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15 Year Old

I usually write my comments after an article, but since I am putting the comments from people on the article. I will start with my thoughts.

The comments show the left in Israel is really brain dead and as one person said the mental development of Gal-On stopped at about 15 years old.

Meretz leader: Why must we rule others?

Ynet reporter visits Zahava Gal-On's Petah Tikva home to discuss Meretz's role as 'moral and ideological beacon'; Meretz can win 10 seats in Tuesday's elections, she says
Attila Somfalvi

"Meretz can be big and powerful because there is an audience that believes in what we represent: Social justice and a diplomatic agreement," Chairwoman Zahava Gal-On told Ynet ahead of Tuesday's national elections.

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Recent polls indicate that the leftist party will win six Knesset seats, but Gal-On said nine or 10 mandates would not come as a surprise.

צילום: חגי דקל ויהונתן צור עריכה: אסף קוזין הפקה: מגלי סקידלסקי בימוי: אלעד רובינשטיין

Full interview with Zahava Gal-On (Video: Hagai Dekel, Yehonatan Zur)

"The picture is becoming clearer, and Meretz is standing out as and ideological (and) moral beacon. People are returning to Meretz," she told Ynet. "People suddenly realize how hollow the centrist bloc is."

Gal-On expressed hope that the "tough winter" Israel is going through will pass: "Why must we continue to rule over another nation for so many years? Why should working people have to live beneath the poverty line? So I believe. The spring always comes."

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1. Why we rule others

"Why must we continue to rule over another nation for so many years?" Because they refused every offer to have a state of their own. instead, they plan to rule over us. When they make peace and recognize Israel as a Jewish state, we can stop ruling them with pleasure.
Mickey , Sydney, Australia (01.21.13)

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2. Mentality problem.

This woman seems to suffer from severe mental arrest ie her ideas are those of an idealistic 15 year old. When will she learn ?
G. B. Shaw , Disneyland. (01.21.13)

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3. Whay? !!

You need to rule others because your mentality and idiology constructed on this, you started your happiness on others NAKBAH
sam , jerusalem (01.21.13)

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4. Meretz Leader

Excuse me, but I don't see how protecting our citizens from slaughter and extinction can be filed under "ruling others". Has this woman never looked or listened to what our enemies are screaming for? They want nothing less than All of Israel and All Jews dead--that includes the mental midgets of meretz!
Nili (01.21.13)

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5. Why does Meretz want to rule?

What if Meretz ruled the country?
Wouldn't then Meretz rule others, too?
Why don't Arabs in Egypt rule over indigenous Egyptian Jews?
Why don't Arabs in Syria rule over indigenous Syrian Jews?
Why don't Arabs in Iraq rule over indigenous Iraqi Jews?

Gimme a break, Zahava, I find your point of view cynical!

Guess we had a right wing majority and a minor chance for a left wing government and Peres orders Meretz to build the government.

Would Meretz hesitate to rule over millions of Jews who never would have given them their vote!

Every medal has too sides!
Yael Schlichting , currently Munich (01.21.13)

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6. For Israel there is no concession large

enough to appease the arabs and remain a sovereign state at the same time. The whole "peace process" consist of palestinian arabs saying no to anything Israel offers to maintain the status while brainwashing palestinian children into eternal hate of jews to guarrantee failure of any peace initiative in the future. This simple fact is completely lost not only on the European liberals but on Israel's Left as well.
32 years after the fall of Soviet Union, the marxist ideology is more dangerous than the whole of Cold War. And we all gonna pay.
Nick , Sweden (01.21.13)

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7. "Why must we rule others?"

Why must we rule others? Because, although it happened way earlier than your attention span stretches, Ms Gal-On, the "others" tried to kill you (wipe you off the map) and whenever you've tried not to "rule over" them, they've tried again. So, starting from that point Ms Gal-ON, what do you suggest?
JonC , Sydney Australia (01.21.13)

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8. Why ?

Because we CAN take (steal) their land And settle on it.
X (01.21.13)

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9. if Labor was still left Meretz would be facing extinction

Its unlikely Meretz will get as many as 9-10 seats and become big and powerful but they are doing better than they have done in a long time but not because people have fallen in love with them but because nobody else claims to be left wing.
Before Shelly started calling Labor centrist it was a party mainstream leftist voters could identify themselves with it.
Now the mainstream leftist voter only has Meretz if they want a party that is proud to be left.

zionist forever (01.21.13)

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10. With Meretz there is no Israel

It will all be over.
Rachel , US (01.21.13)

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11. the 'moral beacon, called Meretz

with social justice & diplomatic agreement.

To little modesty & to much presumption with lofty, but empty words.

She dismisses the rest of Israeli society as unmoral, anti social, warmongering liars for only 'they don't keep agreements, agreed on the diplomatic front!!

Who is going to pay for the social justice she wants and who of Israel's enemies is willing to go the diplomatic road with her and afterwards keep it's agreements to?

How dare she! But parties like hers who, rather believe in fairy tales than in harsh realities, always find an audience of dreamers who, without the fighters against the harsh realities, won't be given the right to be a 'moral beacon by Israel's enemies, for their fate will be the same as the rest of Israel, diplomatic, moral, social beacon or not!

tiki , belgium (01.21.13)

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12. Gal-on is..

..full of gallons of BS!
mike frish (01.21.13)

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13. Why must we rule others? Because we can not force them to

Why must we rule others? Because we can not force them to leave.

Israel has 2 classifications for the same group:
- Israeli Arabs
- Palestinians

Both groups have started to identify as the same. This means that unless we can pay them all to leave then we will always have to rule others.
Eric , Tel Aviv & NY (01.21.13)

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14. #1: Don't worry too much. Bibi will give them their state!

Netanyahu has actually given the Palestinians their state. The UN resolution elevates their status from "non-member observer entity" to "non-member observer state,".

Their is your word "State" and that is because our Government has alienated the vast majority of the countries of world. Yes a small number abstained but abstentions was a good as a vote against Israel. Israel, the USA, Canada, the Czech Republic, Panama and several Pacific island nations: Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru and Palau were the only countries to vote against.

So the Palestinians should look at Mr. Netanyahu as their best friends because he has given them everything on a plate at the expense of the people of Israel, where children are hungry, old people are living in squalor, Holocaust Survivors who built this country, the sick and the handicapped.

He has poured billions od dollars into "illegal" settlements, deemed illegal not by the USA, the UN and the EU but by Israeli Law which he has sworn to uphold. He has, with all his fiddling and saying "our economy is the best in the world", succeeded in creating a deficit of NIS39 Billion Shekels and he is still throwing away money in allowances to to people who think being in a Yeshiva is working and don't pay tax!

Some regard Bennett at a fascist and a covert supporter of "Women have no place in society" but at least he will bring change and just maybe stop the corruption.

Quite frankly, I don't think that any of our leaders are great but it looks like the big loser in the election, left right or center, will be Israel and all its people except for Netanyahu's friends.
Dee Bee , Israel (01.21.13)

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15. Arabs opting for war terror and no peace? (End)


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16. to#5

But didn't Livni get more votes than Netanmyahu in the last election?
And Bibi is only 'in' because Livni refused to work with the EXTREMIST settlement and religious parties,and let the tail wag the dog.She may have been criticised for pulling out completely,but at least she was sincere in thoughts and believe.Netanhayu was content to play good cop bad cop with these extremists,in order to be king of the castle.
exUK , Terl Aviv (01.21.13)

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17. Ruling over others

It is simple. If you rule over others without their consent, however much it can be justified, you must expect resistance. But such resistance constitutes criminal activity which must be punished, I hear you say. However, that assumes that 'criminals' are members of society, albeit wayward ones. But the people we are talking about are not members of Israeli society, neither do most Israelis wish them to be. Therefore, to moralise about such resistance, however extreme it may be, is both naïve and hypocritical.
Bertram , London, UK (01.21.13)

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18. We rule others because they're violent

We have one tiny sliver of a state, which is sucessful beyond anybody's wildest dreams. We are surrounded by savage wolves who eat each other up day and night, and want to eat us. Is there country ruled by Arabs or Muslims which isn't totally dysfunctional and primitive and dangerous? Israel is only free country in Mideast. We don't ask for anybody else's land, just the tiny piece that belongs to us, historically and biblically. The wolves have far more land, and see what they have accomplishd with it.
Expert (01.21.13)

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