only on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the issue.

The IAEA report mentioning the diagrams last year did not give details of what they showed. But the diagram seen by The Associated Press shows a bell curve — with variables of time in microseconds, and power and energy both in kilotons — the traditional measurement of the energy output, and hence the destructive power of nuclear weapons. The curve peaks at just above 50 kilotons at around two microseconds, reflecting the full force of the weapon being modeled.

The bomb that the United States dropped on Hiroshima in Japan during World War II, in comparison, had a force of about 15 kilotons. Modern nuclear weapons yield forces hundreds of times higher than that.

The diagram has a caption in Farsi: "Changes in output and in energy released as a function of time through power pulse." The number "5'' is part of the title, suggesting it is part of a series.

David Albright, whose Institute for Science and International Security is used by the U.S. government as a go-to source on Iran's nuclear program, said the diagram looks genuine but seems to be designed more "to understand the process" than as part of a blueprint for an actual weapon in the making.

"The yield is too big," Albright said, noting that North Korea's first tests of a nuclear weapon were only a few kilotons. Because the graph appears to be only one in a series, others might show lower yields, closer to what a test explosion might produce, he said.

The senior diplomat said the diagram was part of a series of Iranian computer-generated models provided to the IAEA by the intelligence services of member nations for use in its investigations of suspicions that Iran is trying to produce a nuclear weapon. Iran denies any interest in such a weapon and has accused the United States and Israel of fabricating evidence that suggests it is trying to build a bomb.

Asked about the project, Iran's chief IAEA delegate, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, said he had not heard of it. IAEA spokeswoman Gill Tudor said the agency had no comment.

In reporting on the existence of the diagrams last year, the IAEA said it had obtained them from two member nations that it did not identify. Other diplomats have said that Israel and the United States — the countries most concerned about Iran's nuclear program — have supplied the bulk of intelligence being used by the IAEA in its investigation.

"The application of such studies to anything other than a nuclear explosive is unclear to the agency," the IAEA said at the time.

The models were allegedly created in 2008 and 2009 — well after 2003, the year that the United States said Tehran had suspended such work in any meaningful way. That date has been questioned by Britain, France, Germany and Israel, and the IAEA now believes that — while Iran shut down some of its work back then — other tests and experiments continue today.

With both the IAEA probe and international attempts to engage Iran stalled, there are fears that Israel may opt to strike at Tehran's nuclear program. Israel insists it will not tolerate an Iran armed with nuclear arms.

An intelligence summary provided with the drawing linked it to other alleged nuclear weapons work — significant because it would indicate that Iran is working not on isolated experiments, but rather on a single program aimed at mastering all aspects of nuclear arms development.

The IAEA suspects that Iran has conducted live tests of conventional explosives that could be used to detonate a nuclear weapon at Parchin, a sprawling military base southeast of Tehran. The intelligence summary provided to The Associated Press said data gained from those tests fed the model plotted in the diagram. Iran has repeatedly turned down IAEA requests to visit the site, which the agency fears is undergoing a major cleanup meant to eliminate any traces of such experiments.

The intelligence summary named nuclear scientists Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Majid Shahriari and Fereidoun Abbasi as key players in developing the computer diagrams, adding that Shahriari and Abbasi were also involved in the Parchin testing.

Iran has for years rebuffed IAEA attempts to question Fakhrizadeh for his suspected involvement in secret programs. Shahriari was assassinated in 2010 by what Iran says were Israeli agents. Abbasi, now the head of Iran's nuclear agency, was wounded in a separate assassination attempt the same day that Shahriari was killed.

The senior diplomat, who is familiar with the Iran probe, said the agency has not yet determined any connection between Parchin and the computer models. But Olli Heinonen, who headed the IAEA's Iran investigation until 2010, said using the results of the alleged Parchin tests would "make sense as part of the design and testing of a [computer] model."

November 27, 2012

More Light Unto The Nations Stuff

Stem cells could be used to make biological pacemaker for heart patients
Injections of heart muscle created from patients’ own skin cells could save them from needing surgery to implant artificial pacemakers that regulate their heartbeat, following new research.
Richard Gray

By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent

8:10AM GMT 11 Nov 2012

Scientists have grown fully functional heart muscles by reprogramming stem cells and skin cells from patients. They found that these reprogrammed cells can “reset” the rhythm of any unhealthy heart tissue that is placed around them.
The researchers believe that patients suffering from irregular or slow heart beats could be treated with an injection of new heart cells grown from stem cells to create a “biological pacemaker” that will regulate their heartbeat.
Currently patients who have suffered heart attacks that cause their heart to pump out of sync or who suffer from irregular heartbeats have to undergo surgery where a battery powered pacemaker is fitted to control the organ’s rhythm.
There are approximately 25,000 pacemakers fitted each year in the UK.
Dr Oren Caspi, from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology who has been carrying out the research, said the heart cells they had created appeared to behave like young, healthy heart tissue found in new born babies.
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He said: “We found that the electrical signal from the heart cells we created synchronised the beat of any surrounding heart tissue.
“We have seen this happen in dishes in the laboratory and in animal models. When we integrated the cells into the hearts of pigs, they were paced by the cells that were injected.
“It seems that the cells that beat fastest control the pace, so it could be used to replace artificial pacemakers for people with slow or irregular heartbeats.”
Dr Caspi and his colleague Professor Lior Gepstein earlier this year became the first scientists in the world to generate beating heart cells by reprogramming skin cells taken from patients.
They converted the adult skin into a type of cell known as induced pluripotent stem cells, which have the potential to develop into any tissue found in the body. By altering the conditions they were grown in, the cells then developed into fully functioning heart cells.
The researchers believe it will be possible to use skin cells from patients to create injectable biological pacemakers – reducing the risk of them being rejected by the patients body.
They are now working with clinical heart specialists in a bid to trail the treatment in human patients.
Dr Caspi said: “We are working with clinicians to take some of our data to the clinic, but it is still a very new technology so there is still a lot of research to be done before any treatments will emerge.”

November 26, 2012

Likud Is Dead, Long Live The Likud

Likud primaries: Feiglin in, Begin and Meridor out

Unofficial results from internal elections indicate ruling party shifting to the right ahead of general elections in January; moderate ministers fail to secure realistic spot on its Knesset list. MK Danon: New blood in Likud leadership. Labor's Yachimovich says Likud now 'radical rightist party'
Yuval Karni, Moran Azulay

Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar was the top vote-getter in the Likud primary elections, which concluded with a clear wictory for the ruling party's right-wing branch.

Polls closed at 10 pm Monday after two days of voting. A series of computer malfunctions at polling stations throughout the country on Sunday led to the extension of voting by a second day.

The unofficial results indicate that the ruling party has shifted to the right, with moderates such as ministers Benny Begin and Dan Meridor failing to secure a realistic spot on Likud's list ahead of the general elections in January.

According to unofficial results, Minister Gilad Erdan placed second in the primaries. He is followed by Silvan Shalom. Yisrael Katz, Danny Danon, Reuven Rivlin, Moshe Ya'alon, Zeev Elkin, Yariv Levin and Minister Yuli Edelstein, who closed out the top 10.

Haim Katz won the 11th spot on Likud's national list, while Tzipi Hotovely, the first woman on the list, and Miri Regev secured the 12th and 13th slots, respectively.

Moshe Feiglin, who heads the rightist Jewish Leadership faction of the Likud party, placed 14th in the primaries, meaning he will be placed 15th on its Knesset’s list (Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as party chairman has the number one spot).

In addition to Begin and Meridor, ministers Avi Dichter and Michael Eitan also failed to gain a spot in the top 20.

The unofficial Likud line-up is as follows:

1. Gidon Sa’ar

2. Gilad Erdan

3. Silvan Shalom

4. Yisrael Katz

5. Danny Danon

6. Reuven Rivlin

7. Moshe Ya'alon

8. Ze’ev Elkin

9. Yariv Levin

10. Yuli Edelstein

11. Haim Katz

12. Tzipi Hotovely

13. Miri Regev

14. Moshe Feiglin

15. Yuval Steinitz

16. Tzachi Hanegbi

17. Limor Livnat

18. Ofir Akunis

19. Gila Gamliel

20. Shama-Hacohen

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to Likud supporters at Exhibition Grounds in Tel Aviv after the results of the party's primary elections were announced. "We have a strong national team; an experienced and talented team; a team that represents the entire nation. Today we proved again that the Likud is the people's party."

Addressing ministers Meridor and Begin, Netanyahu said: "We grew up together in Jerusalem… educated by the values of Ze'ev Jabotinsky. I will maintain those values in the next government and I want you with me."

Speaking to Ynet after the vote, MK Danon said "I respect all the people who found themselves off the list, but it's a generational thing. There is new blood in Likud's leadership."

MK Hotovely told Ynet: "I deeply regret the fact that Benny Begin won't be in the party. I looked up to those people and learned from them."

Adressing the results, Labor Chairwoman Shelly Yachimovich said, "The list chosen, accompanied by (Avigdor) Lieberman's extremists who will be part of it, makes the Likud a radical right-wing party."

In late October Netanyahu and Lieberman announced they were uniting the Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu under one ticket ahead of the January elections.

"We shall ask the public for a mandate to lead Israel with force. It will empower the government, it will empower the prime minister and therefore the state. I hope to win the public's trust again and to get a clear mandate that will allow me to focus on what is important," Netanyahu told reporters.

Joining forces will give us the power to defend Israel and generate social and economic change," he added. The two refused to take questions, did not elaborate on the make-up of the new list and did not address the possibility of a rotation.

Meretz Chairwoman Zahava Gal-On commented on the results of the Likud primaries, saying: "I see the Likud list and it makes me feel bad. We see how settlers have turned the Likud into a nationalistic, extremist rightwing list; how the liberal Likud has passed away today."

"Centrist parties must make a commitment not to join Netanyahu, who will form a radical rightwing government," Gal-On told Ynet.

The Yesh Atid Party, chaired by Yair Lapid, stated that "The Likud has presented a worrying list that revolves around 'old politics' deals and ideological extremism."

"This is no longer the Likud of Menachem Begin and national politics; whoever votes for the Likud-Beiteinu list will get a branch of the National Union Party," the Yesh Atid statement read.

Yuval Karni and Moran Azulay are Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth correspondents

The Gaza war has claimed a new victim, the old Likud party which was long on talk and short on walk.

We will see what the new Likud, can do but it is almost a sure thing, that it will be better than the old leftist Likud ever was.

I do not think the change is as radical as the press is making it out to be. A step in the right direction, yes. But the Likud is still not a party I would join.

I wonder what would have happened to Bibi, if he were forced to run in the primary?

Bibi Is Naked

If the quiet is violated, you will go back and hit what's left.... If the
quiet continues, it will be met with quiet.

PM Netanyahu Visits Palmahim Air Force Base
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, IDF
Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz and GOC Air Force Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel,
this afternoon (Sunday, 25 November 2012), visited the Palmahim Air Force

The Prime Minister met with pilots who took part in the attacks in the Gaza
Strip and said, "You carried out the missions that were defined for you in a
precise manner. If the quiet is maintained – you will be able to continue
preparing for the next campaign.

If the quiet is violated, you will go back and hit what's left. During the
precise operation, Hamas's arsenals were hit very hard. In the IDF's precise
operation, most of the missiles aimed at the center of the country were
destroyed, as were thousands of missiles aimed at the south of the country.
As soon as the operation achieved its goals, there was no reason to continue
it. We chose when it began and we controlled how it ended. If the quiet
continues, it will be met with quiet. If it is violated, we will respond

I salute the reservists for their determination to be mobilized for the
security of the state. It is very likely that we will need you in the

Ok now for the Yoni translation.

Bibi to Hamas, stay quite in Gaza, stock pile rockets and everything will be cool.

But if you do anything before the election to point out I really have no clothes, then I will make you pay for exposing my weakness.

Bibi must be voted out of office, he is more dangerous than the left.

At least with the left in power, we can use demonstrations to control them. Bibi on the other hand is allowed to run free, showing Israel to be weak when it is only our leaders who are weak.

Don't think for a second I am a lefty or a socialist, for I am anything but.

The question remains, who is better for Israel Bibi who is weak or a leader from the left that at least if they put our boys in harms way are tough once the fighting starts?

November 25, 2012

New baby names in Gaza: 'Fajr' and 'Ahmed Jabari'

Gazans commemorate Operation Pillar of Defense by naming babies after long-range missiles, Hamas military commander
Elior Levy

Less than a week after the declaration of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Operation Pillar of Defense has already left its mark on the people of Gaza, in a rather unexpected way.

Some parents from the Strip have decided to name their newborn babies after operation-affiliated icons – from assassinated Hamas commanders to long-range missiles fired at Israel.

Muhammad al-Shafi'i Abu Nassat named his son, who was born Friday, after the Fajr missile. Naming his baby Fajr, Abu Nassat told Gaza media, was his way of expressing his gratitude to Iran, which was responsible for supplying Gaza with rockets that, according to Abu Nassat "struck the enemy for eight days."

Amira Abu Assus, from the northern Gaza Strip, also named her child Fajr, Arabic for 'dawn', and says she picked out the name even before she went into labor last week.

She said she knew that the unborn baby would have "a bright future within Palestinian resistance. He would carry the rockets whose names he bears so as to free Palestine from Israeli occupation."

Adham Murtaja of Gaza City decided to name his son, born on Friday, after Ahmed Jabari, the Hamas military chief who was assassinated by the IDF at the onset of Operation Pillar of Defense.

Murtaja said he decided to name his child Ahmed Jabari to prove to Israel that the Jabari assassination did not mean that the Palestinian nation stopped producing heroes.

Meanwhile, Hamas managed to enforce the ceasefire with Israel by imposing Islamic law.

Hamas Ministry of Religious Endowments issued a religious decree (Fatwa) whereby any violation of the ceasefire was forbidden as long as Israel maintained it.

"Violating the ceasefire with Israel is forbidden and irresponsible," the Fatwa stated; "respecting the appeasement is the duty of each and every one of us."

Can we have a world be more blind to the evil that is Palestinian society?

Yes of course, these people want peace and to live side by side with the Jews of Israel.

November 23, 2012


For those who would like to hear me on the radio, I am very pleased to announce that I will be having a weekly appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 2pm EDT, 11AM Pacific, 9pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to the show by going to the MERF web page

November 22, 2012

70% of Israelis oppose cease-fire - survey

A survey by Shiluv Millward Brown finds widespread skepticism in Israel about the chances of the Gaza front staying quiet.
22 November 12 12:36, Globes correspondent

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have declared last night that the cease-fire with Hamas was Israel's best option, but a decisive majority of the Israeli public disagrees. A survey carried out a few hours before the announcement of the cease-fire understandings in Cairo finds 70% of Israelis opposed to halting the military operation in the Gaza Strip.

The survey, conducted by Shiluv Millward Brown, was reported by Channel 2. It comprised three questions.

The first was: Should Israel now agree to a cease-fire? 70% of respondents replied "No", 24% "Yes", and 6% "Don't know".

The second question was: Will the cease-fire agreement hold, and for how long? The results indicate wholesale lack of faith on the part of the Israeli public in the success of the agreement. 64% responded that it would hold for only a short time; 24% said it would not take hold at all; 7% said the agreement with Hamas would last for a long time; and 5% responded "Don't know".

The third and last question was: Has Israel's deterrent capability improved or deteriorated as a result of Operation Pillar of Cloud? 58% responded that it had improved; 15% believe it has deteriorated; 23% responded that there had been no change; and 4% said they had no opinion.

Published by Globes [online], Israel business news - www.globes-online.com - on November 22, 2012

© Copyright of Globes Publisher Itonut (1983) Ltd. 2012

bibi looser IDF.png

The IDF Spokesman’s Office said Thursday it was looking into a photograph circulating widely on Facebook in which 16 IDF soldiers arranged their uniformed bodies on the sand, to spell out the Hebrew words “Bibi loser” — in a deft physical critique of Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu’s failure to send ground troops into Gaza during the just-ended Operation Pillar of Defense.

Netanyahu warned throughout the operation that a wider military assault on Hamas might be about to unfold. The IDF called up tens of thousands of reservists and deployed large troop contingents close to the Gaza border, and some troops were reportedly ordered more than once to gear up for an incursion, only to be ordered to stand down at the last moment.

“We were twice ordered to gear up and told that we are going in, and then we were called back to Israel,” one soldier said Thursday; others said they had even opened border gates before being told to return.

The photograph’s source was not clear at time of writing. It had been posted and reposted on numerous Facebook pages, receiving more than 3,000 “Likes” and 400 “shares” in one Facebook group alone within three hours of appearing.

Many commenters on the photo said that the soldiers should be court-martialed; many others empathized with the soldiers’ evident sense of frustration at having been wound up for battle and then wound down, calling Netanyahu a coward and criticizing the prime minister for preventing the IDF from “getting the job done” and “giving it to Hamas.”

The IDF’s Spokesman’s Office said it frowned upon soldiers expressing political opinions while in uniform.

The soldiers did not wear identifying insignia; their red boots indicated that they were from infantry units.

On Wednesday night, Israel and Hamas agreed to the terms of an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire, ending eight days of conflict.

I hope Bibi looses the election.

November 21, 2012

The enemy has surrendered, the war is over.

I am filling ill, over Israel's surrender due to American pressure.

Hamas is saying Israel will lift the blockage as part of the terms. Yeah sure, why don't we just get it over with.

Masada 2, seems like a great option, rather than being a vassal of the USA.

Reserve soldiers are ready and waiting to enter Gaza

Reservists anxiously await order to move in to Gaza as talks of a cease-fire persist • After a mortar attack on a base in the south, some soldiers were sent home for a day of rest.
Lilach Shoval and Yael Branovsky

Soldiers called up for reserve duty in Operation Pillar of Defense continued their intensive training at IDF bases in the south on Tuesday as they waited for a possible order to enter Gaza. The atmosphere among the soldiers was one of high spirits and enthusiasm for a possible ground assault.

Many soldiers said they were anxious to help restore quiet in the south. "They are constantly telling us we will enter Gaza, but they always change the plans," one reserve officer said. "If we do finally enter Gaza, that will be fine with us. The wait will have been worth it. But if we don't enter, it will be truly unnerving for us."

One officer on a base in the south said, "Everyone wants to enter Gaza, but the truth is we are not wasting our time here until then. We are training all the time. This call-up has contributed something to us in any case."

A conscripted officer on the same base said, "Most of the logistical issues that arose over the weekend have been resolved. We are uncharacteristically not counting every penny here, training nonstop without any financial consideration. We have already conducted dozens of drills at the battalion level, many of which include live fire. When this is all over, everyone here will have gained valuable experience."

Defense Minister Ehud Barak visited a large military base in the south on Tuesday. Just after he left, a barrage of rockets fell on the base. During the salvo, a defense ministry employee was killed; four soldiers and two other employees were wounded. Many soldiers were sent home for a rest in the wake of the deadly barrage.

During his visit, Barak spoke to reservists called up over the weekend for emergency service, who have been training since then for a possible ground assault in Gaza.

"Quiet has not yet been restored in the south and that is why we are continuing," Barak said. "You are here so that if it becomes necessary and the order is given to act, you will be ready to do so. If that happens, you will need all the experience you can get. The country is depending on you. We are waiting patiently but are ready. We are taking advantage of every minute to prepare ourselves for this operation."

Part reserve combat pilot, part surgeon

L., a surgeon at the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba and a combat pilot in the IDF reserves, divides his time between military service and the operating room. He updates his wife and three children, who are staying with his parents in the north, before and after every sortie he executes while on duty.

"I spend one day in the medical center and then one day in the army participating in the Gaza operation," L. said. "We live in Omer, but when the rockets began landing in the south I sent my wife and three children to my parents' home in the north."

On one occasion, upon returning from reserve duty, L. treated people injured by rocket fire.

"Fortunately, no one had a severe injury and I didn't have to operate. The rumor about my job in the IDF spread quickly and many patients encourage me and tell me they are proud of me. My children call me all the time and I speak with them before and after every flight. They are accustomed to the situation and say they are proud of me and want to take my place in the future."

L. said that during his days as a medical student and a reserve combat pilot, he mentally trained himself to make the switch. "I am used to making the switch. I return from a flight and delve straight into my other job as a surgeon."

Shut Up

White House: Tel Aviv bus bombing is 'outrageous'
UN, US, UK, France condemn attack against Israeli civilians.

The White House and a host of Western countries quickly condemned the terrorist attack on bus 142 in Tel Aviv that injured 21 people Wednesday.

The White House denounced the attack, saying "these attacks against innocent Israeli civilians are outrageous."

"The United States will stand with our Israeli allies, and provide whatever assistance is necessary to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators of this attack," White House press secretary Jay Carney said in a statement.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also decried the bombing of the bus, saying nothing justified the targeting of civilians.

Click for full JPost coverage

"The United States strongly condemns this terrorist attack and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the people of Israel." US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday.

"As I arrive in Cairo, I am closely monitoring reports from Tel Aviv, and we will stay in close contact with Prime Minister Netanyahu's team. The United States stands ready to provide any assistance that Israel requires," she added.

France, Britain and Russia's respective foreign ministers joined the condemnation, calling for a de-escalation of violence and a full ceasefire. The Russian foreign ministry called the attack a "criminal terrorist act."

British Foreign Minister William Hague said that "terrorists must not be allowed to set the agenda."

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said he would talk to his Israeli, Egyptian and American counterparts in order to promote ceasefire efforts, according to AFP.

The blast occurred while US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was in the area to broker an end to hostilities between Israel and Hamas.


You don't give a damn about dead or wounded Jews, so let's tell the truth for once.

If you really cared you would tell the truth at the White House, State Department and at the UN, that the Palestinian society is mentally ill.

That the Palestinians and their allies the Iranians are today's Nazis.

Then you would take serious action against both of these sick societies, to end their threat to the world .

But you are liars, so just do us both a favor and shut up.

terror attack TA.jpg

Terror attack on Tel Aviv bus injures 23 people
LAST UPDATED: 11/21/2012 14:04
Bus explodes on Tel Aviv's Shaul Hamelech Street, of 23 injured, one seriously, one moderately wounded; police confirm explosion was a terror attack, are searching for additional suspects, explosives.

November 20, 2012

I just got off the phone with a very high level source in Israel.

The reason Israel has not gone in on the ground is that Obama and Hillary have told Bibi flat out if Israel goes in on the ground, the following will happen.

1. USA will not resupply Israel

2. USA will not support Israel at UN

Israel must face facts, if Obama is like this and his second term has not even started. We need new friends.

I support Israel becoming good friends with China and Russia, we have things they both want and it is time to make a deal.

November 19, 2012

Prayer for IDF


No Crisis In Gaza

Israel is making a major effort to maintain the fabric of civilian life in
Gaza, despite the situation of current hostilities.

MFA 18 November 2012


1. Israel is making a major effort to maintain the fabric of civilian life
in Gaza, despite the situation of current hostilities. The IDF today (18
Nov) opened the Kerem Shalom crossing for movement of food, medicine and
other goods from Israel despite the ongoing rocket attacks on the Israeli
population and previous attacks on the crossing.

2. The Erez crossing was open today, as on every other day of Operation
Pillar of Defense. Seventy foreign journalists entered Gaza today by way of
Erez. Twenty Gazans entered Israel for medical treatment, and twenty-three
foreign nationals, representing NGOs who until now had been prevented by
Hamas from leaving the Gaza Strip, departed.


Food and Housing Security

1. Gaza is not experiencing food scarcity. Israel is not blocking entrance
of goods into Gaza, except for weaponry and dual-use materials. Construction
materials can be imported to Gaza under the supervision of international

2. Israel is continuing the yearly supply of five million cubic meters
(1,320,860,250 gallons) of water to Gaza, despite the rocket attacks on
Israeli cities and towns.

3. UNRWA (UN Relief and Works Agency) reports (17 Nov 2012) that despite
some displacement of families due to hostilities, "there hasn't been any
need to provide emergency humanitarian assistance or to open UNRWA
facilities as emergency shelters."

Medical Care

1. Between January-October 2012, approximately 14,500 patients and their
accompanying chaperones entered Israel from Gaza for medical treatment. 99%
of the medical requests by Palestinian residents of Gaza were approved by

2. The World Health Organization has reported a ten-day slowdown in referral
process for Gaza patients due to disagreements between the Ramallah and Gaza
Health Ministries.

3. Gaza hospitals are currently operating at 80% capacity (17 Nov), slightly
higher than routine periods.

4. Israel is not blocking entrance of medical supplies into Gaza. Requests
submitted by the international community are answered within 24-72 hours of
submission, almost always positively, and Israel has opened the Kerem Shalom
passage for transit of medical materials and other goods, despite the danger
to personnel at the crossing.

5. At present, there is a shortage of some medical supplies in Gaza due to
disagreements between Hamas and the PA, and budgetary difficulties of the
Palestinian Authority.

6. UNRWA reports that all of its 21 health centers are open and functioning.
Of UNRWA's 12,000 staff members in Gaza, only one person has sustained
injuries in the hostilities, and those are minor.


1. Israel is supplying 125 megawatts of electricity to the Gaza Strip from
the power station in Ashkelon despite the rocket attacks on Israel's
population, and on Ashkelon itself.

2. Gaza continues to suffer from power outages due to a deliberate policy of
Hamas, which opposes import of fuel from Israel. As a result, the Gaza power
station is operating at 20% capacity.

Army: Two rockets set for firing found between Helta and Mari
Mon 19 Nov 2012 at 18:52

NNA (Lebanese National News Agency) - A Lebanese army patrol discovered on
Monday afternoon two set-for-firing Grad 107mm rockets in the area between
Helta and Mari-Hasbaya Caza, Army Command-Guidance Directorate said in a

The detection came in line with strict security measures adopted by the army
across all Lebanese territories, the communiqué noted.

Military expert arrived at the scene and dismantled the detected rockets.

A probe was launched into the incident under the supervision of concerned

November 18, 2012

Who Is Crazy?

Palestinians: Israel demands 15-year lull, Morsi guarantee

According to reports in Cairo, Israel put forward six key demands for ceasefire, threatened ground offensive in Gaza if no response within 48 to 72 hours
Elior Levy

Some Hamas figures have declared that the ceasefire negotiations have failed, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the cessation of rocket fire on Israel is a prerequisite for starting talks, but Palestinian sources who are familiar with Cairo's efforts to broker a truce said it was too soon to announce that the talks have collapsed.

On Sunday senior Fatah official Nabil Sha'ath arrived in the Egyptian capital and met with Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal. Sha'ath said Mashaal informed him that the negotiations have entered a serious stage but expressed doubt that an agreement would be reached anytime soon due to Israel's demands and its refusal to accept demands put forward by Hamas and the other Palestinian terror organizations.

According to reports in Cairo, these are the conditions for a ceasefire set forth by Israel:

1. A lull for a period of more than 15 years.

2. An immediate cessation of arms smuggling and the transfer of weapons to Gaza.

3. Cessation of rocket fire on the part of all armed Palestinian factions and an end to attacks on soldiers near the Gaza border.

4. Israel has the right to hunt down terrorists in the event of an attack or if it obtains information on an imminent attack.

5. The Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt will remain open, but the crossings on the Gaza-Israel border will remain closed.

6. Egypt's politicians, headed by President Mohammed Morsi, will be the guarantors of any ceasefire agreement. Meaning, the agreement will be backed by Egypt's political echelon rather than by its security establishment.

This list of demands has not been confirmed by any other source.

Hamas' demands for a ceasefire include the lifting of the naval blockade of Gaza, international community guarantees for the cessation of targeted killings, an end to IDF cross-border raids and the cessation of attacks on fishermen off the coast.

According to Sha'ath, Israel has withdrawn a key demand that Hamas lay down its arms and make certain that the rocket fire on Israel is stopped entirely. The Palestinian official said the negotiations have entered a "very important" phase.

The Palestinian sources said Israel has threatened that if there is no response to its demands within the next 48 to 72 hours, it will launch a ground offensive accompanied by continued attacks on Gaza from the air and sea until the Hamas regime is overthrown.

The IDF has completed its preparations for a possible invasion of Gaza.

You can contact Elior Levy, Ynet's Palestinian Affairs Correspondent, at: paldesk@gmail.com

So these people shoot rockets into our cities, their highest goal for their children is to blow themselves up.

But Bibi thinks they will not lie to us, about a cease fire.

I think one of us is crazy.


Arab MKs honor Gazan victims of IDF operation
“Israel is breaking international law in Gaza, all for the sake of Netanyahu’s election campaign,” MK Zoabi charges.

Balad MKs Jamal Zahalka and Haneen Zoabi participated in a moment in silence for the Gazan victims of Operation Pillar of Defense, at a meeting of their party’s leadership in Nazareth on Saturday.

At the event, Zahalka and Zoabi were chosen as the party’s top two candidates, followed by Basel Ghattas, who is expected to replace Druse MK Said Nafa in the next Knesset.

“Israel is breaking international law in Gaza, all for the sake of [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu’s election campaign,” Zoabi complained.

Not to be outdone, MK Taleb a-Sanaa’s Arab Democratic Party was addressed by one of the leaders of Hamas via video-conference at a party meeting Saturday. Sanaa was reelected as the party’s representative on United Arab List-Ta’al.

United Arab List-Ta’al head Ibrahim Sarsour wrote a letter to US President Barack Obama Saturday, asking him to intervene to end what he called Israel’s aggression in Gaza.

Hadash held an anti-war rally in Nazareth, which according to organizers attracted 1,500 people.


Israel must arrest them.

Israel must place them on trial for treason during a time of war.

Israel must hang them and spread their ashes with those of Eichmann.

COGAT: 80 truckloads of medicine, food transferred to Gaza
11/18/2012 20:13
The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) said on Sunday that 80 truckloads of medical equipment and food were transferred into Gaza through the Kerem Shalom and Erez border crossings.

COGAT said in a statement: "The goods transferred via the Kerem Shalom crossing included 16 truckloads of medical equipment and 64 truckloads of food."

It added that 35 diplomatic representatives and international employees left Gaza through the Erez crossing.

Stop the bombing.

Do not send in ground troops.

Will the last Jew alive please try and close the lights before you are killed, we don't want to be blamed for global warming.

What a bunch of losers.

November 16, 2012


For those who would like to hear me on the radio, I am very pleased to announce that I will be having a weekly appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 2pm EDT, 11AM Pacific, 9pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to the show by going to the MERF web page

Mr Prime Minister of the State of Israel,

You have the burden of leading the country to war, I pray that you have the wisdom to become a great leader.

You have authorized the calling up of 75,000 of our children, I have faith in you. For you were a soldier that has shed his own blood defending the great State of Israel.

I just watched a news clip from the Knesset dating back to the debate for the retreat from Gaza, you voted for the retreat. You also have retreated from Hevron, during your first time being the Prime Minister.

Now you stand at the summit of leadership, it is in your hands. You can choose greatness and deal with the Palestinians in Gaza and solve the problem and then move from here to taking on Iran.

We tried, we gave the Palestinians a Jew free zone and they gave us rockets in return.

You must not give in to the voices of defeat, coming from self hating Israelis.

You must stand strong in front of the world, as the representative of G-D's chosen people and tell the world no more.

No more, rockets.

No more, Oslo.

No more, PA.

Deliver a crushing defeat to the Palestinians, and then give them a choice. Live inside Israel with a type of green card or find a different place to live.

But please, don't risk the lives of my boys for nothing.

Kill for Peace

Prof. Paul Eidelberg, President

Israel-America Research Institute

Jerusalem & Philadelphia

Part I. Analysis

The best analysis I have read of America’s foreign policy failings—and this applies to Israel—will be found in the writings of Ralph Peters, a retired American army intelligence officer who worked and studied in dozens of countries as well as in the U.S. Executive office.

If there is a single power the U.S. and Israel underestimates it is the power of collective hatred, meaning the hatred that animates the Arab-Islamic world.

Like their American counterparts, Israel’s ruling elites do not “understand the delicious appeal of hatred.” Steeped in humanism, they avoid the cruel fact that man is a killer. They have learned nothing from the genocidal wars and wholesale massacres of the twentieth century, not merely in Nazi Germany, but also in Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Iraq, Sudan—to name only a few.

There are human beings who enjoy killing. Even if it be said they are a minority, it does not take many enthusiastic killers, says Peters, to trigger a genocidal war. The Arab Palestinian Authority directs many of these killers and deliberately educates Arab children to emulate them.

Like the United States, Israel plays by rules, some encoded in her own laws, others in international laws, and still others in a humane heritage which is an integral part of the West’s collective consciousness. But Israel’s enemies despise this heritage and Western civilization.

Again and again we find that treaties or agreements mean nothing to our enemies. While we are talk-oriented, our enemies are action-oriented. We mirror-image and think that our enemies are like us, that they want peace, even though they have repeatedly said, “peace means the destruction of Israel.” Israel's leaders live in a state of denial—or should we say a state of fear and dissembling?

Even the terms we use to describe the enemy—whether we name them “terrorists” or “Islamic fundamentalists” or even "Palestinians"—are misleading. Such terms hinder Israel's and America's political and military echelons from developing an appropriate strategy against this implacable and arguably psychotic foe. Ralph Peters calls these terrorists “warriors” because he wants Americans to take terrorists seriously. He clears away the euphemisms by speaking of five different types of warriors—because if we do not understand the enemy, we will lose the war against them.

● One pool of warriors comes from the underclass, a male who has no stake in peace, a loser with little education and little legal earning power. It’s easy to recruit such warriors against the "Great" or against the "Little" Satan. These warriors are bloody savages.

● A second pool of warriors consists of young men who join and fight for the Arab cause. Their savagery increases with the duration and intensity of the conflict.

● A third pool of warriors consists of opportunists, entrepreneurs who profit from the conflict. They traffic in arms and drugs. Their great strength is their cynicism. The Palestinian kleptocracy, led by Mahmoud Abbas, belongs to this pool. This type of warrior is the most likely to be underestimated by wishful-thinking liberals, especially Jews.

● A fourth pool of warriors consists of true believers like Osama bin Laden, or like Abdullah Badran, the 21 year-old university student who blew himself up in a Tel Aviv nightclub. These warriors fight out of religious conviction and are infected with blood lust. They have been spawned by a failed civilization that would rather blame "Americans" or "Zionists" for that civilization's own shortcomings, its inability to adapt to modernity and compete with the West. They burn with resentment and desire revenge. Perhaps they dimly realize the decadence of their Islamic heritage, and this inflames their fanatical hatred of the culturally superior West.

● The fifth pool consists of dispossessed or otherwise failed military men. Peters considers them the immediate and most dangerous pool of warriors. They become even more dangerous when working together with the true believer.

All of these warriors are habituated to violence; they have no stake in civil order. Unlike soldiers, they do not play by the rules of the Geneva convention; they do not respect human life; treaties mean nothing to them; and they regard compromise as equivalent to prostitution. Negotiation with warriors is sheer folly. We should not negotiate with them until they surrender. Until then, we must overcome sentimentalism. Until then they must be killed.

Unfortunately, Israelis, like Americans, believe that all men want peace, that all conflict can be resolved through compromise and "understanding." But these killers have no stake in peace. Many would be bored by peace, and would lose honor or be out of a job. You find such men in the Palestinian Authority—in Fatah, Tanzim, Hamas, Hezbollah, and whatever appellations they use to adorn their Jihadic egos.

● American and Israeli opinion-makers refuse to believe that many human beings thrive and profit on disorder and on killing other human beings.

● Americans profit from peace; warriors profit from war, and Israelis suffer the inevitably lethal consequences.

● Both American and Israeli politicians talk facetiously about a war against “terrorism.” This has become a dodge for what should be called a "clash of a civilizations" as recognized by candid and courageous scholars like Professor Samuel Huntington and Syrian-born psychiatrist, Dr. Wafa Sultan, who does not even regard Islam as a civilization since it denigrates reason and tolerance of others,

Also, and as Ralph Peters points out, we refuse to understand that certain human beings cannot accept that their culture is failing. These people don't realize that they are failing as individuals because of the mode of thought and behavior to which their culture has conditioned them. They want someone to blame, and they want revenge on that someone.

But our academics and intellectual elites—the educators of our politicians, judges, and journalists—are so conditioned by the moral relativism that permeates all levels of education in the democratic world, that they cannot think of Islam as a failed culture. This failure of Islam is acknowledged by the eminent Lebanese-born political scientist Fouad Ajami, author of The Dream Palace of the Arabs. Of course, the naive would accuse this writer of "racism"—but surely one need not be a racist to recognize that Israel’s enemies have some very nasty characteristics:

● They regard Israeli peace overtures as a sign of weakness.

● They have nothing but contempt for Jews who advocate “land for peace.”

● They will not honor any form of agreement a moment longer than it suits their interests.

● Their contempt for human life inevitably leads them to commit atrocities.

We face warriors whose contempt for peace and human life requires those who truly cherish peace and human life to kill them before they kill us.

Part II. What Must Be Done

The Netanyahu Government is following the failed and self-destructive policy of “land for peace” now bearing the mystical mantra “The Two-State Solution.” Hence, let us not succumb to sentimental words. Cold reason and the brutal murder of our loved ones by professional Arab Jew-killers logically and morally compels us to propose a policy of “Kill for Peace”—a harsh policy, but one that would actually reduce Arab as well as Jewish casualties. The rationality and effectiveness of such a policy is substantiated not only by Ralph Peters but also by the greatest military theorists in history, Carl von Clausewitz and Sun Tzu. Moreover, the thinking of these military geniuses is supported by principles of statecraft enunciated by the great 19th century Austrian statesman, Prince Metternich on whom Henry Kissinger wrote his doctoral dissertation. Accordingly, we shall now enumerate ten principles of statecraft and rules of warfare required for the policy “Kill for Peace” vis-à-vis Israel’s Janus-faced enemies—and these principles must be spelled out in clear cut operational terms:

● First Principle: A wise and courageous statesman must set forth a clear military goal. For Israel, this goal is the destruction of the entire Arab terrorist network in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. The statesman must tackle this goal vigorously. For this to happen it is necessary that the goal should not only be clear in the eyes of the cabinet, but it should also be made clear in the eyes of the public, and even clearer in the eyes of the enemy. They must recognize that they are facing an unrelenting lethal force that will break them.]

● Second Principle: In this age of publicity the first concern of government must be not only to be right, but, even more important, to see that everything is called by its right name. Israeli statesmen must stop talking about a “peace process” or about “peaceful coexistence”—certainly not about a Palestine state which is an absurd anti-thesis to Israel's biblical claim to a Jewish homeland] Israel is in a war for its survival. In this war there is no substitute for victory.

● Third Principle: There is no compromising with an uncompromising enemy—an enemy that regards compromise as a sign of weakness. Israel is confronted by the most evil of enemies—warriors who lust for Jewish blood.

● Fourth Principle: Eliminate the evil at its source, that is, eliminate or sew dissension among the enemy’s leadership, its supporting gangs and infrastructure. Disarming the enemy must be the immediate object of hostilities, for as long as the enemy remains armed, he will wait for a more favorable moment for action.

● Fifth Principle: Know that any strategy conceived in moderate terms will fail because the circumstances confronting Israel are extreme—its very existence is at stake. Therefore, where each of the possible lines of action involves difficulty, the strongest line is the best.

● Sixth Principle: Tell the people of Israel that there will be casualties to Arab non-combatants or civilians. These civilians are not innocent. They elected a government know its goal is to annihilate Israel, a government that uses women and children as human bombs to kill Jews.

● Seventh Principle: Impose rules of engagement that favor the IDF, not the enemy. Bomb terrorist havens from the air, rather than endanger Jewish soldiers by house-to-house combat.

● Eighth Principle: Operate offensively, never passively or defensively, and operate continuously. Give the enemy no rest. Hence, no cease fires, for they allow the enemy to regroup, obtain more weapons, and prepare for deadlier attacks.

● Ninth Principle: Sun Tzu, who actually hated war, warns that “to kill the enemy, men must be roused to anger.” This leads me to a tenth principle, for which I turn to King David.

●Tenth Principle: The statesman must exhibit hatred of Israel’s enemies. King David said, “I hate them, O God, that hate you” (Psalm 139:21). Here the haters of God means those who hate God’s people.

Hatred, however, is futile if it does not issue in action. Therefore King David writes: “I pursued my enemies and overtook them, and returned not until they were destroyed. I crushed them so that they are not able to rise; …. I pulverized them like dust in the face of the storm …” (Psalm 18:38-43),

This is what must be done to Israel’s sworn and genocidal enemies. We therefore propose that the untried but rational policy of “Kill for Peace” replace the discredited and self-destructive policy of “land for peace.” Obviously this will not be done by the present government. Hence Israel needs a very different kind of government, which is why I-ARI has proposed a unitary executive undistracted by rival parties in the cabinet whose vision extends to nothing more than a larger share of the national budget.

November 15, 2012

Smoke Ring in Israeli Sky After Intercept


Fourteen Gazans enter Israel for medical treatment

Fourteen Gazans enter Israel for medical treatment
11/15/2012 17:34
Fourteen Palestinians in need of medical attention were allowed into Israel Thursday to receive treatment, the IDF Spokesman's Unit stated.

Palestinian sources said that 15 people were killed in Gaza as a result of the IAF strikes, with more than a hundred suffering injuries.


To show how good we are?

The world doesn't care, the world will still condemn us.

I pray to G-D my boys are not called up, because any ground action will be as stupid as giving our enemy medical aid in time of war.

I am so tired of the leadership of Israel.

Cowards, Scum and Traitors lead Israel.

Gaza Rocket Range.jpg

Now add the Fajr5 that can reach Tel Aviv, as 3 fell on the Tel Aviv area today.

jabari funeral.jpg

3 killed by rocket fire in Kiryat Malachi

Three people killed when rockets hit southern city. Palestinians report three killed in IDF strike in Khan Younis. Security Council meeting ends without resolution

Ynet reporters
Latest Update: 11.15.12, 13:33 / Israel News

Gaza's terror groups continued to fire rockets on Israel's south overnight and on Thursday. Three people – two men and a woman – were killed in the morning when a rocket hit an apartment building in the city of Kiryat Malachi.

The victims didn't make it to the fortified stairwell in their building, which did not have a viable shelter. Two people were seriously injured, one boy was moderately hurt and two infants sustained light wounds. Several others suffered panic attacks. Another building in the city was directly hit, but no injuries were reported. Hamas' military wing accepted responsibility for the attacks.

Meanwhile, dozens of rockets were fired on Israel since morning. Some were intercepted by the Iron Dome. IDF Commissioner Yohanan Danino told Ynet that the tension in the south is expected to last for several days, and that the rocket fire is set to intensify. He said that despite Israel's advanced aerial defense and warning systems, civilian vigilance is of the essence.


Thousands take part in Hamas commander's funeral

Ahmed Al-Jabari's funeral procession draws crowds day after he is assassinated in IAF strike

Elior Levy
Published: 11.15.12, 12:50 / Israel News

A day after Hamas military chief Ahmed Al-Jabari was assassinated in an IAF strike, thousands attended his funeral in Gaza on Thursday.

Meanwhile, terror groups continued to fire dozens of rockets on southern Israel. One grad rocket that hit the city of Kiryat Malachi killed three and injured nine.

The IDF continued to strike terror hubs in the Gaza Strip overnight as part of Operation Pillar of Defense. One airstrike on Khan Younis killed three terrorists gearing towards launching rockets. The IDF braced for an escalation in the rocket fire during Jabari's funeral.

The funeral procession left Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital and continued towards Jabari's home. Hamas gunmen accompanied the crowds and fired in the air. No top Hamas officials attended the funeral for fear that Israel would exploit the opportunity to carry out another assassination.


See the funeral picture of Jabari, see a lost opportunity.

Israel should have dropped Napalm on that whole street.

November 14, 2012

'Israel should topple Abbas in response to Palestinian UN bid'

Draft Foreign Ministry position paper recommends that Israel take drastic steps if the Palestinian Authority goes ahead with planned bid to have U.N. upgrade its status to that of nonmember observer state.
News Agencies, Shlomo Cesana and Israel Hayom Staff

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is determined to go ahead with his request for an upgraded Palestinian status in the U.N.

If the Palestinian Authority goes ahead with its bid to ask the U.N. General Assembly to upgrade its status from a "permanent observer entity" to that of a "nonmember observer stat"e, Israel should respond by toppling Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and dissolving the PA, an Israeli Foreign Ministry official position paper said.

It is expected that the Palestinians will present their bid to the General Assembly on Nov. 29, the 65th anniversary of the vote on the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan. A draft resolution for the upgrade request has been circulating in diplomatic circles for the past few weeks, and seeks to define the Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, including East Jerusalem as its capital.

The Foreign Ministry paper said that such a unilateral step by the Palestinians should be viewed by Israel as "a crossing of a red line that requires a harsh response." The position paper was circulated internally at the ministry to spark discussions, but also distributed to Israeli and foreign journalists as part of the campaign against Abbas' moves.

The document says U.N. General Assembly approval of the Palestinian request would violate 1990s agreements between the two sides and "give Israel the right to reconsider and nullify" them in whole or in part. "Adoption of the resolution by the General Assembly will have grave consequences, and set in motion unilateral Israeli responses," the ministry communique said, cautioning that it would also complicate future diplomatic progress.

Vice Premier Moshe Yaalon, speaking in a similar vein, told Army Radio on Wednesday that his country would "have to take steps to make it clear that there will be a heavy price" if the statehood petition goes ahead. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also warned previously that a statehood appeal would push peace further away and lead to instability.

As of now, Israel's main goal must be to prevent Abbas from taking that step, the position paper said. There has been no official response from the Prime Minister's Office to the MFA paper released Wednesday. Before the MFA's position paper was sent out on Wednesday morning, Israeli officials warned that the Palestinian step could lead Israel to annul the Oslo Accords and stop transferring taxes that Israel collects for the PA. The latter move would more than likely cause the Palestinian governing body to stop functioning completely. Palestinian Monetary Authority Governor Jihad Al Wazir told Bloomberg News that he has readied the financial system to withstand the repercussions that may follow a planned statehood bid at the United Nations as soon as this month. “The political decision has been taken and the leadership has been very outspoken in saying that there will be repercussions, and we are willing to take these repercussions,” Al Wazir, 49, said in an interview with Bloomberg.

In its position paper, the Israeli Foreign Ministry sounded an ominous note: "If deterrence efforts do not bear fruit, Israel must exact a heavy price from Abbas, including the possibility of toppling his rule and dismantling the Palestinian Authority."

"Although the move is not simple in terms of the consequences Israel will have to deal with, the toppling of Mahmoud Abbas' rule is the only option in this circumstance," the paper said, noting that a softer response would represent "surrender" by Israel.

The paper said that U.N. approval of the Palestinian bid would "crush Israel's deterrence and harm its credibility completely, making it impossible to reach any future agreement that would be acceptable to Israel."

The paper went on to say that if the Palestinians back down from their planned U.N. bid, Israel should reach an agreement with the Palestinian Authority on a "Palestinian state with temporary borders for a transition period (until the Arab world stabilizes, new Palestinian Authority elections are held and relations between the West Bank and Gaza Strip are clarified)."

The paper was written by Foreign Ministry staff following the meeting that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman held last week in Vienna with Israel's ambassadors to European Union countries and other consultation meetings.

Lieberman himself said on Wednesday that Abbas' move at the U.N. was "diplomatic terror, pure and simple. We've told everyone involved that we see this as a crossing of all red lines. Abbas has failed in everything he has tried."

Lieberman made the comments in a meeting with students at the Ariel University Center on Wednesday.

"Abbas looks around him and sees the fates of his friends Mubarak, Gadhafi and Ben Ali in the Arab Spring and so he is trying to save himself. There is nothing in the U.N. bid that improves the lives of Palestinians, there is only one motif here — Abbas trying to save himself. Abbas has lost all control over the PA, which doesn't even exist anymore. There is 'Hamastan' in Gaza and 'Fatahland' in Judea and Samaria and there is no connection between them," Lieberman said.

According to the paper from the Foreign Ministry, Abbas' current strategy is based on the assumption that Israel and the U.S., despite their opposition to the Palestinian bid, will not respond harshly to it. Abbas is also motivated by internal challenges facing the Palestinian Authority, mainly the economic situation. The paper also makes the case that Abbas is pushing the U.N. bid to divert attention from the many financial corruption cases he and his sons are allegedly involved in.

Israel has been closely monitoring whether the Palestinian Authority will go ahead with the U.N. bid and the Prime Minister's Office and Foreign Ministry are currently trying to get the U.S. and European nations to pressure Abbas to nix the effort.

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Israel Radio Wednesday: "It is a unilateral move with strategic threat on Israel. The logic of a peace process is that it is bilateral. The Oslo process is bilateral not unilateral. His going to the U.N. to get recognition of a Palestinian state without recognition of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, and without recognition of Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, is a strategic threat for Israel."

He added, "If Abbas is threatening Israel in this serious, strategic way then we may be left with no choice but to topple his rule. Abbas created the situation in Gaza and since then we have had rocket terror from there. Now everyone has to ask what will happen if something similar happens in Jenin and Ramallah. It's a realistic scenario: if we are not in Judea and Samaria then we the security of Israel will be seriously threatened and this we cannot allow. We cannot allow rockets on Kfar Saba and cities in the country's center."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have to decide whether to respond to the Palestinian move with steps including annexing parts of Judea and Samaria, halting the transfer of funds to the Palestinian Authority and cancelling travel permits, among other things. Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan, speaking to Israel Radio on Wednesday morning, said that if the Palestinians do go ahead with their U.N. plans, Israel could annex settlement areas in Judea and Samaria. Erdan called on the government to begin planning for such an annexation.

The Prime Minister's Office consulted with the Justice Ministry this week about the legal implications of such steps. One of the main questions was whether the Palestinian bid would represent an annulment of the Oslo Accords.

The upgrading of the Palestinians' status at the U.N. could also lead to a slew of administrative issues for Israel.

Abbas has embarked on a trip to Arab nations ahead of the planned U.N. bid. On Tuesday, Abbas met with Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and updated him on the situation.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told Army Radio on Wednesday that "we are not going to the U.N. to isolate Israel, but rather to preserve the Oslo Accords."

"Even if Mother Teresa was appointed Palestinian president, or if Thomas Jefferson became the chairman, Lieberman would say that there is no partner and that you have to kill them," Erekat said.

"The Oslo Accords have already been annulled and crushed by the Israelis," Erekat asserted. "The agreement was supposed to be implemented 14 years ago. Israel's strategy is to preserve the occupation."

The Palestinians are currently considered an observer "entity" at the U.N.

Frustrated that their bid for full U.N. membership last year failed amid U.S. opposition in the U.N. Security Council, the Palestinians launched a watered-down bid for recognition as a nonmember state, similar to the Vatican's U.N. status.

The proposal would implicitly recognize Palestinian statehood and could also grant access to bodies such as the International Criminal Court in The Hague, where they could file war crimes suits against Israel and Israeli officials.

The upgrade seems certain to win approval in any vote in the 193-nation General Assembly, which is composed mostly of post-colonial states historically sympathetic to the Palestinians.

Israel and the U.S. say Palestinian statehood must be achieved by negotiation and have called on Abbas to return to the peace talks that collapsed in 2010.

U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Tuesday that the Obama administration's special Mideast peace envoy, David Hale, would meet with Abbas on Wednesday in Switzerland to try to persuade him not to go to the General Assembly.

"We're still at the stage where we're actively trying to convince them that this is a bad idea, that this is not going to get them the results ultimately that they seek," Toner said. "We've been clear in the past about what some of the consequences that this would generate, or engender."

Hamas has slammed the PA move, saying it does not represent the majority of Palestinians.

It is simple, Oslo is dead and never should have had life to begin with.

Israel only need do the following to stop all the actions of the Palestinians both in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, and the UN.

1. Stop protecting the PA, Hamas will kill them all in a matter of days.

2. Stop funding the PA, zero funds into the PA. The PA police will kill the PA in a matter of days.

3. Stop giving the PA electricity, phones, cell phones, internet, both in Gaza and J&S. Nothing for Palestinian use.

4. Stop the over 1000 semi trucks each week that bring supplies into Gaza.

5. Order a cold beer for the nation and wait for a week 10 days then reassess the situation on the ground.

6. Beg forgiveness of the Jews Israel threw out of Gaza.

7. Be ready to move the IDF into where ever we need to and stay there, forever.

8. Annex Judea and Samaria.

9. Have the courage to do the above 8 steps.

10. Ask the people of Israel to pray.

November 13, 2012

Bibi Turn Blue

PM: Those who act against Israel will pay a heavy price
Inner cabinet decides to hold fire as long as rockets from Gaza stop; Steinitz says situation in Gaza reminiscent of Hezbollah before 2006 war; Israel asks UN Security Council to condemn rocket fire.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned that those who act against Israeli citizens would pay a heavy price, speaking Tuesday afternoon in Beersheba with local and regional council heads from the South. The statement came on the heels of a weekend that saw upwards of 120 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel.

"Whoever thinks that he can routinely attack the daily lives of the residents of the South without paying a heavy price – is mistaken. I am responsible for choosing the right time to exact the highest possible price and so it will be," he said.

The prime minister traveled to Beersheba from Tel Aviv in 55 minutes on a fast train, to underscore the message that the periphery southern area of Israel where more than 150 rockets have fallen is intrinsically linked to the country’s center.

“I chose to travel to head down to Beersheba on the renovated train line to show, through personal experience, the fast link between the Center to the South. This line, which now allows travel to Beersheba in under an hour, shows how close the Center is to the South,” Netanyahu said.

The inner security cabinet agreed Tuesday not to fire on the Gaza Strip as long as the rocket fire stops, Army Radio reported.


You right Gaza has been paying a heavy price for over a decade now, 1000 semi trucks each week enter Gaza with goods.

That's heavy, I know my conscious couldn't bear the weight of giving food, clothing to people that want to murder Jews. Much less electricity, phones, cell phones and the internet.

So Bibi, you choose the heavy response on a Monday or is that too many trucks to cross in one day?

Maybe you break it up over 6 days, so nobody has to work too hard.

The Arabs from Gaza, have been disrupting the daily lives of the people in the south for so long. It has become normal.

How about this, for a change.

We go into Gaza and load the people up on buses and move them to Jordan.

No wait, I think that violates both Israeli and international law.

So we send in the IDF and kill people, break things, until we have placed enough fear in the hearts of the Arabs of Jews.

That we will buy ourselves 20 years of no rockets.

Or we could just have Bibi hold his breath until he turns blue.

Which might not be a bad idea, because he lack of action is sure making me blue.

November 12, 2012

Good Old Days

Mossad tried to kill Saddam in the 1970s
Bomb in a book was opened by a different top Iraqi official, killing him, Israel TV documentary reveals; agents also sent bomb that injured top Nazi Alois Brunner in Damascus
By Mitch Ginsburg November 12, 2012, 11:46 am
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Saddam Hussein (photo credit: Wikipedia Commons/Informationsministerium der Republik Irak, Dar al-Ma'mun)
Saddam Hussein (photo credit: Wikipedia Commons/Informationsministerium der Republik Irak, Dar al-Ma'mun)
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Yitzhak Hofi
Alois Brunner

In the 1970s, long before the West saw Saddam Hussein as a potentially mass-murdering despot, the Mossad tried to kill him with a bomb hidden in a book, a documentary being aired by Israel’s Channel 1 TV on Monday reveals.

The film also details how the Mossad sent a letter bomb to the Damascus home of Alois Brunner, Adolf Eichmann’s right-hand man and the commander of the Drancy concentration camp in France.

The attempted hit on Saddam left him unscathed, instead killing another high-ranking Iraqi official.

The attempted hit on Brunner badly injured its target, but did not kill him. Brunner is believed to have died four years ago. ”We handled Brunner. It was in Syria. And we didn’t kill, we didn’t manage to kill him; he was only injured, but he was quite the despicable character, that Brunner,” said Yitzhak “Khaka” Hofi, the head of the Mossad from 1974-1982.

Israel was previously reported to have conceived two plans to assassinate Saddam — in 1992 and 1999. But according to the new documentary, the Mossad was already worried about the rise of the brutal Baathist dictator in the 1970s.

The new documentary interviews Brig.-Gen. (res) Tzuri Sagi, who was sent by the Mossad to train Iranian special forces who, in turn, trained Kurdish guerrillas to attack Iraqi forces. The point was to weaken the Iraqi army; 12,000 Iraqi soldiers were indeed killed, Sagi says in the documentary.

At one point Sagi asked the Mossad to send over its best demolitions expert, and used him to try to eliminate Saddam. Sagi named the expert as “Natan.” A book-bomb was prepared and delivered to Saddam, the documentary reports. But Saddam didn’t open it. The bomb exploded, but killed a different high-ranking Iraqi official.
Alois Brunner (Photo credit: Wikicommons)

Alois Brunner (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The revelations are part of a documentary film called “Sealed Lips,” which profiles the 85-year-old Hofi and includes interviews with six former Mossad chiefs.

Maj.-Gen. Hofi, the commander of the Northern Front during the Yom Kippur War, was praised by the Agranat Commission for his leadership before and during the war. In 1974, with no background in intelligence work, he was appointed head of the Mossad.

Two years later, on June 28, 1976, an Air France 747 was hijacked and forced to land in Entebbe, Uganda. Hofi sent a combatant to the region. Even 36 years later, he is still referred to in the movie as “D.” The man, a pilot, flew over the airfield, took pictures, and then requested permission to land. The commander of one of the operational units in the Mossad, referred to as “Mike” throughout, recalled that “D” spiraled around the airport before landing, taking pictures from every possible angle, and then approached the air traffic controllers and chatted them up for information.

His photos and information were used to plan the legendary hostage rescue mission.

Hofi is also credited with spearheading the immigration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. “Without Khaka, 120,000 Ethiopian Jews would not be here,” said Dani, the commander of the operation that brought the first Ethiopian Jews from Sudan to Israel.
The Mossad seal, quoting Proverbs, reads: "Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. (Photo credit: Wikicommons)

The Mossad seal, quoting Proverbs, reads: ‘Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.’ (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

To a great extent, he is also hailed as the man who laid the groundwork for the peace with Egypt. Hofi visited Morocco more than 20 times, according to the film, directed by Yarin Kimor. “The trust he received from Hassan (the King of Morocco) was no less than that which he received from Begin,” said Dan Patir, a media adviser to prime ministers Rabin and Begin. After establishing himself there Hofi suggested, at his own initiative, that the king help him arrange a meeting with the Egyptian president. Only later was foreign minister Moshe Dayan brought into the picture. “In full candor, Khaka Hofi is the unsung hero of the peace,” Patir said.

The film, however, revolves mostly around targeted killings — a small fraction of an intelligence organization’s work.

In 1977 the newly elected prime minister Menachem Begin, the first Israeli leader to have weathered WWII on foreign soil, charged Hofi with resuming the hunt for escaped Nazi war criminals. “Build the capacity and start chasing Nazis again,” was how future Mossad head Shabtai Shavit, a commander of an operational unit under Hofi, described Begin’s orders.
A sketch of Hofi by Itzik Barzilai (Photo credit: Courtesy: Israel Broadcasting Authority)

A sketch of Hofi by Itzik Barzilai (photo credit: Courtesy Israel Broadcasting Authority)

SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Alois Brunner sent 56,000 Austrian Jews to concentration camps; presided over the deportation of 43,000 Jews from Salonika, Greece, in a mere two months; and sent 23,000 French Jews to their deaths, including the deportation of some 340 Jewish orphans just weeks before the Allies liberated France.

Adolf Eichmann referred to him in his memoirs as his “best man.”

Hofi, who throughout the movie holds thoughtful, artfully long silences, had to balance the historical imperatives of the past with the national security needs of the present. The Mossad could not, or was disinclined to, chase down every man with a Nazi past. Hofi weighed his targets and zeroed in on Brunner, who had reportedly served in German intelligence after the war and then fled to Egypt and from there to Syria, where he was a welcome and reportedly well-protected guest.

“I remember the letter,” Hofi said. “I remember exactly how it was sent etc., from where, so that the link to us would be hidden…”

Brunner, who allegedly trained the Syrians in interrogation and torture, opened the letter and lost an eye and several fingers, but managed to survive.

In November 1987 Brunner told the Chicago Sun Times, in a telephone interview, that “all of them deserved to die, because they were the devil’s agents and human garbage. I have no regrets and would do it again.”

Brunner is believed to have died four years ago in Damascus, but there is no conclusive proof.

This is the way it should be, not like today where we allow tens of thousands of rockets to be fired into Israel from Gaza and do nothing.

Oh for the good old days, Israel may have been socialist and poor but we didn't have wimps for leaders.

November 11, 2012

How Long

Israel, Hamas ready to escalate as Gaza terror mounts

More than 70 rockets hit Israel over weekend, wounding four civilians and shutting down schools • RPG from Gaza wounds four Israeli soldiers on patrol Saturday • One soldier in critical condition • Hamas acknowledges taking part in rocket fire.
Lilach Shoval, Gadi Golan, Shlomo Cesana, Daniel Siryoti, News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff

Gaza terrorists launched a rocket into Israel on Sunday that scored a direct hit on a factory in the Sderot area, in the second consecutive day of violence in the south. No injuries were reported, but the factory sustained some damage.

Earlier Sunday, three civilians were wounded by rocket debris. Two of them were hurt while in their cars in the Shaar Hanegev area near the Israel-Gaza border, and another was wounded in Sderot while children were making their way to school. One additional man was treated for shock. Three of the victims remain hospitalized.

The latest attacks follow more than 70 rockets that were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip since Saturday.

In what appears to have set off the current round of violence, Palestinian militants fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli jeep patrolling the border with Gaza on Saturday. The IDF said four soldiers were wounded in the missile attack. One of the soldiers remained in critical condition at Soroka Hospital in Beersheba on Sunday. The other three suffered moderate to light injuries.

The military wing of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine took responsibility for the jeep attack, but it still remains unclear who in fact was behind the attack. The PFLP often takes credit for attacks that later turn out to be the work of Hamas or Islamic Jihad militants.

In response to the Gaza violence, the IDF launched a series of counter-attacks, killing at least six people and wounding several more, according to Reuters. On Sunday, an Israeli air strike killed a Palestinian terrorist in Gaza, with the Islamic Jihad identifying the dead man as one of its own. The group said he was a member of a rocket crew hit by an Israeli missile in Jabalya, northern Gaza.

The Israeli military confirmed carrying out an air strike in the area. Earlier, the IDF said its aircraft struck a weapons manufacturing facility, three weapon storage facilities and two rocket launching sites in Gaza overnight.

Islamic Jihad also said it had fired at least 70 short-range rockets and mortar bombs across the border since Saturday, salvos which drove Israeli residents to their bomb shelters.

Hamas' military wing, the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, also acknowledged taking part in the rocket fire in a text message to reporters on Sunday.

Israel described the jeep ambush on Saturday as part of a Palestinian strategy of trying to curb its countermeasures against possible cross-border infiltration. Israeli forces often mount hunts for tunnels and landmines on the inside of the Gaza boundary, creating a no-go zone for Palestinians.

Palestinians said four of Saturday's dead were civilians hit by an Israeli tank shell while paying respects at a crowded mourning tent in Gaza's Shijaia neighborhood. Israel denies targeting civilians. Ashraf al-Kidra, a Gaza Health Ministry spokesman, said the four Palestinians were between the ages of 16 and 18 and that among the 25 wounded were some children.

The bloodshed puts internal pressure on Hamas, which, though hostile to the Jewish state, has sat out some of the recent rounds of violence as it tried to consolidate its Gaza rule and reach out to neighboring Egypt and other foreign powers.

Israel blames Hamas for any attacks emanating from Gaza, but has shown little appetite for a major sweep of the territory which might strain its own fraught ties to the new Islamist-rooted government in Cairo.

Both sides threatened retaliation over the weekend, and previous such incidents have unfolded into days of Palestinian rocket attacks and retaliatory Israeli strikes.

Later in the day and on Saturday night, some 35 Palestinian rockets rained on southern Israel, though they caused no injuries or damage, the military said. It said at least one of the projectiles was intercepted by the "Iron Dome" missile defense system. The military informed residents to be within 15-seconds running distance from shelter in case of further rocket attacks.

The rocket attacks led officials in Gan Yavneh, east of Ashdod, to declare school closed on Sunday. Ashkelon, Ashdod and other cities in the south followed suit as rocket fire intensified. Parents were instructed to come pick up their children and stay close to bomb shelters.

Witnesses said that following the large explosion that started the incident, Israel retaliated to the attack on the jeep with tank and machine gun fire toward targets near al-Muntar hill in the central part of the territory.

Rami Harra said his 17-year-old brother Muhammad Harra had been killed in the strike.

Israel carried out a broad military offensive in Gaza nearly four years ago in response to years of near daily rocket fire. Major salvos from Gaza have subsided since then, but sporadic rocket fire has continued.

The territory is home to numerous militant groups, including murky al-Qaida-inspired organizations that do not answer to Hamas. Gaza has also been flooded with weapons in recent years, many of them believed to have been smuggled from northern Africa and into Gaza through tunnels under the Egyptian border.

For how long must we suffer?

Years have gone by since we retreated from Gaza creating a Jew free zone and we are paid back by years of rockets fire into civilian towns.

When will enough be enough, and we put an end to the threat, that is the Palestinians.


For those who would like to hear me on the radio, I am very pleased to announce that I will be having a weekly appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 2pm EDT, 11AM Pacific, 9pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to the show by going to the MERF web page

November 07, 2012


Well it is over, the election is history and our lot has been cast.

I do not think this means the end of America, but it takes us far down the road toward being the end of the America that used to be when I was growing up as a child.

I am going to advise people to think about the future, look at Greece.

I am going to advise people to buy enough food stocks to last 6 months for your family, rice, beans flour, spices, some drinking water.

Do I think things are going to fall apart in the next few weeks or months?


Do I think taking some common sense steps to prepare makes sense, yes.

Also buy some pistols, assault rifles and 1000 rounds of ammo for each weapon.

Lastly learn from history, I recommend you get one of my favorite books ever and see how Sephardi Jews thrived post Spanish expulsion. Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean by Ed Kritzler.

This book cause me to design a family flag for my family as we seek our fame and fortune in Afrika and South America, it features a Star of David with the Jolly Roger skull and cross bones in the center.

Remember what life is really about G-D, Family , Tribe

November 06, 2012

Who Cares

Turkey to try Israeli officers in absentia in Mavi Marmara case

Four Israeli officers are being tried for their alleged responsibility in the deaths of Turkish nationals killed by Israeli commandos in the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident • Prosecution asks for a total of 18,000 years in prison for defendants.

Dan Lavie and Reuters

Israeli commandos boarding the Mavi Marmara in May 2010.
Photo credit: AP

A trial of four senior Israeli officers alleged to be responsible for the 2010 Israeli commando raid on a Gaa-bound ship in which nine Turkish nationals were killed was set to begin in Turkey on Tuesday.

The trial, to be held in Istanbul without the four defendants, will further test relations between the one-time strategic allies and has been dismissed by Israel as a "show trial" and "political theater."

Israel and NATO member Turkey, which both border Syria, once shared intelligence information and conducted joint military exercises, cooperation that has been canceled since the incident.

The deaths occurred in May 2010, when an international flotilla sought to breach the Israeli naval blockade of the Gaza Strip. Israeli commandos boarded the Mavi Marmara and were assaulted. In the ensuing conflict, nine Turkish nationals were killed and a number of Israeli soldiers were wounded.

Turkey indicted four Israel Defense Forces officers who held senior positions at the time of the raid: then Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. (res.) Gabi Ashkenazi, then Navy Commander Vice Admiral (res.) Eliezer Marom, then Military Intelligence head Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin and then Air Force Intelligence head Brig. Gen. Avishai Levy.

In a 144-page document, the prosecution asks for a total of 18,000 years in prison for the defendants for what it describes as crimes such as "inciting murder through cruelty or torture" and "inciting injury with firearms."

A total of 490 people who were on the ship during the raid, including activists and journalists, are expected to give evidence. Normally barred from courtrooms, the trial will be officially recorded by television cameras, although proceedings are not expected to be broadcast.

"The 'Blue Marmara Trial' due to commence on Nov. 6 in Istanbul clearly falls under the category of a show trial; an act which has nothing to do with either law or justice," Israel's Foreign Ministry said in a statement. "This ‘trial’ does not qualify under any facet or foundation of a lawful judicial system, and is merely a propaganda display. It would be in Turkey's interest to deal with this issue through bilateral dialogue."

A Turkish Foreign Ministry official declined comment, saying the incident was now a matter for the judiciary.

File it under who cares.

What effect will it have on these men?


So who cares.

November 05, 2012

Look at this video of what our soldiers and police have to put up with.

Look at all the press an adults pushing these children into being stupid.

The press today is no longer a neutral reporter of facts, they have taking sides both in the USA and Israel.

A day of judgement will come against these leftist scum.

November 04, 2012

Official PA daily: PMW "incites" against the PA

Following PMW's reports
that terrorist prisoners receive PA salaries,
PA Min. Karake defends the prisoners
as "lawful freedom fighters"

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
p:+972 2 625 4140 e: pmw@palwatch.org

f: +972 2 624 2803 w: www.palwatch.org

The official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, accused Palestinian Media Watch
of "inciting" against the PA, saying that PMW is trying to cut off the PA's
sources of Western funding.
"'Palestinian Media Watch' [is] a Jewish organization that incites [against
the PA] and speaks about Palestinian Authority aid to prisoners, describing
it as support for terrorists, in order to stop financial support to the PA."

This was reported together with Minister of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake's
response to PMW reports documenting that the PA pays salaries to prisoners
imprisoned in Israel for terror crimes.

Responding to PMW's reports, Minister Karake has maintained that the
payments to prisoners are "humanitarian welfare assistance" to the
prisoners' families and children, and that this aid is "a national,
humanitarian, and moral obligation being fulfilled by the PA."

On one occasion the Minister has stated that the prisoners are"lawful
freedom fighters who fought for the right of their cause and for the freedom
and independence of their people." On another occasion, he said that the PA
"will not abandon our prisoner sons or their families, for they are fighters
who resisted the occupation's oppression."

Karake made the last comment while visiting the families of the following
prisoners, who are all serving life sentences in Israel for their
involvement in suicide terrorists' bombings:
Ibrahim Sarahneh - an Israeli Arab resident of the Deheisheh refugee camp
near Bethlehem. He drove three suicide bombers to their attacks. With his
wife Irena Sarahneh, he drove a suicide bomber to his attack in Rishon
LeZion in 2002 that killed two and injured many. With his brother Musa
Sarahneh, he drove a female suicide bomber to a supermarket in the Jerusalem
neighborhood of Kiryat HaYovel, where she killed two people. With his
brother Khalil Sarahneh, he drove a suicide bomber who killed a policeman in
Jerusalem in 2002.
Ashraf Hajajreh drove a suicide bomber who killed 11 people to his attack in
the Beit Yisrael neighborhood of Jerusalem in 2002.

Earlier this year, Karake referred to the Palestinian prisoners in Israel as
"prisoners of war and as legitimate fighters," when he explained that the
aim of the International Conference for Prisoners under the auspices of the
Arab League in December is to secure "recognition of prisoners in the
occupation's prisons as prisoners of war and as legitimate fighters."

The Israeli government and many Western governments view Palestinian suicide
bombings as terror and completely reject the PA view that those responsible
for suicide bombings are "freedom fighters." PMW has reported to Western
governments that even terrorists like Abdullah Barghouti, who is serving 67
life sentences for planning many suicide bombings, are receiving high
monthly PA salaries. This has led to discussion in various parliaments about
the justification for Western funding of the PA's general budget, which pays
these salaries.

Karake is now responding to these PMW reports about the salaries to
prisoners, which are causing the PA damage internationally. Karake is
claiming that they are not salaries for the prisoners but social welfare for
the families.

Documenting original PA sources, PMW reports show that the PA's payments to
prisoners are in fact salaries and not social welfare:

The Palestinian Authority is currently paying salaries totaling
approximately 17,500,000 shekels each month to all Palestinian prisoners in
Israeli prisons, including mass murderers.
The word used in the PA law is Ratib (راتب) - salary; the law never mentions
"social assistance" or "welfare."
The amount of the salary rises based on number of years in prison, an amount
related to the severity of the terror crime and not family need.
Unmarried terrorists receive the same basic salary as those who are married
and have children.
A separate small stipend is given to married prisoners with children. The
average prisoner salary is over 3,000 shekels a month and can reach as high
as 12,000 a month for those in prison more than 30 years. The additional
stipend for a married prisoner is 300 shekels and a mere 50 shekels per
The terrorist prisoner is the only one who can appoint an "authorized agent"
to handle his money when he is in prison. He is not obligated to give it to
his wife, children, or parents.

PMW documents the PA's policy of glorifying terrorists.

The following are two recent articles reporting on Minister Karake's
response to PMW's reports, one given while visiting the homes of terrorists
who drove suicide bombers to their attacks:

"The Minister for Prisoners' Affairs, Issa Karake, said... 'Israel carries
out political and media incitement internationally in order to stop the
financial aid to the Palestinian Authority because it supports families and
children of Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in the occupation's prisons.'
Karake responded to an article in the British Daily Mail that quoted the
organization 'Palestinian Media Watch', a Jewish organization that incites
[against the PA] and speaks about Palestinian Authority aid to prisoners,
describing it as support for terrorists, in order to stop financial support
to the PA. Karake explained that Israel is trying to deny the legitimacy of
the prisoners' national struggle, to punish their children and families, and
to lay a financial siege on the PA, in an attempt at political blackmail...
Karake explained that the biased Israeli campaign is intended to put
political pressure on President Abbas and deter him from applying to the UN
for recognition of Palestine as a non-member state, through financial
pressure on the PA. He added: 'We will not abandon our prisoner sons or
their families, for they are fighters who resisted the occupation's
oppression. Instead of freeing them as a basic step in a process to achieve
a just settlement and regional peace, Israel persists in its attempt to
damage the image of the prisoners and the Palestinian national struggle in
the eyes of the international community.' Karake and those accompanying him
visited the families of Ramzi Abu-Zirr who was sentenced to 18 years;
brothers Ibrahim, Musa, and Khalil Sarahneh who were sentenced to life
imprisonment, Ashraf Hajajreh who was sentenced to life in prison, Adnan
Al-Afandi who was sentenced to 30 years, Rizq Salah who was sentenced to
life in prison, and Issa Abd Rabbo who was sentenced to life in prison."
[Al-Ayyam, Oct. 30, 2012]

Information about some of the terrorists whose families PA Minister Karake

Ibrahim Sarahneh - an Israeli Arab resident of the Deheisheh refugee camp
near Bethlehem. He drove three suicide bombers to their attacks.
With his wife Irena Sarahneh, he drove a suicide bomber to his attack in
Rishon LeZion in 2002 that killed two and injured many.
With his brother Musa Sarahneh, he drove a female suicide bomber to a
supermarket in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Kiryat HaYovel where she killed
two people.
With his brother Khalil Sarahneh, he drove a suicide bomber who killed a
policeman in Jerusalem in 2002.
Ashraf Hajajreh drove the suicide bomber who killed 11 people in the Beit
Yisrael neighborhood of Jerusalem in 2002.

"The Minister of Prisoners' Affairs, Issa Karake... said that recent Israeli
incitement in the media against aid to families of prisoners held in the
occupation's prisons is part of a policy of Israeli incitement against the
National [Palestinian] Authority, President Mahmoud Abbas, and the prisoners
in the occupation's prisons. It is intended to tighten the siege on the
Palestinian Authority and discontinue foreign aid to it. Karake spoke in
response to a recent Israeli TV Channel 2 report on aid to prisoners,
(Israeli TV Channel 2 reported on PMW's first report on PA salaries to
terrorist prisoners. - Ed.) and the accusation of the Palestinian government
of 'supporting terrorists'... In addition, Karake explained that aid to
prisoners is humanitarian welfare assistance, just like social insurance in
all countries, including Israel, to help those in any society who have been
hurt and experienced tragedy... Karake said: 'The prisoners and their
families are victims of the occupation, and from the Palestinian Authority's
inception, its laws have mandated aid to their children. And Israel knows
about these laws that were passed by the Palestinian Parliament years ago.'
Karake said that aid to prisoners' and Martyrs' (Shahids) families is a
national, humanitarian, and moral obligation being fulfilled by the PA, and
he said that the prisoners are lawful freedom fighters (i.e., "lawful
combatants") who fought for the right of their cause and for the freedom and
independence of their people. In addition Karake said: 'The Israeli
executioner has no right to kill his victim twice, and we will not allow him
to do so. All prisoners must be released, since they are victims of the most
prolonged occupation in modern history. This occupation still commits the
most heinous violations [of the rights] of our prisoners, violations that
defy international law and the principles of human rights. And Israel is
behaving like a country above the law."
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Sept. 6, 2012]

Minister Karake on prisoners "as prisoners of war":
Headline: "To be held in Iraq under auspices of the Arab League, Karake: The
International Conference for Prisoners will focus on recognition of
Palestinian detainees as prisoners of war"
"Karake said that the conference to be held under the auspices of the Arab
League on Dec. 10-11, 2012, will focus on the request for support and
pressure towards securing recognition of prisoners in the occupation's
prisons as prisoners of war and as legitimate fighters."
[Al-Ayyam, Aug. 12, 2012]

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate threatens to close down Church of Holy Sepulcher if have to pay water bill

Clergy says Crisis over Church Water Bill could Trigger Conflict

JERUSALEM, November 3, 2012 (WAFA) – Father Issa Musleh, spokesman for the
Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, Saturday warned that an attempt by Israel to
change the status quo regarding churches in East Jerusalem could trigger an
international conflict.

Speaking to WAFA, Musleh said that the Greek Orthodox Church threatened to
close the doors of the Holy Sepulcher in the Old City of Jerusalem if the
Israeli water supply company, Gihon, insists on freezing the Church’s bank
account because of unpaid water bills.

Gihon got a court order to freeze the account of the Greek Orthodox Church
claiming the Church did not pay $2.3 million in supposedly overdue water

The Church says there is a decades-old status quo agreement that allows it
not to pay water bills.

Musleh charged that the employees of the water supplier company deal with
the Church in inappropriate manner.

“If they want to cut water off then we will ask the pilgrims and visitors to
bring their own water with them and we will explain to them what is
happening so that they would know about the Israeli arbitrary policies being
practiced against the holy places,” he said.

In 2004, Gihon violated the agreement adopted since 1969 which excludes the
Church of Holy Sepulcher from paying the water bill, he said.

Musleh warned that closing the Church will only escalate the situation
leading to an international conflict.

Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilos III said that maintaining the status quo
that helped protect the Church of Holy Sepulcher for decades is crucial.

Pay your bills.

I would hope we could negotiate out a settlement, that will allow Israel to regain some of the loss.

But the question must be asked if the church is closed what effect will it have on tourism?

November 02, 2012


For those who would like to hear me on the radio, I am very pleased to announce that I will be having a weekly appearance on the Middle East Radio Forum, the show is hosted By William Wolf.

The time of the show is 2pm EDT, 11AM Pacific, 9pm Israel, every Sunday. Please feel free to call in if you have any questions about my weekly comments. If you should happen to miss the show then you can go to the MERF web page and listen to me and other guest in the archives.

You can listen to the show by going to the MERF web page

MK Zoabi Sues MK Danon For Incitement

[Hamas website]

Agencies - The Arabs48 news website revealed that Arab Member of the Israeli
Knesset, (MK) Hanin Zoabi, filed a lawsuit Monday against Israeli MK of the
Likud Party, Danny Dannon, accusing him of incitement against her under the
pretext that she “supports terrorism”.

Dannon claims that by participating in the Freedom Flotilla to break the
illegal Israeli siege on Gaza, Zoabi “became involved in terrorism”.

Zoabi, of the National Democratic Assembly, said that the accusations of
Danon are part of the current racist political system in Israel, and added
that Dannon’s accusations “are a threat to her personal security and to her

She further stated that just by demanding to prevent her from running in the
elections, Dannon is violating her freedom of expression, and freedom of
political options and actions, and added that “Dannon is violating the very
basic principles of democracy”, as he demanding her removal from any
political position because of her political beliefs, and the political
agenda of the National Democratic Party she represents at the Knesset.

“We are not only facing racism coming from Dannon, we are facing a racist
system, racist to the core”, the Arab MK further stated. “People like Dannon
cannot understand that the Palestinians are struggling for their freedom,
for their dignity, and for their independence”.

“I did not participate in the Freedom Flotilla to represent myself, I
represented the entire Palestinian population, every proud Palestinian man
and woman”, she added. “Dannon and people like him are not only putting
Zoabi on trial, they are prosecuting an entire population that support
Zoabi, a nation that knows Zoabi represents them”.

“If I am accused of exposing the contradiction between the Jewish identity
of the state and democracy, then prosecuting me is a proof of this
contradiction”, she concluded.

Dannon, the head of the international wing of the Likud Party, collected
signatures for an “appeal” addressed to the Central Elections Committee in
the country, demanding that it bar Zoabi from running in the upcoming
Knesset elections.

Dannon distributed a letter stating that the basic Knesset law prevents
those “who support a terrorist group, or support a struggle against Israel,
should not be allowed to run in the elections”.

He claimed that Zoabi “crossed 18 Red Lines, that nobody ever crossed”, and
added that “Zoabi’s words and deeds proved that she supports armed struggle
against Israel”.

Dannon further claimed that by participating in the Freedom Flotilla in May
2010, “Zoabi adopted is a clear call for launching an Intifada against
Israel, and a call for terrorism activities against the country”.

It is worth mentioning that several extremist Israeli MK’s are demanding
that the National Democratic Assembly are prevented from running in coming

The Assembly previously stated “that it is ready, and will challenge this
racist and hostile campaign that targets democracy”, and added that it “will
remain steadfast in opposing the occupation, racism and fascism”.

“Targeting our party, and trying to remove us from the political system
proves that Fascism rules Israel”, the Assembly said, “Such violations are a
proof that Israel’s political system is racist, a system that allows fascism
to overrule democracy”.

Israel’s piracy against the Freedom Flotilla, in international waters, while
heading to Gaza to deliver medical and humanitarian supplies, led to the
death of nine Turkish activists and dozens were injured before the army
towed the ships to the Ashdod Port.

What a stupid little country we have built.

Where a terrorist can not only sit in the Knesset, but that they can sue a patriot that is seeking justice makes me sick.

Some days it is hard to keep the old stiff upper lip, like the British say.

November 01, 2012

Israeli Jews are Smarter than American Jews

Thursday, November 1, 2012
Poll of Israeli Jews: Want to see elected president of US: Obama 29% Romney 45%

Poll results – Rafi Smith
Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA 1 November 2012

Telephone survey of a representative sample of 400 adult Israeli Jews
carried out on 30 October for Israel Radio Reshet Beit by Rafi Smith.
Statistical error +/- 4.9 percentage points

With no connection to your political views, do you support or oppose the
combined election list for the Knesset of Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu?

Support 45% Oppose 29% No opinion 26%
Right bloc (voting Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu, Shas, Religious and Ultra
Orthodox parties)
Support 73% Oppose 13% No opinion 14%
Left-center bloc (voting Labor, Lapid, Meretz, Atzmaut)
Support 27% Oppose 52% No opinion 21%

Who do you think gained the most for the joint list?
Netanyahu 34% Liberman 36% Both same 12% Neither 5% No Opinion 13%
Right bloc )
Netanyahu 34% Liberman 37% Both same 18%
Left-center bloc
Netanyahu 38% Liberman 44% Both same 12%

Of the following who should head the center left bloc (results for those
intending to vote center-left)
[Asked three time, once including Olmert and Livni, once including Livni and
once without either of them)
18% --- ----- Olmert
12% 17% --- Livni
04% 01% 04% Mofaz
45% 53% 59% Yichimovitch
15% 21% 28% Lapid
06% 08% 09% None of the above

Who would you like to see elected as president of the United States?
Obama 29% Romney 45%
Right bloc (voting Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu, Shas, Religious and Ultra
Orthodox parties)
Obama 19% Romney 58%
Left-center bloc (voting Labor, Lapid, Meretz, Atzmaut)
Obama 46% Romney 35%

Danny Danon petition to void Knesset candidacy of Hanin Zoabi

Void Hanin Zoabi's candidacy for the Knesset

MK Hanin Zoabi crossed red lines during her tenure in the Knesset, whether
her fierce anti-Israel remarks or her extreme actions.

I urge you to support the official letter to the Central Election
Commission, asking for the voiding of the candidacy to the Israeli Knesset
of Hanin Zoabi.
MK Zoabi proved her disloyalty to Israel and its principles in unequivocal

• Hanin Zoabi participated in the Mavi Marmara flotilla.

• Haneen Zoabi called for intifada-style struggle.

• Hanin Zoabi called for a struggle of terror against Israelis.

Zoabi's deviant actions contradict the Basic Law of the Knesset that states
that someone supporting a terrorist organization and it's struggle against
the State is disqualified from serving in the Israeli Knesset.

Help the struggle for a unified, moral and sane State of Israel.

Sign the official letter to the Central Election Commission and help
disqualify MK Hanin Zoabi from another term in the Knesset.

To sign fill in details in the form below.

Thank you!


Danny Danon
World Likud Chairman

Good, but I doubt anything will come of it.

If Israel were a normal country she would be arrested and then executed for treason.

24 years later, Israel acknowledges top-secret operation that killed Fatah terror chief
‘I shot him with a long burst of fire,’ says special ops commander Nahum Lev, detailing the mission to neutralize Abu Jihad in Tunis in 1988
By Michal Shmulovich November 1, 2012, 12:16 pm 3

For the first time, Israel acknowledged that it was behind the killing of Abu Jihad, the PLO’s number two and cofounder, at his home in Tunis in April 1988.

Yedioth Ahronoth investigative reporter Ronen Bergman’s interview with Nahum Lev, the commander of the operation and the officer who killed Abu Jihad, was cleared for publication Thursday after being blocked by the military censor for more than a decade. The interview was conducted prior to Lev’s death from a car accident in August 2000. In allowing its publication, Israel essentially confirmed the open secret that it carried out the operation.

Abu Jihad (“father of the struggle”), whose real name was Khalil al-Wazir, was deemed a potent security threat. He was the mastermind of the infamous Coastal Road massacre, a 1978 attack on an Israeli bus near Tel Aviv that killed 38 Israelis and wounded another 70, and numerous other terror attacks on Israeli targets in the 1970s and 1980s. As military commander of Fatah, he unified fragmented factions of the PLO from his base in Tunis, and was accused by Israel of directing an escalation of violence against Israel in the territories after the first intifada uprising erupted in the territories 1987.

Lev, the son of renowned physics professor Ze’ev Lev, was the first religious officer in the elite commando unit Sayeret Matkal. He was an outstanding soldier, hungry for action, who “possessed rare navigation skills and was in exceptional shape,” according to one of his friends. He was a “daredevil fighter,” Bergman wrote.

After finishing his officer’s course, Lev earned a reputation as a tough and demanding commander. He was appointed deputy of the elite unit under Moshe Ya’alon (later the IDF’s chief of General Staff ,and today Israel’s deputy prime minister) and tasked with leading the top-secret Abu Jihad operation, code named “Show of Force,” which combined Mossad and special forces units.

Lev, who described the operation in detail to Bergman, said he carried out his mission with conviction. “I read every single page in the intelligence folder we had on [Abu Jihad]. He was involved in a lot of horrible things against the citizens,” explained Lev. “He was a dead man walking. I shot him without hesitation.”

“I felt very connected to the mission. I didn’t flinch. I just wanted the operation to be a success,” he added.
The operation

On April 15, 1988, a day prior to the operation, commando units and Shayetet forces (elite Navy units) were ferried to the Tunisian shore. Twenty-six members of the force were divided into groups. Lev was in the first group of eight, which was meant to break into Abu Jihad’s house. The rest were to serve as reinforcements.

They stopped half a kilometer (0.3 miles) from his home.

Lev and another soldier who dressed up as a woman pretended they were a vacationing couple. Lev carried what appeared to be a large box of chocolates in one hand, in which he concealed a gun with a silencer that he was holding in his other hand.

They approached the house, where Lev shot and killed Abu Jihad’s bodyguard, who had fallen asleep in his car.

After the unit got word that the bodyguard was neutralized, the remaining officers secured the doorway of the house. Part of the unit headed toward the basement precisely at the moment a second bodyguard woke up. He refused to let go of his firearm, and was killed.

The gardener, Lev recounted, had decided to sleep in the basement that night, and he too was killed. “I felt sorry for the gardener,” Lev said. “But in that type of operation we have to make sure that any possible interference is neutralized.”

Another officer started firing toward the staircase of the house, near where Abu Jihad was located, and Lev followed him.

“He shot at Abu Jihad first. It seemed like Abu Jihad was holding a pistol in his hand,” Lev said. “After that, I shot him with a long burst of fire. I was careful not to hurt his wife, who had showed up there. He died. The extra forces came and verified his death.”

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