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Well it is over, the election is history and our lot has been cast.

I do not think this means the end of America, but it takes us far down the road toward being the end of the America that used to be when I was growing up as a child.

I am going to advise people to think about the future, look at Greece.

I am going to advise people to buy enough food stocks to last 6 months for your family, rice, beans flour, spices, some drinking water.

Do I think things are going to fall apart in the next few weeks or months?


Do I think taking some common sense steps to prepare makes sense, yes.

Also buy some pistols, assault rifles and 1000 rounds of ammo for each weapon.

Lastly learn from history, I recommend you get one of my favorite books ever and see how Sephardi Jews thrived post Spanish expulsion. Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean by Ed Kritzler.

This book cause me to design a family flag for my family as we seek our fame and fortune in Afrika and South America, it features a Star of David with the Jolly Roger skull and cross bones in the center.

Remember what life is really about G-D, Family , Tribe