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IDF probing deaths of 70 Palestinian civilians

IDF probing deaths of 70 Palestinian civilians

Military Advocate General stresses army under lo legal obligation to conduct inquiry, says probe doesn't suggest any violation of the law during Pillar of Defense, only commitment to international law
Yoav Zitun

The IDF is examining 70 cases in which non-combatant Palestinian civilians were killed during Operation Pillar of Defense, Military Advocate General Danny Efroni revealed on Wednesday.

Major General Efroni said that "immediately after the operation the chief of staff ordered a comprehensive inquiry and a committee to examine the issue."

The IDF said that most cases under scrutiny are examined even though there is no legal obligation to do so, as no complaints were filed.

Efroni stressed that "the existence of the probe doesn't imply suspected foul play, but only an expression of the IDF's commitment to international law and the IDF's honest attempt to avoid civilian casualties as much as possible."

He added that the probe is nearing its completion and that the procedure will be over in a few weeks.

Efroni also referred to the 2010 flotilla incident and the Turkel Committee's probe into it, saying that cases relating to the incident are being examined and are pending the Military Advocate General's decision, adding that they will adopt what is necessary from the committee's decisions.

Palestinians reported 164 fatalities and 1,200 injuries during the Pillar of Defense. The majority of those killed were members of terrorist organizations.

Can we really be so stupid?

I will care about the dead Palestinians after they care about dead Jews.

Until then it is war and in war we need to create even more dead Palestinians.

With all the bombing we killed only 164 people, seems to me we were warning people to get out before we dropped bombs for TV and PR.

Our leaders suck.

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