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MK Zoabi Sues MK Danon For Incitement

[Hamas website]

Agencies - The Arabs48 news website revealed that Arab Member of the Israeli
Knesset, (MK) Hanin Zoabi, filed a lawsuit Monday against Israeli MK of the
Likud Party, Danny Dannon, accusing him of incitement against her under the
pretext that she “supports terrorism”.

Dannon claims that by participating in the Freedom Flotilla to break the
illegal Israeli siege on Gaza, Zoabi “became involved in terrorism”.

Zoabi, of the National Democratic Assembly, said that the accusations of
Danon are part of the current racist political system in Israel, and added
that Dannon’s accusations “are a threat to her personal security and to her

She further stated that just by demanding to prevent her from running in the
elections, Dannon is violating her freedom of expression, and freedom of
political options and actions, and added that “Dannon is violating the very
basic principles of democracy”, as he demanding her removal from any
political position because of her political beliefs, and the political
agenda of the National Democratic Party she represents at the Knesset.

“We are not only facing racism coming from Dannon, we are facing a racist
system, racist to the core”, the Arab MK further stated. “People like Dannon
cannot understand that the Palestinians are struggling for their freedom,
for their dignity, and for their independence”.

“I did not participate in the Freedom Flotilla to represent myself, I
represented the entire Palestinian population, every proud Palestinian man
and woman”, she added. “Dannon and people like him are not only putting
Zoabi on trial, they are prosecuting an entire population that support
Zoabi, a nation that knows Zoabi represents them”.

“If I am accused of exposing the contradiction between the Jewish identity
of the state and democracy, then prosecuting me is a proof of this
contradiction”, she concluded.

Dannon, the head of the international wing of the Likud Party, collected
signatures for an “appeal” addressed to the Central Elections Committee in
the country, demanding that it bar Zoabi from running in the upcoming
Knesset elections.

Dannon distributed a letter stating that the basic Knesset law prevents
those “who support a terrorist group, or support a struggle against Israel,
should not be allowed to run in the elections”.

He claimed that Zoabi “crossed 18 Red Lines, that nobody ever crossed”, and
added that “Zoabi’s words and deeds proved that she supports armed struggle
against Israel”.

Dannon further claimed that by participating in the Freedom Flotilla in May
2010, “Zoabi adopted is a clear call for launching an Intifada against
Israel, and a call for terrorism activities against the country”.

It is worth mentioning that several extremist Israeli MK’s are demanding
that the National Democratic Assembly are prevented from running in coming

The Assembly previously stated “that it is ready, and will challenge this
racist and hostile campaign that targets democracy”, and added that it “will
remain steadfast in opposing the occupation, racism and fascism”.

“Targeting our party, and trying to remove us from the political system
proves that Fascism rules Israel”, the Assembly said, “Such violations are a
proof that Israel’s political system is racist, a system that allows fascism
to overrule democracy”.

Israel’s piracy against the Freedom Flotilla, in international waters, while
heading to Gaza to deliver medical and humanitarian supplies, led to the
death of nine Turkish activists and dozens were injured before the army
towed the ships to the Ashdod Port.

What a stupid little country we have built.

Where a terrorist can not only sit in the Knesset, but that they can sue a patriot that is seeking justice makes me sick.

Some days it is hard to keep the old stiff upper lip, like the British say.