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School Shooting

Rampage violence, is not an American problem.

It is a world wide problem, since 1904 the world has seen over 1261 such incidents.

They happen in free countries such as America, and they have happened in dictatorships such as the former USSR and China.

The weapons range from edged weapons, firearms and metal bars.

I predict that America will see new gun control, over the latest school shooting. Despite the evidence of the good that guns have done in two of the latest incidents.

We know that the shooter in Oregon was confronted by a civilian that was carrying a pistol, the civilian held fire because of people being behind the shooter. The shooter was working to try and clear a malfunction in his rifle, he saw the civilian aiming at him.

The shooter only fired one more round, the one that took his own life.

We know at the Sandy Hook, that when the shooter heard the first responders approaching he took his own life.

It is time we have a serious discussion about the positive aspect of gun ownership.

Guns in the hands of good people, prevent violence.

Israel proved that guns in our schools, stopped our schools from being targeted by terrorist.

Gun free zones create a pool of victims for these sick individuals.

I promise you, let a teacher kill one of these crazies and the rampage violence at schools will stop.

The sick twisted people that engage in rampage violence, are small insignificant having never done nothing in their lives of significance . They feel power when they murder innocent weak people, it is their way of saying see I can do something in my worthless life and then they take their own lives.

Just ask yourself the following question. Why don't these incidence happen at gun ranges, gun shops, police stations?

The answer is clear, because they would have to face real men and women that are strong and are willing to kill to defend their lives.

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