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Mr Prime Minister of the State of Israel,

You have the burden of leading the country to war, I pray that you have the wisdom to become a great leader.

You have authorized the calling up of 75,000 of our children, I have faith in you. For you were a soldier that has shed his own blood defending the great State of Israel.

I just watched a news clip from the Knesset dating back to the debate for the retreat from Gaza, you voted for the retreat. You also have retreated from Hevron, during your first time being the Prime Minister.

Now you stand at the summit of leadership, it is in your hands. You can choose greatness and deal with the Palestinians in Gaza and solve the problem and then move from here to taking on Iran.

We tried, we gave the Palestinians a Jew free zone and they gave us rockets in return.

You must not give in to the voices of defeat, coming from self hating Israelis.

You must stand strong in front of the world, as the representative of G-D's chosen people and tell the world no more.

No more, rockets.

No more, Oslo.

No more, PA.

Deliver a crushing defeat to the Palestinians, and then give them a choice. Live inside Israel with a type of green card or find a different place to live.

But please, don't risk the lives of my boys for nothing.