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What's the Difference?

On Facebook, Fatah incites terror against Israel

PA President Mahmoud Abbas' organization is celebrating 48 years since inception with an array of hateful messages broadcast through social media • "The is year will be the year we breach Al-Aksa; what was taken by force will be returned through force."
Daniel Siryoti

Children carrying rifles and praising terror on Fatah's Facebook page.

The Fatah Party has taken the opportunity of its 48th anniversary to broadcast messages on its Facebook page that incite hatred, glorify terrorism and envision a world without the State of Israel.

Such messages come despite President Shimon Peres declaring earlier this week that "Israel will have no better partner with whom to secure a peace agreement" than Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who also chairs Fatah.

Arab media watchdog Palestinian Media Watch - headed by Itamar Marcus - has examined how Fatah has chosen to celebrate its 48th anniversary, which the Palestinian party has nicknamed "Breakthrough Day."

The institute discovered a plethora web pages related to Fatah's official media and within the PA's educational system that displayed messages of incitement and accusations against Jews.

Fatah glorified terrorism as acts of heroism on its Facebook page, PMW reported. The Palestinian party - which is the largest faction in the PA - displayed a map on the web page that showed a world without the State of Israel, despite statements from Abbas and other Fatah officials that their party and the Palestinian Liberation Organization have both recognized the Jewish state since the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993.

The social media web page is replete with images of children brandishing weapons against the backdrop of slogans attesting to the ongoing armed struggle against Israel. "Through conquering they stole our land," web designers wrote against the backdrop of a map of Israel and the Palestinian Territories labeled together as "Palestine," with no semblance of Israel's borders.

In addition, Fatah has celebrated Dalal Mughrabi - a terrorist and former Fatah member who helped massacre 37 Israeli citizens on a coastal bus attack in 1978 - as a national hero through its online publications and party mouthpieces in the West Bank. Children carrying assault rifles are shown singing songs of exaltation to Mughrabi, while promising that this will be the year Palestinians breach the Temple Mount and other Palestinian holy lands held by the Zionist regime. According to these children, "what was taken through force, will be returned through force."

Hamas could take over Palestinian Authority, PM warns

In apparent response to President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns that hasty diplomatic moves by Israel could lead to an Iranian terror base arising in Judea and Samaria • Hamas: We reject any dialogue or negotiations.
Shlomo Cesana, Mati Tuchfeld and Daniel Siryoti

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns that Hamas could take over Palestinian areas in Judea and Samaria.

Israel must conduct itself responsibly in the diplomatic process, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday. Netanyahu also warned of the danger that Hamas could take over Palestinian Authority-controlled areas in Judea and Samaria.

Netanyahu made the statements during a bible study group meeting in memory of his late father-in-law Shmuel Ben-Artzi at the prime minister's official residence in Jerusalem. Netanyahu's words came amidst the backdrop of recent unrest in the Judea and Samaria and concerns that a Third Intifada could erupt.

Netanyahu's statements also appeared to be an implicit response to President Shimon Peres. Earlier this week, Peres called Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas a partner for peace and also said that Israel should be willing to talk to Hamas if the group accepts the conditions of the Quartet of Middle East peace negotiators.

Netanyahu cautioned on Tuesday that the unrest sweeping the Middle East could reach the Palestinian areas in Judea and Samaria.

"In this week's Torah portion, it is written 'Now there arose a new king over Egypt,'" Netanyahu said. "As it was then, it is now. In Egypt, the regime has changed. In Syria, the regime is weakening. This could also happen in the Palestinian Authority areas in Judea and Samaria. Every intelligent person knows that Hamas could take over the Palestinian Authority. It could happen after agreement or it could happen before an agreement, like it did in Gaza."

"Contrary to voices I've been hearing in recent days that have been urging me to rush forward, to make concessions and to withdraw, I think that in a diplomatic process one must act responsibly, not hastily," Netanyahu said, without mentioning Peres by name. "Otherwise, a third Iranian terror base will arise in the heart of the country. Peace is only achieved once security is guaranteed."

The bible study group at Netanyahu's official residence was held in cooperation with the Menachem Begin Heritage Center. Netanyahu's wife Sara and two sons Yair and Avner participated in the event, as did Tel Aviv Chief Rabbi Yisrael Lau and Israel Defense Forces Chief Rabbi Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz.

Meanwhile, Hamas rejected on Tuesday Peres' call for it to accept the Quartet's conditions and hold talks with Israel.

"There can only be a dialogue about peace once the Zionist occupation of Palestinian lands disappears," Hamas said.

Hamas official Salah Bardawil told the group's al-Risala media outlet that "our movement rejects any dialogue or negotiations with the occupation."

"Such dialogue would mean compromising holy Palestinian lands, which is not acceptable. Peres must choose whether to continue to absorb the blows of the resistance or to escape from Palestine with his people in order to live in peace."

Egyptian media reported on Tuesday that Hamas and Fatah officials have responded positively to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi's call for the two groups to hold talks in Cairo in ten days about implementing their reconciliation agreement.

The unfulfilled Palestinian reconciliation agreement was signed in Cairo a year and a half ago. At the time, the Israeli government criticized Abbas for "preferring Hamas over peace."

So Bibi, what is the difference ?

Fatah wants us dead.

Hamas wants us dead.

Palestinians want us dead.

So Israelis need to grow up and face the truth, we will never have peace with the Arabs.

It says so in the Torah, and so it shall be.

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