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I want to thank G-D, I am a man.

I want to thank G-D, I am a man.

Not just the fact that I am a male, but I think I meet the definition of what a man should do.

I have of my own free will, in both my countries picked up the gun and hunted evil.

I have been at homicide scenes in the USA, where multiple victims were murdered.

In Israel I have seen more suicide bombings and terrorism, than I need get into here.

I am angry that some crazy punk, murdered all these people last week.

But I am sick and tired of hearing people talk of love, gun control and mental health issues.

I am tired, of not hearing a common sense response to evil.

Let me be blunt, lock down a school and you provide fish in a barrel for evil crazy people to murder. But it is PC way, to try to feel we are doing something.

I am tired of people not facing facts that in the USA we have less rampage killings, than other places in the world.

I am tired of people not wanting to grow up and state the obvious. That a gun in the hands of good people is the answer to rampage killings and many other forms of evil.

When a person wants to commit such an evil, give them the answer they deserve.

A burst of accurate gun fire to the chest and head.

Rid the world of evil, the only way possible and shut up about PC BS.

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