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Bibi Turn Blue

PM: Those who act against Israel will pay a heavy price
Inner cabinet decides to hold fire as long as rockets from Gaza stop; Steinitz says situation in Gaza reminiscent of Hezbollah before 2006 war; Israel asks UN Security Council to condemn rocket fire.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned that those who act against Israeli citizens would pay a heavy price, speaking Tuesday afternoon in Beersheba with local and regional council heads from the South. The statement came on the heels of a weekend that saw upwards of 120 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel.

"Whoever thinks that he can routinely attack the daily lives of the residents of the South without paying a heavy price – is mistaken. I am responsible for choosing the right time to exact the highest possible price and so it will be," he said.

The prime minister traveled to Beersheba from Tel Aviv in 55 minutes on a fast train, to underscore the message that the periphery southern area of Israel where more than 150 rockets have fallen is intrinsically linked to the country’s center.

“I chose to travel to head down to Beersheba on the renovated train line to show, through personal experience, the fast link between the Center to the South. This line, which now allows travel to Beersheba in under an hour, shows how close the Center is to the South,” Netanyahu said.

The inner security cabinet agreed Tuesday not to fire on the Gaza Strip as long as the rocket fire stops, Army Radio reported.


You right Gaza has been paying a heavy price for over a decade now, 1000 semi trucks each week enter Gaza with goods.

That's heavy, I know my conscious couldn't bear the weight of giving food, clothing to people that want to murder Jews. Much less electricity, phones, cell phones and the internet.

So Bibi, you choose the heavy response on a Monday or is that too many trucks to cross in one day?

Maybe you break it up over 6 days, so nobody has to work too hard.

The Arabs from Gaza, have been disrupting the daily lives of the people in the south for so long. It has become normal.

How about this, for a change.

We go into Gaza and load the people up on buses and move them to Jordan.

No wait, I think that violates both Israeli and international law.

So we send in the IDF and kill people, break things, until we have placed enough fear in the hearts of the Arabs of Jews.

That we will buy ourselves 20 years of no rockets.

Or we could just have Bibi hold his breath until he turns blue.

Which might not be a bad idea, because he lack of action is sure making me blue.